Patriots reportedly 'livid' at Jack Easterby for joining Texans

June 19, 2019 - 5:23 pm

Maybe there's more than just Nick Caserio when it comes to the Patriots' recent drama with the Texans.

According to Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal, a source says the organization is livid” at Easterby, and another source adds him joining the Texans “totally pissed them off.”

Bedard adds many inside the Patriots organization were upset when Easterby made it publicly known that the prostitution charges against owner Robert Kraft “did not sit well” with him and played a part in his departure. They also said him attending the ring ceremony and apparently trying to convince Caserio to join him in Houston was "the final straw."

The Patriots filed tampering charges against the Texans over Caserio, but they were dropped a week later.

Overall, it seems the Patriots are upset with Easterby because of the amount of inside information he was given and then him leaving for a conference rival and a similar role. Although, it appears he will have some say when it comes to personnel matters.

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