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Pedro Martinez on Bradford & Tomase says Bonds, Clemens and Rose should all be in Hall of Fame

February 18, 2018 - 9:28 am

Count Pedro Martinez among those who thinks the Baseball Hall of Fame should include more players. In an interview Saturday with Rob Bradford and John Tomase, the legendary Red Sox hurler advocated for Pete Rose’s ban to be lifted, as well as suspected steroid users Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens to be admitted into Cooperstown.

“First of all, say, 'Pete Rose, enough with the ban. You need to be in there,’” Martinez said. You have to say, 'Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds were Hall of Famers before they messed up.’”

Rose, the all-time hits leader, has been banned from Major League Baseball since 1989 for betting on games as a manager. Clemens and Bonds once again fell short this year, receiving 57.3 percent and 56.4 percent of the vote, respectively.

Martinez also stumped for fellow ex-Red Sox hurler Luis Tiant, who won 229 games in his career with 2,416 strikeouts. Tiant can only be admitted by the Veterans’ Committee, much like Jack Morris was this year.

“The Veterans' Committee needs to do a better job about bringing guys like Luis Tiant who have really impressive numbers,” Martinez said. “I look at my career `and I look at Tiant's. They're very similar. Those were difficult times where we don't have as much in medicine or anything to actually overcome the load it takes to play an entire season. So I think Tiant deserves to be there. Jack Morris deserved it. I'm glad he got it this year through the veterans' committee. And I hope they continue to consider guys like Edgar (Martinez) who were legit and haven't been linked to anything instead of opening doors to guys who have been linked, or whatever.”

Martinez did not talk about polarizing ex-teammate Curt Schilling’s Hall of Fame credentials, but did laud their professional relationship when they played together. Schilling garnered 51.2 percent of the vote last month.

“Schill had his own way,” Martinez said. “He was always outspoken. He didn't really understand what being 5-foot-11 and a half and 170 (pounds) really felt like, in order for me to hold on for the entire season and the postseason. He would probably say, 'Pedro had his own program.' Yes. But he was never 5-foot-11 and 170, unless he was probably 10 years old. It's different. He's outspoken that way. But never in a professional way did he disrespect me, or I disrespected him. We had a great relationship. We learned from each other, we asked a lot of questions about each other. But mutual respect always. I love Schill, and he loves me as well.”

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