Steve Belichick on cover of Nantucket Magazine August edition

July 31, 2020 - 9:38 am

Three years ago Bill Belichick and his long-time girlfriend Linda Holliday were on the cover of Nantucket Magazine

And now, his son Steve and his family have followed suit. Steve, along with his wife Jen and daughter Blakely will be on the August edition of the magazine.

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Within the story, he was asked what it's like to have to follow in his father's footsteps.

“I’ve been going through that my whole life, whether it was changing schools when I was young, or going to Rutgers, or being a coach,” he said. “I just try to create my own name for myself. It’s what I’ve done forever. I just try to be myself. I know people will have certain opinions of me coming into the relationship, but I’ve grown to understand that and I just try to be consistent with who I am and eventually people will form their own opinions of me. I can’t be too worried about what everyone thinks about me.”

The oldest Belichick son, who is 33, will now be the Patriots' outside linebackers coach after moving on from coaches safeties the past few years. He also will likely have more of a role when it comes to calling plays.

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