Bonus Skate Podcast: Jay Leach talks about his path, replenishing Boston’s talent & Karson Kuhlman

October 09, 2019 - 3:24 pm

This year the Providence Bruins seem supremely talented, the type of AHL team that has the right balance of skill and grit, and the right mix of older veterans, younger veterans and talented rookies to could lead to a Calder Cup run.

Of course the development of the next wave of Boston Bruins stars would accompany any success that the P-Bruins have in 2019-20. That’s the challenge ahead for head coach Jay Leach and his staff: to make sure Boston is ready to restock its lineup over the next few years while creating a winning environment.

Days after the P-Bruins completed a 2-0-0 season-opening road trip, The Skate Podcast co-host Matt Kalman caught up with Leach for a Bonus The Skate Podcast.

The organization, they’re not there yet, but it’s going to happen soon enough, where some of these legendary players are going to graduate. You know they’re going to be gone. So we’ve got guys that we need to graduate there,” Leach said in response to a question about the pressure the P-Bruins face this season. “So you know is it pressure? You can call it pressure, a challenge, whatever it is, it certainly is, it’s our job to do so. So we’re doing everything we possibly can to do that.”

Leach also talked about the path that brought him to Providence as a coach, his thoughts about someday coaching in the NHL, and the satisfaction he gets when players, like Karson Kuhlman, make the jump from the AHL to the NHL and succeed.

 “It’s certainly there, the losses and the wins, but it is always there when I get to watch you know Kuhly on the second line [with Boston>. That’s pretty cool,” Leach said. “Because you know the backstory. I know that when Karson came to us, he wasn’t even in the lineup. You know he played one playoff game for us [in 2018> and then last year I can’t tell you how many times I’d say to Karson ‘you’re on the fourth line … just play, you’ll move your way up.’ And sure enough, he did.”

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