The Skate Podcast: Talking Bruins collapse, Tuukka Rask with TSN’s Jamie McLennan

November 14, 2019 - 9:02 am

Without a game for three days after the Bruins threw away a four-goal lead in the third period of a home loss to the Florida Panthers on Tuesday, there was plenty of time to unpack what happened.

Tuukka Rask put a lot of the blame on himself, and his play of late had been lackluster heading into the game against the Panthers. On this week’s episode of The Skate Podcast we talked to TSN analyst and co-host of OverDrive on TSN 1050 radio Jamie McLennan, a veteran goalie of 254 NHL games 1993-2007, about Rask’s slumps and how they compare to other goaltenders.

Basically, McLennan thinks Bruins fans should appreciate what they have.

“He goes through stretches. And here’s the one thing that I’ll always say from somebody outside of Boston is you know I think Tuukka’s a fantastic goaltender. And the challenge with him is that you know he’s been in that market for so long, so it’s kind of all you know right now,” McLennan said. “If you look at any organization, they would die to have him. But ultimately you’re right, when you watch somebody night in and night out, you do notice those ups and downs, and Tuukka does have those stretches. A lot of goaltenders do, it’s just more of a battle (for them) and it’s how you come out of them and how quickly the team can help you come out.”

As always, co-hosts Ken Laird and Matt Kalman had to bring up the Torey Krug contract situation. McLennan is a big fan of the Bruins defenseman, who could be an unrestricted free agent this summer.

“I love him. It’s funny, I follow everybody in Boston on Twitter and see the comments. He’s one of those guys, it’s almost like in politics, you’re either on the left or the right when it comes to Torey Krug,” McLennan said. “Which I’m a big fan, I love the player. He’s got jam, he can skate, he’s got a bomb for a shot. Does he turn the puck over and have some warts in his game, well the next perfect player will be the only perfect play, I’ll tell you that. Because I guarantee there’s 30 other organizations that would love to have him. Price point, I get it. He may have to take the Boston dollar discount to fit into the structure of what everyone does there in Boston. But I’m a big Krug fan. …

“Put it this way, envision your team without him and see where you’re at.”

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