The Skate Podcast: How confident are you in Don Sweeney to lead to the Bruins to a Cup championship?

August 13, 2019 - 5:55 pm

What’s your confidence in the Bruins front office and how does that confidence level, and that of other Bruins fans, compare to the impressions of fans of other teams?

That was the topic of a story this week on Ken Laird’s favorite website The Athletic this week. The Bruins ranked ninth in terms of fan confidence out of 31 NHL teams.

Laird and Matt Kalman discussed the list among several topics on this week’s The Skate Podcast. They also reached out to Canada for this week’s caller of the week Chris Mancuso of Niagara, Ontario. A Bruins fan and the co-host of the Big Bad Bruins Podcast, Chris thought the Bruins were properly ranked on that confidence list.

“Last year [GM> Don Sweeney evaluated the roster, kind of went into the season the same way [they’re doing it this year> and made the deals he had to make at the deadline to really propel this team into the run that they were able to go on. So to sit there and say, I think ninth isn’t really a bad spot to be honest with you," he said.

“I know Don Sweeney won GM of the Year. I kind of felt bad for Doug Wilson in San Jose on that one because he didn’t even get nominated.”

Chris pointed out that Wilson swung the Erik Karlsson deal and continued to get his players to re-sign for fair deals. But the latter is something Sweeney should get credit for as well.

“One thing I’ll say, David Pastrnak, probably $2, $2.5 million under market. Same can be said for Brad Marchand. We’ll see what he can do with Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo, but I think ninth is almost the perfect spot,” Chris said.

Kalman agreed the Bruins should be in the top 10 because the Bruins have managed to reload on the fly without tanking and Sweeney probably has more positive moves than negative ones compared to other GMs. Some fans that are down on Sweeney might not have the right perspective.

“This is a very regional fan base in terms of, they know the Bruins – people are going to kill me over this – but they may not know the rest of the league as well and they might just not be as familiar with some of the bombs that some GMs have dropped over the years. Every GM has some screwups they’d want to do over,” Kalman said.

“The track record for him, obviously we know free agency we know he’s good with the smaller-ticket items, maybe not so much the bigger-ticket. And in trades, he’s at least even if not ahead as far as trading.”

Kalman and Laird also discussed The Athletic’s farm system rankings, the NHL Network list of top 20 wingers and fired back at those fools a The Off Day Pod that think Boston is a football town more than a hockey town.

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