Jermaine Wiggins on Off Day podcast lays out contract extension for Tom Brady

July 24, 2019 - 9:23 am

The Patriots will open training camp Thursday morning and Tom Brady still doesn't have a new contract, meaning he's very close to going into the season without a deal beyond 2019.

This has never happened to him over the course of his career. So, what would a potential extension look like?

Appearing on the Off Day podcast with Andy Hart and Ryan Hannable live from Lord Hobo Brewing Tuesday night, Jermaine Wiggins shared his thoughts.

“If I was Tom Brady, I would say, because I think he’s going to play another three years, I would say a three-year extension coming down the pipeline somewhere around $75 million guaranteed," Wiggins said.

Hart suggested somewhere in the $100 million range over three years.

“With Tom, we’ve seen him not really quibble  over the money, so for him if he knows three years at $75 million gets it done versus three years and $100 million and it’s going to be a back-and-forth, Tom is the type of guy that goes, ‘Listen, I am still making good money. I have my guarantees for the three-year extension. I am good to go,'" Wiggins said. "Bill (Belichick) is like, ‘OK, it’s not really what we want to spend, but we’re willing to spend because of who he is and we’ll get it done.’ Maybe if it is $100 million, Bill is like do we really want to? I don’t really want to extend ourselves, that kind of thing. That is why I said three and $75 million.”

Brady will turn 42 years old next month.

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