Tom House elaborates on the Tom Brady 'football's fun again' comment

June 26, 2020 - 5:36 pm

Tom House is clearly happy for Tom Brady.

The throwing coach made news Friday when he was quoted in a GQ video saying, “I think the most fun texts we’ve had is when Gronk signed. Tom texted me and said, ‘Football’s fun again.'”

Later in the day House doubled-down on feeling emanating from the Brady camp.

House has not been part of the well-publicized in-person workouts with Brady in Tampa, but that doesn't mean the two haven't been working together.

"When he sends a video, I pretend like I’ve never seen it before, and he’ll either text me or leave me a voicemail and say, ‘Look, I just filmed about 20 throws. Have a look. Give me a shout if you see anything, or let’s talk this afternoon or tomorrow. And we’ll do it,'” he said on the GQ video. "We look at initially his timing and his kinetic sequencing, and then the throwing variables that most coaches would teach: balance and posture, stride and momentum, opposite and equal.

"And then the throwing variables that are quantified and specific to him. He’ll have his [screen> capture in front of him and I’ll say, ‘On your third throw to the left have a look at that, your front side flew open a bit.' That’ll just be my eyes talking, and I’ll give him some of the cues that we use in his vocabulary for his teach. It’s just like being there, but we’re looking at video at the same time."