What the rest of the country is saying about the Patriots

January 30, 2019 - 6:40 am


The Patriots and Rams will take the stage for Super Bowl LIII on Sunday, and the suspense is mounting once again.

With the country divided on who to root for once the kickoff rolls around, here’s some perspective on what the country is currently saying about the Patriots:

Atlanta must come to realize they deserve all the mockery in the world for the next 3-28 years.

It seems like someone has a little too much salt in their system.

These are the real reports fans everywhere need to know.\

Or maybe, and stick with me here, Brady understands that there is still much football left in the tank. He’s no longer trying to be the best quarterback of all time, but the best football player of all time. Just a thought.


The Patriots continue to stay classy in the face of trolls and haters.

Is anyone else really hoping they try out Talib at receiver on Sunday?

There’s confident, and then there’s SPIKE KING confident. Not really sure what to make of this.

Oh yeah, let’s just blame it on the refs, like we’ve been doing for the past nine Super Bowl appearances!