What pundits were saying about Patriots on Sunday: 'I like the Patriots going all the way'

December 29, 2014 - 7:53 am

Here'€™s what the national pundits were saying about the Patriots before and after their loss to the Bills on Sunday: Michael Irvin on NFL Network after the game: "œI like the Patriots going all the way." Deion Sanders on NFL Network after the game: "I love [the Patriots] because of Tom Brady. I love them because they have two corners that can really play the game. I love them because their defense is really nice; Bill Belichick will take away the most potent thing that you have. And they'€™re going to get a week'€™s rest. [Rob] Gronkowski arguably is the best tight end in the game. All they need is a little running game. ... Let'€™s get ready for the AFC Championship game." Kurt Warner on NFL Network before the game: "I believe there is a formula that'€™s a roadblock for the Patriots: that'€™s getting after Tom Brady. When you get after Tom Brady, this team changes. ... If [another AFC team] can show up and get after Tom Brady and mess up the timing of things, I think you have a chance. Other than that, I'€™m not sure there are enough pieces for any one team to beat the Patriots at home." Rodney Harrison on NBC Sports after the game: '€œThey'€™re in a perfect position to make a run in the playoffs. They'€™re a better team than they were last year. They have home-field advantage. They don'€™t have to worry about going on the road and facing Denver. They'€™ve got a healthy Rob Gronkowski, who'€™s the best tight end in all of football, and you'€ve upgraded at the cornerback position with Darrelle Revis."