What pundits were saying about Patriots on Sunday: Tom Brady 'in conversation of the greatest ever'

December 05, 2016 - 6:17 am

[caption id="attachment_79850" align="alignright" width="150"]Rodney Harrison Rodney Harrison[/caption] Here's a quick look at what some of the national pundits were saying about the Patriots before and after Sunday's win over the Rams: NFL Network's Deion Sanders after the game, talking about Tom Brady: "He has to be in the conversation of the greatest ever, and I didn't stutter nor did I stumble when I said that." NFL Network's LaDainian Tomlinson after the game, on Brady: "I think the most special thing about him is his ability to win in different ways with different teams. He had Randy Moss at times, but when he didn't have Randy Moss, he was still able to be as effective with guys we didn't even know about. He made a lot of these guys famous." NBC Sports analyst Rodney Harrison, talking about the Patriots after the game, specifically about the loss of Rob Gronkowski: "It's business as usual. They're not going to complain because they have a lot of weapons. … They don't sit back and worry about things they can't control. …They're built to handle adversity. All of their backup guys are well prepared. Anytime one of the starters gets hurt, they just fill in with another guy." Harrison, who played with Tom Brady from 2003-08, on Brady's record 201st career victory: "I'm just really happy and proud for Tom. I've been in the locker room, I've seen him work hard and sacrifice so much for his teammates. Congratulations, Tom." NBC Sports analyst Tony Dungy on the Patriots, after the game: "All these guys fill in. Nobody does it better than the Patriots in making adjustments, but I'm telling you, they are not the same offense without Rob Gronkowski. I think this opens up the whole AFC, I really do." NFL Network's Michael Robinson, before the game, on losing Gronkowski: "Losing Rob Gronkowski, the fear that this offense puts in opposing defenses, that's gone." More from Robinson on the loss of Gronkowski: "[With Gronk injured] Miami could possibly win the AFC East, and then you're talking about New England in a wild card spot." NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin, before the game, on the AFC race without Gronkowski: "Without Gronk, it moves closer for the Oakland Raiders. Now you have a little bit better chance. When I look back at it, and I've seen such great wins for the Oakland Raiders, but the Patriots, man, they are so consistent in what they do and they've won games without Gronk before. So yeah, I think it keeps them closer, but I still say the Patriots have just a little bit of an upper hand."