Wil Myers returns to spot of playoff infamy

April 29, 2014 - 1:20 pm
Wil Myers knows what's coming in his return to Fenway Park. And so he as he anticipated his greeting from a Fenway Park crowd that hounded him last October after his defensive gaffe opened the floodgates for a Red Sox victory over the Rays in Game 1 of the Division Series in 2013, he decided to offer a wink. The tweet referred to the idea that Fenway offered a "My-ers, My-ers" echo after the 2013 American League Rookie of the Year's misplay altered Game 1 and perhaps the complexion of the postseason for the two teams. Myers suggested that the playful spirit in which his message was intended reflects how he feels about playing in Fenway. "I was just trying to make light of the things and just kind of move past what happened and looking forward to the game today," Myers said of the tweet. "It's good to be back here where I made my debut. But I'm excited to get back here after the playoffs. As bad as it was last year, it was kind of a cool experience to have all of the Fenway faithful chanting my name. So that was kind of cool. Obviously, it sucked that it happened. But the whole stadium cheering my name was kind of cool. "I think for sure they'll cheer or chant my name -- I don't know about cheer. They'll definitely chant my name tonight," he added. "It's all in good fun. But we're looking to come out tonight and win." As much as Myers appeared amused by the memory of the chants at Fenway last year, he acknowledged that the misplay in the ALDS weighed heavily on him throughout the winter. "It stayed with me for most of the offseason, to know that play kind of turned the series, especially the momentum. It really made helped me work harder this offseason to get better. It's definitely something I learned from, the playoff experience," said Myers. "I [hadn't] really focused too much on my defense at all. It's always been my hitting. But this offseason, I really worked on my speed, I really worked on getting jumps on the ball. I really think it's translated so far this year." No doubt, the fans at Fenway on Tuesday night will be prepared to take stock of Myers' progress. Might he acknowledge the chants, perhaps with a tip of the cap? "I don't know. I haven't decided yet," said Myers. "Gametime decision."