Will Derek Jeter play in Fenway Park? Joe Girardi says it's 'up to him'

September 24, 2014 - 5:37 pm

Those who anticipated one last chance to see Derek Jeter play at Fenway Park this weekend may have miscalculated. With the Yankees now eliminated from postseason contention following their 9-5 loss to the Orioles on Wednesday, Yankees manager Joe Girardi said that the decision about whether or not Jeter plays in Fenway Park will fall to the shortstop. "I will leave that up to him, very similar to what I did with [Mariano Rivera]," Girardi told reporters prior to his team's game. "In my mind, I really thought that Mo would want to play that inning in center field and it never happened. So I'll leave that up to Derek. I don't see any reason I wouldn't do it any different." Girardi had given Rivera the option of playing an inning in center field in Houston against the Astros. However, the closer decided that his trip off the mound in Yankee Stadium -- when he was pulled by teammates Andy Pettitte and Jeter -- would be the last time he set foot on a field in a major league game. Whether Jeter follows suit remains to be seen. When reporters asked him whether he would play in Boston, he said that the contest was too far away to speculate, and that he was focused solely on his next game. That said, it's worth noting that Jeter's scheduled final game in Yankee Stadium on Thursday has the threat of rain hovering over it. Jeter went 0-for-4 on Wednesday.