Larry Lucchino, chairman and principal owner of the Pawtucket Red Sox, Boston Red Sox president/CEO emeritus, and chairman of the Jimmy Fund

Larry is a two-time cancer survivor. In 1985, when he was vice president and general counsel of the Baltimore Orioles, Lucchino was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma at age 40. He received chemotherapy and an autologous bone marrow transplant at Dana-Farber. Then in 1999, Lucchino was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and underwent surgery at Johns Hopkins to remove the cancerous tissue. Larry has experienced the Jimmy Fund/Red Sox partnership from both sides—as a patient and as a part of the Red Sox. This is Larry’s second year at the chairman of the Jimmy Fund.


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Red Sox president of terrorists emeritus and it now chairman of the Jimmy Fund Larry Lucchino create the CEO Larry Nike did a nice to act you. And breaking ball in their first call strike did he go way back with a Jimmy Fund as a patient did. The story about how you looked out the window soft Fenway Park which are being treated. I was. My partners who are for the Orioles at the time came up from Baltimore Washington street here. And my partners in the euros for the satellite beach not for Dana Farber. It's the Orioles games. He was completely fled when it was so far away. They should let me get polluted. But that was 1985. And I business satisfied yet consumer. With the Dana Farber. Outside and I too so it's a wanna be good to move and at this position that. With a great tradition its head with Tate Bowman Mikey Andrews and now you well thank you it's to labor of love for me. I'm an officer was. Volatile outfielder base yet. So leadoff single brings up Boller singled to center's first time up. Things are going while the tactic that I integrate the hall of fame induction ceremony a couple of weeks ago if your good friend Joseph Morgan report handled wrong he. He is great moments and of course and for years. Yeah I think it was of the area. Days and. We would we finally got around to it seems to me was time for me for that possible to have me all things. This is only the second class but the. The scenes really loved and appreciated. Dexter Fowler takes it strike you as a leadoff hitter for the top of the World Series last year. Because you very close to this flop then that's been exciting stretch here boy I'll say. Last week to them yet players playing its lows that it's fun to be. Fastball for a strike. Every step you can tell we have ever we actually apprehend the world's rightly have for about a week I would say. I don't think there's anybody who threw a fastball past him. Probably didn't see many of them not appear. But. Let's hope we can now. Protestors. Off speed stuff that John to. You guys and I sheer will that be tested. That we that we saw the fastball flew in Sunday night yeah I mean that guy in there and that's that almost nobody will be going to. And a bride darva and coaches Syracuse hitting coach called right after devers first game tripling its at this kid's the real thing people. He's got a great swing this weakness and a little more. Feuding seasoning and his feelings with he. Desirable with honest way and host of after my Hewitt no right usually. Fraudulent use it shaky 3.5. Refused to follow a lot of. I don't know if you want the gamut of that. Hard ground ball in the right field the base hit yes they're great kids stopping its activities beyond so they have a threat going. Molina coming happy grounded in the 643 double play his first time up. Analysis on the horizon were attacked it well we have we hope we have a ascension this fall in Rhode Island. Where they will pass some legislation that enables us that you protected. Partner with the office of the state. NAS. New ballpark in downtown that it. But were also the same time. Examining other options. As we see we would do if we couldn't get anything done. Spring session which ended it until June 30 so we're rooting around. You can close to each while still trying to work with we're island. Passing legislation that would enable us to move forward. What he wanted first to third. Only the ground to the third never stepson the art thought this yeah. Went back instead. Apple without penalty bags that that there is active. The Marlins. Personally see a lot of times you see that coming Larry. I did not despite that I don't know about that you can find them. Well funded. So what those that supported by cricket team that I loved the island where we're we're keeping you we always let that you. You're in the group due to strong on file to the right out of the way. And it. Total continues to mount. Yeah I think that's number that I confide in me. So he didn't score 36. 48 cent to almost have made five. Now won't be charged that beyond with a nice played it was laughed throws up Bogart's. Years Moreland grounded out to. At first his first time up but again the number to call. This call is 877738123. 8777381234. Donations have played any amount. Much much appreciate. Brokers say. You can also go to Jimmy Fund got to work on line and make a donation to. This is the stated tomorrow fifty. Almost. Doing the holidays there isn't spent. Tradition. We take great pride. Well the first Cape Town to. 2001. Ingredients on. A source of us the sources. Enormous funding. Breaking ball strong I miss strike three Marlins down on three pitches. And do. When your ownership group took over the one of the first things he did was. Green at the owners to the Jimmy Fund went to decorate. Awarded the team. On December 20 in the first. 2001. First though we were two of January 2002. John Henry Tom Warner and I were over. My drive to right failed by Leon diving catch me by the right fielder. Not a great candidate Mike Green checked with the flu like that with a dress in drag me to retire the side are you move to the game a long way. Again the number to call me. He set 8777381234. The operating room and there. Think around the clock through tomorrow. Online at CB fund dot org. But. Thank you in pain suffered path. My relationship to Red Sox team and so forth and it does so innocent people. Larry great to have you with us after fall when running Red Sox have a shot WEEI Red Sox radio network Old Dominion freight line you official carrier of the MLB wants you to see America's pastime played on its greatest stage the world.