Bradfo Sho, Ep. 45: How to fix the Red Sox

The Bradfo Sho
Friday, October 20th

Rob Bradford and Pitcher Nick (Friar) take a deep dive into how these Red Sox can be fixed. Some f the discussion includes Pitcher Nick's proclamation that he can bench press more than Mike Mutnansky, fix what ails Hanley Ramirez and make a realistic trade proposal for Giancarlo Stanton. We also learn that Bradford's co-host has a Baseball-Reference page.


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Add road show. That's my open deputies obviously. That's my old. Right where you don't know why you're. Brad vote show. That's delicious. How do you fix Red Sox. That's the that's the topic today. And I have brought in somebody who is going to be contributing on the at least. Regular semi regular basis pitcher neck. Nick prior highly competent to neck. Actually you really don't like that nickname I do well I don't think it's very creative it's well you I asked I literally askew I said what's your nickname he says it isn't. I've been called fry dot fight is that Obama can and that's that fox is it's better than pitcher and injured neck I've been called Fred well the thing is rob I was climate people in my youth. In college and in my professional career so far. So I don't know what my professional career who will you hang out at I didn't hear that warrants. As the cute with all the decision that I work with their public cried out again television people are the most on creative people in the history you do realize that you go on television write about it as you and I had empathetic about the television Burke. I I don't I thought yeah. If the the make it goes doesn't go on and then you're not a television for their play people who are on TV it shouldn't be but the store there are some ice did not want everybody in the same basket there are some creative people and television but those people you hanging out with calling you fried died. It is is is that's terrible so anyway as someone as someone who. When I first had my tutor him at Brad Wright and I had a producer here that's the dumbest and while I'm thinking. Oh my god you're so dumb because the whole idea if you want a short verbally right. And you wanna memorable. Yeah right and then a thousand T shirts sold later her. Is it that then they go lately there are I don't know if you occupy the so anyway as they exchange a Twitter have a picture you show it. But I but I also can puck on of the things is as it doesn't nice difference. It doesn't make a difference that. It's like you so you know this what we learn from the bar stool group by illegals vote nicknames aren't you wouldn't say that every. Right you say they're good now big cat is better than pitcher nick. The FD commentary is headed to be out in the mud and if you wanted to end it here is you have to eat comment there you know commentator what effort out there if you said that initially the nickname is that the hall. You know once we are just trust me. So your state I think about animals and think about making a fried doctor. You see how did you know put a poll they are well right right argues is now it's it's as if not for heat have is that creative and right out of its I didn't make it up you made up you're the one person ever carpets and I don't our talent but you're gonna do it right thanks to you predict that like you manager John and yet you have pledged on player Dave every time I hear manager Johnson what is wrong. It going to be convinced major Alex I'll I enter Brad welcome. This is the place you go to right if you wanna be the next manager gets traded at the this spot yes so I thought I'm in liner to be here the little yeah at least bench coach at least that's articulate that yet via the potential although Brett. Auspices government on this podcast and Rodney garner higher hasn't either that's the whole thing routers out scorers on and he's you know 99.9 percent it's going to be live right. Policy by the time this airs who knows survived by it. Anyway speaking along those lines we are here to talk about the Red Sox in U being the because your name is the connect him because he used to pitch in the high high level. Our ruckus they went public could be the big leagues who knows. But use this to say that I that they are for updates I didn't really did all right so you're the only person. Who is sat in that chair. And as a baseball recipes to Britain's that that share has not have a baseball. And they know others go ha ha. All right so the so when you a baseball reference now I can put mic maybe other nick as a reference. Like the like Ortiz with cookie monster forever with. He let is know I had that cookie monster and so now to put Internet and and and it doesn't Ozzie you know are to connect. What we're gonna do pretty fun game. Because you we have a lot of high level interview interviewees on this as you reference doubts corps as a regular audit. Just had Jonny Gomes recently on Dennis actor sleazy at Bogart's of them too before that. By also dislike the kickback and here in the Brad those shows studious and dunks the ball and Internet at at and so. What is as we know the offseason when the most popular sports in Boston. The offseason for the Red Sox that is a absolute fact in truth youth so are going to ask you will play this game no real of the week low of. Fixing the Red Sox Friday a day just in the real. I would spit in the real and if it lands at. What do you do in terms of actually getting somebody who can hit the ball out. Well the gosh darn park the at bat in this lineup. Repairs you wanna you would agree with this comic dog the biggest problem it's a huge problem rob and I look at three guys you know going to the offseason. There's ops Hosmer whoever's talk about because the clubhouse guy he's 63 arm analysts hold third gets then there's G Martinez he's number two number two adult to adult now. The whole united and Palestinian cars but you Carlos and I didn't know. What why would you do that why would you why would you allocate half your team for this gas if I take half the team I think it would take a couple of okay. Important pieces. To do it it's almost like you're gonna get to the point with where this trade. Where I feel it you'd be playing for the tie you don't talking about. But you're gonna giving up so much value in this isn't like month product Inco OPEC value this is like pendant and devalue this is Major League value yet there is no way you're going do win it. Beat it with a White Sox when you get Stanton yet I I right so you're playing for the die. You think it's a tie I don't think so I think there are few guys on this team who may do well elsewhere that'll do as well boss. Or a little what does it matter what what. Matter because it is because. You. I have to pick a rust is gonna pick up the phone and say hey Derek Jeter you have to trust me on this. That that that Jackie Bradley you know he's the only thing I feel yeah REIT he only hit you know whatever yet this year. The only did that but when he gets you will be really really good so you can value him. Different person all his defense is is very about all it like oh I don't know that well you're you're talking about is offered solace I try to make that clearer today I don't. Don't leave any stone unturned way Jackie Bradley centerpiece of the viewer knows he would that be my centerpiece of the stride toward me. Zander would. OK so you don't even even then right. Okay this that Plavix the pitcher nick everybody loves attention now at a game now I have met him in the tuning out. So you even Dan. Then you say you're treading in a Bogart's off eighty. We can say is a down year right yet not he's not as nudges up medallion that's not now and that is based in California. I don't buy it but this is what you're treating him this is you can't nick you can't convince these guys say he has got to trust me honest you wouldn't have to was. Saying if everybody. Seems to think so highly of boulder and people around here. And look I think he's a good player good but Eddie also buy anyway you what you give for a few more years before at least sound I I understand it which also makes him appealing and I think Jeter with Lotus. Appealing the guys trading for is in a book earth you're really happy you'd be leaving town a couple of illegal he's a couple of years your stock they say I'm sorry I misunderstood your he's going to be here for a couple. Is he is not a few warriors a few years it gives you chance I'll all over the team in. Too isn't it point 11. Now now now he played when he and a Jackie Bradley try to right he had so it's the year after the big free agent class okay anyways the point is you haven't for a little bit of time. Our pulpit contractors like when you start you know rambling on and yelling at me again but what I'll let I think you'd get rid of and abort a guy that everybody else seems thinkpad I don't personally I think he's a good player I don't think he's you know. Carlos Correia type editor Rick talks about him becoming he hasn't been yet he's not going to a guy when dork. Some people are replacing one. That is odd is terrible what. So you want to put you wanna put you wanna trade. I'm not saying even Miami would do this UN trade. In a Bogart's Jackie Bradley on one tree. Which. I don't know even expected to be done along with the but. You wanna do that without the the logical replacement at shortstop without the really do like as he could movement and the over the center field. Mike and this is where you're gonna get the number two on your list and this is what drives me nuts about the stain conversations in went on to have Jean Karl stand Internet. Like who would want to come yeah I ancient Arab nobody does give up a little the little they know why when you have the guy. Why would you do say the guy that we don't have to give up. Any draft picks pork is he's not eligible for four qualifying offer the guy who hit. Over forty home runs. And like not even a 120 gains. It all you have to do is give a muddy like a guy who rule the rule is don't skill set if you. It would seem that at eight DH even that you could probably keep the skill set for the life of a contract. You'll have to give up what you're talking what do you. Get the heat. And it Bogart's in Jackie Bradley and all these other guys in all we give money not. Jeremiah. David Martin I don't know if that's the case. I don't know that the first time but. I'll adjust Martinez's second but if you're asking about shortstop. We got here I know he's had you know have a need probably a guy here and complete shorts opting to play again that there I think very highly of him in that department. You put him as hard as much he she actually placed or that I know he's a third baseman these he's not shortstop at this point is that it is boy because of neat I I would it will get to this in the how do you fix the Red Sox and wondered new users name will come up again nobody is not going to be as eighties as in everyday shorts. A all right fine if you don't think he's a British residents look at that guys who are gonna be free agents got Eric I bark. Ozark. Let me ask you this rob what's a better offensive threat. You know those two guys that said Jorge Nunez or J. J. Hardy CDs NASCAR Jose Reyes Leo name appeal. Those guys with one of those guys would you Karros station. Or Jackie Bradley junior in Zander Bogart a plane was hit more home runs player X with Jim Crow stance on it doesn't matter ended. I understand by if you're talking in this is what you're. The value always come back to the value that you're giving up the time you're giving it up and and who's in her Bogart's. I think that he'll have a much better year next year it was bizarre and falling widely put them on the idea that this wasn't a sacking guessed this was an absolute first if the day after it's installed up. Yeah got hit by the pitch in July or early July he comes back from the all star break he's still hurts. And he still doesn't go on the DL you go through the entire month of August he'd be he'd just ruin his staff the entire year. I actually think he is he going to be along the lines of what he was a year before but my point is is that. You're trading these guys that you keep lumping them in the with a strayed but you're not getting full value problem. That it's it's definitely a mayor's argument. That he threw up this year a couple years ago I heard or in order race. Ideally he would give our communities I get automatically and all right it's nice to have him. Might might I might my vocal chords for Burris without my voice like that. Problem. It's it's so it'll that this how to cap this contract right who are OK let's play that out and I guess it goes to this year's well. Ticket offer him these Ramirez's contract for years the team what you get this this off of last year are this year you play the outfield. That he is getting up load of uncertainty just like they would be this year. People are about thirty whether or not he can actually play baseball at a high level. And they're paying eleven million dollars. Million dollars in it for the Sox. You what he stood then you're paying eleven million dollars for a guy who you actually wouldn't eat yet the only thing drives me nuts and it goes back to. I get what you're trying to withstand you're not alone Internet it. But it's if you just have to if you have other options and you you have upside from these guys I think they have upside. You keep the guys and you go to the option your option BO Eric Jeremiah. David. Mark you know I'm messing his full name on it these are for real now through it's not as this conference is as prime repeated I'm gonna go there but it I I was that's dollars yet though it. But I will say. I was more merit to the idea Stanton. You know when the season was nearing its end. But JD Martinez didn't realize yet 43 home Sunday. Using yes like what a 117 games on yeah it's not like that a hundred. 819 India and so 42 home runs he's in here over 300. So he. Obviously a very impressive player you know he did Detroit not necessary and no Arizona in the year but he did Detroit not a you know home run friendly ballpark he's very top that I'd like Camelot to I just you know Steve you're looking at too is rob that. We are dealing with seen this past year that you know not everybody was huge fan of everybody talked about us on the call though that's the other thing too that's gonna consider those things you don't think that you're old I'm not a bust you don't have to worry about all the other stuff I'm worried about how all. Of people filled up. Steen to know how I don't you very concerned very concerned about your fuel think that if they went outside to eighty Martina is that people will be you get a new manager. And you get this guy. It would be excited to be excited at the same capacity as they would if if they got to Kraushaar. You have again it's just Carlos TI in the first and carload ever to play for the red side is I think that he has its first name actually was do you account for a team that but whether they came with him over. He says we can't have that night it was it was a different time back. You're crazy. They're crazy it's it's it's OK great it's. Truth drops your seed Jim Crow stands is a star we'll talk all the star power are made it and hitting right in baseball and it. I don't wanna get misconstrued here I would love. To have AG Palestinian on my team is much I don't care what the reds to you on my team. Okay and your gas off to another on the Brad votes and got the girls and that they are now okay that's a stark. But it's it's these people who. Are saying you know dogs to do with it is the same thing we did going back in you'll remember this probably because you like three years old but it. Like in 2007. So in 2000 sire records dozens of 20072008. Hanley Ramirez was the guy in there marriage with a guy all you give up this packet Felix Hernandez then what the guy. You give up this money and I think they did try it at different levels to do that the four players for one. But it's when you have another option this is what you all of them backed away if you have another option. Then you should explore that opt I don't know JD Martinez want to from the Red Sox but the be crazy not to do have to find out. Right yeah in fairness the interest free agent doing it cost you money nothing. You wanna go get him in the right back to I'm fine but that also this. I do you know when I look at Jim Crowe stand vs Martinez in terms of how badly outlook want one of them on my team. Not much of a gap yeah I can I can live with Martinez however if they going to sag Hosmer which for some reason rob in my gut I didn't feel like they're going Hosmer. That's the wrong move because he's not gonna go and hit you eaten twenty home runs over the point point five. He's not his but apparently he's not a home run bat but he's a guy that you put the milieu or cool produce runs it through that's that and that's the biggest union banking home runs to run and we shoot. But if you do but if you don't and you had an off season even without having Palestinians and even if if you have an off season GB of our team is in their cars which I don't think that'll happen because god your payroll would be 300 million dollars and it is Allah -- spirit expertly pointed out the Boston Globe. You would be drafting like different tropic will be regulatory third round that's actually true but there's a lot of things consider there. But it's if you got I can't imagine the you do this in this goes to when we're talking about how you fix red sites I've been saying this for awhile. All this revolves around him. But he hit his the the issue here and you know we're handling saw the picture and Twitter of him in the hospital bed right yes yes very concerning. I elected juxtapose that against my picture of him holding up the Tom Brady Dan style they like he's a picture of him at the garden wearing yeah John Yates that if that's today after the surgery at that but it's. You know so. Yeah you can you tell me what you would do it because this isn't this isn't this isn't cut and dry. And he ease having surgery and on the shoulders they say he's going to be ready for spring training. But there is a a lot of doubt there. He's 2.2 million dollars this year he needs just under 500 plate appearances and clearance on physical on which I guess now you mr. you're probably going to be able to get that. But if he plays he will get his vesting option for the next year. And so now you're gonna have discover 44 million dollars over the next two years you'll ever make short neck. That you are going to get a productive and we mare's give if you want. That is and not only financially. But especially I mean that's that's one spot that you can actually get to talk tomorrow. In that's the the concern. For me analysis Hanley because you know he's the first baseman or Dietz and he really I mean all he is that he's a first baseman are. The first and I think he would do it rob I'm saying he doesn't mean we've seen that he's not really a huge fan of doing it are. I don't think I think that was a false narrative it has fostered a false narrative that's the first false merit of the offseason all right well. Anyway either way. If he's going to -- if you Clifford based every day that it makes a lot easier to go inside Martinez but if he's not if you want suggest he did yeah each honesty you just want to get it then you have to go loss and you have to Hosmer and that's the problem and that's why I think hundreds going to be got becomes Thomas I needed to be good for the club nor nor lord knows they need that. I mean you need a guy who's going to be it'll leave the yard a little more frequently than hazard or you release him. I don't think that'll happen LT well he's not he's not policy and all that he's not he I know he had a down year but good lord let by the problem is and he's a bit dark to this problem. Yeah okay that's the spies not hubble's invoke that he's not Hubble sent a ball but if you if you keep them and he's was what he was this year. In your paying him 22 million dollars and he also why he's doing that he's he's racking up the plate appearances. Oh my goodness yes yes than you that you have another guy you have it if prefer another year that's going to be probably worse. The following year and that's why you have to at least considered it if you do not know what you're gonna get them that's the biggest yet to conserve but you also have to you know you talk about. On you think ads in a ball it's gonna have you know a turnaround yeah I mean look at well when he's gonna you view things could be closer to this year the previous year. I don't think he. I would say I would say the preacher I don't think he's dollars and not what you're you're in the batting title practiced two years ago right. Oh I mean he was taken at a bank accounts are say finish second event do you think what what do you think your numbers mean. If I was to guess I would say these two leading hitter I think he's doing here and it's yelled while home runs throughout his career he's singles guy for the most part he's out on his fourth all time legs all the time. But the way my very unorthodox. Yes it's yeah I agree and everybody that I just good hands but he's he. He's always want it but my point with that was not to the stickers on board that you've. You think he's gonna have about that your. I think he mayor's gonna have bounced back here why because we've seen that he can do that we saw his first year here he socked. The next you're here he was all star. Caliber player played first base solid glove over there day so I seat and I know he's approached. This year changed to more of what he wasn't his first year with threats to Doug sixteen in a broke a 157 games 21 home runs. He hits through 94 okay so's your 8020 yes yes of the year before you mean home runs but. He had a the 33 something yeah yeah 32320. Batting averages finished second and in the though that so so the problem with you said oh him he did it before yet have bounced back here in May be that maybe the magical Tom Brady bands will cure everything. And he'll be OK. But. But when you're talking about shoulders as a as we know you played great team baseball. Shoulders are that the death now for players yes. They are in the problem is that I don't look I don't wanna get too scientific here rob ladies let it affect. I do have a background in training you know I look at a local yes not not basically guys but I really college guys if you look guys in the minor really I have. I have to Wear a lab coat we needed that. Not to that extent a I was I was like as a as a strength coach what I what I'm trying to get at is always give you bet how much -- Ivins more than -- outplayed our older -- I had video proof that it you do yes I did you like you have decided by so I would not bad I get much done to 25 I done to fifty and I have video of me doing typical white personal why would you take video yourself that because president Lester anybody at approximately a quick Dorgan your recommendation on another as this from my own my own personal benefit I get to I like to have an ever reminder this is where I wasn't I can get back there when I want this on your tender page. You like to debate I've tried to the Florida's or ally guy who like interview now entering its -- he'll be benching a little voice for the 2000 pound club rob I was and you don't have the video market -- baseball reference made. I. They both try to guess you could Arnold has a fifth of its end to don't mean. As. Crappy news Madrid but you're failure over just so many of dealing with guys' shoulders shoulders yes exactly doing those guys. And that's why I get worth and they played first base has got to throw a lot more it's an aggravated shall have more that's we saw it coming up a little bit more often know what happened at the beginning season. But the other thing is. Patented by the way his left shoulder is beings are having surgery that's fine but if you really. Fine but the thing is rob. You look at initial CNET this shoulders are as big as as human beings and I don't care. Debt and that that makes a big difference because that's why his shoulder has some problems move around a dozen. Were saudis and he's in the band this year bought that I don't know what do you that he admitted he admitted to me I remember the moment he admitted to me. Just shortly before eats it followed via receive my Tom Brady spellings amusement. Knock knock you review the pro we expect that Baghdad might at the pilot and I'm going to agree with you it's too late so I can agree review that he said. That he made it bizarre that he admitted to doing this is that he lifted to have you that it was lifting restrict the do you port before. That's not. Did two years ago and it worked like what is this session went with getting better locally I have no problem and trying to. Add a little bit of muscle. In the right. And he's put on his shoulders and that's raised and hurled at why do you agree with me in the whole thing. In the meantime he's tried. It's not quiet questions your your credential is a question of integrity as you'd like your like you know it's like you like the person who said well I know what it was like for Gordon Hayward does fractured ankle and let. I elderly where it says in the rain and the sixtieth that's sixty you know overly I AI also a sprained my ankle in and it took me along topic I've never about the since they're calling pitcher nick and I have to be trusted with a little credibility trainer nick now I don't care Alice said OK yeah the collar where value on earth like does this thing about 00. They have our guys are big threats more than minor item there's visual because of what's the outlook because much talked about it on year. He gets made fun of Florida on year. If I don't know it's you asked how much adventure I have a backdrop you you you can give me a month because well look at. While I like he can't go because we had has probably had the media game I I couldn't do bench cannot bench from. Was it February were killed us were pentium the I that's my problem it's got. This really starting guard the frustrate our island like. From February until the media game I did not do any Barbell bench to those were my shoulder when I was throwing in the game and as you know I throw look are never but otherwise I would call her myself. Like Haley mayors as I know what's left so I understand it but again. London issue when you're doing improper action. Did not want you to scientific way to earn it and that's. Where is it if you want a bench gets might have match up that's fine I'll do it I'll do I'll do. The Peter challenged if you want to argue well more than 45 outs for rats to like Manning into. It will get so let's get back us Nelson still faults that's just that's what why you're here. You're you're you're you're more educated version of reverend growth. OK I on a second of that into better looking version to its like at the US. Is a lot of weird. I really don't know. Yeah actually pulls a lot of girls idol I don't know how that happens at a atom and I did it really does he puts a lot of effort into that on the in his initial well it totally distanced him forever and it's totally like. If they might I saw the thing they would Mike Napoli Mike Napoli when he got Julia like when he doctor Carol it was like boom wholly different demeanor. I would want. And like. Here here's AB says such a pleasure to be served by some of dispute over organized itself. But that's neck and that's not that yeah that the identity of this semi reporter Ivan. Yet it exactly. I don't have a game like Evan does I just have a look and it just works that's anyways back to again on the rails look at the end there with the hitting. I'm fine with Martinez he's like my one B I prefer Giancarlo Stanton. I'm but again if you can give him and it can work well I also think treating those guys helps with filling in spots you know you were or at about. Getting which which outfielder were future with Jackie Bradley in a heartbeat OK okay let's get Zander with I think that need to be different. Yes okay so you're filling in the gaps of those two guys in normal. Ball once again it's. I don't know you're trading at peak level like so when you talk about Jackie Bradley the Jackie Bradley year ago actually two years ago. Two years ago when the Brodsky first offseason with the rats aren't yet. I know that teams want to get Jackie Bradley beat him he was coming off a crappy year my he can play defense but. Yeah I know for instance Kansas City at least expressed some interestingly day unity Duffy did you Duffy projected rally which at the it was a really interesting trade the Duffy he had problems this year but he ended up being a pretty good pitcher. And the roads are said all these teams no no no no no with Jackie Bradley they did the same offseason they did the same thing with the glory. So. Now I don't think they're going to be saying no no no number one because you're closer to a contract running out is so it's not as valuable. But also it's I I think that they will entertain these things but not the things that you're talking about I just don't see them unloading. Do pieces all along with other stuff to do Major League he's just like that for one guy. For one guy who hit now as they I don't know how many are Iran and I'd be wrong and I honestly don't see Miami doing it either. They might not but here's the thing too that I forgot to mention earlier up if you add the pitcher there is the Red Sox. Alpha rotary knob and on the if if you credited lottery within that those things you know by. You can't do that mine greater argued the injury yeah you can't spit it out with the guy beat him he absolutely yep that was the perfect I'd add in the guy who has the he's shown the potential for the upside for the top of the rotation pitcher yet he's frustrating it's crap. The only 2425. Years old. Still a lot of value I mean he was the perfect guy to include in its trade like you're you're talking about but that is off the table neck. Yes often in the religious thing yet to yet so stay at 159. Home runs last year in there it's not set up topping out in front of 55. A 168. I know to think about that that catapulted the Red Sox. That'd how do you have success 59 more whole and not pass the Yankees but critical yes I am thank you for the simple math I appreciate that couldn't figure that out myself. That's my point you'd you get a guy like him you if the the losing EA rod isn't and is an important part is when I first with Lincoln abolished Iraq was a big part of that trade but with the the Judy Martinez even. And I knew one of the gonna wanna pitcher yet they they are actually agreed under second that was that was the third piece in NASA doesn't stay that Chris Hill for an amazing and I know at a time everyone says no news is good baseball league baseball trade. It shocked when I heard that. He's human condoning cope Akamai OK well where it's Jackie Bradley where is the Major League starter then that's amazing to me in that usually doesn't happen. Put it today and it was so let's go back to the love them about that I've so let's say I love that we'll get rid among Qaeda Al wanted to I want no part of a dog while we saw the difference with Deborah cement and I don't know Muqtada obviously the upside is I think is off the charts in just like it was a BJ Upton right you know it is amazing when when McConaughey go back to and they hadn't -- I'll come up he's a third baseman. The BC news and it's not a light armed with a from third base moment in his run in row. You jump yes he did you go off everybody's there are by his biceps in his strong arm I didn't Ali never benefit I just I haven't well you know but from what I see for devers I'll take I'll pay the consistency of Rockville Deborah as the days there which by the way. Everywhere and rail and on his defense. In and I think it's a whole week for a double B and he plays that you say I don't know if we'll be able make that play like the plays he made yet but he didn't make are the plays that you like yeah you know who knows he'll definitely you know if you Clinton have done honestly I think. Update I get the in the year even in the playoffs when they hear hander went out and say he's got play that was. Does play the season right there and without taking this is bizarre that like that the people are saying he can't play deep with guys who can't play defense have no shot making them apply. Yeah it gives people trying to poke holes it would need to give up a little bit too would you want do you want to admiral playing third base every day who can play defense. Or do you want Raphael devers who can hit home runs only presses for India UB Nowak is so so where else do you fix things I'm a look at the bullpen to that and I I. I'm one of I've always had faith in camera I know he did not do well down the stretch and he's not then the guy we wanted him to be since he got here. But are expected him to be I should say but I've followed him since you know he's with the Braves because I've always you know he throws hard right handed pitcher. Odds are very effective just enjoy watching him pitch. But you need to have another guy who you know when he gets there this time of the year. Our next year we can kind of rely on to besides him hopefully take a little pressure off him help him feel better but. I thought of that as well yesterday and I I'll say this the here's the problem for two years you chase that. Ortiz UK's Karstens meant that you case with Tyler Thornburg. And I can't see them allocating more. Two to that position it if you think the Carson Smith is gonna come back to be beat either Thornburgh the combat. If you think this Joseph Thornburgh if completely forgot that I wanna got the Mike I know I know in a perfect world yes in a perfect world you'd go out and signed Greg hall. Right Greg Holland Norway Davis is my dad and elitists are a little bit has policies of the Wade Davis OK either one but those guys I don't wanna close somewhere. The gonna get more money because they're gonna close somewhere. It's it's likely item that they'd just aren't they tried to already go down this road the last two years by making freight for the exact I that you're talking about. And I don't I just can't see them doing it again. Secret it's not those are the exact as a lot of those guys who don't have the same level of experience I mean Wade Davis. They try to try to train Travis sharp for Wade Davis. And they said no but he's free agent rob we're talking about who don't go read. You know I understood the dark and allocate that money for the opposition. Biggest aren't they should allocate some level because we've seen but some level is gonna get it done. Well I don't know what you asked how to fix this I think. I want to be realistic try to I realize that your personal trainer but I like it's like in your bed rest more than my thought all I ask you that your realistic you know he has an advantage to disease significantly shorten it to a short arm yes exactly yeah let's this data. I've taught tribunals against the can come back and in pitch. And that's fine but you know you're not the luxury tax not to be the same issue for the this year right because it will be Andre is still be with someone with with some of look at some hundreds of. In other words in other words I can't see them going out and citing age eighty Martinis or Eric Hosmer. And it was gonna cost to get a close another close on this team and I can't see them allocating that because the other problem they have with this roster is that there's not a lot of places where you can free up money. Like camp Lee Regis that this isn't. Elect trading him and if you trade community money and then you into the same problem might I articulated before. The the other guys this so young they don't make enough money give a crap load of guys up for arbitration argue there are some of those guys fine but still that's not going to be the be all and though there's. One guy in here who we haven't touched on at all and new years would be the logical replacement for this guy Hoya yet in in look at the European Dutch trade. Laughter he's gonna be secured potentially be out most of the year but what that's what I'm saying is you work. Worker so brilliantly after they lost the last game Johnson mossy asked. Paraphrasing here if he's gonna be able to do you know of this get a 116 games that that the grind as everybody always labels it. You know dame de -- note he's gonna be the key to enabling fork is gonna look like he can't Robbie he's bench you know he's been dealing with these I would be shocked if he does not have surgery in the if he's not out a significant part next. And that's a table what if what if so you have to replace what if the yes and an awful Eduardo Nunez who was like he's healthy enough you know that he you know he can do read you also have not yet lately and saying rob it. That if what if Pedroia has told. Dustin you're never gonna be the same player again Munis are not going to allow you to move around that want. They're gonna give him every opportunity do. Negative give him every opportunity to come back whether it's this year or next year that's that is not changing. Saying what if he's what is it sees his right. All the Hillary's higher than that I don't think he is Ali's going to a bet they did an awesome wrong about it. I think that placed on the books to make something and of body in the right at the money on the books for the Mets for years he doesn't as a felon out of the money because you're right to learn about my right. Well that's the problem that's where we're doing this exercise is no easy answers in this is why would people say we'll turn over the roster like I did the whole thing right after the year. About going through each position and the reaction I got into it all fighting wanna bring back the entire team well. Other than a few tweaks here and there you don't have a lot of options there there's going to be something that we're not thinking of that comes up. But this guy that I mean this starting pitchers and rule yeah let's let's see out earlier in Maine George McKittrick price I probably him. It was elbow because of his contract. Carcillo coming off terrible your geeky if they don't don't know you're gonna get the guy who's with work when he million dollars a year the year before. You did two apartments you know peace in the last year then so why would you want to trade him because you you need good I don't believe in Marseille and answer to go for idea to realize that you will be much better yet parsley or so anyway so you you don't wanna treat armor and still under reasonable money. Thumb. And then you have for sale obviously I shall Chris Sale untouchable. And then you have been you'll be the fifth guys are going to be Stephen Wright right now in again there's not there's not. Guys that you would say oh you trade that guy go down on devers you're trading price okay Bogart's you said you may be trade but still would what are you getting back in what do you need you know trade vote arts in and Bradley junior and if you'd trade a pitcher. Do that under the circuits is that you're getting to Karros and that otherwise it wouldn't miss this is the last part of the equation wanna get him in because it's and we look at this roster. We talked about the financial part of it what do you do you got to find a power about where do you put that. Another aspect that is sort of what a TARP there was Jonny Gomes ago which was that clubhouse that clubhouse the guy who is going to have an impact on. On and leading this team is not it's not just the managers not just the coaches. The guy in 2013 we have many of examples like this actually thing union is a guy like that agrees and says yeah and by it is you always have to err on the side of talent in the is not a lot of other places to find that guy. The catcher position where you David Ross and Jarrod Saltalamacchia. You Christian baskets in Leona potentially Blake's wife argued not that works especially one of the things that its team. It seemed like it acts is that it is a feasible thing for them going for. So witty way you get that other guy. Well this is why I've you know look at an order a tie or the manager more when they name the manager but this is why when it first started you know I know there with a three obvious candidates who we've all heard get an eighty's. But the guy that I've really wanted as much score as I get a one B option like Martinez for me I really wanted David Ross. As the guy legal right no he has no managers expect a coach and manager. Yes yes it still what would gladly yes it's a chain and all right you know. More than David Rossi the point it'll fit. I like Richard nicks they get outside the bar I like him because he's a guy that some of also another front of the podcast by the way I did it drops in on numerous time I actually thought I have a video that that he proclaimed the only reason he's done did the stars has got to be on the already yes guided I had I had no idea that we data out again. I might play with David Ross's. You have a guy like Pedroia who played them. Bogart's played with him briefly you'll we have guys have experience and they're gonna respect him more and then maybe they're able to meaning not Pedroia beat me Bogart's in a way. Takes on that role where if somebody like Dave price. You know goes and gives him well although it's not gonna happen over the apps that norm manager David nonsense. Our dog this is this is just different little respect for active and it's gone so perfectly is said. That managers and coaches are alike that the parent to attend your old yet. Right that's what it's like it was a perfect it now yes it is that's what it is like yet it's like I am I've I've cutting analysts' view but not really. But if I have one of my skiers who were a little bit older army that is the biggest difference in that it's one of the things absolutely. That you are the price of trying to beat out but it obviously was in a misguided way and also to slow start is starting pitchers starting pitchers is that aren't typically those guys as well now. This should never be built so we look it's you don't you don't own a good example of us was the guy whom you know is is vying to be the manager job score. College the guy who. Wrote this there are numerous examples of this but some easier examples that I remember. Was Eric Gagne when he came man Eric Gagne blew saves he told organic you have to stand in front of your locker when Alex Cora blew an important point attempt in in the middle of the playoffs. He stood out in front of his locker in full uniform. Basically facing out saying. Astaro asking me questions now. And don't think that all these other guys are that is what they need to see that yes they don't need to see the are not talking to the media right. Consider I greet you but might here's what Mike Richards is that you yes I agree direction and that's why I'm only find of course the guy wins of the named manager. But David Ross. I look at him into these guys might just go into suspect coroner might say whatever they don't have ties with a he's got them they didn't play with and but if you look at a guy like rocks they did soap summit gonna go disrespect him then I think players of course ties what ties the game. I did Dustin Pedroia yeah he's eighties when best friend without war. Wealth that I that they were these data book grass as a rookie. Pull out what yesterday's early with a it's it's it's predicated on its derivatives it's. By its David Ross if you wanna put him as a coach is the bench coach as a go between. But I think I you still think that happen only game because I thought it happening Ali Al beat David Ross wants to do it but I think I will plug you. For the Beijing. That you get that type of manager that can maybe relate to these guys a little bit better right yes some ever anticipated Jonny Gomes which means if the relief that it's not that you do boots on the grounds that it at that with the ground. On that. I. I looked at us I thought anyway I I start I gonna go we are gonna go home and but the Internet did you yes are keeping yours it's what do you think these palatial. Rod deaths podcast studio all these are nice is it much much nicer. Byron is much nicer harm than I'm used to us and we're kind of doing a podcast being negative. If that at a little weird it's a little bit to relax for Iraqis to holding the Mike the whole time to that is strange and you see you know having it right for a bit. It was very comfortable. You know like I'm very happy to be here and it's gonna take you off guard when the girl in the bikini team overeating came in in the middle podcast and even the drink yeah and then she said did you ask me to eleven drought here and very streets is like why do you care if I know who at that news this is not important not a big deal but I don't know it's. You we should its army and I think how many times we're gonna mention him three I don't mind. He wants you pseudo pseudo reporter I've been really we can't help insists he's just easy target at a well maybe you David Obi. Now he's begging used eighteen begs me to come on the market. The youth actually I gave him the opportunity we did fifteen minutes on this part a fifteen minute podcast right. Fifty minutes of simple teeth. No it was it was he couldn't shut up. He he I he could not get (%expletive) army. And I'll I'll do it it was the only podcast in the history of this podcast that I could use I couldn't use it. It was unusable. I threw it away. He he he's very bad when it comes key steps on your tote them all the time yeah and that's why you're here good job necked. Will the next one we're where we're convening in we're gonna figure out. What what. Flurry of entertaining brat coach of rehab you know it is because I don't know if you knew this. The offseason residents offseason most popular sport Boston that it's I OC next.