Bradfo Sho, Ep. 46: Who is Alex Cora? Mike Lowell explains

The Bradfo Sho
Monday, October 23rd

Rob Bradford is joined by one of Alex Cora's best friends, former Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell. Lowell talks about all the qualities that he believes will serve Cora well when taking on the job as Red Sox managers, while offering examples of Cora's readiness for the position.


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I. Radler wrote show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know why you're stupid. Brad vote show. That's delicious. He's back he's not talking about Castro for the last time Michael appear on the Oprah Show which by the way Mike I. I to say this is that. Tim Wakefield came up to me in the in the winner after that podcast when you're when after Castro died. He says I told my kids to listen to this I told this was a very very. Important podcast not only for me Dolly for you but for a evidently all of humankind. Well I I'm I'm gonna take to our. Two things from our common life. I I wait for that problem too. He's where we've recovered flight with an abrupt you are at it it's. That's the Arctic are those who from what we were not of human deceptive or about your. Now it's it's as. We're we're here to educate and that's exactly what I feel. That that's a career. And today at the education you lesson that we're learning is Alice score of 101. The newly named manager for the Boston red sides how much his life not Sox round scorer right now is as they can about this Mike. Holy macro do you are you talked about the sweet spot of life. Your goal of the World Series and also beat you while you're going to the World Series you also know you've you've got in my managing job our units. It's I think it's pretty good yards could. But you know. They do further. I don't it's it was throwing around a lot of inheriting it in the one I did well. I think it's great feel you know it's it's not up against. Detroit or the release. But you know hearing for major redevelopment props you know and I think for first time manager it's much you're ample. Oh winning team because when you're winning it was happier and lights little easier and threats such you know or or when action. Well. Well I was I was I was trying to give you some leverage on Saturday by saying could the national team rail the Red Sox pursuit of bounds or it is. Both core once played for the national and Mike Rizzo actually thinks highly of him. But that was it I mean this it's like you said it that the nationals actually have a good team 97 wins. But everything else that goes with it I I think that the Red Sox they'll probably use the the best winnings body you aren't. Are very hard rock it are there for a guy who. But he played here which you know not a very up to play in the places you managed both the Boston that you'll work. Chicago's LA's. But especially this East Coast side or the fan base from the previous group. There's a little different when you're except that are that are different it is different and I think they're the player who has gone through it. It's supports he's your approach not only what he's crap but amble because. Archer is going to be sucking gas and why he did something right every time winner Cole why it would ever won on every time they lose. But what he's he's gonna understand what the players though Kirk but I think that's the big bridge. To be able to GAAP. When you're kind of cover there's a new situation and he's you know besides. Or maybe gusts that are not there's. Nom nom and the ability Angie I mean. Mavericks. It is though not really aren't really hold overs but you you know there's a lot of good points to be made win win Alex and and and how he's begin immediately users time in Boston I was immediately users time. After boss and so forth and so on the first thing I wanna ask you like his. With the heart that you meet Alex. Obviously you with the University of Miami. In view ended up playing with each other but when the first time you madam. Are you look at reality college he was at Miami and you know I was very curious it is would you Percy and play. He likes glories recourse for a few solar electric disparate due to a core. What impressed me immediately was speaker of you know arms straight. The way apple. The shortstop position. Basically your whole. And then get an oppressive and actually archery do all right colleges stolen or. While he that it must really knows something the that at all a we're eager to what that's like. You know what we were rivals legacy to. In college and then you know I respected him tremendously player because. I think. Wherever he plays he. Was prepared and you aren't so. And our ability to say that but. You know honestly when you when you play the game for them for years gone through or played with a lot of different guys to her personality not a there. And when you're the star shortstop for the doctors and they or are you look back up. Iron and it got to play the last streaming of global oil. You know your eco exit. So I think back. He has a lot of different roles. Player and then ultimately for me you know you know our relation with Mike Redmond you know dart off together. Where as quote the stroke can be I mean our score 11 view may move. I was. You know I think he's a much better person and a baseball guy and I think about how your tremendous spirit and so. I think it's something very. In front in the Red Sox are really good. When will you go back to what he when you guys came together with a Red Sox. The U birdie there. 2006. And he and so he came over to trade. And so. All he was he could have far. 050 okay. That's Montero but it's. Five to merit to it for me but but. But Iowa but so what do you start when you start playing with them. But he said you knew him you played against him. Any in you knew what type of clarity was but the biggest thing with Alex. Not all the years you've with Boston. But to me was almost the clubhouse stuff in and that's why one of the reasons I wanted to argue. I saw it from a media perspective. I saw it from the document him like they did. But you saw it from eight teammate and I said this numerous times when you get to that 2017. The 2008 team. That clubhouse was run by corners of that clubhouse. In you're corner and out of the corner and those were. Very very important part of that whole equation so what was his dynamic like in that clubhouse. Well I think his biggest actor Hugh was. Not the tape player like commanding respect. Almost an elite type player because. You know you're on the road there would be gone I looked at which mornings where am now a prayer pairs. Eric what barker got partners ready for sort of partnered political lobby your actual report I was out. And I have to you know and I think he kind of like the fact that. A guy a could relate to this situation where you're up you know defensively. In the documentary it we meet you so I think he understood. Separate personality was. But more are pretty Europe which arm around there maybe someone else's wars are. Or you got her kicked him in the in the book a little bit you know some guys react if we heard were. Or American personality differences there is just as important sometimes. As energy you know the axis of note which you do during a game so the fact that conflict it that are using Curt Schilling and Josh. Iron and parity. We're respectful we felt like they had to respect Alex because. Of out of all the way more about business. I expect or what he can do now out of character because you can be the best taxes and nose guy and if you'll players don't feel like they have. The actor has their back. I woke up and deteriorate quickly. Yeah you know and then and that's where things start questioning a loss is just a law offices very good finger pointing your child because it's so. In that sense I think out to prepare for sure he's alert things and figures figure that experiences. You know. Outside I would call outside basal about Serbian border. I think it's experience is that you know when a bomb Puerto Rico oh yeah I go use duties was there approach where it's. The way to actually about your business you know they're more I think they have mr. haven't been much more of that Olympics site team and I think. There are things that the analytic are actually very beneficial breeder or something so. You know through the years we see like a guard has important. Opiate right split because I'm not a big fan of gore. You know 100% you away I don't that you want based on analytic because we're here be here and we're not robots. But I don't think it'll go by Archie don't seem and I system do well. It's a pretty good but I got to cease and great to see you don't want for twelve editor of velocity the same chromosome twelve. Are we their console and the it would say. As you know Israel about good services you know we ever. Or because psychologists some time ago and now I think is that it best I think I think he's very well equipped to handle those situations. Well you target vote instances in that clubhouse aren't I remember couple on one with going Tanya Kelly came over right. On the where is had a tough time he knew Gagne from the Dodgers Dundee who I believe Louis slave one time and in parts of the media. I remember Alex says we I talked to him I told him this is important you have to symphony lockout remember Alex missed the bunt. They might have been during the playoffs but he when we get in there he was in uniform facing out. What much like you did in say okay you know this is part of my responsibility. By he was telling Gagne even Johnny was a star in of the copy. And and he said you know this is how you have to do this and the other one is Pedroia I mean remember. The hole that April which I know that Alex has put on his resonated 400 April light Pedroia is hitting under 200. In 2007 but he helped them get to that. So I think as this is probably a lot more example an app for former Eagles a couple of jump. Well I think what Gagne. Relationship. That they had prior way. Basically. Three years. Yeah he's all of that. And it's only human nature it's C either standard or your locker when you do good. But the recognition. Like he said there is a responsibility here one more thing I realized rob I'll play off the it's if you mess up say you must. You know that spec go along ways as I think people are much more forgiving if they feel like you're giving. A 100%. And make a mistake because that's what we only the states. But it what you make the mistake you're going up to it. Or you drop excuse. And people are saying in this case there's always a regional why you know if you if your not who I think you'll say a guy like not a I think Yorkers are hours of your security perspective of the lead the future could paper and a certain way. Burger favorable and you know media guys. Not including you go. They're personalities as well and a guy says they have to court if you're absolutely prior art art and our partners and have that cardboard. You blow like I'll or. The a well. Well well well how about Hubble you know and you talked about this club. Well. A let's have that view view that you always where you always understood the dynamic better than most of the say that Mike right. The but I but code to this clubhouse and I don't know how what effect he'll have on this clubhouse and these players. I do know that with a when things are Red Sox look at it phase a will be younger maybe can relate to these guys get on the clubhouse lit more. And art in May be aboard the conversations. But I think big going back to some of these examples that were talking about. I would hope that he would be able to get to a guy like David Price and say listen dude you're making yourself so life so much more difficult that it needs but he. This is how it works a year. I know because I played here just a few years ago. I don't know if that if you think that would have any impact on on some of these guys. Our Arctic air you know although it's hard for me the way and quote. It's because. You know I know all there by experience what that there you know ever and I don't really excited. To hear. All of the total both sense but the fact. That Alex Quaid. And was quite put it some of those situations short can relate out so be up to the players do. You know there are there adults to act if there were I think. In I think in baseball. Really you know I'll read out like that. My goal or my message would be less to eliminate all the distractions. Because there's a fence or beyond just the way we are baseball. We can agree and anything else because that it doesn't help that is open. You know. And I and I love to there. Are optic it up the option but it Contra the whole well all. About it but the what the they're they are. I'll block. Yeah quite a problem or if like. What the opportunity it's under our effort in the dirt completely you don't like hurting here buys options. Or sober with the that it in in a subtle way that the distraction. So I can now open country to help you know I I. I don't see what he brings that it was in a negative and you. The fact he relates so our players back in late starters the parents start fielder's. You know art I think he thought that they'd. On number leaker is that it's you know put around because I think it's going to be guys that are. You know like market like in and take the game very seriously and are looking for the hedge. So. Hopefully that you know put the Red Sox will be for suppose he's an honest. You know my Aerostar eighties if you did you art part to him throughout the years and and when he when you are playing baseball and 2011 everyone thought he has the that the managerial timber they'll be good. But usually you have to work your way out I think that in correct me if I'm wrong I think that Alex these guys like Weis in Ventura and and arsonists and these other guys get these jobs since I can do that I'll why should I have to ride the buses. And for awhile it looked like all is this could actually work Carroll could you do in the ESPN thing. Yeah you're you're managing in GM being in Puerto Rico but it's not going to be enough. But it at did you feel like he was going down the path that would lead him to this opportunity. A little bit you know and I think out like everyone else a little bit are taken aback by how quickly. You know the like but Levy's murder occurred. You know got jobs. That are essential that they were capable and and just because. You know over the last however many years it's a good guy to start and able work its way out. That's sort answer you know kind of perfect way to papal book liquor outlet or stop. Sometimes your basic Laporte it's based on no pressure at the lower levels you got guys that the adjustments are so much different than a we got to put ourselves in the position it would hit it off speed pitch it's a you know your picture on time pay your electric bills because a trip it's a bigger dynamic and anyone can imagine it's personal for. Some reform players that that really it's some major culture shock. So what they've. I think would you label those guys. Quote unquote future coach future character. I think it's or they were Smart players do not think they understood the problem. Mentally away cabinet marriage ban him there and execute you know so you know what you look at a guy like Alex when he's not a big. It was never a big offensive producer and then. You locals are except there and kind of hold yourself what's the role of being. A great back up about able yeah because the fact that you kind of transform our look at that like the true. Used to sort Arctic are but he did they hear outright about Saturday. Well it's Erica or change the way which is a lot of guys can't do that. And the one that can you know how like Japanese art and you know for our galaxy it. These sisters clunkers. Took over a lot of the roles. And a lot of the ways prepare am about to help out that I think you know. This is a Smart Calvert talked about yeah are there he was you know ever since our first or call it so yeah I think you know he he's the guy who. Bright look a gamer I think he's really ready for the. This either arrested. Finding pitch tipping but you've ever seen and know Eduardo Perez is considered. One of the guys buy outs right there. All I think. There's some secret coached in the Puerto Rican little leagues with the because. All balls all by Porter if teammates. Have been really you're the it's tipping. Guys. You know ever air. Over the beliefs. Legacy of that or direction he would stop that but. They've there's a lot of guys to pick it up and little things you know he's gonna go right to be very very straight you know. These Baltic that it. You know I looked at it and act or be it but. If our what I don't want it goes so. But the fact that. These look at is look at this is for you know what -- that it would help if that you could play the vote this is this is you know this is Hayward here. You know a lot of a lot of separate pieces to come together as a collective unit and they're really do something good. I get 22 last questions the last questions going to be the view about south course story so what you room and they don't know but it. But the the but the the masters that you talked about we talked about the path you need to act. But he was a Smart player that we saw these other guys get managing shots even though they have many experienced before. I do think though this astros'. Job and I actually talked to him before this. And I'm sure that he he'd be he'd basically the entire decision on our conversation. But when you get a bench coaching job for being viewed team. That can mean a lot because everyone and then says like they're doing with Houston right now. That's how it's supposed to be done and you were part of it. He was so even though he had all these other interviews I got to imagine this was the may be it's like 2% but it with a 2% of punctuated. Getting the job here. I agree I agree I think. You know when I talk to our friends. Are told they Alex's that this puts the Astros like her parents which in Iraq you know like what offense you can Portugal though with the bench coach that the well. Basically. He's right hand actor. You know Arab Spring training the bench coach's mind basically explode could you gotta go where everyone is so they're retired so he's. He's kind of like. I don't know that's but it is the vice president nothing but a very very appalled by. And I I have to believe that. That daily interaction with the badgers very different that action without hitting coach for the actual pitching coach hears those are well defined. You know art when John Ehrlich are pitching coach. He really incident of the hitters in this because he's got. Involved with the editors got to apart late to do it's also the parents coaches and all the every facet of the game and I think the part that baby. You weren't as exposed to a player which probably for a guy like Alex football. You saw the management to bounce ideas off their gets while others. Or six weeks of spring training or use in our pitchers that. That don't compare to get guys ready for the big league level but you know AAA prospects all and it out of work six to two games where you're you're learning a lot. You know it and I think people think that its CE paper in this guy goes oh it's secret cricket world you know you know that that sound like a piece cake. But public houses sir I get up to get hot that comes in gets down and don't vote there's there's certain ways or you got a workable prior records you put it happened last for six months and the policies. Because it if you think you can just. If you cease immutable pro likely to have a close it is to soak up into the regular season or are you have twelve top eight on our hearts that he it's. I think you're addicted parents coaches is is a big step. Towards understanding the dynamic of whether the team I would agree I think that's kind of what they put them over the top. Maybe aren't of old pop that's potential. Yeah I've been so all right so we heard you. Always said this might you go to your locker you're gonna give you the quote that you can drop right in that stories today. This is exactly what I need so what do the interview to finish this baby off as your bass out scores story and and maybe could be yet good I could hit. It may be very Maris. In it though it may be can be something from. Your college days may be can be something from yesterday I don't know. Well media. I've no. That was. The recruit agency. That is all the year were seen in the age they you know like other all the talk to our. That's yet. Rate. Though there is that it press. That the manager of the art it. The first question there was was it was the area to close the brick it was the topic I'll let you know so much for that one. For later after he's got to Europe despite the larger army. You know we think of it's that clear up all the way. Late to open up Alex Cora but there beer well there stop it meant it. That's tells me that tells me two things that. They he confirms that deep drive the in the excellent autobiography of yourself is it was right. Elbow operations. There is written by. By our right now what. Could have improved so maybe it is collecting a paycheck the BBDO. But but it liberation sleek consumed by. The media in Miami because they're asking those questions in the India press conference also you're very very Smart for doing that this. There's going to be Claudia there's going to be plenty of time he's got a three year deal with a an option for fourth. So one plane that. Our men well talked to a sure let's. Excels. In.