Trumps legacy after 1 year and the Midnight Morons. 11-09-17

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Thursday, November 9th

Hour 4: Alex wants to know how Trumps first year in office will be remembered and if will be any thing other then the NFL anthem protest and how he just wont let it go. 


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Talk Sports Radio telling you. Let's get it going with the Alex Roemer on late night on Sports Radio telling you. Yeah. So we did a lot of this guy yesterday. It was the one year anniversary. I'm Donald. At a big rant last night. Think the water came in on trump the Russian investigation in the indictments. The democratic sweep New Jersey Virginia. All these milestones my favorite. Down when last night there two nights ago now technically. Was not the transgender woman in Virginia. Who beat out the state rep who calls himself Virginia's chief homophobic. This guy Bob Marshall who I've devised the Virginia after rebel. He loses or transgender that was one of my favorites the other one wise guy in Virginia. The news anchor whose girlfriend died. In that shooting and a outside the studio a couple years ago he ran against a guy got an a rating from the NRA he won as well as the good guys won. In Virginia they want across the country. Big we act a rare victory for the dams over the last year that has been rough. With Donald. On and Timmy it's this political story because the the legislative accomplishments have not been much. And I know wall. Obamacare repeal. Looks like the tax plan falling off the rails as well. So no real significant legislative accomplishments except just deregulating in repealing everything that Obama put into place by. That's a paper legacy as executive orders Obama's executive orders are. I'm done by trumpet them search from successor if we are fortunate to live there and have successor. Maybe it just I'm done as well so. What is trumps legacy and while you guard this political article. I came on Wednesday it was a deep dive into again he strums supporters in rural America. I'd Johnstown Pennsylvania. I always trumps based think about his time in office so far years since his election surprise. Odd don't carry as an actually accomplished any thing they just like emperors bombast. And and they like them there is racism. Or Lisa's dog whistle. The best part of this piece the most interesting part about it. Was when this political writer. This Politico writer rather ask these from supporters their feelings on the NFL kneeling movement and one of the chief. Cultural issues now over the last couple months from the moment trump called in doing players' sons of bitches at that Ryan now bam a it's been a rallying cry for is based Al Ed Gillespie the Republican who lost in Virginia I was campaigning on. Players standing for the national anthems that says well they're tough. That's the biggest are you write me all throughout this. All the players are politicizing National Anthem. I you don't have Republican candidates for office using the anthem protest issue as a political rallying cries so tell me he's really. Politicizing it now. Ot anyway in this Politico trump article visa trump supporters in. Is dying. Mill town is dying coal mining town of Johnstown Pennsylvania. They're interviewed about it and out let's see this is what they think they boycotted a ball movement. Is really all about at its core a guy named Jolie Dell's ignore. Says this about the NFL players who Neal for the anthems shame on them. These clowns are out there making millions of dollars a year and they're using some stupid excuse that they want equality. So on you know against the flag and National Anthem. Reporter goes or not a fan of equality. Dell's ignore egos for people who deserve it and earn it. Oh my ancestors Italian. 100% Italian the Irish Germans polish whatever. They all came over here seldom places like this they worked hard in the earned the respect. They urged the success they got some people don't want to do that they just want it handed to. Like NFL players the reporter says. Well. Does ignore responded. I hate to say what the majority of them are dot dot dot. He didn't stop themselves short of saying they Dodd was about to say so fail and the lines then. Well certainly there's some act on on this is I gave chilling indeed McCabe another. Elderly white trump loving couple in his dying at a coal mining town of Johnstown Pennsylvania. Gave Schilling gave McCain does what they say about the NFL protests. The thing that irritates me to know when this is NFL bleak Schilling told me you know living room. I'm about ready to go over the top with this bleep we do not watch no NFL now. I love the poorly educated. They're Dallas Cowboys fans this couple we banned them we don't watch it Schilling said. Tonight that her husband Dave McCabe with 67 retired guys go about what coach she nodded at him tell him he said to me game. What you said the NFL it's. Became what two momentarily where he laughed to. I remember saying that. He said on convincingly. Showing was having none of it you're the one that told me wire she said she looked at me the NFL. Any words per life Schilling said. Her life McCain about it. They. They wanna know what the anti nearing movement is really about Leno at this. Boycott the NFL movement. Is about. It's about this and words pro life. These players want equality they don't deserve equality get that son of a good job of dale. Get that boy off the field get that boy does not know is plays off the field the dot I can still hear the dog whistle now. Two months later that is what this is all about. Thank you gave joint bank due to these rooms. In coal mining town Pennsylvania for finally revealing. For all of us to see what the boycotted a ball movement anti doing what it's all about it is about race. And that remains this trump presidency has been about race. In trump has emboldened the racists. They're not afraid to come on now they are not afraid to speak openly to a major. National publication. And say the NFL stands for and words Furl life. That is what we that is where we are now note trump to knock the racism. The races have always been there bubbling under the surface. But now he's brought to the forefront. These dog whistle to them he's called to them both sides in Charlotte so we don't need to go through the lineage of transgressions again. But you see it all over the place it is now a Republican talking points to defend confederate monuments. That's that Ed Gillespie again Republican candidate for governor in Virginia who lost by a lot spot. He campaigns big time. On preserving confederate monuments that's where we are now. The White House is sympathetic to the confederacy. It's Sarah Huckabee yet John Kelly the chief the staff brightens own. Grew up just a a few steps from the studio. Not doing us proud said a few weeks ago the civil war happened. Because of a lack of compromise what's property week was an American hero parade sacrificed his. His country for his State's what's. What in the world this is now the official White House position to be sympathetic to the confederacy. That's what this is about yes that's that this is about in this is a trumpets accomplished. He's not accomplished anything of legislative significance is not delivered on. Any of his promises. To his poor supporters like these folks in this dying coal town these dying mill towns across the midwest across the south across the country. He has not delivered on any staff what he's done is deregulate. The financial markets. He's allowed you know. Deregulated every industry ninety coal companies dumping debris into rivers on and on it goes these policies it out nobody. All of the stuff. But the real tangible affect you proud. Is that the racists now feel humbled and they can come out of the closet they come out of the shadows. They are free to say it. They are real walked out with their Tiki torches. That's the trump legacies so far a year since his electoral. And and in in this kneeling protest is the latest thing is the latest. Cultural issue trump is using. Firing up his base. And words pro life that is what the kneeling is about Edwards pro life and bump the NFL. I'm saying I don't want these people watching my games. Steve Schilling and gave McCabe who says the NFL stands for Edwards for life if they don't wanna watch the end of now fine. From Roger Goodell I say fine we don't want you we don't need you now we don't want racists. Watching their product you know this side Jolie's Dell's ignore else according to pieced. I hate to say with the majority. Of the NFL players are dot dot dot what are the majority of NFL players does not take too much brain power to fill in the blanks there. So upon an NFL owner. If I'm the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. I want these people they're actually boycotting the league good. Let them boycott not interested in your business sorry I'm not interested in chasing these people in placating TDs people. These people do not deserve to be placated if you're against the kneeling. Because you think that these billionaire out Beecher spoiled it work for it. I don't want you watch in the NFL via Abbas it's a no no we don't want you watching us. What a ridiculous notion these players are spoiled they added handed to them no they did not. They had nothing handed to them Diaw had his wealth handed to one. Jim Irsay. You might as well handed to a Mark Davis. It does what handed to them Jonathan Kraft he does well handed to him the Rooney's the Maris. Woody Johnson's kid who now controls the jets go one down on the line. That's who had their money handed to them not these NFL players. But what's the difference. I don't know what today's average three apple players and an up colors today look different I don't know. Doesn't take much to figure that out but again a year since strums win over Hillary Clinton we went through this last night. Buying it up here again tonight they want to know his legacy is Ben. He is emboldened the races they're not afraid to come out of the shadows they are not afraid to say to a national. Reporter pump Politico and say we don't like the kneeling players we don't watch NFL anymore because it is and words for life. That is the point we're. 617779797. Is your phone number that again. 61777979837. Here till 2 o'clock if you wanna sound off on not it's three or after dark. And WEE. Because we. Is for losers back to more with Alex Raymer and late night Sports Radio week EI. 6177797937. Mine is actually here to 2 o'clock this morning. Turn off the hour re living one year ago Don. Certainly isn't any Yahoo! legislative victories instead it's the racists are emboldened. I notice piece published in Politico today. Trump supporters. In no way Israel Pennsylvania. Dying call countries dying mill towns when they say. Well they get talking about the NF on the ailing. They say they ate watch in the NFL no more. As they say the NFL game showing 67 year old woman says the NFL stands for and words pro life. That's it she says. So if there is any doubt about what this. Anti knew going boycott the NFL movement was all about there's any doubt. It's driven by racism. Is it is and this issue was always about race from the start. It's black athletes. Protesting issues that matter in the black community. Pretty simple act. According to recent reports that's why some owners wanted Dow out seventeen orders a few weeks go on a conference call came up with ways to. Potentially halted Dell's contract extension. Reader reports today that Jerry Jones has retained an attorney David Boyce. Wesley found out is when Harvey Weinstein attorney was responsible with organizing. His schemes and getting his private investigators say excuse me is private investigators in tact. Who why who looked into his victims and you tried to scare journalists away for polishing stories are not getting guys David Boies. So I guess that makes sense d.s in cahoots with Jerry Jones but Jerry Jones says that if the competition committee six person committee. In which Robert craft sets. If they don't stop it Dell's contract by Friday Jones is threatened to sue the league in Sudan. So Jerry Jones doing what Robert Kraft did not tee standing up for his eye obviously over easy to Eliot. Domestic violence situation craft to not put up anywhere close despite with a plea eight. On the dolls with a lot as commissioner but I will say this in his defense. And induce on Abbas and airwaves but Adele is a steep goats. He is a scapegoat for the league. That's what he is because if we get a buyer Roger Goodell now. Over domestic violence which is a reason listed. We're orient when he fourteen. Where we didn't when he fifteen. Where were you in 2016. This is not a new phenomenon. It Dell whipping on domestic violence and by the way. He cannot whipped on domestic violence that the owners enabling him it was the ravens. Who made today rice apologized for the role she played in her beating. It was the giants and John Mara who kept Josh Brown on their roster. Even after they knew about domestic violence incident against him and and his wife at the pro ball. Also cited relocations. The owners and Jerry Jones are upset with the way the relocations have gone. Because a forgotten beer the reason why. They're Israel locations are the ones who vote on it he controls alternately in your hands. Jerry Jones pushed for the rams to go to LA pushed for the raiders to go to Vegas and a couple of years. And yet the protests you know an NFL owners are upset the weighty at the product has been handled I got news for. This stuff would have been on the back pages weeks ago if you keep keep your melts. You know nobody on the cowboys is kneeling nobody on the cowboys is protesting the National Anthem. But yet Jerry Jones feels a need to come out there are few weeks ago and say if you protest. You're getting benched. Ot Jerry nobody on your team was protesting what they hell you talking about it. What are you talking about or Bob McNair a couple weeks ago. We if we allow the players to protest during the anthem we are letting the inmates run the prison what's. Keep your racially charged analogy to yourself how about bats and and almost your entire team meals the following week. So the reason why the kneeling issue has gone on for so long has nothing to do with Roger did on his handling to Dell's handled this fine. Because the fact is it was going the way it was a non issue until Donald Trump brought it up at that rally in Alabama. Firing up his base again and in turn the players have responded to the owners can't letting Tony and keep their mount Sutton at even this week right. Fewer than two dozen players took part in any national and the demonstration I think it was like eighteen players that's it. It is an entirely is fake news they yup fake news the did it this notion. That exists in Fox News still dedicating segments to this notion. That these hordes of NFL players are protesting the National Anthem is completely and utterly. Fabricated is made up it is not happening but it is being used. As a political point now by the trump campaign in Nat is to circle it back to his one year anniversary of his election when. That is the legacy their return of these nasty. Gross culture wars there return. The ease the of the return of these issues that should have been settled. Decades upon decades ago we're we grossing as a nation. We are not progressing as a nation that does not talking about the policies I'm talking about the discourse I'm talking about the fact now that the racists feel. Emboldened I'm not saying Donald Trump has caused racism but I'm saying it was always arguing there as we now. And now they feel comfortable coming out and being loud and proud about it they feel like one of their guys is in the White House mean look at this White House there official stance. On the civil war. According to chief staff brightens own John Calley is that out. The civil war happens because of a lack of compromise that is the White House is officially issue on the civil war I mean just how sickening. Is that how. Unbelievable is that even a link last year I beat you even missed a mad or repeal IT person of color in this country and hear those comments. From the chief of staff just imagine what it is dead. Here the dog whistling trump got a row in Alabama calling black protesting athletes sons of bitches and any insinuation is boy. Stain your place and I've always said from day one that was the insinuation that was the charge. Behind these this and saying this anti kneeling movement in his political piece you see out. There I think it is disgusting. And absurd to suggest that anyone inside of this building would support slavery. I don't know I mean you tip toed that line. Of tiptoe about line Sarah Huckabee Sanders you certainly tip toed that line. Hi you view viewpoint fastest you've you've you've got up against. You certainly have so that's that's the legacy that that's that we have a year later and die it's it's just gonna get worse I mean that's the thing and we said this last night there is. There's no low he hasn't gotten used aids is just so desperate it's we have. Nothing to run on we have no successes Toronto really have no message. Mean the message was drain the swamp and then he's bringing on all these ultimate swamp creatures from Paul Mann of port. Wilbur I mean just go on to on the line all they needed it most amazing thing I think Jared coasters can a lot going with like. Fifty billion dollars from this administration is going to be like the eightieth most egregious thing that happens means so it's just. It that's eleven you know message on not being you run on culture war as you run on dividing people with this kind of stuff. And the yen up on the ailing protest yet upon doing movement is right in the center on bits and it Dowell has handled it as best as he can. I yeah as I never as you went what what what does anyone said that about the commissioner's right but he has. He's handled this the best that he can handle it if you just ignore it it would have gone away. It would not have been an issue in the least by it can't keep him out sent the sample liners in trump. As a political purpose he hasn't yet as a reason to keep playing this up and he's doing it because it is. Well the few things he happens this racist dog was selling his. Are buying into it in the NF funding protest again is that one of the proxies he's used. 617779797. Is your phone number that again. 61777979%. And wrap things up next with a midnight morons and oh boy why. Christopher Curtis who is now wide not just priests records and Callahan but also an executive producer at this station. They can against them as excess flesh removed. In studio. Bill consultation on the morning show yesterday if you missed it a point that's on your next it's WEEI late night miners are extreme. Boston sports never arrests. Seeks peace Alex rumor. And late night talk Sports Radio WEP. So bad. Not sure. Fear and ambitions here are deputy UI but if you ever wanna get into management. Like Chris Curtis housing captive Brady to a debased yourself. Now I'm pick that up yeah you got it made any new man cares about this. First thing in his mind is what is best for the station in what is best for Kurt and that is very chizik he's Aggies this show is no whispers that yet he got to take the late night. Dale and Holley and heard a little birdie you mean Abby making a play at and kitchens old job I am well if they told. And I you know are you being in the slender guy in great shape but if they told you. If your access flash. And we want you to get a consultation in the studio and perhaps the surgery in the studio. And up as yes or no off you have to say yes I think. I think I'd have due to your dedication to the station. Biggest cancer during that the studio it's risky though we got Clorox wipes. And appear at the studio like I'll leave the studio in my like fingernails will be black. Thing is can they just play with a microphone and that's probably but know this is like Allah this it's Cabell camp because we adopted at all. I now I have no idea and yet today. Very rarely does technically does the cleaning crew is cleaning the hallways and everything when rain here but obviously they're not clean studio because you're trying to do it shows so. I don't know but we mention all that the status Chris Curtis. Lost a lot of weight looks great. But a little bit of access splash news came to the forefront on Friday during the mr. brain was competition not they how bunker into our hand. I've had a little odd their little their little by beating C portion of it. I've Curtis I liked his attackers was better than might not you want to competency want to the purpose you might bat. But the guys ministered her nearest it was a little access flash hang off of cars so what they did was they found a doctor. To live to possibly perform the surgery to remove the excess flash. Any called then to give Curtis a little a little on train to wide out. He could be in store if you decide to pursue his services and this is the the midnight months to nine actress pairs perhaps I'm receiving guy. A consultation. About this and maybe surgery to remove the excess placed in the studio but the first step happens a curtain kind yesterday morning. Joining us right now is a man who I believe should and will perform the surgery Chris Curtis. All find out when the specifics of the surgery right now this is doctor Seth Jones joining us doctor Jones are you this morning. Am great. So all walked me through the process with Chris Egan who just beginning and soup to nuts with a sort things affair for forty footer and markers on there are we right you use a magic marker you Marcus or my personal like that yeah. So you figure out now right. Howard called into the show are. So he weighed 400 pounds now we weighs about 120 his life to flesh hanging off his body. What are you gonna do about it. So this is where we see that massive wave must finish the they have defect that again and you know they feel good about themselves and but they don't they don't feel like they can show off. You know what they've done so they have all the excess skin it's usually. Below the belly button and let's to what we do essentially with you know we we marked the second half and we keep a very low incision in. Remove on the skin we'd have to make new hope for his belly button to bring out. It what do you occurs you have anywhere now here about how big these relevant 1000. I have a mini how how often do you do this doctor he's doing one right now as routine surgery. Well where I'm seeing pre and post up patients right now but another to the surgery that. Myself and my partner do probably twice a week. Really how painful is the process asserted. Meld for Mayo. Tommy Tucker mail stop laughing it's not. That paint for the surgery believe it or not can surgeries or that pain for the surgery it's only if we started taking muffle and things like that and in the mail we don't. Really need to tighten up muscle it. You know Muhammad muscle anyway and I so do you would be well and do it here in studio this. Yeah I'm sure heard just good to have the Lysol wipes and the. Let's go to their smears of a breeze for Jordan Buick we wanna do the consultation. In studio he be willing to do that when you. I you know it's yet that's involved with Chris is consent to assume he's dragon that this is what to Christmas now is that. This is what you know we're all have the compliant and the whiners you dragon the ship. Chris are you willing to do because I occasionally ripple consultation I've authorized Kirk to to do what everyone's idea I don't want to do consultation here sure looks okay now I've a question if you from the number of legal question. Is it illegal to perform the surgery on somebody who's an adult who's. Parents would have to. You know sign off on the island or. Again though you have we have that we would want to make sure he's confront the ball okay. You'll walk to Manhattan. Right in upper sensibility but the big question is himself W bring your favorite stuff the animal to the big we definitely we get the plight of the family's lawyer screaming eagle. Doctor we get to keep the flesh correct you don't keep. Yeah it and a little turnout app now wouldn't that was meant to incinerate yeah no no no deal no deal. You know and then you know we have a spot coming up wall. What can do these things can you give us some mental some kind of we wanna hang at like Neil your skid the old. You know they all knowing what to do with chris' consent we can take pictures. We want America ormat. I could put some thought it jacket myself. Yeah I have a body that goes down to Florida and sheets alligators in the gets built and wallet and driving markets and then. Chris you have a question to me this is use your behind. So how large a rehab doctor after this is done. So I'm gonna tell you probably before. You know that the first week you're going to be laid up second week you're gonna feel a little little better feel like you can. Go out to the mailbox walk around by the third week you may. Feel like you can. Get back to work part time that. Now two weeks off in the weeks. I don't know rewritten none of that O weighed about one week vacation. Well this would be would this be sick that what happens if he gets obese again doc because that's a real possibility. That is the possibility. That a kid can stretch out that this kinks and stretch again you know. Who then burst current and soon get a repeat customer and it and it's set and it says here looking for notes appearances. Between 1518%. Of these patients dialogue surgeries going as the crow. Nazis now though you shore now more than golfers know about Cuba up. Mean but nothing near that. Edit your tactic about point 0003%. Usually these coming goes on he's come following. A ups. But the code gastric bypass. I guess it back that's initially that it works really it's particularly rare to get someone that you know did this on their own he's got a great stories this is missing. Chris said the phenomenal story in a it would be revered and honored to have to sort of an you know women who waited quietly there. I agree I agree to Chris you're good ago. I'm ready to go Candace chris' work partner cosic producer do you have any questions for art I'm worried about his mental cognition any chance this ruins curses up top as we we can't affect that that's patties grads are anything you will on the committee smarter that's like. Hey you know it's gonna get a little more confident that he can push back and respect a guy. Did you implant some muscle 'cause he's nothing but it can and can't give them a washboard. That's funny you say that there are surgeries where you were you catch. The U rich O'Donnell mocked. And give us a lot I'll go awesome to be out I want one knows how much so that we do to the one. Oregon the next room with a joke. I wanted I want to expect all right doctor Jones we're gonna agree to keep the touch occurs you're in this is gonna happen ready to go there is done in the I'm. You need to assistance on the slick could Kirk going to be in there with you or nurses from helping. You know I'm reading you know they've got that's nothing we can talk about. Julia this double yeah. Democrats just make sure you packed agenda and our office because we're so little bit different I don't Jones thanks thanks record. We'll see it. So a couple observations there doctor Seth Jones himself very well. I mean very very professional I ever have a situation arrives at access flash. He's again going to I was shocked to find out that your laid out for like three weeks after this operation after this procedure. Yes has brought back Cuba I guess that doesn't really the president is or cutting off just a bunch of skin is so chorus. I'd sell to anyone imagined but we may see it right here and it isn't studio I'm sure it'll be FaceBook has that's got to have a FaceBook. Everything's veteran is at stake diets at midnight morons that's the latest with keynesian be back with those guys. Next Tuesday I believe may be I'll be in studio for the live a consultation now Libya. Very very exciting I could end up tonight avenue sexual harassment allegation. This is now override transparent starred Jeffrey Hamburg. On the Amazon spokesman confirmed the company is initiated investigation. And statement hammer calls the claims baseless. The probe. Stems from allegations by tea Amber's former assistant. Who said that he had day implied inappropriate behavior towards Kerry. The investigation into the claims by the transgender binds it transgender woman I began earlier this week. And that's Diego more more allegations come up at this point he's here to find out which I would star which famous person I'd does not happen. Sexual harassment and sexual assault hanging over them doesn't say that's every day there's someone new. Every day as someone you know. And out against how many people knew about all the staff associate with Lucy earlier in the show today I mean you look at the amount of people who enabled. Harvey Weinstein and enabled tenants BC now through all this mean though Williams creative house a cards had to. Add to this is going on on the cents I had definitely like this. Species in new movie coming out. And if you Ridley Scott is a re shooting good always seen yes that he was in in getting rid of them I forgot to mention that earlier yes yes which is. I don't know how that works I mean against the movie's got a Gilani don't want him space detached when it. I house of cards I think is Diane think the could possibly do as a cards and out frank underway and maybe Robin Wright gets it sped off. By I adding house of cards is dedicated speakers there has rolled the roughly dozen these allegations. It seems like that. I mean not too dissimilar Harvey Weinstein a lot of these cases of a lot of the stuff that's happened decades upon decades. So you know I think I I think more it's a column for Kevin Spacey for shore. ID story's been out there furlong time and again I just keep going back to what is it wide. What makes these rich guys. Who lit space city to puree Paulson like Harvey Weinstein and gorgeous wife is Lucy mentions. What makes these guys do what they do. You know Kevin Spacey got news stream and you could you could score with the young guys. Biggest block analog V don't have to put your hands down their pants like a total weirdo. The village did do that voluntarily. Buy him a drink. Popped them treat them like human beings that's really. All it takes so what is a greater few people tweet at me saying not want to power acting on two just don't get it I guess. I guess that must be it because it seems like in that case so Weinstein certainly in Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly is well. It seems like a lot of them just get off on on their victims saying now like they like like yeah. You say no that makes you want you more not taking no for an answer. That they were bullied and now they have the power so that kinda may or you're kidding that's ink Harvey Weinstein was believed growing up no way. Now way come and yet maybe outs mean all the powers intoxicating it just keeping these poor. Helpless people it's and and it's not going lane and what what else I'll wait for next you to drop for the government. These you know I mean at the state level and national level in congress and say I mean how many stories RD how many of these kind of stories are rounded. Washington DC. I mean that's the next you drop is or guard there I would right now we have the high with bang but. Specs because it is out there all these creeps all these perverts. All these criminals are getting exposed often times in a slippery slope guy. But not here to send the past expose a mall and now the question is what field does next is it politics. The world of professional sports tier I mean where we honesty side Geneen all right Pete Manning's accuser a couple weeks ago I've come to the surface again. Hi Leo we get up more these sports stars implicated in this stops are right now it's adding I would but if you are in any other industry. I would not rest easy because this stuff is coming and it is not going away. There is. The other four hours and Reamer after dark WEEI late night in the bucks. And Charleston great job as the a's behind the glass you odd man did the show incredibly. I think the receivers Tai Anderson might eEye dot com comrades are common in. I'll be back next week some time for late night Mon few times this weekend as well have you he had dot com all the time. So they think you offer was anchored to kind get things started at 6 o'clock with trying to stay tuned for that.