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Thursday, November 9th

Kirk, Gerry, and Trenni discuss the new allegations against Kevin Spacey made by Heather Unruh.


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Kurt can Callahan on Twitter and Kirk and Callahan. We are back on Sports Radio WEEI. From one of the planet's most understanding. People current Medicaid and complete embarrassment to all of us men at its worst person. In the sports world I'm known the world over Kirk Milan joining us now from Boston occurred Eminem wanna first name basis with America's greatness ball I talked to Brady Monday bill and amass enough sincerity and remorse if she weighed fifteen pounds more should be weeks Perkins and most of all. Survivor. After WP DI radio and massive fires this guy which they now have to do after fire could be lucky if he finds work. At the Perkins out there and every road exit and Hampshire it's time for the Kurds. Mill hands lies it's. Yeah I don't like I want my kid that wants to go all the way deep into Alaska both felt. BI headlines brought you by doctor Robert Leonard and doctor Matthew the press to be hair loss experts at 1800 you don't say. Dosing confusion reported Spacey was hugely underrated man whose time has gone on people forgot they were awesome. I've heard a couple of sciences warning dire straits I I don't you agree right what you get pencils swing. And get into Salem was a great loss. The well known to songs on it fits you perfectly. Brothers in arms yes celebre that's an awesome song nor heard that's technically anymore icing and every morning. One of them a song by dire straits has cinnamon or more. 5:15 am yes that's true about how the snows come and that's a miserable morning to behold and early in dark. I think that every day when it's cold. I've 15 AM yes. Yeah like Romeo and Juliet scripts. Xmas. To my office to red no and on AM field. For mr. Ramos and it Ronnie Angeline it was Shakespearean play when an annual fellows and we think they know are not mountains are headlines that said by two by doctor Robert. And back in our Brothers in arms the song in my years rates breaking your son ever heard reverend you like they've ever had mellow music. Who's this each other Bob Dole won so that's it anyway. Toll ever parent semis us about you by doctor Robert and will start once word answers on what Ray Kroc. But the founder yes I would like to start with Heather runnerup that you give us the devastation there the anal sex story which one was hurt he's at that they were one of the that I am. I had hundreds of IH obvious you don't have questions as you about a garbage do that I'm not sure I can do that I tell you what. The reason people XP EC get away with a and so longer Weinstein is cause. People don't have this kind of coverage and it's not just about her can you imagine put your son out there. And and put him in the situation and I notice is nothing do with and with money. It has to do it justice she wants to stop this this monster. From going after other young guys that's what he does that's where he's been doing for years felt terrible when she talked about how he. You know what is life is and like how hard it is and for him to get over just this terrible if you bounced a girl's family this crew. Creep just little weather ruined her child that's the word when a monstrous base he has and he pumping this could pull it ranks think of it sticking his hand I guess tandem and yes conservative he's done that. Hundreds of times about thousands of time and he's 58 he's been doing that we know run to get there you go through Ric Flair methods have space 3035 years site I'm sure he goes after a kid every day yeah every day every night and and and he's been doing for thirty years and finally he's been caught finds he's been brought to just over will be brought to justice. Today's story in The Herald about the inevitable class action suit it's cost him a lot. God bless them broke his career over jail but he go to jail for a 70 yes definitely yes I mean there is it just happened last year as possible isn't going to wait actually able to be you know the fifteen year old who spacing in the press junket somewhere or whatever or some kid some kills himself yeah or comes out and says you know that that that is. Species in ten years they should be. We broke you've already been in jail you know bill could see that type would kill himself whose who's been a total of four I'd say you're gonna say I hope so. My Saturn and assure you he's a child it was deserved it does yes but this takes real balls forever on room and her family I mean the kid wasn't there. Her daughter was there were two little weird but it. You know sheiks I thought she's laid it out. Beautiful there I grew even before anything Iraq kicked off the species thing I mean that's right about it this morning at the rap on designated a national story. But shoes tweeting about this before that we talked a weakened Chris which she tweeted out who it might be an afternoon Akron and we certainly do I mean I couldn't sleep at night in the fall out of the sky and making movies. And at awards shows in your watches as tight police are finally here my child. And rock. And that. Reached as she sat under his pants on grabbed his junk. Here's Ali need to know before premium gruesome. The fact it's BC host it's always assured I deleted my DVR now yeah I'm watching again I'm not won't a petition I loved your Hanssen was a great show. My favorite place it's cats let's hear from Heather let me turn it has no she is but I guarantee you she silently while I was here trying to sugar costs are thought of merit some of these on TV right now she kept it close on this yes he he channels they tell who's gone. Shame on you for what you did tonight. And shame on you for using your apology to Anthony wrath to come out as a gay man. That was it holing attempt to deflect attention away from what you really are is sexual predator. Your actions are criminal. Wednesday he and after him. And when my son. Was drunk. And especially with the this isn't it. The room that I would say crowded. If it didn't. Think that it. And grabbed his checks. This was completely unexpected. And my son efforts to ship this funny. In this state and hair. We're only momentarily that's. A violation. He went into. Kevin Spacey and with insisting it. I. After. More on street ultimately that story that was I forget where we read a couple years ago people listen there's Spacey two periods is ready for a I believe every single story I ever was single in the line Heather enroute has encouraged his. If some mother did that thirty years ago. Adam how we kids would have been saved. Three kids would have been spared I will say regularly read through but I mean. I mean I'm sorry I mean I don't blame the people from the poker table I tell you what you disagree and not like to so that's what you do see I'm Rebecca tell us something mother had the guts and have them on who shall I tell you they just you wrestle with the question and 25 years on talk that trying water from the ball is rolling downhill space area of the but it is much guts to have taken a month ago. I didn't say I didn't like it or want to work out the orders I had this idea that makes you got to do this of course it takes guts but there's also a lot of your who's already easy from a time just told you it was amazing it was shown great courage people for not telling you guys agree with trying to. Thirty years ago he was doing this to kids thirty years ago that I don't you have there I grew on to that agreement and said keep it under your hat we don't want anyone. And guess what happened he ended up violating hundreds of more kids. So you blame that persecuted face helmet what you just privileges that went wrong where does it do I Holler victims than what I disagree with. I didn't say it added that it that it's their responsibility. To do so they've ever Eddie House or your third round a tie 3540. Years people but keeping quiet about this monster. And because of that hundreds of kids some of the lives of. How many kids did that would Jerry sandusky. Do you know how hard it is if you're sexually assaulting Jerry come out all I talk about real. It's like talking about the weather of course it's hard I saw the pain the anguish in her eyes Oceanic and the Chicago through. I think which she went to her own air power and about how good is that is ridiculous yes no that's is back there of course not over I'd be read what he went through conjure up Eagles of course you're fourteen year old we read a few weeks ago is now forty right. Who knew about rap. Round and round and the guy who was species sultan screams and cousins well of him that's did you want that got to come forward you must I copy must be I wanna went to both themselves. I am but those people those I don't think Heather on who deserves any credit at all of course she dies so you don't think someone could have done what she did thirty years ago. When you put Gerry and you're only as I hammers and thankfully have never been sexually assaulting does that have. Happened to them asking your opinion if someone could are coming forward to us every day right it's such an incident has asserted it's a very simple decision for Jerry. Victim like that's it always tells what I said it's wrong. Or can you tell me what you disagree we're gonna hurt me as Johnny five pre colonial times. And it's unbelievable Jerry that you point fingers and victims of a terrorist and a half hour later you're Jerry's say they have earner has a lot of courage. Because she came out in tech in the space he was now the most famous sexual predator in America denied she placed her son out there watching the sheet which running out for weeks from my that we noses unhealthy glow and there was a girl shows a family member but yet. I give her credit for and I'm Jewish she's gone through all their personal did a great job that you and she knows that their flag and say mentally for eighteen I mean just save anybody from Tony's been easy now yet. Somebody who is not just. You are not so rich so to write about credit carry bag by your by your equation. She's she's now responsible her her family are responsible for anyone in the last year who I want a channel that I just about the day out. He's she's probably wishes she did so it's our fault that as well which he would like you are you know what I consider all they considered. Being cowards they considered hiding. And they said you know what. This is in right he's gonna continue to do this went to the cops got a glass of how bad guys real guys 300%. No question that he knew Yemen saying that are gaining on them. And I think that's that's the things he's you sit here in the front as my thoughts out you know and instead it was hard for me a sense you know exit she argued that Davis what we got it we got that space she was having had that what was he supposed to do. The forty Earl was supposed to last twelve years or feel like I would say you know go to the cops. So maybe he would have been stopped and eventual lots of the victims regret that today say why did nice step up someone who wouldn't say that's tradition said the Weinstein wounds Wheldon feel differently knowing yes I think why blow up or really yes I do mean I give girls come account all the credit in the world. I mean she shuttle mission we see you don't rather footnote if it in the fairway right. By the way she came she stepped forward even though she settled which means you can do that over the if you said over for the fifty years in about a fifteen years in your payment brackets of course it would have been better she stepped up that they obviously he would have been. Stopped earlier a police someone finally snow in those very thing to do enough. You want she's obviously. Okay should get on you know harassed by once he just got lawyers to. Attack mineral wealth just right so so about I am so what's the difference take you to do it all straight out to New York police depart what's the difference ten yeah I wisely did all. The ballot anyway it yes I know so there's nothing that is so so you can no credit for coming forward now and I wish you well with the bloggers are all in ten years ago. A Democrat than you okay so that they know what we disagree on the U blaming someone had to play on them your boys don't look where you calling you know odd for you I don't like nobody you've already strategists take this. How quickly taken. He can't easier passage you know I know so you hostage practice and you don't mock check tracked Jerry's annually and we would've saved other IG done as part of quite such as putting blame other people is totally completely wrong is right. And rock of some Gerri what do I asked you pretty tight time line factually incorrect that if they came forward twenty years ago. Twenty years ago I would point he had not been stopped. Yes but OK I. Am like stopped and I need to play a video digital wedge in the blame I say saved they could have saved. In Kevin Spacey you change hundred awards still want Jerry but I know you don't care about vulnerable or I don't I don't care. I don't. We re going Tahoe horizons or their buckets I care about kids who get re what does it just apply your argument cherries if they go on there in and arguments the fact. It's. A positive. Executives received this Sumi goes to jail if something happens out there on the same thing that happened giving them yeah. You're also assuming an absentee ballot could have happened to and waited too much like your wager you that maybe maybe they wouldn't I don't know. Maybe they really I don't doubt you're slated to ignore rap but not one of the rule because no hazard to not be given night. United more things haven't changed my last one player Siri like what menu thank you went to the police abruptly house is set up Costa says there's apparent here and pick up all the monster. And I know believe Tim in the nineties don't believe him because people off. Totally team victims Jerry active and that reality don't believe Don I've probably I did politics don't I did the judge did he was. Disbarred look what happened to what no one happening in India and beyond the length held illegally Monica Lewinsky Thomas Monica Lewinsky had. Proof that you're actually that I really that you've given enough thought to somebody who's rate in the English they go through that's the thing regularly about what I thought I. The effect any thought about done any anything about that they don't want you wanna talk about it I didn't know anything about that a two sliders to us as a sale given he's also. Do we agree that Heather on rue was very courageous. Now that's. I do I think how are encouraged battery life great blazing the mother of the victim blaming hope is we are you're blaming the mother of a child I've only got violate my boy you just said she wasn't courageously. Adequately voters blame Jerry. I'll watch if you're going okay OK let's watch me for blame Heather on it was very camera from our hotel reasoner for Martell has been our owners have beaten to death you reclaimed her that is absolutely untrue fact it doesn't matter how about you repeat that's a lie location to I don't know maybe it truly felt we had I just asked to choose coverage is courageous Jews had no I was at that house of a game. You don't think what she did was courageous what the what was sure what did you say are very elaborate sets and a hole like it was just sort of courageous I mean. The ball rolling a Kevin Spacey it's that doesn't so what. The ball's rolling does it matter what your son with a pretty regularly should I try to trap how to blame where I use agencies whose courageous battle. Yes there's terror and I you know. Ignored that is what that is criticizing her might not like off the air everything you said she was so self serving when abuse when I say it is they are just kids. When you really happened this is what courage that's when a woman is raped or beaten Gerry Callahan I would say. But he certainly blame them it was a way matter Holloway and ally Jerry Manuel and general outline our nightly no such thing as at night diagnosis on rats. I really a lousy meals at a time Israelis about brilliance and a no. You can with the best of all I don't what I call myself the firing line what do. All right now what you've done to me before what are all the text right now Jerry no problem here we go take this right we're currently lies your ego. Due to Q2 Q so do you think the wanna go back to have their own room let me see do too cute you brighter tomorrow she's better. They of the worse show in the market we have to explain that to some of these Comerica building that is phone on right now that you original text for a look at that is phone's not even. On his texts count him right here. We are you look at that when the market is that you wanted to criticize other shows the station when and which talking about we have to explain that to mark him Saturday 1:30 PM right here. Saturday we're gonna talk to Martin's. Right here. I'm trying to re assure you are a liar trying to lie I don't blame you know Martell here it is I engine environment and I did not too did you think you can sock puppet play it. We're. Have a different argument about ready to this you'd like to remind you we want you at all lottery. I don't line all the victims I do not should it I said since April not march I would have doubts that this is saying that you're at the same thought for. For weeks is the same thing I'm saying it's likely he says he said to seek tougher from anti hail Jackie Robinson the same thing I'll say now we can do to solve it I'll play it again. A state of consistently. If someone stepped forward things would be different if some mother I had their eye on Bruce that I Wear when he years ago. May be. 0600 kids were despair I know if I agree I disagree and that's why it's essential public gleaming Heather on reasonable right you didn't give her credit. Let's play OK you want to change the term you criticized. Her site you think it was courageous. Now why not acknowledged. More on Mastny explain it okay Kevin Spacey right now if you got it a year or two votes to be more rage that was yesterday. Everybody knows like you've got timing when you think people for the timing I not be nobody to not unbelievably narrow her lead blamed her. What should you don't Linux every advantage and I'm pretty another favorite I would say if she'd done it a year ago she might have saved I don't know she might be she might say you're touching god she why you were criticized this woman's shape and I did not let me get that is really this is nothing that's disgusting answers in her sums assaulted her usual you blame the victim that's a shame I do not consistent for the show I sit here and I give her credit crises whose courageous. You can choose Kurds of course having issues for partisan but I also think that someone always characterized trying shouldn't publish details insulted is Fareed it's. Yeah in itself to probably get up everything regarding the problem is for Regis okay we're gonna get to the Harvard stored on time now doing to back yeah because he's worked up whoever I know what you heard stuff about I know when you lie about and a lot hell. I never off. You're on the spot again days we get a knock it loses again you know don't go longer and it's it is not a low moment you're lying you do that quite well particularly and its graveyard of some of us argue about the rams story is what we do about. Jerry is oil along with people I'd warning signs about mark about ram disagree that if someone that would Remy assault and come forward things might have been different. On now now I blame I blame it does not so I don't I don't I don't sing we did I'd like I'm usually I don't disagree. Okay go on back OK I don't blame him you do do not I don't play Jennifer I I blamed it. I did no such thing you know you're a liar Y but she peed a fact that I said I wouldn't blame with the governor Jerry victim but Cheney were conducting these stories if you can come forward with a K if anyone. By your dinner tiger I want your methanol any one a no brainer. If anyone and I a lot of denial Avery you're never if you lose and never is that allows an argument right move and open I stick to the proof I don't like I thought you were alive let's walk you through okay. We agree then that someone step forward things Lebanon to shore. Great to talk said Jennifer Martellus Bennett had cartel dale and I did things were anti Iraq well pretty good era fact they said I exempt murder. Zach I can't just. To rape and abuse that Aaron I swear I would never a social and where does help them okay gates sock puppet to play it and Turkey you do anything you ask. Get someone over to play but give him ten players that you should believe and you get a player but this sound. You definitely can't. I'm remember have a discussion that's exactly she's had like and we put hours or Jerry says. Michael yeah personally women. They Jeremy I don't I don't whine you should have a once exact exactly what would you ever like someone got murders or bundle up and he'd. Let me show word office said my my word is you'll get someone to step forward things might have been different you agree with me. Sure I'm am an awful person Hossein we had on her self serving. He says I'm slightly sick rages told me he says stuff he would have gone national direct mail all the time buy and save. What have you said would say yeah it's at all would you say. Nothing we can talk my mother on welfare Alex we talked about her prospers or talk about it we discuss that okay if yes what is. You said she. She was broke. I'd say at this encourage it so I'd say an epic that's particularly courageous at all. And that's what's so you don't like Oates U2 special good shots on her child went through. I think it took huge huge cuts few glad she didn't if it helps all that's fantastic and and I Rachel quick wrap. Aaron wrapped it takes huge balls. How could you not think that someone did this year's group that's fifty I think that if they do and for forty years so why did raptor 35 I don't know would have been nice I think he might have some issues I guess that's the hope points but. It's if someone did years ago things might have been different has always said that's only adversary. Know you said you and we agree would know you said he puts of the blame and Ashley Judd you were born a fresh would you okay whatever I won't on the impact this term impact it had come forward to. Ants things could have been different you know short yes a can easily on the headlines blogs written by. Popular right Gerri at 1800 daycare and doctor Matthew Preston and 1800 in my guys doctor Robert Leonard document you press the headlines brought to you by my great friends doctor Robert Leonard in doctor. I'd Matthew oppress the 1800. Get there over.