K&C - Kirk protests Felger in the Sports Hub parking lot 11-9-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, November 9th

Hour 4 - Kirk goes across the street to the Sports Hub parking lot to protest Michael Felger's comments on Roy Halladay.


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He'd skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. I. It is begun Kirk's. So different things but Bryant Diane elder they lose we fact. You can click on it whether on FaceBook we are FaceBook liven it always heading across the bridge to execute. Looking back what we are right now on stupid out there aren't. Yeah. All right very reported are bright. Your unbelievable. Heart contract it by thirty or people are a few people about entering 98 point. IC across the street careful. There. He's across the street. Look son I'm Sheila says it is time it is it yeah aligning. So assigned to the camera stupid. Standing in the ruling now. 'cause media in spite of the wild. There's Isabella. I've got an iPhone 5. Building it's right here and while the reports are able to BR. I can people ultimately don't. Try that he didn't. I know what sort ire. I. He's in the right do you do you not want to yeah. I mean and click unfazed by Liam Juan or higher. Aren't. London to. Atlanta. On our right now only good donuts and that includes tickets and yet nobody. Sports and that is an IIRR. They really yeah they are great faith that the holding signs gonna help. So if you're so good on sort of how. I got up are now under card or an order art. Good ideas about. I'd slam yeah. Police being column I. It did not work before it got a betrayal. I gonna try again. Obama side lot and well. I know. Why. Up. High. Yeah. It. It. An and just changing. Hurt you in a sign. And he's currently in the parking lot is being confronted us and our big guys that too and so karlson and all all partnered. On the business and lack. Asked or ordered or what you guys. Well William Carter. Guys hugging now archery target and why not. Fat guys. In arms around. So different for different another show and their videotape being. Yeah actually I don't hear you know. How I. It's. Reporters he's right. Okay now is definitely see it and nasty this logo. Now I guess she had a nice 80. So. We can do you know we. Are or. I. Argue about. There oh. And the guys we did there's an audience for those of you listening IndyCar all all I. And doesn't Miami at that that. I. I'm. Not like that's like Carl right now I. Unbelievable. Partner. So that's the big. Leagues. Sort of like a hole at a charter of their hall and right now called you. We still appear to be alone though Kurt where's the whole group that carried a mob rule. You don't eggs done with them it's hard to do it alone. Jerry rattled securities walking around right now and are still people. Dana what's going on Scott all locked and barred swearing in ought actually all I'm very surely you aren't that you. Yeah Scott's election match you. Yes you did he actually asked me now he was hoping that big fat so. I believe Boston Herald underwear right now it is. The form bail on her way over cover this. And never leave your toes and has. We haven't let the fact I want you felled. I don't the it was slick black list and easy and you can I arm right now. Right now but I quote I like. All we have them on tape we have a New York we are watching we're watching your Africa Latin. I think new balance folks are happy to let you. Hope he. They gonna call security any minute now secured your underwear Herbert Kohl. Is. I'll I'll let me bird areas. Again this year. Former cricket or does a bunch of people yeah it'll work I I think there's some angry mob behind that and I. I'd like I'd like I'd like to come awkward situation. And I tried you can see this on Twitter you don't have to be at FaceBook just click on the. And take a FaceBook page. Crippled as a lull in the action only gets caught up you're just getting into the car out Kurt is currently outside of the 98 point five the sports clubs offices. Protest the comments of Michael Felger yesterday about right now I think he's very offended he got what he deserves. I was Michael Felger mr. arsenal. Ethical likable sort artists got shot you're shot. Thank you very much on the order hockey could hear the mock us I'm waiting for someone like that yeah. Amber's face it sliding to figure out of face that feed thank you I'm waiting for some of the joy and you need some support. In this diagram and Kirk by the armed assault that is. I don't want a better what guys in the mortgage like yes over the air AT and figure out figure out that they never hear their voice coming in here right now. And I got out bothered him all morning how are you a couple wonderfully happy or healthy guy. It. Not happy good ordered the U chuck. Where he's a big bet there are. Really wants folder fires. I think you want sort of part you don't have bought a target at the door open I don't like it accurate are caught. Are gone they're also. Buried at a. Oh no don't do they slamming into the door and hurts so. And Greg that Jerry you have that I saw a witnessed an animal witness. You have like Nissan exiles and witnesses that missile. Attack on article. Are you yes yes some of the folks who on this. That hurt him would be great. I know you got it or maybe you're just sitting around what did does Alexi Kurt. All right little pocket aren't that many EU. All areas reserved a program or write your your car. Get a flat or their reserves corporate directory or some might call yours. Is being mad at Goodyear. The same man who OK with Michael Felger doing this I may pick up all my quote light on this car. Oh yeah yeah. Well I'd rather see. With the right products are right here. I felt like I like soccer audit of how I hope to have won multiple site. I don't want. It's a no hitter in the post season game. And so there are people on the street here what these people on the street and they on your side they wanna beat you love. Well you got Brian in the marina and decides on the. Your credit people have I hear from the viewers the listeners out as shown here from the people. Are starting. Yes this is trying to trays here. In corporate talent and might hit you on the movement of unbelievable we have about I don't know how many 500 people yeah. And it's unbelievable you just can't you could there on the up side street in. Where sport this. I'd like myself that would block. Aren't what's your name which are now what's your Pena and nay gentlemen. Jack our armor Jesse Wii U Wii U pictures shown up I could feel the energy Cantu I can't tell. Nice Fletcher is well I'm watching I'm faced a lot of good look you guys all look I'm going to fall out there like a bad ass Lou MS would Jesse now not. What are Armenia not only can do much. Do you have the do you have Kirk's back because we worried about him he's he's already been assaulted by one employee of that place we don't want them. Why then it's back I mean karma forming up a little bit. Under Kirk in I want to walk out in our sport from yeah I doubt you are you are and people are always going to be the sack apiece in the full. The whole game look like he's he's he's there isn't like he's spotlight he can only through. The response to going around why. All right. Jesse estimated. At just the Clinton or 500 that promote your right out at a very recent protests. FO. The American way out is you're right I don't know. Are coming way down nobody commented on of the experts cited that should say on balance. Of a he's laying down the parking lot. Very simple protest. And Patrick wrote justice is done well you can leave them to fire him yet separate report. Really when it would get hungry was up to the bathroom. Soccer carried out what their recent. Q you said you're gonna laid down to only five more hours FY. So Kircus. They are nice day it's beautiful you every suns I about it at all it sure. There are right Oakland new balance which is enough I. I am worried they'll buy your if you're gonna lay out their next four or five hours and worried about your skin care I mean it was just his son's somethings are more important market based water. Lot of presented something's something's trying to more importance to this so. Are your car right now I'm out and here at this Carlisle and all of the article by. And let the car and they're backing up right now. I'm. Black armor and walking up the heat or else and I like here it comes. To. Oh proper trick I don't believe I doubt. You'll love birds you guys a massive truck. Leo he should also be heavily one way I. Backing up Eric period for America brought out a hit a good. It. Isn't an article. In the out. I want a true right now we're in the middle traffic running out this post rental. Yeah pleased yeah I don't so yes the stuff. Building and building started people right now milling around the or that built. Yes and they all want they'll all on the side of that of your son then the side of justice. I can also confirm there are many people who work for one and BC's towards Boston that are currently liking and wanting miss video feed it. Yeah let me get the ultimate. I think you have I don't know how we're gonna know until. And we for a whole world all you think it's done I've ever seen. They're thugs fired. I've never seen. AmeriCredit server and if I'm not handled tiger not yet know. What do you do look at that what. It yeah you're gonna beat you need to describe to us like a live shot like as you can see behind me. My job about the middle of hunger strike is about 7 o'clock. Let's also be noted Parker and want out of our district for 36 seconds. I'll never forget that that was quite a moment for him. This look at this crowd I'd never seen a product life. Two incredible. Feel like you know a lot of respect from my point already. I think you have adding it is a crowd like that to show up. For your cause you know righteous weren't alone it's you the rose put down a Boston radio you really. Thank you very much. I think it's time now to Bernard. So what's the what's asked exhaust us for doc. It's just that for doc. About heading back. Back and speak to appreciate my mind at Tarawa but your packet. And they don't do it they'll do they have all kinds. People gonna stop you from getting in on one person or windows I'd never seen so it should be out. Can you look at the studio windows displays snow is there was there and our air studios are in and die in the third for the majority of glory. In October are making right now. Don't odds and all the great protesters arrested caucus. It's not war and the purpose ya ya know right off. The protest. We are not optional not. Doctors portal brought up a conversation. Geez you're killing at least get involved and the good to good officers of boxed all right all right. I want you guys that are that are be worth it notion I. It helps with a couple little old right calling all the blue lights on ends that corner and lose and he's ruling Birmingham and markets are its street. Starting right now you go into the parking lot right out on you for. Remember Alderman. Right now cart is holding up your act. Sign you're just getting in works a little scary hung up. By inviting he has turner talked at least we are so faced a gliding Kirk's interaction with the Boston Police he's currently being questioned by police I'm not sure this car is a big fan for his involvement in April. Say anything stupid Kirk is still listening don't get arrested. It's not worth it always blocking their the cops face with a sign that's nice of him. It's a tuneup for the top and it said and I put it. It now the cup was like that's that's the first ID Kirk is being aideed like. Still all the at this time. But he gets arrested when you zoom. Mommy me anyway it happens right after the new year and he's arrested it's actually one of my greatest regrets of my head against the rearrested for protesting a cot is not too late to go over there with them. Of his the cause I wanna I wanna dining. All the grass. Oh folk Kirk's making. Finally complaint that that fat guy from. ZLX touched him. Now I think you think he's defuse a situation similar to sign. They don't don't harassed cops stupid. I don't think he has to be polite. No his most of file a complaint. I know what. Turkcell walking with the police officer in them back across the room waving the sign looks victorious as we yes yeah like triumphant. Let utility you're home with playing and smiling and waving. And Kirk is hidden back here I can't believe I'm here this with this interns Brian and what's the other is an instance when Devin. And back lots more cops more cops. The seat ahead of my call the cops. I think they. I told her gonna call the police he's what they think. In the arrest them Kirk looks pretty happy right now. Get a better be careful that is get arrested for Jane watching I was not going to mean I was over the mast pike waving to all the getting people honk their horns in the thumbs up just we got a picture pretty clear assault by the gentleman at the kids we got evidence. And we have evidence this is not going to be pretty this thing could go on for years. The litigation and lawsuits. I mean at least. You know. Kirk has come forward right away so you don't have to victim Writely can you hear that you know he would've could've done RC a little sooner and you are people doing something. This is true that we have Kirk cousins bravery. This color just gonna stop that thug from the salt and more people in the parking lot. I'm convinced he belongs in prison. But Kurt is now is coming back past the stock dead. Where there. He's going to be back in the building shortly insurers going to be feel pretty good but his effort I don't know the fog fired yet but yeah. That's only matter time right. I think he's having now instead fired but I mean when we got what you protest things Jerry needs how to stand up to the man takes years sometimes it doesn't happen right away doesn't that just came at a pace coming back he looks a little bloodied and beaten I mean I think we'll show us some bruises the scars from the assault. And we'll get the story from the man himself. Kirk. Luther king minute hand when we get back. We return with more of courage and it's on Sports Radio WEEI. Well the why are out there and high I don't. Turkey in a time. And he's currently in need target lives speak confronted us and our big guys that sent to and listen karlson and all properly prepared. Michael part victory part and why not. Big fat guys in your arms around Kurt. I don't hear yeah. How. I. Bloggers he's really looking down is definitely see it amassed their logo and no. I stagnant now. Well I think I think Matt Mack please. I don't think there's any question migrate this before. But after that I have to say now I can understand to some extent mostly with a guy like John McCain went through it what Martin thinking went through June. You himself also now per minute Nelson Rae Della. Indictment leak. He's in prison before you never shelter and got breath it's good point. I mean Andrea you know north normally Kirk you do things just for himself and very self absorbed its self promoter in my clothes on and I have to say in this case should do it for for justice I think -- just brought righteous and this is no justice no peace you know you're exactly and don't listen you know I think it's going to be trying to rose army now we have the Kirk army via the feedback has been very nice people brands they know a great movement recede and this was a great movement. And I I have to say when we started to show us that is no way forgo pay any price won't could suspend that he won't get fired. I think you've changed the world is which have done well obviously I had to stop the officer said had to turn off my phone. While we talked we talked to use toll on my side installed or should be fired in the stock into commission reference about this week yes. I did as I did file a complaint against what they initially promoted all day with us. All indicators out of those guys. Well as sound of him assaulting you good we have it on video card you have a really good Cason is pretty pointed out. Unlike in all the victim like that are documented proof. Heather run rooms son who's our greatest Badger Meter Heather you think you can clearly. It's saying you know you went you went immediately you'd waited all UA like fifteen minutes could right there right away they get more of this to drift to a show tonight I did say when you when you don't that you heard it and I say any of Kirk this. He really does put on line that was my wife lying on that their cars are buzzing behind me 70000. Toss when you bring him right in the road while I was afraid the first is back at comic bits of information. And this guy we don't whose name yet I assume we'll have his name and number booking number and mug shots on the also there yes they are there they know you salted Judy yes we've just part of my mind Amaya left arm just through this thing you read on you. Democrat Bruce at cricket match. Americans we got so hopefully. It. Oh it's on Twitter hello this is but this also isn't funny either way I suspect is not his nod is as royalties we don't think it's funny no I hope not in my opinion there for her. Her look maybe she feels. Maybe she feels now like she has said I'm somewhat analogous to face an hour. Ally in the face and voice for this I hope so you know she's mourning but now Kirk she has you know. I'm proud of where this is Kyle and against it's the capital seven Bart Simpson's wearing that watch. And couldn't understand that they were still around you to use that as a good move them to meet up publicity for shows that's true I would never digital rights that I point out what went over to the hero of this OPEC's. So that's I cultures only one Lara enough about you heard it coming our grand am I risk my life but for you people from your listeners risk my. It's across street 3040 times I bullets yes 6177797937. About it on the right sort. Philip these lines we some of your thought of that in temperature but now after CNET. I was assaulted by a eyes in mid air morning house. More he's not host disease a one of those true. I don't I don't call slow that's Karl Soledad hotly put his hands on me and I and I'm going to that is gonna be investigated my guess is about the first. Handsome man to make that claim just guessing just speculating is hands were all over we have pictures in this I just retrieve one that. Our interns cut he personally traumatic this year if corporate. He got very clocks govern as he was well liked Chris Cooper and American a little bit chronic issue different but it for the cause some of that stuff my toddler down. And imagining this jerk Felger fired he should lose his job I think the Felger whacked out right. I promised I wouldn't. He reached out to me during the break instead you know what Kirk I deserve to be fired Soria obviously he might quit with dignity snowman do eventually I would eventually it's tough people do the right thing step now. I thought when I'm on the motion and emotionally physically exhausted right. You should be he should be eaten you got the producers have these these just like all of my terrible for your Alec. All time hero plan bank cut short thank you thank you from Russia swept. But the question this is an excellent questions I know you on the side of righteousness and justice and all this could in the world that you think you accomplished. It was Carlson MacKenzie yeah. Really is Carlson one of the hosts of the show I can't and hot. It's on east plant to pay here he really is planned campaign I think it and a difference now. We know we know Kirk two painkillers automatic so he's gonna have to suffer but the guy victory member of the guy who the goaltender before Stallone took over the bridges are focused on. I think you broke my arms he did is it swelling is hang in there you put Chris Hogan after that hit he took over my shoulder separation and ticket correction advocates now elemental as affecting everything you picture us what was it before why. You might because it costs too I think he leaned in he met had voted you up by. We. Could. That supported on the record when it's great buys that and you if you got that that day and that cab ride things be different right. I answered this I'm not entirely a different and I think I'll. Would have I think you would get a lot more attention if we use the slew moons signal a sign of has taken not the word has haggard crystal that I thought. I mean it's okay but it worked and worked we got lots of people wanna talk to take a quick break is that right out student. We'll talk about it but get that someone once you say that send them one by one bit on the charity. Is on to charity is justice for dock which have start up right now he's chairing a fund radio and arts yes my sole mission is to get Felger is remarkable performing to your performance benefit forming. Alex yes yes from all Chandra unknowing person crossing our yes we'll donates records flash. Where you'll want to see the calls we'll get them it is an hour of justice now that you've never heard before on the radio I'm Kirk. It's K and see Kurt can Callahan on Sports Radio telling you we. EI. We're going to look over on the quick thinking are you here right now the phone. And all the great protesters get arrested markets are. It helped thwart. The purpose beyond what are you right now. But optional not. Doctors for an overhaul of a conversation. Officers couldn't have been nicer I am afraid of the population dollars shoulders he was a very forget his name you identified itself. That's an he would be a degree FaceBook live the account yes it is Larry last summer showed you know very artsy like turn your own bashed the cubs. Imagines it meant to track these other things have realized from the think the world you know evil yeah right adds exact it must have audience with those liberals on the shortly question fair question but it's in excess I think he'll like everybody else understands agree protest that's occurring didn't wanna get in the middle so go the way. Right that's how you do don't you know involved. I thought you had a little lower class sector attractive. I think you will go down as one of the great Civil Disobedience figures. I hope I don't statute. At a nice and here we. Don't arrest not achievable. Can't look at NY. The point it's called women they want every name who wholesale Birmingham anyway glad she gave a road and ultimate should be cartman and where don't. It's like you got got. I would get a couple minutes here you got twenty seconds host had to say about just the first time last time no long time none of that. To skid on the line told Kirk agree Jerry obviously you do a great job today with which you do handling far ahead is in Wellesley head. Aren't a glimpse into a glimpse into the future July 11 2018. It is with great privilege that we award this year are there accurate. Award encouraged. Her it and. How does that I didn't call it a call add except I could see it I think I would expect more than that that's. It could get the profile coverage from the Kennedys the Nobel Peace Prize and trying to get peace here Lisa's uncle Jessica and Lisa. Car yes some you know I always locked you look at the leaderboard today absolutely hilarious and I loved every Saturday. Thank him again as far as we know we didn't get it done though -- still pull it right right we're working on and asked me several Kirk a blocking back you know I'm. When you're fighting for something you might take years just as it just doesn't happen overnight almost into half hour and never talk about it again absolutely not this is the start I can tell you right now. A muzzle and out of Europe just contact during the break by Simon and Schuster we writing a book about well yes excellent yes pretty soon Ryan Howard. But is actually an option the stories this talks is DJ Qualls available for the move up Bradley Cooper is available Allison gloss to go ahead Alex. Bought a three names come to mind and Martin Luther King yeah. On the Berkman is a reason the order is like that. Note I knew it. That was a Kmart I don't remember an instance of Martin Luther King was assaulted as violence against him. Somebody put his head ever. Ultimate compliment her audition. Open a compliment I can seriously. Considering not renewing my serious subscription because of you. Makes sense you should do that apps loan bank that Dallas I would Stearns and in the Mary Hart will take one or two while blogs and Ali the guidelines gonna break on the Celtics game last night for hours Bob. No justice no true Friday night. Thank you Bob Byrd malignant ESPN handout they're out there. Since July July I'd. I'm looking forward to with a nice library and as I north you have to the previous night evaluation of the previous winners correct no okay little and I think that should retire the trophy after Kate and she's the most low emission. Eight thank Bob never forget this thing finally Dan in Roxbury Dan. Badly openly call live poker. As much as I hate you I hate phobia anymore. And that's nice way to end things some hate us yeah. I'd like it to -- at today would be my dad's 69 perfect would be public that they can be proud today I think he would be starting right now I'm looking down you know he's with human spirit I think it was right this in a percentage but except through this whole ordeal you don't see footprints and you'll see the other side hearing one side apartment anti the other side and a little while in this podcast drops me my brother stuck my dad take it over the weekend there. To stick with this. Some analysts on the side podcast is awesome until this week I mean I can't wait to listen. I'm gonna go to the Jim Turner is gonna go to work you're going to be busy you are gonna have to press charges yes I. See you out Burlington probably face jail my show going to be now that you might have to Alpine and I didn't see guys like to have me on tonight and happy to tell my side of the story. I gather on recalculate. To check the producers who happens to you don't slugging NFC south my actions like Heather on route could you have. We'll cosmic cup Carlson McKenzie and joy your big heroes and Heather and or rose my god you came forward right away and it looked like he did. You smelt like. Predator that we're gonna bring him down that's my next mission. You'll know where was she and bring them down yet you looked like but a stupid or flattering aggression Boston what time. Does the just quick and billions lunchtime plus. So that the white cookies candy until I get some credit for teeing up for these non future. Well thanks. You. Two thanks to let her next again and it wasn't for you her we all knew nothing made it thank you to and that's why he's here it you go back and do the rest my things were back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock. Amid big guys up next. Chris managed will be joining them as host Tom Thibodeau before the hearing that no two days later today dale and holy and he will ignore the story and who would be over Tony you think today I can tell you right now me. All of us that that's their offer now when I got to the show together some I have to get my gloves and workmen cleaning up midday guys up next up for the continuing the story. We're back tomorrow morning I guess at six. That guy he's bigger he's at his arms around Kirk. I hope there. I. Ha. How. Okay. Really looking down as death and you see it masse and vote no.