OMF - Mike Lombardi says Martellus Bennett will come in and help the Patriots, 11-10-17

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Friday, November 10th

Mike Lombardi joins the show to talk about the Patriots adding Martellus Bennett and how he will be able to help the Patriots


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I would see if we can find out what the hell's going on here with Martellus Bennett and who better to bring on board our buddy Michael party Mike Doria. And a hard drive but we're just a little bit confused don't sell me giggle over this quickly. Apparently Martellus Bennett is a torn rotator cuff and torn leg from. He's waived by the Green Bay Packers for not reporting the injury even though we told everybody that he was retiring at the end of the season he doesn't practice for two weeks with bringing bay. He shows up here in New England today. This is a physical and oh yeah he's up the practice field practicing how does this happen Mike. You know. Obviously that those are hard things to figure out first ball you know what did he got a picture based also looked horribly wrong. You know I've seen guys play with this kind of injury that put him and harness and become shall be a pain tolerance type of thing. Albeit able to endorse I don't know it certainly if he gets to the point you have to operate on. On it then you operate on him but you know there's a lot of missing parked in the story I'm not sure what to make of all of it but. Be held a practice really pass the physical and obviously the pictures they keep they can help. Why didn't why didn't you the Packers just. Just put on IR why did they give him the ability to go play for other teams if it stayed assuming update that they were you scorer with some. Well so now we're in a legal issue here so they gave him a signing bonus in the the recently designated a failure to disclose because they're going to try to get back. That's signing bonus they side him where the space salary this year. You know will be assumed by the patriots he'll he'll take that on that old beat part of agreements but agreements will be the Packers will follow up against him. Claiming he didn't disclose an injury and they will try to get the signing bonus money that they gave which I think was around five million dollars or something like that. I think that's what will try to get that's what this is all about illusion about the signing bonus money. A strange you know affinity disclose names union fell to mostly I think guys in FL probably are plotted if they don't talk about injuries and try to play through it. Minus accents. But this is since the new collective bargain agreement this has been a designation that bit of protection called the patriots went through with a deep a sublime and aside from the Bengals years ago. Stated when that grievance they lost that and so these are hard to win. From the club standpoint you have to fairly good documentation the Packers put them on the field. He passed our physical you know this is gonna come down to an arbitrator's decision you know those are always hard to predict because we don't they have all the facts. Did you think of it mark tells but I just want to get out of Green Bay and like he was just speaking at. No I don't know I mean that's a hard thing that that's a hard thing to. All based on what team based on what you see in the mean the guy doesn't he's not on the practice field. And next thing you know he's fine and and and McCarthy's coming out same night the last night last time because last conversation he had with about Martellus Bennett they're talking like having surgery. Yeah that that's the one that kind of surprised me a little bit I don't know the whole details of what actually happened in Green Bay what he was. Told Al was stolen and you know they are rogers' injury in Halifax. But look you know if the Packers thought that that he was. That they can have a good case they would have just put on IR rest of them for the net that rest of the year but obviously they feel like they can get their money back. That's what they filed this this is like. You know most people gonna think well this is collusion or tampering melt this is a legal issue to protect the Packers this is what they had to do in order to board with their case. I held my from the patriots point of view he's obviously a plug and play guy knows the playbook we know that. It seems to me have been disappointed Dwayne Allen certainly Tom Brady is he doesn't throw the football. Why would think pluck him off the waiver wire where they fearful at Philadelphia. Head interest war how would that work behind the scenes like. Well you know right now the only way to get the players even though there vested have to go through the waiver wire. So you don't normally before the trade deadline was over. That's the veterans become free agents automatically now Bennett because the late is the patron to assume the rest of the contract. I'll bet it has the right to get the year to become a free agent which is is that the veteran right. So that's all they did and probably the patriots were worried about anybody else climate I'm usually the guy waived injured with failure to disclose doesn't explain. So the pacers took an opportunity to have looked out of I think he fits in perfectly I mean look Dwayne Allen hasn't been very effective with the respect and that's what the F word H. Or or well why normal line I think they've been they need to have that they need to have to try as written in November. Weather's gonna change they need to be able run the ball effectively on the outside and have somebody who could help crock. And Al was supposed to do that and I think that's certainly Bennett if healthy can. So you wrote. They don't say so it once once shoe bomb once the patriots picked him up on waivers. They they don't know anything about his history situation they don't get his medical records right they claim home they do their own physical and then they decide what Connecticut they can a naked Claremont waivers and then OK he's hurt. And then they could put him on IR. That dollar they would shell on the physical he would revert back to green Bay's Carlos. Q were they when they waved and tell you who's closing entry of such a veteran you know this is gone he ends up on the injured reserve list. And so you know he's way failed physical and so he becomes a free agent but now that he's claimed. He has to go back onto you know he reports for the team and they have the right to decide on what they want to do. You'll like a big story obviously is this extension for Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones role in this thing and and I'm just curious because they give this guy an extension and I think you look around the league publicly I think people really unhappy with the way you handle this thing. Using control with this league for the next 78 years or whatever it is what what does it take for this man accused. To move on who leaked the move on from Roger Goodell. You know I think that's a fair question I don't know me you know obviously Jerry's Jerry issues people consume potentially they could just over seek Elliott. And all that but it's way deeper than just that I think this is something else going on and Gerri that a tremendous a great deal for the National Football League and what his grievances are. With the commissioner I'm not sure but it's deeper than seek Elliott and the suspension that goes to tax so. I don't know what. What I know this we need leadership in the league we need something that to kind of navigate the tough waters it's going on whether it's the audience reduction whether it's. The social activism that's going on I think there's needs to be some kind of leadership and learn to be performance on that I think that's certainly something that truly important. What's really puzzling and that why do you have to do it right now and why would all of these owners. Course seems some of the difficulty dishing some of the ratings right now they're hearing sponsors out candidates all you want the Papa John's. Was was in cahoots with would Jerry Jones but you're hearing it from networks out there who say they might be an over saturation of the product. Why would all of these owners lineup and what would Bob Kraft. Knowing what happened with a flight K what he'll line up right now to give this guy an extension this early. You look fair question I don't know the answer that I know that typically whatever committee does in the NFL that recommends that. That usually carries all there's not a lot of independent thinkers the committee usually carries the motion. And you know without Al Davis being around that that has always been just the rubber stamp it's always that term good for the league. And that's what people do but I think this is a little deeper and I think Jerry's taken out davis'. He's taken the time he's move forward we'll what he feels like. Is in the best interest of the league can be indifferent might be. But the Caribbean answer here Mike into the and that's why if they're just lemmings have they're just going on park Kraft doesn't seem. Like he's alarming we've known for a long time you know well. And this is a guy who stands up for certain stuff. I'm just amazed because yeah it's not like we're looking at the end of so five years from Argo where it was thriving and where did you know it was an endless stream of money. Even for leadership I think there's no doubt I think. I think looked at the whole system was craving for leadership it's for the league offices and you know that I mean like last night the repo last night I mean you can't tell what Pacificare Ford last night you can't that we still have. Still have we don't know what the fumble and so I mean you can talk about. You know that Valentin goes to the ground and everybody thinks it's a fumble Pete Carroll elements let's put it just bewildered I mean. And other things that never get clear about that never get government handled but you know that's the way in the least been successful I think sometimes people like success over change. Souls of public Jon talks about leadership right is is is do you seals are going down. Do you think Roger Goodell. Should be the commissioner of the NFL I don't think we need leadership Barbara do you think Roger Goodell should be the commissioner via our hands specifically. Well I think the harder question is is who would you replace them with static that is I think that's the chance. But I feel like I mean you could do it. Again I'd vote for you I'm Michael Lombardi used to be can miss I want to see resonate you know like you're a little bit more live in total so I'll pick and I know I think guys are now let me I feel like it's like why don't people like it they think there are afraid to say he's done a bad job and crappy job. Conversation I don't think they'll be anybody's afraid to say the the bad job by the force of gravity will critique of the league the leak these leadership is about. And I but I think we get a little bit blurred here you know it's fair mr. Goodell he had the right to suspend the players. That wasn't just given him out of out of he decided he wanted that power that was collectively bargain and I remember when he got that power it was because the league. Mandate what they wanted to clean up the league they wanted to restore order and it'll leak. And that's what this that was his that was just. Ordered into the unit the power but the abuse of the power of me here Goldman. With somebody you hired a look at. You know odd two people. The green that I mean look I was part of the flaky I think that was completely ridiculous and I complete the company you go back to look at the facts of that case and you really study that I mean there's no more. A disconnect them madam. I think the original report was completely wrong. I think the elite cases even worse. I think there's a lot of great and that when I'm not sure that it's worse hectic because. The first route that person the earlier report. What to on this report done by and a writer I mean let's be honest debate which you know limit the whole thing came out well. The propaganda was there was twelve of the twelve of the fourteen football whatever what was was. It was under inflated and a turnabout in vitro. What I know of and what do Jerry jones' things like you know it it would there'll be better. To the blow the whole thing up and I kind of agree for the fact of all the negative attention that league has gotten the ratings are down to people are just does not include any more I can understand why. So a sign up like starting all over par that would be blowing up the commissioner's job. Putting somebody else knew or maybe nothing really changes behind the scenes. But at least that that the fans to the perception that things are gonna change and they're gonna do that can have all issues that you still have. Well I think look I think Jerry jones' it is done a remarkable job is as. As an owner from benefiting the league and if you were to tell me he wants you to commissioner I would say that's not a bad idea. And make this turn guilt does not make a deal Jerry told us how to make money for his team you know how to make money for the players. I think that's you know the job which changed the landscape of the job is tremendously changed from the time that was so the commissioner. The contact with boos from the commissioner and Albert Belle I mean that's completely change I think. Sometimes that league office doesn't understand what football is I mean that's the real issue. She I'm almost not surprised that the owners would not be upset about deflate it because of 31 other owners is that nick is saying good stick to the New England Patriots same thing with Jerry Johnson and Eliot right now you know it's that it's in the Dallas. Even the Ray Rice case ticket go to Baltimore or whatever. All they didn't with a two gas hit it big master he messed it all up and that was his first for an but this in this case right now Mike. The money the owners money is being questioned as to where the future of the NFL is financially. Why would they give him right now it's an ounce human extension write about it. It's wrong I don't disagree I think you're right I think it's wrong I think it should be why don't understand the need for an extension at this moment. It took me I think you know and I know that would have worked in Israel Davis he would beat. Sit here saying why I mean Al Davis was always about allowing more time to come into the food to see the answer to the equation. I think you're right I definitely what I wanna looks about as an owner now I think you're right the look I'm really helped waters in the gathered navigate over the next two years. And your first order of business at the new commission and told me what. Off course what you gotta get that you gotta get the rules which means. Let's look at the size and what this they completed task have to be completed and happened since they kept it just six people in the world know what it is you know what I mean. I mean so that and the other thing is I think we have. Have to do something about these injuries. I first full person that football you know I think it's a great I love watching the games but I at all that the games are great about these injuries and we have to get back. To where we can we develop offensive. Defensive lineman and we can develop quarterbacks because if we don't develop quarterbacks and we don't have better quarterback play in the sleek we're gonna lose fans quickly because nobody wants to watch their quarter. Kamal we get color Russian uniforms on Thursday look great this element of the K yeah. I'm. Have you looked like that's something like old when I reached out. She let me talk to you actually have a good one Michael board.