DHK - Keefer Madness - WEEI week in Review Edition 11-10-17

Dale & Keefe
Friday, November 10th

We close out the week with another edition of the Madness as we do our week in review and have a ton to get to this week including Michael trying to sing, Kirk protesting at the Hub, and EVERYBODY piling on Glenn Ordway.


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Yes you make the keeper madness. Racked up one up directly for medicines and talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. Maybe in a great deal of the men do not think I hate hate. It's got so it's just got to. I don't think this is one of the stronger segments. All the way have been involved how powerful and important that. Well we have to alien portals we have one on the front and one in the back. To a condition Takahashi. I don't see howls that this would change things like it I'm not bitter. Socket. Part of it is they Kiefer madness to wrap up the week. What are we could balance works for you why do you any wheat. You've got so much material you would need a triple version. Of reefer madness to capture there's a lot going on here we should he got to the final hour in the final hour for that is what I want to do that an hour with an hourlong format and check the ratings and that you know I could rate that. Well let's start on Monday Michael again it was a good up and down week for you. I think I listen I don't have that I don't disputed at all now Sunday you'll have been very passionate but the Patriots defense. All season long even when they were really struggling and you even decided just take it disarm. I think we K I'll let you know how to treat these. The call of us in the top five defense this year I'm not backing down to hot. By the end of the year top five with a long way to go and I'm not backing down what was it that that he. Yes alrighty sourcing it short please. The police are and I wrote they wrote today. I will. Back down. Yeah very very. Well so in other words back to the other words I don't know how to do some of the words. Yeah and I try it again yeah but I don't know like to know what you don't know power supply and all the lyrics is on ordered notes you know I don't know I can't think Eddie Guerrero and wolf. Back down. And and that's good that you went that you don't know the lyrics yeah. A I barely know without that yeah that's I thought you were kidding that he thought about it I think that it's quote the beautiful song. And fortunately there slowly and fondled her and out of no excuse now there's us about how well those guys at out of eight year old I know it isn't doing very doing tourism division sound I don't want to try to do is to set up for a leader magnolia. It'd. I don't know ozone is not gonna work yeah. Or not. And that yeah. As Michael sing about the tiger are you did a good. And it. Won't back down in other words I don't I don't know. I don't know that I've aged and you know hell yeah I think of RBIs. I don't think they're going to be top five level Watson son. But I am not or top ten. Underworld. So they'll talk to come on and on top ten while the Vatican's top ten or two weeks that led to a there's of that. There's a bet going on out of the defense the right patriots in general and Woolsey went out again resulting from Monday's show patriots Monday says that hatred related debt and. And he told us brings that to the air over into the air. The Bill Belichick and what's on dale today for 3430 we're told. About an hour from now talk Bill Belichick and dale said you know he was looking at the conference call that. Dulles I read the transcript from earlier today transcript and dale read the transcript and said. He's going to be terror. And I'm usually pretty accurate with the ball real. Hey Lou there's another story. Dale Arnold great confidence usually pretty accurate with very confidence and I'm usually pretty accurate with the ball arts based on the hunt I don't know. By the tracker I know our guys' job will harpercollins says he's usually fairly predictable based on the transcript. The only lengthy answers he wanted to give at all had to do win at the Denver Broncos and how great they are defensively. He always wants to talk about how good the daily and greater. And you think that side opposite of this the last time Michaels was confident that he was Greg rose immigrant who was not you are usually pretty good you've gotten. That was so what are you basing this he's going to be good on. Hunch note now hunched gut feeling now you spoke with a in the hallway I did not include him in the hallway you call an earlier accident. Oh not reveal my inspirations they'll thank you very much more Woolsey. Power hour you heard right our right our village that's when out of jail are at the same transcript that he did. And it's funny how how different people react to the same information he read the transcript and said he's going to be awful I read the transcript and said he's going to be pretty good today. Because of a lanky he gave a lengthy answer at all of these particular like I'll ask one of those guys said dad that at your window and you have. There it is just got started up the right way with the right topic. And we can get a Roland all right so I thought he was in that space. Now let's get to Wednesday apparently Tuesday not a great show so let's get to Wednesday there. Dale when they tease a Maltese golden one of the breaks we get right back to your calls and a few minutes and I'm gonna point out next hour of just what a fraud Michael Holley is how. I'm sorry it's come and dale and Holley with these Sports Radio WE. Golf man. Dell now reports that we don't have audio of the pale physically with bird. Part of our right now want to very good not great heat and a mile and a half of that around but it was the whole Celtics were celebrated awards that ratings than it is how you haven't brought up the Celtics ratings yet this year there was the only one wants to win on Wednesday. That we ever answer that. We get prayers are all up. We did right after which makes me think that the Celtics probably blew them away there were a couple of articles. Written recently that the Celtics numbers are way up and yet local numbers are way out other head to head again tonight. A lot of head to head action here and. Only reason this is a a factor to look I'm all about unity in Boston sports bring all the teams together bring them at all. And under the same umbrella. Boston's fortunes of a big happy family van de L yeah. Is on this whole we never talk about the Bruins thing because he had to bring it up duties trying to divide us retail orders and leads the show that they almost went abroad it. At you'll want every day you say parts well editors where we start with double the Boston Bruins right. We got some young guys posture knocked on and on and on tour we've beat stark. Charlie back to avoid what every what. But energy and it all added he's got in my native who by the way off Mike's when he starts it off on earth were. It was himself Tuesday through that was this the David that was apps its lenders everything. Lawyers you always hear two things right answers and who's probably pretty good. I don't know anyone and I fighting now also on Wednesday at the caller that brought up HTTP Clinton in new invention yet so we started discussing HD television they're not really going or wait in Connecticut and nothing's incumbents the TV days and those I do 2001. So we're tournaments sixteen years he's not delete idle in the four K things are really take on the 48 dot stop before case. I just nasty stuff so I Carly what's that. 57 years after that were every bit of programming was available in HD everything was so you're at least a decade this to complain about it all the time. This is good beacons person for it planned to order it's always funny even though it's not very good questions there for everyone's different view restaurant they've account nobody's got a good impression there Altera really. There all impressions of an impression there yes I'm at a Fauria now I'd always doing impressions of peak dozens of pressure from student pursuit of him Cutler's. There well I cannot do an impression of you. Yeah it's like talking to people it's crazy it's so it is it puts emphasis. That's the past votes as back to when it's not a big illuminate this. Kiki can see some of these YouTube videos for K okay. 34 TDs and has. Great Jody go to Betsy wider product around Glen was trying to sell me on with the forecast stuff now. All you ought to see and is not many showed up at a Shula didn't think frogs. Bill for some reason didn't wanna do you're right person to have a short wait is decided not to do there well I didn't take too many or part of the problem was admitted that. Well I think dale is still. Stinging from the impressions that you guys do about him to have him. The big date but showed never all our tail following a lot of action bill odd man price. But if Flanders would be to him at all. I've only had Ned Flanders the fact about Ned Flanders though what does that ripped. Ripped open letters in great shape that is stripped oh yeah I ever see him pop the top off. If I did read time magazine dual story once about how everyone should try to be more like Ned Flanders quick he's a really good person it's a compliment. Bad deal and take our. I don't look like him. Now. Now not. Well I found out that they're not real audio via the dale yeah you have one well pulpit you deal but what. I've got to get it edition of now it's here and give. I think it does a pretty good name and we need because I think I think he can. Well you ought to CNET news dot many showed up at the ocean it easy obstacle for Lily pads but has it I got had an article. If I didn't really do that that these cones they're either of these please. I don't I don't care about and that it affected either any sporting event and forking over. That none and yet I'm speaking to these next couple. Active that is a little bit of a peek inside of but now we also had. Carl Russo on. For the first time me this is just as we know how I want Ivan knew desperate for the rights to your new best buddy what are the challenges of a rookie manager you're a very young manager he took over the White Sox what what kind. Challenges that outscored you facing in his first year as a manager. Sure a great question. Requests out I was not a government not a second question I'll later on in the interview that's one thing we heard a lot last year. John Ferrell would say we got 25 leaders can and cannot really work or do you need a guy or two to really step up. Are you guys running game because that sets without some very important. I. Now on the tone it down Tony you know it's better then that's a great question. That's an important question is an important area that an important. Everybody that everybody in baseball is considering this question Ortiz who don't know he's he's buying you recite the team who'd Hussein didn't want you first came on and that's on his first interview with gland went like this. This question. I think this is coming to sit and I'll. I that's a tough question I've been asked since the since government of laws. And he got them speak at a glad he was brought up again it's very land Hannity Glenn. Kiefer madness is indicative of the madness. Right now. He feels very passionate owner should be fired he wrote a sign out there was. Said listen we got to be a little bit more careful what we say on the radio the real strong passion is. So that he was on bar stool radio Portnoy and other guys that huge thing. On club or you like yeah I'd much would it. Are executed of course because a lot of my arcs down he wolf gone org way to clone back when you count your enemies you know that they are conciliatory sympathetic or mid day host now making good progress. So immediately it's always like Saturday. There were battered like your feet if you want to work you know and is that working out Saturday and being out for you isn't it is that character now so it's like cartoons sparked worry about the most pathetic person I've ever seen in my life. Announced today there was little obviously islands off for a and the two he was it will respond a little bit. That. Did you ever I love this this whole lump. So curtain enhancing with them in nobody's making any money whatever it Kirk we are made a heck I don't know. Of what we were making in the field it's a fraction of that who. Who spends the or were equal wouldn't you go sniff. He vote because. I of them there are so it's getting bigger by the day and could possibly be part of the whole thing he has been aboard for five months. To be when you know more fifteen years and lower. Years. Mr. Moore and discredited. And he did a great job and I bet he does and it started in 95. I was noted that when he started the Mitchell and had a vibrant. As I had to be dead. And so. 95 that 2000. Yeah I definitely think it is more 96. Made art work. Around there a lot about it and roundup of don't I don't like it did that it was a very close to your team yet allows of them like clocked on the number one and we did have competition despite would lose it'll work on those guys they're they're talking over anyway but it Aetna lawsuit they've not been so distracted. It time for the I keep yes we do today we do that's an arena tonight on security and good margin rolled us over and Michael believes that god I'll what under the seven I don't hear that I had that this was. Again getting it going across the street talked about it yesterday that the FaceBook logic check out that yeah divers out of the way this is my favorites were part of the whole thing condensed down worried other. Radio host. Not from the sport stumbled from one of their current sister station. Pops out trying to. Look at the better for. Over one up I don't stop land. Okay. It's. An Angel. Michael Tucker from right and you're yeah. Absolutely. So lose at least not that the best part of the whole the whole have power boiled down to the other radio saying that it's matted and hand. And maybe get a temperature heads over to hit for them. And then it's a result of yeah. But not the. Yeah. Wanna know they. Yeah I. Okay back out. And we found out today I went as Carter's presidency it's worse than fifty points when he isn't really as simple answer to this twentieth place it's one. It's real. Did that help and make him a boost I don't know herald well. It's admitting it one other guys zero. One. Of the Christian couple walls. We're reliable affordable so scared of partly a couple of votes would watch out though black art look at Albert bell wants out. SP hanging out in the middle of the sports park. Don't know who's gonna drive the and hop are. After I. Like. It all. At. Five all he giving John that the market what a week. To week. I what is next we've got a very. I don't know we have David dunes today Clifford got this week he got patriots went I don't patriots win yet they're good I'll miss things about the Denver easy track. Yes. Yeah cover ten plus yeah yeah templates where he thinks that I think there. A flight are that's gonna do it for us they think Andy and Lucy ever think we will Tom attorney. Not a in the parking lot better. He's listened to keep that department hobby now gathered around to deposit at a time are the top right corner of the end for the police the two of us for the next hour we will all back together on Monday at 2 o'clock. We'll talk to them. I don't like your guys now I know those. I'm gonna point out next hour just what a fraud Michael Holley is a war. How will. That. How. Do you do.