The Celtics have no quit in them, and the great Bob Ryan calls in to talk hoops

Mut at Night
Friday, November 10th

Patrick Gilroy is in for Mut tonight and he's talking about the Celtics, who lost another key player tonight as Kyrie Irving left tonight's game with a possible concussion, but the team battled and kept in the game. Bob Ryan also joins to talk basketball and gives his thoughts on "Average Al".


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He's much at night on Sports Radio. We. If sports radio and WPI. Patrick Gilroy city and from like many has he might. Nobody joins us here at 61777979. B 37 takes the program 37937. To find me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops act. Gil relate. On hoops coming up in a little while basketball Bob Ryan will join the program until then more of your phone calls talking. New England Patriots football in the general apathy I think. That's surrounding this team and as they sorted embark on a key stretch of their season five of their next six games on the road. Headed to Denver for Sunday Night Football and then. They stay out on the West Coast before they make their way to Mexico so you know they're not gonna be home and in their own beds for a few weeks here although a lot more about this patriots team. Two weeks. From Sunday it is Sports Radio WEEI room for you at 6177797. 937 let's go back out to the phone's gonna Charlie Charlie's in the car Charlie your next appearance Sports Radio WEI. Am just trying to buy it through southern New Hampshire and outlets and via satellite you'd say I'm not. We should appreciate what's going on what is that you I appreciate Amanda elicit what we are southern New Hampshire are Ichiro. I travel a lot rule on outline. Of epic. I live in southern New Hampshire it's a wonderful place and hopefully that is one thing I know that there aren't a lot of drivers where you are right now so hopefully catch it here. I hoped this I'd say so what's on your mind anything else. Oh yeah I was gonna say like one he's we watched a team might well if it. But on the lot that first game action or that interest. I think it makes it more interesting they you know it's nineteen are always fun and it is it's something that we're. You know you go back ten years ago and as the winds continue to pile up the pressure also mounts on the team. The expectations mount on the fan base look. I have no problem with the steam losing that first game I have no problem with a mean six into right now I think there's something to be said for overcoming adversity before you go into the playoffs. Yeah. I mean look at you having fun watching this team with this team are you looking for Sunday night like what's your what's your gut feeling when it comes to watching the patriots are you excited. You are you as excited as you work years ago or has it become a little bit more apathetic for. I think probably the latter but I also recognize that. White folks in the other part of the country that. Sure listen Charlie I appreciate the phone calls go make some money with your over tonight it is Sports Radio. WEEI his room for you guys at 6177797. 937 let's stay with the phones could Jim Jensen Belmont to junior next up you're on Sports Radio WEI. I've I wanna partner quickly. Respond to your comment about. Well lo and you're here or pick it out and not around. Yeah it but listen I just wanna clarify it's not. It's not so much of fear of the future it's just that I think. That at this point when you combine the spectacle rob Lowe's gone and clearly. You don't say which you will Belichick clearly had trust in the rock below and and it had some scenario. In which the rappel was gonna be the heir apparent to Tom Brady writes an out route loans gone Brady's forty and Belichick is 65 I just think that for the first time in a long time. You can see a bit of an expiration date on the end this patriots run. You're Romania and dumped it outside. I go to a break yet we're all gonna like. Reality had don't know. I've got an old Derrick. But out in the right well I'm quarterback likable late oracle. Or are. You name I got wind through. What the bigger. That great turnout to go out. No you're right about that and and that's why when you have you know when you have a franchise quarterback when you have that guy right. You need to do everything in your power to keep that guy so ultimately. Jim I think the patriots did the right thing. Essentially deciding look we're gonna go all the entered a forty year old Tom Brady because to me he's that guy and drop below was the question mark guy. However. It was a good chance route below was gonna be a very good quarterback we sorry you last year we started exhibition games and I think he showed enough. To at least give the fans some semblance of confidence that when this run comes to an end with a Brady. You had somebody that you trusted. You know being your Erin Rogers the the next guy in your Ron Amadon the next guy that's what he was the the fan base and now he's gone. Well that week he was an opportunity. For young. Or their weight he'd been out one game that's really DV digital. I I agreed to do what a great old salt. Wonder there are not on the ground are and what they're picked up and at the right bank you'll. Listen I appreciate the phone called him don't be a stranger to the program you to buy it I think I think Jim brings up some good points right yeah absolutely does and there's no guarantee with anything in sports right there was no guarantee that when the Celtics traded the carrier thing. That he was gonna come here and be as good as he event. There's no guarantee that when the Celtics put the Big Three together ten years ago there middleweight championship there's no guarantee anything in life. There's no guarantee that when I get in the car tonight to go home then I'm gonna make it home successfully. And you know it's up to live that way but Alitalia. You look at this patriots team and you look it if you wanna play the odds the odds work but the odds still lock that would Belichick it's 65 and Brady at forty. That five years from now we're looking at a very different scenario and if you had that heir apparent if you had that idea you had confidence in moving forward. I think would all feel a lot different about how long this thing can go on four and no I don't think that when drop below. Took over or when he eventually took this thing over they would automatically be put back into. The Super Bowl conversation year in and year out like they are right now in order to get to the Super Bowl you gotta be a playoff team and I thought Rob Lowe was at least capable. Of keeping the patriots sniffing around the playoffs for the next decade or so it is Sports Radio. WEEI it's Gilroy in Vermont this room for you at 6177797. 937 let's stay with the phones go to 1010s in New Hampshire ten you're next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah I don't think should take my call at pleasant notes and human. Yeah I just wanna make a couple of points. As great as Brady is I think Belichick and and you know I sneak down. He has a back up plan for backup plan so. I think when he got rid of grapple. Yeah act like you've got to plan that you know went for backing up that land in. You know if you look it back when he channels coaching. He went external and then what do they do. It can't lift it back up at the back up a little bit you -- Belichick and his plans after the plans and I don't necessarily disagree. But you also said. When he got rid of grapple do you really think that Bill Belichick wanted to get rid of the route below I firmly believe that was a mandate they came down from ownership. No I I I don't think you wanted to get rid of them might just sleep debt. Grapple it and understand the team anyway. I mean they could have autumn about a year. But the money that would attic get spent I think it's not. It's a lot of it's about the quarterback I mean obviously. You know ya to pick one position on going to be a quarterback but. You know what about the achievement yet and I think that the culture at the rained I mean you know if you haven't average coach and Brees quarterback. I just don't hear many simple victories. And I think the patriots with their defense you know on paper. Sometimes it doesn't show up on the field but I allotted scheming. You know so I just feel like and yet yet another day. Really comes down that the coach and I like the this year at two. A welcome to win the super ball right now so I I just think that they have a really good second I think land throughout. And down on paper they actually are underachieving. In my in my opinion right now so I'll let you comment on that and thanks to Michael. It was again I appreciate the phone call don't be a stranger. To the program and that's a company guy right there good cricket could pretend right but the patriots are embarking in that the most critical difficult stretch of their regular season. Five of their next six games on the road starting at mile high this Sunday then they stay out west and play in Mexico. So their bodies are gonna be all kinds of screwed up by the time they get home I believe the elevation. And Mexico is even higher than it is in Denver so you hear a lot about the whole Denver elevation issue and I believe. I believe and all that the sixth grade social studies here and had maybe you can check on this but I believe the elevation in Mexico is higher than it is in Denver so. These aren't gonna be easy games at all for the patriots and you look at this a and you wonder with five of their next six games. On the road they've got to capitalize and win some of these games here they absolutely have to especially at six and two in a dog fight. But the number one seed in the AFC. Nearly 2000 feet higher than Denver look at that see that sixth grade six grade ms. greenhouse thank you so much look. You know that and that's the thing we don't hear about that will hurt a lot about the patriots going to Mexico. But we haven't. Really heard a lot about the fact that it's gonna be taxing on their bodies hopefully going to Denver. Hope prepare them for what their bodies are gonna face when they go to Mexico but we hear so much about how difficult it is to play in the thin air in Denver. Yet with that the patriots are going to Mexico where the air is even thinner hasn't come up not even in one single solitary conversation we had a little bit of time here let's go back out to the phones. Go to him squeeze and intends in the car Tim you're next up here on Sports Radio WEI. All you know I live in the green Tim object that you back it up the last guy. As good Brady is. Telecheck is the case. Yeah saw you know the whole trust they'll. They're brandy bought that is career what they'll tell Jack. The greatest receiver history. You look at Ellen you look at quarterback. Pallet Jack. Under braking you know. Option and they went somewhere else they were out they were either not then. Or you know a little better than. No you're you're right that's it that's a great point because you think about the year the Brady went down with a neat. And that Cassell looked like he was going to be a more than capable NFL quarterback for a long time and look at what I him. I. Now you're right you're right listen I appreciate I appreciate the call men and you know it's one of these things where. There's no right answer is just a good conversation to have. Because we we're just such a spoiled fan base here and we are in the end look I don't think that's and knocked on the fan base at all I just think that. It's natural raw human beings there's been a tremendous amount of winning here over the last eighteen years sixteen years whatever it is. And becoming apathetic is a product of all the winning it's been refreshing to hear the last few callers that are genuinely excited about the here and now. And that's great because so many of us get wrapped up and caught up in what the future's gonna bring in Heidi keep this thing rolling and we were all guilty of it in every team tries to do it. Q what was the one knock you go to the cell trait you think about. The the Big Three that Danny Ainge brought in ten years ago Paul Pierce Ray Allen Kevin Garnett what was the one knock on that from day one. You listen that there's some of these people out there to pretend to know what they're talking about it was that is the championship window. Was incredibly small it was tight they had to win. Nearly right away you heard Doc Rivers talked about this keeper Danny Ainge talked about this and they got lucky winning in that first year but the plan. Was to win in year one or year two had to be. Remember Doc Rivers that year that first year he took the whole team overseas to them to your to go to Rome for training camp. And that was the message that he delivered was that time is not on our side. So the one knock on that team from a fan's perspective was that they didn't get to enjoy that team long enough the window was too short. And that's why this edition of the Celtics would there. Three main stars Horford being 31. I re being 26 and Heyward being 27. You coupled them with guys like Tatum who's nineteen and Jalen brown who's 21 fans are legitimately excited because for the first time in a long time. The Celtics have an opportunity to pop open extended. Window of dominance and Colin Cowherd on at this one the other day. Said that the Celtics were going to be the next patriots they were going to be the patriots all of the NBA. Everybody's always trying to be better for tomorrow and the patriots had been the best at trying to be better for tomorrow state great today. But stay in the conversation for years to come that's how the always operated in Foxboro under telecheck under the craft ownership. And for the first time in a long time. They sent to hell with tomorrow we're gonna worry about today and and today there's not going to be too many two days left. So my only message here is for people to get excited about this game this weekend enjoy this six and two patriots do not. Beat these negative because they lost two games it's it sounds so childish of you guys and it sounds like we're such spoiled little children. No they're not gonna be perfect this year so help I'm not dialed in the way you Julian that calls still is ringing in my head. And I know more you guys feel that way I I can tell I talked to you guys all around the country and it's one of those things where. If you're not from new England and you hear new englanders talk about it. And it drives you absolutely crazy it is Sports Radio. WEEI it's Gilroy in a four mutt we come back we'll talk the basketball Bob Ryan about these very Boston Celtics. The currently trail the Charlotte hornets seventy to 58 write your Sports Radio WEI. Sports Radio WEEI. Patrick Gilroy city and for Mike might ask you this evening. They can you guys have until 10 o'clock number to join us here 617. 7797. And 9372 takes the program 37 and 937. You find me on Twitter at. Gilroy on hoops act Gilroy on hoops and while I consider myself a basketball. Aficionado I am nothing. When compared to the next guy we're gonna have on the program from ESPN from the Boston Globe. And now from Bob Ryan's Boston podcast available on seal on his radio and on iTunes Bob Ryan Bob thanks for I've taken a few minutes tonight I really appreciate it. Ya gotta do applaud right nobody does anything. At a I think you would be corrected me so look I know doesn't look good for the Celtics tonight but I got to ask you right at the top you're this this ten game winning streak. And getting contributions from so many young guys and when's the last time you Sar team reel off something like this wall guys like semi go to lake and heists are out there giving this team meaningful minutes. There really is no parallel in my 848. Years experience watching the team but the closest possible thing being. Back in 197071. Date talents as a rookie year. They went off at ten games streak in November and December that. Set up it was at a 44 wins season which we were looking for expecting. And there and it's 7073 they started this season and then go on route to a 68 win season but. By that time it was a that you they were pretty well settled at. So the closest thing you'd have to go back but even that team and 7071. Yes I talents as a rookie and and gentle way was young and done Cheney was young and keep diversity. But there were some guys in have a six hitters and Nelson but that that's something to do it too so well. But this this youth oriented. And I includes I recently 25. Run as very impressive. And that was by my one fear going into the season and before that Hayward injury you knew the Celtics who going to be. Top heavy talent lies with their Big Three or four effort Hayward in tight re it was the the veteran pieces that we're no longer gonna come off the bench and you didn't know. What we're gonna get from from the rest of these guys and three lion these young players I think it was a calculated risk on Danny's part so far through twelve games. It seems that paid off. Yeah no question and the peoples of middle of that says. Second semi owes Oates you know allegedly he. He's somebody that's the most had no idea about and yet silly. No idea bout but the other says young guys who developing. Some Smart. Keeps getting better though if everybody stereo a terrible shooting night tonight. But it's what keeps getting better road here there's a guy that I know they like they'd love to speed they liked him as a rookie. Maybe didn't progress as quite as far last year is they thought they that he you can see what they see in him out this year. So. And that and then brown I love brown and and locate them because is a great Pickens. There's just and it and so yes those those really they're really young guys says and just never again that this does support. Is in this Fortier is that he's that great beard of the kitchen toward history. They can just just for frame of reference to people so used to these guys in 192020 when you assault. In the old days. It was so different when they were for your college players Larry Bird turned 23 at December 7. 196979. Excuse me his rookie year was 23 years old. As a rookie and that's what is a four year veteran at 23 and that's the way to turn does that kind of BAT's states. And the Celtics are gonna have to make a difficult decision on markets mark following the season they they failed to extend him going into this season so now he will enter restricted free agency in this new NBA we're guys they kill you clinical worth fifty million dollars so I'm glad you brought up. Smart and rosier in my mind anyways. That's sort of the choice that the Celtics left to make between the two I'm not sure that there's a mathematical way. That you can hold on to both of them end pay Horford and pay hi re in a couple years in less you Bob because you know this as well as anybody is there a way we can pull it all off and paid a mall. Now if it's it's quite ably backed Lisa Detroit Pistons did you take any when any age is on record. It's saying he was just this group agreed to losing Bradley if you questions and comments which by the way I suspect. Rankled Thomas. I think that may have a little bit something about this my did you like Thomas went off about the and it's your feet because I didn't get that full respect and and that that he thought deserved by the having that he created him. So there won't be decisions and that's the way the world and and and and all sports including baseball it doesn't have a salary cap that would set the luxury tax which is a very. Ominous thing for a lot of people all four majors all of our four major sports have. Tout his salary is limitations and capabilities amiga and the restrictions and and and always invariably there are decisions is teams must make hard when some people once. We seen these salary explosions in the NBA before Bob hey you know when guys that are average players getting above average contracts it's been going on in the NBA for. But 34 years now is the cap continued to rise this year it finally went down. I'd like two million dollars is this sustainable or we gonna be facing a lockout indoor strike at some point here in the foreseeable future. It's always. Is that. Possible that one thing about the NBA is that there as a posted NFL for example and and even baseball. There are. It's excellent general relations between labor and management. Adam silver and and Roberts missed the the new. Has its association. And established a personal rapport. And and that's very important you don't have beat these these basic contentiousness that has permeated so many. Previously that management negotiations in him in American sports. Doesn't mean that so something can change between them but yes it's possible. But it's is that it. It's always it's. Sooner or later it's gonna happen it certain owners are gonna feel that they don't wanna pay him. In Russell and so forth but the NBA issues set up to try to avoid chaos I think right now. It's Sports Radio WBI's Patrick Gilroy sitting in from Eichmann and ski on the phone with us right now. From Bob Ryan's basketball Boston podcast Bob Bryan it's available on iTunes stitcher. And silliness radio and Bob I don't know if you follow along here on EEI and on the other station during the week that there's been a heated debate in recent weeks. Over Al Horford and Lou Maloney brighter up and it's sort of take on late in the zone. He nicknamed. Al Horford averaged out I happen to think that Al Horford is one of these guys where you know the numbers don't tell the complete story in your mind. You look at Al Horford is is he more of a piece of the contender or or is he legitimately a great player. It's time for Lou Maloney who I like and it ended and considered to be different as too fast so. What we're wrong we're wrong that you couldn't be more I mean. It's what I was watching in these in these first ten games to happen they. I think he's an acquired taste it takes a while. He isn't flashy he's not gonna scored 25% of the 2518. Games but guess what it might be 81511. Eight game that turns the tide is an end and end. Keeping an offensive play going and setting the proper pick and pitching the ball to the right guys the right time and it quite propitious moment of the game and doing quite defensive move device and it's. If they constantly smartly smartest play until there is Smart thing to. What that's what they're out there is is the most touted this type you're in the small. I. Oh. All over again they are so happy they're getting everything out of and the expected. And and I don't know what people don't understand it now they should mean at this point in time that should understand. IE it's it's simply a matter box scores ready to if you don't watch the game and you look at the box score I can understand why when you look at the 27 million per year in UC twelve and seven. Why you be disappointed what what you don't know is in my mind is there's there's there's a direct correlation Bob between the fact that Isiah Thomas and Kelly Olympic. And dad. Jae Crowder all had career years from beyond the arc last year with the Al Horford they're delivering a basketball. This a lot of reasons that's right the very good point and he is just stayed very good basketball player. Assist cities is different type of the major start at the major story he is. You look at the Celtics team now there in the midst of trying to make a run Celtics trailing Charlotte 7774. I'll tell you it tonight was another difficult night for the Celtics carrier thing. Went down with what the Celtics are calling concussion like symptoms they haven't as far as I know diagnosed him with a concussion yet let's assume he's been costs that was a nasty hit. One thing you gotta love about this team Bob is their fight and their heart that was the one worry I think fans had going into this season. Every Brad Stevens led team going back to the 25 win team from four years ago. It has been known for delivering fight and heart and a 100% effort this year with the top tier talent I'm not sure fans knew what to expect. This year it in your opinion. Deed that they have the same fight and heart because I'm seeing it every night. You're seeing at the moment as we speak they were down eighteen based on policy apart terribly they had one. Field goal in the first six minutes of the game which was a goal and that they did not actually had legitimate best in the first six minutes of the game they never let it get out of hand. They continued to scrap they say. Showing harder down by three now so in my mind right now I'm happy. Win or lose yet one win of course you know to launch cease and don't fret if they don't they approve it something again tonight without without. A corporate with Al. I can't we Irving they are doing it again and and that that's attribute to a lot everybody involved which starts with. But to cut the Indians who got these players in the coaches coaching them up in these guys excellence and grit and is that really likable team. Really really likable and dissident. Well if they win this so it would from the palisades how to best win of the year yelled out of you know we did at that when it's Antonio. But that this is a wonderful. Effort right now they shout into the already. You know if you if you have any kind of a common sense and and and sensibility YouTube you'll love this team just tonight the wicked. Bigger picture stuff here Bob before you Johnny here. Less Hayward for the entire season what's now the ceiling that you've seen this game for new scene for twelve games it was a ceiling is here. Celia. I I don't know what to look at peace now we have one assumption we must make. We know I can't bring myself to believe that Cleveland is gonna state is that they don't know their last in defense stiffened to give it points given up the list all the metrics are on defense. Which is why there are five and seven assists like a begins. They. They're gonna get better than I have to admit I just other than that who took that there's nice cadence of Atlanta's nice watching this nice shallow it's nice. Law owns that and busted. With a lot of effort that we could put out without adequate for what we've seen already I eight. Think they can they can go and and and play in the Eastern Conference finals the very least with this team they have right now I would say expect it but I wouldn't be surprised. Looking at the drop off that Cleveland's getting from Jae Crowder as far as production goes the Cotter that we saw here in Boston last few years vs the prouder that they've got in Cleveland right now. Does that speak to that the coaching in the celtics' ability to put these guys in their best position to succeed because that guy looks lost out there. I say when are maintained. That. One thing he's gonna find out. And and admitted he's completely focused look at what he's gonna have a confirmed through the looking forward to will be confirmed he didn't know we will find out QB coach better and he's been coached in India. I won't say Tabasco give a play fort but he did put relationships she's only eleven game. Faxes. So I won't go crazy here it's safe to best coaches ever played for. But he too is better coach in the NBA that it play for no offense silos and nice solid as a coach is confident. Average at best NBA coach Stevens is better. And Penn State so I think that it's safe statement that when you go from Boston exit Cleveland's. You're going backwards and going down and because of coaching it's no coaching our ability. Last one for me Bob do you expect the Celtics to use that eight point four million dollar injured player exemption. Expect I say I'm on the percentage chance. This silly they're going to be in a position to solidify themselves in and then and nailed down. Of one or two seats at that time. I'd say it's about a 75% chance. There it is Bob I appreciate you you joined the program and tell everybody out there once again how to get your podcast. Well you talked from everything and all the conventional ways people sitting at the podcast that instituted iTunes does feel that's. Just go online on that bot this go Bob Ryan blossom podcast that you can you confided that late. And thank you for doing units and a lot of finite kind of retreat this a year ago at this time. That was not part of my life. It was bought and in my life and on the they have it has been. So we're all happy and has been the more Bob Ryan that we get the better Bob I appreciate you taking a few minutes and and join the program and hopefully the Celtics pull this thing out tonight. Terry goes we need an absolute legend Bob Bryan. You guys don't from the globe you know from ESPN and now. He does a weekly podcast available for download on CL a S radio is sealed as media dot com. ITunes and stitcher it's Patrick Gilroy in from like minutes each room for you at 6177797937. Radio W yeah. Particularly sitting in for Mike what is the final segment here. 6177797937. That's the number to join us here in this is going to be a challenge of my. Radio hosting skills here a minute try to keep an eye on the Celtics game is this is that is awesome and entertaining of a comeback. As you'll ever see and when you take into consideration. The fact that I every Irving went down early on in this game the Celtics are already without Al Horford they're already. Without Gordon Hayward Marcus Morris went down with a injury at one point in his game and now they're storing storming back against the Eastern Conference. Oh I guess in Charlotte's a middle of the pack team in the Eastern Conference that come all the way back from eighteen down to take a three point lead with three and a half minutes left. In the game and it's been done by the young guys they you've got guys out there that you don't expect on the floor in the fourth quarter of a tight game. Just playing balls out defense. And really putting all out there and it's a great learning experience right now. For Jason Tatum and Jalen brown and even a deli chain market is out there right now being a key contributing player. In the celtics' comeback to win or lose tonight Celtics looking for the eleventh consecutive win they've already won in my opinion. Because they prove something to themselves and it proved something to the city to. You know winning ten games in a row they did arrest on their laurels they did it say OK you know we once had a rope. Our our our guy Tyree went down it's okay that's a couple lost tonight and move on this the team that plays a part. And that is the definition that is the hallmark of the Brad Stevens. Led team saw try to keep you guys updated as we wrap the program up here Celtics are in commercials look great time to go back to the patriots. Let's go back go to the phones let's go to Andrew Enders in April entry next up here on Sports Radio W yes. It was going on on the game on obvious that any stream that. Talking to you watch and it's not the well ball the real and I love it is already figured out what I witnessed the Celtics game real quick I think this shows that the game has you know. I take that ball and drag in the war. And Eugene that's a lot but went into the Celtics with a that performance of mean. The defense they're playing an incredible than senator nine point without a couple of their key starters. There's just game were you when you watch like it came at some balls autumn and it's great to me early on. I tell you what after watching I sat at a bar last night before I came in here to do late night and I watched the end that the Cleveland Houston game. And watching that vs watching this is two entirely different they should just play towns on the floor that Cleveland Houston game but there's something to be said for the energy in the passion and just the electricity to the Celtics team is played with all season long not just tonight. But all season long this is just another extension of what we've seen here over the last ten games. Albert and LeBron it's our last. Yeah he's our equivalent yes awesome are a great Watson to the culmination of the it is the play before that. Win Jae Crowder missed an opportunity grabbed a rebound and give Cleveland a shot to go back to take the lead and then LeBron getting stuff. That that 12 punch was perfect form for me was like poetry for me. I've tweeted that I tweeted. When crowd of every garment that guy you gotta get that rebound yikes I hurt me than them losing the game. I did exactly how it would have been blocked part of the Internet in public in the law could just let you know what's so. On the five and seven that's obviously great. You know with you fundamentals that. Alba gonna love it I mean he played great last year on gauntlet down and I think he played on I've with a fractured ankle also can ask that you and and you know he was a warrior looked at last year and academically and decide what in a couple of injuries. And I think that what I want and better last year than put up thirty point gain when they were together on the you know great development settlement but I didn't change you have. OK so nasty that maybe you you're obviously all in on the on the Bennett train here but let me play devil's advocate here when you you look at his instead Graham today and you read what he had to say this guy was seemingly days away. From shutting it down for the season and having rotator cuff surgery and potentially retiring that's what he said he was gonna do after Aaron Rodgers went down seal the guy that mentally checked out ready to retire. And then ready did to shut it down for the season. With the rotator cup and get surgery. So high you go from that age mentality and be that physical place to a point where you come to new England and Andrew you expect him not only to be contributing player. But to bring some of that same. Sort of electricity to the football field that he brought last year I don't see how that's possible. I've been hastily made no sense he said that he wanted to get surgery and you wanna have seen it and I was practicing with the patriots and all continents south. Either with a guy like senate reconcile Cory Dylan there you know a lot of guys like that when you put seven. The right system where. You know you have got that thing inside of them they can't screw up. And they have no choice but you know all the program there are certain that the swiping only system that they could provide them they're so I've been in this spot. I think that it wasn't of that category which is why I like it considering all of that. The senator I appreciate the phone call obviously don't be a stranger to the program on shall talk to you at some point. Next week here Andrews one of these guys that calls and each and every night loved it takes that he brings it like he just gave us a piece of gold on the out on the audio there are so hopefully patio gets that. I tell you what tonight Jason Tatum. Getting a lesson in NBA rookie he's really learning on the fly tonight. Not getting the calls that he feels like he should be getting making the right plays going to the basket clearly getting frustrated out there but this is how. NBA rookies learn and this is how they get better and this is what makes them great eventually down there in the closing moments of a great comeback. Getting the ball nineteen years old the Celtics have gone to him on now three consecutive plays to try and score any finally does and that's. The confidence in himself that you have to love. And he's showing people right now. That Paul Pierce comparison the longer he plays the more teams you see him play and you can see why. The scouts the experts the people that know more about this game and I do. Looked at call here's looking to a case and Tatum and said that that is the most likely comparison. That's the guy that's his ceiling and it Paul Pierce is paid in sealing the the Celtics hit an absolute home run with this guy. But you have to load be on the basketball skills. Is the fact that mentally at nineteen years old not only is he OK with taking big shots and making big plays he. Asking for the ball he's demanding the ball at nineteen years old. You know mentally this guy I think is so far ahead of where he is physically and that's a scary thought for the rest of the NBA. And you have to wonder what it seem like the Philadelphia 76ers were thinking what they were wondering here. It going out there and in drafting marked helpful to not only that. Giving the Celtics to the monster asset as well it looks like Tatum is going to be the stud of this draft a lot of talented players came out this draft. If you watch the kings last night the air for deer and fox without their heated game winner. These guys are all they're playing very very well but nobody playing in my opinion as a rookie better than Jason Tatum and again you gotta love the fact that he's learning on the fly here he's got to make mistakes. He's absolutely got to turn the ball over he's gonna do too much he's gonna go up there and make mistakes but that's okay. Because it just shows that he's not afraid and again it's the mat it's the mental side of the game. They get to these youngsters the physical stuff we'll catch up Tatum will get stronger. He will become a better overall basketball player. But mentally he's forty so far ahead. Oh where he should be at nineteen years old if your Celtics then that's what you have to be excited about we saw that time for one more here let's go back out of the phones. Go to brought Bronson middle laurel brought to get wrapped things up Europe Sports Radio W yeah. I have read your own unit was a rock. I I beg in the wake native on playing this year I can't wait to see him in the next we have brokered. He did not look like a freshman at all it looks like someone in their second or third year is so much more polished than a lot of people in this class and I think it'd make it looks so much smarter at least that he would have taken them. Whether you have the first regular. Nobody believes that before they saw Tatum play but now that you've seen Tatum play for 1213 games. And mean absolutely I believed any 100%. Oh yeah and and I I completely agree and I actually especially the way the and had been number one and two breaks that or doubt it should. Late the last caller said it. It now expect the active case that unless it's great. Absolutely is and it watching Jason Tait and watch him grow before our eyes. Is awesome and you're absolutely right rocket I appreciate the phone call they'll be history and the program you're absolutely right watching tabled the next two or three years. It's gonna be as enjoyable as well because this guy it's clear if you're if you're a basketball fan you're NBA fan. It's clear that that he's got all the tools in the tool belt and he's mentally he's got a doll there as well. Physically you know this of work that needs to be done you'll see him put on some weight. You'll see those arms not be so toothpick looking. You will you look at that the maturation of G of the Brown's body from last year to this year. DK did it into the NBA with the NBA ready body last year but you look at this year just one year end. You look at the difference you'll see that Jason data as well and then the rest of the league really needs to watch out because this kid has got every tool in the tool belt and the Celtics. Are lucky to have them this has been Sports Radio WEEI thanks to Mike men and speak for allowing me to sit in this chair tonight they could patio for producing everything. Behind the glass my name is Patrick gill royalty back would you guys next week until then enjoy the weekend everybody CF.