Bradfo Sho, Ep. 51: Hot Stove (Show) Drama

The Bradfo Sho
Friday, November 17th

In the most in-depth (longest) podcast in Bradfo Sho history, Rob Bradford, Pitcher Nick (Friar) and Kerosene Ken (Laird) take a deep dive into the controversies involving WEEI's Hot Stove Show, Pitcher Nick's history of dating beauty pageant contestants, Kerosene Ken's bucket list and, of course, the current state of the Red Sox' offseason.


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That road show. That's my open definitely promised voters that might help. Query where you felt I hit it. Brad vote show. That's delicious. We took the week off last week the for various reasons I had to get ready to go to Orlando for the GM meetings and and I was lazy I distant one Hewitt and I also been feeling I just I need the week off in pitcher nick years sitting. He was very understanding not in my play last week and then I had a big week coming up in muted. Derby a whole lot more to talk about once I got back Moreland in the GM meetings. So nick thank you for your patience thank you for your understanding thank you for Euro hospitality perfect thank you for everything thank you for being. You know rabbi do that I can't I don't know about this I patient but I know that he said he came across that way I was trying I know you're busy manually you have to go draft for that media football game that. Somehow I wasn't invited to even though I was partly would have been the best out of their car it was the most random. Random sort of list of people initially now we he had mutt. Notes in my my it's not a it's not a good quality by the way. And I haven't sinned and we talked about on the hot so okay that's what they say get notes in its like all the ball back early this. I'd never that notes in a good thing your made up for another area yeah I guess I need to make up for January's works. So anyway people of people don't know we had a media football game finally part Jason master products was used very very that it's a lot I was the quarterback and knows that excellent I had a difficult time with these zone defense in the 21 yard wide field. Com by any I don't wanna talk to. But my other say this I drafted but I it was a bad pitch out of the studio after a hot that the assets of with anyway so we're gonna have it in two. All pivot into the actual meat and potatoes of what were about the the baseball in the hot stove season and all of that part of that was we at odds though so I go back. From Orlando went like football game went the studio to do show last night. And might start software news. Where is the oh you called in the night before terrible. Terrible rated him like no wasn't right I know I don't. And I said to him at the time like mark to think for yourself don't try to be placating someone all the time. Yeah like in knows that that was perfectly fine you heard it right yes yes if I ever and I were talking and we're there with the off the dark joke and your part of it was fun at us and while I was doing these past few trying hard and but it's so distinct yourself so that was part of the hot stove show we come on the view Austin so easily with terrible you know once or I don't know if you don't the noses Watson but it's like. Mutt just think for yourself lead to nine it's the test the morning so our American morning show and everything. That I mean honestly why would I be honest Brett I try to tell that right there beat yourself. You know that's a good spot I've talked about a party spin and all with its regular. Yeah tiny radio and and so we get the hot stove show. In kerosene and kerosene and with these starving there's yet it aired it very docile months ago that he's going to be doing a later in this podcast you appeals to do. He's very very busy man but he's going to be coming in for the podcaster drop some of these. Flaming pie Red Sox off season. Which got him the name of kerosene is there a better now Mike about it ULA pitcher neck and my candidacy that is. That seemed to and is significantly better than pitcher nick I give credit are gonna have taken up there on the show comedian Colin. Now he's out of this hour that if he didn't mean if the values he has if Coco in his living room it's not as the isn't quite working and by. Anyway it's a Dick opt in with on the hearts of so much bizarrely you know student now Ken Murray and our cars we drive away yes that's it no can't you 2 o'clock. I am were going your your normal spotted eight to ten on Tuesday race. Okay you go home I'll start finals no way no one rule of wholesale drug I'll do NFL and of your pay grade I'll start doing a high level sub amnesty today are racing and the NFL I would say no I'm not getting please ago. We're good thank you guys were excellent tonight analyst Eric you have regular. The that was that was told him more to I mean I understand that they needed of them outrage music attendance proper job within mourning the it was the Regis machine. Totally totally called for a as it gets sketchy. Well I are always on fumes I'll be the first to admit I was hired yesterday it was at a flight sonic but you fine it's fine though. So. Not at the end of it shows it and in Kansas leaving in robs going to be here and I'm like I am because youth is today as de Villepin tomorrow you Tuesdays and Wednesday. I would be happy to have the media here to help right and you offer just I always said. And I said no I he's like in heat at all like this about it though. So that it became this thing of like I don't want you Iowa might models to if you don't want to talk about that you can't argue about it. I don't basin full baucus my does so well. Eloquent and important this show started out the hearts of show started out with my trying to placate the morning show and in mind. How to do in the same thing like that they. Much outrage at the outrage in is totally awards again legacy I don't personally to Kenya when Justin have an understanding what was going on not a big deal by the way you keep me I could stay there forever I would use that stat. Mean I don't care but tell me what to do. I'm I would sit there till two boarding a tag the big bad Mallard might want to open by. I know designers stay around I was rag and I was on you by Wednesday if you wanted to because I know. As I heard driving home I don't think he took one call. And he's talking about I don't know what his doctor about. It was it he's talking to himself. But that hey listen whatever it gold deal within the next hot stove show always Wednesday night's I think from eight to nine. So that is that is always good lead in to this rapper show which we have been doing. Throughout the off season leading for your weekend listening pleasure which actually. I started doing now a little bit more I wasn't a big podcast guy in the weekend is that people running an actress. That's what it listen their hour and a half podcast I wasn't really that guy into comic of the must be a reason people that you work with trying to be out. Now I like your network attorney as you know for a year yeah I know I like attorney personally to go right right provides us a bolt actually much like ma. I'm honest I'm modest about my problems with the people yes star Mo mutt you're trying to placate. A couple people write and Randy your name is on the show. So there for the show and more than 50% of the time like you came in that one time ever and I get on Avant Avant relic. For not being invested in the show that he's supposed to be a part of lit a fire under his antlers he was on the overview is -- he was doing all he didn't watch something went column Gregor only physical it was a fight yet on the McGregor I'm sorry about it yet Carter Gregor Hawaii is so. All of that. So you I called UK mean you get under you what you said. I got there faster calling on the golf course Reuters I got their powers are cushion it Eric kerosene pitcher nick yes exactly so I appreciate that our incumbents front ought what is investment exactly. Tennis trainers are showing up likeness in regular frustrating for a vote do curling in. Whatever than the on the radio with two mosques here you're whoever yet. So it's go to the Boston as human science is not pass up on that in these little lucrative taken pictures where there is some it's which did actually they are yes yes Netscape. Yes so that's our very honestly you know. It was very knowing when she was Chiming in on that and will we did we get to the bottom of this as it was therapeutic she said the reason why I was talking so much is because I'm a woman and I feel like I have to talk more than the man what's. What ever been that's I can't tell ya ya I'll give you this to rob you you know you don't you don't you don't you don't TDs on training and I feel like a lot of people when I was there in the clubhouse slot that when yards with Comcast. Would take it he's an honor I'd never partially tried taking these country kids. She's like anybody else in I mean I feel tired I called her mom in the clubhouse consumers tsunami for being a millennial lord ever. And everybody looked in the call option nick just caller to call mom you know like get over its slow out of the music question Jerry's easier car. Right Gerri is definitely easier on her but then again went Kirk goes carted her when she's not there she always kind of go soft when she quench comes back and is nice and just admits to in and he. How has that element that no matter what you gonna have a hard may be Jerry thinks this way by he's a hard time. Being like he would beat other people because she's a woman and that's just the reality maybe that's not made this year. Yeah back your mind but I did you visit I would gentlemen. Let's get well yes you certainly weren't a top pat asked got a month. But I've I'm looking at what I would obviously when we're museums science and I'm just talking. Two Friday and she's on the show would be in the are subject which I talked about the beat before that bothered me about what she was doing. That is what I'm going to leave it right and it's going to be like Evan Velika city and that's it maybe. I haven't Evan is on a different lol yeah reaction that would cap on Iowa I put my net day he said he would really close to walking out we got to that point we got on Natalie they can't do that on the morning ads yet so it would by the way they said that where the third highest rated show them it's it's damp it's the producers. Weekend show us fall that's also at that minute handset that way then when he missed pronounce my name it's have a name with a ten prior went with this fire. Recently. It would have been last Friday at night falls a thing for me to call and it's this fall so what are we right now. Outward number two OK we're behind Kirk's podcasts. Are heard he was singing generally and higher than the regular programs show was. He said it was the morning show he then said it was the weekend a producer shell. In the end that it was us we were the I strapped Russia instead of the putting us ahead of his I'll still there okay Kyra yes that they're now exactly yes there yet at that and I we've talked a lot of blow up ecology Kevin Spacey by the land OP know that YE. Because you're taking you're helping me out because I'm younger individuals they claim that I was 1213. Mutt is want to talk when he has the body of a twelve or thirteen year old and inherently obvious yes seven year old the not he got a much that's going to have an easier. Anyways I don't want pecan mutt too much everybody does it very easy to do that but not yet been on yes the rate we are being honest but. And yet they submit your Connolly Kevin Spacey units and I can confirm that I'm not maybe you advances to. Well I was gonna see at least ask for you make the advances but you know the Woods Hole that you said that's fine in the. Somebody posted. Sony posted a picture of the the Christian bales gain some weight for his role didn't. As a relative draft well like I've not a good argument I got Bihac city like because Christian Bale. Started today and it sets a a Steve your level like he's like a semi average mean you know and you know I get is offseason I'm gonna get going here are gonna you know. A full boss capacity in you know 2% body fast rate right around the corner that's again get a beer without attained the Christian bell great actor I mean got he sort of person mile from the team I been asked all. Here is nestled add to ask ideally I think they'll route now because it's that'd be looking over your so did you think he loves himself beta I'll get by talk until the all time Bryant speaking of the speaker loving themselves. You before we get the Red Sox offseason to. View and also we sentinel last podcast that you dated miss Massachusetts Hewitt and ominous NASA Houston right right before we went on the air here or who had said. Then you have also needed another. Yes and in mean so mr. masters in the Miss America pageant. I'd also dated amiss mean from the miss international pageant which I hadn't had never heard of before but I guess there for its miss USA. Miss America miss international and that was with me even invited to the mr. new national passionate beyoncé. That's that's. It's it's a good might be some states how he misses that you did rob mister Bradford. I missed oil welcome. But yes I have yes that was the that was the a couple of years ago I was. After his Massachusetts idea decided at a mark on an upgrade or not but she would post being missed me. So I have one that was prima fascia and most missed me let herself go and not all in all Sheehan who's up who is better look you missed Massachusetts missed. Tough one. That they're obviously both very attractive. With prince grasp what you meets the most I would probably saying. And mists. Best tests willing Augustus. I'll say it not not that arrived at the film but we all look at the physical appearance that's what I arts for I parts of law among other things have spoken you know expect. You heard mr. bring us right when it comes to miss Maine I like her face in new mismatches I'm on her. It's more equitable Smart individuals and I honestly mean at pebble. I think I would be missed main. Somebody in the business and our business actually knows this meaning that at this particular missed mean in sets up. In Iowa edit it. As entitled to free in Portland on a date weather submit news within two years. Our Sunday morning radio show in governance. She hopes he lets his option to the province of which most of this stuff it would legit podcast includes the podcast page that is very high rated podcast from a thank you very much but I'm invested in this one and that's. But I'm here I enjoy working what you. I know you do. Kerosene can one Cisco agreed kerosene and he's taking a sweetest time with Promos are now you want like that socket socket com yeah he loves to all god yeah he would likely sites that you did Beckham across last night in the hot stove show or just a sign Wednesday night the cost of joke. Mean when would we started off and I we could've gone down that road of Mott while you're trying to make you want to be yourself to. Up front like the other people in their last presidency terrible phone hit. I'm myself and what for what. It was bad for now without them up for fifteen that was it went to what do those elements should admit its peril because the B rob these terrible because of being secured yourself Harrell because of me an analyst at and ask you follow up question why should have committed twelve it was fine it would not victors are will be secure or in this yourself now there is Israel's latest on this new month of like rob wearing our bottles of the stuff prepped I'm not I'm not I read about it here we are talking about the reality of that call in about baseball classic. Ken could jump in and and poke the bear little bit yes it is I mean here. Razor sharp intensity. When it came in the offseason he was ready to you know rated talk about base we can cares about it I think that's why you know when many hang criticized two talk sports news is oral care about it we'll certain people you can tell that they don't care. Listen to who cares about is quite as well sports and some people it's like. They don't necessarily the other problem the problem is it is wins sometimes like for. Like Lou right he. Youth baseball. He's written and then dives in the baseball on the other team yet Lou yeah oh yeah you Lou you know it's not really conversation and that's terrible for me anyway. When it's not a conversation when it's Jeff I'm gonna go on my diatribe my rant and the other people don't really care about it it's sort of like you know. We've seen this a lot with Ellie argues governor as the example. Ever in airless and him would mop given nights he doesn't rain competed Brighton and understandably so right. And so but that he talked to a baseline you can tell I wanted to arm based market talk about it forever but that you want to OK the stock both Celtics in the if you can tell all eleven yankees club and went and probably am but with a lot of people I mean this is the biggest don't wanna talk about it's like. Like the other guys these guys Glenn and Christian when baseball comes up it's the same thing bulls lakers almost leaves the math emperor entertainment segment. That is entertaining don't get me wrong when it comes based artists like it is not what you could tell it for me it's this is Howard yes it and that's one of the reasons why I think the view of that show. Actually. Another another another show on talk about the positives of the Tibetans everywhere. All right this is an hour has a deep dive into it like Rio arguments about whether or not we should bring on guests too by the way you think we should bring on late we have aghast. When you think we should bring on aghast it depends on the guest is okay pitcher nick from the brattle podcast. But like today are you an example Augusta the one that's not always rails on as Michael called back having Michael cope. And man. And he didn't give it chance from the get in my point was this guy was jets traded for Chris. This guy is in the news this guy is a lot of people were talking about it and I'm not stinky tomorrow for fifty minutes by market talk to home for five minutes if you know which is what we ended up doing. And also. Now you have some sort of publicity for your show and that the hot stove show and a BI at 11 o'clock at night at Michael Culp back on. And it serves a purpose with here's what they have now with a Michael Caltech. I'd interest it's at least tune in and trying you know listen when you guys still on. But then it cope exit Dodd and then turn off that as absolutely I'm not gonna give him it's it's like a man of the people like give them at least a little bit its its title. Listen in young people well and we also had GM so I remember going back. Jason Wolfe as a program to redo and I think he. Yet John gain on taxes and there was something there was something Red Sox related ID Ellsberg the electorate for Ellsbury is something that as of yet and so we had a mind in Jason mostly no one around here wants to hear from and I'm like yeah they'd do if it. If it's in relationship to the Red Sox yes the relationship the offseason the relationship depth how the offseason is going to unfold and. That's right the whole thing with it with every subject that comes up it's always whether it's writing radio TV told how can we twisted so what has to do with New England so if you have a guy from the Red Sox that's gonna get traded somewhere else. I wanna hear other people what they think about that particular player absolutely get prop. I would tune in I don't I give him a longer at least as a listener and I would Michael call back because you know at least is knowledgeable he's not to be. You know your part now that tech goes out of everybody you me if it's boring then you cut the corner some guys get a longer at least and others and any other part about. It's is that you. What the other purposes of the gas is to surface the fact that this these people are coming on to the show not unlike you podcast by the way. Where a lot of podcasts are built off all the getting gas I hear these podcast with some of these guests that. And Sony's podcasts there highly rated podcast. I'm like these guys are very good and you don't want that getting good gas and that's why they're blowing in the gas and I could guess I'd be noteworthy gas not necessarily guys who I give you example the so the highly rated. Show we did the other day the front mossy show wins but rob Bradford Freddy you guys have Cora billion we've poor right. And the big east of the Brad social at that point by Italy's center there and well you know what I'll be happy to call the John to mossy show and that date. Friday in rob Bradford Malia. So court with our did you hear core loyalists think all right so it took us that's right so core was on obviously you darkness they know the guys that manager went through its first week. With the with the Red Sox says the bodies you to at chemistry we saw a press conference yet but it's announcement by the so anyway. You know he'd done the seven minute thing wins letting Christian and it was terrible whatever you know that's in analytics doesn't the press are tight and it's just how does it wouldn't think that's the press conference and everyone's running around he doesn't have a lot of so. When it comes to so we have core Ron Nachman signal he's. What the coin for Notre Dame Miami's they can do on that do these documents say now so you ask someone who's listening that. You you actually one analyst. I actually 1000 that we talked about the hole you were odd thing to that was another dynamic that. I didn't expect the wanna hear A-Rod you know Miami guy he's wearing Notre Dame is quite different directions attic and going. I'm there were certain parts where there might have been a little immunity from Cora and I understand needs. You know bring it out fragmenting programs if well again fertile so this was handed out one or someone else. This is in the after going through the first wave of outscored its managers. Year relations her or his speeches are talk and media. You know I've done on the podcast and interviewed tons of times but it's different union commanders here. I think we saw that with John Ferraro John Ferraro became a hot and different from when he was the pitching coach. To whine he was the man and it only got worse right. Now it's news Dallas scored maybe it was to him this yourself. And you heard that and that and really little things like it at two different cat. Right it's like that's how he would cock it then but he said and he would default that's where the Brighton and stuff right where it's comfortable looking it up and I believe that that's who core is to everything we've seen so far and approving and you dealt of them when he was player to. The same rate yet that's not right you can't be in you have to protect. Some aspects more than you would otherwise when you're the manager. You don't have the protected like you'd like you think you might and this is what this team to it's all it's also desperately in need. They need that guy in that here this to be neat personality. We said this before the biggest thing the biggest the most important photo of that whole day with core walking across the bridge where in the sunglasses and suit. And not the other stuff that poses the posing in that you've seen and that where people are certainly a cart load in the big budget but rightly that as it has ever been a photo from the day of manager was announced for the boss it's more traction and. Double a little right but you don't like it if that's what. You gonna do ya gonna show you personality and a former guy it's you I think that makes to beat a former Red Sox player and I think that makes a huge difference words you know nothing boring as if Varitek it would have been adopted. And the minute that I thought. Don't they turn their checked into the gladiator and everything you're going to change you know Robby but it was athletic but he boring (%expletive) got none and it would be borne out it would be at that press conference right over the pitcher's going to like that but that's one little thing where we're talking about is where you go from here like you started off a little things at the price now don't you know I don't think I'm better Alec Varitek but human like let them take a photo of their sunglasses. So I I just look at it. As you have to you have to show personality. You have to be yourself so with Cora. You know him in you know some people think about chorus bad scores baton court. Yet he's not a talk show host. Okay he's and he's probably still figuring this out a little bit about what he can say it would be canned Satan. But at the heart of it when he gets more comfortable he's going to be he's going to be okay and think. And they desperately need at least okay. Yes and that ain't learned from a guy like AJ hints to who you know had all done while yours in trusting about oh that paints dynamic of hints. On coaching staff that he didn't let the coaching coaches talk the media. And the Houston Astros which is I have never ever earned yeah and I'll say this about core. Cora probably thought people's sykora they believe me well key here at the port less Taylor from pinch does that mean that he learned how to do everything right there but that's a guy who are successful with the media to an extent in with. This team of course winning. So he's learning what's good what's bad in hopefully can go there entities go to of course yet in time there's that. Aspect of viewed he'd learn from Hedo protecting the players written you have to do that. But the other stuff to see you know to show you pressed on this show enough personality to making clear that you're done you're just a human cock other humans isn't it the whole thing has always been fake if you're if this is we really are it's comfortable for you than people will appreciate you in some capacity for that you know. Mr. body down to anonymity to but that's a different story of course. OK so we've we've talked a lot about along the way it which is it you know. Brought those people running on the treadmill we have the rails or a dollar it's unreal this I just. It is anchored off element the different elements of the brat so that's why you in the wildly successful. We have these two down your views ride literally say okay you aren't you the microphone now art. Or monkeys in sort of thing you know these that's gonna idle mind doing Eduardo Nunez right obviously teammate Eduardo Nunez for podcast it's great. I'd at the six minute I've interviewed you coasted. It's like I'd like come on he's like. I give I think it hate it sound yeah from what I asked cheering Palestinians. On my podcast about playing in Boston. It patio big god bless them. Plays the sound of he tried to big himself make him comfortable and from his locker I love video game. It was so page. So people because she goes and that was. I asked him directly what you think about it it. This what a podcast sabotage that had yet though and expect him to deny you too deep no like that heat ED. Legally. So as I said about. Demons ago IE have I want to the GM meetings. There are interested me much like gas from your perspective the house coroner view some from the outside and some from the outside when it comes to the GM meetings. And I know the year in the industry your reporter you deal with you don't that you government GM I have not look at. But there is a narrative that they don't want it wired people on the TML. So. And I've always thought the GM meetings are wholly totally under comfort though they used to be. And it's not anymore go to buy it buy it used to be remembered going back 2006 Dornan to seven. And it was out of the eagle Tribune. Meet kfar dose over and that GM meetings they were announcing who was getting to Daisuke did. They signed Julio Lugo there's a lot going on for the GM means there is no credentials there is this a few writers there was a all these guys all these executives and agents there all out drinking in night with the art in the winter meetings. There was a tea I'd definitely useful. Element of this. But I think. Correct me if I'm wrong there's an element of people think oh well nothing really happened. Well I think when it comes to you know trying to get the news I think you mean. Yet there's that one year we had the exception of Daisuke in Lugo all had nothing happens but nothing happens but that's where you kind of Foster those relation no I ought to talk to the agents and for somebody like me if I was down there you know that's correct your ego as. Well rob I'd have to foot the bill to do it and okay old Iowa if I was here I've done that stuff before I've I've been there played things I do where I have the full I'd argue that all doused the next one that's an excellent okay well I would drive you around. You'll drive your not yet spoken for that was yet in the winter meetings either one Sosa go to the winner meanings here please it. Again you should go on the Jimmy or what's your purposes yes I think it because what they winter meetings are one of the most valuable things so that GM meetings how they do things. One of the way things we obviously talked of the brows ski. But for about an hour they bring out all the GM or president. And they have to stay in there and you talked goal so I talked our place will play some sound in this. Attack the Rick Hahn. Talked to you know haze in time to date more about Hosmer. We talked to Michael hill about Stan and they're all standing right there this is access to you do not have a that the the enemies of so that is one of the losses for the GM meetings com. The winner meeting the losses every single major talks for now now. So every single managers there and then of course more news happens. The right that's what Jimmy is so important because you develop those listeners right if I told this I've told us the reporters before Thursday you'd you'd see the agents there that are out about when you seem at the winter meetings. You put a face to a name we can talk to instead pay running a Q you don't know me tell me something then. Right makes total sense yes I'll put down my counter for an answer opted to go to the U wherever they are kids in my hotel room out. Economic Kevin Spacey yes yes we you know a few nights ago maybe is always in the same place now where's that there was mr. orally and on and you Scottsdale. Hopefully it's an Arizona FM in its it is I think it is that you know usually go west to east west east of the winter you generally and a few enemies to I'll drive you around that it ultimately just like my guys that the not that move actually I'm going to be on. Real good job very manipulative BE ST you know yet the director for the via. For the believe cannons holiday and although the McCain and that would be given that your over the have a job figured out when I've heard that yes I went through it twice I. But yes target the current. Yes I went to toys I've had some people in baseball ops talking about going down to a complete waste. Well I mean I you know they also told me don't have to because I'm up here innocent people in the front office side. Well if you do to what you wanna do you wanna be when you're on the front office and I don't wanna be in the front off the talking about that nice when I finished rippling Chris. That's where I wanted to go and at that that in my mind as a back up if I'm never interest because I want you style and travel across country that's terrible terrible job exactly as far as saying. Don't fund eventually but I look lives now it's hard work. People the lifeblood of our industry but but I would not. But they have a job fair in so I went to. Huge job fairs to winner meetings they have this winter meeting job and we're briskly worm a minor league high. And you wanna be like maybe you wanna be and he are maybe you wanna be brought Lotta broadcasting jobs. So I go down there in college and what Howell works is that you bring your Reza maybe have the jobs posted. You put your resume on the number job that you want. And so you know whatever I put my resonate in there as if that's. Of resonates and it's a sea of blue suits. Of these kids to so desperate is so proud thing so don't Wear blue suit it's it's like you got it if you get a separate yourself somehow. And sorrow did this two straight years and I got one job offer. It's that the Prince William cans to be exactly what I said the director of ticket sales for a thousand bucks for the season. And hopefully NI ELA and. It's an unbelievable hardly think inning. That's how it works is you know if you'll come from a certain background you know and you have certain people hope you fairly helping you and you screw it into this business yet. Actually it's tough shot it's I will say this is at the northwestern thing would help. I'm sure what but I mean I'd to a lot better than 1000 dollars over the course don't mind that you don't buy it but at least you get the interview at least part the east's few on these kids it's mope around and had done can be viewed not really still think people as well yes drugs and what into the to that played in in college and I didn't and that you know Eileen or interned it SI yeah it was only one actually that's why you're not you moron. Oh lead at every internship yeah that's exactly yet and yet I saw anyway the winter meetings that have that would do away from meetings at the winter meetings are coming up if you want ago I would drive you around healthy. Yeah so hotels are cheaper Orlando. And make sense it's in the mean it got a light on why it's probably cheat and on them become Florida enough to know that it is not as great and yet what people want to move down there instead of Arizona it's warm. Is the Arizona listen let me finish my sentence. Yeah now I'm like heaven right now instructing me generally interest I knew about it that's our time telling mutt out though anyway before we get view by kerosene tan before he stormed the studio he's. Now what. I asked you about the GM meetings your personality to really get an answer like so so forget about like the weather is worth are okay. Do what you did or did it did yet to buy it wasn't interesting yeah about the stuff that was coming out of the millions that they so obviously if talk about Hosmer and eighty Martinez and all that stuff that's. It's interesting and great whatever obviously hear rumors. Ball place. The biggest thing for me and you guys talked about it a little bit on the hot they'll show. And if it's it's in a little bit this show had a time you know can can come in and a little bit and and tell us how he's been watching him do yeah YouTube and I was class I have to get that. It was it was the again been ten Scanlon. And kerosene can I've I watched a lot. I want civil I've watched a lot of 60 tea parties arises buckled and showed me a tiny admin continents it typically we were just added this. Opera have have kerosene can. Like kerosene can. I'm sure sure it's still lose then with my Beisel nickname it's all right its network users I lose men had to happen. I know that this is probably an old story about I've heard yeah ice plant it applies Albanians and I was a big fan of it since the your pain and the insurance. Play guitar lead guitar and to form been in the morning a month and trombone you going to you know -- Kirk and single person clicks they're four and that name blues man emblem mocking name from a but he kerosene commencement. So we we had our before you came man and storms studio we'd talk to the podcast is continued that law you've been our summer day someday you Marty did on the not Sunday but yes we yeah that's an up and coming product. Well you should understand that your own apart yet right now obviously listened to more than your own podcast is that true is that cart crackers and yet none you know the charts that don't know no I don't guy gets the numbers and filters them appropriately rob Bradford I. I know I I'd now. That this podcasting in both North Korea at. I want real I want I want your part of that the real key NC podcast to do very well I love listening to it. If it honestly you do a great job with their I think Kirk's ability this as an easy listening and it's that you'd you'd. Well executed. Number one I want to do well because it was my idea Dan. That's the fur balls Kirk's a no that the bill one year you're out of the studio. It was my idea is Kirk I I remember being in the hallway in Camden yards. I think Kirk I wanna make sure this is okay review that was Lucy was gonna posted initially right. You've got to do is the right she was gonna dual blog for the show and a podcast for the show correct yes. Okay your duties to and so I say what it won't predict that we have to patent their showed should be passed through them is this okay. Sounds good to me that's how it started Lucy with hosting for couple episodes and you took over. It was my idea on this then cited the massacre admits that little agree I don't nobody and I think he he will not admit it if you will still agreement is. So with who is so work. Now he notes I wanted to make sure you're for the British spotter so anyway this podcast is number two behind Kurtz podcast called closely. Closely by the real Keynes the podcast congratulations and I'm but I think that as we talked about earlier in this podcast of Nicholas think the hot stove show. That he can tell that you were into it I could see it you had laser focus intensity of making up for mutton good job on that yet I mean this is this the best year. That it is lucky strikes right just a show hand sight I don't soderling gently so as the best time of the year right app when he talked to about last night no question. What will probably couple weeks away from the early so we can as quickly just restart the trampoline relaunch them. Bob bite the did you feel can you feel good I'd be in our. I like they said to connect. When I have a problem I take it on the air I took it on the last night that might stop trying to placate other people what to deter any. Start showing up so it starts showing up with your show could you send in and last show I said art but I don't want you hosting the show I said on the air. I do not want Mike Nancy hosting the hot though show I think mutt very talented he has a lot of places that the states and he has no interest in being there are doing utility Endesa that behind the scenes that you and it east east delivered the last two eyes on definite. I mean mechanisms go Micky nick the listener to. Right EU could. It's not into it yeah absolutely it's not hard to tell people onion and they're not into her talk not afford whether it's with or weigh in for a talking about baseball. Or you're on your show Wen tang weighs just you know not even there I mean I listen in sometimes and in I'll listen for ten minutes and you know Gary was here I forget what day it is I don't know SP yours awful but that doesn't wanna be here I think I think at a much heat it's. I'll be there DES the front. To a piece Kirk that he does so I think it's it's actually worsening. You really didn't make you fight I think it's not a front Martha good this like he he's he likes to. But why okay then why why why should worry about Kirk grip on its grips on them that the timing in life goes on writing it's been a good thing for much as. I enjoy listening to any type of much other than that temperament. As you normally don't disagree though well that's fine that's fine I'll go through that that it expects a member of the. You're thirty you're in the student you're ready you're ready from stem to stern talked about baseball talked about the hot stove and and god I like that because you could tell there's a lot to talk about you want to target by started out much starts off. Win the island terrible interview the night before it was like ten minutes. And I can I know terrible interviews it was a good interview but I can see from his point view it. But that's not how he perhaps you know it's wells I do how he practices wise on how op awful interview. Turkey you listening you out when your little extra since these days to to any. Any signs of mullet giving huge that you feel like is orchestrated from the over or. Anything will set you off. Like you could have been professional but that said. I'll just you could the bill wait wait wait like wait wait actually really with this backup I think they're so great things to unfold on pack because. Because I don't I honestly can't I'm trying to be Osce. I don't know what you're talking I am not since the raw data you know what was the other day. Right support them down on mod four is that I think fit and I told I can tell him that during the hearts though show. Is that I think he's just going out of his way to placate. Exact in this at every single made it very clear. So I'm not sensitive to it I tell my partner since I just. This about the tone to sentiment I hotter than a lot of that I tries great if that's what this is how I get when I get like camp. I get frustrated that people are wrong. That's our and that's one of the things I have to deal I guess and adopt when I'm like oh my god this person are you so wrong. I took a shot you you respond. With a lot the last night with. What's as a terror you know I gave up vodka. And pot socially yet. You could take that likened it just got righted so I got lots of little tiny video edits until I thought right side this is how it works typically okay you wanna do that I'm I'd respond by being honest you're trying to placate everybody else do you try to. Like it other people. This didn't do it you want at this talk about. Right and the immune like odd adult that I don't do that don't don't play that was our show. Back Hillary Arquette are well if you if you if you bring an if you bring up and then and then at the end. Dick from up and called fine. I have no problem big spice things up a little bit while X extracts those acts yet be wise. But Mike Mike witness he was doing like the Steve Burton Roland on the ground. Like Iran but it's. And Carter reference great it was fine is if spice things up a little bit it's fine. But I mean come on like I'm professional I mean honestly when I listened to rock pilot yeah he's a bit this conflict this if this does what this is why it's good to have next year as the judgment on well at least the Jerry. When this stuff if he's listening moves all the effort and yet you know that so he listened to the hot stove show and ease telling you and it like this is not whether you're not you think I'm sensitive demise. Like wall that was evident at the end it was stared all of this at the well itself and talked about her that was our doctor potter well. The others and on Ellis now the results here just telling me there and I like I was outside accident. But Donaldson that was weird. That was weird more than anything you know like that I would and I and and it's fair that America when I'm together for sick went well would I walked him out with the umpire I realize that time our I'm tired so. Weigh in mud goes hey. You know you're with they would help time Mike I am because that's not what I usually do and nobody talked to you about this is. Not a bad view that he'd be around here. But it. It's you know I am. I inevitably besides Allen but it it was it was fun to watch what blood I don't I didn't understand both sides I'm like I'd be happy Tuesday. And that might get all like misty about it. Wyeth as nick nick point oh. You're right takes. His seat model wide you know might buy could be a little off sometimes become the gets very passive aggressive but should be another parity yeah yeah and you get like. Last are your shows not important enough stick around. That's the way he look like a rocket will need all wasn't important terrible because I wasn't there I mean I think I thought I don't know openly call Ojeda recycled usually Wear a seat for a is that the moderate rain it's hot social you know Dana he needs and it is that is honestly the funniest thing in the morning tears in my rate that that music can't get enough that. So anyway we. Boy oh man this is this is not the typical rapper show was terrible brat as a great rat out the best one knee pads off my god not knowledge of baseball dad also this is in retired. Did baseball but this and we are targeted are you before caving he's got no baseball probably fifteen we're talking about is. Oh but here's the old car as good idea what's good read or write in this stuff that he wants rock rock talked about it. That he wants the top. This well I guess this just before kerosene came came and I mean the one who thinks. What are things that we talked about this podcast which you'll like it or not I don't care if I'm Mike. You can you can rail they know what that terrible Eduardo Nunez interviewer that terrible interview with that guy that guy. It's isn't or podcasts podcasts are like what impressed me and to a certain extent what impressed what people. From people that you wanna hear from like that we're talking about the Giancarlo thin podcast right yep rush your right so that the desk right hit it. I asked the question would you would love to ask right now which two would I don't know what we'll surplus with the field at a buffet that they play the videotapes out without you by the way I clip that line when you're doing. It was and it ain't it. So again I don't know I don't understand that you go on the high at Tokyo right. You don't want me rail on back and forth with Mott at the beginning because you wanna get into the hot stove showed up. Then you wanna if anyone that you clipper so be talked about the video gates. Like I don't know where you're coming from kerosene and what's gone just reading the places they happen in the night I thought at the start of the show you mobbed ultimately. I can tell I gonna hit I would tell you we're like I was the host chair which I'm supposed to be you should be an alternate outpost would pick you would agree that can can be posed as a soda that I mean honestly if nothing else god bless but I love him I love them like like. A brother you know might like football team. But but I'd rather have someone when I see tends i.s during now hos Tokyo. He wants he knows the entertainment aspect of it you know the Dick from Upton and Carl and that's fine. He knows that you know you play the the video gave subject growth and but boy you were into me you could say yeah if I was harassing can't I delivered to flee or spot like the number two guy doesn't out here it's. It. A good number two bottles of what is what is he already that I couldn't go I've been saying this for years and partly they come around to get hurt in the lead share. It does matter who's in the lead chair that's also does it does but does only magic about Ers. You'll think its outlook two beating being in my let's throw Colorado how long how long did it take for you guys to realize because there was a long time behalf to have someone and that leads here so they. Kurt can give his opinion and Jerry can give his opinion. There's a long time before you just default they'll Kirk you'd be believed him for his re Al Kirk exception. Okay he's got a great job of improving as. What do you think what do you think is important what do you think is more important at this goes back the mart Maloney show I always said when my it was due and it back then I said Mott. It's a great facility right do you agree. But when you have eight show a few people those two people have the talked 50% of the time. So so yeah it would help if you have the person who can get in and outs at the other person up. Be really smooth and everything else but that show all almost all of them showed. That you better have two people on there who people wanna hear. That's what you have to prioritize threat so you can be that guy for the hot stove show to be cares and you don't you know. Because if it is that if if you're if you're getting that care and if you try to be to god using you have to be if I don't you interviewing me about that. But that's fine line wanted to come office interview. You'll be able to we've. Distribute. But also keep just two people don't see to it ideally there'd be two people. Already three star of Tomas. So yes I mean you like one out when new units yes. I've set out on the year great respect for John Dietrich but it is much yellow. It was march yeah pays those that time slot so an affair affairs though. Put this way I said this of the do this because the bot wants to bump at the 9 o'clock right one that's Houston isn't out. It slightly it's yes because they have been gonna listen just like the reboot for that terrible our right he's got actually appoint a we had the big deal the roundtable last now used. Yet. So and I understand that I get that so okay. And and at this point you are used to fight for the I don't care what's the difference that eats while nobody thought no there there is different spirit I can tell you there is a big difference in terms I don't drop off me there it seems to it seems that way can we used to do it. During that time far we've moved around a bit the metrics we've seen no like the 6 o'clock hour yet seven killer. That's yet notice but you don't I think after that is sort podcast the as you say you're gonna resurfaced. It it's for a reserves tomorrow repackage its good. As very useful word yet but so this does say that a doable and again I don't care as far. Defy I mean I want Ken to be a part of it but its final response kick started at eight I would I would say stick eight. You basically ready to anybody tell Mike Mike and as you can read you what he wants to go to public denied having patio Dave producer wants to bump tonight. So anyway if you do that right you bobbled denying. Men. Fine the fine can layer. You comment I know it's Camille Little League you have to suck it up a little bit you've done it before right click to view these. 9910. Could for the cavaliers brand. Harassing and so let me as a result filter out my morning Mike they might Nancy can go home early see his family. It would be great Big Ben Mallard and come on it that. Right Tuesdays Wednesdays was big then so 910. Can layered on the mafia rob Bradford are. What's wrong with that. Insert the second most important person in the morning's advantages. That what's the what's wrong that is mart's you know held accountable for the ratings are. Six and give up an hour of the show held accountable. Keyes whose job is based on the ratings you'll think you'll stay up for Steele think you. And so now on wolf say his job performance pro on Wednesdays. Is being held accountable till 9 o'clock and he is that the typical. Right I guess who stripped out but he doesn't want it here and if he doesn't wanna do the show. So I don't think that's come across and I think he did a fine job they did not on. Nick now as a listener I mean look at night. Patent this course doesn't Watson doesn't wanna view you wanna do the show more than you know it's cracked. Osce should do it each. Note to Bosnia actually likes donate he just because he is in anyway. They thought he went down and you're not gonna and I usually come in for that hour like I gambled on the he cares about nothing that's the other thing value like I think he likes to talk about the stuff. It is eight even if he's not it to his voice is synonymous now the routes. He's a pre post game studio most. Of people thinks Oxley thing. I'm quite modest credit on your talent les I. I've been giving vital I think we have -- his credit like in the back in empire I've thought I'd be giving much his credit for years. For years upon years appointees are a little down on Colorado for the right now I'd like I say I much much like with a try to situation I try to be honest about this. And when it comes to that show. I think Ken layered onto it can layered is born vested would be more invested in that show I think. Of all the hot stove shows we have we got a great runs in 2012 whenever one. Of all the shows they show it feels like the host of the show doesn't wanna be there as months even when Kirk with Dewey he wanted to hear more while the oddest and it's the honest truth of the management is not be huge in specialty shows yet I understand that that's a don't know what. A mystery from Abby don't do it. Obviously it's like it's run by so yeah if it's sold it's soul. Got sick and so. It paid I if I can go up and down and nick and support me I think in this is that there is a value. To talking about the stuff I do agree it seemed a little weird that you're stopping starting. We've. That whole dynamic up you're going so six eight and then nine to ten I can understand what mob would be frustrated. By his devious solution. But leave. Can honestly I think it's six cent to do too well do it for now it is listen they would do that it would never detectives in Turkey be apart of a value 67 too much and also part if you wanna sell that show he did that. If you on here if you wanna do that show it's like you know if you wanna sell that show. That's that's how you sound. Because he's selling a show from six to seven bloody show its own self nine and sure and in season re index those baseball show those fairly well. Yeah they don't certainly doable in this of course means doable and it's the it is doable on a lot of levels might thing is that. Is that in mic like he if if pitcher nick is sitting there and saying I keep hearing. I can hear like that there is an apathy toward show and it. Given the Spacey relationship between U two's business that was the morning show on the -- that and on buys the like I saw that he had that he did everything like as that are here at least asks before you know yet happened these gentlemen if everybody is aren't any do you hate me to be audit holding up signs that meet to. But if that piece of a great list of must you must it was yeah of course would dispute reviewed it. Yes what are now seat on yet he knows he doesn't view part. When he also he also knows it like this has become like every half of everything he does this placating. The morning even Motley. This Friday and he'll say he'll say that. You know bits of that is the most successful show with part of station and I understand all that but I'm not talking about that sort of stuff on the talk about. It's one hour performance attic it is admitted it in an event we disagree or agree with this. With more whistles. Our own. Two yes one. We'll velocity. I want you to glossy on the record why you ask what in Haiti on lots of Yasser of positive to resign his I I need help help us threatened by some serious golf. I do it you won't pick up 11 do you fix shoes Nike sells. It's. I'd be going after ten piercing can and I ought to agree disagree a little bit about. The highest social I did enjoy having you in the air because like it's the how much he wanted and that's as it can't push it at Olympic office appreciate the opportunity. How boring it is I gave art it has nothing to do with me that it does that play in I think date. You you know me for a few years now and you so when I go after trendy in in mock and things like that. I think we're at rooted is like I want people want a guy in like we talked about with Abbott Evan was on the show he was male and and and I showed that during the weekend news showing up on the over in not paying the temple wasn't really yeah. Yeah I mean what like I'd be glad they hung over I'm putting that in quotation almost walked out when it came it. Yes so I one time I thought in the neck I think that I known nick wanted it I know nick is gonna come in dropped bombs on them. Got him going and that's exactly what I did. When it comes to that when it comes to try when it comes to mud that's. Maybe this is my ownership but this is one of the things that that I bothers me when guys would people aren't invested when they don't want it like device if you do you deal with this for the people who come in the morning so it. Pitchers separate I would just say from its point of view this is not a lazy is staying with him are I never released my place it's a disagreement in that direction and opinion. Would be forced to do. Like what is so you figured literally won't have to. Putts socialist parties broke me. That's a far right. I mean again that's fine like you shall know that you're used to Joseph and I don't know but I've to sing beat it or not showing up like if invested he invested with the right word at that at invested right. Okay you're invested for the high Tokyo. Right outside the first opportunity that a couple dreams one. Via lots of do be a part of Sox dock which I love you Serena is back today at like rain delays in just get on the sought I don't third once common in art. And the third one is you know the seat with you. Actually in this and at the border camp Ole Ole Ole. Almost remark. Play by play all the way to turn that allowed them now get much. That's more or you'll like it. Okay equal or Japanese. Is bizarre that you wanna have dinner last of the board. I had little wanna be a fly at all that I had I had I've tried to differed so we used to do analyze backwards kind way. When Kirk go the bathroom and timely effective. He's a you discover still more personality. Like you all cargo welcome back about. So we used to have those dues all the time now I in the last couple weeks at a dinner would Gary there which is you know is the rob. Let me. It's a page. I get that all the time NFC and that is really ten model is that I have that I had a separate dinner with her can some day the other day in someday we'll get not only those to Britain to complete your bucket list detailing Pressman almost does in this Kirk's father was very I was very believable you and your verbally as well. I'm I'd that's probably it. Well I'm not punting the voice rob voice IQ points that's. It. Speaking voices kerosene cans voice was very very strong on the odds show. The other day. And if you like that. See that's what that's the ones here right there as it gets to guess nickname I guess that would pitcher and I it just came to be that if nothing else we get that we had Dick from a an interesting can yeah it pitcher neck again about it being called ten prior to someone wants act like they're somewhat better and after that a woman named. That was her. I'll acknowledge Kent in a call me Evan Pryor and Pryor Angeles on the Dino it's cool whatever if there are no right to a be recognized by your first name are ominous. So you still white when you into the hearts to show us units in question I asked neck about coming up the GM meetings in. From forget about like the whoa what he going spending money and you and you we've talked about this before the value of the Vietnamese. But. From summer falls baseball what was your take away from the while the Dombrowski press notes Tuesday the tactic in just all of us. Smoke that it would just gotta be mean indicates that this. He's just trying to do love. I guess negotiate through the media's best he can't with agents and try to lower the let's figure this and nick and I were talking a little bit about this before is it what's he gonna say. Say I'm going to be held hostage by Scott ports. You could say were the Boston Red Sox and we've been aggressive pass we will continue to be aggressive. You know the company line of where last successful rock and stay in the not. We're limited we gotta be careful a big contracts and our limits I heard it says you say that he got it out that there was also other races. But it does high profiled not looking to revamp have to retain our young players limitations every organization has yet to be careful at some point. Talk about contracts mean. OK so that question without you take those outside it's unbelievable I guess it's big marketing mutt took notes that the security these he can't get up that canyon laissez Le vote but must note that please pick from up and Collins felt like enrollment for a laugh the whole home launcher was low profile we've got to keep a low probe that question to ask that question on that question is in response I believe that it was I was spears question. About oh. About the three big names of the ballot Alex. With an oath which away I don't it was about the question about the 2008 the of the next creating class. That didn't answer okay. So but it is you want him to say this is what we want him to say my and normally like when he says price Brent is going to be the fourth outfielder right. I'd like all of that is keep definitively saying. That is not leaving much room for interpretation. I was surprised. How much people took what he said now the question and the questions after. How much people took that literally and did not say well I can see what he's do we play both sides of the fence. Because he he can't say we're all live on the three guys he's never gonna save that. I think we're one of the problems you talk with you we talked to me about for the show that that went took it's a limited just reporting they're not putting their personality into it although not really. You know address trying to assess the situation like you might you know I mean that they're handling the handle their business a little bit different but when it comes that the rusty why would he. Approach it this way. I mean. He's always aggressive threats like toys aggressor in the past why not trying to change things up and see if that makes a difference in terms of the bidding war in navy puts teams in a in this situation where. They feel a little bit more colorful they don't bid as high in their attacks come in at the end and then you know instead of the roster being so aggressive like usually always is in the Astrid gets gets stuff done. All yesterday and sore so. Wednesday. He said he say I've I've there's been plenty of time and not always aggressive book has been plenty times or I've waited all deep in the option debate. But he moves in a market argue with him about that but I will say this I know that he was saying to people while this is moving really release slow and he doesn't take a genius or a baseball insider to understand. The big guys are represented by Scott Boras. And then it is VO Connie situation the guy that today that it kerosene cat has gone over Japan scouted extensively and obviously I yet if yes did that money because rob with the committee that today. But always GM meetings. Which it was just more work that the American trip for the GM meetings I know the incidents. Or it's after UNS is saving kids' lives street so. By you know win win we talked about these things they're gonna take awhile like these things are gonna take a lot and the worst thing I think people were worried about with the Red Sox in Dombrowski saying this. All right you're not a way you do not to await the sound a little bit and you're gonna default to a Logan Morrison or a cup. Carlos Santana eighth. Who was truthful with going. Into my phone someone was calling them. Is is so if they are you knock it away and you decide when he's on the death I do you brought up an interesting name though can. All break Hosea break. Lose the audience that via all agree but but it's fine but it got a break it was sort of streaky mean it's. He's honored RB IV is streaked I'm not saying he's not good Imus came when I say fine and he was the course of the season yes within the courses he and I I you can rely on never seen what they gonna have these Cole who agree it's equal work who led American League in total places. I don't Tehran positive guys do it outsourced ever rely Africans that's again is at all or an adult that's pretty important I'm relying on important stats. And Jersey than it does. When data is averaged thirty homers the last four years I just. Three he'll want that again the book is what we resume for Chris Sale last year is that what we do it did when Chris Sale there wasn't like oh my goodness he would tend to show I have time he's spending hours countless hours watching a pretty easy and realization CRM that's another reason why don't watch out there I just kept the hybrid is a stout in it in you like three analytics. Yes you can't I think I understand the numbers were brought them or not these in depth analytics but the guy that streaky -- concerns me a bit and not the guy in this I want it yours if durst if you're a streaky if you're that streaky if you're concerned about streaky. It's all about where you end up. I mean you're gonna go through you go through bad streaks if you end up with the most total bases of anyone in the league. The new probably your your conference. Baseball people. I'm just saying I he's not the that this that this review is at the next level as the daughter of all right immigrant the YouTube via V Utah I was saying that he's. Comes you can you know what of the problem is Robin every time I'm in here act like you always try to discredit me. I mean I had a standing here who you know is it is a big deal these kind of McGill I can't fly I've thought first one I apologize I would never discredit. Someone I still a couple of good chemistry that they are not interested just by that you guys rotted out. What yeah it's based ideologues think him being a tennis recently took a while defending him and I don't I don't feel comfortable that people are now believed neophyte amounts and robbed at you know I it's not discrediting is debating it arguing if I had to sit. Questioning I I I have no problem with just I unflattering. Lot more White Sox baseball kind of the numbers are pretty stunning what was the light up like he was a part of the last four years as a partner in a terrible there's that old bats so that agreed to lead. Want you that's out again the coal basin with that line at that lineup was. Off on Scott Frazier was big and I said this is that whether or not you like you're non when they're not like you you like him as a player you don't want them. But in terms of his value in baseball and I said this on the hearth Tokyo. The one that I wish him later posting. The I I really. Really think that if you're gonna strike a deal for a bright you then it is going to be a long lines of what you had to give up until maybe not that quite to that level. But not that far off because of his contract because of his production at the position that he plays and I wouldn't do that I would give I I think. Looking at the list of the big name guys. He is the fourth one at best I've got to take hot remained alive amid a big hot rabbit now that all the GM's sinking a forty Holmgren guy and act like you say you know why you know why he's who would be the fourth guy. Is because. To the guy's going need money for one of the guys stay and you know what you're probably going in money for two. And it and so this would be. And he's my best this sort of hurt this one would hurt in terms of giving up players you would mention what you used to groom in it's Davis that's in now and may do it are the I guess they I think about a tiny please because I thought this narrative that a tiny tin can bilking a pitcher. Indicator in specialty is. He's odds he's one. Yes you are a ton of time or what about TDs or do you think you can do both yet some people tend to it's 88 you can't look at it as you bull all the time. I think he can do bull and it's actually not a bad position for the Red Sox to be and if you think this guy as a pitcher you think he's starting pitcher fine make it starts. He could be hit a couple times a week the lefty d.s view designated hitter short and it may be peace if he's accurate. That advance in advance what he does I don't think if I don't think without Connie it's a no win it's a no lose situation. It is. No money it is endless at the promised. Yeah but I'm telling you that and people in baseball are saying. Every one can't figure this one now I mean I've talked the president in GM's prototype I believe when they say. They can't figure this one out because all of this guy would have to do is wait two years yet is hundreds of millions of and the big I don't understand I get it. I don't understand. Why you can't have. An extension for this guy ever Longoria sign an extension like a week into his Major League career. In and people are adamant saying don't know that mentally baseball won't let a team do that while I. Mitt about missing something I don't know wildlife but. I think this rob the last time we brought against Japan must be kind of don't know why not. Why not easy sucked last time I was I couldn't be couldn't stand watching Daisuke to invest can be your big name guy we got another guy from this big freaking deal. It's the same reason why ruse because steel aside because they missed at a quality Abreu just may yet come from the same country doesn't mean it's the same person alma. No if you notice that. Although only about half well. Well I'll catch you a few extra yeah I understand does that mean in the same person obviously. It is it's a different dynamic over there when it comes to the size of the field determine how OJ delegate grow. Right how much you drivers regular. When they spent and he was really good that in the in the post season of the World Series was glad he begin it easier to be V what do we care about what's this all bottle panel talk well it's not easy to championships. Yeah your ask you lastly what hasn't had a has he been good everytime I prove you wrong you just saying don't don't know how to know how I've begum trying to save yourself. How has he been good at your coverage ringgit. You Darcy has been good for the most part when he's a healthy to knock when he's been helped yet also been a problem if you'd arson case you forgot right in what was and it's not been good to when he's been healthy and yet another guy but does a million splitters like like ten pocketed. And he's had problems harassing him and getting antsy ready come Don Imus. What they'll what do you which would you be scared wrote on August although all 4000. Noble we can't be scared of off off from because he's playing Japan. On up the session up and it is not just that robbed of some think that is one thing at a time athletes are some things that wants. It's almost like you guys are gonna be pitcher forget about just just look at it I get what what's wrong with watch what's ride my atlas thrown my scenario though what what is the problem. But in both. All of you even have a guarantee that you'll have our problems I guarantee you having the responsibility of being hitter. In the pitcher will create are probably heard your armed wing and Tibet yeah I know plenty of guys who have tried doing all place whether it's encountered there are some guys who dabble. In the minors and doing. Take in having biceps tendon prompt all time. Okay well that that's baby that fair I don't know I I have not very easily season doing it any it's an all African timings and trying DH is gonna happen on the docket and I don't. I don't if you do this but the National League National League pitchers actually hit they hit everything out there on that everything they'll have Biden that if they have they have to go through all the same or girls out there like I fit a couple times that we wanted to come to public here's my thing probably if he's going to be hitter in that lineup you know in maybe 23 times a week easier to take batting Praxair is that what I'm saying is do you think of that's new. Really doesn't have to he's got a gold a few days not strictly combat it and go face you can I edited the Internet phone what's going. Hours. Yet appreciate being heroic in and around the arguments choice. I don't you want and we'll. And if however it eases you know we powering it. It's for the weekend I do podcasts. That's. You're the you have to do that yet the pocket that there's going to be some stuffed up when I talked to people they say forty minutes forty because that mean I think that's right. I think what our if you guys you want our you have right well listen I got cuts and I knew I listened to you an hour. On us every day if you guys did an hour and Nancy I know you guys that played us what to do I understand it takes more what are things that you you do the drive their drops make him. Job. So. It. Don't pop it's fine your fenders on a tiny electrical. Stroke. Okay. I want to go to your kerosene Campbell let's take the cap off and sprays them on the fire. But he got the we know. Parting shot about double what it would fill at at what the pike Apple's going to be about like OK now we go to GM meetings where you're from here. What do you think that so I wrote the column about favorite is still gonna make a big. This there are eighty musings on December. 4 okay. They seek advice before the winter meetings. At the week before the winter meetings it is via. Would a reasonable wages here. At the disseminate December 10 December 11. Yes well it wealth back December so the yeah. A case December 12 280 Martinez neck. What do you do on December on December 12 what with a Red Sox cubs have gone I it's I'm with Ken and that the copy him but I thought T humor she's going to be the guy. Nokia I honestly believe that mean he seems to be the right fit in terms haven't made it you know it's true that north I don't discipline in Japan making it forty home runs just to be different but yeah. In now and now we've they will let you rob. It's gonna put a prediction that there needs and I IC I would I want also the same thing I think he might he's the only thing that every Thomas card but he might even think about what he might do. He's going to be DH here unless you trade when these other guys in a trade Brett Yancy and say that I don't donate a single day. The old days it would happen works. For much like much. Much like in the trade for Chris hale and treated for Tyler number correct it was early warning at all for let me tell you. We were still here that Brooke block. Sosa. So Leo Martinez Martinez and I'm taken on Osman aren't good enough will will reconvene. Thank you everyone for listening I hope. As you have jocular twelve miles while listening to this thought that that everything has made the time go much much faster we'll see next.