Bradfo Sho, Ep. 52: Ohtani Mania vs. Daisuke Mania

The Bradfo Sho
Tuesday, November 28th

Rob Bradford is joined by's Ian Browne, author of 'Dice-K: The First Season of the Red Sox $100 Million Man' to compare the craziness that was Daisuke Matsuzaka's entry into major league baseball to what awaits with Shohei Ohtani. The guys discuss behind the scenes stories of the chaos that was Matsuzaka's time in Boston, and why Ohtani may or may not lead to the same kind of chaos. Ian also divulges some wild insight into the making of his book, and why Scott Boras didn't want it written.


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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. Tired of the Brad roadshow and I don't think we're going to be talking about month. And only going to be time of the highest dose I don't think nick I got off the rails last drive for show is listened to quite a bit so thank you. For all the listeners I thank you to pitcher nectar thanked the kerosene and honestly you know by. But today we have Ian Browne Did you with the last part gas. I did was that upsetting to me knowing that used to be if the listener of the month rappers show. And then to stay here in the weight that yeah things have kind of fallen apart for you to please ourselves and bella that there he's just you know I am. Sometimes time really is not your not your friend not your allies. You know stuff you know month seems like keys. Trying to cover is on polling now as a man it's good I will ask you this last question about this and I said that last podcast in uptight about our about it. Are you for you been on the hot stove show us our. Are you for or against having league gassed on. Yeah like here were especially this time he area right here we're. You know public the were outscored us to say about there was lineups you look like her. Great you know anything like that sure I buy you wouldn't be yes man. Sought a way. Ian Browne as they said this excellent work for has bill on this podcast before probably before the reboot though before we viewer on at least a hundred W honcho he. But. But in so you know thank you for drive on into the the brow approach of studios. And in eons ago I was thinking about that. I was looking at some of the show hey you know Todd Todd can layered kerosene cans favored guy the guy these looked at YouTube extensively in and really hits. This conversation with him I feel is inching up in opening up. And it's I don't know where it lands in terms though the power rankings have impressed in the hot stove season. But it is the most unique thing we have seen along like time in maybe me start thinking about the Daisuke Eric Daisuke Matsuzaka. Of how crazy that wasn't a little bit different. So I want to get you in here because you have written out here you go get ready for the Amazon aren't here. Daisuke Matsuzaka in the title author Daisuke the first season of the reds are 100 million dollar and blew a hundred billion dollars up with that quick though would be. Daisuke be first season of the 300 million dollar man so anyway he wrote the book and dice k.'s first year well it was a bow. His first year in Boston but also all day the whole courtship of getting in Bagram. We the other be it Christmas tree that is true. It's a bit as the ten year anniversary of what is. He did you do it another book to be true visited that year anniversary 2004 Red Sox and now you are you gonna do you do a little of the daddy asking you know on a bad attitude that's and it at all still stared at it restored their eyes is an absolutely nothing it's. Since may be that second year regrets like spite. So I must look at this show hey Connie stuff and it is going to be crazy I think people don't understand how crazy is going to be. Because. You know yet have stand out there you Martinis you pods marked. But the difference here without irony is that. Every single team. If they're not putting the twenty million dollars to get in the mix this stupid why why wouldn't now be the justification around the twins of the twins. Are actually perceived as nominal favorite. But twins are perceived as a team to get this guy the twins. And there we're gonna go off that Darvish in dark horses get a used to play with him in words that work out with a tiny all of this though. When you get a guy like this who normally is every team and go after but he hits he pitches he now teams have to tell them why they know what their plans are forum. But do you think that arm arm over selling the. Tonight it's a fascinating story broke the edges where he said about the twins. It's kind of fascinating how different organizations are like. The twins are very vocal about how much they want this guy and the breast you'll never tip his hand out there I think about that I don't know what he eased. Doing or if you really want to get this kit and our Seattle to. Jerry to proto says basically he announced that you know how hardy and go after a man with the announcement that some of these organizations they have the solemn cells. In owing to the Boston rats are funeral only after. This to sell yourself there. So when it comes to and so over the weekend I guess on Friday. Associated Press report this on Friday. The the agent for a time he had sent this thing through the commissioner's office. A list of things of saying one. They won the east team to every team in baseball every human interest in baseball the send back. Telling how the cultural law part of its gonna be for him what they have planned forum in terms of playing pitching and hitting him. It was about five different things they want out of body thing you wise they want them to send this back in English in Japan like. It you can't transfer I basically don't wanna do the work of translating it so if you're budgeted translated. So that is something that we had that we can see that. Is often worked nicely after remember. How different this whole system is where it was a blind bid. And you know every team to submit a blinded. And nobody had any idea and on the winning the winning bid to be picked by the Seibu Lions are picked whichever it was the highest in nobody had any clue. What there was never came out that the Red Sox had the death 51 point one million dollars. And I think the Mets were secular alike are Tony five million that's crazy our products and indeed that the Mets going back to that time do you think the Mets headed. Like when they heard what the Red Sox bit we're like oh my goodness we never thought it was going to be anything close to that. Yeah man I remember those experts are you know Mormon fire. When I was working on the book and he you know he thought maybe. 3540. Million at the affluent tops but he thought it. They thought they had a pretty good chance actually the Mets to put this is the back then like basically the team. Basically. One Daisuke the rats are officially won him by the bid but now it's more up to the player. Armey. And also a Daisuke. You know once the wrestler won the bid is still at the sign them. And it he could've gone back to Japan known thought he was gonna buddies to let the sign in to the contract. And with show hey Connie parts of the gates is appeared out of nowhere and name which sort of as our enemy by it is with Saudi economy. It's you are choosing your team supposedly. Almost purely off how are you gonna play means what is going to be like in that city because unless I'm mistaken alas some for who he and I think that he can. Can negotiate a Major League extension. Until after he turns 25. So that would be at the 2019 sees that you talked about. Two seasons. Here are playing for the Major League minimums are you get the signing bonus which have Max he could be about three and a half million dollars in and a Major League minimum for the next two year. Right but I mean there's like some of the disparity between somebody's bonuses already got that that'll make it different style you view looking out OK the twins of the Yankees of the Rangers. Gimme 3.3 million dollars right now the Red Sox give before thousands of soccer America and all make any difference at all I mean it's okay three million dollars at a grand scheme of things you'll locked in to the for our organization. For the next six years. And you're gonna worry about three million dollars now I'm Ari convince you that that's that's stupid. Not about an hour early brilliant that you think the Red Sox are an enormous disadvantage because they can only offer 400000 dollars that there are added this event that a with a with a look. I'm elect you just said he doesn't have much leverage with his with his contract for these first two years ago all the Arabs. Is this signing bonus might well now he is. Not all the he has how is the team and use them right but I mean financially and also is even be comfortable place and bite you clearly after reading your book. The guys gave molecular understandably does he still lives in Boston tomorrow because there's family loves it there and a raised Okajima was very happy there. Koji third ave they'd do they do a nice job of job where there ago but the Yankees who have 3.2 five million dollars or whatever justice thank Garrett. Here I think here who care I think Hideki Matsui was pretty comfortable in my yard. Bilateral the units in the Red Sox talked to him as economies and ET hurled thought come together which I think I've been throwing that out there as they load you know it's also the routes like relationship with a time he goes back to. News eight years old they met with the Mehdi Romero assistant GM right now. Talked to men and the mossy points this out like low wasn't John people also part of the conversation who's joined the evil work for an hour who works for the Dodgers right so oh well. I'd still give a gym that narrative right down to replace growth so. So let's before we talk about autonomy. And now why is going to be so crazy in how worried he's the the sort of in the next Japanese mystery man I think people. Whoever did live through all the youngsters who didn't live through Lewis the Dice-K thing will I don't think we're ever gonna see anything. Now you look back at Dice-K and thank god knows gadgets like never lived up to it kind of takes away from all the hype and excitement that was there when they got him I mean there are people in Japan thought like Daisuke was like Michael Jordan and Japan. And I mean you got to remember when the rats are one that. One that been in the eighth the sun and they are close to that contract from room back there. Austin I think they are out in California its forces offers. You know people were tracking his flight yeah line and they're all these people did they change they lately purposely leg had some sort of diversion so people and tracked the flight here and then he Arabs that the art. The nordic garrison and the cars that O'Donnell yet. Yes tracker there are many fluent in this. He was against him. In air force base and as for their people waiting out their form and it was our those knots I mean Red Sox fans weren't convinced. I'm that he was going to be the next major mark teams involved you know it never came close to that he had a nice first year you really its second unit you know. Lawyer before what he did so like when you go back to that time and I remember I was at the GM meetings when the Red Sox won the bid. And Scott force is sitting there and he's trying to come up with a nickname for a number of stock can remember what they were obviously it landed on Daisuke. By he buy you look at that and nobody we had seen him pitch people had seen him pitch much like the it team you'd our respect. They'd seen they've seen a tiny pits but the thing when Daisuke wise are now he has this gyro ball right this gyro ball and for this day and age of actually getting a chance to see guys pitched it was still like. It was this it fits type deal like what did Tyrell ball was to get a break out the Tyrell and never did see a list or alternatively it change at with a change up. Apparently combination changeup and splitter currently 33 pitches role that. It was gonna move a different way as I've ever. I never saw. I'm David Justice with the based police on America didn't it didn't gyros remotely there at for his first schemes are trending on three tray Allen Johnny Ayers. Peace the honor punter punt returner something doubled on the line Imus on his first pitch here. You know why you otherwise. The kids because he's all the reserves off our guys gave an interview before sentiment on this is like one of the bizarre things like who would you ask. West kind of what type of picture you're throwing your first pitch there I'm gonna throw a fastball. Johnny years read that probably on W I dot com or MLB don't think they'll be ever come exists at that sort yeah maybe. Carpet. At the OK it was ever read it like go out there enough. But yes so he he read that he hits the the fastball whatever so calm but even that we you and I were both the spring training and it was not mean that is literally and not only the amount of media thirty at 6 AM. There's does that with a stop sign where you couldn't go past. I guess that into the players' parking lot it's 6 AM the Buick thirty Japanese reporters today sitting there isn't nothing right among never seen. My lasting memory from Daisuke spring training news. Like every single time he did anything. Like the first I play catch. You know fifty people drown him the first time through. You know a bullpen session there's hundreds of people on the pulpit and wanting and the first time. He threw live batting practice ahead is that this is never big story spring training or somebody throws live and practice to give it. You know everybody out there than John Blake was just in a frenzy of you know lining up all these people for the Japanese media it's not through all of sudden. I can hear Tuesday John Blake yells out Bobby scales is now spelled all the Red Sox five classic Bobby scales just regardless who it or we're talking about Bob I RB scale. I actually remember I know that. If that first and so that first BP its first BP Bobby scales are Kevin Cash is in there too I remember that. I think Ellsbury might also bit novel one so you're right it was it was nuts and so. They made a separate room like in the room that we have in the press by three sons it's all the time to give credit Daisuke for that program works on concurrent asking for a replaced yeah why is dad working he's back there played video games in the Daisuke section of the prospect they had to expand the press box because they felt there would be. So many Japanese players in the go to last year in the now one. And and and we saw that we had it would that's another weird dynamic of this whole thing how. The these Japanese news organizations. Send people. To cover it like one player real fortunate Okajima to right. Right that's why they had so many birdie even eagle back to. I don't know who was the most recent Japanese player for a cozy yet okayed the coach York's our. The rush hour yet they would send somebody if this well played you put for the Marlins. Somebody would like live in Miami. To like followed to be chief invalid entity to to now be on the DL. After years after Khartoum it was so bizarre. And respect the jobless I. I'm no evidence. Nice people over there. That are growing your family your coverage EDT to our. Of ago that I'm right thigh I beat every shoe salesman at forget that. So anyway so you went through we went through that first year and he was you know he was it was a bizarre existence. He'd just would load bases in league in take forever and I remember. That are stated John Farrell I looked it up. He basically had he had dominated the cleanup hitter Ryan era and he was governor of the cleanup hitter. And today he realizes Dominick with impunity in properly if you've been talk it's got Boris is up fourth outing when. The Red Sox have all the staff this is why he's this is why he's good at you crises the Boris called Hewitt Madeline book writing prize. Any wasn't happy style is not happy I was writing a book I'm his client and you want me to make any money. His client told me that I should question my ethics Hillary care America. Now again the big he was he was yelling at me it was by a member of right after the July 31 trade among what you thought it was late winter term. Call me out of the blue like Erica UNAIDS swept the rents are certain of my head was cut spending anyway for Scott Meyer or on the we've been good ever since. Our rally where anybody to do you make you reflect on right now book. No yeah I mean I know I got out of it Annan on not at all it was funny it's set things like you know there's guys in the clubhouse or talk to me because this quarter. I have never did never came to fruition I was. Did you. How is elected Daisuke you know you writing this book he did the he did not argue many and the interviewed communities for the book which was rusher. Does it would've you know I was really hoping it's it's our program it's makes you work harder and talk you don't need to you don't. You don't keep. So he did actually the book that that's another Boras I think there's a Daisuke museum right Japan right there that Daisuke Matsuzaka museum in Japan in your book is prominently displayed America check there are some Daisuke also remember those fight necklaces probably yes the fight so that became a thing right is like. I figure is. And by and Okajima war one probably longer than anybody right by Daisuke award one that became all my goodness Daisuke is wearing it makes his magical powers even more magical. And I had a thought I was wearing one or number of that have you already. And then Daisuke actually. Constructed a clubhouse got to give me a new those are some military I like guys gave his side. Daisuke he had a knack for getting himself from these bodies of these bases loaded jams and he was agonizing to watch it's a power out of Erisa laws were to The Herald with a time and Francona called me in the office visit this wallet you know. Is it should stormed out there beat it is that heralded taking pictures of dice k.'s wife and dates. And Daisuke flipped now. And says you know I'm not threaten not to have any threat not to pits there was pretty bad habits in in sunlight paid a 133. Tolerant of everything that it up well you don't life I'm gonna bring this up my favorite story the whole book writing process with the Carlos Pena. Which you are here so. I will tell us because I'd like you to know we just Wear out a class of young aspiring journalist told this for this very same story so. And so you and you made up at a advance often as he clearly took advantage of Dice-K S cup board I was that you're a terrible human being for her time there. They'd self published accounts the use says you wanna write about the book about Daisuke and yesterday. Bookcase or how much money in Macomb daily loads and loads okay. But you also have clauses in that and now that was there right there all along so what was it was like Thailand. Now is that Taiwan. Their three separate deals with Japan Taiwan in the US and Japan it was a really nice. That was a nice TO now having the other ones now benefit okay so. You bonuses built then and one of the bonus salute it seems the opens are now if Daisuke went fifteen games. You got fifteen ran there was one there was a there was a bonus. Ten games that's an extra 101000. And then a fifteen for the fifteenth when method on the fifteenth. So it basically doubled so so you guys who wants the attendees at ten there and then you've got another fifteen on our fourth I'd Norway so basically double the original vets from Japan toward. Which for me at the time. Pretty big thing well I think at this time right now pretty fair but it's so so he was so Daisuke it was stock for a long time span. Fourteen points he in the after your forced her yeah he used he used document so you had three starts ago I mean two starts ago. Tampa and music come home now the Red Sox are already basically like clinched against the playoffs and Kristen okay so he pitches in Tampa. And he has a two nothing lead heading in the seventh this bruising. And then he was their two outs he walked two guys or two on two so he got two outs he walked two guys. And it's still threw enough that it comes to either art Ecstasy through the DOD because Carlos Penney's come of the play. He comes Tito brilliant hoppy Lopez lefty on lefty. Right in how many pitches into that at bat. The first or second pit Japanese tourists mastic. Senators win number fifteenth. Just before the volume and a welcome back I that are out of machine repairman you where you're out you're in the back to the press box throwing things against the law. It was a three run homer in her tippy goes on to win 32 you immediately go you you don't care about your job and so we've establishes a terrible human being for writing this sport. In the now moment you care about your job all you cared about was asking John Farrell is Daisuke gonna make his last hour of the season right. And he said yes sorry and I know what if there was going to be a regular starters going to be an abbreviated start the the only missed three or four innings if you went the president announced that irregular stark. And Iowa and the pin that winning that division that ninth. I'm glad to sit out watch Baltimore beat them in which you did not care where you use the all you care announce it out to the book Soledad so it all. Without doubt par wasn't enough he did he grant says there. President and he got the fifteenth when it was a. He appears to do you have that night. A couple apple also Applebee's in case anyone's listening saint Petersburg Florida Applebee's. Always has two for one and tell until 2 o'clock in the morning. And we were trying to talk you not the lives as I can imagine fifteen grand it's agreeing hinting on. Eight city lights start at the end of the year that means nothing we have also what this guy Daisuke who care. I felt like a gambler was in the gambler in the paper much dissent are here's the deal. There's still the matter of fact it wasn't like in negotiations here's video review reaction ten for the tenth when an extra fifteenth our government a parent. I signed it and what. What makes you like what makes them think that if we give recent or it would if we if we if you win five more games this book is really gonna take there are a I don't know burger or secured massacred this anyway you you he could see one in so. That whole Daisuke Phnom Wallis crazy and yet Daisuke. The next year actually finished fourth in the Cy Young voting righty eagerness to finish third and so it is so he had his Ron. And that is sort of dissipated became an unpopular guy in the price went to he with the World Baseball Classic in 2000 golf. They did not want ago and he came back if I remember that first spring training there probably. Just never recovered after but for those two years. It was crazy it was like I've never I also again I don't think we'll see anything like that ever again. Now flash forward to this attack on the situation. And every as he says be the podcast every team is going to be in on them we. I don't think you'll be chasing the money at all. Tom I think he's gonna prioritize playing how he's gonna be used for the next two years until he signs these stents and and his comfort level and all of that maybe Newt marketability. You know I care on top of that. Elect Minnesota. Com. But once you get this guy. Mean this is a guy who is gonna hit and is going to pitch. I mean. We destined for Iraq Japan Babe Ruth for their growth that's what the rusty keep the fall down on film back fairways here are famous and many of us are paid with Clark if you think the active Carter's pretty good this huge huge debt. I don't know his wildly as the war was active. There was looked up Babe Ruth more. It's in June can. So you had you have if you have. Dombrowski sitting there. And he says here. He has the pitcher Babe Ruth and our presentation you could be IP room we're not gonna trade you the Yankees likely do with appropriate groups yet so they I am I'm guessing there's going to be no trade element in that contract. So but when he gets here when no time he gets year. It or hear wherever he lands. It's going to be nuts it is going to be like Daisuke all over it won't be like days K because if I do think there's an element of since Daisuke came over you have had cannot you've had arms or pressure you felt a lot of these guys are ready. Come by but is it but I think that you as we go in this offseason and so on December 2. They can actually. Base he will be posted as many as three beat weeks to make up his mind so those three weeks. Oh Tommy Stanton. Marti is Hosmer there's a story lines pastor and author write about you think you think you will be where were your power. To be the power rankings. Right now as we sit here what in the number of Red Sox fans what do you think of the most impressed. The most interesting com or get the most like if you said this is this is I have to write about one thing to get the most readers what Wednesday. I was still say it's ten people just love the home run this guy's the best of the best home run hitter going. And his guys Europe ligament hammering home runs he hit them well some people say oh firmware actually take home runs away from him. Fugitive five feet right but nine assists Dan first I'm Benetton a second. G Martinez third and I was there Hotspur fourth. His what you could do his what you could do a few the Red Sox. If you want to get a Connie so the whole like how the Connie fits on this Red Sox team. You could say. So hey it's me addressing him today. I respect the UN HC your name. And so I or respect the fact that you want to pitch you can be a starting rotation. And also you can DH a couple times a week at any price for April the streets he's a lefty hitter Aaron. You've you've Hanley playing first or whatever he signs somebody else to fill in the gap there. You trade Jackie Bradley because you're still gonna need a power hitters of what Billick you court betrayed judge Ebert. You've been betrayed Jackie Bradley. And you signed Judy Martinez. Boats are tied to the cost any money that's not the problem. Martina is where you put all your money you solve the couple different issues. You know year old little thin on the back to your rotation so it's not like you say that I have to be the case. Big out here anyway us. Its strategy now is have to pull it off now what looks at night I do like the and you know with with possibly you have to Europe a draft pick. When Stan Carlson canyon road addressed and it's going to be all that money. It's going to be I knew what was you have to give up in terms of players to get. It depends on how much money you're eating I knew we were just talking with somebody down there I've wrote this post column on this. The one thing I don't think people understand about the threats our team. And it's sort of a cliche all we've traded away all their prospects he kinda happens again in terms of you go through the list of guys that they could trade get a deal done a significant deal. Jason groom. Okay. Name some guys after that. You want position players good luck Michael charm or do you think that you think that teams like USAA. We want him to be a centerpiece of betrayed because he had a good year. It's one you'd Ullah. The centerpiece of those trades or in Chicago bird yeah retreated Chicago it continue a goats are in really know how involved the Red Sox aren't trying to get Stan because. In other words you might not want to play there anyway pride in our army of course we have a chart but I think that there. They might have the sense by now that they don't power takes the atmosphere yeah. And in with Jay don't of the thing about. This team marquis is a Sino placing a he would come over here you'd be it Yates. Wealthy that you have you have four guys and can sort of make that the sort of rotating. Malveaux while Katie Martina what would you do that. Why would you do that when you have three guys who were like oh well above average vendors. Now we were gonna miss without the well above average defender have a DA's thrust is always loved having. The great defensive center for it's worth the European art and certainly better antennae would be a pretty good defense at center fielder a new idea is that I don't think I I don't think the one trade Jackie Bradley but you can't record for the other right meaner if you if you do get JD mark US embryos to. All right well I think we solve a lot of problems. Sure we are you looking forward to you're a winter meetings the up arrow went back in Orlando this year in the playoffs are golf big tree in the middle lobby it's great. And so as we sit here prediction two weeks from now two weeks. Nabil literally start start to each and are we Tuesday. Two and a half weeks from now as we as we go to Christmas at Fenway to say hello to Brian Johnson. At her. That the cast this heat every rule maker returned appear. What. Ian Browne Author mobile will books what is your prediction Red Sox have done we're going to be looking at Judy Martinez press conference and hopefully still some hope for Tommy I don't know if that's going to be. Donna the timer through all three weeks from December 2 ago. But does he have to wait the entire night and now. Beauties Willie thing where it's a tiny land. As as an expert in these situations I don't put a time on the Yankees okay. That's just to make threats are now oh will be I would love to see him here for a damn right I do think that money arts and that you what that'll do that open CC sabathia with emirates they are who'll. Spice things up stone park but. I Ian thanks for coming in how do you like the studio house is great like the olive lava lamp in the Syrian lesbian Bagram. Thriller relax via that we movies lower put you ladies. Thanks for coming in thanks for all our guests throughout the Bradford show also subscribe on iTunes do that right now is the best Christmas gift you could ever give yourself. Will be back. Maybe later this week kudos but have a great great day. And read And WEEI dot com as your only two sources of information.