The Real K&C - Porn bots, NBC Gossip & Trenni above the fray 11-29-17

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Wednesday, November 29th

Ken & Curtis have a mid-week K&C recap with the latest station gossip plus the latest on Trenni refusing to stoop to mud-slinging after Jen Royle trashed her on the Tuesday OMF show.


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Lose. A 29 of November 2017 its through K it's he can't let Chris Curtis we've been gone for a bit you bend the will surprise to come back and Aurilia damn well feel like it or football pop up up up up or we'll tell you might not come back tomorrow is a confirmed to training is not coming back in tomorrow despite your guarantee you're still cold blood putt blocked. At the end of the ratio guarantee trend among I guarantee you know training tomorrow WA Curtis wrong again and Curtis are we to try for tomorrow. That will be I will be the case redeeming. I haven't confirmed that we won't appointment tomorrow so your bumper none of us in Kerney will not and tomorrow we're stuck with the lumps from Austin he nailed the San DiLeo stats earlier showed those that's. I mean it's numbered between three tenant wants to arrive at an exit early on unsung this year when Imus would hit this year full of good memory. I'll pay twice or three times return mr. tip only five this year and last year a plus have a brand new computer it is awesome it hasn't been infiltrated by the porn bots unveils computers porn box that show off type in San Helio and randomly get into the the glow b.s and who is the unsung hero for the year and he nailed the globe each unit every revs play loose possibly tension or my pick tomorrow from the reps or my pick Andrew Farrell the reps I said initially wanted to talk every senior on filled with that I'm my new goals and -- -- to be a big show. It was an ally that you actually at will be stick its enhanced risk tickets yet Chris I don't pay you the money back bunkers are tough to find it yes have you been Ayman Al you have given them out of attending the globes this year so visible heads up for huge O'Sullivan and Dan Shaughnessy gamble DuPont. In all you people I'm coming. I have will be tickets ready ago Tuesday Kirk and I to motivate looking forward to have to consider or to your Diet Coke before handing I was and invite an it consultant and that's just a good job Curtis the other side can do we tell the story all of some gossip behind the scenes you mentioned dale passing more. Can we actually mentioned this can and Curtis are adults they are sick effects. Kirk Tommy mad because in the past that would have two seconds. Yeah why not so we have a coach noted this was early in the morning we're here about 245 today it was thirty got a lot to computer was meeting they were removing the old one which I think was built in 1962. Right and replaced it with face spanking new windows thirteen. Bios all actions are great huddled conversations but the engineers in their race machine so I said Hammond says you know to tip to clear the history of the old one you nose dirty stuff on there actually over my producers who are here and stay -- we and a super sport of categories and age right now hair pulling. Hairdresser. Hazing HD. I homeless homemade. Housewife and he responded unprovoked. Should've seen the stuff Ogden mills computer this dog in Latin that long gul what -- computer we both like what clicked Bates city this belt in recent years ago that -- computer right in the old studio used to be infiltrated with viruses the porn site X art right he would be the last shall use it and then there would be buyers as the pot literal porn bots the pop popcorn box not all this is an eighteen days but I don't know we need to press on page there was more -- as we go to pressured removal of the students they what was audit. But he made it damn well clear that. He thought it might have been the port. This Dale Arnold FT accusation Dale's gonna have to respond to this is this pretty big gossip. I mean you mailed your cost of today a plus on your part we have to get an answer you know lining each year ige is your lover I mean your part. Is about you get with that's the yen that's that fired him because I'm quite there is in the second round Davida fighting over me just idle gossip for NBC sports boss that it's here it's third and lets them actually its economy like this script it. Yeah I was told. Trainee complained about something Gary says animal that was on air off the I've heard that. It was a little meeting at fault. I've heard that said something on our show and I know like Dick currency confirm or deny that for the same thing it was set on additional would you say that was a confidential leading banks and not got the eyes ears out girls that he Dwight oldest person that's sort you do mystery. That's out of the bag. What would you Halen we can we're just. Do you think as a it's not a station at the current. Well we know it's not my purity it's too busy points alchemy points. GO LG are easily delicate tight we talked a lot that you rightly logical liar. And hassle my Tea Party. We were talking about. Let's just held I know I I forgot her name. She's sleeping with a manager well two things just just just. We we're we were talking about just weren't yet here. But just buried here. And ice day. If you had have. Attractive women if you have women as sideline reporters in sports and situations like that are going to. If you add size in I believe that if you are women. Traveling with teams or it's covering single women single women situations are gonna happen when they sleep with a player who wanted to marry saudis play nice and happy and when I said was if you don't want that to happen. And you can't have women assignment. That was my point. You have given the sure that's. In trouble for that cutters I just say no that's not what was try these issue. And she asked you about it that I say that you have it from being confidence. Ottawa Writely which is done quite admirably no trainee tomorrow one trainee. Does not want to be apart in any way shape or form of these general rule and that. You have a lot. I got even tried. She is anger she feels betrayed by ormat further. Allowing suffered big rival our enemy or persons doesn't want knowledge and oil on the show yesterday battle Royale in Scioscia is not called sexist molded it might be the most sexy show on a station agreed yes I'm the exact date fight back. Hey you know slopes among them and mrs. A point where I have to be consistent and people sit retreat treated differently but we get a podcasts when I was at spring training in your back here last February when pro it was prompted the girl I went after dale and Holley because I viewed it that they didn't want to get down to where we were they wouldn't even acknowledge. The front page story about the unbelievable forty minute just insanity with Kevin for employers secular and on the show us where a guy aussies in here and I says it's because they think we are beneath I don't wanna do without like Weis that's a tough three and I think trendy thinks that what we do is beneath that's. The debate that idea that you just completely slam colleagues just to slam bam I'm not bored and I am not now. And I find it to be you're either in or your out. With Kirk with this show. All of us you me Jerry incur a repayment outlandish and we think it's a premium Munich mystics all that but it's never for lack of effort and people. Need to be fully engaged in what we do in Roberts and I've got pictures of me on the icu death bed I'm. Out there are being what ever you want it's fair game. With you it's the same way simply military incur if it's just this woman general -- by the way tree could destroy if she wanted to leave you it'll just Tom Brady. If I failed to graduate department of bothered indeed more than about as good. You can't play it both ways he can't but the you're wrong I admire your Kirk hockey points so very much like Kirk on an on air today it's it's but I agree. I don't like this. You know mocking a play this dirty game for the general sound this frustrates him because this is exactly what we do that she's not gonna do that I would say her baby should easily reach more comfortable cause this is going to happen. Right she can't have it both ways there isn't an exception made at the station for training. Preference Colorado the weekend about missing two minute weekend shows all she has to respond with this I'll let you the bosses like become one wants Obama coveted commodity she's unique. Right there are many other team Oakland general oil can say that anybody in town to do her job they haven't right no she she does a great job of ray Roberts good with us. She rubs people the wrong way she knows how to get under people's skin she does well during Kirk more so than many other people men and women Jerry and Jerry defense or he'd instead is he bought today it's hours it's happened I was trendy formally of curtain Callahan now of human Marjorie I've decided I'm gonna make the executive decision very few miles to move on I am I do mind I hear that -- I'm just saying that at some point we have to be relative weaknesses it just goes back to this whole thing which doesn't even make sense to kind of ironic a lot of for jumping off point whatever she mr. gates it was eagle double standard from Atlanta this hole but thing I don't I don't understand what what's stopping trains and just saying that what he said barker. If there's one thing if I every time someone said something mean about me and Witten and cried in my don't be mean don't stand I waited like a job he did like the picture you did you Toledo for reason you won the reaction while little pad back. You'd like hitter okay happens and it really didn't hit it certainly didn't get a nerve and a larger he's in Howell and hit a nerve. I'm larger scale now how women are giants after so much more harshly I was an usher at the direct challenge how like your initial react telling Allen. Its audience I mean it's obvious it bothered her she treated out of photo immediately. She was seeking pre. Listen people say things all the time randomly bother me I was sitting in here and Kirk's podcast we noise over five years ago the considerably different upward of recently altered W three days. Purse is strange guy guys have worked to now for almost five years and get really have no off air relationship with him whatsoever instill in fact. When I'm out with him socially driven launcher worked dinner on the trip together I can't get (%expletive) away from him fast enough for some reason he's still underneath it all. A noisy more than anybody else I don't know why that is I don't know what that's about. It's quite more ball meeting Curtis but yes I would say it's its core. I'm not proud of it but it bothered me a little lie in state and all the meat that's pretty childish to feel that way when somebody you work with Kirk says that but. It genuinely bothered me I'm passed that we'll move on whatever but there are certain things people say in certain moments that ball are you it's been a very interesting. Week. For trend here. Just she says tomorrow she's unavailable she does. Were right on the criticism of you believe that yes with the she'll be in next week we think we think should be in Rhea she should be in next week at that point she you know cheers rival we will talk about it. Was she wants to or not she may not want to discuss general royalty TO. And is gonna happen next like her when your index whenever you're in next Wednesday Tuesday or whenever. Gonna mention the fact the general acts you do think she this will hold up sweet mosque he's going to be in more to get bludgeoned to cry. This is partners at the answer for speak with him and anomaly that he's got. The busy night series in 68 with my. We moved it up to what the lawsuit be. Groggy tomorrow to mossy looks like he chips looks like hell you feel like hell does he happened. It's doing the hot still shoot tonight at 9 o'clock so late John's gonna get a beauty rest. This guy's gonna be seen. Where Sus kerosene can vacuum robots that solid to. About very you know its crew now are rescinded on this and headlines episode one season six. That's right the sixth season of the hot stove show that I can take it I can handle being in the united then go back a little map. When Europe four hours before tomorrow it's more important importantly our reporter Harold just not very critical solicitor I didn't say it was in the sorry ass sock puppet we had that week two of the Stanley bit. With. Kirk's parents in the great beyond. So I ordered this to bed talking about. We have a special guest you punch up our special guest on line to ice special guest. It. The mom. Packed putt at yeah. Maha obviously better than last week's yet she had someone script about three minutes worth the holiday season mom. Is a more difficult than that as you know your birthday was October than dad's birthday. Then Thanksgiving and Chris it's it's all yet it's all kind of rolled into one thing. Yeah. I would pass. You know pretty elegant and yeah dignity and. And what a wayward colleagues what the illusion admits. I recall that's. Attacking him write what you know the break I haven't abandoned it didn't development program. What's different between your teeth. Take a couple of guys that we. I have no recollection that you were young. You don't expect to get into. Another team. Your formative years assured that last night he started the ball rolling with a text to Gary myself and hear from her small which I was very excited about right. And calm I liked the spot right after headlines that'll. Little window there for I gotta give it AB plus I mean some people don't like wacky bits that's a stunt if they're done well I know it was like to our part to my card revenue work my entertainment I would have been as I. This is Jim Brady right Maya Angelou a local four talked yesterday from two to six forgotten about it you reload dale holing keep all it was awesome where in Philly right now with a particular Michael again one day that there hasn't been around one in the room where you had to deal like Julie local or do you not like it's only an hour he's unveiling their my children. All right and you know they were joking trust the process is that the sixers say. The Celtics of the fairway in the Airways better and I'm too real report ridiculous amounts of what's going Lincoln and analysts though don't you just heard about that yesterday too I think it was out Saturday afternoon and that was. Well it's a Madonna I missed I missed a completely a bigger news the real case and see which sometimes podcast or two week on cold apple that but we are back scheduled for December oh. Big spot. The old Saturday skate spot five to 7509. I believe it is. Your lead him for the Heisman Trophy presentation Audrey in Italy Jerry's got a vote for bodily was Somalia that the backers who have listened to the Heisman Trophy presentation show on radio you have him train window in the Michael won applause and lingo. On ESPN radio Isaac trophy on the radio it's wrong men in shirt. It or break. I couldn't believe it isolated we have this news of the interns and a good job they grabbed the opening whatever segment of window and go out and repeating the great I think was a subtle shot. And not just really bought all of us followed a good. The subtle about it now subtle as a sledgehammer could have new classmates going I know you can transfer schools graduating Al staying back to greatest they decided shocked out all that seemed to be the real emphasis or purported that we're repeating your group. And they said it was really should be in Alice in Rabinowitz was as awful lingo joke I walked in and today you know we've got this opinion in Kirkland go to Jerry goes. I don't want to send anybody that way. It. Tennessee's during the break you said. Finally get talking I'll I gave all like footballer Tennessee so pick your I can't talk host Jerry no I ask you go ahead no go ahead you go ahead go ahead go ahead going and going and going senator Tom who's the toughest we've discussed I'm thinking resent the ball solid and going back to Charlotte for her Osaka. I disagree okay well Israel hasn't I would tell people I was with little Michael Hayward that of that. Jerry earlier during the breaks and that's why I wasn't worried true or false out at sea ice that's probably a break. People go to treatment cycle I was Irish celebrate but don't lose listener just as I don't ever shows up our worst thing that shot at bill like this one. We're good. Ring garlic Italy. About what's the matter with you Roemer on Monday it was a flat disaster I don't know what happened every job was kind of what he was there for one reason and that was talk about the dale talk each alcoholic thing it would probably made sense just have a Jerry Kirk six to seven and then maybe bring Cameron and highlighted but he bullets 73 yes do you like Darren which Kirk was happy about. You're behind though it's 917 to be handled by the emotionally and we Monday shows. I hate them I bring you hate mama two Mondays anymore. I don't like Mike come until and a I don't act now I don't elements she knew who died as a whole they say appearance on with the day of the he low as one. It shows as a thrilled that we're back the lodge days and then in a Tuesday we had we debuted couple coupled it's a Celek got your reaction the trump native Americans on Jerry. Lots Kirk a lot Russians eat all the debt to his top trump quote of the year. He even said that he was back behind the true answer because of the here's the presenters yesterday where he'll long before any of us way here. We have a representative in congress who they say it was here a long time ago. Caller welcome. But you know life. He is sent to you such a country more odd it's. In the cart years all America Gerri love that night Iowa and Austin is it's it's so awful. But these don't these jokes submit the first times and I need some more of this yet get this first time stuff can you know I'm talking about. First I've heard Viagra. A life changing event for older men. Where exactly with the very first time he had a six hour erection I wanna be the birds you embarrass not so laws. The first thought he dropped yield SPD. For those you that government stands for the old silent but deadly fart moment got to wait is. This is what I am so yeah. You read this man's biography correctness era but he's ever has and it's. It's amazing you have a guy who thinks he's this genius. Who thinks that it's not. Boomer it's not the setting it's not the power to do WFE and it's it's him so we remove himself from all of you sits that is you know wherever it is. My attached to area Catholic cardinal filters attic the food and reruns of through Ben Ali and handcuffed by my ankle to a bench but it's nearly a beaded new month but yes my subtle like. I. Hello anyways so you know regular don't bring black people to games. You went and on the story of what happened in the back office for the show begins today and I was not pretty is that as a why get back to the fell almost all the floor it was a mistake to not alert them about this earlier but. Yesterday you would mean Joey had a meeting. Very very good meeting you sound like a stooge Joey mentioned that he wanted us to do would be trending at 559. I'll say this much he said he basically was saying the ratings started six for that quarter hour layer you're trending soc we don't want your trending in the sixth book you wouldn't say as much you wanna you wanna note no where during the ratings periods are some rough in like yeah you're usually done about six of one or. Let up a minute let's throw it in at 559. I can't Laird. Right you leave the meeting we want to many other topics throughout the course of the meeting nervous yesterday. Reached them it was a big deal. This morning it's 559 ocean Evan told the model from walking in at 602 were whatever we do but that's. Human heads and usually in the six right. But I just figured they electing surprised at Milwaukee and set a goal is the heads up restarted the trending at 559 today Kirk did not. I saw the crime scene athlete who looks at me and it's like why why am I just finding out of the snow who whose ideas. You. Obviously 00. He is punching his phone rolling ship. And he's like. And screams at me and I walked out with a look like it's Augusta they see you literally it's raw. Or just losses by and she never did talk about the best part is we have the parade going past the Curtis. Shot is out there and Jerry's behind him is or isn't. And Kirk he's in the mood attack and it's been hit it comes in with the spurs action ordered twelve a little excited I hasn't had an erection of yours I'm on five years. I mean I am harmless. Once that's twelve yen and this is is going to be possibly a casinos being a computer and at least the stars. We never did get into it but that was just one moment I'm sincere darker. We will see tomorrow to mossy. The idea will be back and we're going to be on the air here in the severance December and Heisman Trophy presentation I was I Michael Eisen prediction I'll audit. Many of my picks to recruit red carpet yes. We'll count on Jerry's out fun to watch our economy one bull as the the BC will demean pinstripe. The guarantee is guaranteed I've heard announced no guarantees are pretty much on a percent I mean turnovers and tomorrow at the.