Hot Stove Show - Possible Jose Abreu for JBJ trade coming? - 11-29-17

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, November 29th

In the return of the hot stove show, Mut and Rob Bradford are joined by Ken Laird, to talk about what has been a very boring baseball offseason. The guys discuss rumors of a potential deal where the Red Sox would acquire slugging first baseman Jose Abreu. They debate whether they'd like to bring Abreu in, and if they would give up Jackie Bradley Jr. for him. The also break down different offseason plans the Red Sox may have.


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At least not hot Scopes show. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. I was your book is I'm making change welcome aboard. Why a lot of ways it is now. For me it's not we complete coverage of the Red Sox socks. Century WEEI dot com mastermind rob Bradford rapid growth shows that might open W. I'm columnist John Tomas we'll keep going to. Great site studio host Mike Mudd Netscape. The hot stove she always brought to you by. Bradford clothing stores whose distinctive clothing flew to re enact. It's time for the hot still if you go. On the side. Do you buy talent they are tired for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire. No body. Maybe seven ball movement on the hot stove and it comes the Red Sox any Major League Baseball it is. In fact. There's been nothing cooking so far this off season that the only evidence you need is the highest level free agent signed so far worth his salt. Is Doug Fister were already past Thanksgiving. And off we go hot stove show Mott and Bradford and can layer in the house until 10 o'clock figure call 617. 7797937. Bought. Maybe asylum until something Goldie a Red Sox white sox' Jose break. Am I didn't rusty listen lots though show her and layered proposed this. A couple weeks ago on as Aberdeen to get on board with. Abreu over Jon Karl Stanton won the big the Aussie won the Big Three if it's going to be successful offseason while it was payment you said exit Rosenthal he thought the merchant payment broke the -- and Johnny and yes sir sir not a big deal only you do your job right and I'll like give those guys write about their their hate on scooters or you'll like harassing take right away is that part of why my general you are and what's happened is I've I've already cringing a little bit but go ahead okay. What do we heard this week to much on Palestinians John Carlos at the Red Sox. Basically a lot of the teachers that Alter it or written or in the Red Sox are engaged it would be a long shot. Yes all right to latest was from relic that'd be a long shot that would get the extreme launch yes tepid was the word too far u.'s depth in PA is basically said nothing. These casinos now slow plane is now this is. Everything filtering out to his minions its stand doesn't wanna come here sort of put the kibosh on this for a quick weird uninteresting you. Because stand doesn't want us okay now. Where's where's the Braves stuff comfort. Rome probably I don't pay Lindsay a Boris huge but it that's his agent right. No it's not but it's probably coming if new breed can't you brought up before dawn bullish thing to do it who's the agent was for Hosea bracelets. Connected the Dana Kennedy that the connecting the dots. The I would I would say this one thing kerosene must be done outside of liberal basic take on the so go ahead it I think I applaud you for try to. Do the damage he can on this thing. By. Is it trade. It's a trade so yet he wants Al. There's nobody levels bring it yes yes OK that's fine and you all these agents like Mike said nothing's happened let's get a donor or Asian ass life lesson I. The first thing when Damon reports on conversing you do if you Boris guys that's right. But when it comes to this thing he can have somebody in that whites arts organization Rick on or his assistant or his assistant to assistant. There can be some in the White Sox organization which if they wish they are as locked up with the Red Sox. And so all it takes is a we'd get some interest and Brady you know who's really interest of the Red Sox. I applaud you. Camp for doing that but I think you're over thinking yes I do to either light it legit it out in I would block as the Sox if they sign agree I think that I think Britain and -- if there's to Israel off the table here are. The big the really big splash in trade for John caller stand or. Due to other bigger things let's say in this case a break you and JD Martinez that's gonna Wear and that's where we're gonna do it. I see no reason why they should be involved in those conversations so when you get this great. He has sort of staggering and theorem on how they're getting today as saying everything dumbed down the Red Sox should be involved in all of this and a a good plan B I would think it regained her brows ski. The Jon Karl stand would be a brave one of the free agent so they should be involved try to. Play and be amused I think it's just a plane you have to have all I think they're planning was John Carlson I don't think so all they want the star power they know they've fallen behind and a and popularity here we always like exciting there's not as the article it like they're gonna help our national I cannot say fighting me for the last couple months honestly true saying what has been ripped off more times in the last week it's a bully but. Well okay US side or you are Shaughnessy or whoever people since that happened is they've had all the Red Sox are gonna react to what everyone's saying to fall behind the Celtics in and they got to go out to stand I don't think it's pretty simple. And if that was the case then why would Dave Dombrowski get up the GM meetings and say it put out the line which every once seemed to take. All we might not do anything big at all we have to sign guys to extensions why would he do that then. I think that they have these options I say the options there's no. Let me be plan A plan B whatever you JD Martinez if he falls to home if you have stated he falls to home and you have a brain falls to them and they're all very very different and you say Abreu doesn't cost me money if you wanna side yes I don't go trade for bring you an inside Judy Martinez who payrolls could be Dodgers level because of radio isn't he's got a good contract but are great what makes it good it's an event after two years two years applied to about 303839. Box components after two years sales done after two years unsecure brought to lawns so it's it's short term. Vision for the buzz the better I don't hate them but they these auctions I like it better than ten and thirty for stand by everyone was saying how when these players signed these these. Off doubts they're great for the players I think they're great for the team. Because usually the players take him. And in that two or three years you can actually develop something or have a plan to replace that person but it isn't watchable we'll bring you all as a player yes yes and if he opts out after three years of wood and after twenty point and that's not that that because prospect that I Zack you're bottle he would lead it would be what does it 208 million dollars you be saving. Read it would be that Obie did you rough scenario. You want him for ten years thousands of any in any sign that he would do that mitigating yellows but yet the problem is he's giving up. Otis Sonoma. Higher level players and prospects to get stand so yes I don't know what reader that's actually I don't think so it sounds like the morals so desperate leader of the contract read that anybody would take the full contract. You would have to eat out less in player valued at Oakland for brightly right now the Marlins are asking for players in money. And I think at the end of the day it's gonna come down to lesser player and more money. Right now it's in particular that you hear this you hear this of that what the Marlins are asking it's obscene it's outrageous they shouldn't be doing that. But the end of the day. Somebody's gonna say either you take the players you take the money you can't out ball. Can they get a brain. To the Red Sox have a reasonable package to get those integrated it well that's the one big concern and everybody keeps throwing out Hanley Ramirez he's nobody I'm sorry that could fill out right Jackie Bradley -- expressed doubt that you did the two White Sox obsessed with the idea of him and how it and it still says this like. They yet he tried traded forum like three years ago. And I don't know if there are obsessed rhythm I think that it makes sense because they knew could if you wanted to spend money that you can go get Martinez. And you could sign a bring you in there you ago and then you DH handling of the flow from the White Sox went right so you're saying there's no one cod there's no cope act. The Red Sox Archie trading she's groom to the view trade tasting room. Who'd you have laughed as your high end prospect nobody can lock means in Travis is you know more gas and Jada did I hit five home runs. So I might streams of data for one year. But he's their eyes just holes that this is the whole problem I have is that I agree that they value that the guys that they have mean more to them they value them more than other teams value and so. And do the White Sox value Michael statements like if all the prospect may be I don't know but it probably shouldn't. Saw it isn't gonna get a dot I look at this is that he said that before when we've brought a break it was brought up. It's not Chris Sale price but it can't be far off because this is a guy who let the American League in total bases last year. Is it contracted for two more years in part it's not. Cheap money it's reusable money for what he delivers. So you're trading for this guy for Leo two years had to really get used you don't get the sale at three years left to right so I'm okay elite I'm not today isn't it can't it cannot be casino I and I didn't say it once. Listen to keep the I say I I actually said the U words it's not what Chris Sale is. Bought the same type deal where you're getting a guy who is of value because of his contract and because you pretty much know what he's gonna deliver. Now the interesting wanna see this on Twitter is do you wanna east eight statement re you well you want a break you are or Carlos Santana. That's another guy because wreck our good friend read our stats on Twitter at put that through side by side in. They're almost identical in terms of power numbers. And and also since it has a better hope yes. Well I think loose at this they're not identical city 123 homers this year Breivik RV the last three years yet he went over a three year span yet the sole. I agree averaged I'd I've somebody Prius I apologize that general wise but I agree with this. Would those two guys get to the plate who'd you fear like I fear brings that bright you know I mean I don't care are batting average. Bellamy look at the the BO PS in particular last couple years. It is been a great he's a better he drives the ball more hits for much more power what is Dottie 43 doubles on top 33 ledger told bases in doubles counter total bases like you know that. Your mathematician he sure they threw Howard checked that during the he's gonna have a theory. Relationship and what it the Santa if their if their concern about his dual full thing we started the hot stove show republics are talking about. Only team on the field but also the buzz about the team. Carlos Santana is right that stopgap mole of whether it's Lucas dude. Or these guys for year were to always nine keep your money but Souza break you know he's probably you know why is he gonna have to sign on for five years. Or four years now since then now. For MCI for years yet again another depreciation believes he's a free Asia get a three year fifty million dollar deal solely that well is three years three years is not it's not 32 and April. Yeah he's getting a deal there was 3037. Always thought the autopsy for caucus say three years four years backs that's not a stop gap. And you're giving up draft pick Gavin yeah I figured it was it was a tiered yield or that that buried there is another issue for the Boston Red Sox who wanted to avoid. Give couples draft picks and lead you back to other guys like JD Martinez who will not cost you pick but I at this Santana. Is a a cop he's a fine replacement for a Mitch Moreland. I would balk at that but he would not fit the two pronged attack of get better on the field. And create some buzz because I don't think of people got a full oil. That's got to play Cleveland all those years of hurt out of the lineup no that's not place any guitar that's that's not going to be any of the buzz factor if that's part of what this. Offseason is about Jose Abreu is Jose Abreu is Natalie order thirty hall 100 RBIs. In just eat eat he fits that. Second part of it if they care about and if you I write in his. Portable two punch of a brake you Martinez switch animal that they would take on that he sixty billion autonomous two players Obama 200 million between its. Yet they just for a one year even tell you 4050 million whatever you're adding to payroll you're gonna bud lite 22230. Million dollar payroll or. Again the positive of that is it. You have guys up in two years. And in two years you can make you can make some judgment calls on who's developing and who's not and we won resigning you wanna extend. And in that that's is the biggest thing they if you get these guys whoever it is even stay in. As you can get this guy for three years our market that is the dreams and general what are you giving up to get now I know I I hear you I hear you I don't care. I would if if they're the price is reasonable whether you these ten years or three years I'd personally rather be three years because I just want guys on short term deals. And I walked up production for three years and concede he still good. But. I don't know what it's gonna take to get them. I still say he doesn't count well ice oh we don't. We pretty much know all about Jolo was low low low low low grade the quote this is they John Henry telling you this is the Allstate writer Brad no you don't here's how that has another report rob. What is every report even if you're a guy Evan relic you love the depth. What is our humble opinion played like a fiddle at just like the rest I don't know minute I don't disagree that. He is saying it's a long shot and it part of that is because Dan has and I know that I'd want to be West Coast. So you go back sued the wireless today it's it's in their saying the red archer leaking this out. It's a long shot because. I exams leaking out who you you just don't I don't know there's also so might my point is it on the Marlins are stammer and minority in Europe cheaters dunhill that was stupid to ice the occasional but. My point is this is that if the Marlins are assay in DT at all and whether they talked to him a couple of weeks ago or whenever. If there are engaging because I do think the truth lies in the middle somewhere Rosenthal was the one. That came out and said they are engaged threats are turnkey right I believe 99.9. Percent of Ken Rosenthal says above everybody yells. So I think that there is some truth to that and if there's truth to that. Then you have a guy. Why would the Marlins beat doing this if they think hey you know what is no chance he's gonna go out there. I don't think the stand has said no way I'm coming to Boston do I think that he wants to get the dodgers' first for most probably and prod the giants' second. Yeah I don't know. I don't know I mean it says I don't know if you news of Cisco's. Products they play a west oaks the decline every trade and he has he has all average one dollar. That's exactly did he has all the socialist which is why Derek Jeter should not be out there he has Telecom Clark Spencer. And Miami Herald that hey if you don't. If you don't get bigger trade you're stuck here with some bad teammates don't care what we talked leveraged tens Wright counties he does have. He if he brilliance are. But he's going to be very Smart read recently in two seconds because we said. That yes he does have all the leverage and why Jeter. Plants set out there with Clark Spencer saying hey you know what if you don't agree to a trade we're gonna keep your four year we are trade off other guys and you'd be playing on a crappy team for years. That gets some leverage back with a marlin I say zeroes would. The hero a hero well might buy he plays let your buddies one multibillion dollar I'm afraid it actually has offended that the Marlins are trying to do something I wouldn't be Alex is it that it did its dog noticed her to try to impress your fan base and you're you're smear in the star player ever gonna bigotry no matter who wants. How they're trying to get somebody doesn't ES final say no matter where he go rise but they're trying to get some whether it's probably not a reality that the gonna keep for years but they're trying to get whatever leverage they can away from announcing Ottawa out of the public that way when he's a star that talent everywhere know the wrong way of everyone wrong way and hopefully be as someone who as inhabited the Miami Beach area. Many nice move I know that every went down there my sources tell me they're everywhere doubt their noses in the drag reality I don't funeral. If you record straight could happen in this as possible. And death in his Red Sox that you should be excitable would you. Do you believe the Jackie Bradley junior. Is covered by the white sock yeah party helium gas. Why they're rebuilding what Jackie Bradley junior for three years I wouldn't trade him for regulating Africa three years is three years in the arbitration eligible is still manageable money. You have a Major League ready guy is treated everybody there's nobody left he's as good either by yourself for three years will be gone at that makes no sense. Maybe they think they're gonna be better than they a lot of people think they are. With food just the oddest just it'd almost like a complex on your guy got. He's coming on at 940 yeah. It hit it in the last we celebrate that he learned to read that could lead to a Michael go to Alaska. 6177797937. The phone number and hour and 33 minutes is a long time to wait to talk baseball. John in Medford thank you for your patience I've. Thanks Luke thank Zack. I don't we have something for them I'm the last show you my. Yet that you're trying to get to know what the what the world is throughout Latin driver going doctors. I'm big gimmick and it's called object. Yes that's the word he doesn't have any I agree John glad. Now I of the drink yeah that's a lot of us yet did this whole thing about Stanton now well maybe maybe you might know better what is what are you hearing. While a little bit now. I'm Jim Loney on Monday night I eat on that NBC sports before that and he's responsible for the Celtics game. Sense networks I wanna make sure I'm addicted that this might be corrupt and whether that's not correct. He said he'd picked him constantly and every incentive pay the salary. Could slip without Kenyan Sally you'd only have to give up. Maybe tool we played them no more than tool to me this week on the minded and it is necessary. Fair. I think it's fair. Our petty a big if but it hit Alley you know if you would have view of that if you take on this whole salary. Net 295 million dollars. Mikey Mikey says he he he he can opt out after what is that we yeah he's yeah so basically given up you get. Read let me let me say one other thing. What about that were rattlesnake actually you know would you be would you I don't I don't know. Tried to movies and I know he's already get a break you guys get to Cuban slot he's the guy that this party got because they missed out on a break you right and get a get the next Cuban. That's what's gonna sit bizarrely. Let me of the the other thing is who had never been out the last two abilities. I've had I've heard from the New York. Contingent or the MLB network kids need to beat writer is yup the Yankees. And a good thing that the Yankees are also looking at John Allison can join us he even know. Both student at the end profile of the same and Allen Jack if you want to see those tool together as a modern day in Italy and now question now lineup. Not at showers a Red Sox fan John you don't thank you for your patience thank you for your call. But again I I have not moved up my stance and approach years that the 1030 is a lot of money and if you ask it may be lose right maybe you'll think about the big prospects again I'm. We've seen no evidence of that so far other than Marines like Ken said that they'd rather daddy take all the money. They give up prospects. That's going to be a hard sell to that fan base Derek Jeter cannot on this first big trade. Say hey can grab Miami fans. We dumped a bunch you're doing be wanting needs to get back at least you want Ali's back on tracks are way you do it and why has he or Bogart's. You'll lose one of those guys and I'm telling you I'm not treat neither one of those guys in a deal for Jon Karl Stan that's just me. Just throw quick a break you. You love. Month hot humid as that goes there and there and then he's they're gonna trade him out there. Writely could be a mentality on MacCallum that's got a strange do that's another reason it is. It would seem very very important you keep the Cubans together and they sent us. He get a young number one prospect in baseball you've got a guy who's the most prolific Cuban hitter in the last. Decade Argentina you're gonna trade yes future priorities should not trade him you should prioritize and being cute for Jackie Bradley junior this idle most. That the the break the rulers of state of the rallies village does Bradley think has more merit than what you just said about keeping him the locker mate the Cuban locker mates why there. Well if you're got a pretty tight golf I guess appellate body's gonna be. Coming to Boston because of the Daisuke relationship or no I didn't thanks for listening I thought I got about four Adori nobody La. I love you very it was very nobody Larry here. 6177797937. Is the phone numbers spots though sure we're starting with. The idea of Jose prayers and calls on that Jon Karl stand. And there's that this old will unfortunately there's nothing else right now and baseball is stuck for budget reasons to pass and I'll wrote about it but none of this has gotten going at some people are blaming it. Ken's got Kenneth Ken dire raptors got to be guys are both show they are Connie guys he might be at the crux of this we'll talk about him. We'll talk to you as well hot stove show 93 point seven WE yeah. He's he's no Red Sox hot stove show on Sports Radio got. But Bradford later I'm still showed up to 37 WEEI your calls until 10 o'clock that now or has you at that point. Until 2 AM here at 61777979. B 37 focus here on the hot stove show on the Red Sox in the offseason. I'll get to your phone calls here in a second the Aussie and so far made the baseball has been really. Really slowed Jeff passel wrote about this yesterday Yahoo! and he wasn't willing to put it all and show they oh Connie. Buying a lot of it has to do with teams wanting to know where they fit within Isaac at a cost anything but he will set teams up well they're going to do. I Jon Karl stand now where he's gonna end up is affecting the Judy Martinez market. Because the teams that are not in on Stanton might be in a on Martinez they also might be unity Andrew McCutcheon. According to vault reports this afternoon he might be available so it's almost like we have to wait for these big dominoes to fall. Before we get anything else to happen and it's really late they have of fatigue and Doug Fister be rolling big signings in free agency rob this is like the new norm. Might just be an Al liar but. Ali baseball's got to be happy with lack of buzz around the first couple all the policies part of what the past the story said woods there. All these teams have all these people in the front officers so white. Minded divinity and they're not they're seeing the value of giving low leverage guys in the low end guys in and guys he can wait a little bit longer in the offseason. I think you've pretty simple this thing that is held up by a few players. Hold on he's beauty of three weeks starting on December 2 to they get a contract for an. Stay in your make talking about an enormous enormous trade which Marlins probably are no rush to do. There waiting for the best offer and then the big free agents are Boras guys and he always takes them away. I think it's that simple and then were you once that happens like Doug Custer wasn't a surprise because he was the last guy signed last year so we didn't wanna panic in. Or you'd wanna get hung out to dry again so we signed early but everybody else I'm surprised by this. He basically accused them of collusion to the point there that he wanted the pass at the owners are getting together and there's and let's hold off we're gonna drive these prices down seems a little farfetched. And a pretty good luck next viewed. Yet while I think actually that's his best point at next year's class so being in the issue is class is not that. Overwhelming be on the top couple guys that you know that locking discussing their dollars dollars for next year. That's a part of the Red Sox you know vehement against Santana doesn't fit this mold the Ras wanna be giving him for a five year deal operator for what part part of their plan it. I believe this to be the case that there is some more on that list like plan a plan area out of high high Japanese. But there is that essentially punt. The C pump this offseason there is inside there is a easel a skull Lucas to. Continue shortly so let's wait for the Machado Donaldson whatever the big Aussie Brighton guard Bryce Harper seems impossible but. We'll let you save our dockets for them because then Dave David Price sobs out they were beckoned one of these pictures kite won others are in the starting pitching market next year. I know they need buzz I know they want to be. You know have have some sort of pushed aside down score going in. But upon them. Armies like I don't wanna chase this group of his as Candice said B level free agents when there are multiple basic possible. You summits and they wanted to you view the player he once you dropped to eighty Martina is or Eric Hosmer. Into this into the into the next you're free agent class the right there with everybody else I mean maybe not me which I don't or Bryce Harper was those guys are five years younger that's the price right by it my guys at the Ritz still if you ever if you go out and sign a guy in Judy Markey is this year or next year you getting a guy who it. An obscene amount of home runs and not a lot of games. And that's exactly what you need so whether it's this year or next year and go back to what's holding everything up another reason is old Connie because. Look at how many teams are involved in a tidy this crazy it is but it Twitter Pittsburgh Pirates GM this is why we can make shots so anybody in what they think they. It doesn't cost any money in every team is trying to get this guy soul if they can wait a little bit. Edited builders show here economy but that's out of sub. That's gotta go three weeks isn't it odd that they just stay politically Friday released data released from Friday on that stretch at the problem model that through the Red Sox is everybody signed for two years or less operates in Kimbrel gone after this year you do you really can't wait they have to sign a big fish. Now to win this year. I hit it I don't like that of saying that's not announcing his plan a or B. But at some point a city get outbid on Martinez I'm sure they have a number on some of these guys rate every right outside on anybody. They don't so they observe those side to pick their guy and again and for some reason they don't and they get the same offer and that they got a side they'll play in Boston. If they don't get Martinez or Hosmer. They're off plan mayor Betty rival albeit under it yet made this is where Abreu does make some sense to have some back of their twice Stanton. At the right price would make some sense but then from there. They get other trade options Sauna will be network they were thrown out actually thought it was a trade possibilities and on the list of guys big ticket guys that could do it moved to throw but that's a back and what where where is their prospect the assets cash and right now he's in Italy after groom and you know they've got or young pitchers that are two or threes and you're exiting your trading the U prospects you do have. For all the guys you really want but for second level guys he's a lot of free agent and Archie motto here every detail. You joint bottom that he is it that would probably be right. More applause where it is creating job easier to get Joey thought you would you really really contract right he's got a big deal it's like sixers bought yet so but to get Joey caught motto a guy who produces a guy who has a lot of years laughed. You've got to have that to give up Jason room and then keep go one and when I say keep going on talk in Major League talent it's not. We've talked we've talked about I think he's he's thirty he's thirty finally a fashion error against this this isn't about whether Dave Dombrowski cares or not it's about what has to deal from. And position players forget about is not one guy. In the Red Sox minor league system as a position player which you can say that's part of a centerpiece not one guy I wonder why they want trade joint bottom he has he's thirty he's 34 years old next year. He's owed one final thought twice. Five million dollars a year the next six years to have an MVP he's getting paid 25 million dollars through his age 39 demo TV. Got to six years yes 6115. The pay out of this deal again thirty important then we ask you wanna wintry outlook that's you know. I think it's your trip that's why exactly you think I thought it'd. Do you warn that gig don't currently OK let's say all weighed six at 115 left for guys a hundred years old. Really looked as well. The numbers this year. At 33 let's see we needed a year I'll scroll up here rob what would you guess they were I don't. They were excellent yet you almost 36106. To mediate civilians over a thousand. You don't second the MVP the key people make on Muslims or if they punted all the would have asked what is the manager right. Koren they would steal game we got a new managers. Which is that was the biggest bitch of last year so okay that's a significant change but you would agree that the buzz about cholera we came and went right. Here's the mistake all this data I don't know what the Nazis and they have what we've gone this far in the offseason for about trades or signings. Alex Cora has not been on the constant showed that it Tuesday that it eco ahead. The Yankees fired their manager and he's still out there they should have waited for Girardi the issue of you want us. You use you get the Yankees manager here if you waited another week at the jump on Alex Cora at every you know also slowing I don't want to use prioritizing when he talked about managers. Player he would go reload not yeah I don't resist I'll take this one very analytical ability to really good young players yet that's at 650 appellate party but the knock on in the new York and bad for Arnott wasn't the younger players there Sanchez judge and etc. They were the ones sitting on the veteran also sneer young players did not feel like someone wondered out terrorists of the world so yeah. I nobody that I polished public you talk about bad diagrams of of re used agent everything in the GR Girardi coming to. To the Red Sox did a June heroic is there like its fifth straight week of screwed something up that. Any season manageable not a done you'll remember the state say it was right the ship's side Girardi. ES ten years of experience in New York he knows what to do what not to do. What cost us a couple wins here in lieu of Stan. Just say Gerrard wants applause. Yeah but it doesn't go unchallenged plays an elegant that to zero was being used to using Google earth and there would be bugs cannot you're wrong there be buzz from George Iran and you'd think you'd think yeah where you boy if you put a couple great cause and makes beauty Bayside new Yankee manager idea if you put up Opel and Sid who would rather have outscored Joseph Girardi. Like who'd you think that people well how what I addict and again in both core because Cora played for the Red Sox in Girardi managed the Yankees of these default Red Sox fans who check in late twice a year they heard you're terrible interview it's Saturday from. Out. Allowed monitored there. The egos at the look back and roll around the ground as good of equipment but yet both of a Osama got the you've got much fate that was that a good line. Cause he's a liar or faults. Was bigger and and use them to go back and I wanted and went to shut up Carlson I don't know I don't I'm not performed well cold on Karl hold on. Article how stupid statement to do now before it's that you said well yeah Cora wouldn't be able orbit when the favorite to it to win that whole network from. Partly to mobilize. That's what we're talking about his net. No I think it would have been I had people nobody nobody called into the radio stations we stated sign out score correct. You would it take in multiple on hours of phone calls people that elected board did not like to party. Alex Cora was the good it would not say with good Red Sox bring you were talking about we talked about bonds what what what right yet. Selling the product and Nazis so are you how hot or out or selling it in the Dominican aren't exile and David Ortiz and his family tends to happen. And you break him aboard the ISC or do you remember your past four. I didn't get that invite that falls. Oh yeah I don't know the opportunity to get on that plane invited me let's talk to our Karl McCain Carl I apologize for an. All right I'm not a problem how are you most about. But edgy you kind of agree to disagree understand then. But that's an economic topic. The great they could be. It's been really excited I think the good guys. That could solve a lot of problems I think one of the biggest reasons is that he's a Big Three hundred at a he's one of these guys displayed the ball ball park. He's very consistent. And I think in my opinion you're would be a legit number three hitter in the middle of the lineup along with some polyps. And just the terror group outside the box if you did actually you know keep Egypt in order to get them. Know that the guy out there by the name of Lorenzo Cain. I think he could do some damage at the top of the lineup. And that would that would enable you to bring down bats. And had been hit right next celebrated. On the did you thought Obama. Yes I've you're getting into it mean they would have to the guild to the next crop of free agent outfielders is right about that makes sense in. I don't know that that crop as a strong. As the first base Cassie I say if you're gonna go into the free agent market you're trade for bring you. And the fancy scenario are with Karl that the break apart you know KE trade for ray you are now you still wanna go out and industry trade Jackie Bradley. Because you put it in the braid trade in you wanna get another power back. Are you wanna get somebody else did you power I don't want Lola defense on again one of the couple got I would keep these guys that are over Austin Jackson a cameraman. Guys who have let us have real that are Haas I had a ball if they if they go the a great route now and then they'll wanna go and the big money on Martinez. They'll get one of those guys on the law. I mean at both those guys are part time so I'll tell you I wouldn't trade Bradley for a break. You wouldn't know you want for one. You're not getting any better I I just depends he's secure the Red Sox he went. You getting better each and your training due to tell us your tip you're you're attending something that you need. Yes and you're giving up something that you already have well players' defense and you're losing a jet but I won't but I already over a cent I want right that's right outline homers two years ago yes these very very streaky hitter not a salary player but are extremely streaky but probably they get to yes good very good player does a lot for your team by you have to. You give up what you're dealing from strength. To get something that you desperately need in power right. But value for value your last yeah it was better I think it's very various. I would say that you're getting more value and embrace I think especially for what you need grab. Is the best events shelter ever seen. I would still make the deal and I've seen and saved so when he runs for Sony Pictures you'll be you know it could be starting pitchers who benefited big league. From the south field yeah yeah flyable pitchers. So YouTube would be trickle effect there's you know you went to lefties. Matt Williams then on out there and says guys the bonds of prioritizing payroll. And will take pictures from dealing away JBJ it is a no brainer meet its stand should be to god for Boston. It's been doesn't work out tray for Jose Abreu contingent on signing interrogating Martinez is the move that as the that the kerosene can move that he began two weeks ago. He came on the station said I'd be good option and and all the sudden blow oval John payment. Listening to the show signal podcast on WEEI dot com he had that story today for our tire bring it up. Was kennel so given your credit growth and thought. I know earnings Solis as I was the youngest of life. We writes for the Atlanta right now is notice how the athletic Wear parity in volatile organic rhetoric is that was call. Of the athletic yet we have a subscription that station. Eight to read him yes. A pony up eighty support the costs and journalism is great I am saying that that my five bucks for Boston's Borchardt other state and it has cash always the Dominican and it's your if your credit. Six of plastic it costs a lot of money 7797937. Is the phone number it is much Bradford and Laird a hot stove you'll come back and predict what's gonna happen this week. Between now and next week will be signing a trade at a sniff. Will rob go golfing with Jose Brady's agent in the Dominican maybe we'll find out coming. Let's get back to the hot stove show. Sports Radio WEEI. Five hours away from. Getting up at the it's almost identical to get up at three started. We get up it'll airport. We'll first class duties of first class or die. For me tomorrow I don't privates. You donated 5000 dollars Ortiz his charity to go to that could cause that's the 500. Was announced it's all good. Career afforded to I ask you what you donate to charity now they wanted to OK I would it would you wanna. While what you don't want what are what are there any Elliott asked you which charity which charity you ask me I am mask. I'm not giving you donate anything and he chaired. Yes the Mike and asking for him but the that you would fund the yes. US off the air and end this and get into what we expect the next week or so. Are the Red Sox done signing big deals you would suggest potentially can if they wanna trade for ray use that. Maybe their don't wanna spend money in a big money contract which I just think it's tough to if you the Boston Red Sox. It is really really tough to take that states you wish they were not gonna launch into big deals to make. All the the brows ski track record is trade for Kimbrel sailed armory it's Karstens Smith to get on them doubtless there'll be sunny price right on receipts since the browse he's taken over. And I if you're John Henry can understand why there's the stalled by the big by the public Haley contractors the paint problem. Eighteen allegedly bubbles that count on you why the reasons for because you couldn't. NATO if you Jackson finally you've got to the place because you didn't want to sign my guy Edwin Encarnacion. Right will be at the game Ortiz charity golf event. Are you wanna sign him. Because you don't wanna go over the luxury tax you were planning for this year analysts they were so enamored with that. Strategy last year they enjoyed so much they like being attacked so much they've well you know you don't wonder how the worst week of the GM meetings the browse he's thrown out but you know not to leave it contracts pump the brakes seas off the accelerator it doesn't it. Heidi so let us get our hands are lost by a strategy that's completely different rules than what you're talking about this here. Last year it was do you wanna pay the tax at 50%. Because not gonna resent. Now you're able reset you want to pay the tax so you're gonna you go over. It's are you enamored by not spending a ton of money get irked by yeah I would imagine they aren't but instead it's a bad strategy go go back to the vision forget about slap them won the World Series against yours are all forget about him browse eternal promise to browse tees here. Look at it look it do they wanna do what they did before him which is the hand Lieberman do they wanna do they have merit policy and of all offseason. Or everyone forget the 2013. Offseason where they did the Shane Victorino the Mike Napoli that Jonny Gomes the David Ross and everyone was like what are you doing. You're citing all these guys to a three year deals. That's Luke is due to plant that is solid blue if you have doors unemployment got the Lucas to let him know why it. Do you see any reason why it's tougher this year to do that is because their place right now in this goes back to the court thought of their offseason. A being good on the field and create some buzz all the field that the Luke is due to planned. Does nothing for them at the box office on NASA and on WE yeah and coming off a year where the ratings were down he won their first place team. And there has been zero buzz as you would point out Robbie you'd admit exhaust and so far it's tough to push plan Luke is due to a coming off the year they had and now fighting a very good Celtics team. For TV viewers heading into next year is more important than that is that why you don't do the victory no Gomes Napoli plan. This time around is because you don't have fever tees they could do that because it Deaver he's the guy was hitting home runs. They need someone with giving hit the ball out of the park much like kerosene and desperately tried to do today eight for effort and I appreciate all he brought the boos. He's brought the movie's getting to an excellent effort and beyond all us the freedoms are back together again only because of blood Connecticut's call which had a trickle down effect of trainee. Moved Tuesday it's because he's the puppeteer and I was close that will work late tonight knows the baseball talked his spicy Lincoln letters here the principal excellent work I think you are by. Yesterday but in Connecticut I think again it can get as anything promote this Dominican I know we are already enough I'll always warn Sapp can be available. Oh players lawyer in the house look like we're hopeful that jet nice job that you will see you tomorrow at six. Ken's back on the air about eight hours or go home and sleep quick. Bad now it's coming up Kirk Callahan tomorrow at 6 AM right here on Sports Radio WEEI whiff. Just a month.