NFL Sunday Week 13 - Does Mut know his Bills' QBs (he does not); Lets goof on First Things First 12-3-17

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Sunday, December 3rd

HOUR 2 - Last week, we quizzed Jerry Thorton on his knowledge of the Dolphins' starting QBs since 2001. He failed miserably. Can Mut do any better when it comes to the Bills? No. He can't. Nick Wright is all about the Steelers as far as your top AFC team goes. And Michael Fabiano joins us for his weekly fantasy football advice.


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This news. NFL Sunday with a Mike and nasty and reach teens Brady gets the ball. Getting you sick for patriots bills this afternoon in buffalo NFL Sunday is brought to you by. Complex key insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified check out cup play and ski dot com. Mike Anderson look Quaid architectural molding us and buy your New England come loaded tractor dealers six NFL Sunday with money in cheek. On Sports Radio WEEI. How are you NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI Christian for you'll join us at noon all things patriots and bills want to discuss. In week thirteen of the NFL season including your fantasy lineup whether it is a season long fantasy where you're. Last week the regular season or first week of the post season and rich has about seven different teams. She's focusing on this week possibly do that we do with a guy Michael Fabiano of the NFL network on to order Michael underscore Fabiano he's fought she by. Apartment building supply your local Andersen windows dealer Michael lob but keep this morning are you. Under your command are you mention big we'd get an obstacle course. Lot of playoff berth on the line I so let's start with confidence level in a couple different guys is you look at week thirteen C you're at last secure regular season. You're the first round of the playoffs. We'll kind of guts to you have to have the star Josh Gordon in one of these keys make in his first start in forever for the Cleveland Browns like. Yeah. Vince McMahon once that you have to have pretty decree troops are to start Josh great. They're talking about and starting in seeing a lot of snaps yet complacent when he fourteen. Casey Hayward is wanted to better cover course that we can place the charged today so. Really desperation play for me a lot of talent. But do I want my playoff berth writing on a guy who has played in that law. I would have to be desperate to be so no more than what's playing this week. Michael where are you on true Ream hunts this guy I was the best Finnessey back for. Many weeks and then the last several it is not been so hot where do you go with a today. I don't know how we mentioned unless you're really beat and potentially you could. Union today Anderson Kurtz looks are ahead of if you want your two best in action in and call ways. This week maybe. Change things you won't see what happens by. One of the more talent at running backs in the lead and it was really structure we believe that most people out there on their roster where they can actually benched. During this week. Hypothetically. Michael well. Well I just say that your regardless they asked about a dozen or some other people out of the way some people out there because they hear your happen to be the cream hunt owner but he also organized out of the draft he got the young Lewis he got Christian McCaffery he got Joseph mix and did you say it could sit hunt and that's an area. Potentially see. Mike it may be added may be my team works as a very important argued. It's. Standard now and god if it is of course high import a lot of these are the they've questioned why the big guy can I tell them it's at standard. Auriemma. Right into the music you said no my nomination is that notes on unity. McCaffrey is much better PP our league if you look at all excellent numbers there there are not that great you know elections could last week that matchup against the Steelers this week so. I I capital with Korean. So huge spot on paper to talk about other people's teams right now so as I not my team are on on paper the Tampa Bay Bucs had a huge opportunity to go up offensively Jamie Swenson his question always expected to play. Your confidence level they are given the injury because the matchup against Green Bay is an awesome offensive natural for them. It is a really good one on paper without being says I don't have to include my well Lou how in green that you murder. Super flex quarterback to the Q and do you really don't play in the air. Yeah I screen I will I will say this because they're based out repeat the east so Brett Hundley is I should be at least in my opinion. A very good sleeper and he looked pretty good luck in Pittsburgh as well soak. I really strong role to play a guy who's coming off of an injury and a skirt in act. And that's part of the reason why I legitimacy. But again to QB league super collects the academy in there and yes that's if you have value. And you wanna spend on running back slot receiver not a position then. He's a potential option because as you mentioned that it's. Yeah I I'm I played daily every week and for me I love paid out a quarterback and Jane is under 6000 this week on draft kings and so when he try to be in play and he's DPP tournaments wants stacking game. I was gonna ask you you thought Jamison evident in Mike Evans was it the convoy you light. Is it Dovonte Adams is a Jordy Nelson peoples who will Backus and Adams and only had a connection majorities in the persona non Grata since the injured Aaron Rodgers. Disappeared camp victory at all and and to get matchup. But the targets are there are their what you spent on the ball and that is 2 o'clock atoms more often than not silk. It's a really difficult situation right now for any restaurant Nelson out of each side. Reports that are writers could be back in week fifteen. Separate truck Jordan you'll be picked him up if you have that you don't draw. Because which writer's ballot you're gonna see is the only sorting out sooner rather than mr. Nelson who's sort of been a bottom last. What do you think about Jimmy drop blowing his first with the 49ers. The difference is good at Soldier Field. He's limited again to achieve Putin's. Close look what Clinton. On their interest to see how he performs over the next several weeks because. You really you're going to have a situation where. A look at they're looking at each sleeper in Spanish roster 2018. I'm looking ahead yet because playoffs are here by. Here are some players out there that you're kind of start as affairs illustrate how they can bring yeah. Maybe over the last couple Lisa this season or moving into next yourself. Drop below a certain amount watching I would not starting him in the case. Let's draw shall be played in in full season leagues but again looking for value in daily fancy a couple of guys due to injury Michael are gonna get opportunities at running back Kenny Drake in Miami. And Ellis are we find out Amir Abdul is not gonna play for Detroit they're gonna treat Theo Riddick like the starter he's always been their their better receiving back Lee might get a a full. All they're offensively as the lone guy pitch in the lead guy in that Detroit backfield. Would you perform one of the other if you're just gonna get one value running back and rate core Redick this morning. Yeah drinks no question and the blocker is you know that it would be registered and people will pass catching running backs and Drake is pastor children. And a lot of times you look at matchup but you have to look at volume as well by Jamal Williams the last couple reaction in the markets have been great for the organs. And this week on paper at least the match is equally. But the volume is going to be here because my new Wausau and actual trick play. They're young Riddick. He would also be a conflict tight community RB because Q and has all the backfield. Without being says DEP matchup is not the greatest cooler the land turning back history. For daily league's outside of you know wrong course spending big on a tight end is there any guys that you like that are that are going to be a little bit cheaper than a good match ups. Well first Jack Doyle is it's got a good matchup he's getting a lot of volunteer Kirk could be the most targeted tight end in Oakland because well you've got. Got to Marc Cooper out he's got Michael Crabtree out as well a hundred Henry he's got great matchup against the ground this week. Julius Thomas revenge game against the Broncos were not anchored in tight end he's also an option for those don't wanna spend on the card position. A lot of good options out there what they are going Daly or your full season regular season final season the audio first week of the playoffs Michael Bobby Jones can be updated. On the NFL network all morning Michael underscore Fabiano on nine Twitter. And he helps out every single week get your line of said. A last minute couple hours for injuries couple hours for a lock. Across these leagues Michael great stuff is always thought the next week. Our Carter want better luck my IQ IQ Michael's brought you by Dartmouth building supply your local Andersen windows dealer. Drop will be interesting today. Because there's been this conversation and in San Francisco about the Palestinians offense and how it took Matt Ryan a while to get it. So will grow up blow struggle right away I know it's on the road Chicago. But. Wanna have success here right now right you wanna convince him to be the the franchise tag or the long term deal would be white wanna sign there again having a big day today will be out towards that. For Jimmy G as the historic there was him making his first. Chicago has been pretty good defensively and as filed on sedar at home defense and they're pretty good with it's are very good team it's too bad teams going that it and I think he's really intrigues today you know both you know 55 but just. Just watching him today gives you a reason anyway to win the red zone jumps over two 49ers bears that all hope with a lot of. Are often thagard who problems don't see at the met mentioned they mentioned aired as a revenge and aired ads I under the narrative that I buy into this. And did the defense the team he's garrote blow as the guy going forward and to sort of picks their level up. And so not gonna be surprised and San Francisco plays well and ya gonna be shocker tonight a lot of Jimmy. In drafting. Jimmy I probable everywhere I've been talking this guy up for three years like I gotta put money were not in the past 5100. And yet Kingston I donated nobody's talking about it and always gonna play an account I am. I am all over Jimmy gee that was kind of sick in my team public might yard I hear you're sick of my yearlong thing and I also government had to restart I did have my other options though like the match of that I'm about all of also panic in full disclosure ignited panic mode should go wrong couple is a small car and you are I don't love that the minute we walked the New York pounding port Jim Hackett -- of the fancy our about Jim told me not to place on Fabio Sami to play Kareem on what to. See. Let's go to our own opinion about sack up your you call shall I list that that is that is in order as a walk out of Carroll picks. It's added that that it would sure rather go down the guy you like it I'd made the mistake line that says saint. Listen I listen to some guy on TV and I'd like those guys distressing for years that get those two weeks after the fact there are so look for told her to play this idiot. US hope people tweet you Kieft when he won a matter what treatment if you got a guy on your fancy roster you know. That sucks today are well at least not until the audience a partner squeeze between rich and Keith when he won in just blame Rick for that I wanna see a yeah policies mentions destroyed that I advocate. Hey thanks a lot of yeah he's just immediate Westbrook had to catch either rich thanks a lot Josh Reynolds got shut out today. For the rams more on that I want you that your mentions littered. With a fantasy expert thought this out from both. Or I wanna get to this quiz do we have much as you want a new client who rip the patriots this week. There's a Bob Kraft documentary going on basically on NFL countdown wanna play some this with any good a wanna talk AFC east a one thought Eli Manning. But you teased a quiz. Yeah and gain John took a game and I would play this last it would Jerry Horton who are filled in for you. I doubt the shed we've played a game that it ties in very nicely with. One of our conversation to start the show by courtyards Horton do well in the square he did not go to Nazi UU of a lower bar here to beat so what we're talking about his. Quarterback how bad quarterbacks have bed and particularly the AFC east writes a sense Tom Brady is taken over. Last week the pictures by the dolphins we quiz Jerry. On all of the starting quarterbacks the Miami Dolphins have used since 2001. There was a tonic guys and he only got rhyme like three or four react it was not very money really yet I was surprised. I strong and it's almost gone just like a springer on you right now so right to our cue the music. We have Buffalo Bills. Starting quarterback I decided to adults are now they're applying the bills today let's try to keep it today eleven cents to wield that Cleo Lemon Jerry did not get him. Since 2001. Sees all the quarterbacks that have started the same season. Since Brady has taken over your going. Fire when ready to a what's the total number. It is fifteen. Fifteenth the number. I want us four or five as the number to win right probably four I will settle for 44 he got he got him until he got more he guts. Pennington that maybe maybe one other guy when it like Helio yet writing and price heated on and that's fraud chassis they're no cheating and actually negotiating what year restarting I settle one what are you doing what do you look and put my phone is down a gag orders that's like trivia the bar you can't look at your computer if you look at your true says it wants and Brady took over. It at fifteen starting quarterbacks by my count that could be one or two more room for error I made easy to Tyrod to donate Peter. There ago there's two as the first two guys both from this year nights. See this effort on might Rob Johnson yes nice California rob good 1001. Doug Flutie. Flutie was 2000 not on the list but not right that's account. EJ Manuel EJ Manuel great 11 round pick. There's this is the students got something. Stop now you know I think we got a feel of adult that they what Scott Mitchell. Technically it's not the guy that got weather out there. Other bills quarterback I got one person need your major bonus points if you happen to remember this guy yeah there's recently there's only there's a big donors are okay. But above Lewis. That was the go to a yes I'd read this article are the bills don't want to have one. Every month there's a couple of pictures from the institute of Bledsoe yet is on what's the started I believe the most games. What other ready Fitzpatrick. Looked but it you know thank you write what I live I would have as yet look saving a couple of my back pocket got Ryan Fitzpatrick yet on their. Other patriots who played so I. It was only one start I believe. Wasn't Kevin O'Connell was now known as the jets coming out and gets the at -- are any of you played for the jets that it goes on the jets but we started. Duties for him to some of these guys are extra hole on iso one guy had like five or six elements did you do it you know really well here. There's a guy that they drafted. In the first round. There is a guy annually to in the first they did so those are one of them but there's another one there's like a real journeyman like a guy who's played on almost every team what believes actually if it's the same one that you have has beat the patriots before just not with the -- yes yes and he's played like half the teams in the league. There's a guy who played for the patriots. The couple literally got a couple really obscure rules the quarterback. So you've already got Peter may and Taylor yeah it gives that Lewis gives EJ Manuel while you're gonna get a writer's ballot so once though and Rob Johnson at seven. Yes present and how many fifteenth. I I I've I have eight more to get here these bills quarterback since 2001. Some of these guys shall we open up to some phone calls the bullet like a phone a friend at six once I got to get up nine had he gets out of 93 at fault all right let's see you at the cause nobody else would be surprised or they would say at all of us. That aren't I saying about it so there's always know god that you miss 617779. 7937. Or colleges they went to which that would help me out in this process your every college yet there won't go to Louisville. One guy went to. Some of them though Chevy rock no clothes or. Is that there isn't Brian Brohm is Brian Brohm. Ours I would probably buy every day I would never got Brian he had drafted by in the second term agreements the fund Brian bronze that. He was dropped in the second round you so bad they're seven from picnic yours Matt Flynn and he ended up staying with him along longer. But see who else he got up to the journeyman guy. What he's been like half the team isn't vary at that time at a very close finished with someone who's currently the patriots media and so this guy there. What really well. Oh yeah. But this guy don't talk about this guy played four in addition to the bills the cowboy is the chiefs the Broncos in the bears. Big cat loves the I bars I'm I'm giving via colon cancer Kerry Collins cookbook at every player of the bill. I don't think so that it did. I did it very hard call both tot he for the bills that's when that's the way earlier lost about ninety. Gallup. About though there's one guy who played for the patriots on night against started in the last ten years for the patriots. Who started the yes Mac cast to have thank you think you forgot the castle had bill Cassell years in the back castle buffalo years. Couple other guys are the boss of a first round pick there's a guy who played for the browns. There's a guy from Stanford. We're just want to go to schools just really obscure Heidi we its audience helped him out West Springfield likes him. We attempt. And yet you at the hands. I. Can't complain about 1516 years ago. Yes first round pick my. Yeah good hits in only you lane first Olympic I had needless to say boss of surely I can say the how many years he last. Parts it's for Gaza where was that one and done a lawful. Yeah I think use a backup and a couple of spots we of the one of those games ago. Yes to got a couple of additional. One yes you sir every year all around that they're all around that you only that six. It was an aging now for a half. Hey. You know independent total audience the answer that of Killen right now don't know him. JQ are on today on. Always for horrible of the whole oral quarterback. He didn't play he got a couple years yeah he started parts of four seasons form. Including all of the 2006. Passengers happy to get that after I got that I go to the landlord won't negate your dirty dispute shortened from his mind adult I'll actually have had out there trying to of the canal Rex Ryan. He we see the guy out before patriot. Always said or read the Mac cast yet Mac sales are one game in 2050. About laws Rex Ryan. Yeltsin Tyrod Taylor rated EJ Manuel actually got almost 2014. It was each Emanuel in four games this other general and the journeyman quarterback had twelve. You're a ticker so we don't use as where is the parcel the cat's favorite work. There's a shakeup. That is their quarterback Jake editors are second fair or right. You with a Disco yes Kyle Orton. Kyle Orton and now I would've got Kyle Orton if we had until 1 o'clock to do that I had no recollection of playing yet the heavens along a market that is Roland we have. I think there is 1234. Guys that nobody is much like any other entries for. On violence what the bills the bills this illustrated absolutely are not the browns are dolphins. One guy from Stanford who also played a backup of onto it seems. Are those who got from Washington State he's very experienced and it's up on the debt one got all the way back in 2000 Warren. Went to. Hit a suited supplement. And one guy that I associate for the browns. Who went to Middle Tennessee State death penalty at all. Now just give you the last four art Alex or their pelts never would've got out of it all started in a one note. Let's go see the browns as well when I got him Trent edwards' hair out with different idea he now who is that that that of the journeyman who wanted to act is allow Kyle Orton now as well I'll know a demagogue from what I should've gotten trying to this is the classic Warren Jeffs tool. Just get school I should definitely. I sort of Madden franchise those schedule since Tom Brady took over the patriots had the lord and I feel good out there and tell rod Johnson Drew Bledsoe J. P. Losman pile Kelly Holcomb Trent Edwards Ryan Fitzpatrick Brian Brohm EJ Manuel Thad Lewis jets will. Kyle Orton Matt Cassel Tyrod Taylor. And Nathan and Peter I should've turned around jeez look at all these tech and it's nice that only three other guys are awesome act. The big cat it was only need a steeler quarterback I thought it might be but he loves Ortiz goes through Nevada Rory McIlroy he's text suggests that Josh Freeman got a shot. Would buffalo he did it on the team I'm looking at the list of starters that we're almost starting quarterbacks with the bills that may have been other guys that played. It is the only guys that started meanwhile you've had Tom Brady this entire time right the man is Jack Cassell then attack I mean. They actually had four starters rights that percent image problem last year. But it's so skewed it's it's one knee injury in its one stupid suspension that's the only reason there's been other stars. Pretty remarkable. You go Melissa Hughes gave us and the landowners ultimately but let's go to Cleveland the Cleveland this gets all the attention but. Miami and buffalo that's often the Sunnis don't get Brian Brohm and Jeff tool and Thad Lewis and let's. How critical for the patriots likeness. Of him it's gonna go to sleep business this is from this is more than normal regular. But there's very few teams that it's yours Roethlisberger here's the Manning brother here's Brady let's freeze a very good list I feel like I succeeded I didn't pass with flying colors but I acknowledge that you want to WiMax but it not pacified colorful about it blog about warm up quarterbacks in about. How will be posed Brady with the patriots 6177797937. That is guess or bills quarterback what you've got rich Keefe. Here on NFL Sunday Sports Radio WB yeah. My blood that's key and Richie yeah. Basically he's NFL Sunday brought to you might help plenty insurance on Sports Radio W. And he team's starting quarterbacks. That's going to be tough. And so we've got. Derek Anderson's clothes. Settle for wall. Lady corner. Take a law. Brian Hoyer. Hope Bruce Gradkowski. Stephen help me out here. Thad Lewis ran him. Cody Kessler holidays and campaign fourteen. Welcome our poll. Saw Josh. Oh and brought all caught or shocked and started lasted. It's often been. I was able to do well done. That's the holy Grail. Back quarterbacking for a decade math. Just brutal now on to a dish on Kaiser club meetings of billionaires in the the car lost that is try to find your quarterback it's NFL Sunday mutt and key Sports Radio WE guy to do this. Every in the NFL but I'm a disinterested in the current quarterback situations. In the league we started off the top of the show talking about a third league so I starting what we consider bad quarterbacks. Here in week thirteen to. And it maybe think about how it's gonna end here for that that the post Brady. Patriots I have a preference I don't know how it's going to end. Was curious your thoughts Richard gets in calls in this world 617779. 7937. Shot which are ready to comment about this patriots team on talk about that. A top of the hour and 11 o'clock. But post Brady right now the crop was not here. It's not going to be easy transition from a Brady to the next guy. So maybe between now and brief retirement in OC 2026 when he fire and hire them. Decide retire from the NFL right they'll have an ex packer quarterback let's assume for a second and they don't have that guy never put the plan in place. I would much rather have them draft the guy. And go through the growing process while he's playing. Then do this retread. Mittal the road let's just try game manager to try to win 789 games for up a bunch years. A while the team is still good. Process I want them to rip the dandy right free can off goal for the rookie the second year got the like and just. Play that guy in do you what the consequences because these. These that Jay Cutler geno Smith group of quarterbacks just gets. Over and over full passed around the NFL. I want zero part of that my preference is rookie growing pains to deal with that if all patriots fan post. Marie and I feel like that's what they set themselves up to do over the last several years you have to go back to right now like taking Ryan mallet whose horrible but. He was supposed to be like a first round temple quarterback fell for the third round they took moment and he said Ari there they're investing something in a back up meaning. If Brady. Gets hurt property for tires or you know like most quarterbacks in their late thirties decides to think about then you have a guy and obviously grew Rob Lowe is is even a more clear cut version of that. So I feel like this year or next year. Thirty think they're gonna use a top three round pick on a quarterback and if it's not this year I wouldn't freak out completely because breezed however boys play for five more years so you if you draft accord wreck this year and be dealing with a lot of the same stuff and and how that player's contract runs out. So let's say 2019. They use even a first round technical late first round pick on a quarterback that he backs up pretty furcal for years and and home. Now you're Niger and I I hope they do that as well because these guys that are just you know what the ceiling is. Knocking out you're not gonna really when those guys get that on other worldly defense. It just they do that they've they've really good pieces around so they had. An average quarterback it would really nausea but I I don't I don't want any water that all right why does it sounds counterintuitive I'm sure the patriot fans disagree. If you take Brady off the patriots they are probably still your right with a middle of the road they were in the division your shore drive it's Patrick. Josh McCown and actually not like one of those guys guess they're probably still winning the division that's and they're probably still gonna win selling I don't want that. And I can't imagine the patriots want to because most guys start okay fine your playoff team. Fine you win eight games yet a couple of highlights throughout the people up a highly dvd at the end of the year and his big win this comeback diet but. But the long term as you still are dead in the water in a league that make sure you better have a good quarterback or you can't do when he thinks so. And it will be painful right first or second year guy. We've seen you on good quarterbacks right in the eye as a guy who has replaced Brady accused. Too bad luck it's going to let us get talked about how good you are at it's I'm positive Oregon and my guess is there is part of garrote lol that's ego maybe he saw himself in the future. Being a quarterback of the patriots are playing for with Josh and playing with you Bill Belichick. It's gotta be somewhat of relief. Right he's got to go to Sampras Cisco have played today who probably a franchise tag in a full year there is San Fran nature pod either long term. He's replacing. Colin cap predict and CJ Beth hurt in a bunch of no name guy has literally suited up there is any happy at some level not to replace Brady. I'm getting a lot of feedback guy yeah I think I did for the coach in the quarterback who wrote replaces the guys here. Good luck in we've gone over the names before their there have been the Aaron Rodgers replacing Brett Favre there has been Ron Amadon replacing Joseph Montana. But there's also been the thousand guys are placed in Marino the thousand guys that are placed in Khaled a thousand got a late plenty of alternate quarterbacks that. They leave the next guy can't get it done it's it's constantly being compared to both said dolphins quarterback idiots. We as we know it's such a difficult position to fill. That you know. How are they gonna just be able to get the next guy to get the trust them to to draft and develop policy even as I walked and a draft and develop but I acknowledged that it's not a slam dunk and Belichick strapped track record of drafting quarterbacks. I think tells you it's not going to be a slam dunk right he drafted Kevin O'Connell he drafted Ryan mallet he's proud of the guys who bin. I'm disasters pro I don't brought there you go through the list today guys not. He's not hit and every one of those now he's also a take anyone the first round as far as I can tell. So maybe if there if they if they added traffic this year and they're going between mr. rose and UCLA and Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen. I guess you're right I would trust them to be able to pick. At the top half of the draft who the next guy's name but the track record drafting quarterbacks is Brady drop below yes. O'Connell. Davey. And a guy right now now. Although they got three starting quarterbacks in the league today from the pictures drafted would preset. That I'll throw it Brady like that is that is that's why also got they trapped in the third runner got addressed in the second round. And they're all starting today experiences and then they've also. They've been able to identify back out so it's a great players but. How long castle order than in the league he donated a draft castle they plot quarter as an undrafted free agent. They identify those guys and trust me I don't think they're great. But there in the league like there's teams that take you first round picks like Brady Quinn who were bomb out of leaflet it Matt liner out of leak. So they've at least found guys that can can stick around yet I wonder how much credit. Got who say Belichick but how much credits mcdaniels get specifically for. Percent being able to step in right away. And all Lockheed beat out not to adopt a great in Indianapolis but he's not fall on his face you know he's been okay for them is kept the job for now an easy the only so younger guy and ankle Rok -- probably credits mcdaniels for. Putting even a spot where he did plane pre season to play a lot right as he's obviously but. He played a pre season and look good when he did and so he's been developed and McCain so it that's. That's gonna help McCain's top what began as any a job after the year and how the giants probably stay away at this point given their front office and their GM will appear to do with enacted do. And next nine point four hours fire him and just. The idea we are thought to go to but. I'm not be shocked when they point to this week week thirteen. And say about McCain knows yet you've got three guys there and I did yesterday decrease shouldn't necessarily get credit for Brady. But that's not the position and more specifically. Percent interoperable bulls' starting a league. That's gonna make some teams while look at him teams that young quarterbacks teams that are going to be drafting Josh Rosen. Sam Arnold Josh Alan here in this first round and they're gonna watch out for Dale's coached them next year yeah absolutely he is gonna be high demand from almost team I do. Wonder not to go to McAuliffe wrote but I wonder if there's one guy that details already liked the most hated battles way. Where maybe he goes that we were just look at that they had you know that. What the draft or looks like right now. An emergency Paula possibly go to Cleveland district out Cleveland. Another year where they would have two or the shouldn't have to top ten picks and that you sit there with the number one overall pick. Obviously the 49ers is sort interstate. I don't think they're going to be looking for head coach obviously threw just hired one more quarterback but it's weird with the crop low or or are they going to be involved and Kirk cousins I don't know maybe it trading their draft pick. Because it's Ohio there's any quarterback needy teams they're maybe they'd be deal of from there and somebody else whose lower in the draft that needs a quarterback finds a way to to get it there. The giants I would consumer traffic quarterback. But as you point out you wonder how good that job even as a compared to Cleveland its efforts Cisco like oh that's definitely the more stable job. But the way they handled things this week. I think that that'll Ali were. Again I don't care if I'm Josh and I saw what happened with with the job I would just across all violence because he's gonna get a second opportunity yeah like he's gonna get a second chance. He needs that second chance and incurred as mentioned this before. Foreign office and GM that he can trust and maybe Jerry Reese's out by the way maybe as I don't think GM or are credible probably the communication thing. They'll resent being tidy. If he it may it McCain doesn't bring his own guy. That made that it works there but I your post Eli Manning the pressure is on going to be a win right away New York I don't think that's a great. I don't think it's the great job and I also think. There's gonna. I believe Belichick's arrest a sign off on where these guys ago I think he was OK with. Denver Denver okay with Kansas City got to do is they would be of Houston obviously for bill B good point used to. I'm not sure New York given the the way that the the giants ownership reportedly has won the punish the patriots there at the formal list of hey make sure. You get Al Brady for four games wanna make sure they get their pound of flesh from the patriots yeah. That's not the spot is up the good feel that feel good giants that Bill Belichick coached forward to act now probably not but it's about a and the jets. Facilitator of the jets and exultant loses Monica who is our wealth there at the top of the of the drought that's gonna and they looking for. And maybe looking for head coaches are looking now to see. What are the spot might be the Oakland is gonna have what Clinton picks their two top frankly will be open colts could be open right they should be did you hear. Look out of this week the colts should be open to dinner and honestly he's lost his mind if we deal with the herky singing and everything Groundhog Day one a lunatic so. He also in my own importance colts but again it blocked it all on you think Jim Irsay. And I would wanna know they're gonna go to that guy out there. The Broncos it either can't advance Joseph at one here now and he's having that time now of his life and he's gone. Payers think where else and it's and that that was always the spot he thought he'd end up there was Chicago if you but I don't the lights Robiskie. Now and does. So I have bought and even have another year to hear this I feel I really play this for now Brady and he's been as the giants are amassed the giants made sense that they got a top pick and your right he likes the guy they get. It's the giants they look safe it's big franchise. Our dumpster fire they need bench Manning. And other brush back and so bad that Mara and Tisch are leaking out through archived and noble people there that they did the wrong way out of got fired after tomorrow. They go to golden gophers job today maybe does he get in the dance at a bit win a B six for a because he gets the second opportunity and then use it that's it you get a first you get a second. You don't only a third. Jeff Fisher reportedly wants a third opportunity. Musher Jeff Fisher is going to be a third opportunity. So your Josh you gotta be extra careful in picking the second one but if you're the patriots. Al patriots fan and I had the choice when it's post Brady. And it's veteran middle road quarterback average teams hope to make the playoffs or goal. Rookie or second year guy in mourning process even at that needs. In those growing pains you miss the playoffs for year. Maybe into. Signing up outside I want the young I want the young quarterback all the rookie rut I did not want the journeyman won't get your thoughts on that. And a lot or 6177797937. The phone number. We do this every week look at patriot haters in the media across the country. And many of our favorite one richest favor one yet most guys really really like the nick right take birth on patriots and steals we get to that we'll get to us Sean McDermott's comments in the patriots top of the hour and eleven. It's NFL Sunday Sports Radio to be the. Let's return to more of NFL Sunday when money heat precision by complex key insurance on Sports Radio WEEI. These patriots haters dear citizens of New England no one anywhere in this country feels any sympathy whatsoever for you when your team despite its. We're back I'll go find another coach. I don't think he's a great coach I think he's a very good one can not believe Debra he won the MVP because certainly and Paul is legendary zoom mobile forwards is this was this was not one of these guys on Sports Radio W we. I'll probably get a a patriot haters. Lucky NFL Sunday but this one this week provides an opportunity to point out nick right who is. Normally pretty anti patriot anyway I fun with the good anti patriots to stormy critical the patriots you wanna point out their flaws. You don't get enough that quite frankly for your around here. So when the headline pop up my Twitter feed it. I'm nick Wright explains why Pittsburg not the patriots are the best team the AFC. I got excited fellow Yale excise who we go we understood the this'll be a good breakdown and penalized for us what. Well I conceded it's the opposite on of goodness was. College you guys judge who will react to a nick Wright earlier this week. Dealers have. A better roster. The Steelers have more dynamic playmakers. The Steelers absolutely have a more consistent defense. The Steelers have more dynamic weapons. The Steelers are the better Opel to I know this'll shock America. But the Steelers the wall wood on Steelers the up and down Steelers they can't trust them Steelers. Have the exact same record as being steady. And unbelievable New England Patriots the Pittsburgh Steelers. By the statistical measure or by the access are the best team in the AFC. How how long was that caught Ryan. Roughly about 35 seconds he said Steelers ten times account of the found is that it ten times you said the word. Steelers. I absolutely. I don't know but it is that it take urged the one thing these basic Steelers are better Iowa are the better global rosters better the players are better now there's part of the Ross and again though those if you can't. You can you can have that a pink bat that is his opinion and but there is no statistical evidence or no way to breakdown OK I did not trust the right to guy on. It's got to get any roster breakdown of digital players like it a TV talking head. Yeah that he says. But we are very different weight saudis say the eye test OK fine that's your eye test but that is the most opinionated thing you can visas yet that's being also says. By any statistical measure. Oh did you about amortization go back in points let's give this a second listen let me do what I can and I think we are. Words. Of that roster. Okay the roster senators have more dynamic play at the same thing the Steelers absolutely a more consistent you are with you a little bit more specific and let's have more dynamic Watkins same thing again very regardless ambulance with a couple colts. I know this'll shock. America this is not shock this summer the wheel is not a shock and counselors they can't trust them Steelers global consular access record is the stick in front there while unbelievable at all patriots produced shock at the same Rabbani the statistical measure or by no guides thousand dollars and has seen. Another house that's the measure and other non did say Steelers ten times whole crack ten times he said Steelers but they the patriots have scored a more points than the Steelers. What is more consistent defense. It up what they have to get up more than seventeen points and four straight games that's say they're lost and that our ordinances. They have been very consistent massively the Steelers have more news about what foods hot. And that's Cris Carter of course a majority creators and featured on your roof today with a show is first things first. Hit that they real news show the defense actually I was a mile 287 team. Seventeen fifteens I guess that's mile and fourteen patriots haven't given up more than seventeen since week four. Okay this whole winning still active role so guess what than the patriots have been more consistent because they were part of our 28 of the packers' Brett Hundley Packard the but right they beat they they allowed a point they give Brett a thirty in week five. They lost to the bears yeah I think a block by the jags at ho prosper through five picks are in its Jacksonville. That they'd they'd just barely beat Kansas City and that's MacKenzie began their slide. They barely beat Nicole we preset and the colts. They barely beat Brett homily and the Packers. So the other night into the Steelers of the that are hopeful I don't I disagree neck I think that they are the inferior team. I think the patriots they're the same record great the Eagles have about have a better than both of I don't know this'll shocked America vote no will not. Shocked America the Steelers but strictly a they're pretty good team year in year out there sort of popular they they a lot of wins today and I thought it was shocking that in week twelve these two teams are this camera it is to be goes back to. What in that those shows like that laid eyes someone said to nick right. Oki got to find a way to. The anti patriot here thought I did when I can prop up his cellar on both literally I'm pointless. Comes up when those things says Steelers ten times in 35 seconds give you the same answer over and over and over again and I. That there's some way could you could spend it. Where the patriot the Steelers are better activities but I would say that's not the way you do they'll keep presently holding all better. Up in David they've been more consistent the defense as of late points per game obviously the first month the patriots struggled they've righted that ship and been very very good. This week five on the skewers loss to Jacksonville at home in week five of 28 to Green Bay only go. The patriots have actually been a more consistent team he won't and that thing where Eagles like consistency if that doesn't work. Now it doesn't and that even when he's trying to somehow act like this is a shocking thing that the Steelers the vote Steelers and arguments that their. They have not really losing record since 2003. They made the playoffs the last three years and irony conference championship game a year ago. So this isn't the well where they if you're talking about the jaguars again this is your point about the jaguars. You feel like okay. Any minute it's gonna blow up what is not a target in an operative for years that there are going to be good at bats or take fine. But to say the Steelers are like this oh my god and although arguably that a million years that they record Steelers opened up Steelers. They're 115 last year in the midst of the conference championship this actually is the perfect patriots hater. Segment peace because he's legitimately doing that just to be anti patrons can't Justin Steelers you are and you are doing that segment you're given that 352 monologue. Just to be anti patriot is because they know. When you're anti patriot you get clicks you use you get listen dumb show like this as quickly player highlight and that's exactly Matt Keller got started while he's doing acts of Kellerman. Type rant not quite on as Max element but the patriots are so good this is like a worse we're so spoiled here they're so good and so consistent. And people are so anti patriot across the country you have 35 clips like that from nick right. Just to get people to go on yet to. Oak a cal watch or listen that Tate is not as dumb as is obvious that page but the presentation is worth you can't just say the name of the team is with the talk about ten times and third thing he did any extra patriot players on this does Steelers week thirteen yet he ever thought about that can't trust the Steelers. The global Steelers they make the playoffs every year right there at the terrible talent. That those things still Kuerten being read this right does not still hurt us it's the can't trust a crafty as they've they they're always change now quarterbacks throw his change now head coaches that know they've been the same for a decade now they go good job on a nick right thank you for openness I get along on this from thirty big thirteen edition NFL Sunday got a what you bring out Max Kellerman yet and I'd need today with Brandon Cox earlier this week. Even Heller man is starting to back. Office Tom Brady is not a Cliff Ellis and that this is gonna. I've. Made a statement Tom Brady as every single other quarterback who ever lived will fall off a cliff fuel cruise at very high altitudes let's Favre and Peyton did in. By the age of 41 or fall off the cliff giving him this scene and whatnot next he will be the same next season how off ally in your opinion. I think you're really far off and for our needs so 41 now I don't think it was ever 41 before so is deluding keep. Key move in that goal post I've always said that when blown Brady's 55 years old he's got to do your quarterback. Is just about done. I'm sort of set that it's been years ago and now your client unused and elsewhere all of buying it when it now every quarterback who has ever played. Is gonna fall on clay and we will be basically the day it is war could should he basically what he's saying now is what I'm telling you. Is just an obvious thing he has a flow chart now his floats artist is quarterback over forty if yes then we'll fall off cliff cliff no. Still the real original take at some point coming up here the original stand I should say. About Brady we have to get the Greek is the NFL network had this graphic this morning pick your MVP. And it did include. Like this is also we are right now with the jacket and patriot haters global saying that they are later on I Christian Fauria drugs that Al from now get his take on patriots and bills and thought you guys to at 61777979. B 37. I you comment on your show fry short term and very high praise for his current patriots team. A little bit too high if he's being honest themselves very grow we'll hear from Sean McDermott and talk patriots and bills neck.