NFL Sunday Week 13 - Sean McDermott thinks this is the best Patriots team he's ever seen. Here is why he's wrong 12-3-17

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Sunday, December 3rd

HOUR 3 - Mut and Keefe cannot agree on if outside motivation has any effect on a professional football team. Tom Brady's record against the other teams in the NFL is pretty good? Against the Bills? It's insane. And Bills HC, who has been around, thinks this is the best Patriots team he's ever seen. The guys aren't too sure about that.


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Fixed it's. NFL Sunday with Mike went nasty and reach teens Brady gets the ball. Getting you sick for patriots bills this afternoon in buffalo NFL Sunday is brought to you by. Complex key insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified check out cups Lansky dot com. Mike Anderson McQuay architectural Maltese and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers six NFL Sunday with money in cheek. On Sports Radio WEEI. Our great week thirteen NFL Sunday brought you by the plans the insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified. Check out complaints the dot com will be here until 1 o'clock and don't forget after the game. Flipped right over here the real post game show it'll be clan it'll be Freddie if your phone calls a recapping patriots and bills which most people expect to be a very. Convincing patriots win I would be part of that as well it's a very convincing Tommy current join its early to 2720. Patriots that would cover the half point I don't feel that way rich I know. There are some things to be concerned about if your patriots fan shore it is not enough we think the patriots go to buffalo and lose this game today against the bill's daughter I don't think so either mean. Sure they don't always go six no against the division that is a loss in there and and it's usually may be in Miami or maybe it at the jets the bills have just. So these numbers that are that are coming out like a Tom Brady will have more wins. In buffalo that any buffalo starter since Tom Brady has taken over that is that we wanna overlook all those names we talked about earlier in the day or an error this new stadium you know and an organ leaning state the most wins a pastor let's put it I think he's a visiting quarterback he makes one starting year there. These other guys should have eight. And obviously we again there's so many names medalist the most those guys probably didn't miss they get beat in the season. But that they Rhode quarterback become and have a record like that. Is insane and shows the dominance of they've had over the bills of the perfect team for the patriots to play it in the perfect tight the team that Bill Belichick succeeds against because they have. One go to guy and that has LeSean McCoy was Shawn McCoy is there he's there everything yes he can run the ball nice place a very good catcher a very good receiver out of the backfield. He does everything's will Bill Belichick will do today. Is attempt to take him away and when he does that it be six SX successful in doing that. They don't have other skill players look at the bills. Their next best skill player if you take out Tyrod Taylor he's won for on the football and run on the phone all eat arrows are indeed that the guys he's throwing the football to. Crap art Zaid Jones and a bunch of scrubs Charles clay tight end. Might be the next best guy. From a skill with this outcome is Oldman bella checked a belt that cal measure will not play today. So do you take him out. They physically can't score enough points offensively. And they can't slow you down defense with a bills all week if you read the buffalo papers they've been doing this thing where. The goal is going to be to a ball control run and they tell you this before its air run the ball but there. Control the time possession win eternal promise me don't turn over all three do not turn it all that's that's the Bob LaMont for this. Here's their problem. Their last eight games. They have eight sacks so one sack for game that's I'm not and there are allowing quarterbacks complete percentages are complete passes and a 68. Percent clip. There they can't get to the quarterback they can't stop the quarterback. They can't they're not explosive offensively yes the poll against Kansas City last week. But I don't the last two there because kids a season best Kansas City is taking away the play calling duties from Andy Reid he's carousel other guy today. Because they can't run offensively so that we're chief steam early in the year is not the team is right now. They can't score in bunches. They've won got to sort of take away the perfect team the patriots play and we both. In perfect when you really go through the bills on there so there's sometimes such a bad team they're six and five. The case here right now are tied their Rleal for an error playoff team with. In the AFC you would think a week thirteen in the NFL patriots vs another playoff team should be big match at a should be deemed to get really off fired up about. But the bill he just can't buy into the bills they out to a nice start in yourself and their defense is really good. Maybe that just had more do their opponents they've really fallen off in last week was that game where bills and chiefs who have full. All our our swan diving he's in the loser of that game mild hanging out because that neither team wanted to win and they've been struggling so bad. And the bills come out with a win so they keep their playoff hopes alive but. It's not a very good team and all meanwhile both teams in the AC ninety playoff teams. Which sums up the entire conference not so far this year I again I can't see gotta be the patriots in the wall book on Steelers if that's if bench. If Benjamin were healthy. Then maybe I could hear this scenario word they make plays downfield but they're they're receiving corps doesn't do it and I justice of that maybe I'm wrong. I assume Belichick will find a way. To shadow poll on the Kuwait and Taylor. Take away that running game and just make until the football I like Tyrod Taylor but he shell or Seattle Baltimore and Al buffalo. Vertical passing not a sprint it's one with an eight Peterman because the yeah he he's a dink and done yet to be so perfect to do what they do that control the clock if they hit. All of these past on the field legal may displace the explosive plays when it's not LeSean McCoy. And so to do that against the defense has been so good. I can't make the case for the one look at the picks later on here at 1245 about I think patriots cover his game he's the one case that they might have. Real if your. They get the bills at least cover the would be. Mobile quarterback in the three worst teams the patriots played defensively. Were against Alex Smith who could move. Cam Newton who can move and to Shawn Watson. Who obviously can move so do you think that Tyrod Taylor can you have to escape the pocket picked up some first downs and that was his legs then the that would be your best bet. But as you said there's not many other options so it's Osama core is a great running back. And then it's. Tyrod Taylor he's not gonna sneak up on and they faced him before that was also the those three games you talked about earlier the first month of the year when that they didn't click defensive bright guy that I think since then they played other quarterbacks who went home mobile achieve its wins another guy that doesn't move at all a great settings Matt Ryan at the dozens and Oprah I don't think I'll bet I played better quarterbacks in the plane and it in Tyrod Taylor tonight quarterbacks though but those are guys that though rather stay in the pocket and throw but they've dominated those but I'll consider tailored to be in might say the Michael vick's Super Bowl will category where he's just T-Mobile. Today I'm not. You study to scuttle your wanna buy good I a million into the icu in a pixel please attorneys take buffalo another well it's a relative last week a soda is really get a that he did Sweden that he picks last week I went to an. You didn't tax the lead and haven't I want it high enough and I'm right I actually felt. I get the sky high well last Heidi you know I didn't go to because you can go anything you don't know if you make impacts I went to and I could carry it back pictures are hot right now are our picks organ sponsors their response to lots of Asia. Aussie they were you born here are some there but we got to sponsored I was wrong I Orton was Canadian again this week as I told via. That's what the affluent ones at that point there. And we got to McDermott's come I can't make the case of the bills if you Campbell here at 617779. 7937. The phone number Keith in a car on Bill Belichick Nike. I would also what's up. And listen you know one of those things that drive me crazy it was and we all these national guys. Talk about how other teams are better or why the patriots are gonna lose or why they're there Tom Brady is starting off a cliff. That all these guys are doing is giving material apologize. Budapest motor grader probably in the history of sports. The directors accurate picture of him walking into the meeting right now putting so so well a bit portion of quiet and play in that clip that you guys just play. On how the Pittsburgh Steelers are better seen it so ridiculous I mean are you kidding me despite. The plate I was already had played roles ordered maybe elite unit god I'm not a agers maybe at least you have got our you know I mean. Just hope and bear it doesn't the plays hard and they wanted to still. At Seoul Olympics credit card you want. The patriots took to. Ought to have a chance to load don't have all the teams had a better chance of beating up. Stop talking about how they're not good let me just insults do the city I really it is ready to. Effects of the call it helps Belichick I don't think it means anything in the grounds out I don't think nick right Chris Carter or Max element. I don't think it helps them one Iona. On the field tonight when I I really got it Robbie Harris in the way you would hit things. Motivation short bolt catcher they do more than anybody I think you have more game play makers. That's probably an Oregon and make an effort to bring out arteries and what they're already up and bring up this week we'll bring it up in the pits for weeks is welcome bit on the on the on the board of a dummy we all know that. Explain to me how nick writes ridiculous dumb patriots take. How does that translate to 3018. Break next at Branko two point by guards were first noticed on I think it's going into things the motivation record but there's something to. Did the guys raid played a game and I know I hit a salary does that I think guys national good noted that yeah of high paid guy that you don't want -- we went out pretty good quarterback does now what I saw a good coaching melody motivation I am so camp when he's gonna be more motivated his Bill Belichick remind the nick right things they suck this week this week he argued the guys that play toolbar for now this identity or what are. Silver prodding or the lying the whole time news year and he would vomit one guy have a random blog and you like they didn't pick us it's us against the world around edit everybody thinks you guys the best team he's not around not everybody does. And they would use that. For some kind of crazy motivation they love that stuff I think the motivation comes and other teams say things in the media. I I can Ike I think Belichick uses other teams much more than what about Tom Jackson right ordinary regular cola I don't use that I utter OP operative I sure did where are all the result of Toledo player Bill Belichick is gonna say hey. Tom Jackson says you guys hate I don't know a lot of the adult belt secular other players can see that maker rally around that I think there's definitely a lot to be said. I think former players that have gotten the media which is almost all home from the patriots they talk about how much the team. Does care about that stuff and how adults act is a lower although I don't that we agree I think that there is no and I'll Goodell does since the being aware of it you're gonna use that many it is because Belichick thinks works I would argue that the best players the best quarterback in the best coach in the best roster if they got our -- not like this CB twelve deputy think it works great go for so you you think. See I think is vastly overrated I think Belichick's success when it I figure 1000% right about that. Bye week in week out. That what the media says it motivates eight patriots player like Tom Brady's motivated by these guys. 0% bounce at 0%. Belichick's play or after. See okay that like wrecks lie and other team I say that other teams in the league brought Tomlin talking about other implants patriots. Italy's out of all know and open my. Early to say about it not a yes but yes there that there. You're in the look at I just think it's old rate you'd think it plays any sort of factor this is a small factor by the yet they they loved us first the world mentality they they thrive off again I don't I don't debate that but how to explain how that translates on the field. I would I would just normal lives as a pregame speech for example it is a pregame speech affect how the game is played. Probably a little bit why doesn't even do all I know what is going to let our guys games one. Major out there are one we should be good to go out we need eleven guys on the field. Or does all raw raw stuff sometimes you don't pellets are real arrived I've been a time screams and has got to shore. You can't do it every single time he's found that he's the greatest coach of all times who's obviously found that balance if you're just screaming guys nonstop it's not gonna work. But if you pick and choose. When it when you think you need to really let a fire under their ads that yeah you might say about this what we light a fire and the team's ass in your quarterback is a neat Peter made it doesn't matter what you said. In the pre and that's why I think it's it's overrated and again the guy we always or I was quote. Is Ross Tucker who played for Belichick went on to the coaches came all the time and they show and said he's verbatim poll was. Nobody I played for cared more ball we said and what other teams said the bill Belichick's I understand he's obsessed that I'm telling you. I don't think it's a real motivated for the team and it's over rated because. At the end of the day it's the best coach in the best quarterback he could roll the footballs out wholesale Abby the bills that he does it have to say. To beat the bills say what are much better team I did say but the bills and in the because of nick right the right side about the Steelers so if you wanna use that all the mortgage the Steelers because who's picketing at the pictures today it's gonna really difficult on apple board material. The patriots vs the bills but if anything to do it. It would be the patriots they would they would find something so my point is if you think that any kind of motivational. Speech pregame work sort or coach in the huddle and at a time out when it's not x.s and o.s it's just kind of firing them up. Any kind of little advantage that you can get you gonna try to use I feel like that's what. All bull and ordinance earlier this is just extra motivation we'll see we'll ask a guy who's been in these situations Fauria at noon like duke duke does the pregame speech mattered does he think it helps because I look at it and say. You know if your team sucks you know give the best. Game of inches. Help which you know around them they want back in and then asserted. The shirt it that's a movie we'll watch that space but based on a very true story not a right that Willie demon when I was at base afterward will Miami sharks. It may edit change the name though for league legal filings yes. It once the legal alleys there a report comes film industry Charles Heston took his time off and down on that team is greater than a move on an historic and gave league you'd it's. We year or doing easy it's a fake. Fixed I'm. Went under is that you can get that you can give that speech Alpa chino and if you have a crappy team and a crappy quarterback it does not. Now some guys love that stuff. Some Islam what about miracle here are some heavily shorted out that in fact was based on the true story and other pretzels pay for the advanced you know the use fired up there and I think I've got more fair 1980 of the born in 1980 however I've heard a lot of good things about it. Michael was noting he'll tell us or verbatim. Second fired up. Stated that the talent to compete with the with the Soviets. And then they're out there. Nice little speech they're out their kick ass for the country and so it's a good god knows what it really frank submit to an on Bill Belichick I frank. I don't guys just in regards to motivation. I think back to leak those the 2004. America into the majors and prior to support and the Eagles somehow Belichick got ahold of this great plans. And I remember. In the video they've currently just got Archie Eagles right. It seemed use that as as. I really wouldn't rule out any. Yes right yes seller chart by eagerly for you think it matters to go to our Belichick and Brady. Well I think the better team dollar. Off course adage but yes I mean would you say it's important I amok it's not like Jennifer I'll let. It the player I heard that you know Philadelphia at all or are people out there and and we're ready to celebrate I get a little fired up by that I've got to get about national well. Governor. I'd go to court now I don't think if you're in there talking about that stuff to 53 guys. The -- gonna look handled differently when some guy that oh my god it'd be so pissed out volatile this room whatever our guys that are thought to my job arisen to motivate a little bit differently. By the best of health yet again with a when it comes to on other teams I think Belichick certainly uses it and and may may be for some guys that helps. When nick writes in the caller said you know nick nick right Colin Cowherd and on the beat these guys help Belichick I don't. And has no shot out like. I only have the players know who these guys are no they don't put those that somebody on TV they'll hunt and other somebody on and off fox if it's a million people on TV now does it matter if there's so many already are sharp drop by dogs I'm proud by your dynamic talent and your roster. Outside world sitting here saying this from big game in December Pittsburgh new England's gonna determine a lot I know you wallets of players think that how do you keep from. Not folks and yeah I'm embraced the elephant in the room was will be fireworks and it was probably before we want minister. The problem. Believe we both knew what was supposed to do the second one is really going to be your behavior and what happened in the first is don't set up and go dissect the wind is undetermined location. I don't know enough. Now he's like I know your earlier players like about the particular rule on. It's a course that oughta they are now like I said last week it's it's true it every every football fan is to get the exact same thing. I'm not gonna bang on Mike Tomlin as to what the Belichick eligible to run your thinks is the best way to do understand that. He's speaking the truth which NFL coaches don't do I I do love this response. Budget Texas is not a former NFL player and if not. ST a few which adding glioma that gives you employ an NFL please don't talk about another one nerds don't get it another one guys like Martin never played a sport don't get anger motivation that's right. We're all real bright. That's when it angels got on. Meredith and it. I get out of it had the game my idol think Bill Belichick think either literally locked up dot com and audience. That is. That is tired. Where it will rock gives. Yeah. He does that get motivated the beds in and it got me fired up but that's cool says that the better repair than we do. Then that have a concealed in those eight great competition not sure if you think back and he's just been pretty motivated very motivated motivated talk about. Yeah. Aaron out. That same trombone from its current. Yes but so you've you've bought to run its already had my back I'll really I didn't I didn't open it in. Mood these summer seventeen years except except I've parent doesn't exactly computing gear box that does I thought it knocked out the eighth grade jockey a great while we will rock you yeah like hey yes I do what I that's an idea of some of our country music right now sure can't do anything else and I don't matter. You wanna a bad. Band's song for 37 year old man I can give you that displaced camp. And I. It he'll learn arsons I'm loser. Japan nerd doesn't know any names right has against motivational speeches. About automation. Meatballs we'll ask worry top of the hour I'm motivated to come back up. She Sean McVeigh or we agri business. Push it all out our we got to the that he he made it should you have double this Friday night yet he's calling this patriots team. The best patriots team ever is he has that's an aggressive comment by a very good passing thought about at and coming up injury report although who's in who's out. In about five minutes now you hear first here on WEE. Once again it's money keep more of FL Sunday talk to my health plan's key insurance on Sports Radio WEB. 313 a fact NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. Time for our Sunday football injury updates sponsored by. Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates of a bad knee hands or shoulders keeping you on the bench Newton Wellesley. Orthopedic associates get you back in the action quickly visit NW away dot com. And W away expert care. Made easy enough capacity are all a lot easier as we already knew but Marcus cannon out Trey flowers Chris Hogan Matthew Slater Lee Adrian want all. Trevor Riley and once again Mike Gillis sleep he is a healthy scratch. Jeff Howe says while tried like hell of playing at the camp back uneasy our close surprised the patriots who assumed. It was seen Thursday he had no chance. From a fantasy standpoint at the Amir Abdul is officially in active out. For Detroit so theoretical get an opportunity there were shard Matthews inactive for Tennessee. Erin Jones Darrelle Revis Matt Forte camera braid she miss Winston car Charles clay. Alice Collins all active saying that Doug Martin's also out. Doug Marten. Outs short Kendrick west Terence west Borchard team for pair men. Mike Tolbert also. And ever mentioned. What's his name earlier I'm adjustment I should mention Riddick a second ago. They also scratched when the other running backs are Redick is getting a lot of work at Detroit today. I'm not as looking your injuries on the sunny with a patriots injuries party by Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates of the big story there. Eric roe is back David injuries backed those are good at. Camp plumbing playing offensive line and active and notre flowers. Too bad so no no flowers cancer doesn't listen a few starters here than me in the back of you and your third string of right tackle. But the good news is you're starting center and a good news is that buffalo is not been a a great pass rushing team in eight sacks last eight games lining 68%. Percentage. Two quarterbacks so far this year won't affect your phone calls in a second. You guys talk about this Friday night on the show as it current and a crisp Lawny. Let's Sean McDermott comments on a conference call McDermott the coach and buffalo. He was asked about the patriots and that's a pretty nice work for the patriots day is -- some McAuliffe is this year is patriots team is any different than the ones he's seen at previous stops in McDermott been in the league for awhile since 2000 with Philadelphia so it lines up currently has seen the patriots throughout his entire career lines up perfectly good spell check. In New England buddies asked a thirty different sit well I think they're better honestly. So that's the big quote there out of the rest of it this is an outstanding football team not that the other ones weren't. It just seems like now with the addition of some of the players that they've got to on the roster with the addition of cooks and on the other players have been able to add. The last really X amount of months I think this is a dynamite football team but the first part is I think they're better. Then the other teams he goes out the villains are great but this is the best patriots team. He's been in the league since 2000 with Philadelphia an effect in June that it was scouting in mid first coming out of William and Mary. But has been an assistant since then he's so he saw. All these patriots teams during the Brady brawn McDermott has been leak including 07. Including all 4032013. He thinks they're better. I'm gonna assume it's coach speak and that's just him get up about trying to motivate his guys and try to up pump up the opposition sort of the Bill Belichick role. Because from that actual like factual standpoint he's wrong. This victory team is is not better than. Those Super Bowl teams and in fact you are big on to win a guy had a hard time putting them ahead of Sid 2014. Which I've just always put it might herald standard for. Page three teams even better is that thirteen seconds LI RO seven obviously had a monster year it's on FL network rank them ahead. But give. And not winning always for me solo okay what he won for the patriots hole for that complete team offense defense everything that they did and armed. I never thought anywhere near daily and what is your thought boy this team has a chance to join that group of teams. Am I wrong in thinking that isn't that good I mean. How do you view that feeling of saying this has an all time patriots feel while certainly not for the first four games but has been a lot different sense of this winning streak they've looked based on the on the seven game winning streak and they have a chance to. He went in last year's team. I think may have been the third or fourth best patriots team. They went fourteen and to evade the of one of those losses those without Brady and they with the super ball they're the greatest comeback ever miserable. But I still think the fourteen team with better I think the O fourteen was better. And I understand 07 team. They just get bumped behind all of the Super Bowl teams but current brought a good point is like yet they didn't they didn't win the there are the most accomplished team. They can't be because it's five Super Bowl winners. But they may still be the best team. But if you needed to go win a game in needed look at the roster on that team is still play take the 07 team over any other team. You probably would and I guess is geared to all four because they were so balanced well look they're a credible where there their final season numbers. In the the DV OA number one looks that they were top ten offense and defense the were third leak on offense they were number seven on defense. They're red zone was incredibly had allowed three point six points per trip. In the red zone that's impossible although the course of a seasonal bio anyone morals late on Super Bowls so I would defer to them. But I I've never I've had this to that feeling about this team and I'll I wonder what McDermott sees a lot of people see in this team they they look good. I also think that would downgrades this team is the league right now. The littlest guys that are similar to last year right out of it they're working into their won the Super Bowl and add the number one defense points allowed a year ago. But man what a difference it is from some of these other teams the number one defense weathered the blog all about the bears are more recent the ravens in the box were couple years ago the Broncos Seahawks team that Seahawks team. Would they want the suitable that felt like. A legitimate number one these yeah they're they're gonna win defense the pictures of obviously very good a year ago but he just didn't really have. That feeling now they were also last year they were the best team. In the points differential. It's that they word fourteen as well they were in 2004 they weren't 2007. Eddie but there are a couple of other times they contend that. And about twelve. This year right now they rank third in that now you got a bunch of games to go the way things are trending big game they may. Capture that again. But this may not even be eight top five patriot team which is scary for the rest of league almost unfair for the rest of the league. But I was surprised that McDermott went down hard on on them in the. Team so we agreed price coach speak. Yeah because he saw that he doesn't offer or to people aboard what are. He'd been leaks and that's not like he just showed up and companies young guys who just cuddly he's he's been a coach since the thing. Started. Right I look at this patriots team is being very good. But they're very good for the era and it and the error I think the NFL right now is is down across the league and the quarterbacking play. I wouldn't say is down it's much more inconsistent and was. At times and the way the rules are set up. Your defense this can't be as good Italy wants offense they want the higher scoring. Games they love the fact the in your plug in these players on track exit fancy football and and wannabe yet will want that type of a firework type atmosphere. So it's tough for me to say that. And on night and shore. I'm not sure if there while we're Super Bowl and I'm not sure where they would rank with you. And maybe your right now they still wouldn't be a top three or four patriots team. Given what they've done which says only a lot about this team yes just the runner to arrest a league so look and the patriots in private leads to godly nick right. Creating fake segments about the patriots Steelers Guerrier over the last either a few sources the last. Decades it start with 07 from now this may be the third or fourth best pitchers. And it would probably be the best team. Everywhere the exception of a three or four places like Ronald Steelers. Better than any Steelers team on the last active. Or artwork or debated whether or not it's even like the fourth or fifth best team in the last decade he had to say McDermott it is I hate ovary and his team. But certainly the look the other way he's he's gonna like opposite bald or author of this is that what Brady herb what Belichick would do for most teams. He'd find the one thing I almost got they got they got this pumps are they got a great special teams or they have won the you know left tackle who's the best left tackle. He eagle opposite you Kia Motors advocates. But coach energy complemented the hell out of us the play did you bring that up yet and that you guys do their weekly the US that are Taylor Michael ever we could bill. And up inevitably at the end the interview asking about the next the next team yet. And you can you can basic script where he's going to say that he's ready to go on spinning he's gonna have what the team does well. He's gonna mentioned and two players after that. It's standout what it's definitely one player in the normally it's a second player where. He brought up who you bring up with the raiders. Host escort rob Patterson of growth guy a guy nobody goes on marketing. And Eagles he went special teams on you when you build hasn't had felt in regards to getting a special teams when he's already looked through the offense looked at the defense. And there's nobody worth mentioning that's a bad team. It's explosive. It's got it first. Stickers how low could leverage. He gets. Under or through all of blog and yet can you talk about. Punches. Athletic runs well so it's been lose since. It's fast on games when he comes up and under on. With the Tom Cole will twist came with the tackles he's got Fletcher Cox explosive. First off. As journal news. Like I was gonna say is that this I wanted to know valves that are we go get much he's ready guess the argument yes I have but I still have about it and so good that is a former it TCU. Yes and out there Jerry user news is on the buffalo four lines say very explosive mix them. Perez a good offensive lineman is exports. That's a real player though right added you're talking about the potter or the punt returner I'm Syria again harassment I'm sure he had. Saint platitudes for LeSean McCoy and tell you what here's here's the difference. He would find a way you'll find awaited two scare Malcolm Butler and Stephon Gilmore. To thinking that legs they Jones. Is some sort of oh I know my body you does it. Better be careful that. He's got good hands area cigar runs great routes to make plays down field where everybody else thinks they Jones the scrub bush ninety playing in the NFL that's the Belichick difference right moderates he is like. What's name Lou Holtz. We're probably even Mary Lou the whole thing but that bans on same way immediately government notice. That's Belichick's a McDermott can do it and get away with a ego and maybe they are really team. Spell check will do with the scrubs and I'll do it as a corporal pat it's amazing Jerry Hughes and you do that Zeta-Jones. Right where acts. That's the color crow that's a motivation and work it means so much of the eight its work and 61777979370. Is your phone number to NFL Sunday it's luck and keep the big story today. Involved the giants not only is Eli Manning contemplating retirement says his dad which nobody believes. It might be the final game ever for one and Mac can do in New York we'll explain that a Christian Fauria joins us top of the hour at noon here on WBE. NFL Sunday with the money. If my health plans insurance fund Sports Radio W we. NFL Sunday watching my plans the insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified check out complaints he dot com. Previewing patriots and bills but is always going the big story lines of the week in the National Football League there sponsored by the story lines they cars for kids. You're trusted charity for card donations also accepting donations. A both Arby's motorcycles and real stake call today 877 cars for kids they sponsor story lines the big story line. Other week riches what happened with Eli Manning and what happens in New York he was benched during the week the New York media went nuts the New York fans went nuts they cried over. He lies venture like he somehow died in new York and now. The ownership is feeling the pressure in New York Adam shelter first report today that. And Mack who could be fired in the next 24 hours there are New York in the way it's being spun this morning is that. Ownership didn't know just how they're gonna handle Eli Manning your vernacular was going to do with there was a miscommunication. And it because of that don't like the way it was handled in a fire Mack adieu tomorrow instead of waiting till the end of the year. There's no way that the front office did not want you wanted to be starting or about. They've they were are sorry that they wanted him to be discerned or regular is there remove or edit and back it was the face of this move the very handsome face of this decision. And we did. Adams after they start their show this morning on some medical counts on ESPN. That Mac if you could be out 24 hours it will they have a game and about eight hours say you're gonna play the game against the raiders. And then. There's a road game believers your father and all the way home the him Lieberman Oakland that way and it's clear that they use they mishandled this whole thing. Not that sitting yeah he would not back it may McEnroe is part of it but as an organization and his scandal right at the same package that would boost hold. And you and I both agree hey you have an exotic matter anymore at the team's socks in Largo with a another quarterback. Fine but they had no ideal kind of backlash they're gonna again it's and others trying to protect themselves than now they really are. Pointing to Mack adieu to think. The savvy NFL fans realize that this was in the Mac you decision. But some in the knee jerk reaction to work on this can't make this an Asian index for assessing even it was freaking out about MacKey view. You think this is back Mac is going to be out the embassies or apparently even sooner. So this was not his decision not gonna let him make a a major decision right now they're just keeping him around and now they're gonna go the other way because they are. That's getting benched is and barber. Cheese for a condom like. Let's hear from out of checked this was 909. This warning some nine minutes in NFL countdown is warning on ESPN. Now we're about happy convergence of story lines meeting as the giants head to Oakland. Because been lacking dues nearer to the season run as they go to the giants is coming to an end as more and I have learned over the weekend. Sources say they've been Mack who could be fired in the next 24 hours regardless of the result today in Oakland. That's obviously general manager Terry is also what they're nice but then Mac reduced time as the giants head coach Moore. Examined to an end. I love that. Just in case you thought you had to to save this all goes to the three and I'm geno Smith went out Oakland could be at raiders today knock in a matter still gunfire went where he says that I expected tomorrow. I'm they'll just fire Mack adieu at some point in much like. It was Eli Manning's fault the team's 219 but he deserved to get benched. The situation of all the Eli Manning is not all bad back who's fault. But he putt deserves to get fired not for that but the way they played here over the course of the year and yes they've been hurt I know that there were giant fans that we don't call up ago. The receivers a minority office of linesmen are not all they still suck they should not be to a night. Better than that. And Mac can who's proven over two years he's a good coordinator the head coach was ought to be desired isn't it weird too that he was the guy that he got the job basically because of the I give got a couple good years at Eli and old tobacco modestly who. Was healthy and he's not this year big reason why they are to a nine. But don't ever keep the same offense here Eli as comfortable disguise he's now the head coach and then. Just so. But over more than half. Halfway through year to have gotten this is our Eliza gonna be just fine unless you believe Archie Manning I don't I think Archie Manning told the biggest lie of the weekend. Two NFL networking and rapid 40 post the 6 o'clock this morning. Said he lie is of Archie Manning reminder Archie is the father Eli and Peyton and Cooper. You less 37 years old when I'm reading grown ass man these are not the quotes and a dad and a very good high school player going to college recruit or a 37 year old quote. It just flat broke his heart Archie said about the benching of Eli Manning. It doesn't speculating if he's still there we don't know what the future plans will be common New York by the people are there. Read I've been back at press and you have no idea what other teams will they give me 37 year old quarterback you just don't have any idea. Eli might say I had enough I'm feeling good I got beautiful wife three little girls I'm healthy and that's it. There's no sense suspect who is Archie Manning when they straight and she's beautiful tells Ian Rapoport I guess it's at some context of what I expect. It was yes smoking how was he laughing Huckabee Huckabee not a laughing and saying this. Eli Manning is gonna have three or four job opportunities and upgrade the quarterback with some of the team and byways NBC as a martyr in New York. He's gonna make him look better listen this whole thing is suffering rabbi for Eli Manning everybody's defending element in the making him out to be even better quarterback that he was back this tree is worthless. Jamie's sister is built on banning. That the defense were pretty go along the luxuries and because they're popular Strahan raid most times. Jason Pierre Paul David Tyree that those outage warts. Too bad. But now Eli if you retire the giants would love that please retire they're gonna pay this guy next year there are figure out a bit into them. There retires and makes it easy form here a quarterback starting this week in these eleven names are white Eli Manning will have a job next week next year we started it in the show with is that the team sort of today's the quarterbacks. A week thirteen geno Smith Ryan Fitzpatrick Brett Conley Jacoby percent. I Trevor Symbian Mac or Josh McCown Tom savage Blaine Gabbert mature risky and Sean Kaiser if you wanna throw in case skiing and to throw him in as wells because she played well in the this year Minnesota. But a third leak is not very good and because of that whether it's Jacksonville. Whether it is buffalo. Pick your team Eli has a job picture secede in the sob story arch of I wanna make your. Make us EE like the victim in New York. He didn't play well he got benched. End of story why does that mean more inactives New York. Yeah it's a man I'm song you know it doesn't let draft and he is got it to him because he won two simple bulls won by Eli Manning can't just beat him play on the bench. Any other I think every other place it would be because last name Manning as the market new York and of being born anyone to suitable forum and I don't feel I've honestly. Because he beat the patriots soon. Tonya. Something to do that if you beat the Steelers toys I don't think that Diaz fired up on their instance that's stupid dated I don't think it's not your beat everybody says the patriots. They'd be deadly and an undefeated season that's different than. Just you know. Beating the the Broncos in the super cool one listen to meet twice. Now but my body the patriots. Gets an a minus they don't they go by princess and also as Eli Manning on his weekly gacy huge Eli I had no idea right now. There are New York is he's a little bit compromised when it comes at quarterback over with and good rant and he's out of his mind Brit grant made you say Mike's back. Exhibit guys that are relentless in two Bart Scott in this spot next to look forward. To take a close. To 12 or three mentioning that an attitude does have a ring for a time agreement. On mine was in their own systems that you gotta be kidding me this one of these things right I I. Readers daily caller to sports talk radio or some ignorant on Twitter without double elegant it but he suggests the closest that enacted it would get to be ring. Would be to look at Eli Manning's on the way out in the parking lot which they funny line. But it that NAFTA has a re angry guys at the news on the packers' staff and tan and at his peak for instance you can build NASA ran the off. Good job. I'll we'll get to a break we'll come back you you were really pumping up his motivation thing Bill Belichick in boyfriend wallboard guys wanna play forming against guys pump up last guy who's been in huddles not huddles and locker rooms. With Bill Belichick Christian Fauria on motivation. I bills next.