The Real Post Game Show - Patriots defeat the Bills 23-3 for their 8th win in a row. 12-3-17

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Sunday, December 3rd

Glenn and Fred breakdown the Patriots 8th win in row, in a dominating win in Buffalo. From Bills practice squad to playing a huge role in the win against them, Eric Lee shines. Gronk made an aggressive play  after a Tom Brady interception, should he be suspend? Dion Lewis's impact on this years Patriots team. We hear Gronk's apology from the locker room. Fred's history in Buffalo is discussed. Callers on - Gronk, the Refs and more.


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Sports Radio 93 point seven. We EI FM and each team won Florence Foster. Send bills and now the most comprehensive review of it begins cease he's no real post game show. On Sports Radio WEEI. Capital we'll post game show was presented by complex he insurance. More choices more savings insurance simplified. Just outcomes Lansky dot com by Anderson McQuay even architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers let's get things going. Here's Glenn or way and breaks Marlins squad Sports Radio WEEI. Regularly patrol on there its tenth win of the season double digits once again and here we are to talk about on the real posting just fully get to the end game is to smile as this was this strike interest they were just watching it on TV is Graf was leaving the field. Hit an interesting conversation with one of the officials in this case I know you love jumping all over the officials it's one of your karate isn't okay as usual. I don't blame god for doing this today I think grown up right now. Is being miss treated by officials I think they are looking it is massive size. And they are using it against them they are analyzing him because he's that much bigger than all of the other fellas that he plays without there in the field. It's often they're not treating them the same way they would hold the small guy but there is a lot of big tight ends now what's the name from from Kansas City you've got to conduct LC. He got first plane they call them wrong gaffe it was like directing the offense of thousands are often to pass or did you look at it he rippled through each other in their right. He has a right to run on the field yet and the guy bought him trained and pushed nothing. That could have been a huge true but he's bigger than most guys up and it's good point with with Kelsey but he said and I don't know how many times he spells as well here's your official yet once more and more now he's just a smaller he's a power guy. And so he's going to move bodies around. Easier than other guys will that don't have the same script that he has. I really think that it's getting to be to the point now where it's a little bit abusive. Toward him because I don't play it in the I don't blame comfortable and you don't have to go out there they're probably complain coaches of the other two Youkilis in this guy's big. He's he's. He he's knocking guys old ladies and interference it's so rough with tiny brain that the guy must hybrids is that Europe can't see you got his hands did not go out bush he can't see that they're all pumping into each other. One guys towards seven pounds. The guys on an eighty pounds he's gonna bounce off all right we'll get to grow a little bit later I had to bring them I had to bring that up because it is if they were leaving the field he obviously wanted to talk to the official. Probably sit there same civil war what do we. Rule why you guys doing this to me constantly I just the story of the game today ready for the rest. Cool had to Eric Lee. In the Nepal today that would be the big star of today's game every completely built certainly did did anybody out there have any idea who hold a hell we're actually be why the script to meet the increased. A wife Lydia you mean from from Dallas militarily and that's only that's a different lyrics done that I don't like I must've missed that amendment about what they still like I Georgia I knew that they picked them up he was cardinals expect from the start of the buffalo practice squad in this is typical Bill Belichick were playing the Buffalo Bills. He practices every day against that buffalo office. Let's talk about see what it's not a levee hangs around or whatever but. Rick Leach himself game today for playing in a scheme that is unfamiliar to correct those out there makes it sentence a couple of sacked. Not an interception huge interception early on in about it while trying right. And he meant making. Tyrod Taylor would look at adamant if it were that hey it's it'll tees way. That you graduated so every guys. Believable every. Leave today if anybody uncles anybody made that point earlier this week and you can prove it that you are a genius my friend in buffalo came out and played tough the forests of the definitely intrigued here's what happens though he you can see in Brady was not sharp in the first half he's great the third quarter. But in the first half he was not sharp and we've seen this time and time again. So the thing that worries me about the patriots defense and no I'm not knocking the Patriots defense that OK they gave up three points of the ballgame I have this is not. A criticism of what they wanted to today and more what they've done in the last six assuming it. I still think they're susceptible to were running game. I think you can still run against the New England Patriots. So that was buffalo strategy we're gonna run the football and as long as you can keep the game three nothing six to 39 to three whatever. You can continue to do that. Once Brady gets up two scores on yet. It all goes out the window suddenly you've got to throw a ball. Tyrod Taylor has got to throw the football that neighbor and Biederman he's got to throw the football you have no other way. Of getting back into game. And so once Brady and give you that lead as he did last week fourteen and nothing. You're running game becomes new it's useless you're wasting your time but that's the only thing I think you can do. Against this defense right now is run the football there's some teams on the horizon. Further down the road not the next few weeks for further down the road in which presents a problem. All the coverage from buffalo was good and and have the coverage rushing to a pre three guys. And they Iran added you know that they're due to lack warrant things of that nature that's got to stop especially if you go man you go man they run you off. You get through last scrimmage gonna make an outlaw Richard I'd do in the giant pass play the coverage is pretty good today. You see wide buffalo with the peace and because his Peterson. Peter and a piece of men. Peterman ornaments double by Peter man he throws the ball much quickly makes the Hollywood Tony is Daley got hurt from his past perfect pass right to the go out of them of a receiver and he drops. I can they would actually went to Joseph Webb earlier in the game and then Biederman but it did make a good look at total football the problem with him for a truce at fort too hard. And over immigration visas a year they do not Heathrow special access is he to a quick vote count 11000. With under three seconds you're throwing a ball. Now Kayla. He doesn't see quickly so we can on old place you puzzle place makes people make mistakes a couple broken plays against defense the defense of banks weren't dropping their coverage look at the past the Kamal. There let him run a little bit. It outside make a few yards of the camp but they weren't let that be passed later so what the patriots do is they morph into whatever they need to be. A Brady was not accurate the first to have met effect he had that screaming match. Are on the sideline with with Josh McDaniels and which he screwed up it was obvious he's screwed up on minority and women with coach and he got he got pissed because you know basically. I think he was pretty much saying I know I screwed up I know I get an. So but what happened to be rid of the ball so what they did is they came out they started to run the football now if you the patriot you can do that especially when you're in the game you don't have to worry about it. And he ran the ball at will what they saw something in the third quarter time general Rodriguez passed in Third World. In the game of a big serving of Glock Ron put the ball bang bang got man coverage on wrong forget about just roll the ball he reached over a couple guys as he got the ball. Right between the zones. And they couldn't stop on that could stop all that opens up everything else I got to put more guys on kinky guys like scrimmage opens up your running game. So they saw something at halftime he should go to rock run the ball play action wrong wrong wrong wrong but on the field squad think early on Belichick running game kind of opened that up a little bit because I think they want to do was warn that if they want to go to ground. I think they wanted to go to grunt out of the gate but what buffalo did and it was obviously Sean McDermott's game plan news. That's the one guy that can really kill us we need to overplay him safety on top all the the whole first half. And grant didn't have a lot of breathing room out there you're really did an Auburn in the third quarter either but nobody is that they went to a many guys out because of the running game right you know the patriots were down up and on the field but there weren't that they feel goes to the touchdowns and that's like if the game close. But again I think it's 87 and one while leading at halftime the patriots are you. They came in and adjusted to what to going to fire the ball off quickly go to grow quicker because the linebackers coming up with a play action pass defeated the rocketed it. And you don't want the Buffalo Bills in and you cover them because you watched him anyway because you do. TV a bit of radio show out there buffalo. In the middle of the week you know but it anybody. The Buffalo Bills get off to a terrific start first half of the season people start buying and how many years have we done that and by the second half of the season. They are once again the same old Buffalo Bills when senate to miss him at a pretty good player like a judge in the first half of the season what does it Fred. I'll be convinced when I see the Buffalo Bills playing well. In week 10111213. Fourteen when they do that then I'm willing to sit here and say OK I'm buying into the Buffalo Bills. We see this every year and I think what it is. Is they lose a couple of players said now suddenly they have to goal away from what they were doing early on in the year. And the just don't have enough depth they don't have enough people you know what's next man up with the New England Patriots. It's in buffalo it's holy bleep we got to go to the next man up worse trouble. I think McDermott wants the fall that via team plant Belichick as far as developing team so governor Darius. Right you don't manage Tyler Terrell. Enters a not gonna pay him at the end of the season point seven million dollars they are they should do not so. I put the young kid in the early he flop who could someone call from up the support of back in you know look at the people happy. And they did this what the job not the but. The point is she doesn't have his type of player out there right now this ought all the papers like look like four or sale of Belichick asked me what school one of the guys with two fresh idea goes. How should I don't you should know. You should go with elementary school what he ate for dinner you need to know everything. Okay patriots haven't to buffalo has developing and I think McDermott were that that's like where the kids still play about a Washington but he was disrupt the fact that. So the bills I think on the right track it's you're taken a couple of years to get their personnel together. Right now next man up he probably doesn't know what to help them he has to do that by the rest of the guys. I'm with ya I think chuck McDermott seems to me to be a guy who's got the potential to be a pretty good coach in the slate but early on in the game. The the income the the Birkhead plight of cash. Why was he challenging now with the purpose of of challenging that play early on that was a dorm. Challenge it made absolutely. No sense of typical. He wasn't it was a touch what do you what will deploy you were apply. Leo dissect Caleb no no no no no the I don't know there was wanted to Brady Brady tripped. The blame over Birkhead and it was ultimately it was in Italy devout Edwards got angle he's down Ellis hasn't caught and I thought if he didn't touch a nobody touched down. You'll total congressman bright I was I was going after the touchdown would crooked rain and it was the ball is definitely over the the cut the Golan in reviewing it but you're right I don't know if we didn't know. What the team took what the because you proposed. I think he thought he down on the ball in The Who don't always role in the Baltimore area with a was a back EST just didn't get enough of one right right it was a stupid here's the scoop up he's grasping its for I'm sure it will what's the game here what are what are you gonna gain on this couple got stronger over laws or for churn up and going to be able to overturn. So it was a bizarre but overall yeah I can understand people ball float kind of excited about a maybe he's a decent coach but this is able Buffalo Bills but the picture below the patriots have I think five or six offered to players. And the courts are gonna suffer little but he got to tackle Doug you're third string offered to tackle right. That means we'll have you got a guy coming off that issue comes off the quarry of some guys accused about the quarter we have a couple of pretty good practice at the time early. They came out the second haven't changed. What do depleted patriots team B team by twenty points on the road at the home how bad is that. If you get the troops dug in deep financial flop houses out I thought that was a big out against against Dallas yeah I thought that was a big against Iran. And who fought seven guys the best of the we have around and Taylor had a lot of time back there in the pocket early on his game up went with Tyrod Taylor. Is that the only thing in my opinion that he does well because he's not good with the passing game is when the play breaks down he can get first down for. I can get a couple times they couldn't contain him we got outside he got that first down on a couple of different occasions today when a play breaks down. Which can go in win football games in the National Football -- hoping that wanna play for around you're gonna have a high degree of success on. Especially. That I have disciplined defense of battery that on trumpet out replaced before we see you would you do you're running out gonna try for the ball Oregon gets X 68 out. Or nudity and injured his attack on the silently wonderful full blast that's what happened to so Pirillo as a quarterback. That can manage a game if you're ahead maybe but when you get behind he's doing all that stuff is reliant on scramble plays and a bulwark against a disciplined defense. Are an overnight through drills. Castaways. What name. The defense about a Gilmore kill went well there is some great play he's starting over the last couple weeks I think he is starting to figure this stuff up and he's not playing. Isolated man to man out there aren't you using him a lot of different situations out there. And you got roll back but to me heat. Is starting to figure this thing I thought he made some key plays in this game today including what could have been a touchdown that was a great player Indians on the corner of the end zone. That was great coverage by Gil Agassi is at lettuce and be jumpsuits and while he recovers physical token he recovers on things really well. And like you said he tackles well all those things you did well. Not know in the scheme he was in the right place the right time earlier on watch that mess of a defense like they have changed dramatically. They're not leaving guys wide open a couple times maybe here or there but for the most but their defense is playing solid not great. But their place down. Coverage out you mentioned earlier the best aspect of that defense is defensive backs and they show picked up defensive backs and he did to Fred without a pass rush. So the equipment that allows he's in a one pass yes. Like a pressure on him. A lot of times before me Iran blitz they contain him in the pocket. Three man rush. When one guy comes in from the outside he just with one play there was no it was left to swap out there Eric Lee wouldn't pass rush to every leak. And it was before and if anybody said to me you know what I love this acquisition. Eric Lee a a practice squad player for the Buffalo Bills. Is going to make it back. I would've just laughed at you would say drew a full life and Eric Lee had a big game to. But he's in his again at practice squad that I signal before editor's note this sort of make up I'll catch you tell me you've played this game you played at a high level you would damn good and we keep on hearing how difficult it is to come to the New England Patriots have picked this stuff up there's somebody players that failed. To really understand it recognize what they're supposed to do Eric Lee comes off the practice squad from the Buffalo Bills credit he's going up against the Buffalo Bills. Maybe that's an advantage because he's CECs and a practice every day he sees their offense knows their tendencies those especially with with Taylor with Taylor wants the bill. But he considered asking and he makes an impact in this game. Not only impact you say I mean he changed the tide of mighty rivers. That would drive and on the field look like one for touched on at ten lining it's that intercept the ball I we're gonna get to the phone calls I know a lot of people wanna talk about Clark. Granted a stupid thing because he retaliated that's not the Smart way of dealing but I think the frustration is boiling over not just from this case. But the waive that he's treated differently because of these sides about his size is the way he plays the way life difficult because you know he's not a finesse play runs at you he gets the ball in bold you'll. He's fast the people think uses deceptive speed. But because he gets open because you don't know which way he's going on his breaking bumps and you and you had to go back and loser can't change corrected that's not his fault while most children don't you that yeah I've always felt and a trick play that he gets penalized more than any other player for it. Because he's not doing anything he's not leading with his body he just says I'm honestly a lot of space obstacle. And when you touch him you go flying off of him because he is so big and so strong. And he's penalized because of that is that fair. Now should he have retaliated no it was stupid it was idiotic he lost the school of gonna retaliate it up by a couple touchdowns in the game recap episode I let's get the focus on the people talk about it here's Logan first up from Rhode Island. Although real post game show what's up Logan. It. And speaking elated saying attitude that's so calling about on. So when he you know Brady did an exception. And then and he got ego and dumped on him for no reason which makes no sense. Though if you looked and listened to the guy was pulling his shirt and holding on pass run and went on this past road that's what his assistant and call it. Yeah you have no opinion of Romo just mention. I'm in on them. On the call that he could get suspended those running you guys. And I think that's just I think that's just I think that's a stretch this late in the season. I think that's a stretch. You know and you know I'm. Things. Out to our. You can do is only used but you see them a lot in the am and maybe not a lot but you see it often enough the National Football League don't chip. We're guys do that in the game and I don't. Remember an awful lot of suspensions. For something like this yeah it seems Padilla. I know he said that but that seems to be and I love Roma but. That seems to be a stretch for me. But you know how much the league does not want patriots repeat you know can he go that Mike Allen and if so how are you might suspect from your I don't know. You think they should call those. Office surpass the first constructed out of clothes you to have a guy. That brought the completely. And incompetent serenely commission because of four games were either I don't know what it is by no let those accuser in the area all the time get a watch what you do this again yeah but act. A long game and we need him against Pittsburgh. Absolutely. So it makes but makes it I just I I I find that hard to believe all of them didn't suspend Avaya a couple I mean yes I think he gets fine for. That's what I think happens he gets crying for. But I don't use it. A fresh review governor went on a guy bounce is often called the path that parents or put it. Not just wants clean with over and over and all I can understand his frustration for a I really believe. They treat him differently out there than they do guys who were not as big not as strong as he is so. What we're saying is everybody okay I would argue that that's makes him great. The fact is that not only is he a tremendous athlete. But his girth the size I'm sure he would be the same player if he was 61620. He wouldn't be the same place we're talking about. That's what makes him great all of these things he couldn't do. I and the fact that he's just sold big but he's at nearly impossible cover for anybody back there. You know what they their example that kept the ball cap cat caught also went back to back away from that obviously isn't what it was already right out of the same guy. The white had that ball he took it right out of his hands and he was 282 strong for white there was no way to pick it was gonna get the ball back now sorry son. I just registered you'll watch soda. So you look at a guy with a reached I camera what all twelve feet you probably jump almost twelve maybe fourteen I don't know what kind of antibody. So just want to just one of they're down to a fourth and six right now this is Kansas city's last opportunity. Guest judge definitely hurting it more jets a 38 against can't say. The people calling this the first few weeks for 56 weeks although we're gonna play Kansas City we're gonna deploying out there that is not good will felt bill did say earlier buffalo beat them you can't it's. 38 points against the and some people bought into that these are only a buffaloes go better than you think of what they did Kansas City in Kansas City. Kansas City is toast a tell you the charges are gonna win the AFC west they got one more play here its fourth and six with 49 seconds. Remaining to see if they can pull this game out. They didn't. Of the America. Alex answer roll altered. He had just landed on the turf. And this what is over the jets are going to be Kansas City, Kansas city's gonna go six and six post. Done the chargers are gonna win the AFC west and Kansas city's lucky if he'd make the postseason paranoid and everybody is sort of historical line. Smith is the problem with a Alex Smith is. He can't win a game for so once Utah lost. Once it came on was was not. That the running back he was the first few games where he was winning games for you and you've taken all the pressure off Alex Smith suddenly Alex Smith had to be one of those quarterbacks. Which are the ones that. Our win games for you. But Brady's hand when's his those up against. The the Aaron Rodgers once you took. Got away Alex Smith had to win the game. For the Kansas City Chiefs he's incapable of doing it pat homes will be the quarterback starting next enough food in the jets and buffalo some prominent bulls beat the team the patriots did. Wow because of me and that's so they have if you don't want they have the tiebreak. The floor if it's five games behind the patriots now. They have four games behind the patriots right now what would your does regularly and to adopt it to you right in the tractors. The new coach as you can see those culture to control the team. I defense is pretty good they played well here in Foxboro that you are content blows I love god rivers is playing extremely delegates are good for a wide receivers. They're playing while the permanent if there's no way this scary in the post season citizen he's author and a real post game show. They don't want. I walk or Golan. Why omni. It didn't poke passionate appearance on at all lately gronkowski dropped it would. That's what it is he couldn't figure out you that pull in on the Rupert issue off the tackle of the holding this up plays regularly gives it didn't cook some simple. Simple. We're little we're we're worries that she's the car with the toes the line. In the traffic that it is possible to Kokomo. Urgency and I think figures get the pictures you're frustrated with eagle I suppose. Non calls its rod we can go all the way back through the Carolina. We're acutely really ripped his clothes off in the hands on it and call it that was a that would bring on the one guidelines that I lost the game I didn't get a case here for an adjudication coast as to why you like got called passive approach against those teams you should give us what's in those teams and I'm not sure it is a team thing I think it's more big long thing. And I think everything pointed out it was also approximately so it wants almost cooks on the play but but what I'm saying is. Kirk's is not a we don't see this on a regular basis I think you're seeing a lot more of it with wrong. And I think it's because of his size. The aid the the which gives him the great advantage out they're not only is he a great players I just had a few minutes ago catch anything he's he's just so free in big and strong wrong. And but you can't. You can't. Penalize them for that so what they're basically don't want this thing. You don't want because you pick our stronger than the rest for the kids who have been playing at a playground it's fair civil got a book can't penalize them a little bit. You can't do that that is unfair to deploy air political order for a long time they have no it's a little holding call they called love yes downloading kidding me I. But it shouldn't eat at if you watch guys told. On those also placed the people whole lot and Politico has a lot it's incidental not on wrought iron on grumpy guy and drop the whole time. I and I think he's got a he's got a case if that's one of those with the league with the patriots have got to start sending. Videotaping all probably already have sent down the league offices and it can Muster the officials can compare. What they call on growing purses what they're calling on other guy's identity we. Should they do and I call like that and expect. They expect a lot retaliate we can't do that if we can about retaliation talk about. Patriots call them up and and an old on the team does that the league if you feel a basket anyway anyway it anywhere within a few feeling guys get screwed you you do that on a regular basis. I just think in this case it was dumb of grown to retaliate but on the I'm wondering put yourself in his position he's emotionally get pissed off. Now on top of this ease back home in buffalo so maybe he's got a little bit more emotional feeling with the and a game like this you know his worry grew while open but. And he. They'd they are right now treating him differently. Than other tight ends. And it can't pay in also he has incentive clauses the more catches to touchdowns dramatic. When they do when their make a call those bad offensive pass interference it's different entities. But everything plus you don't let you play ball. Whenever a level he played out you on the stimulus in the field are different moat. Write your energies up and get crazy out there and people pounding you bit trying to pound of the last scrimmage and were go to jamming their deep safeties that played against. Kansas City chain and guys distressed always downfield and culminate that you trust me poses as. To say that you have to do more against grown because of the fact that he is so big and so physical. So you see what defenders are doing they are pounding of their being far more physical okay. If that's the case then why isn't that called the same way it would be called if you get aid let's say a normal size guy in that position. That's cross complaint and a blight on our it's not a guy. The bigger try to execute run like he kept. It kicked out of the big thing he does too we find the ball in the air really well. If it's behind them underneath you can catch a ball screen at six foot seven he can catch a ball the book just a ball touch that truck or touch but virtually twelve behind. We could virtually wrote to progress we have so many things to worry about that's what makes me greet them. Because that's what makes a great so he's a great tri athlete he can't well you Walters she's like what that does everything well. So only way to stop on if you have someone that's a linebacker underneath it say if you look opera quarterback you have to have two guys glued to him. What Brady's ability to read defenses that could be date that can be death is a selfish. It was a big burly guy. Who can catch the ball in the number generally does he gets an up high because they've got paid the good long radius. But he gets the ball sometimes the way Julian Edelman would catch the ball the smaller guys. What you don't measure seeking it all the way from him. Because of his size you're allowing other players to do more against him and after I got to believe that pisses them off others is typical it's not fair. Which is Godfrey and he goes gets a five for 11185. Pound guy ripped it from his hands it's just don't fear it doesn't. It isn't so somebody in the league except on the of the leg is not really not a watcher guy popular guy turned and call often I've never seen that anywhere have you know I have you know like in my house hunting I also sit on my side and pick player I think he really gets burned on a pick play more so than any other player in the league. And he he doesn't I think early on he he led in. With with the the forearm to get to form a bishop became obvious but I think he's learned to keep the lead the hands arms in tight. And I don't think she does that anymore. But he gets cold for that more so than any player in the league because when you rub up against him OK eight in a pick. You the body you're going flying. Because she's so strong he's like a brick wall right you're gonna bounce off of what is so that that's when they throw the flag and notes grill he's doing nothing different than what another smaller guy would do. He's doing the exact same thing you've got to change in the same way making us think about what he bumps them they go back so in order to catch them on as bright he doesn't go back don't they do they go back and Heidi good plant. And accelerate Ford now is four yards away from new easy to open talks. Now if you're playing a team that was close and they take that was a fourteen yet pats were ever was for for a bout the ticket back. I can lose ten out sector have been costly and a close game which it was early on the benefit wasn't buffalo with someone else maybe tonight. You know in a Super Bowl maybe it's against. You know some dollar structural say it's against Pittsburgh and they do that would forever organ gave you a word about it here's Neal in a car on the real post game show menial. You're going good you. Know important. Drug. You know eagle eye opening video now if Obama you know his instead. And then you make it content that you could already allocated automobile that was that was premeditated. Thought that was dumb. And he'll probably be fine do you should be fine for something like that uncalled. You and so what you're very comprehensive. Suspension that. Now because they don't because easily every week he says it every week Donaldson got suspended for the deal. Whose front suspended for the Arab you're gonna put a whole doggone much is perfect perfect does that every single Sunday. Any fear that I'd I'd be. More. The president held I would aggressive opponent calls for prison though the right. But but neither the mail that was that was a dumb play bike market was obviously an emotional reaction. So the whole day but you don't think he's treated differently than other tight ends up there. Yeah oh yeah definitely an elite and I think one point talk about it when he came off of that and then and then that cut hard right. Delicate than normal crotch. And he got called pearl a competitor fairgrounds. Try it yet it hands down it was aren't there are. I want it always a dumb play it was dumb play and his end of Saddam played his part there was no question about on the opposite here and apologized. For Barack after that are you understand why he spends again it. And your prices the same thing should have done it was dumb stupid. It was the emotion just hit them like. What an off already out why aren't one yeah figures he's cleaned and you like you said you should contact yes it puncher with this another. Not in the picture and then up what is what is making his break off the Bobby as a hands down. Clearly got it today and offensive thousand offensively they're out now than Portugal elbows not then what's he supposed to do wanna play. So our tools are all right so I would love to hear if you're watching the video of that officials in in the league office watching. Somebody's gotta tell me. What he was supposed to do the defender was doing what he was supposed to do right used amplified right right at the and why is he supposed to do so here's the problem you can gym for five yards. But you can't do damage in the first five yards to draw a blocking his way because he's too big east and strong and if he's going sport you're going backward there's no way you gonna in any way influence is is is rob and that's your defense are lineman who exactly again and those guys do slowing. Spending get around you was welcomed. Please say right so he's done he's cleaned up his actors have sometimes he has rock and pick sometimes they're not anymore he cleaned up exactly what they said he was going he changed it is doing absolutely correct. More than any other tight and while I don't get it is still getting column that and again and if on the U patriots on sending more videos down the league office and was my guy have to do. Well let's show you this offensive pass interference and this is not the first time by the way we've seen this happen time and time again against brought here through and it's if you said. The problem you've got to clear it up right now with the officials. It's going to happen again and a big playoff game or the Super Bowl and it could be the difference of winning this whole championship or not. Because it's now becoming a consistent thing with the officials they are calling more on grown because of its size. His toughness his musicality they're calling more on him than they are most tight ends you've got a few. You've got to send the page on your take what is my guys supposed to do is become an all. They're all doing it so I I don't know I'll look at films and while that's a good call as a terrific call. You know ballots factored in the owners the picker to the top two weeks since this got to stop. It's got to stop to it if the rust you know if you screw up or not the top vote rocket suspended due to suspend some of these for a Phelps. Here Oprah pretty Catholics are competitors. However he thought curable if he's got emotional do you have what it is an important month for you or your glory right now you can bitch all you want about the positions this is like heaven for for a while I saw obviously we gave us or against Oklahoma and call them the respect officials tell us that. A guy hits the receiver. Let's apply that drives some into the two via other defense about that a call that our whole lives. Kicking me kick that's open Christmas season been bashed in the future and grow by 6177797937. Eric. Lee who had Eric Lee in the poll. Was going to be an impact player today than I Padilla he's had an area see if we. It's taken a hundred patriot entity and Eduardo about noontime today so who'll is Derrek Lee and it's it's. Knowing that nobody has any idea had an impact and allegedly he's an unbelievable. I'd such what 777 seven and three sevens of folk we return to real post game. It's more detailed analysis of the past huge victory over buffalo. Presented by complex key insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified. Check out help plasticky dot com. Mike Anderson look Quaid architectural molding stand by your New England come voted tractor dealers want Sports Radio WEEI. I easy practice religious authority. Not having he's a very Larry you know is not easy. And practice and uneasiness playing in the summer. You got that you are ready to go against them. The cool thing for us is getting used to them so we start Charlie dreadful blow reps in practice though. Okay Thomas we hold a long time. Devin according talking about grown so ground should be used to them like a thing or little ridiculous veterans of you wonder quickly yes yes I was you know were as close up the every now the rules for revenue. Subside so you get any breaks in the game today he was targeted eleven times Freddie had nine catches a hundred. The yards. At sixteen point three yards a catch. His longest was thirty so it's not like he had a seventy yard catch to offset that the sixteen point three is pretty yeah is pretty real. Amazing rock nine. Our catches a 147. Yards and one comment until we found total yards with 25821. Of thirty today. He was sacked three times you and one interception but this is unusual for number 800. Touchdowns. Via zero. And so you see what happens here quarterback rating 82 point four and it did in the lowest in the year. 82 point awful that aren't it was quarterback rating 35 point six so. Nice to me in 65 if. The space to throw as he moved around but didn't fold correctly a rare one of those third out in an eighteen year old for five. Think that's as he does it make quick decisions in that what you gonna win today. Quarterback has to get rid of the ball under three seconds and if you don't do that you run like Tyrod. In his defense reacts tool you have a chance but I therapy that faced as discipline. You're going to be in trouble. Jimmie you're a couple of today no particular interest in what he did today so he led his team down on the field. Late in the fourth quarter it's set up Robbie goal for 833. Yard. I take it back was no longer feel a short field goals 24 yard field goal. And San Francisco. When is only their second game of the disease could be Jimmy G throw for 29049. Original 293. The little if he was 246 of 37293. Yard publicly zero touchdowns one interception was sacked twice. You go pretty good game for Jimmy Jay and it was a went more importantly. Here's I don't know that it moves his body and across from you that nobody. They can accelerate and Julio. They anchor bar Friday. Jacob. Their eventual you're doing a little bit yourself beyond particularly for and they take about for Christmas and made a last night on the set of free them of the they pack of it dried ice and they put itself and styrofoam and they mailed really had noted. Still it stayed at Freddie do you think crowd should be. I think the ref should be suspended. Because we do get beat up all came and pulled the polls and in nothing gets called you're going across. Aisles when I was done. I think is what you this is no way they can suspended. And given before you see stuff like this all the talent just saw two guys fighting in the papers in the in the saints game anyone even thrown out on taxable and politics went to collisions it's big difference. Like why would they suspend my buddy didn't find him as a student is a view that we'll suspend out of a deal by mr. by enemies. That happens the law they're going to fund which is that they're going to focus paprika put. Would you be pissed off buddy if if this is happening every week two. And and all of I don't know I don't think it's I think he right now has a legitimate case of they're treating me differently than other receivers out here. Because of my shots and because of a strong and I am did you see that often surpassing forensic all of them. That is your call like anybody. Nobody except the wrong hands down the guy bombs to post was right now than know what pushed off or anything but arrested him right there could see that no extension of the out that you guys all time. The goal for pass to push on what they'll let that coincidental. He can even touched the atmosphere. Absolutely ridiculous it happens all the time now. I guess I just think he's still deemed strong and sodium Vick. That. They'd look at it and they say what the other player doesn't have a chance against. Will move kidney or the player doesn't have a chance because he's one of the greatest ever play that position. And one of the things he's really got going forward is he size and strength. And what these officials are doing is that it could take some of that away from because they it. They're they're penalizing him. For the for the body size and in the strike it's you can't do that that genre like things almost like. Russ Francis whose rust was yes it's about 260. But he was fast the property and usable on. And it doesn't climbers bracketed the gentleman pulled in call on him but US like wrong. A little bit faster but they act and the tight and still played warm go to as a receiver. They usually less off I say weapons and Italians were as strong as well we'll look at how that's how you should be treaty. He should be treating him as a receiver. And not as the old school tight end that you were talking about that you know far more blocking than they are actually out in in it in its route. But Winslow was a forest this year Q yes Qaeda elements lol what really are playing the senior 65260. Yeah house. But it was over or finesse guy in Jim up guys you just had leprosy. Want to play both. But he's primarily a strong and gets the ball and drag her not to vote for leading receiver. In that game to. Okay so that's what he does and yet you're treating him differently. Because of his body count I think he's got a leadership Iowa play as sample. So the guys in a bombing on the rim of it on other guys are gonna dodge doesn't you runs detect in MySpace I have a right that's based also just because I can push it can be backwards that's it means I'm wrong I'm right you have that is about me. You have to pick the repercussions listen I I can't I can't blame not. Should he have retaliated. Of course he should retaliate and that was pure frustration and I'm sure the league will look at that as well. And say well he was he was frustrated out there but just like your suspension. I'd be shocked now I shouldn't say. It's the national football in this national football but I would be shocked. If they went out suspended them I just don't think based on everything that's usually in the top including what was seen already in this in the states that it there's game right now. I would be shocked if they want suspect every other teams to put their two cents worth you did he should be is no wants to play against can take away and other weapons out there will be. All the up the the the usual suspects who will put their foot in their the Pittsburgh. Ball global. In all these other teams have to play the patriots won Rock Island Selby complain you've got to treat them equally evident that that's all by the big baby's cry of think this is where you lose your all right. I think you'll be on the over is doing or not that he's a four game for that know that that's separate issue that was stupid that was the 31 other owners who were trying to. If that's what I say they're into the knowing that. Do you think they're gonna there's a lot of it was typical or usually call up the commissioner. And a child's appearance they got to do some argue got to suspend a witness I think so anonymous what the Miami game though still don't know about moving it about a game to a to make the predictable what are patriots are role we're talking about it on the real post game show have been done a little bit about brought. As well. On at 6177797937. Might have we run down all of the other scores -- that we get right back to your phone calls we'll hear from. I'll check in and Brady and guarded everybody else later. Send bills and now the most comprehensive review what they begin cease sees no real post game show. On Sports Radio WEEI. Though you'll post game show was presented by complex he insurance. More choices more savings insurance simplified. Check out come plenty dot com by Anderson but Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers let's get things going. Here's Glenn Norway and Craig's Marlins squad Sports Radio WEEI. My six point 77797937. Talking about the patriots game today. Once you step to talk about including brawl is seen being treated unfairly. By the officiating crew out there that didn't happen all year long happened last year as well today got a little bit frustrated finding. Blew his cool and they got himself they unsportsmanlike. Conduct penalty. Any other story that is C Waller ultra buzz I said we gotta get into the into the Eric Lee story again but the almost fifteen carries today in 92 yards this deal Lewis. Not change. Up with this offense does he takes it to the next level he's another makes them pressure up the press absolutely. It's the second round in four. You have a whole bunch of options so he's huge run that office gives an inside outside. And he dodges a hit his ability to change correction. Guy breaks the line of scrimmage bulls back to read it he'd gone to separate can tackle for a hit and usually the little guys like that. Are usually you know on the most cases easier than that first hole and Thurman Thomas a little that he makes himself small room that's what are some of you get any kept dwelling place it was 53 a lot of those guys what they do is they shrink down. You know and they get mold of the ground and then it's very difficult. To grab them and then once lowest fuel handle and he spins in the other direction initially holes to conceal hole real quickly follows his. Block is extremely well when the right hole opens he explodes for Tom Thurman he was a huge mass of the Buffalo Bills as is as is Tia. Louis but Louis also makes a play action as cool mostly. And you gotta you gotta be ready for that provisional that guy a break from what are you talking about cutting ability there were a couple of runs he had today in which all we did was kind of free use the defense of line. So we start the run freezes it okay. They make the move to flat footed now that's right and he just moves off of that it's that stopping goal action he's unique running back. And is a real break down and farm them he can jump for three Q aside so you missile. There you go to break down breakdown actually and always on your reach. If you're logjam he's usually just runs right by stories. His ability to see things in and instantaneously make the move and the only sees the whole explode to a that basically houses that's what may execute and I thought two years ago the first seven games he had you can see this offense was totally different and I think we're seeing a lot he's healthy now. And he wasn't healthy lashed it was pretty obvious. And you're even a murmurs during the the offseason that they might deal animal why this summer thank god they didn't because right now where the rule was. Don't want to seize the same things whose eyes. Non nurtured and he sees more so he's he's a lot more slowly getting and I didn't think and I'd like football knowledge blatant. Belichick is a little bit. It's eagle but on Tuesday it would have a back right back and changed and we talked about why would you put him in against penetrating team execute dogs approach yeah. A team that plays bella like belt paper plate and stat line of scrimmage got penetrating make him make his break and then trying to accusing them of situations. Where most teams would use a power back. And you're using him in those situations colon used to utilize the right it's. And used in a goal line situation and you're right it was like 5857. You know they're using him. In a different type role because he has totally different skill set and I think it catches people off guard I really do. But another big day for him. Hopefully it carries 92 yards. About what is it about the states the saints ran down on the field squad not a passing ring and on the fields who have much different playing good defense. And running the ball. The community against buffalo Fred I would wary about. The New Orleans Saints for a couple reasons if you get them let's say and I network remembered were speaking ahead of ourselves we're talking about the Super Bowl if I would I've Woodward so let's move to the simple let's get to February screw December on our old anyway let's move on. So if you get into February as we don't have to be one game at a time we have depleted crap game. If you look at the New Orleans Saints right now in the older won't sing she would have no fear of because defensively they can't stop. A cash. They are much different. Team right now account or you look at they've got the guys four guys up front they can put pressure on you okay this is a good defensive unit their secondary their quarters assault here's the other thing. Because a two headed monster in the running game with Ingram. And tomorrow they appearance of lines why he's so good and our quarterback who you know you he got to admit this but this is terrific I've. So there were type team that can score against U plus they can stop you at the other and so they were feared they would scare me specially their running game the one thing I think. I'm still fearful of with this defense is I think they're susceptible to the rumble no light tower and of course -- you know you didn't you don't have flowers is either today. But they concern me against the run I think teams can run against the New England defense the reason they don't. Is it's very difficult to do with Tom Brady gives them a two score lead very empty it's nearly impossible to be able to run for political trouble for Opel to catch up. The other team that worries me about the is Philadelphia. In that they balance their defense is built similar to those old giant teams we can rush or we could put seven back into coverage we can get to the quarterback up the middle. And can score now I would say one big question mark to what is Carson went who has been terrific you might BD MVP this year. What is he going to be. When he asked to play in no big playoff game I don't know the answer to me he's going to be different world I don't Russia I would say that order Marcia more. He's achieved uncool kid doesn't. Pigment you know doesn't have bought by much at this doesn't seem but what have pledged incident and what happens to bring. Him to mingle in the Super Bowl. What happened. People can't get new types of its proven he's open to the littlest. And so he got in there all of a sudden it's. The wheels fell off the boat to get a ball into and doesn't go for freaked out. Always do that really panic you know and and in and that's oh even more so if they're talking about Carson once is the MT today. And you know Warner announcer by the attempt to get down to blow it will be announced what that night they don't they do regularly pornography but I'll likely treaty will look at that I think all the while I listen I. Car she wants is had a terrific season of I don't take anything away from a argued this point people think I'm crazy when I said. That I agree okay. That Brady is doing something at each forty this one thing about being beautiful lady podium. He's playing as the number one or number two best quarterback in the league at age forty. He's a better quarterback now than he was when he was 32 with 33 that to me is off the charts here. But we know Brady's like when you get into the postseason he's been there zillion times he gets it. You know how different it is what the super boy you would no corrosion of god damn our development everytime you split but it's your last goodbyes if it is a lot of distractions a lot of things don't want Oilers of light weights that wins loses. Three receivers you're number one Ciba. To receive. In them. For receive. He goes well he's playing without them in who's our offensive tackle. Right illusion of defense office I mean tight and it is still school on the admin points critiquing. I've been at this point now probably probably. Probably and I do he's gone and I and I do on I don't think you know what they MVP vote is going to be that it's going to be and you want somebody new somebody for a summit. It's it's it's uneven and into a patriot think it's we just want something do we want some relief of Brady play but but you should. Because you shouldn't take over what people are doing is it taking Brady for granted. But they're they're they're skipping that the fact even though they know he's forty years of age he's doing something that nobody is ever done he's playing at forty. Better than when he was 313233. Okay you were most urgent good forty. What's his face sudden out of the five home run was pretty damn good at age forty. But they want better than what they were when they were younger he is that other people take an effort credit crunch times on different from what bout was in the game with Minnesota through conceptual colonel in the game that's repeated what he's playing with the jets remember that. Always go for the ball is thrown right to a jets got his foot and a Miami that that stuff does that Tom in the player. It doesn't happen normally what you what you would agree. Then either new war Owens. Or Philadelphia would the would be available rooms though or edit in New York. Is that the ethical and go she's got nothing doing just calls but it's only a Rio can go under President Reagan were found. So did through this what does. The onslaught of calls Fred during this program. Just so that he can be to get the delight at hearing. Fred's phone where and some people in on the again. We told you one thing. Totally enough she looks nice you know it's up. Hey guys thanks particular college. Just just a couple things are grown and as soon as Gracia. Sourcing out of my mouth suspension. Secondly they carries her. That's the guy misses aren't. It's a patriot that distance. I think you're gonna see suspension at least one against Tennessee guy so they would be out 234 weeks. You might seem more one other thing. Yeah I don't hold Soledad at that point did you see and I'm you would decide. So it's treated differently. If the guys heard vs. If there's no ramifications. You know but it should be treated the same way I don't think the intent. So it should be treated. The intent was. He was this company was going add another player and you can't do that after the west aren't I see this all the time I mentioned we've seen two plays already with the saints in the panthers'. In which players are going out there or punch is thrown. In this game already. They're not gonna suspend most players every single Sunday you watch games of which you see after reply players going at other players world peace has benefited. Stay that I would net with the rockets to switched sides. And this guy's 190. Psyched to. Why you want to be taken against Uruguay you. No I I'm not holding it against the wrong guy and they human are such that it's going to be 31 other market. Some that are gonna be rooting. Course suspension of citizens and everyone would cheer. Make Goodell needs more. Who will come only eat and from the aliens beat him are all this stuff you don't root Jim Jones who knows what all apology. Yeah here's another thing. You're Dell does not need anything to make a decision to school papers together before I just think it's a Super Bowl all this other there was an. Hold on hold. While all time time to placate was different. Because the commissioner was standing up for article 46. And he was playing that whole game to show there is new again he is the almighty pause he can do what ever he wants in this country who can that's what we've been doing this is say this is eight a hit. After the whistle and a football game something you see virtually every single Sunday. And I don't see all the suspensions out there where the suspensions they hardly suspend their perfect. Broad really really old spending every week he's a known criminal. So original remodeling ideas. Outside. Our normal. I I would be shocked if there's a suspension bill I I would not be are shocked horses surprised or should grow and if there's a fine. They'll be far I think to refine. But because the papers but you don't suit walls while soccer well guys alone down by the shirt with for the past its but he did. And it he bringing up an interesting point is that guys so often. The calls are made decisions are made based on. Whether the other guy gets perjured. Okay as opposed to assign you a lucky he didn't get hurt the intent was to hurt him that's why you would doling it and that's what you should based. Whether you gonna suspend or find somebody based on the end. And that's what his intent was to show the guy cut across. Oh that's really what it was stop the refs soccer doing about it do to me again and elected there and that's repeated. Well I would be shocked if he is suspended for a pretty good times do you see. Altercations that happened after the whistle. It was it was gonna play for four Tennessee you have. Was his name file on roller a lot of does the play would not the only it was going to be a player what position we go backwards to play with. What. Beat Carolina they chip traded him to Washington really fought all the time with Josh Norman just off and view those guys fought all the time us. I ought to punch it to the right nothing happened. So but because the patriots I think before I don't appear to be suspect if there's a suspension should be an investigation as to why. It's index about the Ganassi is terrific. But this is not article 46 through this is not what mark. Is this is that the the play within the game in on this is. The traditional speech hoping to do that professional that you presumably inflatable. Play that's a different story. So stupid as you could run is all about his record to run better when the balls to flee because you hold up boy it's really kill Brady since that now because they watch these balls every game now. They've changed the whole system. Boy it's really kill about this has been there for reasonable defense for three of the way but awful sense that I really close to proving that we that I I don't wanna go back to deflate it again but. Waste of eighteen months of when it when you look at it and it had zero impact. On the football game as evident by you know what you see now on Brady's they'll play by the way the in New Orleans Saints there putting it on the of the Carolina they have evolved with Superman just scored again it's twenty to seven as they get set him go to push against the sexually active he's afraid of doing anything except smile and point. Okay what he's throw some stuff out there how many times have you and I seen it already twice I thinks so foreign his game. Where he's got a third and 83 and seven in east over the ball underneath the boat the market gains in income is due in two zone. These are the lead with three times ago off the field on the legal. I 6177797937. That TARP loan number radio. On the real post game show come you can't suspend wrong for about a I mean and grow because they Casey and for what he did after the play after the whistle. He's got a case for the way the officials are treating him right now because of its size because of his strength he is being treated differently. Then other players playing a receiver position it's not fair I 61 sub sub seven on 737 back to a fungal next. The most complete recap of that New England Patriots he's right here we return to the real post game show. We looked even more closely at the patriots win over the bills presented by copper quest. Check out complex murky dot com bystanders in the Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England couple. Slug Sports Radio. For. Doesn't tell us. I'm not in the business of I mean there was a lot of frustration and I was really frustrated at the moment it is just happened. On that you know your emotions and frustration and just one. To do his wife. Don't come from very weird workshops or down vote. Just to the frustration process. Four raw emotions. Just. I did rock right after the game apologizing. For the hit after the what's what you got. You got a wild you gotta do it and I think he's learned to tell the truth I think he he he he was frustrating was this feet. Probably began early on the game but the offense offense and food which. Was a terrible call and he you know he just he just lost the school. I just don't think he's going gets spent things. Trying to make would. Combs probably I think what is the problem. Not fast whereas the guys all hold me get a block me and so after the gold rafts over and over all about it beast that's frustrating and he took. Took matters into his own hands I'll say this Freddie doesn't help his cause. To sit there and pitch about the officiating and then after the whistle to something like that because in New York you're gonna look at and say oh yeah you're gonna bitch impose them on. About how you're on that being treated fairly out there by the officials. And then you go into South Carolina beat up on me. You know buckle your forestry understand this did not doing your job. And get me killed. I got that let me play the game and taken away by it taken away my ability to feed my family. Well it may be a stretch but I hear Wichita State and act does dreadful but not here which is and it ease he. He lost his cool he was pissed off at the whole afternoon in the way they were waiting for him straight where they were treating. Should Jim the car next up with a real post game show what's up Jim. And are well I guess it was threads admit you know majority so much from Iraq do all holding him in the late to call and what would you do in that situation. I get this off. I did the first one to admit it would get to me and I would probably do something out of line. Which is exactly what crock you know I don't when I was playing guys hold him until rustic you know you're began the jaw. To stop them hold jewel punch him in the groin where you have to do guys you're not gonna stop Tucker call it I'm gonna take care of myself. That's it's the coach would say about what's it got homered off for the third time as a rule about available when the role in the column on top of your overcoat. It's. But the coaches that I minded justice particularly those guys itself appear in the and that crunch the rough side polyps that you can take him. That's it. Belichick's gonna send out slightly and crafts have to send them to you guys called that way I don't want to wrap my games these guys should be brought. Stunning these guys are rarely arts and style hold the team about the sincerely Bob Kraft. From the war. Put my gym they're probably sending videotapes down the league office they probably have done this in the past public asylum on OPEC I the last few he's been treated unfairly. And it's all because of his size and strength. He's not treated the same way as other receivers other tight ends of the late I think he's got a legitimate gripe in the leisure through the patriots well the Yugo. They don't want. Okay well they they keep on goal back for faithful seventeen stolen out of this proposal a dominant team and in football history so apparently it's not working right out work. But Borges told me it's gonna end zone and is subject some day it's gonna advertise these. Art. One of these days I gym where I think what what you except you just can't do it. After the whistle is in Washington until its component of all militia get to open like to get him in the line anything it was a fumble on the on the a catch. And Carolina took over the ball and they have just they were just out there then what's their look like they were deep and rule as was born on the field usually soup man threw a touchdown good approach was. I really uncovered I was anybody nervous about this game in the first half and he's sick of looking at eagle wow the patriots are settling for three they can make it seven was anybody nervous. About this game because. I want to. Going to look at they were doing some that was yet to pick just about a third quarter write down scores okay figuring things out. There are put pressure on them. They've over the ball quicker they moved the ball there and they change what they would do one. When with the brought what habitat in the first drive for touchdown bang bang bang I think Kevin Brady hit his first eight or nine passes in the in the third quarter. He had more yardage in the third quarter than he had a hole for stupid enough Andrea the big change up what they did I mean everybody was covered certainly in Britain was not sharp in that first half. I was not get hit by two times we did and then the he tripped at one point over over Birkhead so it was it was it was sloppy for the offense. In the first half but did anybody really get concerned about I mean when they're way ahead at half time and it was 871. When that had a callebs is there but electrical industry like when the defense is playing that well in the office was a play well was still I was. Well I mean the buffalo Henne long drive to open up to game went what seven and a half eight minutes away on about the new weapon ask if than ever leak of this up. Where that pick a practice player a week ago with the Buffalo Bills include India Eisley. And him one and a half sacks get credit for one and a half sacks he had to pick get a couple of the tackles as well he was terrific in this game he made an impact. And most people look at Edison middle class always ever to leak what he had himself say hell of the game but that's the typical Buffalo Bill way. That they come out. They they follow a game plan seemed like a pretty damn good game plan for it and it was working they've moved right down to feel life nice. Long drive you're wearing now that defense you keep them Brady off that field. And of the guys who was in your practices. A week ago comes out and hit soft Tyrod Taylor Steele did a good night that. Ladies and gentlemen in one little sentence. That's the Buffalo Bills they school hours of old school there could have changed everything yet but they wow that was like and it's gotten stalled on let's get carried away and let it he had seven and a witty as Tom Brady and I your worries. All I'm saying is that's that that's the Buffalo Bills and from that point on. It can it did change the game. Because now the Buffalo Bills are tentative Tyrod Taylor is hinted of certain difference responsible totally different. He was holed it that's that's why wouldn't advocate told him you're there is need. But at that point he wasn't gonna throw that ball loose again it was opened by 21 yeah yeah. And he's running all open and he said he hurt his knee in the fourth quarter you've got a sideline play that tackle he was running around fine the second time. And the fourth down Harris Harris got him on that sideline absolutely. I think it was Harris that got him in the I think so. And he seemed to come up and he played that explaining this fund that he came out on that explain that he was complaining about it. And I think that led to the plate the plate before the jury anyways so who tended to the rest of the way. Did not write ridiculous. It's so no I'm not well not a when a key bit and the best thing that he does. Andy did that a couple times today wrote can play hold onto it in a deal over priests who I got to use my quickness and I'll get a first down out of a mop. They didn't come up and now is look and feel it even Warner is looking to see if he could run. As leaders globally if you get any story of the vote plus those of you quickly. Story the Buffalo Bills every year we do the things I've been told connections Kelly's amazing that people sit in and year after year the Buffalo Bills we'll get off to a good start we start with the Rex. Years up there. And they'll get off to a good start and end peoples that there's this thing years this is the year the sports suckers that show up every single week. What do they call announced the longer Ralph Wilson's new era Zelikow rulers of their money out exactly but the thing is I waited until Ralph was dead bill before they took the money right but he got to look at who. Who was and try to bring in the play is merely draft acute topped wall and out of Texas. This post index coming your greatest lineman of Andy. Kind of like three years first from templates or for your personal pick for Johnson trade an actor can difference from agreement. It draft. What's the name out of Florida State. Rather quarterback in the book written him it was terrible. All the throws from picks and at a loss but they drafted him for a topic at a toy land as somebody once Sullivan knows a laudable football news. He said after we draft a guy like that differs from zone traffic. During that every today the Tom Brady is cut like. Since the year 2000 get more wins or more awful than any. The quarterback about some believe it's an economic is that most wins in buffalo then 2001 is that unbelievable since it doesn't like twenties how to get. Under strict about that. What franchise does that happen. Maybe equally what franchise does that too though where the opposing quarterback. Has the most. Wins. It is absolutely stunning when you think about an opposing quarterback in your division. Has more wins and one of your own quarterback and so are you convene a crappy T. And you are still wondering what are you what quarterbacks. Is going to own that record that is embarrassing what sums up Buffalo's playoff he has is when 1998 wasn't patriot the buffalo went to the playoffs. And they took Florio was all pro emperor with Iraq Afghanistan nine yards past floated serviceable player as he got a little wild Flutie flakes everything nobody. Is that your body Ralph Fiona no final round your partner a lot of money for that. Toxic I want him and then he goes out and lose what by the with the Memphis miracle. Food wouldn't got sacked it would probably scored twenty points more than Johnson they would Witten that. They lose the Asian tour. The static all pro quarterback out to put Johnson and his apparent love like that is that tells you'll I tell you what I it's too bad because you know the fans up to their loved about I don't know I've been out there buffalo with Freddie before they love for a he is like up there I would I would say. This is Jesus first and then as Freddie like you know or god Jesus and and Freddie which it would all the content they love you want to get two in 1980 now we're an anchor born of people were coming up to you and we're almost caught it's Freddy's grows and the picture week there are currently. Over the as they traded me in nineteen it would the Super Bowl to write a Canadian I know what this Rubel makes you that little guy adamant and stop Iran. I was enforce laws are what they lost before him and hundreds of sequels it's 160. Underground how much is that EDQ years later and it's maybe you were gone and they went to the Super Bowl four years tomorrow and then couldn't stop the run could win but they got there. I didn't but I didn't burn the bridge and new. Usually sick sick you get all that special one -- guys on the to a depth of talent whistle him called talent why I was what's the new good idea of us you were real you know I don't know enunciated in England a model and it it's sort of points anyway outside a few times and it could have yesterday they could have been better defensive team they could views to those four years. That they got to the Super Bowl and and didn't we didn't win. But it's amazing to me so the Buffalo Bills organization. All he needs. Okay every single one of royalties you but the fans capsule it or garage after six years it has been like a good up there with you and it's like oh god it's like. It's it's embarrassing me I look at it that the black version of me was Ruben Brown. Move over her brows go Gartner and yet good Boller who complain electoral thing yeah trait of the two to Chicago and a guy goes and nine probable. He's a guy that you know let's Bala. Well noted that your guys that listen so screwdriver you've gotten over and I don't know is that it's not easy ones it is you anymore you know what's on it I said myself maybe could've won it as simple if the Buffalo Bills who. In the paper to love to see what the Super Bowl. Why would you wanna be enforced through rules of lose all four in RO. And it's a great accountability when you think go on now we think about tremendous it is a phenomenal accomplishment and yet it's almost looked at right now as is the laughingstock of look back at it inside both to the glory years. Of the Buffalo Bills look at the crap they have to deal with the most fans have to deal with every single year now they get excited. They you know they they they almost get two of its a little bit. Excited you know is a little NL. Something they don't come before hand and then what happens is what you get into the second half of the season. It is the same old bills every single thing it'll be next year the year after and the year after that they had Italy's. Jon Proehl all pro team from Thurman Andrei Bruce Bruce and Kelly and I'm. And in. Loft in in the offensive line Kent and all those guys and ripped. They at all pros dominant defense accord stopped much for the office was unstoppable force for when they go to right suitable. They go against Belichick in Belichick how it was and had a tumor in line about postal throw the ball drop. And it did change anyway. She that's when it comes down to when you get better and that's the one thing you look at this football team now you look at the patriots right now we know. They're gonna be able to score when they get into the into the playoffs and if they get to the Super Bowl into the into the Super Bowl. The only thing I would look at what that defense to I'm really impressed at what the secondary he's been able to do. You got rollback today are Doug Gilmour is really start to figure it out he made some big plays that I usually get to this level one point. He had to position as a player that they look. Listen at the politics the full you know pay Annika 64 million dollars to two to see what we've seen and what's our the first five or six games for it. I think he couldn't figure it out I think he is he loves to play man to man he's waiting for the coaching staff hottest thing to do yeah. But he's waiting for the coaching staff to give in to him. And I'm sure there are times especially when you get into the the post season. We've got a warning him uncertain financial situations to blame game we need to shut the skydome this guy's getting it you know doing a number on us. You know Antonio Brown is killing us right now you need to get on Apple's strong fast physical right very rarely get a Guy Ritchie can't. Duval and at that the coaching staff here certainly politics not gonna give India. I think maybe he was waiting for them to give it may not lose your coach let me play my game he's playing Rex. He's from coach to take control it was going to be not gonna play like what happened today when Butler got metabolic cause Patrick right out about a drama panel alone. Dumb third and third longevity because of Altria out on the van pulled right out and should you get sick he was saying it's not until. And he had one of those disgusting and a slick guy looks on and on his face. No question there's some about a fifth or next it's different but. I'd yeah I think you've got to be impressed with and it was just today I think hospitalized for weeks or whatever for Gilmore I think he start to figure it out new security could be a major. So yes such high ceilings in all of some guys to play really well. Hillary Obama but he's not as big is this guy he's got a strong he's picked the quickest because of the size this guy has at all if he starts play at a high level look out. I'd that's Freddy's moralists are gonna lord why this is the real post game show at 617779. 7937. Let's get you back to no real post game show went back to more of our recap of the past week thirteen win over buffalo on the school board way and Bryce works presented by conquest he insurance more choices more savings insurance and we'll live. Mike Anderson but a wave of architectural. But you're doing. I timer capitalized play of the game for occupied wise. Reviews. Tailgate classics in the game. Practice squad teammate. Patriots just a week. Unbelievable it's the Buffalo Bills pet store is all wells I am telling you know. A practice. Team player for the Buffalo Bills. Bill Belichick decides that the Cassius marsh can't do it. And egos and he says I have to get this air of their buffalo on a practice squad salute article on them. I think you know he probably well he did they know about all the players you view now works because scenarios got a board when everybody. But I. What might be a connection with Houston because. He started with the Houston Texans. Out of South Florida. And he was released. Before the season began by Houston signed by the Buffalo Bills so this might have been a Billy O'Brien. You know tell him and you know this guy would fit into your system and he's gotten does would you want the guys that do at that position or raping a while. Maybe it's maybe we go back to the drastic action is this a little bit of connection. But how. Calculus is that. That the Buffalo Bills get burned today. Typical history of the Buffalo Bills they get burned by a practice team player who what and constipated it's again. Custom nothing they just had to pay now remember people saying well you know they give up 57. Round draft for marsh right when they got a lot of Seattle. All the just made it up. They get Eric Lee and Derrek Lee. Today that it earned got a burned right on the about the patriots and optimistic song because of what it cost them again Obama's money you know figure available right on that's what they don't stick with the stakes really didn't but. You admit Belichick can get away that he's more secure than any of the coach in the league and other coaches and owner who sit ago and really what would you do you gave up a fifth the seventh and his kid. I you wanted to rip little. Belichick doesn't have to worry about it. I don't know the buffalo feels like that but I'm Ralph that. Well I mean like chuck Knox left Trevor how embarrassing is it for the Buffalo Bills that that was the only play by the way that it Eric Lee made on the game amid a few good plays in this game today. But a practice squad player. Goes out there and you're driving it looks like you're gonna put 7UP on the board. Against the New England Patriots. All the game plan that that Sean McDermott worked on all week what it is working to perfection. And then. Think it was art for the squad you're 00. He's the guy that makes the big play and turns the game around. To be its typical Buffalo Bill has to say that but before you send awful turn the ball but go to them. And I had to look it should smile when you with the buffalo is adamant and you know leave but buffalo being awful awful awful being involved with the jets that's who they are Iraq. It's unfortunate let's have been to this date seventeen year history. In this division right now for Bill Belichick and Tom every. Is that those other teams the Miami the ball flow of the jets will morph into what you want them to be eventually. They were there as the season progresses on an in it to me it's it's. Mind boggling that that you would have a seventeen. Year reign like that. That these T possibly it is impossible it shouldn't happen. As every time you would assume we'll get the work that guys ital well they get the money you know a while we're not dating at the money but he shied away. Right that he knocking all the pain and still wins is much is it is a credit to to build we'll check in and and Brady in the organization craft and the whole works. It really is a bigger indictment. Almost three of the teams in the division. It's a really an indictment on the unlawful bill Hogan. Liberty and how many guys that is exactly what the guys on the front but of course the was were they when new deal Bill Belichick you lose when they traded Bledsoe for for us from their. Belichick's not gonna give you some but he. That can beat us to be a third one up about it also a bullet so fell upon the second half the season attained. Because he knows everything about involved locus of a fourth round pick a ballot for Bledsoe and I was it was a high pick to go for struck back. Profoundly. I visualize play of the game every. My Lee how many people had Eric Lee making the wise play of the game today nobody hears by Leon unbelievable. Likely wise play the game is brought you vibe wise Dax ridge east and I'll tell me classics they really do you love those buffalo wings. I don't throughout the dry rub rim flavors as will you gotta find about here. At your local store but he was one of those or is that eighth game believe it or not and he was the replacement today that they. They cut marsh. And federal proposal by the way he's only 43 usual early 43 years you're long like this 23 years old he joined the Buffalo Bills. Practice squad on September the fifth he was added to the 53 man roster on September 29 he was active for the week for game. Against Atlanta he did not play and making. And then he was released on October the third. Rejoined the buffalo bills' practice squad so whatever they were watching in practice they thought this kid had nothing. Selves they throw home up here to the wolves duplicate. And then they brought back on the practice squad a couple days later when nobody claimed them. And M when bill ended up. Letting marsh go. He ended up signing Eric Lee and you when you're signing a practice squad player. You can't put that player on your practice squad you have to put him on your active rock people so front seats will build. Figured he was good enough. To be on the face Hitler guy you traded to pick school correct. About that he's a much. That's me and think about it I mean. I mean I don't the Davis happened when they signed Eric league that did it I don't remember talking about it with Frontline I four hours every day and I need that we might have mentioned you should leave them like the idea. But I don't remember anybody's you know the player it's gonna make a difference. Nobody there were people in this town who are looking at saint Omar god Bill Belichick who gives up a fifth of the seventh for marsh. And now after a few games the guys useless. But he ended up getting a guy for a nothing. All right so this your fifth and seventh round that just something. Right at it and edit edit in impacted today's match before he's not afraid of anyone to make the team and not gonna play in a fall rooms you know it's gone you're gone. Now part of this could have been that. You know that our league knows the offense for the Buffalo Bills inside so maybe. So maybe he knows that if he drifts a little bit out there in coverage. And Tyrod Taylor you and there's a zone that tyra tales from Jerusalem showed us a Tyrone Avandia from the ball right. Oh friendly banter different laundry but look the same. I don't know for. It was. It's it's his goofy is they come but you know felt about the time it takes learn the system and complicated system regional deployed learned a week and a half much the report I don't know fatal occupied a lot today I saw a mile an awful lot. Yes that's a fact that affect did you notice like according was on the sidelines in the fourth quarter and he didn't look like getting any. Injury and he was on the post most admired him up. On the podium. And usually if you're hurt then I'm bringing you up to the podium there brought a month at the podium Jordan Richards I saw a lot of other guys were out there but he looked to me. Like he played a lot of the game to. Notes and usual. Sony much bill felt couple put him out there and he didn't think you made many mistakes plus the bills are trying to do the children try to run the ball. He knew the ins and outs of the bills players who gave an advantage spot. To come out Scott from the ruins of the patriots. In your first week there. And I didn't look like you made many mistakes it was a many guys opening meanwhile thanks so so think about that she take trade flowers out of the equation. And flowers I think we all agree is a pretty damn good player. And I was fearful that buffalo might be able to run a little bit more with fresh flowers and you feel Lynn with a guy who was on the buffalo bills' practice squad. You trust him in this game you play him in his game. And he makes some significant place in the game I it's like okay if some other teams in the national football especially in the division is who just talking about this. Wacky AFC east I'll throw my arms up there. Houses app partly you know play but isn't the bigger indictment if you go to senate pulled an update to. How has gone out that none of awful Belleville and about the buffalo Bill Weir for buffalo quickly and for people what about Wes Welker he was a golf comply. They gave up over for a sector rocketed to give a high enough off that's right you're given the fiber does offer out there was a terrific it is from here. The teams and Activision do stupid things so I'm not taking anything away from the patriots and patriots had been. Superior a minute been phenomenal to the seventeen years. But I'm sorry pits it's a major indictment on the three other teams in the division. You know grow up start following would go check it with the patriots until. I mean copy. You know but it's a medical what did you know what you're doing here and I schooling and in class and you didn't you couldn't pass the test you would call would you copy of somebody who support right. So why don't other team Jacob Zuma the second one other teams in the division to the same thing. And I don't know I don't know what the big thing for example as awful Bill Belichick doesn't for a as for Toby doesn't have good players that's the dumbest argument ever been argument before it is that what that means that Belichick is the greatest coach ever ever to coach in the game if he can coach guys that they're good in B everyone else what's your table. First of all he's a great coach and second of all I think he's one of the best roster builders. In the history of the league as well and they the argument I would have for those people and Jamie Dukes and I when we do on the serious radio show. Jamie I would have this argument all time here argument and say you know politics draft I don't know general managed on a creature. Clinton should give me queasy. Regular British roster bill with. Through to all of these years it's seventeen years now. He is different rosters every year it's not like he's holding on a Brady I'll give you that that's a huge plus. And by the way he drafted Brady in the sixth round so that was part of his draft eleven so. Over the seventeen years he's changing up using different personnel. He asked to do it every single year to be able to win so he's doing more of a roster turnover than most certainly most good teams. Second of all he's drafting at the bottom of not just a first round every round every round. Vol bottom of the river rock here's another one. If you are not restricted free agent you're an agent. You don't want to necessarily go to the New England Patriots because you want you gotta get some play time you want you gotta get a continental and that's right it. That's right you want the guys get a contract the second time around. I would argue just the opposite. That he's a phenomenal draft rove does he make sure it does but I can say that about any team in the national football. He's his good roster builder as if you've ever seen in the neck. Shall football now. He has a certain the big thing is I don't Kraft group. Guys have to respond on this guy lead to take on on that assignment and go out there and play virtually flawless. That are British Raja music. He played Milan. So he obviously saw something a practice Belichick's not gonna put somebody out there. That he believes he's going to get exploited because that's what Belichick knows the game it. To get to the National Football League is that's a weak spot right over there we're going to exploit bad guy right over there could he can handle what we're gonna throw at them. And today he kept his cute kid out you leak. For a long period Tonto obviously you had no fear and disappointment out exactly why 6177797. On 237. Real post game show over on another patriots win today.