The Real Post Game Show - Gronk's late hit; Brady and Belichick take the podium 12-03-2017

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Sunday, December 3rd

Fred and Glenn continue to break down the Patriots win over the Bills. They discuss Gronk's late hit and if suspension is warranted. We hear from Brady and Belichick as they take the podium.


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Send bills and now the most comprehensive review update begins cease he's no real post game show. On Sports Radio WEEI. Capital we'll post game show always presented by complex he insurance. More choices more savings insurance simplified. Check out comes Lansky dot com by Anderson in the Quaid and architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers let's get things going. Here's Glenn Norway and reds Marlins squad Sports Radio WEEI. High near the shoreline so that's one of patriots as they just Georgia and have tended to by the way they have a four game lead he'd. In the division before game lead. In the divisional. Four game. And remember earlier in the season when. It was then or or or her second place could be apparently in the division Lebanon now like two weeks or something to have them jets these laws are storyline of this one is that buffalo gets off to a terrific start and then a practice player at least he was a practice player for the bills a week and a half ago apparently. Comes up with the big pick and it turns the game around. Patriots having trouble. Getting more than field goals they looked a lot of points on the field in the first half but then greedy catches fire in the third quarter they get their offense in gear. And then there was no looking back from that point if you noticed they were able lip scored gonna feel gold closed up first half cup ball to overlook the second half. And and that seems to be how they turn these things around Freddie and. Heads of the other players felt the Saddam his company did this movable goods Atlanta exploits Cooper is sick and down the stretch the Buffalo Bills out of panic. There weren't as Claude and what happened Tyrod Taylor inception now is apprehensive not willful ball Politico. The other can they came and the only good on the field almost scored but. Tyrod killed since Japan's film on. Dissent yet and he got hurt and they took them off in there and cart which. With the remaining schedule I would say he's probably done as a Buffalo Bill that's in as buffalo yeah I know is gonna pay America no permanent. I mean of the hill and up a back up somewhere or if someone brings him a little money. Eleventh in a stock sell it what a novel idea of buffalo start a new quarterback at the beginning of the season went on. So those rpm and they'll bring him along and he's gonna Nathan Peterman will get the start. As you said earlier you talking about it he controllable mile in his throes of a lot of zip and I respect it's not real accurate. Right now now. They tell him that one read the defense get the ball quick notes that that's where we get rid of it quickly and he takes fingers off you know I was the first two receivers but it is not expect Chris Taylor the first sexual thought at first passed through pentagon ideally kids but it was on the I ninety miles an hour. Soviet arsenals of the past but they're they're probably not used to Tyrod laughter in the air balloon up. This kissing in the ball. Safe just scored it's now 28 to fourteen over wrote a Carolina getting back to the original game is also dead bird. Now they get right Sully the the other big story here with today's game was ground. And grower was complaining and rightfully so there were calls on them. That. I don't think they get called them other guys but because of his size because of the strength and they tell all practical all of against the against grown and so what they're doing is they're taking that. And they're actually analyzing them for the fact that he's so big and social problem right. So he got pissed off and he did a stupid thing you get the of the cute white the the rookie quarterback Adam. And B and got the elbow in on them on him after the play was over it was stupid thing to do people who are calling up some people think he might get suspended. I think zero chance of him getting suspend it. And I'm I'm not basing it on. All on the playable we sought him basing it on. I see that every single funny we're already seeing it in this game the Carolina game since game twice we've already seen guys patrol and punches. You see this every single way AJ green a couple of weeks ago for Cincinnati remember he got into. We see this all the time I don't see these suspensions. So I don't know where this is coming from where people think. There's a chance she's gonna get suspended unless delight you of their paranoid and the sitting on all the legal of the senate patriots appear so they clearly feeling differently. You've got to prepare for the as a league does the world they change wolves it's the patriots they changed press coverage because the patriots correct. Pitchers hitting a defense of acts remember that that was your that was your that was your noble and ability but don't complain enough. They do what they got a guy. It was of of all of the crime but well that still suspect or appealed it anyone doubt that I I don't remember that role though I don't know but I dealt with punishment on eighteen months in my life delusional about what I'd be apprehensive to I don't know it's crazy because they don't call anything at spell it targets it. Five times last game and I'll get to help a couple of them all filthy guy in the I don't all part of everybody every ethnic. Can't suspend it because it happens you see this every single week of the national football launch of the quarterbacks and the only. Look at it will get penalized the idiotic to do this it just than it is doesn't make any sense of well. Think I just I just don't see it happening now is he gonna define death. And we already heard and he apologized for the game was over today it's I didn't mean that I wanted to get out of a little and they say that's on the yourself like that they made those guys a Poland Portugal involves in your face he's got I think he's got a legitimate gripe to Italy and I think he's got old Democrat. I'll say this Freddie it's far more difficult. The patriots to go to the league at the end of it it after the games and take them saying enough is enough. Win that guy did something after the west. Okay that makes it a little bit more difficult but your guy is what you do journalists well through that I'm taken a taken justice in my own hands which right I can't do it because it covered me. So they're pulling their trip they reload or having candor and my fear you know not doing anything. I have to you know wacky guys and it's a me as you guys doing your job. You're drop it's a legitimate gripe and I'd I'd I'd feel for for rocket site I do believe he's being discriminated. Against. Because of the size and because of the strikes if I do not see the same calls on other players. And I senator earlier what what happens with crawl account there you startled the the the offensive pass interference. He simply moving his body straight ahead which he has the right to do but he's so big and so strong. He never gets pushed back he never gets moved where there's contact. The other player always does because he's so free and strong and he's got that's why they charge you with a penalty every single time he's got the point where he keeps his known as the claw like ridiculous I great. What's a guy and I think early on that effect up until about a year ago I think on the pick play. He kept on reason the arms and it was a problem I think they told and now he keeps the arms together and he he does that. And trees trees numbers. Changed numbers put his number or how long do you think the officials would take to figure out a sign he's wearing you know to figure out that the penalties that 84 is wholly 87. Oh what a play action passes I mean what area penalty is for passage of fare well in particular that. That's got passed a prayer for the stupor of that they can't over the real rules which too often don't have but this market the last averaged 09 is the north are to a Buffalo Bill for him. They love feel awful here's Brian in New Bedford Buffalo Bill fans Brian Brian job. All out of our that is true Brian and Brian and I write about my read about the muffled people lead all fruits and lose. I absolutely love fried fried what you're like oh boy really want all want ordered every inning all of it I'm not a real identity. Were built. My current culture at amazing work on the field charmed ones. Wonderful work where people are fashionable little orange and our defend them when they're I know the front door and it and the fact let. A 165. On air and he jarred out shortly you'll all I know. Remote would injure him and idol already hired a concussion by the way thanks a lot for Barack. It would politicians aren't it would after the play it was all very. He apologized you know what I had so. It'll it'll throw us a real I was when I was planning to hold the all time teller rested up to about the yet pissed off the vikings might come up and up at the guy animals as you went up. Story then that lets them blog it out here aren't we happy I did all right. Got a note within that number. Does not. Edit Lynn coordinates. Are out of Beverly uttered on number eight. Would Malaysian. Like right there has not sure how well Hollywood. Effects of the week block. He's gonna sit on skin cancer that are. You know. We got a 160 pounds and he was also targeted in today's game in union you know it's that they went out quite a bit in today's game play every day. Conan O'Brien Bryant everything you're saying I totally agree with the the Broncos 100% wrong. Okay 100% rock that's not the way to take out you know a justice on a situation like this. He did a lot of frustration which you'll agree that he geek he is treated differently by the officials. That most receivers all. And I mean he's from. Anywhere anyway. Catcher all wrote you know. Different strokes I. Look. I looked them up and go on defense got bigger weapon it would follow up on defense. He struck Arnold. There's so we hear a lot of outlaws and ballistic when the first pass an affinity call office and wasn't even close. Right bumper of the guy but they don't bounced off featured right caught the ball that took. Are tailored for auto yeah. Our whole assay data. 01 they pick him up coffins oppressive fares and it happens all the time. The solo reps that you do drag you guys around what I'm saying is I don't condone what he did put it as a player that was held all the time. I had to pounce and guys and head. And I could see he got pissed off and I'd said the rough should've done something about it before and out of that well I don't think will be suspended upon be fine. But I could see why because the routes are controlling the game like a lot of that. Now look what happened Gerry you've got affecting our panel door back. You chip that sparked incarceration which argued that court. You I love Jerry Hughes supplier bright I love him as a player he's really good player but he's got a history here. All the colts are to put. Few put away for you know typical system. In order for. A reason that's they would leave. Or won't look at amount of Global Flyer for everything for every one of our respect. Were saying look all right you all don't they James pulled aside and network and you recant that you were laughing Hewlett celebrating. To regain. But no you don't. Well what you don't you know brought rock is one of nicest guys eager to work the melodic. He's a lovable guy. And it will that this company that we did the wrong thing. But I can understand being violent game is about game on both sides its own practice after being held in time. I doubt it applies not just atlas and yeah you're right Brent is no denying. So bold outfit without whistle blower is not always. You got firefight. You don't play like cross country and a key witness will look what happened and who. If you wanna guy that's been a two year campaign to steal it as chino whatever evidence such efforts are true or. But we have a guy name but god and Brian we we see stuff like this every single Sunday in the National Football League would answer it after the whistle he got penalized for any probably will get fines should get fine port but Khatami does the suspension due here. When I see stuff like this every single week. If it was suspending all of those other guys I would agree with. I don't agree with it oh you also bring an because you write a medal but at times he got a real order a lot of stop and you come up and he's playing clean. But he was label during open guiding your group not a bad guy he's doing a great job we want you usable you. Played well in blowout to flickers of burger place only now is settling pop music all pro player. Rockets we wrote it's well throughout every like I grabber to hold a so so it's a brand drug so he loses control right it's not stupid he laughs is a solid group okay so do we wish the wrong had not done something after the whistle capsule would have made his case a hell bloody. All right okay so now you can have flocked. You can deflect all of the way he was treated by the officials on the way he does spend during the course of the season. You can disliked because you can look at him and say that was a dirty play. After the whistle and yes it was a dirty play after the Lewis that's a little try to separate rarity OK so let's try to separate okay. No excuse you lost your cool you pissed off because of the way he retreated by officials I think I probably would have done the exact same thing. But there's no excuse there OK so we deserves a fine. He gets a fifteen yard penalty which was useless at that point the game but he got it anyway which is what it calls. The suspension thing is to complete joke with good patriot fans call today is the bill fan. Who have called and said he deserved to be suspended show me all these other cases of the National Football League. Where guys go at guys after the whistle and there are suspensions. You don't see them now separate issue. And it does hurt ground skates and the people gonna focus on the hit on 18. And not focus on the fact that he is being targeted because of the size and strength. He's being treated differently from other receivers out there with pass interference. We're we're we got to look at that that is a problem that's an applicable. Whacked it. From Miami. That he you also get that break anyway after he threw the ball lacked a minute with a forum to get penalized the ball was gone already. They missed the call that that's frustrating to laud readies up they yell and and then and assume watch them launched on him right in the face right through history as generational politics got a bigger history and Jerry Hughes and that's why but rod. It's not too because it appears I shape myself playing the game have done along those things because the fact he's rudely let's go to pull an old new retail moderate rough that door and it's not that either there sold out for a mocking a lot. And so brought a pissed off but as a campaign tool when he whacked it and he knows he should note. But he could see that's a violent game has dropped as they can't let him do you wish you into it. We wish to a but he did it through enemy and it from being fair and understanding of fat. If you know appreciation of fat people about it and you have no appreciation of that pinnacle in fact on the shoulders. For any more it was called me Arafat before. I thought enough of both critique. And I wonder when you talk a natural critique you see the girl grows. Girls where everything we where's jackets and ties and so girls go short sleeves. Little dresses so people can look at where I looked at Q Taj who doesn't suit the only thing. Other view we are is something actress to look at food on White Sox wouldn't let me. Behind to critique all of us and you know they're for because that it is. If a closer. Right with a tight pants that critique that we should treat everybody the everybody should be treated the side effect equality that's what I believe 67 out and able about. Yeah if 484 is that a Taylor for is the bestseller from person in this bill. Actually the threats and what shall be sexy it's actually pretty well does this actually sure he's sexy shoot. Is only a dollar and about it. Jason just get Mary but I guarantee if you had a shot of four you'd think you'd think right hustling tickets what exactly I wanna get back to your phone calls. Next right here and rebels kinship we return. And real post game show. With the way admit Fred it's more detailed analysis of the past huge victory over buffalo presented by. Copper quest. Check out a plan to keep dot com Mike Anderson the Quaid architectural molding stand by your New England come voted track. A spot Sports Radio guy. 433 your final today. Is doing would take care of the Buffalo Bills once again. About seventeen years old. Filtered out even sections six patriots move up the tended to. And it's on wood chewy Monday night contest next week at Miami and then the following week he'll be in Pittsburgh. So back to the phone calls we go the real post game show at 6177797. And a 37 here's Larry and prominence and Aaron. Hey guys it's I would have liked. Ask you a question in this fashionable delegate background yet. Hypothetically that's Tom Brady. Gordana wow it was hustle ball but yes sir duke players from buffalo comes over. And he does the same exact medical updates. Does that get suspended. Was a guy after the police. They're the exact same thing we're repression so you know and and I want you don't want like like certain guys that. Have. A reputation. And at the history and have done it before you know a Vontae is perfect. A might. Ndamukong Suh might eat you. But crooks got no history of this stuff. Well I'm not an industry understand is. Now Larry it would get our remote area of the. I've seen in today's scenes that I just say is skiing today him after the after the after the whistle guys' approach each other. Say this every Sunday after the play after with the ball acute last week hit a minute with mobile society. It definitely him in court. And good players out here insist on their social. Actually like that there may be additional cut down. Oh the refs control the game. Or knows what happens is. If you got penalized that's what happened that happened to elaborate on Imus in that that there's ever an excuse in which you can do something like that after the whistles but blown. But do you not have some understanding of of guard being pissed off that he's being treated differently. Than other receivers. Well he has potential and as a professional you know he's an easy to above our problems are doesn't usually. He does control but he didn't he is the worst time he's done and he was. It is the first time we've got to proceed a ball in the action. Quarterback when he's when he's on he's not in the action he's thrown the ball. It's different than being out there and feel fighting so rockets pulled it punched in hell yeah hit after the play all the time now to launch a rat. Old or older you gotta have this car but I don't escape was notorious in the way if he was being treated in this game. And it's done without offensive pass interference on him it was a terrible call I like Fred I don't easy sit here and badger the officials indeed a month. That was eating got routed that call was made idiotic I had no understanding. Of what that play ones although Dan grunt is bigger and stronger than any other guys out here on the field and therefore I. In the other body is going to move when contact is made with number 87 only available almost said when he after the president is stupid penalty don't they also said the via. When you get held before the that whole thing happened under the young child and all this is oh was someone do something about that because his kids were demoted. They forget how the whole time he gets frustrating is not that it's being done by not being called. Austria the rest in detail what. You don't want to do that of all several times and in all of the guys that react like that in Costa penalty brought doesn't usually do that. That's why it's different I don't he's done before do we have a case where he'll perform and their guys that are you know. And it pours for LeBron rule of today from Cincinnati Perkins Burke perfect does that a lot I mean metric tons of shot that perfect doesn't then tossed out or suspended. For more games either games I watch and which recipients at all he's doing he's done hurt somebody. And they don't call them here's Mike in Providence I might. All right Glenn. Let my what do you think would happen if Lee who looked like Roosevelt Colvin I think reasonable Brooke Hogan. If you hit it that the ball a bit different. Yeah. I think go to but it advocate picture to plot to play differently so what happens is when they believe they know in some honorable. Fish got shot down on the kill mobile game you know you know what time they don't have to go hurry huddling up Oprah that you get more cuts in all the buildup in the school. And they know that they beat the clock it's different so they got the ball in the lead. Right the paper to open up a little bit more could've been a much more difficult game the one thing I still concerns me Mike with his defense is I think you can run against the and I think that what takes the run away the threat of the run away from the defense is when Tom Brady. Gives you a two score lead three score lead once you do that you can't wrong not funny at all anymore. You can't against this defense so I think that the the best friend that that defense says right now. Is Tom Brady in that offense when they get an early lead in the game so yeah I do think he changed it around. Because right they had a lead the Toronto to run the ball and keep Brady off the field. Wear out in any event emotionally than game the whole game changer saw the egg a lot of it on a moment ago line. It's what you've gotten a quote that rocket that guy Indianapolis if you drew a lot of it out the godless. Did you pick you pubic Iowa and. He does is he just for the guy was talking trash if he was. He was blocked it on his block Britain who have got that was yeah. I was I was outlet that was what this was today in this was that was this was golf engage with each other that it was push and he was pushing on its. I'll push off the field and on the soldiers that are. My god he's not gonna play them educated the little. Well I can understand it get measured each can't do that don't like you can't do what he's got a it only if indeed and that's why he had to apologize from the game was over he knew how stupid it was. But. I don't blame for get pissed off he really is getting treated differently out there then. Anybody else's like yo this is not normal for worm this is not a guy that that she truck all the time. Very very rarely and guys she gets hit so many different ways especially at the ball this past take three guys to bring him down. And when to hold them all time in Poland and again grab as jobs. And the refs called it the fifth ball you gonna control the game but he's gone about it present to track at all here's Paula west feels like Paul. Negative thing guys Mario. Items. I wanted to bring your attention that wouldn't run catch the ball like he said he plans to smash up the defensive players and the reps. Clearly let the players beat the heck out of him act so. I'm hoping it. I'm praying clean. Glock we love you but we need you in the playoffs we don't want a huge mashup defenders but once upon the one joke by the women's one around your leg one around the ankle. And are the only ones screaming go and hit the deck. Well we don't. Always will be feet if you will stop moving your feet try and be careful you get her goal force legal time. That's when you stop opening witness fees feed off the oil companies tool for you stop Celtics should. That's who you are. Agree but but don't feel like we need to let him just play football and not the WWE yeah. That's only if he's not he's not put it if you're. If they are subjecting him you've different rules than the rest of the guys that's a problem I usually go for the most yardage when he tries in its own now he Lowe was a shoulder to protect his legs he pummeled those defensive backs. And what he's going now as for the guys is back. That's just because it's grown these two squandered we go by anyone. One person. Right I'm glad that no they don't get treated fairly got self evident but we shot today and you're trying to get Kwan could be a little more political and take armed attitude toward do you keep you up to update they try hard. What began winning and not getting injured at dawn Syrian. He does that's okay by I think I think he doesn't fall by I think Fred's right and they keep you try to go on the air. And prevented injury that's when you put yourself in harm's way are we going to get injured you've just got to go played the game to be the way you play the game. He got hurt when a Cincinnati man that he would jump up for the ball. Came down and it's what was flat on the surface with his legs straight in the guy happening to him in the knee and popped it back. So that was uprooted. Now is going to be like he's gonna play full speed detectives say I thought it was gonna say he he's got to be careful so he doesn't suspend its that we and it but it was it your literature available applause line I don't and I'm not worried about a suspension here. Why 6177797937. Our phone number here in the real post game show still to come if you missed it earlier you'll hear from radio here from Belichick you'll hear from more. The most complete recap of that New England Patriots he's right here we returned to about real post game show we look even more closely at the patriots win over the bills presented by. Complex. Check out help let's keep dot com bystanders in the Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers on Sports Radio WEEI. Our player of the game from today's patriots Buffalo Bills game of the real post game show. Once you guys I mean every little bit of a pretty good game he's in the in the next bottle if historical moment. You know Dion Lewis. Pretty damn good game with a live off. I think we have to go with broad even with his you know punishing you know a market them well meant a function might take three points away from you and still wins and still went. And yeah yeah hell McCain wants to have a regain transit time I think when they got here passing game in gear. In at third quarter rock was the big target growing big in big third down situations when they needed to move the chains that will give it. To Rob Gronkowski with one caveat in that. After the whistle after the whistles chain chick that was like. But we wanna fit what we're talking. We don't condone it but you can see why does because it happens week in and week out who gets pounded and pounded and held import and everything from that you'll see it to school at the film again. You can see why he gets pissed off because of resistin and they drooling on themselves charity as a longer fuse and summary argue it's. Well because I'm in that actual time allotted dollar cut it to bail out departure but they treat their soldiers and Portuguese government is trying to raise. You know playing it's a razor filth that you can tell that their faces and more than their power in Gaza. Not a player of the game sponsored by cars for kids Fred sings that song nonstop thing easy way to donate your card donate today in your car can be picked up tomorrow. Go to cars for kids dot com or call that 1877. Cars will be okay. Our cars for kids in his final thing a tough go ahead. Will watch it Carolina in Superman on fourth down six him a couple of rows upon it and pass. You know what this is not good at math. It's usually happen often on third down situations. And it's not like. You're in a situation where you can that there are a lot of yeah acts that we do you guys gonna get free he's gonna get another 56 yards. I don't understand how it will work to play calling coming from what are you out of the goal line and at Walt did six. And he throws a four yard pass the guy it's knocked out of bounds is the right there hovering right around because it's the goal line and line. It's down it's summation I talk pretty did not have the greatest game of the world that a fact. They were settling for field goals in the first half instead of getting 7UP on the board. Third quarter he was on. Here's Tom Brady after the game wrong. You know he's he played very. I'll just. Obviously any particular just more awareness. Where you got four and I think Brock came out about your great place. He's been a great player for us and he got our team. Obviously a great basin was. There are approaching. It. Just football. We've been around each other lots. A look at. So tricky out there you know guys. Made a bunch of good plays made a really good catches up there. You know I think he's getting just a month of December so called virtual win years this is what it is. If that's both teams and wherever handles it best. Usually wins about. Could it come out here and get it went and took place. Yeah we were cut down or three times and kicked three field goals and the question I'm not sure enough I don't look at it one of her what happened remove the ball. And just couldn't or didn't. Do their job that last week and you know got in the second half times. So. You know a source of big point at this restaurant it and it. And it it pretty good. Okay. Yeah. Yeah I mean it's it's not and it's just for all insist. Just. They're two competitive people just. I wish we scores aren't touched the ball and you know escort score touchdowns and possession. You know. But they've played pretty good on defense and and there's a good job so it's a new defense you know these games and employers and he's got to learn and adjust to try to win the same time you win in the road against division of parks and good morning. People. Was great and those guys have been really running great all season it's an execution for offense. I'll be just the kind of dropped about 5060 times football and you really have been a running game and our questions from off of that real big budget big plays off play action today. So. You know that you got a real good boat and we're going to vote. Yeah. Insane act. I was big play and you know they were kind of sitting back there is little bit soft and you know kinda tough enough to throw some balls underneath ones that. I got to James and James and he may have missed him. Despair when it first councils because we need that. It was good it was really good and happy anytime we can answer you know field goal touched down ten points going to have. Without him it involves great I was shooting fourteen point seven etc. and you know we can kind of take your business there. Electric cable and you know we've checked you keep trying to do right and or. Yes and it's a really selfless position an awful back. Is it altered your work is no real Gloria and not really get the ball carries and none out after I definitely throw to. But being a lead blocker at least that's at home for the dolphins and I think games remembers that rolling. Those guys look right behind him and I think that line really appreciate it guys that. Takes that heart and really wants to do great job on everybody and that Sheen and prepare for. Yeah yet you know I we kind of went away from mobile back. For awhile and and you know kind of benevolent and those are black and we got to pull back and you know we'll see you not it's a very valuable position and anyone that increase. Ball. I think you know you try to evaluate on a play by play basis. You know. It's very easy gets up and red zone. You know one negative play usually stops the process of continuing to move forward and you know we just. And it just wasn't visit cousins it will be himself. It was good enough and. Tom Brady after the game you knew they were gonna talk to about the Josh McDaniels and everybody an opportunity see at the cameras were up close from home yeah. It heated the it I didn't think twice and restaurant laughing when it happened. And you know we've missed them via I don't know that would seem like he's gonna wanna play it was pretty obvious to rent adjustment things and he kept them looked like saying I know. You know the last thing you'll hear is you're coming off the sideline and I know you left. I well. And well I just laughed at and I you know. But they eat you could hear and he wanted this was a very very quickly hundreds and I'll look at my face. That there are intimacy I mean that's about the intimacy mom usually. The coaches here it was calm he's indebted to Billy O'Brien one time you remember that and again there really video. My my guess is that it probably happens more than you think. On the sidelines even when they're sitting there you know if you if you back and forth but you just don't see ought to as usual right now. We know that he's alone. For a series could stop as bad pass from Brad call. Why did you call at Allegheny to go and it's obviously third down and a you know and a second ago coach that's exactly what it was supposed to Dylan molesting you when you gentlemen of the sideline. And I know people say why Marreese is saying I screwed up well you don't do that competitive guys don't necessarily wasn't we wish both would be made me and target reviewed. Well they should be fine after that because they were going over stuff sit down with a little Microsoft the surface there by the way the reaction in the bills' locker room. Tim McGraw a late hit it was a little different we are getting. From the patriots I'd Richard interrogator said I'm sure the league office. He's going to have something to say about that it's as industry. Sean McDermott after the game said he was not happy with crawled fit. There is no place in the game for that. Micah Hyde was a little bit more. Vocal about it. He said that's a dirty play there. That's not 'cause that's not cool it's amazing to me that you don't get ejected for something like that it's crazy. He obviously saw him on the ground it's like a wrestling move I don't know elbows shoulder. I don't know what is actually what it was. I saw the replay it was just that dirty play then. That's something the NFL talks about all the time. About not wanting if the refs didn't see it life. They had a chance to see it on the replay just the dirty play just archived but you Ford on the tackle. You don't need to drive your shoulder or elbow into one that wasn't cool. Obviously the game was already it was a pretty big margin at that time there was just no need for that game we play. And a couple of the players saying they're running virtually the same thing. But there's two sides they're right there that should have been done on I can see your moves his composure because him and you know because Google time. So you don't Stewart in it's both lose your cool but everybody has four penalties by the way and employ. Wasn't via four penalties on that on that one point. I aid and Danny Amendola both called for unnecessary roughness and uses for they have separate our an altercation. And then he had Jerry Hughes always Jerry Hughes penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct for his behavior towards the officials. And so the bills begin their bad drive but after the at all on an interception the first than Tony I don't know no comparison. No hold on and so Hyde says after the play I was asked in the raffle like. What did I do. I just get no explanation the play was over Ammann dole felt like I was holding him. Even a fight was the play was after and he comes charging at me. And I was just there to push back because he was running at me I get no explanation. I'm confused on the whole Paula so we're too freely Dolan actual 130 pounds. On regard dole is not known for. Three fisticuffs producer of that I would say that's probably. I mean he's a mile it would like be in fits this model like for your mind yeah it was pretty elegant and it'll be fun to mess up your face and make a play that. By the way the dole will join us and oil medal tomorrow between tenants and here's Paul trial that's what's up Paul. Or tried again polls of Providence. I expect that I call it. What a bit of the cricket I don't comic quick vote it raided a gay ills they are sidelight. All of you know the date I don't you guys it has such a war on an ominous about it at best. Extra point. At all it was misty nearly screwed up and you know and messed up into who wants to remember mine in my of a quarter Attica intuit. And grabbing epic about placed among the greater if you'd like him. Don't know what I love the little guy and wheeze out and he just always had coaches you know it was really kind of brain cells in myself and I hate. That is protected presidents at the tiny brain that could walk in to a but he was viewed as the dumbest would be pros people like that would mean it was up a problem Iger most of the field so we kinda. Google guy just place them in the Gatorade. It was nice to be released that he always respect as I want to keep ago but I'm multiples because you can. Look at you like him you're puzzle that you never goat who. It real rich which you know what this old he is the same way he's even as a quarterback he shall intense and so into doing it correctly he comes. His brains don't have to cook he's mad at that happened out coached at something a little higher so instantly our attack like no bully you don't think I just saw play out just yet so that's exactly what. That's how he's like a call because you said you know from that that if it's like Todd was Superman ride him who I don't care who is dumped. Brady's cares if this is one of those with a video will be played nationally in people's. Brady's got some problems are. And who locally here we're gonna look at it and say. What's wrong this is a good thing he wanted to test it I'm gonna take those scores for you get updated with the scores and if you miss telecheck. You get to hear Belichick coming up next to. Our team he's over four packs NGOs and now the most comprehensive review what they begin cease sees no real post game show. On Sports Radio WEEI. But we'll post game show always presented by complex he insurance. More choices more savings insurance simplified. Check out comes Lansky dot com by Anderson but Quaid and architectural moments you can buy your New England come voted tractor dealers let's get things going. Here's Glenn or way and Craig's merlot squad Sports Radio WEEI. I before we close this thing out Freddie let's if you miss that image to coach Bill Belichick and he did talk about Clark and other things. Let's hear what the coach had said. Right well. And it's always a missile is thought was to play. What does buffalo as we expected. Plays very hard very. Well coached team. It's tight game to have. It's an envelope. And third quarter take advantage. It positions that he was running game and definitely it was a very very competitive game. Get all is always challenging. But come out here I don't think Sean and this coaching staff really. Have a team playing very hard. Very well. The good running game was was good for us. A lot of plays on the all hold outs or that trend well. They're good off and on permanently is. Defensively and finally pulled entry points for Purdue. Hopefully stops in the red area. Gilmore a few places. These interception. Her struggles or was it fun for us. So. You know just twelve inches got to grind it out you know and so it's a tough football team on the road in the division and thought you know our our resident know all all forces them. And everybody need everybody to step in there. I'll pull part of for a vote. Coaching staff did a good job. It's a place called here play when. Federal air can't handle the week and we handled him. Played competitively. And he says there's just moments we will end of the game we you know when we moved the ball. You know OK first don't want a lot of possessions but the ball OK it is. We'll get in the red area so three cables. We're and get those touchdowns and there border with the running game and that's investors. It involves big target house. In America and I'm. There. It's about authorship question really do that is where is focused on just winds and Michael addressed the this all the store rules. This season that this game announced you know get right now playing Miami Monday night so. And reflect back on us. Right now just you know our team. And recover office and get back and get back on. On the dolphins and write it down there and play another television and home room so stick one in. It follows the phone. Well our first volleys he's worked really hard. That are. From the first day got here in early stay late. And I asked a lot of questions he's Smart he picked it up well. I think that his time in Houston. Most beneficial form again I think a lot of techniques that we teach. Are sort. With my age and the Texas speech obviously there's different alt support. Lotta fundamentals of this area wrong. And just in general the overall. Way that that he played down there was able. Some that translated to we. From the technique standpoint that things and then obviously some assignments. Specific to what what we do it and he sharp kid he works or. It's good schools. All the power. The wrong. Yeah I really see it happen Momo the whole play and was quite a bit of stuff going on that please. You know some of the officials handled. It's and win control. Billy. Yes right. Three. Your next. If this just. Paul. So they're trying to win a football game. There. We. Well as I've said many times. And we try to go out there it's four points or off Johnson. And then win games so. We've Ronald run if we throw throw profit dropped it. Wherever we can do to move the ball score points that's good. It's not about my trying to create on stats. That's not what we're trying to do trying to win. So. Things that we can do that help us win that's what we won't try to do. I'm I don't know we've. You know ended up pulling out of three men Russian. And some of passing lanes on me go on there was crossing so. You know what thought those that we had a good drive there get the ball about. Our house three and a half minutes or so. Joseph it now has in right settle long run. We weren't able to ball in the end zone buffalo. Its office there and holes to fuel them. Where we'll. Sort of second half. Opening on the opening drive. Down themselves and you know ten point swing there from century. Sixteen three. So. And they never had all had a couple plays there in. So you know well executed drive all we'll a good runs in there. Again fortunately for us apparently it won't end zone. A closer the better team dismissal from bereavement. We're able to do that there or else they just explained. Are you go Bill Belichick after the after the game. When you're missing an awful lot of bugs can look at this no check it out and look at the video and then as far as. Tom. Brady and Josh you'd have to ask Josh you have to have them and who want to learn from. Don't come on rob can go this. Is 11 in that. Bill that Whitman that was a real arsenal Bowman made up case of months ago this would you Boehlert I liked it's that's what we're trying to secure domestic and so you if you mess with them to other ways than the last three and a half hours and learned something this stuff reiterated. Had to address or your own. For you apparently on television things that brought should have got suspended so we may have a little bit. And it played non may have a little we may have a little debate coming at 10 AM tomorrow morning a lot of debate there the other. It's I already good job as usual automotive L thanks for the white guys Jason thank you they are patriots. We can't again. I'll be back tomorrow morning Kelly Campbell and I felt that.