Bill Belichick's live reaction to Gronk's suspension

Monday, December 4th

Bill Belichick joins DHK for his weekly sit down, during the interview news breaks that Gronk has been suspended for 1 game. Hear Bill's reaction and thoughts on Rob Gronkowski's suspension. 


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It is time now for our weekly conversation with a head coach of the New England Patriots Bill Belichick our conversation with a coach. Is brought to you by Putnam Investments pursuing performance excellence. Through the power of team work. Bill Belichick joins us Sahara. Gillette Stadium studios right now I coach or you. Look at there who don't great thanks. My marriage has got cut corporate slow. Let's talk about your team defense for just a moment didn't give up touched down again yesterday allowed just the field goal. Continues a string during this winning streak of continue to improve performance on the defense. What do you think of the biggest reasons isn't as simple as sexy cute she is there more to within that. Well we had a couple big Ritter's stops yesterday knows. Always good key points off the board there. But then he tweaks a different challenge and my and it's got a great great overseers. Good backup quarterback around different offense a style that buffalo does so via different challenge this week. We're able to. Keep not a dance on yesterday and that's that's always good thing that's if brief chance to win in this league he can do that so. We are so good about them. Justify Gilmore is no stranger to to league he's gonna wait for a while young veteran player and you saw him and buffalo twice a year. What have you seen from him not to happen and what have you learned about them. Since he's been a member of the patriot. Still some been consistent all year so I don't think there's surely don't. A whole lot. Editor at the B and so it's and it's the same guy every day's been like that since spring to training camp in the regular season. Works harder problem. Smart guy. He's got a good line he can run well this experience is it was a good confidence. We'll tackle. It was long and too. Do you think it was a slow start for him at the beginning of this year and that he has hit it raises a level playing up a notch or two. I think we've all that are good and bad place throughout the course this is on to say he has a a level high level of consistency in terms of its approach as practice habits the weight performs. There shouldn't and there there and plays throughout the course of the year that we elect them back. But he's a very consistent I think consistent player works hard he's got good skills. Doubt your third string right tackle duty injuries to implement because the start yesterday what what did you see out of him and also what does it say about a guy who can be. Third on the depth chart that Olsen late near thrown into the lineup and and perform the way did. Well can't sweat a lot of football force upon through the courses for yours yours so. Or start at left tackle last year against. Airs on Sony's. And many other games he's played quite habitat along the way so. We feel good about cam and they're now in. Of course mark Pearson and and I think we have good depth at that position. Pretty solid play from our offensive line on our backs and were on the ball and crates an explosive plays and running game. Good run and after the through line of scrimmage since then downfield blocking and other receivers and so forth so. But camp can't competes hard like he always does he's a strong physical player as good presence on the line of scrimmage and I'm glad we have him concede. He's come through enforcement constantly foreigners. What's involved with your player personnel department when you get a guy like Derek Lee sign him off the bills' practice squad. He almost immediately makes an impact on your defense both of these games that he's played he's made you know key defensive stops the big interception yesterday in the red zone. What did your player personnel department seen from this guy that make you guys think you know what he fit in here we had a chance. Months are it happen. They don't say it first vote practice gets in the Houston. So we're on the field live down there we saw on. He ended up at buffalo. On their practice squad after the after the forty. The 53 cut. And we had a need to Sony have a need you to take a look at what the options are to the address that need and nick in the personnel department Dave knows is. You know identified him we talked about it and yet beside them off their part squads we have agreed leave and come. The patriots and then there's a commitment that we have to make on that it was just three weeks rules so we can actually three weeks now to sign the street you can. Have dated a flexibility with which can't do breakfast club players. But not all worked out and then he's done. Totally thought it would be to use a good lengthy strong he can he can anchor the point and it has. Castro's ability and has some linebacker dropped coverage abilities he sort of 34 outside linebacker if you will. That plan RD. Like yesterday's game Rob Gronkowski had an unsportsmanlike penalty. Pretty pretty tough shot on the buffalo player any word from the league about what the status is I don't know I don't totally about that. And you have any just any opinions and play now that you've seen it after the game in Toronto. How close you were what your vantage point was during the game but. Seeing on film and he and accounts. Certainly rob talked about it and and I think that is comments. While we're of the bills player is safety Jordan Boyer was talking in the locker after the game saying. He certainly are remember that play his teammates are remember that play when you guys meet up again and a couple of weeks. Is retaliation something you need to be aware of is that even on on the minds after play like that knowing you're gonna see them so soon. Well right now our minds are on Miami. And that's who organ ready for and that's longer it went on their Monday night on display than a week ago and was very competitive game. And Europe by two scores and little fourth quarter and edible so. This week surely another competitive game down there and implant and on Monday night a great atmosphere. So we're trying to erase. We asked you about this when it happened after the Miami game disc playing a team in such close proximity you're not gonna do it. Twice you can get the bills and a close proximity as well. Does that give you a leg up on game preparation I'm obviously there's no advantage to either team that you feel it gives you a leg up on preparing for this opponent. Well it's just a different type of preparation and don't think it's. It's not different at it's it's different in that the type is different but it's still a week of preparations. They so we did we so that they didn't how much was and is and how much is going to be different amateur it's gonna. Kind of be the same boat be different and actually I don't recognize that and so forth. That's those summit thinks he would go well so we know that there are there's certain things are going to be working on that we did. May we wanna keep doing those and see if they can handle maybe we wanted to do something else vice Versa. Until we talked before about how emotional this game this. He'd be naive to think that some emotional for coaches and players. Those types of interactions. That being said that you saw Tom Brady and Josh McDaniels have me. Confrontations their range how rightward. Maybe conversation. About Brady missing a potential touchdown pass to have any problem with that type of interaction. Between the coach and player whether it's private or public any issue with. With the way related to each other yesterday. Well conversations that Leo players and coaches and coaches and coaches and staff isn't so oracle. Keep those. Between deplorable. This out. I'm usual. From your experiences that during the game or during a practice. Well I don't. Look at the casino. A wide spectrum of things. I've seen quite a few things and forty plus years of football but. What are conversations are low probability. On the sideline in the locker room where they happen and he. And our constitution. That's with only. We've talked before that the three of us have talked about how wrong sometimes officiated a lot like Shaquille O'Neal was in his primary and LeBron James ware. It seems like such a physical guy you know call on him maybe a lot different somebody else over the course of his career. Have you seen any change in how the officiating it's been let him or has it been. Pretty much the same. I think the officials they do a good job of trying to be consistent. Seventeen different cruising at 32 different teams a lot of variables that are think they try to be consistent and nobody agrees with. Everything that everybody goes but I think there's a pretty high. Level of competence and a group and one doesn't matter what we think how they interpret the gainers. That's what matters so we have the plea within their interpretation. One of the key players on your team was not available to the yesterday was made Abner peace serves as the punt protector among other things. Who replaced him in that position and how did he do. Filling in for Nate net in that spot. Yet we'll Jordan Richards did that. Terminate its first couple games of the year and Jordan of that as well on those games twos so. Jordan has a panel and threw a couple of in the pre season the Detroit. Giants game. It's the third senator John force in multiple roles but that on this one of these. Filled in this year. 45 games include pursues do we underestimate how important that particular spot is for that special team. Well it's tough spot it's a tough spot there's a lot of lot of things can happen a lot of variables on a lot of different look season. What situations that can come out. And the punting game. It distances looks but the times score. Field position win. That sector so. It's it's not easy those guys that that. I've coached that it played that position through the years novelties. Spent a lot of time and understanding all the things that are involved and a good job with the but. That's that's what it is. You know that breaking news here sure Dale's gonna ask you have that I just came in Rob Gronkowski suspended one game by the NFL. Force hit on your previous white you have any comment on what the league has now come out with it's just a one game suspension. I don't know the answer announcement and lot of times is it appealed and the weather does or doesn't I don't know what are point it's finalized it's finalized its world it. Is that his decision to dealers and your decision. Aren't going to. Do you understand though will he if he appeals that this week to hold what do you know if you get the answer quick enough so it either way to Miami you know that's unfair. Right now feels that at this point four hours a that's a short process. Just what happened last week with a key even cracked trees. Two games Wanda and one game was the appeal. Right yes cart so be a similar. That type of conference as I understand. Now start at the Mercedes billions two performers question of the week. As a question by asking the question really what I feel the suspension but a gal I asked you this Dion Lewis is. Averaging over five yards a carry five point three yards cared for for Dion Lewis. Is that speak more issue. His elusive this is a runner his powers are onerous it that the offensive line that. Play calling has putting him in these great positions at the pretty healthy number for a guy who cared involved. Well let punish all those things Michael. Certainly in blocking it's important it's hard to gain yards that he can't get started. That includes the receivers in the and the cousin Paul the the second level. Played design. That is. Has something do with that it too. Donte' and Josh play calling. And the ons ability to take. Here places. Would be called 345 yards and turned into a lot more than that. And re inflate properly so that he gets. Into the right spot the soft spot of the defense where the most territory looser. All skills that he does very well so it's a combination of all those things. That blocking good running. And good team. Execution on many of those flows. We always appreciate your time good luck on Monday night Miami. Back to back Sundays at one I can get used to it again. Schedule I candlelight Sunday at one I don't know if you have a preference. There's a great games great Kansan especially on the road that background. At a reasonable hour some the equipment Monday and in other approach it days. And with every long weeks shortly there surely a long ways that. All the insomnia and that was really philosophically got a guys again they'll think OK thank you patriots head coach Bill Belichick joining us here on Sports Radio WE.