Bradfo Sho, Ep. 53: Reality of being a woman in this business

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Tuesday, December 5th

Rob Bradford is joined by Tina Cervasio for a very honest conversation about the challenges, and realities, of being a woman in the male-dominated world of sports journalism. Cervasio talks about her time as the first woman to serve as the sideline reporter for NESN during Red Sox games, while also delving into her approach when it comes to some of the pitfalls that woman in the sports broadcast business have to overcome. Cervasio offers unique insight to many of the recently surfaced social subjects, having not only worked in the baseball world while with NESN, but also working for MSG in New York, covering the Knicks.


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That road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Blake where you don't know what you're it. Brad boat show. Does delicious. We are extremely honored on the Bradford showed I have seen serve out CO here from the deeper he celebrity golf classic. Both TV and I have been running around. Doing all kinds of work its rights it's been exhausting. But we're taking two seconds. To sit under to palm trees and it and catch up. A little bit and really talk about some some issues that have come up lately about being a woman in the media but first big case people don't know Tina what is. The beat went everywhere and talks about silent report for NASA and I can't believe you earlier for two years because it was it was they bring you up that's how you do it that's how you do it she. Did it the right way she did an excellent job in this with 20062007. Did it seem longer than that. Like fourteen years like dog years a I think rob because. There were so many stories those you yeah it was in saint. There's big overhaul the roster in 06 so what I came and there was some fresh faces with any such is like Josh Beckett Mike lol. They were coming in then together that was the whole story line is memorable was that the rally and yeah and then we get the story how we paid off the 2007. And you pad were teased. Had that strange heart issue and off of a sixth. Papelbon dislocated shoulder or whatever he did on that pitch in early September. To their life story lines and that year that's also went up to drew was called up. When Jon Lester was called up so that was a kick it ended very plainly that the property Hitler on you know postseason of course. And then a seven happen. And what I loved about it that it's me upset and started. On December was December 8. And we can look this up I'm probably wrong could be the ten. Of 2006. When Daisuke Matsuzaka flew over from Japan we are tracking you replied yeah like what it would call it would stances on New Year's. Finish iris is Daisuke tracker absolute. So it felt like that I remember I was on the second level of Fenway. Did all my life shot her message you're overlooking yawkey way and the track where he went over the over the world it was amazing that he would 2007 started. And then pine. Of course the whole left in the mix of all that that Lester had cancer like not so there's just so many story lines. And of course they won in 07 so you know if you remember it three years if there's like three generations maybe. Of this that nest in sideline reporters you kind of maybe associate with those. World Series games of the lucky well. Give me your I think in correctly for on base you're the first woman to do that job. Being the Red Sox island reporter yet having Tom Karen did it Eric freed did it. And so that was a different dynamic it was a different dynamic for everybody could you when you started to do that when you. The first well it was when we talk about trailblazing this is if that's what they've done ever since except for. Gary strays key into my Webster. But it. This is this was the first time it was done and did you sense it. First what you started doing it with a team going in the clubhouse. Ever wants looking around saying great what's going on this a woman doing this job this is something new. Was never on my mind rob believe it or not I never eat and I've had a few the first woman to do this things even recently. But that year which might big challenge was think it's got me. But this is a new Yorker. So that was the big thing on and I mean people just assumed I was from New York with the Yankees fan so that was the challenge I had. I knew ahead of me would you figured that was a real healthy get Wen said always comes a new Yorker every I think more people said he doesn't give the woman who's put its job and no I don't mean to sound like you know. Like sexist or anything but that was a reality. Tiny that I rob I really didn't even I never felt that way on players and managers for the most part coaches were great. On and I think it was just getting anybody and it's baseball this radler from covering all sports all levels. It whether it's gonna fail or read a football or college football or baseball or. The Staten Island you know a lot of teacher with Dan Maureen died when I was with the Red Sox course we always itself. With Pataki. But time. It just touching base like you it takes a long time to build that relationship. And I don't think it was a with a woman it's just it's stranger you know in our clubhouse can I trust this person is hard journalist. It's going to go to issued looking for negative stories or she's looking for improvement good storyline you have a veterans helping. This rookie yes I think that was the biggest challenge more so than male female Hispanic that oblivious so I'm glad I didn't expect. Coach says so I mean I I kid I can't say that that was like that because I was sort of around 2016. Not on the road all the time and one of the things we talked about this mean the fact that you covered every almost every single game it was insane. But so you go through that 2006. Year. And and how long did it take to sort of fuel whether it's the new work thing whether it's a woman thing withers the baseball reporters think how long did it take for. For you to deal okay. I mean I am comfortable in what I'm doing. It's September. At because that and the unit that point. Game. Like David again at the heart and guys are getting injured the end of the year. The whole Lester seeing what he was diagnosed with the bomb and all of that. Day at comic we went through so much together with players and coaches that Tito was greater for Platt got his office asking questions. The coaching staff was re Abbott ST technical questions. That the best way to get the answer out of that hat they were so good like that but I think that then it was like sit down talk of a series stuck for serious stories that it had nothing to do with. Lineups or you know a guy you know. The pitching picture merchants and nothing to do any of that last month and I think. And then that we can trust me that the that the best part was coming back from training. Everybody knew who you are even if it was new players he was everybody anyway. On and that was great that's for training was one of my great experiences in six weeks of Fort Myers moved down there prime. That the day that Lester came back and gave me an interview and was around and everybody starts trickling in and out started an amazing he's an historic. So I eat you as you're talking and you singers goes in the territory because office and you sit down with them this is one thing I remember is that when your name is always brought up. It weighs a respect that the players respected view the manager Specter view everyone respect you man woman child anything. There respected you. Back goes what you have to get as a writer but. I am telling you it is harder in that position that you were ran and you begin in that this is a southerner cap for doing it. But we've seen you know the other people who have done it after it. It's taken a lot longer than two years in some respect and sometimes the beeper guns that's happened where you say there's just backed. You can ask me from the time you're gonna get good questions. And and that is that is a huge part of this equation. There's a story it always tell. Students of course ago I talked to all schools MO the tristate area you're talking like seeing John's Princeton Rutgers. Colombia gets there through that the Yankees fans. So I'll tell the story and not just questions come up a lot like you said last year about no women would in locker rooms are stupid Cam Newton situation with the routes. Have you ever been through that is the thing that students ask me and I tell the story since 2000. If I ever heard so it. It is funny I think people left Boston he may show or June of 06. And that he blasted by Orioles. I remember her. Asking him is so obvious why the haters who sit on a fastball and I asked the question what was your approach you so that was announced apple or whatever you Harry approaching it actually just did you try to just that he gets what outline. So hyper is hit two home runs off or something. What do you know about paying 986 month that you aren't there. Not get them decades and that to me and then let our according need to because Florida really give it looked like. That that shaking nobody gets to be great out its audience if she could have a torn about doing that that was the question door. And I just happened like well that's why I asked the question I'm kind of like look at around it. Thank goodness the writers and everybody around like to forget to forgot that I do go private bathroom later. And it's possibly lied meaning it's being say sure and it goes like it takes like three minutes to go live to Boston and I don't. I'd really actually forget it and I think he did make it there I don't remember that of course the message boards were crazy I just funny listening with remember. But that thickened my again. But I also didn't like try to Beckett in her scandalous divorce was not as scarlet PT that's a question like ansari by I don't know. About a not how to throw a 96 mile per hour fastball. And I remember the following year he's amazing feature for the magazine show Red Sox whatever. It changes every year and she asked him who his favorite sportscaster with these that I'm Tina yeah. And then by the time you want it it was Ailes yes NDP and what the World Series was so nice like Upton out like buddy buddy at the World Series party so I think that you earn your stripes and things like that them. Okay and then what you said in the that. Almost its initiation process I in even writers have had to go through even you know a few mailman whatever they have to go through this and you can sort of have to weather disarm. But along those lines and I saw I've seen back it tests. The people after you. Sue and I don't know if it did it as anybody in the so he had after you with Heidi watney after her as Jenny tell. Gary's right ski. Daryn now am I missing anyone. I don't know who still haven't Guerin he was filling in for her when I was at the vote to by July yeah so. In the time so her couple games if Eric heard relative. To Jamie Jenny and I are all sports bra. And so did has do Heidi did Jenny did anyone reach out to you and say hey listen. Packets being hassle to me you know art you know it is it is did anyone reach out view of about that dynamic because number one believe there has been people. Like other sale like I I was I would be frustrated. That some people in your position. Didn't pass for the writers helps more like you always we always talk to view been always traded information in and everything else so. That was a frustration for me in that would've giving allowed me to have hours respect I respect them but. Would have had more respect in that sense so did anyone reach out to you after you left say pavement this is this the topic. To witness what both Heidi and Jenny started emailed me but that's before they started. Then and they want to think about a player I don't think I never met Cheney until our CBS sports seminar. Last summer's December 2060. We never met personally emailed a couple times and it folly tethered to a girl that I eighty I met quite a few times at like yankees Red Sox games that be there for fox by New York. I would go up to Boston a lot of my schedule just worked out well that's a basketball so I'd go back to attack things right scene to chat I realized I think more about. But I would talk to them more about finding stories and here's something I noticed his. And we talked about the slot this weekend. How this industry's evolving whether you're a writer able locker a broadcaster radio host a television host play by play it is changing rapidly around us. And it was real I think maybe the change started happening then it all depends on who's who's the boss he's the executive producer who is became producer that was changing a lot of drama front and with their long long time. Awesome the things he had left eventually. So then the roll it it's very unique had differing executives producers. Want their role the silent or are they third analysts are they storyteller they've journalists. I'm so that the air rolls were a little different than my new. Even even the right when you left leader Heidi was different from what you. Knew those two years it's in it's extraordinary for me when I go from network to network that I thought. At about this great as a direct talks are great we would talk to owners Tom Werner and Larry looking at the time. State that he told stories of somebody's not playing well you know to support with factly you're not getting your opinion. But if you have a fact and like sound bite from a coach or something from another player icy to dig ditches or. You'll bring that to tables so if it's not negative story but it is you know what the struggling connotation. On that I could and it G. Day you could be you know three of 49 from three point range and that's that you you know you cannot talk about it until. You know and I think they say I'm looking in the dugout I haven't a lot of reports with Jackson. With the sound bite to support my story I never they never do they've rarely do anymore at that yet it does he got a lot of time but I saw something that dug up like hey so and so encouraging though and so you know what I mean or you know pop ups you know at this or whatever. All our fun that would report we were attacked the what I could do a lot of that that things up covering in New York Knicks. That it's been tough as they socked with weird that it yet. But then CBS there like not all yeah it is so it's funny it's energizing for me. Yes this it's cops were these what is it to be might yet get it. So I'm Eric coaches and players in their reporting that so it's still amazing the difference of roles from each but whether regional network what are his. How many times would they go to U and a game. Let him because this is this also varies. You know you really be paying attention to it by the end became a girl they only went to. Per couple times early on went to him a couple times company typically when you were with a Red Sox habitats are goaded. Forget I remember there's gives you a quick frustrated like they'll hit it twice. Maybe some teams kind of like 67 times it just you know depends on how the ink is flowing in getting that down by eight Alex predicated if that you know pictures knocked down third inning that. If you haven't a new report on him. Whatever it you know that. Or they don't art you know put your bullpen guy. Or is so as you as more and then I'd get I had to get remember this to view this way too as more information and less promotion. Yeah yeah we did we just look one segment on this Jordan's Furniture. He had given them but even then and this is it becomes like Turkey going to be two segments and one's going to be on the players' wives foundation. Why you know why I'm. Event. I was pre game for me yeah that was a pregame prepared as it interviewing yep players. And it's a Villa Park got to know her so well course per cent Friday mean that this is listen these monies made in a good causes and in business and everything else. And I think the Red Sox that organization to its standard when it comes to charity work. Beat out friend Jimmy Fund on down I mean you know it's the but the players do. But yup I did do a lot of that I was pregame get out you might ride with you my opening segment with the line up and whatever. The manager and now I have she read at a lot of pregame news it was one writer's column as one writer that the reporter yeah. And it that would rotate Modi all the globe writers time and. That was a that was the dark days so I apologize but I have in obviously us god I I was I remember you know it it was this relationship with the globe. And it weighs anyways you know you get the summer once people are taking time off whether Florida or you to whatever. Here we have flute oceans our listen you know who who knows little clubhouse incited Pluto is great but it's a hockey writer. That's what happened to 160 yeah. Even eating gains on fox and ESP and it Saturdays or wherever the case we would sometimes even too pretty to with the Yankees we do pregame always to a place. Or for NASA sports desk at time of oak barrel on type either get around. But. If you look at it that every street is insane about so. I wanna talk a little bit about and weird once again we're down here and we've had a lot of time to talk dispute great catch up with you talked about the industrywide. You're actually familiar with the you know the cuff speech in this effort and our station yeah I over the last week or so with trendy in general oil and in. In so you'd really I thought it was an interesting conversation that all the bluster out and trusting conversation. About the difficulty is for a woman to be in this business column. And so talk to me a little bit about how you have seen. That play in how the unit dealt with that as you go from you know as you get older and have view evolved in your career. And in what you have to present people in terms of what they're looking for whether it's physically or whether it's information. How how is that the wall for. It depends who the executives are you working for a lot of time that's frustrating because it's like you want it would like to think that. If you're good this sort of what Freddie was saying if you're good it doesn't make a difference but that isn't the reality. I've worked for the freelancing at literally worked for except in places at this point but on some places. Their executives Ehrlich did not former state producers. For people there and they're marketing. Since that's gonna have a different approach. Then an executive that's been in the truck and has done live gains and had experienced. The on air you know working one on one with on air people in knowing how much prep work gets done. Where you know others our budget. Promotions and sponsorships. For the presentation. Date date date never went through the whole journalistic broadcast right. So basically they they're prioritizing someone being really really good luck to. But this is this of this or were you know being honest and fortunately for you you're very good looking at your very Smart in year. There are Hollywood crazy you say that you're not old in but that's that but that's not no hope but that's the problem which it's in your head. Right I'm told that. Whether it you know whether it dating get a good job we want it's someone younger guy dates it to my age and it's technical. We ages sitting here at third parties and I think it's used their weekly covered some not trying to like it's our lawsuit or anything. Fine a lot of times younger mean cheaper as well. On my little give me and offered to sometimes act at that and I'll do what I've done three live gains I like cross country I'll do game on a Friday night like cross country. Do another gig somewhere else in the you know I that's right you might work you know I don't mind that they don't they don't take your. Lower banner that figure crap yah the democratic operative. On that's an issue I think and in the tourney was. It was you know Google social media here that's the thing that's what's changed dad I mean here's who you're constantly being attacked in its by people that are. You know whether hey they're fake avatar that many have their real name it these people that are hiding so they are cowards but they're still saying something that strikes home. You know wait till personal. Oh so you're you're familiar with the so trendy with basically a guy called but in Connecticut called up. And said you shouldn't be on TV your hips are too big in this curling thanks. And then this is probably or probably haven't tried really I think that she decision meant that that hit home like that that thing hit home and that's where. Because it meant that instead of saying though it's a broader should not mean the habits. It at home and you must of you know of social media the crew. Who anyway credit when Mike went nineteen when I go through that that could lead me haven't lot I thought I think think the complimenting you but it's you know it's not flattering. I I wish there was just no way I can delete dance like under its Graham your face but you delete and block the Twitter days you can't delete them. That drives me crazy. At least answer Graham there's rate hike up the same thing with FaceBook so I just try to hide it pretend that one other people to seek that sneak it in other people's brains you can't respond to you. I turn to our response with some questions when Alex. And that I've gone into little we don't Twitter fits with that sometimes because like yeah I know my stuff I'll get back to him and this is why interviewed this person this is the angle it. Look at this option this is my opinion let's agree disagree all the back and forth with that. Fine but when it comes to use silly stuff. You know appearing in the kind of via I just. So I'm so did you ever you beat so you've never done that advocate this is what basically except this whole thing off tiny responded to someone in it I I can added it is. Hard it is hard not to it's. This did so but you never you've been able to just never never go down that road now. With not with like look her appearance I just did it do I get hurt Yasser cried my husband yes you know and I mean time. You've hit a you brought up and fix this uniter not a bit different o'clock at night it. Sometimes it's so this is where we're this is where we deal I think Freddie has a point is that. Is that you just said like it's it's in my head I've now run to the gym I'm gonna go to to the stylist what to do this you air I had airwaves. But that's a bit and is is that just the unfortunate part of this business that probably is causing a chain. I do it's it's this it's that visual medium. And I don't girl let guys like you know I put my fake eyelashes on and off I'll be able to rate and a pair yeah its eighth on a girly girls whether or on TV or not. I would aid you know dressing pretty colors that I love dresses I know and I got used to it and I used. Is it a different Wear dress on the ball field she would she taught me that because some wine in Toronto that she looked up to. Taught her that actually makes stress and I Wear them. So it's a whole tiny and and I'm you know in with some you know it's about being comfortable in some women are super stylish. On summer just you know planes streaked down the middle and it just depends on the mood I'm it you know I mean sometimes. And I like that it is television. That that's kind of that is the fun parts of them that love the getting my make up here for the studio and sometimes when it's pouring rain. And thirty degrees and I do it whether it's a baseball hurt or football. You know what he did you discuss what has gone after reports of really good yeah. That makes fun as you are because you're not doing it well. Also it comes down to Austin your bosses Ameen says everything you know bosses are different every bosses are looking for something else. You kind of got to know what you boss Juan at the heart of the U would love it to be like I don't care if it's raining I don't care if from wearing sweatpants my information did but. We wanna keep our jobs and that's the reality. Learn to my old ways of not he beat me maybe intimidator afraid to ask for example in the I don't mind saying that ninety tilts well I'm good at it she hires stylist. In New York because again it was northeast at sixty stressing me and I got called in elect reaching their clothes. There were heart he knew I was OK good they're paying work that's paying out of my pocket in the morning. She called up she's like let's not tell them the whole thing with how did they want me to look. So why is where I tried a little conservative like I was thinking Wall Street Smart quick update on the New York City with the knicks. Enemy Doris I was wearing like you to like insured underneath and there are like it's just too much different colors and you know you just they just want a plane and T just to I'm happy to Wear a necklace it's a stylish new. They want it no necklaces OK but I didn't know that so it just depends on what they want. I'm constantly checking in with CBS that like coming here pretty but all all so and I will it's ridiculous they left Mika I'm not. Not evidence that the straight years. I'll like out to end an executive a picture of me that it's it's thirty to twenty degrees out to different hats and which one would you prefer. That's part of doing your job you like it's unfortunate part of doing it Kanye but it's you're doing your job and this is like this is I guess the conversation which is. Yet Sox but you have to would you like I have to like do I want you do instead rim posts all the time no right to vote. But it's his father job. Yeah yes so that the process but. I use it I think it's fine it's built on relationships now with the guys that area or to you at CBS they get a kick out of their Lycos with yet it was you know how does that perhaps it's at an elementary. So when you says it's a 22 years ago or when you Wear it with starting out with a Red Sox job. And you'd did you think that. It would be what it is now another words we you know when it same thing with writing like I'm like I'm just gonna write a story it's going to be great I'm going to be good reporter and I'm gonna make talk on the money yen. That's what I'll be judged on. It I'd twenty years down the road I'm like you know I would could never thought that I would do this this in this to stay viable. Could you have ever imagined because I don't know who we we talked about Jackie Mullen but she's a writer. Hum so the reporting aspect of it was there anyone you said at that time it was. You know who is older when you were younger and said either talk to or you said page that's what I wanna evolve into. Bonnie Bernstein and she went to Maryland she graduated right as I got there she came back to talk to my class and as a freshman jubilee year out and she's already made a couple years out. Her entire difference today we hang out socially some time that we do your work together. On and I got a lot I talked to her which she was filling in for Peter Gammons on Sunday night they. So weeks that we had shared a few dug out together that was off them. And and then what you know meeting along the way like Hannah Storm shelter FOIA the you know before the women before me that I eighteen out on the field Weathers in the studio as sidelined. Doing interviews. Linda Cohn at that so cool. Full circle political I remember specifically in college I went to college to be brought Castro was not necessarily. Sports but I loved sports and then I all the sports casters coming at a Maryland when I got there might go like I I wanna try sport so I immediately went the radio station. We cable TV in our dorm in the hallway ended. The common area forget what it was called. Common area. And we had ESPN had a couple cable channels there never sealant to come yet and and I think a look at that comment she must sign it and you know lots of sports and hair and she made the only. Anchor on sports center at the time that was a woman and it you know we've Susan while many new York and there is women but. There's a little different attitude Susan was the talk radio person ball than broadcast was necessarily on you know. In front on a desperate on the year yes Selena was out there doing a tour highlights. And and just this past year the past few years you're happy about now her I'll host once a while to get comment on radio will fill in for the morning men. This event show importing women much easier for the holidays I would get her schedule yet but that's where I usually don't but if it. But down it depends on our schedule but it's been it was it's really cool to work with her and she's like you talk a TrailBlazer pioneer. When it was over it so you don't. Issues she still a before I say this facility yes we have right deeply yet get hurt us up she goes out to California alive she had you're gonna see. Fine we'll NASA does. He decimated their hockey department yet she's taken on more parole in just specializing in hockey. As is specially during the Stanley Cup Playoffs last year. She doesn't like she loves it and heard I've talked about the life because we were together the data with the big firings choose getting tax and she knew she is okay but. Friends of hers and it was insane. I mean we are on the air she's getting he text from a friend. You must have been she must have been nervous having this be honest been because. It if I bike maybe she's like at the level the blob police of the world and you know the sorrows the figurehead of the head the the mount Rushmore of that you used in people. But she's older. Yes being clearly was trying to do something we're younger we're more personality and everything but I'll say this about her and I might be wrong with the sort of seen norm. She's that we carbo vaulting she's evolved she she has. She shows more personality. I see her in L bond came on in Iran that you're so. That's what we're talking about right it's like okay you're older but you've evolved in there you go. She does all the motivational stuff she goes out speaking she says she's supplement and she's doing a lot outside ESPN to do. Yeah we talked about that a lot she would choose a professional you look at her were her role is change but it's about had a passion and whether you got three minutes three hours. Three days a week one day a month. Make it freaking good you know like daddy Jamal mean enjoy it don't be bitter. You know just embraced that moment these things will come out of in the city ball you know grow yourself spread your wings and she's you know give me that if I should do not speaking and stuff like that. Do you think do you think that sometimes. Women young women and women across the word go into it with sort of the hey you know everywhere I am I'm three steps behind every every time that guiding to be a good answer because of a woman. You know I did I do see some of that and it doesn't frustrates him like no you're you're you do get that could answer because you didn't ask the right question. Bomb and I don't plan I can't put myself in those shoes but I don't blame. A lot of young women and women curve for thinking that way because. It is harder it is it is more difficult but do you also see some that just came Toronto right right. It's incredible lives. So well right solution she worked for the us and she just powered through and just power through it I never get that sense. That she ever was gonna use this as a built in excuse like. Which prospect with an axle to her once and I was so impressed how she. Just power through that came back and now she's covering the success of the MBA but you know what I'm saying is that like. I I don't want. Packed with me I'd like I wanna be tip you wanna. But I tight but I don't -- I don't like that passed for what it's like hey you know I'm not getting good answers are wrong woman or not giving it excused because of a well yes or you know or you don't elect Ivo eateries just looking at me you know he just wants to see me in the locker room or whatever it may and again maybe I'm coming here from a different perspective. But I don't. You know I'd just go in this is part of the trying to conversation where. This the truth lies somewhere in the middle it's not all bad and it's not all. Get your bad eggs like that Beckett incident with Eddie and a great you don't give me great I remember then. Yeah great interview with during the World Series it already pitched one on one pregame we put the tape who would have thought by your. Powered throw it right by you and say oh my goodness I you know I can't do this that affect I feel like I'm certainly am aware that there's two generations now on. So I don't know about the younger generation and I I mean I have I've had more coffee in New York City with young girls that are just get out of college in. Whether there rap like that digital psyche or. Waitress staying in truck and logging in just tweeting. Behind so just like it is next at best they can't but as far as in the locker room like. I don't know I mean I feel like you just great example just the camera. Very professional. Barry in I'm sure she's been hit on by guys in. Everything else and you know like you know on story that you have and everything is just okay this happened I'm going to move was that it might simplifying it. If this song I forget to it's by no means no it's it's which is what we go to college as his theme song does he is so I'm all well it's time. Way older now being married thirteen years but. I like a little too nice because that one of the theater yet you don't Amy that you'd be like you know all of flatter that. You know where some people would do the wag the finger and just hit and then I'm sorry you've lost that person. You know vineyards being new patch and I into play at that that was a good approach either. The jet because like stern enough and it's like come around a corner again and is this like heart technical question. And they like did not come hasn't spent like. Eight she has this psychological way of turning it around where the a lot of this discussion is Matt Lauer situation stuff an politics. It's power situation. Which ask it doesn't she throws Iraq and that she's in the power spot that now I remember that game four years ago when you were up against his swing you couldn't shoot. You know worth what you pay because he's any new it is against the zone and they get a lot. And like she could turn a conversation. On she's great that. As far as using it so that's the use them woman I'd watch the younger what the middle younger now like a little younger than me that night that 25. On. Work on their crafts. I don't wanna call about because I don't want them to think they were bad but they're national. What the national ones regional their posts GameStop is also owned there in games that went to get you wasn't necessary caucus. You guys RBIs Steve yeah I listened when a cup football coach comes off the field. I'm Mike I would not wanna be and that's Richard. It obviously you're very good at so yet so. I camps to solely relate to that in body Yates. It I think it may be is a learning like how. Because it is so different it is such a weird environment analogue when you're the only woman or one of very few women in. And these guys aren't going to be you have to earn their trust in the art of them look at you like. You of you want them to look at you they're looking at you like oh you're attractive instead of or your reporter. You have to so I so I guess that it's hard him. Here's what I noticed lately too and it can't have been around for a while on generational. So there's a lot of young players here at this Ortiz thing never records archer in my entire life and to. I'm pumped significantly he looks younger than his tickets that. Night. It's 29 it's. Jagr. Fine. She grew up thing about it. Watching women on television and watching weaving in dug out as I've got reporters to to him it's nothing yet. We have wonderful conversation at dinner last night. Tony we give mediator be today. Awesome interview addressed trade rumors a dress different. Stuff that's out there issues in baseball wonderful never and and and we kept talking afterwards about steps you. Time so I think when you get a lot younger players it's it's they just. You know if you're attracted to woman hit honor and it's just because they're you know these tractor. Think they're questioning. Of god that woman in my I don't think that's happening anymore you'll still acts and I will catch. College football coaches for example some bought a couple of games on there a decade you're my father's age yeah. Think a little different. But I I want a more technical answer and it asked the question that they're kind of just not keeping its. I'm like I actually expected more from that might think it's just different generation they're not expecting. That in question or they don't think I could understand their answer yes. That's right in Beckham's foot ship new I've been knocked him out but he's heat that's but he thinks he's the generation that grew up watching when. He's so look at I use this for example first is that history what happened post game in the super block. And I talked up on air fox five people asked me on on air about this compared to the wrong. LeBron is so self for what he knows exactly what he's going to say. And when he says something how he answers a question who it's going to impact whether it's team whether it's a future teammate with your kid that's being compared to him. A coach a brand he knows everything. His brand somebody else's would put my hand has no clue. Whether he would be fun. Whether he was flirting with curious do you patch and I teacher even now he is just so oblivious so that's how I took that whole thing. Did you know so I mean it's it depends on the person I think it is generational. Time work right now there's you know of the the majority. Of people in sports and help these players that a cover girl managers now. Yeah recovery yeah tell me about review Red Sox manager is is like five years ago and may have it's it's depressing eight humor and it's in. Jason can I covered a variety Jersey and the fact that you know. Dallas and back to new York and it's but so on to that it evolves and that's why look at look at Jackie Mullen and she's just Iraq's arms start to finish. She's been. I mean boom and it's sold long and bright covered patriots and covered the Red Sox red and then dissolved itself from day one from when she was young and I am like Jessica. Just kept relentless pounding away pounding away. Hewitt utes have something about oh power like the power and Burton we're talking a lot about the power. Weinstein stuff and everything else. Greg obviously don't give specifics but have you ever had to deal with something that where. You were fearful like something happened may be a player hit on or something. You know you made you uncomfortable. You want to report it but you president to report it because it's maybe that was set down a whole locker room or something like that. So I'd been so lucky. That with when it comes to management executives to threes like the Weinstein situation or colleagues like and that our situation. I've been lucky thing guy that never had. Situation at all. There's deathly signs either. Maybe just a potential like boot either did Regis say that you know I meet somebody to look like you're Catholic dignity didn't they call it looks nice and you. Well that kind of looks like sending to our you know sometimes fifteen seats it's crazy. On and so those things happen or like hug your kids get offered every bit like it. Happy I'm. But it did you go to meet it's thought I think it's fun on the look I don't know maybe I'm just a little too late inning but a bad back. I have ran into people on sometimes you know especially this culture world un facilities whether the player or look at GM from change. You know we they reach out to wrap I never felt threatened but it's it's inappropriate. I've you meet somebody you know whether you know an owner through an aging and whatever the case maybe it's it's. You know all over the place every level front. You know look at if you're yeah. A minor league coach yet. Time that maybe have a commonality every conversation and beyond the economic pick his brain infection again called upper east it'd be in the NBA so much what's good relationship or he might be echoed Sunday. And it goes down we are passed and I've been married ever since I have a high level job. They'll stop them. Exactly and I had a conversation. With a woman recently ain't very established excellent and she said it didn't stop land seven months pregnant. That area. Find. The power thing guys think they're a little immortal but people have been asked to be bad today fine. You know there were definitely times where I felt comfortable with a passionately this interview but I never it's never gone to the point. Where I felt I was just when you shut down right away emulate. Like you know number gets path. And I actually did dial in numbers it you know attack that afflicts an am flattered and Hillary getting here but look you know. I'm married in the situation and honestly my career can means more than my parents frankly because you know what it means that you don't. As to what's it once you people get reports that at that is that could ruin my career so greeted friends we keep cool I'll be pulled this out but equal. Yeah that's cool that's the big thing is it because Lou Turbo power you don't wanna be able not interview that person you don't want the you know all baseball or is is it becomes. You know these guys have a lot of time running and so Lilly no one talked to her because she had. Yet I heard stories about that you are you know why they give our time his you know she shut down this week or maybe the opposite soon. You know it's something went awry. And he asked so. And that's just the approach I've kind of had. By the got I think a lot of it is because once again united is gonna happen by think that. If this goes back that respect the respected in there we go back the two years or in Boston I'll always remember is it. The players respected news organization respected you the riders respected you. And and before and we talked about just camera I don't mean this is this is the best left him. Fight through it. Get the respect it's gonna suck sometimes in my garage I mean this is that if this is the rob Bradford way of the of dealing with the dealing with the job of big award reduced its sports media but it Aran. Here's what sucks when it's going well chemical crap when she gonna drop like you know something might happen whether it's a sexual harassment situation. On whether race or just like it's not eat you know bad exchanged. With yet GM or coach or player. You know Euro is like a fruit when you have that you would have happened to males too but it's always on your mind and you hope. It's something valid and not because chairwoman made up that it's just you know the fingers pointing even if you don't use the excuse via. Sound can't put a. Well we've we've we've set of these counties along I I've been very high at this a little bit more makes every conversations especially about their conversations that are concrete commitments our stats and the stress over. Waiting for players to walk if I'm not certain sexual harassing you look re install or is it up on the added by Hewlett gray in and honestly teammates is slow to Pataki it also is good catch up to you receive each other a little bit over the years and and it now you're on to a bigger and better things. In New York everywhere college football. And and I think that you know when I when this podcast goes out the user there's certain people people love to hear from. And you're one of them I guarantee you can also use the numbers to prove. Hi everybody thought they share and it just I mean for example. I've kept in touch with David and his people. You know all I've ever touch the Red Sox were in New York I would get over there and creepy story and pitch it clock is ironic. And it like a regret tucked in your concede at duke get it and when the stars ever did was on Derek retirement here. It plays and this is my Red Sox are together the evidence was still kind of on the team because I still have to Georgia and and David. Paying game where I Jon Lester chair and got those guys that year and the I test it gets kind. Like it accounts and recalled I went back some on. Matchups with Lester early in his career with with Derek and I brought them to judge on new I mean of course. And executed scouting. And just the stuff and you know Pedroia it was a Jeter fan and that it was the best Jeter retirements or it's coming from. The rivalry and and and your fans would obviously they appreciated that. That's the biggest satisfaction I mean this beyond please like I can be have a crappy day if I write a good story if you do it could see to what you've done down here in Dominican. I I honestly you'd done a great job you've gotten really did interviews MLB network radio it's news they've been pushed this stuff out and Twitter. So as you leave here it it wasn't just like if if you left here in your dissent around and you went home you probably wouldn't feel because that's who you are you. It's a lot like I am out. Until he get market. It is to make the hot hand he was like plane was just need to think through and I could get him either to record camera get much standstill like yep that's good. A good night's still young cute thanks so much average rob thank you wrapping okay.