OMF - What will it take for you to stop watching football? 12-5-17

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Tuesday, December 5th

HOUR 4 - The NFL ratings haven't been stellar this season. Bad product? Anthem protests? Your favorite player is injured? Your favorite team sucks? The list of reasons to not watch pro-football is a lengthy one. Also, we react to the suspensions of Juju Smith-Schuster and Georege Iloka.


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On you've maybe. Fort Wayne and moaning and forties there's racial politics of this you have a lead which is primarily black. And you're suspending black label console when a white player does something holy word you give them you believe he's. Pox on all its punishment I think Ford in writing behead a big black player ever more than just attack prepare for that should be gone for a couple of games of late. This is the worst thing he's ever done to be absolutely deserves a minimum of two games with Glen when Christian watching YouTube video entitled Vontae perfect dirty this place I looked up Ndamukong Suh thirtieth place and no over what they did I don't. Think they're worse than this individual play that robbed on capturing game suspension he doesn't play against Pittsburgh. New England lose his home field advantage in the post season that put this after cloth this must cost them home field event in postseason for the commute person match. Is this really true at each and thought you should go to each are over with Lucent of you won't show. And she's impact might. I. On Sports Radio WEEI. Others around Bob Ryan play in the same game. Well that was awful awful terrible beyond repair two games when their. Really on examples there there's no set a precedent for two games there is what we want but not for too so suddenly we're gonna double it up right now why. What's the reason I mean. Because you saw it and it's fresh on your mind you go oh my god and here's what's happening now. So now everybody's taken the rocket on Sunday and saying. We've got to have suspensions more suspensions so the league is reviewing juju Smith sisters hit last night. And they are considering. Asus. Bench and I know that juju is black. And I don't these responded. Because he's blocked. Yes no the path of to say it doesn't matter black white if he had a white guy in a black guy don't matter I don't think you should be suspended over the hit his buddies and I don't find something it was an accountant who in the confines of the game. You could argue lose you know I don't Christie feel like it was a legal and I think it borderline legal. I think it was almost a great block and almost borderline whatever you wanna call find the man you gave them a penalty you finding you move on I'm with you should not get suspended for that hit. I'm with you I don't think you can suspend him without him that's what he's supposed to do. Now you could fine him heavily for good qualities in a holding room and I. I think that it did it if they punted perfect got right up after that and got into his face because he was on them. Nothing would have been sent the fact that they took perfect off in my car OK on a stretcher. Made it look really bad the taunting really bad so you can't hit it fine for the continent but I'm with willingness when Smith Shuster should not these. It's all I feel like I feel like that their direction the wind is blowing in now that's the problem rob believe me you have will get a suspension can I feel like overall there's been well there's. I just feel like the temperature in the room as are we got to control this. It's getting out of hammer have too many guys ejector ready to any personal foul revenue to any suspensions overall we are we seeing it we at this via this season be nipped in the bud so we're gonna throw. Bigger fines suspension Erin nip and about it right now. What's what's your hair is you've watched the pats last couple weeks he gets it got a little chippy. You know me double to limited Miami game and then of course lacrosse didn't and then you follow that up with watching when their football legal Jesus. And it just me but it feels like it's getting. Dirtier right after that wasn't go and also when it was quoted Cincinnati and it's the Steelers are maturity edit history anyways and so look at the amount of yardage. Over a thousand yards of puppies black is one looting of the Asia ball yeah I mean they hate each other and Everett. In other Cincinnati at least that's one undisciplined team like ignore received our state becomes worse on the play against the Steelers. As it was to the Steelers didn't well it was more than mangalore our legs are a little brother and they can never really get there. And the Steelers keep just. Keeping their foot on the road and and that's it only been fifteen years what's the announcement Zune has recognized at a what store but I won't be surprised at all. If they start suspending people more. I think you're right I think there's a good chance this assessments Shuster might get suspended only because of the climate right now the fact that people looking at the game. And you're the National Football League that was a horror show for them last month if you gonna talk about safety okay. And that it makes that bother with a truck comments from the trump comments about the the secede league whatever the hell we call there's no hitting amended it's embarrassing when you. Look at big game last thank you try to think what trump was. Was trying to characterize the NFL right now. But because of the environment because it looked bad last night. Because they're a lot of people are talking about it all my gut I can't watch anything like that again. And they're fearful sold fearful of those ratings right now and any reason for the people have to turn it off. I'm with Christian and I would not be surprised at all if he ends up getting a one game suspension and he doesn't does. We're gonna send a message to everybody. Everybody's become a two active member. A worse year for the NFL when there has been a strike there's no strike going on there's not all of this you know back and forth. From beginning to looks like the end from the kneeling in the the National Anthem stuff. To me it's everything that's the seasonal or anything that will make affiliated or someone you're just a moment. Think about it but LC compound based on the fact that you start off the season with issues and it's kind of gone on and on people are turning away in the ratings show it. I think you get that. McCall violence okay fine art fifteen yards throw him out of the game. Like that this easier admit that and nothing lol. Scare the hell out of a mother or father I think you'll then that she's gives it his team but the possibility of him being paralyzed which. Really wants and routine tackle in a minority a crazy about us. And we the world watches in place you'll never play Celtic football anger and ever again she's ever but epic that was just part of the game. You know that that made people feel comfortable that Houston hit OK obviously was was not just circumstance arose it but the show easier thing was she she. It was unfortunate and it was uncomfortable to walk so but she's in the years past remember they had a year where the arrests and domestic violence. He said what a year for the NFL bought a ticket get any worse that river river city. All it re right that ratings Adrian Peterson did affect him party. All of that same kind of Danner you know just I call click on what's going on with the NFL right now. Now you know what's most important though let's see that's the funny thing so. Did have an effect on the ratings at that point time rates are still going all time highs guys make a ton of money but this year. Colin Capra take issue comes up and you get real backlash. You people were really just like frustrating irritate pit stop turning off the TV not going to be games. Now you already got people hypersensitive. To just football in general and and you have what you have last night you have the dirty hits yet the violated yet the cheap shots. And then now it's like forget about you know once in a lifetime type occurrence it's it's a trend this is the way the sport is and not only do they not take care the Rome but the what I think the. Guys when the backs turned. It's a breast and coach what turned it again Gloria turned into a race thing so you sit there and it's very hands that go I wanted to do with this. Does the hullabaloo that it's created over nonsense. And and then and the story being driven by late night Talking Heads nationally who don't get who were driving their own agenda. For one reason or another. The PEI guys. He couldn't even with all that lake. Will it take for you to walk away from Washington though. Me personally and as is still in his people let you know refuse to watches I don't think it ever be friends that hear them. The body and everything that's going on a table and make you still gonna not watch let's say the NFL ratings that the people that are walking away for the NFL it. We here we we we've taken those calls about the going to be president but I I don't get it I'll take on the outside of typical. I'll take the pledge right now Campbell into technical lines of what I'm Hilary well I won't give I'll never stop I will give up. The National Football League. Okay at some doughnuts winning either above Buffalo Bills or the Cincinnati Ben Ali's win the Super Bowl. He I would either I think I'm pretty I don't know much of Great Britain is anything that gets you walk away no one I just felt. Now begin a walkway you know commute to walk away and eagle as she watched let it is a fatigue factor and you'll have to watch lists galleries and edit it lossless Opel. The patriots a 330. That's a look at it lawyer you know it's funny because it says here's I'll draw a correlation exists. The the way the way college football is what the way they do the whole Brookings. The rankings. And the final four all it's up it's to me it's a sham it is if she had the chance to me so if the NFL never have that problem because the team that wins the division goes in the playoffs. So they started manipulating it based on ratings trying to get that always trying to make sure they got the patriots in our Dallas and even though. They weren't as good as Jacksonville it isn't a big of a market. It doesn't have a bigger fan base. If they start manipulating that. During the season toward the end a season just for ratings that would get me. And then you beat us and and I can't believe that Jewish to set up patriots first Pittsburgh what a joke this league is what time the game that. Because yeah I doubt that's interviewed bill if you it and it's spelled out on eight people turn up the TV you have to feel like you're being taken advantage of but Irish girl with Hewlett they're they're they're paying on your head to tell you it's raining. Okayed that type of feeling that kinda just lies if they were doing that. I guarantee you mean like scarlet letter in an otherwise I don't know maybe Richardson of boxing. You know aid to simply leave it up about a ref Rees did an employee to determine who wins the losers at the thinkpad guys tell me this guy want you say that guy wins he'll score but that's the same thing at the same thing so you're purposely putting any team that didn't get it Ernie didn't deserve it. Over another team just because the other team is I get better ratings so if you feel skimmed it and just screwed wit. That's pollen that's why I would not patent and but I think. The the the diminishing numbers in the National Football League or Rio I mean. You know networks do extensive research on this you know you've got Nielsen to prove it out. And people who sit there and say well people are in bars and check the using excuses that they count those numbers okay we we see the the red zone numbers right now the red zone numbers are not bitten they're one and a half Cheryl whatever. So we know that what those numbers are. Specifically people. Our arc and not hurt people I talked to people who set him straight up watching the NFL I mean. Hardcore sports fans who are telling me I'm not watching the NFL real hard gallons up. Yeah you only got today senator Cardin that I don't play hard every remembers how do you prove it I don't I don't remember members since 1960 buried Thursday in your car got an idea. I really don't why are our football and ID card I don't I couldn't picture your chest pain it. The guys I want full fall that that are that are interested because your team is really really good you're in it until I don't know what all my ball you'll you'll get it right I'm sure well you know yeah I'm sure we will I think that's real girls are people out there but I caution. Real. Sports rethink that dude that's got like that you know somebody walking around a city with a Celtics lectured a Bruins at all. In Iran and Red Sox stuff fleece underneath hoosiers did die hard sports fan I turned I don't know what I'm done I'm done not watching football in law I don't buy that. I think there are people that have changed their viewing habits I really do. I believe is something it's an effective method and you don't wobble sports fan and you don't want it would befall it wouldn't surprise me at all if some of those people the younger people. A cake is I think their model a lot of older people more all the people probably pissed off the anthem situation. Younger people and not sit there watching you know twelve episodes of their favorite show on Netflix just you know sit there one right after another and not watching football. But the football numbers are down and that is a real fine. Now the numbers are still tremendous when you compare it to everything else you can watch so for an advertiser it's still a damn good deal. But the numbers are diminishing and I think they're people at a finding reasons of staying away from the NFL odds of it is fatigue some of it is the team no question about. People can be fatigue. I wanted a reputable financial markets and what is your guests does not I don't in my wrist again. I think it's just you work hard and eight were started as freshmen and our and our camp last night trying to impress me again and again it is right now and Mozilla are Russian gas this digital cars in the news again we get the Lavar bowl rule for the lakers and Los Angeles. And then he's just upsetting all sorts of people. In a college ranks and to me making a major mistake here he really is. And I feel bad for these kids more so than ever before we'll get to all of that any phone calls coming up next. Make our way and that's part of your daily routine we have used to clean hands batting practice ground balls would tell you go stretch how you put your African socks on wanna call it superstition. I call it routine blood Sports Radio W. Knowing that he's Super Bowl. Mr. Phelan Rhode Island telefilm. Eight ally itself. Good. I'm headed I'm headed back to work around listening to you guys I gotta tie it. On the High Court football game when last year I was tortured pregame until the last minute. And it Sunday night this year of watching patriots game and that's it's doubled its coal used your. And not what years ago. Went on to say like three or four years ago let's just last year he always been like that. I wish I don't know I was I watched all of I. All day long no matter who resigned I'd have done. So why don't you watch this year. Via the protests. You know Bennett out in Seattle with these little black pants that thing Aiken at Rachel. L it just turns me off. All right let's go to that let's go to the folks are David David isn't it and the main and he says he still watching. It out my mom mostly yeah. I yeah I I I want to echo what to guide it says. I have played football my line cook I am wrong track kind of college football. And I I will not watch football this year I've watched maybe a quarter of couldn't. The protesting in the racial. Got that going on it I'll echo exactly what is it. Few love football and you just don't wanna watch the game because of all the outside stuff. Met wreckage you know like these college ball loose ball right now this stuff it's going on out there that I can watch and I can't do our key. Go on hand in my trend more than watched the game I've got hurt the package on DirecTV and its goal ought. These aren't while says we just just talk about their break. I know you guys thank you we always talk about the pinnacle of say like Red Sox will you say 04. Like the L four yes. 0407. Is there too is the pinnacle of the patriots interest is is is ended and were were on the way to dump deflate gate. But so much interest that's super ball early events before the revenge to everything you're so into it last team won the Super Bowl. And it's when it is that what this year they're so good. You don't before the year will award the games to be born that they have been the last three weeks because it's gonna beat up on teams knew that much better than teams what's it take for the turn. For the excitement to be back up and go to those who ball we can win those Super Bowl seek good. But. Yeah eventually here you know very low. You tell me that what that life after Brady will make it more testing will not you don't think that when a championship. Was last year receivable the pinnacle of interest with the patriots have an issue you look at its same because it got us and we sit here for weeks on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and it's like a people call know people talk about patriots though. No we city are charged up about patriots and you're right few years ago you could sit here and talk about patriots five days a week. You know fifteen hours sixteen hours of them are seeing it up and right now there's a and it's similar to what we saw with the Red Sox after all Ford almost seven Lou around other one once the one at twice you know and thirteen caught us by surprise every little outrageous it was him once and spiking up. Penalized. Data hungry needed it needed it up in it needed it right you got it right but while some revenge ugly you're getting it. Another one. The lake just a walking you're not a really notice I carry the placate popped up that for two years it was like that son of a bitch. We gotta give even suspense before games got to win the civil what is doable now isolate. Our I think this I was almost a lighted on except it aired on that it's a family and all the ratings for this game this past week and it was a pretty much a blog last week the same way they had a game and control. They won by eighteen points two weeks ago twenty points this past week by the way they play great neither one of those games but they won't play eighteen and twenty against divisional floats. Because 34 share in each one of these two games so people watching the patriots what I think's happening is they're not watching these other games. And the fantasy football players right now who were watching all of the games are able to do it all. With simple apps right here so they can get updates on everything that's happening with every player they him. And I still don't have it one of the incident at the patriots for five years from now are 818. You still think the patriots will. You know talk with RL and it is they said more people out watching the rest of the league just watch knowing your team and know his name is just a mediocre team because it's a Brady. In it it is no Belichick you guys still think the people gonna be patriots patron. Daniel's disease so is it won't be you know there's an old is now surprise that there there they we talk about them winning the division and march. The next year they beat you look at it when the division then what yours are without this there when the diocese. Right and you think about the remaining games you all these divisional games and they're all done. They're done that maybe get a little bit intrigue on buffalo on the and the patriots played and yet the Miami Dolphins Monday night the blade Allen is going to be a focal point of the to lay down knowing why don't. JJ. I. I'll I'll make in my I got my pick Ted under renewed on Monday yeah the whole it's is the first touchdown doing all right dollars. But I'll I got to point out that you could stay room right now I'm gonna say with I failed on Randy Wolf make a catch on Monday night I got I got and having. I want to go back 56 are only about two. Lucent so if you're looking right now. I don't think people are getting interest in these games during the course of the week we couldn't get anybody talking about that Miami game two weeks ago. Or the or the buffalo game we're not gonna get people talking about Miami this week or on Monday right out and get to go to get a 34 share or 3530 cents a share on Monday. So at least two people are tuning into those games. We're gonna have this problem the rest of the year were just talking about the soft here. People gonna get interest in December 17 because there's something at stake. They need to go it and not care about the 24 Christmas Eve. Or New Year's Eve in which you're gonna see new one different people sitting in the stands at July those are going to be regular season ticket on Tuesday given those tickets are white. And I don't even get really excited. For the first playoff game the patriots have to play depend this. What would that apply god forbid the thick Tennessee this enemy armor on an image Jackson announced that it won't even Jacksonville bit of a quarterback you're not gonna get excited again. Until the AFC championship game. And then you've got the Super Bowl that's it so oh we we take it for granted you're right we're taking it off. Devotional pinnacle is gone. I think president it was I just felt like. The did you needed to win the spiking and then to finally gave in and now it's sort of like. OK I got I don't know if we'll ever be a size it was last year ever. Bush you'll see a complete you know they'll arrest dealers you'll see. Don't release the most competitive game. With both sides really buying for some really if you lose that game either team the Pittsburgh lose at Pittsburgh loses or the patriots lose. I'd say it to see solid yet go to Pittsburgh at Heinz Field. Kind feels that this intimidating places we've got their plenty of time they don't want high. It's not it's not as intimidating you know stadium where it right on top theater yeah now nothing to do with our media ripped of these phone calls before we get through your favorite and only going to be hard to give us a little bit deal of our Persian I'll pick Carl thank you. David Zinn though western David. I would go out or. Not. I honestly I got in the in the big picture in the more recent NFL ratings are down because the product on the stock. Indian act clean ski accident that lack thanking the record. And and and David I'm sure the products such. I think it probably is is loose at your team is too good they're automatic. Yep on me I'm looking to applicable Packard it. And I thought what the packet to the air underneath their their old statement. Join us trade in July and I'm glad. You're you're you're you're affair or the fans that's what that is that's what it is a Nixon Dorchester neck wesun. I think this. Like never before the product is down I mean idol back kapolei. I'm still watching the bat but instead of sitting on the that you're likely to Britain sort of broke. Run through. In court adjourned to Monday night there unite Sunday night. Immigration compelling games are so few good team in the league. You know. I think that's an what's it what are the differences between this year and and you I don't. There's the haves and the others that have not I think it's just always been the same you know it is the patriots had two automatic you're looking for where's that real stiff competition. What happened to Denver Denver fell apart what was the competition Baltimore Luke was mentioned Baltimore yesterday with they scare you a little bit well. But they did in the past. You've got a history with some of these teams I'm not sure it exists anymore. What what threat do you have we'll all sit here and think you just said Christian. Even if the patriots lose on December 17 you feel confident they'll go to Pittsburgh the third week of January wind and they go to the jump ball. Ernie and getting back learning coach Ernie what are what are you watch your brother and who's what do you watch attorney. AD are the only thing I'm watching and it is on DVR in the past. And I'm watching the game. I'm not logged in and out time on knowledge in pregame post game no absolutely a 100% I told you last year and right off. I. Am and I'm just not watching in the NFL because they're not gonna. Dictate to me columns most of Il react on all these are meeting and tell us right here where this certificate knee. All this backlash about the national media are. The article right here with a they're trying to tell the public how we're supposed person can deal about eat out where are we doing whatever they ignore him a sideshow. A message of the NFL it only we watched because the football if you gonna show this other crap down our throats were churning new law. CD they killer of this past week we talked about this the other day. She had that the coalition that came into the league office and said give us 89 million bucks ransom and will stop doing the anthem and everything else. And then and Malcolm Jenkins was leading the the charged with Anquan Boldin they weren't able to work it out in just that you had this past weekend. He had more guys who protest thing that occasionally at the it fired the players out there and said what do you could use that money is gonna shut us out. That is shut down because no money came out of it now is stronger believe it backfired on the league and these people little pissed off I'm gonna be even more. Just a few jacked them McCain would you like Jack. They got out to. I'd prefer I've thought about the ratings and everything I mean all the night you're okay. And I love watching pictures I'd love for all watching team. But the thing is everyone my age all the guys might go watch football they go online. Steel. Is steel. Yeah its legacy it's it's a good boy you gonna be holding you know. On 941. You'll be in jail unit price by like yeah imprisoned. And you'll be Bob his best front bubble yeah. I don't. Idol might. Actually watched they fight online streaming didn't put America wanted to do it yourself. I feel I field there at the three showers right after jacket fell off. But you know it's a good point it's a good point that's on the networks. I'm worried about this as you can get anything including Franklin movies and accused them out of the theater here is going to be fights here here's something that you add that I never see this as we're winning we're gonna do this right now we wanted to go to go to Ryan. Go to Ryan go to it showed how well no it was shouted at. What that says you led nailed this entertainment I didn't hear that guy right and explain yourself and went looking nail. I will explain this lesson plans first to take all battle please please and are. Not collecting nailed at the pack their automatic you know he think about the last what accidents at 810 years only you had a great ending. The colts arraignment in an even at the ravens were cryptic comment land you had to worry about going in Denver it was only about legion of honor QC. There's no worry with that anymore it's even if you had to go to Pittsburgh. Worry. And you sit there and in you know we got one big game I now eat and ethernet pats lose or Pittsburgh loses it's still comes down that game. Yeah I have I don't know if he nailed it Mayo and unless Ryan Malone right derailment right and it leads all the LL give credit to Auburn nail it. Nailed what we're feared yet they have to separate poll made it to feel the ship you know through Pittsburgh. Palm I I guess we should I have respect for Pittsburgh the Pittsburgh certainly gives you we challenged. But I don't fear Pittsburgh because I've seen I've got history Brady goes in to Pittsburgh they're going to blitz him. He's gonna sit there and say okay. I can read it I can see and I'm gonna get wide open receivers don't you pull the ball passed now thank you. That's exactly it I don't will. I don't I don't see a team I don't see a team. That is better than the New England Patriots in the AFC. I look at the the NFC right now the Philadelphia did. They are they going to a a good team on the on a road team that's depleted. It's Philly beaten a a team with a winning record this year. Another corner kicks apiece keen in the US portable a memoir about Minnesota a little bit this in lake in Atlanta defense yup. Every offense it amended its role he's been like whatever and where's the Sugar Bowl you down on him that's a pretty good team. I would agree our benefactor would not be surprised at all to see them play. The first home game ripe for a year for team and a Super Bowl that would not that would not surprise me. And the rams are pretty good the F she's got some good teams over the great team young talent twisted do you fear of becoming stars like what do you fear right now. Pittsburgh is the only team that you can think it fits in your way preventing you from getting to Minnesota is there any of the team you have to say how's that unless you get a major injury here. How is that different than years past. I owed on an artist like it going to handle all now going to Denver. There's a big difference are going to Denver going to. Are going to exist wells is out there while cable rules of the Denver we were vocal in Denver in years past and is always like one team. We never sit the Indianapolis every year Dan want her name Indianapolis Denver Pittsburgh sometimes Wayne Indianapolis and heading Peyton Denver when they had patent. I'm just saying like it was its patent. Because there's never been a situation where there's like three or four teams in the conference you like hello we got. Race he's breaking news. Break on my chin and tell us I don't know it's a reporter's radio W we in my favorite for the break we're coming out of we are gonna play the damn thing I know I. He's a guy like she is crap. Lake intrusion it's not easy at do you Smith Shuster wouldn't get anything notice that he I don't even wounded the dividend in Georgia force I woke up. Suspended one gays are violating the wrong you related plain wrong all wrong Bulger we're the only way we're doing the exact. I want to make Yang is surely now that if you hit. Employer where they illegal hit and he gets hurt this is what's gonna happen. It's a cubs actually it's a physical thing of value and editor of. That precedent that it's that'll be the one hit Antonio Brown did in game correct correct. So. Now helmet to helmet hit isn't just fifteen yards welcome to the news is that it isn't just the fine. Now you get suspended. I noticed throughout this year that's the sense that you are. I don't do I lose said that it was right to know you didn't run as well Luke brought this up and I said you can be able totals around gut up. And celebrate the touchdown at the uniqueness that. While. You gonna suspended at any minute now now now Lou hold on now we've got to work. So if you're watching it uploaded density these guys get a game annually give ground want to correct. These I should of got one is the problem I'm ways you. In a problem going forward here is you've got to worry if there's a hit hit hit a normal legal hit. Within the confines of the rule of football coming out this week. In Miami you could lose a player for the Pittsburgh game B I look at it on Antonio round. How many times have we CNET Brazilian how many times have you seen a defensive players hit a wide receivers. Helmet to helmet. And and in this suspension. For the if here's with the NFL's that's a funny that's who you're ten primarily for and you are suspect lacked a little time. These two or that's not what it's about here's what it is the cigarette under the NFL and they go oh my god people are pissed. That was a horror show for us last time we've got to do something suspensions residences back that is I want Ford. And player whatever huge. Usually the writer by the actually defending a black man yeah issue war you'll yes you wore -- college I'm proud yellow arm Braude we all are. Let's take a quick break we'll be right back to Mora who jocks I like working with jocks as you can. You can play with the I'm a little bit ago on Sports Radio. I it's pretty amazing thing about control. Because were reading it right now so do you spent Shuster and George Ilocos. Are suspended one game each and basically it's the same thing they suspended grown. Safety related playing rule. But if you look pocketbook and at the plight. In the to place. This is stuff that I hate to repeat myself from yesterday but this when you see four more than when it's all the big thing. This is unbelievable and it's a bad precedent it is the National Football League. Overreacting. To bull whore that a lot of viewers at last night of all my god they're gonna kill guys out to the gonna paralyzed players on the field. And run ins letters to Schuster. On two different occasions. I did well she played a role of suspension is isn't talking about the content. He's as you then celebrated the play by standing over him and taunting him he ended it with your conduct following it. Fell far below the high standards of sportsmanship expected an NFL player that's our safety related though so his hunting. Was played a role and even admitted played a role in the suspension so now other wanna Loko. How many times do you see a defensive back hit a wide receiver make it to catch crossed the middle wherever it might be in the helmet. A locked in a lot of it on a weekly basis do you see it yeah and in all but a lot of it is because you can keep your head out of the way right because. They just it it turns out to be head to head. When that wasn't the intent or that the precedent that set because if I'm on other coverage. And I had any head to head contact shoulder to head contact going forward. On the disappearance and that player needs to be suspended. And I got precedent right here. This is dangerous it's dangerous I think the year. NFL has made huge mistake at their panic and because last night was a horror show and they know what people watched making closed arises that all this is not what I wanna say. On on TV for entertainment keeps announced it's an. Yes I think the outcry about prompt something Maria and yes a lot of cuts in the open pizza guy rumble fish have been suspended for life people fired up the right particular odd victim of the Times Square and I'd is that CNN and I would do it and it'll also candidate and put an Elmo suit on trying to earn some money idol you know I was very important you might one I think is important to point out though that the player that he. L vote like I. Yes I and I don't know that it is that little white native Hawaii Maine like with I don't know why hasn't been. Can't explain that can't make heads or tails and I don't know why itself. That it got a horrible it's pretty boulevard all we didn't get to a today that they may not get journalists we're getting intuitive tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow we get him some good sound we get some good always kids are gonna play the lakers on senator understood that first film. Yeah yeah. Yes it is awful what he's doing business gets there and that was as they gonna do now you know what these kids is important however there was that there will be a documentary. Ten years from now there well this kills it recent death of you know you know I'll they would pencils on you and good corny name to write I dale Polley and all here yes. Teeth coming up next we'll do it again tomorrow we will get them all of war story. Out of our 10 AMP here. We're at all.