K&C - Kirk recaps a wild night at The Globies; Kirk quickly ends The Globies talk 12-6-17

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, December 6th

Hour 1 - Kirk recaps his night at The Globies, but quickly becomes annoyed and prevents any further discussion.


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You skirt. We alive right now we're the globe news all the stars are here to keep Lieberman room terrorists all of them have evolved and why did John see the camera on pass in the end. I'll pass yes I do my job done your job. I'm sure. Our coverage our car. If Joseph Sullivan to blue you've put me off. He's suspicious treatments and with Gerry Callahan I'm so proud and humbled. Choose to present Mohamed Ali legacy award blonde headed double to Colin happy personally I applaud hampered. Champion of the people. The people a chance on behalf of the people my love for the people don't bring black people from the people continue to work for the people are on there are. Not platform is that people and especially white. And another. You don't pay higher bar while Morgan you're going to be your finger you know cut. I'm a defendant so right there I think he's cute and it's nice thing. It's. What some of the globe as usual running scared. I globe has no doubts at all we'll watch Sports Radio WEEI. Ali what a night. Believable. In what was the after parties like the way I was comet. You and Tara Sullivan two dances and a moment to get to know each other she. Looked at me like I was somebody who did something awful but I heard ten to twelve years ago which is kinda the consensus look I got. Rebel like it was a monster where you are Alex spear who I was friends with do kind of we talked a weapon off here we talked for a couple minutes and outs of the medium is gentleman said. How do you handle your children now that you become the person you become. But he handled secure tends to bury out texting and I like and I'm like a monster you know mom the same person. Yeah he didn't he writes are yours and mine and he didn't wanna be with you must either wanna be seen which view right. But usually cherry red meat in my out spear to be the funniest part was just handing the Rome you walked into the room and aunts you know these people these fossils that were perfect ending the globe still matters I mean living this pretend moment where. Let's all stick around pretend that you know the globe being the globe consistently cool thing it's still place to be sure and inspired by the way I mean. You've been in my. Christmas cards I have more people caller my Christmas five global diversity was a stand it's it's everybody look like me these middle aged white guys stand around pretending. They used to it's like the 1970s field. You know will McDonough Peter Gammons Bob Bryan Limon Google like it's still mattered beat. Ian Thompson remodeled discussion under the by the way freelance project and they're not even rapper obese anymore there you know it's a the globe these and is it a master's though when she didn't think you could always forever I think that's a sense again but it was. It was quite seem to do the best we could at say eight for effort tsetse plus for execution but it's not much you can do we force our way at various trouble. Fruitless sound a bit later. About did not get the sense that will be invited back to it will be next year or else they'll probably not religious order of arts now the security guards or how far away -- all my two feet within two the entire entire night and kept the security guards is beyond us why is he pretending to be friends with and do you know it's and just do my job I think that catches on numbers that show that says you just leave me alone you may Joseph Sullivan nervous she should be proud he was very very nervous that you're gonna -- -- -- that ball well if you said to me you'd spend couple hours are that there with Curtis in awesome -- for couple hours but at the end could bounce a basketball off of what he's had bought O'Sullivan is watching from Egypt were -- yet you have a good. I dream about the basketball O'Sullivan head. That's all it is about a basketball may have said he won't allow me to do it. They played all of you imagine literature read read the item to Portland and hold. Honestly got a little list available when he's in the economy is no doubt the globe is so pompous and arrogant eagle steers me hide for an hour. I think if you spend money for the sees people as he knows us it was a much of a crowd but. I mean they invited everybody who's to subscribers of the globe and and they got 100 people showed up until they should be brother still in triple figures. But I think next year the numbers will dwindle the demo the demos you'll eventually go hold this party a foam both because there's no I mean nobody and nobody cares what the globe's site you may or any Joseph Sullivan could be. In the way like Branch Rickey. And break the Karl color barrier Applebee's I mean because he's pro guy. It could have a black that it could or was it I don't know why I don't I don't know if they're not yet been Gary Washburn was there he wanted Wesley he was just has borne using Mozilla site is heated policies credit to talk to anybody there. Just to do with this phone that you've given us since they were too. Right shot was I didn't notice in the vineyard and see any African American watchdog and yes. So that was that was kind of the scene who will play some sound later I was it was the most depressing looking a whole lot of stimulus if it was like a says I did Bobby flashbacks and probably why he's we used to have or we would host the wind east they were fun and crazy and wacky and had all these weirdo show up loans whacked Packers we should bring back the wines and show amongst them if it. Yeah a calendar called some medals on it I'm them grown to a blood I want because I was actually gonna do well yeah we should definitely. Absolutely but what you have a honestly in that that did that look like everyone was having the good times that not a fun place to be known that that the red carpet was so perfect and so black who generally has a good time didn't look like that in that he was fake it don't frustration yet yeah that's what that that support the typical result and think and and Shaughnessy he'd look he knows he knows that depressing vehicles is now he's playing up the strength he knows that. Audience do you think terror solvents and turn around well that's true and it's. Iron and dishonesty stuff for you which is he wanted to got to feel as if what you had to watch those are the record company are expected. Let's be fair about this let's be fair and Reagan were two reasonable man yes. Joseph Sullivan sports that are that we'll talk to him though. So he walks by secure language jokers like of us troops can we talk we talk for ninety cents. Freedom of the press OK let me trying to get answers in just relevant to blow me off plume. Alabama's defense. At times and this lesson is not us. We haven't timed and at this time although it's so true I feel like it has to go through the truth almost a big price got beat up of the truth of it is for it was it was on a level of this is that bleeping sanity yes yeah so yeah yeah I hate CU SA problem we have only Grubman FCC gives a break David Ortiz and -- yeah man who is not consistent station right. My favorite part of that thing was via a stairwell of anxiety where that you posted on the best part and people just below us on everyone's faces and now we know we are and yes at least on our Jim. And you don't know people who looked at me like I was you know. Harvey Weinstein who seek his wicket on the front and I don't know if you were how we want to do most of the talent that was it like those boys more as that yeah. Regularly you think if you were Matt Lauer they would nobody can senior house doll that was their last night he was great as he and we CK and it'll boot through you got you on the going to whip it out Freddie would pleasures right and and I was I was out a lot of things. It was full of loosen those weddings in Austin today at last how did you know who terrorists Alvin blows the new that's the new globe columnist and nobody Jia we knew Paul McCartney's or nobody knows nobody's and we did it. He's not and how powerful but no one's in no known in the she's terrible days or new columnist at Bloomberg Reid wonder what the goodness today which. Ameen today I hope. Hopefully she's getting out of the gates he's pictured them. So far yes yes ethics czar in two months most probably today is gone. I'll read boarded today saying that that's an endorsed Al Danica hosts file please those five K you read it did. Now and give me something she didn't take away give me which you learned from it can mean what sticks with you from that column. That she's gonna take a reasonable measured balanced approach there's a thousand guys in the suburbs right now would have a harder take whips the say we're only Maurice. Well no I mean the the reason they're looking for lady that that's what they want to put a woman's. Picture that the content is irrelevant to what degree the assault the woman's picture there and say we have a woman. Now we have an African American we actually go navigate got Harold has only gay guys of the in the higher Marxist than trying Hefner fixes to counter this the call there's still need to in to this day that the group the herald's had to columnist. Come out of the closet in print and third Alex roof from prolonged time and the globe has no such thing the globe music. Homophobic homophobic a racist. Thanks again but now they have chicks there the feel good about themselves a place could have been pointless it's possible a bit of Bruce concerts trust me I know white room. That was why I approved by the come out it was a white rural England. Why all its largest iron right people. Just looked like suggest that the star power mean painful being in the room at one dinar. Change when he there but I was the red carpet with everybody asking who the person ones that I was have you know that's those things on who this person Brooks the biggest star in the place was fat key full yet and Christopher's way asking what it was her lucky -- -- he's -- cool went to school with us a couple of years of CNET the Jimmy Fund clinic he's he's awesome but if he's the biggest argued that Uga Uga issues at some issues via. But Garrett I'll save the World Series heated. NASA people would talk if they were drinking when they said. Garrett Austin face Rachel Rachel the name they wouldn't talk once there was talk layered because they were drinking some policy can talk had been drinking. At that point to bring down a note if it consumed alcoholic. At all. So so it's not we're going. But in office. Because he qualified to have fun. I don't really Mountain View the immediate sometimes and run around and do your good job I would say this if you take any solace in it it's the fact that the night seemed pretty ruined for everybody yes that was important and that was actually at. Yes and and they say that little room I do believe that because of me and then they kind of came out one by one and some right now ran away and some talk right now just. Our finger on network. I would animals or at least I would have much more respect he says no I don't want vehicle ever considered doing all right that's that's exactly I got to take cared you know airport right now. To sell was popping up out of that Nicole's where he's he's gonna for a few visions of curtain and and yes bouncing a ball off his head or die when about Tabasco office maybe alike may be dead that is going to happen and that's our goal Garrett yes you know everybody I mean is that Sam this culture Everett hitch its hopes suffered such a hoops. The talk college basketball. At exactly one week it's like. Talk about those that don't best team ever going national championship by slamming him but he. Look at this a legitimate element 76. Indiana team it's. And while may was hurt me because that's. And then sent a check if you Gasol should realize our speakers and a quarterback an upside that would have been had we would rip. She you know I'm launch what we're so it's just talks hoops. It may be a market politics obviously you should you should find out where he violence once and I think that's a good idea maybe somebody can tweet me your text it to viewers captured of the seed at night while while you were working for a 1214 hours yesterday working Albert I mean hardest thing had to be having dinner with courtesy ability. Did you guys talk. As some of the usual part of the you know. Some of the others to do those stories. Some ratings stories with the spurs jumped on dale defended the afternoon show oh did you want so I I missed because I was FaceBook eleven watching you these the we will have to pay a price. I missed key for madness well I mean I feel it is a hole in my life so can we played today at some point as dale I saw. Tweeting that it was like an old timer and all time keeper Matt did you hear Thomas missed. While I sit in on I did see the social media. Exposure and more yes I was in Boston law happened he could feel the CDX series we it was almost it is not explode when and I assumed all the small talk at the bar when everyone was billion but the Obama to talk again Mirren won their last night kitten. You know there. Their caddies Villa. I was picking their violent and NC Pete Pete this Peter King once every there's a balance between he moved to Boston so we can get the boss of the Purdue's house. The words of someone who should be institutionalized I. I lived will once and subscribe little the only times and at the other times every day Mario wouldn't break him well that was and we knew he had to do that or read other people. Whenever my mailman hated me. Why because the only times and so there was massive and about twelve. But no no Peter King we are you say that people often ask about me. Yeah right let's what was last night everyone know about everybody we pull it currencies in DC what's he like to do. The author I knew the hockey. It would not give good answers because I I almost regret I enjoyed watching you on FaceBook club last you Kurds roaming usually almost 200000. Reached over 200000 it easier if you actually do something. Kid I was so disappointed he did to deceive my test. That you were thinking I could hear you thinking who lectured. Like throw the ball at someone's face I was I was it's a cops did not like you you thought they would play along the dotted tie is not Austin and play hard. Cops who might that I got enough to the their little frighten you they think someday the gonna have to like I'm wipe it clean it should be an ever Thursday I'm gonna have like a fan we've held hostage in traffic over the border and they like me when they're what they're also in last night was he was an enemy war yes true. Those guys were texting eating take pictures of walls and these are not in there will wait for the chicken fingers become toxic harsher elements of of those I was not overwhelm now they were not fans buy tickets and I thought should I throw this ball you're right you know we will an option I throw this ball which absolutely is a fine line. And kicked out getting the restaurants we want to get arrested kicked out wouldn't and yet but it was with a kick out of that a little. The guy who was. He was the one that was what was the most the end of the night the Big Apple was we escaped for awhile we made our way upstairs and a little battle halt in the that he found us a little that big guy who's trying to be friendly yes Sony's security he would eventually came to the left and were disappointed I know you install a couple of Waltz apocalypse would like you often don't know Henry no presume. And I don't go to war under Carlos I am published his Olympic hair above the globe she can the tentacles in the past situations like everyone else in the language of humanity overseas tour isn't property it's the passes for us subscribe she's the managing editor of the paper. They had he had a Liverpool its last nine. Really soccer game to watch at home probably did haven't checked she between. I we but the globe now she didn't I don't think she too she should generally tweets about soccer right that's true you know Bianca dollar Gaza or both of us are awesome pitchers at. Premiered the mark all over Boston stronger and knocking down for marathon victims of the cameras in the picture John Goodman went to his duties at Liverpool. It's not solved it. They. He gave him out there that's right he was huge favorite there. It was on its tour there are lots of people looked like him to do it I. That would lots of middle aged bald white guys. It's true. He could have been there he could have been like. In the background somewhere use that notions he's got a new good TS doesn't cause it's chicks dig it littlest grade and aggressive like that. To its speech for the globe all of also review right bullet once there though part of me is we LL hello Ikeda and his loyalties or did. I just that's a tough spot that's that's you have to pretend. If your typical predictable and if that as a globe editor in that room at that magical room brawl in smaller ones down their milling about waiting just hoping to beat you know whoever. Or prince said a year your partner for same award. And there and they're all day. They're all there waiting room hiding if somebody in there I say why you letting this little corpus 140 pound gained. Ex terrorists and legal and that's why additional credit would not stay away from the body chassis subways government fears of not doing what you could see in the background you know the people and it just like it and that there that is good that but you know. Appetizers in their pockets the jacket pockets. In a gun and on the Friedrich. Some this right you can tell where someone was in the globe. Hierarchy by the way about them by their reaction uses some of the beyoncé would get like Kabila and listen recognition like I love that on no way to know yet but they added my style must not gone down the stairs. It was funny how artistry there before. And Nokia in terms of the did you have waited you don't agree that immigration politics haven't been given an apology to cross the street with your protest is doing excellent work we did you guys heat. A game on. Name on her slightly better in cities where these things ourselves. Testify ping pong after it was great that you do have a good time regency sandwich pop a shot if I'm asked and that corn. He is Prius. What -- is nothing yet chicken pesto sandwich at exactly what you got yet is what pretzels for an appetizer hoping abatement team did you do slip and have a have a beer. Not wanted to I would agree on the booze I was I got him next time you do the globe house they get drunk. I don't think there's going to be an. Now. Detroit that was like you know what the globe these is not even exist. Below is dying of keep it for about some charities before the match. And so. What we have yet it's cold it's worth mentioning it's called the Boston Globe for I mean there are some legit globe broke some age. Smoke shows or terms Gibbs there wasn't that she looked and shall choose what to credible route Pittsburgh was they're pushing bosh looked Julia Child Julie it was there issue. Hug and a slider. Was buckled on to Nazi bar or and that's a lot of guys who look like I'm. I hit a Shelby Scott is that you're here it's worth a shot maybe this is the year's US China with an idea that it has to be this could be in absentia you know whether she can't she she greeted its for the last you grind. You had to grind and a dual Canadian and but the room is completely void that was fun there's a mill and it looked like oh. It felt like god Truman show and interview the viewers what's act like yeah way to Jackson was playing and celebrate the moment. It was just sitting there like collective butts wedding of two just relief that ugly people that he goes back for that to sit on the you know anyone else. And Harrison was in control in his re trying to view with lightning. The bachelor and walking did you special pardon me this is the there was more he thought he has bachelor party is more diversity that's what's more. Right which was more diversity in this room and us. There's chair yeah 2% board did. More diversity on the Kirk gallons. Alt close at Boston Globe I even though he's hired. Big star huge O'Sullivan mortgages that. But I. Wasn't here yesterday so ago I had the chance I can tell must orbit just let me get my heart take on the way. Brought should be suspended forever forever for life for life what he did in the first thing that ever happened worse. Worse than when OJ divorce rate worst of when Aaron earnest it's the worst thing humans human like suspended forever news because he's like why right. Now that's why don't the voters OK don't suspend him I do want to get lost three due to hold mocking thing is what he did was unbelievably stupid I mean it was it was a thirty relation to see this year and we've we went over that Monday right then as often happens somebody mates and there's a fight to the claim the moral high ground and that's what we see any harder. Currently yes it's a good point that's what you see. Unfolding now and it will continue sure because. But how many people don't really think he'd needed more inning game and most people like atmosphere lots of Mohammed Ali Myers say how many people will be on but did you get better targets how many seriously do you did you not read it turns out that -- arguments on the other side is who doesn't think he should insist I mean nobody thinks he should have been suspended because that's what I'm getting right now -- what I said it managers and when you are generally people here patriots. You know I'll say a couple things first we're doing this thing was our argument is that where people are saying like we nobody. Is that the three stories are clearly people earning power. But N and then the ESPN's style book they go to page 47 it says. Make everything about race 47. Compared to the these full it was a socket in my real bond there won't come all of those will be on the afternoon show. Who doesn't really believe it just says a cause that's what you do and ESP that's within laboratory does Janelle hail watching on the afternoon on the organizer. It in like it's about race. Michael Crabtree last I checked in and if acutely aren't white they get two games lowered to one. I guarantee you the NFL thought that was a worse. Look then what prompted the the fight or brawl. And now and worse without much worst natural sense much else I agree whole idea those two idiots. Two horse let's look essentially are worse my who got interjected that's the events they have they got rejected. Prague and art project units at its worst look in the first quarter when you're out there brawling and stealing chains was never played terrible player safety they really don't care that your right. The welfare than as wrong. They don't play it right for them to work and we can get to Monday night that what's the entire game and I was the most unbelievable. Unbelievably violent. Display of the sport. Sporting event I've ever seen did you get like Kirk couldn't stay out and intimacy and one I watched the white Lexus Celtics and I watch a fourth quarter sleeves for a government was turned it when you talk a mine was too and I love football I loved watching. It was I thought the birth and to say nice that Antonio brown and in the end zone and then even better was Antonio Brown's postgame interview room where his celebrate. Is paralyzed and hospital and he's beaming with a big smile the late show you towed Doug shows like that whether that's at third we're glad. He ages they they understand. And thought. Out. Karma they're taunting Burr affected you can run the locker room did you get Packard. And so on your password when Larry King hijacked it hurt I have an excellent for that Leno tonight you know hijacked present. Jack Callahan we are watching my son wasn't telling me things I was tweet them because. This man's son to me here's Utah whose son treated comic on the early news job damn right chuck McDonough is the best I decided because. I'm not sure to many other network announces we're pointed out that. She's ears we had no movement has legs and and would point out how insane it was at these guys were like. A taunting each other afterward that this guy was taken off on a slab and might might be paralyzed. He he paid he criticized the refs he criticized the game the sport he criticized the players. A the only thing you with tiny twist on perfect flight back I have laid out Antonio Brown here earlier do you think that maybe played a role in line Steelers are thrown and it's a stories like this that yeah. He was excellent he was not leave anything out and normally even Jim man toy that is good at the job would have thought. It's a bad look for the NFL I got to do my job I got to cover I gotta have the back didn't he knew how bad was he knew. This was. An eight day an advertisement for all that's wrong with it was a mean I mean again and grew at a family and go you hear this but again I've said before many times that you can play football now today it's different you know better. You should be jailed. Numbers and still that's another but he's done so I'm with you though I'm with you I'm not gonna let my someplace in the NFL of the size seems reasonable a knuckle and and you know a culinary plain and nobody has heard high school called card programs that are waiting yeah I think I've seen needs to play professional tax and we get to that now. I mean I really hope that we don't spend much time on the arms it too much time and it would kills me is these people like you know these days it's been guys salute him because he stands up to the man and all that he's the worst file for an history. These are real purpose hypocrisy is the worst father in prehistory I could not believe that Pasco on that why he's. He's a decent of him he literally says an obituary he's six a total five bachelor power forward son is going to the lakers and it has been hijacked by just you know and I believe that made it. Guys thank god thank cuts and project or do you wanna Spence and looks more time on the amongst writer we get back to monstrous much higher but it's. Every. In regard to. Oh here we go let's go let's go to Charlotte Sunday we'll talk Sunday night's game don't Monday's game one's any thoughts are culpable for the weekend which yes backwards yes is it more as I want to let orbit Craig somebody. Misses a day of work Kate we should have said when he bats. Kissinger has done a great gonna be out there trying to do some went to the global custody how much whenever decent I would ever want I don't watch any of the best in its struggle he Ross Freddie crystallize you rather than yesterday hale you wanna be friends with these people see most of these people. The shot a season or else besides models in the U Thompson's wife went right in the month don't want America is talking to Muster said about last week assurance that on. Parents regardless if it's available are ball play and just spend relic literally less than thirty seconds on the viable is that true we can beat you time that. About thirty this is for thirty seconds okay it was 42 seconds in the U stupid and says we don't think so what that note it's new ones I show all of our holes K well that's how it works this mean after the break we're gonna get back to program arena this business story by Jared it was a on the show. Excellent times and on the show they are dirty I think you need to explain who what's in them again this again it doesn't matter if those who writes he does stupid we bring them on. That does matters is tolerances attacks or Tweeter ours is certainly just call it a case. Was it Jews journals before that. That's a good question was did you ourselves. A better writer she is what will put you right forks I don't even know I read the shadow we need. Once you share what you read something the shadow never heard of I don't know about you and cancel out that it's. We're gonna vote channel on Lee could have Dan Wetzel on talk a boulevard ball wouldn't kill myself winner and we'll show us your book that book it Imus said. Booked Dan Wetzel a very popular I know also that out Gerri. Imagine such a baby in a commercial where you never get it JR gamble on an interview him so we'll see which goes under what set him on that last August and these guys fought well what's that a mob what was that one trigger. As I think you go there again whatever was what was that you are real occasionally does Jonathan Kraft would use the bathroom Zardari yeah. Mr. to ask a question. Should I know what set him off but what's that you'll. What enabled that you wouldn't really responded I responded to him I think he attacked first as I recall announced that he lost the oh that's true I think it's off the mic from podcast I only remember now didn't. You want your little baby you are a little bit I want and perfectly also bicycle kick to. I think when he in my story of maturity. How that can read into that either. At night when we get back we're gonna play some more Kirk's appearance at the at the globe reasonable gonna talk. I'm gonna talk about how. Wonderful Kirk is no in a bit about public calls would take calls I'd love 617779797. Call us and tell us how much you love Kurt minute. What do that. Ozal of and we'll start with. Can't answer and we'll play some mutt I assume we'll place a month it was the drive situation and what surprise might disagree with purchased a couple of things. A never heard that before that was surprising. Did you agree did you Irish. Paid a U do you have anything to say now Matt but can you get Kurt back another donut breaks as I don't wanna step on your break. Okay we're going to break now when we get back went take calls with the everyone's been talked about how much of great Kirk was last night at the wineries I mean why is the glow Louise. I was sure the one he's one who were fun. At the globes and when you talk about a brilliant he is just overall day to day every every day we brings it. A wonderfully as you opponent's greatest American hero great movement talk what hero Kirkland hands when we compact car. Manhattan. With K and C right now on Sports Radio WEEI. But the difference is there's these challenges to these he wanted to put powerful. Here is 6000. American sports sports fans aged twelve and older who who's your favorite. That's simple but did not and no one match in my truck was at all but if that happens. You know like them. I bring half we bring it. Six what 7779793. Cent and that's would you rather play some from yesterday's show. And and in every week and call tell me how much they miss me. Shepherd sorry ass for calls about it in the big call I ask you call also talk about one of what you like you that people call I mean I guess it did have its actual like it's kind of bottling campus fight there's nothing to slightly -- nothing is bubbling ice zero to oh careful is that what you gotta say. Shows he is I'm along for the ride at an average over those who is the biggest around it. Published yesterday some point it's up what you get is yesterday. The stands it would have been proud it was a show about nothing OK it's. Shows mafia for twenty years can you move it up. Sure once you have any other I mean you go for once I mean can you keep it under the century. That's so much short. Sure I'd guess I thought that's a that's me I'm a member of the my Italian job I was move and seemed like he hears is the problem and and and Tomas he knows that you cannot Kirk is is. As thin skinned guy who when you do this that means you get deadbeats your sense when you look at that unfortunately is like Turkey sets I don't period workload that interview lupica played all day and answer guide get your point. I point out one little observation yesterday and you can't handle heal fast and he'll paint him on walked out. Once I was 630 I've never walked so what. You can give o'clock that says we're friends come and we're we're not playing Andy you understand it's not playing any will be sound today. For the last day of the fall book we're gonna do it Jerry's way. While one amok hitting out one minions. I want Faxon a one Wetzel I want lupica I have is ever request this is a surprise that this is Jerry's day today eyes and Larry Jackson on number two Thursday. Let's have a mall on 2 o'clock and around replica the last bit of I have never savvy analyst of never met then let let's Boca mall okay Aaron Gagnon it's not want to carry me you know remarkable uncaring man and let's have a mall. Okay I'll sit out the interviews I did my first got here but happy to do again. And we want them back one by one by my uterus you assume chip one feet by two guards that. I don't want gun buy one I sit here bullied for this dumb show around and around the city for so well so well look no I don't I don't want to know hey no one else in the snow and thousands and something coming up on themselves what else please in this city would please excuse me no one else excuse me no way. Susan. Pardon me your wonderful. About the point why you sets up and what's the point why you've said that you are not at verdugo we're gonna wanna know except we're. We'll tell me lawyer says I'm the baby that's a mob tell me what's that would be a book that I mentioned thing about the work unless our let's do what's important and what's Wetzel have to do with anything you talk about him right now or promotes met Dan Wetzel and never in question them have never sent him wanna talk and I mean. You're grasping at straws he is creeping why Bruce Broussard a minister Wetzel don't say that about the access the best things he's he's got married and he asked me he's taken some very pro patriots viewpoints on things recently and so why do you mustn't heroes and also through I don't you walked out of the studio you're obsessed I am not sit well. And I'm fat and point of fact in fact. The only sporting event I talked about a month and it's came and I said it's a good thing you couldn't fail Poland to Muster didn't wanna watch. Because it was as brutal games over the scene as best advertisement for people like you guys on us you know oh while the sport could. Here's a question this here's question okay. Tom can you admit it was over the top via I don't know I don't wanna do sports talk show. I want to export Everett for a couple more months prior. I really say everybody and I don't they did a series of there's really like cinder blocks in usual and it's not to request what I want to have a great answer I'm still on the move today talk about it you know he's not on the halftime talk and talk LeBron confer again this stupid Steelers came in nobody in Boston cares about. Of hardball visit its ballpoint at this point. I am more those sports aside sports aside I do or die British. Talked about and if you wanna talk about that's important I don't what evidence he admitted horsepower from drought and care about that. And a reliever amstel a motorboat and I just think you'd like that start as you're hoping this thing blows up on the reds matches artists came in the military show dozens of wild alcohol and we'll compare this that they don't if he's yelling USA like I've been patrolled to trade nobody would care if it would I am not Saturday as it is broad and would be big hoopla Trace bit is wrong. Among its customers that it's been beat 115 of the story price would have featured actor it's different that was major frequently credit Jackie Bradley in as black. A wonderful that works if you're. The blood returned to mill hill. Is it right away that you made about race that you you've comfortably for a day or two or an hour. We make it about race I I think we have nothing else and you have nothing else works for the story because across story is there's no disagreement at its core you and I didn't really disagree there's a actual disagree isn't usually gets on the dirty and stupid you could argue. If you think it's dirtier than this or was we did stupor that Crabtree to leave. Fine but audits all we all agree was dom was stupid he should be punch and all these guys I suspect. All these guys get one game they hold it one game it's kind of standard and it could cost two million bucks. Good enough Michael will bond act good enough Gary Myers two million dollars. For the stupid cheap shot. Mean you wanted to put before 1000010 million which of the costs of so I mean you know if you get it unifil had a consistent history suspend these guys for three or four games for this. They Carol player that's on that possible vote but honestly the until you watch a possible juju Smith Shuster or just choose to Smith juju. Did nothing wrong did nothing wrong he got a game and it cost two million but he's going to use it up. Let's talk a little pot is illegal on the puck is not illegal the block was perfectly fine. Amid Tommy won the blocks in legal disorder but they thought they had a rule of OK tell me the rule under the rule he's square to mark mean. EEE there's no rule against helmet to helmet blocks if the word you couldn't wanna put it. Mean you gonna say that's different across play McGraw did some singers are like that which is clearly dirty NFL future Smith is black and I think he got railroad if they hadn't established guys that we got three games that he get through foreigners have done. You know why does these things. Would never win a gotcha game you said you wanna be consistent. The hit on well GG Smith of course would get enough and 510 years ago and I opened the safety. We're laying down Antonio Brown that would have been nothing ten years 1520 years ago. Mean this is the new NFL it's amazing it's more brutal more violent than ever but they have these rules. The guys just don't fault them. In well true I mean the safety. I woke Garko divorced that they they know the rule they just it's such a violent game on guys are racing action as and when it's at least bright observers that the loser minor technical boy rocker suspended frequently this guy Michael Mike Evans knows it's gonna cost them a lot of money to do what he did. He just couldn't control himself right hit two lives in Gracia was worse than I disagree on when money on the head. Can Mike was right stood up to you he disagreed it was quite a fight that was distort that won't quite a flight it was December what was his fifth. Right there should be hall of mud stood up and perky briefly not marked. But can recruit. I mean yeah it was a real disagree listening to young new line call with like canned and mutt. It's like if I feel like they elect when he freezing again is serious because you did your memoir or is familiar millimeter instructors the same thing for twenty years will be caucusing demeanor never disagree with you you know maybe this is just the shot like flat and there's a decision released the final time you do you know Arafat. This multi that's been blessed and Dino never stoned on the studio like little baby guess she did. Did we watch a five times I was here on the air she left me at tiger wood back there would speak. Armament that William Mattox. What was he managed I forget if he was here that they remember it was a whole big thing after the show. He didn't say anything like half now but it was mad at us he's mad at somebody else about something forget. Imus clusters. I missed those aren't my house my girl train yesterday she's okay he urgent issues okay. She's all right yeah I thought you would be disappointed she's OK some sanctions are. And although you borrowed that be changed so that region you know down the river she didn't yet she did she saw she did. But not just a Harvey I think Mike Evans was worse but so what that's amazing I just want my nobody thinks it right so we're grating them where we're no bull third qualifying. But it was just got it that we can go you know when he got to the top guy everyone. He got to cost them whatever at least a quarter Ron Borges said he is the street to be in jail and just about anything. Right I mean what if what those things are better but Eugene Smith did that to Berkett on the street Burke it's like across all our family seven year old guy McCain the boards to that boxing him in the heat up some handicapped guy. It was Michael counselor and on the Ryder right now with an electric wheelchair was not essential health there was a good look ups and I don't know exactly how combined. In. How much he would blame him. I would say Borges would review and well I was are you relevant understand that he he doesn't need to pick on borders has just I think if he fought Belichick you know most quarters of toward first. Great. Enclave across awesome regulations were to Mike's hand right that I was too confused. 617779. Turks in the way back machine seven night asking me about time place or vice president things for a burn as it stands and he's telling them well. Of days here Sosa after years 61777. 790 your stick around for next segment while wanna get to this story I mean you're good additional talk about the from Sunday night to decide a money making if you want again but I would get to this for at some point we have a guy on so reasonable that is definitely reasonable to talk about JR gamble I headline Rob Gronkowski is sheltered by the privilege of rock being wrong. It's the race card it's played by. AM this is like this one foot stores like this are written specifically for us. If you're set that's that you know what I wanna go on the curtain gallery show how stupid can ID yet he's actually a brat so it made him. It might be. Well is no there's no real grammatical errors yours so much are we that this process and it's it is not well written but it is us highlight of like the races especially good to read the whole thing. True we can do them we get back and you mix the dumbest comparison. Or bill Beckham on the boat on this show the greatest hits. I'll go to that end up more we get back. You know I think there is there are racial undertones here there's always boiled plaque like what really made me sick earlier this year. Is Randy Cox was one of the sixteen patriots seemed out during the week to write in their boot. And you've seen people are doing branding cuts and he's kneeling are cheering them when he scores the game winning touchdown. That's not so well let's just come warm black. It's Shia it's not like me. Nice I think. So also. Can tell you that this is he's black if you go through this so they don't like that cook's Neil and so the vote. He scores a touchdown and and and the sounds crazy but they're happy about that they. Alex they're happy to see patriots or tossed out so. She lets just warm apple doesn't sit well with you. Honestly this is you can't the any heart and power. Horse like charred terrain and five hurt them like staff I was pretty good of those guys like yeah I think he sticks. It's a tale I don't okay no problem. And again he art's awesome I say let us I heard them again about his greatness and the day parade in and everyone's great great great great great great great great great. Right. Re re it's got a story and I'll read. If we decide to. Did you get any artist Greg is rich read this I heard yes that's just read the story which we were talking about much dryer every great. We just read the dumb story sure yesterday. I'd read. Fisheries. You read you haven't hand. I need to take one for the team column for us on debuted Nokia's got enough friends. You do something. Read read the story now of just let's say you know just mr. did you just read this story industry that I've a monster there. Read this let's go other routes and our lives and I serve my bad movement columnists and they put cinder blocks to hold them down the month to know that I don't troops territory. Was off two on him terribly terrible jury duty service again. My life is this is just getting through this just waiting for the next problem so we have them on. With celebrities and off blisters from isolate those numbers of maturity to do back you know there have been points. This is this what's gonna happen you and I are not gonna get along he usually does glorious and like the old days we just as you just read the story and yes it happens in Korea Panama and talk only justice opera fine I don't want to I don't trust our we are really. I'm really not gonna get along dreaming. It's what to do with food fresher relationship but you can just you can just read the story. Well to really Collison wanna considers Haskins Utley. Torture I asked for a roll call I don't wanna hide for I don't I don't want people to many like me today I Islamic after the show. Of of people called the agreed just traditionalists not only want the other difficulty how wonderful the podcast I only had just shot was perfect well how about key for madness the fact is you didn't like just to show for me. Given your rage and we war and the future madness wanna hear key for madness a short. I missed almost and I hear when I got home and every every duty and listen to you and ready a month. As it was all posted them all call and on demand that I watched and listened to you at the globe these. I think any deal and call it when that they're never missed available in key. So I heard and read on Twitter that he was he really good key for madness. Mike I'm sure it was terrific I'd it's a great opportunity for you why I was working as you work yes unlike other people I was kind of working I work all day. And bounced up. It never stop until now until today or decide who's gonna buy me odds like all those mailman who cares and Monty is an attempt to do TV time that's my job today I can socket three mediums at all. I mean they say that. To show. Yet he wasn't at the globes are on melt. Because there were a lot of former globes at the globe on shore home was the globe right now yours forget that and he made such an impact there and I can forget that. Which are favored Paula called from the globe. The moment Dolly llama yes that was it. Britain via animus toward a hole or come from its deep seated and you hate them don't. Jesus hates him. He told me it's. Deducted Jesus. Did. You have to get a loan me you know you have to or one. You will be so miserable you don't want me if I remember when dean yeah she's she's right about that that would seem to complete coverage you know of this job you wouldn't pick you couldn't do. Usually euphoric notion is if you've been such African baby I'm trying to. Who shot especially as Revis the suits your eye on marital and units in peace in the toilets out. He slammed chair of the wall and through things stormed out he tore up the story is dotted repent you tell him to get Arlen Colbert on her. What Dan Wetzel was you who is and what I still I would they'll have a good handle on what you actually wanna talk about it yeah that's a good question because I know it even. Coming anywhere in great idea of giving you lots of things dark but none of emerge you know I'll put that game must know the likes of again this guy and a thirty we talk to a crock that's fine. We talked about this other stuff that's OK I need some of the globe staff were dumb at that as good as he has no injuries were gun salute time magazine's person of the year every once he's. It's my show. It's died and what Russia did what I Sonoma cheese understands how works to censor things out solutions networks. Time magazine epic is in the and the dreamers of their piece this morning tonight is my understand that I don't do. Who didn't who breaks the news is it the metal our own Good Morning America earlier this year judicial. Well probably not now. Autism so today's show. Will break it during our show and you think it's we've had dreamed that I show. During your show. My show yet so mind your show today urged her book tomorrow push from now or forever. Well me. Well as. Until you get like that don't like that sound better and we need to I don't want I don't know I think always I beg your bank and he's just said it's my show I am taking calls shut up. I'm sorry apple correct apologize Pilar North Reading any Kyle. Erica you're that paying. What Gary gonna. I decided to let them talk. Your right the police and judicial politics and. Hurt bad man it hurt demand still bad. How is that good people are trying to cheer you up too early let me let me just these horse collar Israelis house curt does not want this he's not interested Jacob he's in Boston AJ PO RU. Well not. Jerry you got in story. Now. Her return was ready to read and good baby poured out the tournament. Sure we're stuck with colors all day. Going. I think rob should be punished or ruled that date back. Secretary likes to do. Don't criticize Jessica like it's all right Greg that's good. OK does that make pubic is you go please don't chick peas that. All of our guys I don't wanna have any listeners anymore hate them all there was some emotional. I'm serious about Kosovo Allison McKenzie Carson MacKenzie Freddie and rich and you're scared of Trey rude to reload the play tremendous yes yes yeah. Asked straight win goaded by any shows missing a lot of traveling I guess and that you don't listen to had enough of mud strive reason for it wouldn't I don't I think it's gonna take more than that. On the give us vehicle again and doubled and you can't have these triggers were you just lose it if I say something that I think your hand and I think I will get but I've already greet them knocking the crew since the podcast ever again terrible wonderful I'm open all criticism yeah absolutely fine how. I am open awkward. When you're explaining to people at a conference how podcasts are supposed to be done did you mention you know doing mail bags back to back weeks and back. There is still Edwards sometimes you have to do that. Who's this what exactly Belmont tomorrow believed to be paid pagan for forget mailbag I would orders and was he at the school these sucked. Tomorrow's I'll tell you these are nice guys she must like Apple's own criticized satellite but at the end of the outcome of the page for one of the wars nationalist he's a very nice. Yeah I love Kevin's a nor will I can annoy you when you're part. Don't care who criticized mines and inarticulate. And Kirk I did not like the original. I do not need a hug and honestly. Jerry just carry additional what you do every. That's yeah but that's like I want a team around him was last book you read sounds so stupid was less accurate. I'm your dad read that book I'll take your mom your mom read I mean we're we're what was the first person you're in your can then. Christmas policy and little boy aren't you. On such a what's. What do you do for jobs or what your occupation. All right its occupants out of curiosity oh I don't know calming down our radio I've got to what John I'm curious and try to page again all right now my god -- Jerry please Jerry Louisiana yesterday police say yeah I ate together like Jerry I hate this and I that I've had that in track list Odeo seat if you the exact person I don't want most of the show. Stupid uninformed I humorless able our goal show. I don't I'm not Jerry chat show it to you guys. Marriage I had a that I can that I did that happens in the news tonight cash IQ data guy tries. Around. You know solid in any case. Larry idiots it's hard god almighty what it will bag. And Newton. What do you do for Lowell and Kevin which shows what shows you like devastation of that are skip. Just that's one. Our work that's good yeah politics and get get an account yet or block could not gonna walk studio you're gonna did you want to hear constantly. Barack Obama's state ball. He'll listen to might listen he was just sold that one part. And light shoes and I hate him. That's OK you know listeners I do I hate them hate him do you like 90 and you like which he can we content can format this material. I mean where rectory the story of that's fine it's your show now you're charged today. You know and when headlines you wanna Unita breaks your coach I am moment in the headlines and got in the out of breaks. And a woman read the whole thing now what Igor. Whatever you want it's not on their region first couple grabs a JR gambles story on Rob Gronkowski headline as Rob Gronkowski sheltered. By the privilege of grown being grown. That doesn't television news out picnic music this pleases that he is tired you know it stupid please. I had at a pitch hit. You Kendall standing up to. Picked whenever they should play like and of course to analyze it's that first month disagrees with them on something and now Canas playing his least favorite song of all time and you're going to be okay. I'm fines means so little time you when you re you've got just an issue where you can hide his previous two to ten. This is this like a ratings book thing where do you reset on book presets we Mara. Like equal you would be a little less whatever you are today tomorrow early to be worse. I do understand a question yes. And I actually minister are my uptight and wound Louise type ad like this is your psyche of the race thanks to the ratings the allowance book ends today liability say for instance I was that. Which has since you don't pay as you build to a Christian and all you understand and just by crashing yet all and I'll reset and tomorrow instead do what you write psychologically. And we're we're Freddie and Richie there. Moon globe once we're done topical as you want him you leave me that's like when you great you do agree to it we're not playing any sound. Hey here is JR gamble on rod Archos says Rob Gronkowski is the living example of privileged. Afforded to a select few in the NFL and we saw the proof on full display on Sunday some players in the NFL. Have been coddled for so long that they feel like no one should play tough defense against them or challenge them. Even before these issues. And straight booty late hit that he inflicted on Buffalo Bills says there. Buffalo bills' secondary soldier to devious way in the men's tennis did you edit that crisp crisis what do you can't see and agree on much better and win over the bills. Croc has been living the life of the rich. Uninhibited. White Americans superstar. He's treated differently. Here. When Glock was seen partying with a shirt off following the 2012 Super Bowl loss. Nobody really keep many heat it raised a few eyebrows but in the end it's just seen as crime being ground. When O'Dell Beckham and his band of Brothers went on a boat party weeks before playoff loss social media analysts and fans. Ray and those Brothers from the coal fly. Call him every name in the book and blaming the trip for a 38 to eighteen loss to Green Bay name. Names that at times of also food grown personality to it the but he's always given a pass for his actions he got that not well he's the crazy white boy who parties hard ball plays through injuries produces. And seems to be judged by different by different rules and other players. A store prepared I went out to JR gamble the writer. He he mentions it in here he knows it. It would calm and sure enough it was after the Super Bowl no bill Beckham had a shirt off. And awareness pins on the boat he was chest before a playoff game. A bit of difference that would send. You can argue and neither did you could argue. That. You know what you could argue that this picture all these idiots on the boat before a playoff game goes on Monday. You don't think it's a big deal you know what. I would say flat out to Jim gamble crime would never do that always weighs a question asked him missiles just say gras to blow money for playoff game in Boston. You think people says white. Let's not talk about it. Yes it's wood would be discussed at all and be a massive story all and I mean it in the late listen Tom Brady has taken more heat than any athlete in America last three I don't think he's gets more games that he's not. White Tom Brady. He's it's bold it's you know ray I part of my golden boys as payback for that as part of it but right but with the replacement mated. They want to see Brady. Against his although it was fall very ones. Sentenced to us honestly are you really get down the edit if you dig throwing their people yes. My right now I get it treated me and Hartman. As a proud to be so aggressive about produce different account or we're gonna have this guy Eric Campbell. Who guided by the way Twitter yesterday said if he and his wife died in be more than happy to have to know he'll raise kids. Israelis in two. It through that right off latest impose on Twitter or to mail he'll rob Parker progress on the streets and give them another copy was called I was at our place has got ideas I already. Street's stock is this guy have any idea what reason for. So he's pretty active networks of people were Byrd going out district where he was added into it which is particularly good. I'm looking forward to what time is a JR gambled and slid after Wetzel attaching recently. We have him when he Clark on the same time all of them went in there we took a look that he wrote these grossed out great in the Dave Ortiz. Junket yes Bronson when he's not happy with me personally because he thinks I'm the received on the show. True. What's not true I didn't I believe that the have you ever seen and I entered Ohio and ads on another station to another slice ace. To make a buck in parliament and a hustler on them you know. And he knows he's welcome to step in for me and it yes he has a picture Brian quantum sanction same person and it's very similar to. I've when we get back I don't read more of JR gamblers that tonight at the highlights and defy whatever I need to hear it Kiefer madness I heard it was a really good one. And I missed it those watching Kirk on FaceBook life. And he knows when to get to opening guitar every once these latest. And my question is always wise not in prison lies not in prison I can he do woody did and roam free sky line white privilege. You know you're gonna get over its tiny. And find a way to building a case and and and headlines we're gonna hear from one of your icons wanna hear your heroes John Conyers who unfortunately. Stepping down in the prime of life that I carry strategist pass and it's Kitna was just like Georgetown basketball or somehow does he get to pass down a congressional seat to this. Son who's the rapper. And they can of questionable characters have been in trouble all locked. You know what the idiots in Detroit who could just like you available Foreman went to see the I'm just trying to lay out what we're gonna do. Where would you look what would you like to do can they'll focus he felt an estimate next picky for menace one else that's not enough people don't like Q for madness. But political beast. Yet we're not doing now stepping out how we're going to break of three minutes ago as toward I'm not going to be we're going to be doing any of nickel sound for political and how to use me. Why Joseph I walk on why not shall permanently why not why I understand you did you'd think it was goods were playing. We're just went on what was good plain it's simple the globe sound. Out went up like the only person said the glow sound wasn't good was you not playing weird you understand how do I hear one quarter of that for the rest to show and I'm not kidding and I walked out. A from the show a walk out from the station okay good when we get back when place more globes announced Veba.