K&C - Kirk is upset; New Harvey Weinstein details emerge 12-6-17

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, December 6th

Hour 4 - Kirk is having (another) bad day. More disturbing aspects of the Jerry Weinstein story emerge.


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Skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. Had 200000 viewers on faced a life. I'll never do stuff like that again that was how it was a mistake on my part I care too much why why are you being such a child leave too much. I love to much what you believe that's what we're in all seriousness what was wrong with that I can't. I know we'll also show how hard should not ask is I don't ask questions okay and what's what's that you love your for the occasional sarcastic quip. I am good at bats I didn't hear you defend Stanley Rosenberg an enemy that is our chancellor wanted to ask you something. Yeah something would you. What sets you off normally I can tell what's that you provide make fun of the podcast is doing wrong. Your focus of why did you lose it today is well not bouncing the ball out of zone says there's so many addicts in person regret its news television I'd like to not take you know what flavor of the things we don't federal only things we do that we drop the ball bad scooby snack I would guess that's not a good movie that yeah ring I test my life story. Next trip to open. Right that's true. No I love them moving them but I level football lacrosse player football really missed it really is really missed that he's back Kurt Russell was not because he was of the athlete Herschel I think. Was a better movie athlete and Kevin Costner. Definitely occur because and because you're Gray Davis easy he was a minor leagues in baseball player and now knows about both arms about it choice he'd play with a guy. I without getting set. Is obviously it's not like I guess we I don't I don't I don't I'm I am not agree exactly we reduce the fickle beast if you question that opens a door tonight I understand that one. Always a reason why it's public not to that's why why 100 and value life so we can't do you want to talk more Obama jury service live and let talk about I'm Catholic faculty globes or were you and asks a global news to talk about the globe it was all this Twitter was all abuzz FaceBook than 200000. Views Crist an excellent job and so did Devin Kevin in cash when jobs and so did you. That was most of those guys OK so why don't you want to review it. We do I still feel like on a Sundance film fidelity and assailant Lucy bird's nest to do your history it's it's what these little tablets and it's. She did that the was livid over one across protests yet since this is your composure I believe it's smartly declines apartheid logically you're part of a move right you know I don't respect these women today doing duties for me to an article move down with the movements every time Rosa Parks opened her mouth shut the soil so I. Me too is one of those things like Curtis name in the first to use that will make me laugh for a good. Appear on the it's your appeared to humor and that's what I was here for I was smiling yes that was fun I mean Q and amp Matsui as M post two things will Alter his. I now always but magna lab and listen. I need in Hawaii Europe sent. About as I care I tell I speak more about things anybody to hand pitchers keep to myself. Really yes while electric because it's personal apocalypse an arsenal so in the middle of our segment about. You're cool disappearance something hitching. Maybe a guy was that a text or knowledge on and on them this is all this you got upset when I cheeses from what personally made fun of the prior segment. Which I was terrible that's our show issues good that's kind of much presentation. I don't know what that what was to racial and nice you know our turn I brought up Lavar ball just in passing. And then you know ice agent and uncle Bob ball is an interesting story. Kurt is putting himself back when you think about your yap on him. Bob ball just as spouse for a five inch powerful it's college. So what is involved why I've loss that we've had it easier latent racist is television on that lump them all present like it was a lack of racist it's sort. Tribe itself. The UK makes you feel inferior today than it was always an isolated in Karachi and thinking is bad breath. Favourable was guilty in his yellow teeth in it and he's just one hone it's strictly Republican of around the glove on but if you met aggressively. Now and on the but. I have some thoughts on upon Washington who they really believe. It. He just took his six foot five inch power forwards on a college groups on scholarship. Because Coles college of punished him for shoplifting. Racism and get him ready for the NBA and he promises to be a lottery pick in the play if lakers right. Any flaws in their plans. Are yelling it can happen. A father who took pull his son's out of school. In the last month than ball does not in the NBA office sweepstakes. But the other two took them out of school you know your father and don't seem like. Aaron at one. And now it is. You two months and taking your child out of schools and they gave relieve the NBA. What was considered cults idiot what do you mean he's a moron or what does he do not a cartoon character you know we moments of Kwanzaa thing worked out again of the MBA and a gun lakers making a fortune. Poses gonna go. How is it gonna ball well and he put him in like Turkey currently Greece play. Again. I did I don't know an order right here he's never ever gonna play in the NB I don't know nor care. Anyway back to. Well today show and SP Sunday as ignored right here yeah announcement that as they've that's why I couldn't have cared for like an active what do you care about I want a portable if you care. Not the every. Sexual harassment. Around the house I'm pro life total size and are making Kelly still saluting them Al Franken is not Boston again for trying to make another woman's story just kennel five minutes ago. Really another Minnesota proceeds trying to force of the meego and and the defenses he's not as bad Roy Moore correct that's about the only defense he has left yes. You think it actually happening me. Another woman says Franken tried to forcibly cancer Politico. Just shows though we'd do it left its integrity of the other one tomorrow. All right guys that moment cinders assault resemble that give credit what how often does that move work. Forcing yourself like kissing on a woman I have tried often as she sing like that some of the goal on the go home go home. It's a good question a minute I'm in and I answer that I am against does not very successful presence on the record could move mean like a good. What happens when you trash cans. Sides that would test forcing districts not to this horny guys here. And on the subject to personal life which they probably don't care and other so far he's saying the wrong thing that you have everyone Timothy. Everyone including me is how when you don't want count which is. 530 hello. I wanna do good final half hour okay that's what can happen. I know Tomas he read the endless New York Times story on every once in last night and we have an out take away I hate to break it to you to bouncy. Clinton Hillary and bill knew all about take the take away it's not a team now that well that's funny if you missed that every once he moves in the injections. Or is you Rex correct though this fund. And women low paid women on his staff who did their job was to always make sure they had a supplier and a brown paper bag of one every Indy 500. Dollars to bring them is needle but did did you get the sense that he did it himself they didn't do too I think he did itself the real you know I don't automatic. I never heard of such a thing does it go in new Weiner sounds like it. Obama consciousness when you're just elect can do without. Yes choice was to inject here yet. If you have I mean doesn't Viagra do that same thing. Like an instantaneous. The take away is that Lena Dunham warned Hillary said stay away from him he's a rapist Taylor said yeah but he's got a lot of money is no margin went exactly Hillary should warn somebody Hibernia but she's only about states or Jerry now finds lean and Dow and credible CL credible and imaginary bad hopeless just on sale yet imagine how bad once he had to be for Lehman's diamond to turn on him. She's not only eight or give it value of error hurt you know he had. Hit high standards a given that high standards and bats but he was. You know if you get through that agents you know it's kind of not working anymore you know through God's way of saying you're you're time shows yeah and just you know they spots maybe taken out of it. Like that's what under the garage just want some water this kind of like eight yes it was raining. He was literally in check himself with a needle so we could continue his great sprees. Yes tell us one last time and we move on every week why isn't in jail. I don't I've read about his crimes I don't know I've read about a hundred violent crimes from this man. Already the mood that's tip of the iceberg hundred violent crimes Kweisi for. Statute of limitations and a I don't think so I don't think that's it may be I know something else here at some point I don't think he's gonna be free for a spot I agree that it's come Harvey says her hands. Everybody knew about it it's amazing when you read the story how many people he worked who work for most such these Pete women. It sounds like he was awesome tyrants and terrible I don't think so badly the more likely aren't people locked on eggshells around him. Nobody wanted to upset him for fear an animal there models would much when that he might look like on its and a non combatant jail. So wouldn't it be more people will look right emote I was slightly bad now. And on the getting scared oh sounds like the worst human beings Olivier he had like he had a his lawyer and a cleaner upper. Who would negotiate this deal until it's visible Stanley another hero at a different cat left and women who signed these things are not even allowed to mention his name to there there. His whole life revolved around in two and by the way is another interesting take away taken back the number one. He had a guy who's AJ Benson. Who was. I was digging up dirt paid him to dig up dirt on people. Not on the victims just people so guy did you Ben's about only the legendary fight on stern over a girl he's with with trop. Eminent oh that's right without half on this I remember he was Donald and an immoral we have this as like he's gone so whose job was to dig up dirt on celebrities I was about lollar rose. Right now he's right on that area. He dug up dirt on celebrities and then when the there's tabloids the whenever the supermarket tabloids had someone Weinstein. He would trade them dirt on Michael Jackson and Roger Clemens. For the journal Weinstein and then for the one standard way. Or just don't. I had got in 1982 top swayed by its social they had this story about Weinstein rape and an actress say the inquire and there are in the middle of everything but. And they owned these other tabloids. NYC knows about to go to print he paid Ben's to get dirt on Roger Clemens. And swap it to The National Enquirer. Analysis of the inquirer by stories just to not publish them they would buy exclusive rights to our stories and then have a they would he would. Reciprocate with the other than that that was another way to reduce inning when you think about it once team was famous there was a point people runs it who's that I assure. And they know in the dirt the examples bands again it was Michael Jackson Roger Clemens. God I'd be lying to mention he got a story going when Clemens would that country girl that was like fifteen menu agreed your name. You say they have the story of one ended welfare. For it she's they're trying to initiate. It turns into your passion may have little troubled shoeless. Who's committed suicide. Who signed by rod clearly now. You're insane. Trying to you know this segment who hits. Sounds like it afterwards that he can hear crackling. They do a lot of talk about how everyone healthy known as a way AJ bends the light to it that's cause you that's your fault or what's your job as hosts like Don and Tomas hit the brakes as I drive it great job of trying to salvage possessions here Jesus Christ. I think it's why I mentioned must have to rise jumping practice. More what I mentioned much today I ya tonight and open you play an important win at this turn Dino waited to turn them. I think and the work turned where. When I mentioned much pride. All analyze it it puts things take a turn and took things took a turn I mentioned must try and you just changed to flip the switch now let's get nothing do with him. K we were. Terry has nothing to do with. It doesn't I don't have a much at this issue was fine. There's honest or full disclosure what you got to do if I don't talk about OK you have to go to job okay that's what you said attorney that you job you don't like it there's the door. Okay that bad sign you have up there and and to be put in the office right. The patriots once a bold and it premature Red Sox world leaders are this was before knows it and when the submitted before but there watchable about fall 2004. The Red Sox. Those agreement thing right yes right guys talk session writes I don't remember that sleaze platform I don't know what was said. I I don't know it's full disclosure what was said nah I didn't say a full disclosure you are yeah civil Egypt is our where you missed OK you tell me and I'll tell you. God and of course to full disclosure time you want to tell you. You just didn't know if it's closer white country to climb for full disclosure from you but you never talked about that want to talk about jerk. You know we're going on my parents are your alignment with the pain in the one who's famous I'm not anymore. Good. Care of that are sent me an accident right. I don't gonna wanna you know wanna take you deep dark secrets which is five told I think more than anybody particular increasing they're the Asian parents Carol. No no no parents I'm just saying. Once the launch in about. A white why is that why does as he is is his 22 things are identity should you not gonna tell you stories correction. I'm not telling personal stories and you're not gonna talk sports correct so what the hell are we gonna do what I just map out here. Am just here for pitching. Guys trying to get a new contract I'm fully supportive of that and once again would be some stand by I boat was actually my. Heart it was different band seems like if they paid you more than that paying me I wouldn't complain that you believe that. I won't what would you. Because slots of people are ridiculously competitive they wanna make the exact same mount. I Russell Bill Russell one of the dollar more than to do with Jay Leno Chamberlain fifty rebounds and I've asked to be paid less than two. That's only fair amateur actors you've got. Graduation is about we we discuss this to myself and other shows do they have conversations I don't like doctor very. I mean it it's easier by I am I changed my mind I won the big news conference I think. We want this site out on a daily basis to fight for every B sides collection by Emerson about happy for. You know when our view overseas or whatever save fuel and neighbors expressive I should be more or less than you. You say it on the air by immigrants crossed and Iverson do you homage to make. You don't say that on a beer commercial that you ever know oil and the daughter Caroline you're the program you don't set it out exactly and it's poultry that's fine. A little bit but I guess it doesn't bother me you know that. Whoever that you Chris ordered an ever. Matter to me you know ultimate when you now the issue about the mission. Kookmin ahead. Which came in see right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Because things took a turn. Did you get it back and. And so on your password American hijacked a Twitter account I have mentally yeah. And I say she needs to play professionally. We get to that now. I mean I really hopes that we haven't spent much time on the Obama spent too much time and what kills me is these people like maybe it's been guys known salute him because he stands up to them and all that he's the worst conference frequent has been hijacked by Houston and I don't does that mean a damn it. Our guys thank god thank that's the project or he wants and looks more common elements from the back from its run just as important as this before so. But he still really ethnicity what why did you storm that dispute. I didn't think your Casey battalion were US. Words writer. I think dollars and Koppel has all but that was that was all I said it's started with Lavar ball not the just dry air and it's not expect this and nothing to anything it's fine. You receive sensors in conversation. So you know breaking down video and audio over no turnovers and figure in somebody's gonna go threat produces Kentucky. Look at accidentally or what's that you lost chairing a part of this do you suck on economical but usually I can tell like what the troops that. Why if an orbiting suns are just keep it as much as I've I've spent four hours trying to show curtains closed book you know with you and you just being a bitch it's one day Lycos. Oh you be OK tomorrow I'll thinks will be home. That's going to be six he could feel he was yes cleared his throat and apathetic to the east. The pretty pathetic but they're so scared to view the so frightened Fallujah what is what are they supposed to I don't know it's usually always the playing a little bit globe recently Lisa but he at this point where blocks out it's 944 it's burned. And I think that race was Goodell people stop. You've been smashed its phone perception is akin to becoming gossip with him now under in the show to close the door well that so much he deterrent mission or was doing it Paulson told cases they pat me on the shoulder and turnaround it was Nawaz I woke us up. They bought on the suits it was. Zany and try OK we got the tri Kurds are really nice to Milton did you Wear that the work never did was normal last night. He hit a good look at me you know it was a lot of fun while laughs lost history and place them and I do not know Celtics podcast suggests way passed on for the CO SM now scenarios whatever network as an outward none of those words makes. No idea that you cannot imagine that he knows might barely even those videos and you know Joe's way of content and can you ask the mid day if they plan on playing an eagle be sunk and similar to Debbie happens of those guys played the problem. We can't correct why. But it's almost that one hurt myself. To cut I'll unless the person's all about like that Knoll in the way all guns like that. Like what you gonna. In a gonna drive on the sabotage the show took a huge succeed as an economist excellent job of the house and we're open for any really bad shall also do that. You do this just the consent that following yesterday's show you should this includes separate agency I still think you're one of our balls out of the shadows of saw puppets. First of Nazi wasn't horrible stuff agreement that's all you were to five minutes of the classic when he gets no not really some people professionals enough. I don't analysts say that's why. It dead Netflix behind the scenes men them and not take care guys all seems state to connect people to think I didn't know that you like Jesus and an economy now I saw that before Saddam can carry strategies tried too hard of he's trying crazy it's over you not Andy Kaufman Andy Kaufman was prepared to protect. Right we don't pretend they're coming and protect different characters ever that it is now the lower ranked and never mind a sticker caller retiring those characters that are you trying to he's gone to talk to dead wrong and happy. And amiga Obama bang on itself now as a warrior. And obviously John is in new knowledge on. Good morning Gary Kirk I don't do. It could either end up calling it sexual harassment in the it's it's too much in between these days I can understand. Many of the charges but you know what you woman or come we'll. Where about. Harassment. Saying that after years and years and years ago. And you know. I've got to make. A humorous point out this if you want to take it that way but probably got how many guys can look back our life we'll look back. In the past. And then patted on the baht and hugged by a woman. They didn't quite a woman. Erica this while making you feel about the notion as has ever I. Not John what have you done in the past beyond this we know you guys I was actually completely out of you said this was like this is you and on Sandra nobody knows who you are giant Telus which he did. So what I did yes. I don't know what is it what it. To understand the difference job between say a 260 pound man forced himself on 120 pound woman vs a 130 pound woman. Adding the ass of a grown man which is thought appropriate I think you must understand the difference now. Particularly talking I'm also looked at that we talked about coming out of the woodwork look at. I hope you get raped thirty years he should keep emotion that Senna Senna and. There you go any idea I look at my ma. A woman if he gets raised thirty years ago if she goes through hell she's embarrassed she's mortified. Our body feels weird after it. She's she lives her life in fear of this guy decides of the guts to come forward and baby in May be shut up and may be help one person out. Oh come on our way to try to try to lighten it up a little yeah yeah yeah yeah down. Greatly under wax. What do we do a wacky ridiculous amount shop and get raped humor yeah I think of what what's what's the oh yeah yeah yeah whooping and John Mark I just was not on cars are very racist John I'm curious. I like it did you deliberate. Why did he knows this data rate on talk about what I don't pass on the fly all over again this year we are creeping doubt. His Udoh or are we talking about Al Franken who you're talking about. And Jimmy studios tackle Jon and. And while living proof of that little luck on this. We got you said I would have rather what were we are times. Told pentagon go to confession that the do you have something to confess. You know look at I have to look that good that we're. Yes what is woman Tupperware is really coming from coming out of where. Right now okay. Were they coming out it was a there was a 101000 words or England is it was a girl learns it the big corporation Kath Kath let's. Lieutenant reinstate yes some very important to tragedy it's too bad apple. This emotional just outside of bother about Aaron you know I don't have them but. Yet compared to a race. On. So are treading into Macedonia and asked us well imagine her going when we let him go but. If you read the Weinstein story. Are any of them don't know assertion as Henry he's cute and that's why I was gonna show all about John John but it's 101000 word story in the New York Times today and got those and mishandling of the times but true. Hum but a number of the victims. They didn't just you know keep it quiet 'cause the didn't feel comfortable they were intimidated they were. Threatened mean he. He's he's half is hanging hunger at the time to do devote to the movies have as time was spent. On revenge on intimidation and shutting people up on scaring them I mean it's. He is evil to the core. And wasn't like they just decided to keep it quiet 'cause they cannot or shamed kept quiet exist. This monster was threatening. That's fear take away from the latest yeah Weinstein toward them even. Yeah well and he's watching them on big guys don't. But you liked his movies are passionate like them personally. Made some mistakes like these women speaking out speed I don't even stand out in my wood and instantly did like producing what you can do. A lot of money right and it has to go. But it's the start out his though he made a lot of though along the way. And yet and I for like us the kind of value are you may purchase you purchase movies at NC Sunday it's like. Like Ehrlich a reservoir dogs. So we purchases and only daughter Ella bully only Qian chief from the office big studio it was a kind of big move we've been lick a little movies like sex lies and videotape the Soderbergh movie so he buys it they would make independently in the bushel the festivals that by clerks he buck clerks. I don't care but the title he bought in the market and amok and that's what the Bennett's getting on city streets it since my distributes it is that what his company did yeah. And how do you make money has to be hit. Now it's better to bombs and do you did you but a lot of these I've seen a lot of his opponent short passing a list of his movies ball and a lot of big blow to mobilize them for not over by Pope when you make pulp fiction for six million in the makes 300 million worldwide pipes bahama islands he. I don't know a move likable hunting probably 2530. Just for distributing assistance is when you take a guess at OPEC. Yeah but your point and he's at his salary was two million bucks in estimates yet of assault on write the stuff I would think. It's like when I make here correct after all yeah. Uneasy mix walked over and. Listen all you people. Drive. She Glenz here dude he knows this and for analog to the Wii play and now some highlights from Kirk's performance. Appearances in movies it. He. President's decision to hear hear industrialists and I succeed Jean played early in the Kirk decided to wanna hear any more of an even though it was funny ha. We don't lie but Turkoglu podium baby wooden ones play it. Right now that your father took it. I was forced to fight for statistically you can. I mean you know whats again you sort of gave in therapist guides it's it's his world. I would agree your difficult personal work with qualify somebody else during its non issues don't mean you've done it before god knows expects that previous hosts can I take off. I think all of of course who always thinks of the blame for that. Really takes. You without right it was fears get the operational all the way up fifth team all away as you know all the way this though it was a hundred procession. The boss who. Who trickier ones you don't know it's not that's fiction. Thought I was ready get ready jumped does a team to a real. And tipper and I feel great deal to you can along working again Jerry you can bring get rid of me bring him as a Eckert skittish. You can still hasn't the title classical I have relative speaking to the shot and prominent that's the only thing he could you excited today it was tournament you know. I would consider building workers. Guard. I don't know I'm leaving leaving and leaving permanently else maybe we'll see anfield tomorrow Woody Johnson purchase. It's a good question I don't know where I'm sure GM he doesn't take immense giving to these officer Mans he doesn't hate getting no he should get on the events. Okay well. Plus punches guys appreciate it advocates you know can you make it difficult for all of us I don't care what you.