OMF - The Globe writes a terrible column on Tom Brady's "tantrums", 12-6-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, December 6th

Hour 2: Glenn, Lou, and Christian discuss the new information on Harvey Weinstein and his plots to dig up information on other big name celebs so that when he was accused by a reporter, he could give them something even juicier.  Then the guys breakdown Brady's blow up on the sidelines after hearing Josh McDaniels's comments during his conference call.  Christian says that race is never an issue in the locker room, but how then can the media make this Gronk suspension a race issue?  Big Ben Roethlisberger gave comments on the Juju Smith-Schuster suspension and felt that it should not have been equal to that of Rob Gronkowski.


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On you ready. Fort Wayne and moaning and forty equate what I what do you think the biased it's the bias is one you're patriot. Choked up. You're white player. Three you have this laughable loveable image. There has not been dealt with this product to has committed in this moment because I walked his likeable doesn't mean it that doesn't deserve a greater suspension with Glenn Cohen Christian those awful. Whose cheap you talked to Judy was dirty I have Nathanson a whole who wanted the whole who want grounds for sure the minute the exact date. The whole who won I thought they should jump in. I would have thought about it and patting myself on the back you can send you understand you on this at all. They. Aren't you. I apologize what do you handling at least act beat everybody. On Sports Radio WEEI. You know Belichick you know version you know where I just don't guess others Belichick put out that quote on the bulletin board the old hole plug wanna. Nobody does he puts it up the ball to book for. I don't know it actually I don't know I don't know if that's something that you use today that you put upon them more because it's promotes unneeded violence. Yes that's of the U go off when you get up for this one date does you know you. Raise the red flags or listen be cautious be careful be aware of what you're doing and the other thing is don't get sucked into their act. Don't get baited into retaliated you're gonna try it they can't get to legally what I hit below the belt or something like that. They're gonna die debate sure to get it digging into a fight I highly doubt. Of the plating if there's any finds itself. Playing waiting for something happened and meanwhile the eternal in the game. You know I mean I thought the right message not sit they don't assess doughnuts they say OK they're good drill somebody. Novo there'd be ready for strategic beacon light ticket fastballs down the middle is doing some of it's that many are mirrors of Roger Clemens and all three. It just sort of sit back and wait for Roger trillion guess playing drilling is right yes I'll check everybody out. Yes if you run the risk of it putting it an athlete's mind that they don't try to hurt you and I don't play the game meanwhile. I jump in Bangkok here's yet that that's usually get hurt. Try not to get hurt combat squirrel moment for me because I have mall on it as appreciated. Did you see the Harvey Weinstein piece that the New York Times did we lose a ball died on believe them regularly good Ryder like Roger Clemens pops open looks just months so I'm actually national enquirer had like always dirt on Harvey Weinstein. And what Harvey would do is Harvey would sit there and say but behind the scenes. Look at this dirt on the when you can get. People that I know I gave you all the dirt and then you don't write about me your right is that about Roger Clemens. And Michael she said. This is would have. Behind the scenes but the worst part about it was they were talking about he. Couldn't couldn't and not so they they gave he injected himself he injected himself with shots aimed at his peak yet. We've got the liquid Viagra some sometime on the ticket they'll follow me arrogance that. Mendenhall and I think that I didn't haven't finished my daughter I'd love to watch out of out of a deadly. You know. No it's a little we know he injected could you do that is. Would you pick. God god didn't just crazy with the debt this puts the needle for the new overcame and I I don't know what all I had now an assistant that could you imagine yourself do what do you play so it's I'd. If you had hit and I did like a vital. Cars that you inject yourself yeah delighted that light is like it's electric count down the clock how long lasting last a long time and end and you got to walk around that they have like what I do it if they don't what are the tactical problem of yet trying to you know and help Wear off yes. But it did well. Mr. Dunham awful people turned him into the to the Clinton people. And nobody would listen to her of course I don't think he had any. There was no seriously question of I 88 under on the piracy even more audits of the senior school of business because unbelievable not only easier complete Rath gives a whole this is beneath you could easily he's trying to. Howard lead get himself out of it by throwing under one of he's friends. Probably an acquaintance got a few new leadership is going to throw these other guys under the bus here it's you who's fresh meat to these guys. On the worst. Cushion he would hire people behind the scenes to go in get dirt on these other people than he would have all these files of all the dirt and when he came back to him. We're somebody wanted to do. Out of him what he would do was he was at its bountiful. Let's act like what the right okay what does as a man and Roger that's the old school Hollywood type. It's an add on on right there that's that ugly that it. Exactly you just really goes that it doesn't need that don't have any idea how are you hit it yeah aren't really Roger used it yet all the they are disappointed white talking to go in. All you ever I mean there. I guess if you're diabetic you've got to do that did you ever stick a needle Tibetan that you that you eat it immediately you're into the fatty part of your belly. Right exactly Debbie so let's you don't feel it earlier but you he she would hit. Would you be afraid you'd miss it. I'm not I don't or I've ever heard of photos off these aren't aren't particularly good girls don't. Thank god knows that it just for a second I have heard stories ago. In my in my thirteen years. Some crazy stuff. Guys have tried to used to enhance that part of their body. We're talking like gremlins. You know Chinese you know Chinatown like little back corner called things shops. Where certain ointment we're used. To promote certain erect how issued so ointment you might you know double talk like you shots you would shoot yourself no I would not my point is. But and I'm not with. Guys. You about it. I literally blew all of a while but we guys would do. Hello comfortable with little blue pill take the blue pill I having a hard time getting it right dead know just move on you if you stay at a state charges against your old enough I thought yes and I well I know you've had some. Are you you you're older than both of us I right now and I know you've probably heard of your older gentlemen friends. You know a man about town that have had some issues and I'm sure they've gone to some extreme yet measures also shown a deal. Is probably one of the options that they now you know we sit and then talk about the needle all the time you know. I mean coffee and yeah. That pool stick themselves. I just. Like. Little guys probably guys that like root for the front of the desert before the the drug test that was in here all the way acted out of. Fake one doesn't speak yet. But guys nationally on house of movies seem quite so I thought I was I thought the two it is is. His penis to actually extracted old urine and put new urine and so we went to the bathroom to take it as. He would use somebody else is during the past tasks that we would be snapper for drug violence. And finally caught that and what they did is they sent somebody in whiskey. To go and Peco is scary you grads are. In Modano looking east opponents honest or that I got to run and he's done a social icon got your house what it's like baseball. But they come they randomly and they call you are on like a Tuesday I'm in the neighborhood I got protest to the matter where you are if you don't go show a lot. Within a certain time they flagged you in his basement like Q flunked the test the Antonio offseason stuff. Nobody really randomly but it based on that never ran. On disability are now and now they might if you've got issues whatever now they might I don't know I don't know got a spring training. Or during the season couple times you know this guy was there so you had a kind of you walked into the bathroom he just stands there right with. Government met its in your in your own bath room and make your kids are running around the doors wide open and he's got a he asked the city. Right so he's just sitting there staring at two annual wait outside your front door like you server you are subpoena or something like that lightly also served with papers. And tell you know basically come and he sees cumin brings little case. Reasonable case says okay let's let's get to Donald what's your vows of a comfortable unikom. Ha yeah right. And little wooden Goodell moves. You don't know. What can really really really good right now I think Kyra. Kind of the worst thing it's like when you can't go right he physically just because they listen drink lots of water. But don't go to the bathroom in the morning as the the the drug test is early in the morning so of course guys wake up like it you know 3:4 o'clock in the morning and go to the bathroom. And it had to be drug tested so they get there right now to get her rehydrate but there to go to the meetings so the one way. And it is obvious that. And now because we're really down way down literally drowning and actually. Sit on the on the toilet unit actually doe number two yeah. That's the only way to promote. One and guidelines and I don't want to bring you don't know it they'll be around for really wanna stick to. So now get them because he has the Watson he's got beaten so. So it's a bonus ball with you. That is easy to do its utmost to an eagle nugget is that a bit but it's also what all along. He goes in this ball down he's got to the titles all I mean is it that he's got a hand against the other hand I won't address that the best apparel hot we're yep Larry David stall and you have to hold the cup. Pricing at the journey into the content so the cup has to be in. She. An area because you tip lights out we're aiming it. You know as to what has to be down in the low. So this guy's game over you act you're going number two depending on what you ate it could be if Faust expected relief that the nationals right away to really heard the way you wanted to and had an idea to make any out there. If you could not an hour. Oh yeah one through you know yeah so that's. The worst in eighty came in when they started having a escorts returned when they had escorts coming in right escorts the Tulsa Oklahoma could not known drug desperate drug test tubes that go with earth. I was escorted is that drug and that's a different in different stories to visit different so they have somebody commended watch you Dylan and so what guys would Tuesday we get the Winston and which will be fake penis I don't know how many guys did it. Yeah it would be weird but why gestured literally. Best of probably just had it been like 26 different. Different shapes sizes like this earth you name it you know for so. You have to familiar you have to argue or you want to hydration look who's demonstrated that it I'm gonna get the small moment. And maybe these guys are two guys passed that the and I asked. I think another issue that was really that was really I saw an aggregate of doubt I bet that out onto it its artistry where I was. Awfully oddly quiet during that I'd. Tom Brady we talked about the. Suggested that Tom Brady sidelined a portion of these so called opera. An adjustment in just talked about this yesterday is two things that commodity missed. One against becoming black white issue people who citadel blow well now that he's treated differently if it were in water water but since it's a white player. In a forget the fact that because degrades the ball time but the white player then you know everybody's gonna say all was you know he's just do what he does on the on the sideline. Of a football game soldier Josh first of all tried to explain that because. Everybody had to ask him this question. Based on the fact that everybody's talking about it. Yeah he two it is a competitive. The very competitive game and an emotional game and you know things like that it happened and being in the game a long time and understanding. I'm very emotional person and most players are what makes it very. Yeah it just yet it does things happen and. No commercially in our. Armed gate. Has. I'll learn although she's an. Island. Situation or yours you know you share a prominent. Broke out. I just pretty much where Brady said with a scratchy or sniffing your record dry grip wouldn't be utes will be Jim grace and nick and it's. And set the same for pretty much the same thing and yet the instinct of the media. Is to call it BS and I think that would priest with Josh McCain's as boring as it might pay. Is right on target. This happens all the time on the sidelines of football analyst Q could you play the game. But you know you'd you'd say you do you rest you know I've seen it didn't end there you ask the players and players OSHA what players tell me. About guys chewing their ass out like you can't imagine on the sideline. It happens otherwise it happens in every place of employment do we not see it happen in this. It's important to do we know that people lash out at the people all his lawyers are meeting on Thursday so I feel we not man. You have said it never does this on the blue undress Kevin Graham at least a hundred times and what does the man with the towards the only good reason why is the media in this do. A columnist for the Boston Globe Harris all of them. Takes the the same date and and and runs with kind of yeah an awful article. Is that it's it's awful it's pathetic pathetic. Head out guess if you're strong leadership. Because she goes on in and talks about why you know we review it this way. She tries to use O'Dell Beckham is an example but then she apparently was in a New York mark for twenty years then went on. This uses O'Dell as an example. And then went on to say why it's a bad example. Because she covered him for awhile and and is no question he's got issues that's a pivot move then she would on its talk about you know Dez Bryant one. When he gets caught yellen you know runaways as the principal. Again. I don't Seattle look at Dez Bryant like that there at all early in his career. Yeah that's for sure but not recently easel out of control and they always TO I think yes the issue and use him but still those bright so mean there was some issues there. But this goes us has all the hard the answer really is a complicated. On when you win your normal latitudes and of all time winners fashionable rings while away consistency longevity combination of all that sure. Makes makes sense of GSS. She isn't as you read. Are about how is bad behavior strong leadership. As she goes into Jesse is it uses off existing it just isn't there are no examples there are you can't compare him to anybody. That you are what are you ever heard. And Charlie Weis Josh would gain as bill O'Brien and Bill Belichick any player that teams Enola. Tom's gonna grow up. So she's immature. Too emotional. You know I mean this is some part of his game's great football player but he let's his emotions get to own and it affects his game and quite frankly kind of hurts our team. When he does that you know because you make it he gets thrown out of games. Boy make it suspended. Because of his actions on the field actually heard our team to answer would be never maybe that's the reason why we look at his outburst differently as some of the awful examples that people use to try to compare him to. That a better no scenarios but it head to head coach is come out and say he's gonna control himself. And it said it quarterbacks come out Eli Manning it's he's got a controlled south Tom Coughlin and others put a every bad example they give. You you can't we judge him on reputation and their actions in the past. Until the British never had any of this Sony doesn't which is an outburst. So how did it again I'll keep going yeah it does. I'll keep going back to some of those two just an example to use like that CEO. CEO. Was. Like each dream self promoter. Always in the middle of aching on the public aching on reporters doing a doing a doing via. A press conference in a drive whereas he's doing setup of the shirt off. You meet completely emotionally unhinged on a multiple occasions. You are not use him as an example. You can't the only person you can use is up here if it is. OK either in the pastor are at errand or the president and there's not a lot the president and the past. You go John Elway Hugo Peyton Manning you go Joseph Montana what was he liked. Brett Favre you want to use a guy that was passionate. Presently in Marino. Dan Marino all boiling water it down people's all you are now really urge to play more creators right receive Osce currently currently right now poignantly. Drew Brees. To hold as far as like what he's accomplished his age what he's been through what he's seen the respect he has. I don't have another one. Currently at edit that Hitler and Rogers Aaron Rodgers but I. Bit that I think Lou had on it it it really has an awful lot to do with the individual. Then it does with the narrative that Wilford Milan as we 48 hour color of his skin that that's an hour. And I think when you when she brings up you know. O'Dell Beckham joined at that there's an ongoing history here if or one incident I don't think anybody. Would be sitting there are saying oh here he goes again. But with O'Dell Beckham junior there have been so many different incidents in which people like hearing goes again she says Rick. Hotel the day and it's talks about the tweet he sent out that we read the other nation's big paragraph that. Bringing up O'Dell and very next paragraph B. Well Beckham is probably the wrong guy to argue this is a reporter columnist for the markets to twenty years I saws it picks up close I mean. The why he's fit why you what many on public this guy to lock it to yourself you realize you're putting here is there I realized I just like the fact that Louis treating if it was right at all. They blatantly treated and you. And good. Yardage and I'll give it to me I'll take it here's here forget about someone in his own sport. If you did goat we start preparing. You know Tom Green to the greatest athletes of all time. You compare to Michael Jordan. Black athlete reasonable time some consider him the best athlete ever in any sport. Was he just old. You know wilting violet was he common. With that he Diddy Diddy Diddy talk smack all the time all the time was yelling and become. On yelling you coaches Michael Jordan's general manager Jerry Krause the stuff the abuse to Jerry Krause took from from Michael Jordan some of them probably valid. So funny so you what you compare those two guys. In the same breath instead of using old culprit and back computer by the way isn't playing hasn't won anything ever bush used the word she said she I don't care what anyone you can't. You compare them the status that she said her last paragraph. That's it. That's he's achieved and he's looked at a different level. And a different way they used LeBron. That's who I would think as far as they emotion you know he's a motion yeah Antonin far more than Brady on dresses coaches yes. And I wonder also just fired yep both fired I mean it's I don't know maybe it maybe it's all made up his whole career as far as how we controls teams and and alien dresses coaches and basically coached the team himself would know probably Brady does the brain is due to bill. Don't. And I love that I think Paul brought that up yesterday you know bill Bryant. Got his Daniels those offensive coordinators. To differ wanna saw the head coach. This was 81. Sideline thing was so minor and here's the difference slow. I'll bet (%expletive) happens. Probably every other game and the difference was television cameras caught. That was the only deaf that doesn't happen every game well happens else I think it happens it's an idiot not to grant got not to that may so evident to those malevolent old. Maybe not when bill O'Brien exits or attempts at you don't like when the two of them or sit down. And they're not there now and they're not getting emotional you don't think Brady says they're going Josh what probably blew a you don't surely that's not always. On Tuesday and it's a that I've only seen a case or use our his arms flailing unreasonable than. You know but you don't think the tunnel on you don't think the tools. Have disagreements on that sideline it's the people that the buckets of passion but all of that of a game. I. What I'm saying is it's not a big deal. They're making it a big deal as she admitted a big deal here and and as you cited some bad examples but the people that are making it a black white you write an article. Cite an example in his next paragraph sale that's a bad example. Maybe I don't think that I'll try to set a how many words that she dishes check here maybe it was a we're big about what she did. She used an example of old Dell Beckham. Now he's treated differently in the next paragraph. Actually wrote that that's a bad example. I. A couple of different. I'm can. It's it's like here's a great example but aware I was getting no. And actually. If it doesn't it's like you need to Philip. The space of the patient and words and then you get to the very last paragraph you say well this is really when days so there was an experiment in what. Well well what will be expecting a winning note that she was hitting them like we should be publicity while case about doing a budget wise she could've got a lot of that we got a lot of I don't I'm glad we got I don't want out there the last paragraph tells me that she's actually counted it's yet she understands that affiliates that you need to write this these guys and it's not deliver 3000 worries every 3000 RFI. It doesn't work out out of the falls we'll talk about this and John Farrell does eagle bull stick at the restaurant. That's coming up. Family friendly made ratio we are you all right I'm waiting for you to make eight no legitimate point shot up good employees badly when you hit the road emulate Lee don't keep your guard up. It's Fort Wayne we're loading in 48 putts Sports Radio tell. I bet here. Here in Poland that let's get to the ball goes your ball Braintree was simple. Hey callow youth. And this racist things to me he seemed to all the becoming from the electronic media actually a marine newspaper stock model line. And it seemed to be most people including some national writers seem to think it has more great. League patriot bias and want him on the field for the Pittsburgh game is. Critical he is and we police or. It's quite easy go up so lightly it seemed to need a race and that it on the coming from. The big TV people like take with a grain of salt. The stuff online than the guy that they had on this morning that ball was supposed to get you open it is and a heck sailors and we'll shuttle leak there shadow. Then like but discrete audio fine you just go to that Google which I think unified school only shooting him. They defied stoke up its evolution. We took it should be the discussion should be patriots by. The other area that would be boom more valid that was a discussion would have been two years ago three years ago maybe. But AM now it's it's not now it's more exercise more the black lady if the but I don't think you can. Making a case. That hole and do you know here's the thing though the recent does. Is because the knuckle headed Talking Heads. Make it so that's why so. If you are watching game. But now it's like you look for it if it though it says anything about it brings out as an issue because it's not an issue. It's not it's never races is never an issue in the locker room it never becomes. I think that people are your yelling and screaming about and run any guy I don't know it's like that anymore. I had no idea using a change. I think that is a good friend and there's no doubt that I don't lock or a giants got it all got. As always my feeling is that there was less racism. In locker rooms of professional sports teams in the wasn't society in general. But Luke is pregnant at the point at navy exchange down none of us are spending a lot out of locker rooms right outside. Say everything else that you talked to drive and an Obama. I would say no I don't think I don't think he does in all I think there's always a couple guys. That it's an issue for them. But depending on how strong your locker room is the it usually doesn't have an effect CI a nobody's there's saint. Hey we need to have a T need to go over these raise ages we're having now some guy I see guys like to wrong. A couple guy white guys naked drunk and and it someone hears that day they start use they use the N word. The wrong way. They feel like it's appropriate that they can use your the guys Santa they collect music director Louis I was I think they think their old I think they think I've based on a circle yes I think if you don't. Britain as reluctant as I you guys and on time. No but you're right so you're right so. He says it and it becomes a pain that's the only time I remember ever had me remember there being some sort of race issue. It's usually because a white guy. Uses the N word and the black guys don't like that's Fallujah. A better player than others but then there's white players in this also it's completely crazy. Suitable two white dudes. Based on you know where they're from where they were race and their personality. They're okay pick that fight yes yes yes no. You can't put this guy is welcome. Would fit and why well because it's his personality and he's he's counting receded himself in today culture in a weird way and they're fine with it so. I don't know a good luck figure it out it is it is no need to keep everybody safe just don't mess around. Why he's wrong that those people can. Compare Brady draws one game suspension and not bring in the Mike Evans discussion. When he went and watched it again during the break. Mean that was ridiculous and he jumped on Latimer third punch him. You know so that I got one game was the outrage. Oh where was the outrage that he that he dig it more than one game at 23 weeks ago when it happened while it was the outraged at AJ green. Didn't get suspended. Even though we get a lot of that game given what he had done. Where's the outrage that you Ramsey even got suspended at all but it was a discussion. But it's not like this. So why why it's like this because that white player was involved I'm just connects on like a white player who auditioned to play for the knowing what I'm just lately when news. Every sound that we play on a TV. An NFL network or ESPN is bringing up white black or. Bring it up Mike Evans took or AJ green of and Evans is probably the best if you look at an analogy however yes that that was not a football play that's attacking got her oddity you come right that it jumped on and started swinging at. And it's suspended plus. But you write in its. I am amazed that people think they never should've gotten this far I have been arrested yet. Yes Rodney here's all Westfield hello Paul. Gotten that humans are playing. Look what I wanna get to specifically with Clark at his first at times his forearm didn't punch. But the guy Lagarde back the back of the neck he can be separated. Thank god he owned it he admitted it's not him he lost his control and it was his first apparent everywhere knows he would be. Beat up at it quite clear reference about black and white about. They don't see black or white issue green reader Michael Vick got a job if you can help you were able cannibal of dogs got a job Kapanen had a 57 can't cast can actually these days so I don't think it's great she's at all I think it's just that is the situation. Glad rod admitted we don't do it again. So why employers bringing it up as of the black to white wife ex players are doing it all over television and so we're virtualized two days. Yes sir because when people don't have ingredients and emotional control they tend to get a little erratic go to the lower totem pole the easy question is the race card. But clearly yeah NFL are not racist we all know that it's about money. Really. Agree with you coaches are gonna play employers general managers owners are going to get players that are gonna help them win all we care about is winning all we care about is making money and winning. And that's how you win you make money by by winning Johnson Dorchester Rajon. You play. Well you. So a lot of my point is it. I think that you know you look back content into is that all people and when it was a great pleasure what sport and then it would resolve and I'd put looks back at them. Portland that. The locker room and have on the failed in the practice so everything was little I want to race there was no waste issue. I'm and I picked it would be taking on the issue. We have you know society saw those sort of leaked into that but actual sport it's sort of came over opening up again and I think that's you know it could be about main media sort of impetus that I didn't write that coal waste issue. That's an interest in one so is the the kneeling issue black lies Matt it was the good part is that the the initial. A cabernet I think. The Capra nick protest. Is that leaking into this and now opening the door for us to sit here and look at everything from a black white issue. I just want the season and yes we just reset and restart your son and our own. What does it does these things happen it is going to win every. Obama wore occasionally when he awards in the league this year easily wins the award and then it in the offseason is filled with you know team owners meetings player meetings. NFL PA meetings. The meetings on meetings before you meet that exactly it'll be doldrums that and you'll see it does he feel it'll come to be on. The beginning of the season will be this whole like. The whole campaign. Of like you know. Whatever just like that you had like LeBron James and yes please you know like to be some weird campaign with players. Speaking out about something trying to right the wrong solves it it's going to be completely contrived and nauseating. You can. Both thought at all to tell you tell me that all of this is going to be resolved in the off season by an accessible and have us well to get a nice they're gonna have a game plan. The critics suggested early on yes through the whole the Neil Lane. All vehicles involved Vogel told the appeal down the idea tools bare bones begin exactly kind of how. Asked how about the one that they're taught they have the read it's the only way they can do it public the woman. Talking about does not have players out of the field for the nationally at the C I think that's gonna be backlash from the other side. Yeah both sides knows that this rule. As a whistle got to this country that now you're not going to respect the black guy is able to you know you make a ruled just like the NBA does. You make the rule and it's picked. That's it and then you just wait for the backlash and you hold on and then you fight it and then and then if you you lose some bad but people come back. TI Dickerson it's this is they're too deep into it right now. And if they try to do something like that keep the players in the locker room. During the anthem is going to be trouble on the other side. If you try to in some way of race any type of protest or making role like the MP areas in which you can't do any of this stuff. Are these players are gonna go ballistic and I think that they've gained enough power out there specially from the media. To be able to fight back and when you are saying it was 89 million dollars on the table and well after all what and it didn't go. If you make that rule. And players continue to Neil. Now right now you're suspended. An idea that player who's going to be addressing the media about how he was suspended for standing up for something he believes in and what do you think is gonna be fine for something he believes and then that's gonna even another uproar in what do you think the NFL media the national media the Peter. Scenes of the world what are they gonna do and be supportive of the guy who are just that there. I had a press individualism away exact way of thinking away I get it on his own you gauge on what you can make it do meanwhile. The NBA does. And then ended in Arizona and issuing a little bit players know what's funny Ledee the beetle deadline they'll. It every now and I'm aware of the world good T shirt out on the you know in the layup line and you know what game start you know what's on. Rock about it. If you heard a single coach come out and make any type of of policy speech or attacked the president know. Guess what pop is doing it down in San Antonio Kerr is doing it out in in Golden State. Yeah they're getting Victor talking about these issues but cannot protest thing. And there are no in no way twice a genuine international. We want. You know. White athletes by cathedral sport Lou Lou you know I know it's football football that's what baseball enough solid gray area it collects. What the NBA Gooden you know. As having these issues at all. Just NFL football players look. You know different. And then baseball I don't that I have to get school was that was a go to white man's game and is not many of us so we're not gonna. You know. I don't buy that either you really believe and it's at the minute and he usually engaged for you how do you believe in but you don't seem baseball you don't seem MBA. Hockey justice community. Now in America I guess not gonna I don't know but you don't see in other sports they don't even protested Canadian anthem. I 61777979837. Coming up in the next though you'll hear John Farrell. And see if he takes any parting shots you recurrence. Christian rants about the hat socks b.s and c.s courtesy of Twitter hacked Christian Fauria. Right now we return Gomorrah or away Maloney and 48. What Sports Radio WEEI. I bet you. All of them. That rob was workers come out and talked about this you jus minutes. Shuster. Suspension. And very interest in tiger loving sense talking about it in comparison to the background suspension I don't like to compare players and suspension. Things like that but if you look at what mark did and what YouTube did and they got the same suspension. I don't know if that's necessarily. Fair but that's above all far integrates. Well we all agree with him that yes. I do but it's not because. Cook only go one issued to its beak is juju never should get suspended area so what they've done as the league's suddenly after. McGraw it's hit on Sunday. That changed the rules that if you're going to have a helmet to helmet hit in the National Football League now. Against what they consider a defenseless. A planner. Then they're gonna they're gonna hit you with they would do before it hits you with a fine. They have moved the chains and we have a new thing you have is a one game suspect it is now that's what they have done but they didn't. Anybody in advance broad mind and with a if you really wanna cut down. On the hits to the head you can simply say to the players and they should develop for the season began we can do it during the season. We're we're dominant. Got the head to heads up it's really not good for the games and met all this is it from now on any head to head will be an automatic way to Asia blind center with the suspension. No question about it. I figure you know it's about yeah you're nervous about you know right away it's with Houston on T don't forget about the history history has nothing to do with it. I cross it I'll be surprised if it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter at all. The and that's what you do to keep coming around they look at their unique rock all this heat. Because he only got one of ago while because his wife of religion in because he's do people love it but let's hope no doubt it's all. Reason is because now you're comparing you to did Jesus with Shuster who got a game for a violent hit. Yes Beilin hit and I have a. What we said the shift and we we talked a lot about this before the suspension came out. We said you're talked about it and I think we agreed that he should not have to date each of the mood out there. Sure that's been sure yesterday I talked about that and then of course he came out he got the suspension and what is the reaction out there. Well and spirits Shuster only go one game Gracia and gotten two or three instead of looking at say. How are we suddenly go from fines. Heavy fines for helmet to helmet hit to suddenly suspending players for one game for that same offense. What do they base currently is it just goes with the NLC should be surprised. These were not one drop finger in the air it's gonna happen and then dates and they changed their mood it's it knee jerk reactions of. Patients who don't what happens this week I really went 23456. Guys do the exact same netspective put on Antonio Brown. If there they're all gonna get suspended they have to now. If I'm one of those but we begin a Feld does she I would be surprised at all that happens again in the deck that's good especially if you sense of independence is the NFL I just say that this only consistent with the stuff they have no grasp. On on what to do they have no clue that just calling so that if that if that hit is on saint nick is in no Detroit. First ample and well that plane I don't know who over the plan but just some random city Cleveland game. And it doesn't get medium the other media attention to this on Sunday nighter Monday night. What shocked me the guidance gets suspended for the exact same but if you're the Bengals you're the Steelers aren't gonna sept and so when about this one's sure what about this far short we water you know what pain it's a business. It's your right it wouldn't surprise ingredient that was just overreacting to the quality first. And sit they've only got to do something about it and then next week of the week after it comes down and we can get away with that right now says that Roethlisberger that nailed it even more so. And I think he was he was fair and yet critical to his own teammate. I didn't think it was worn to the one game suspension without buying a pretty steep part something like that pitcher now. I thought what happened to play that happened happened in the context of a football play. Once it away from the bull wasn't a hit on a kicker a defenseless player it was a guy getting ready to make the tackle a much bigger football player. Obviously we don't like put taunting the standing over him things like that on the other hand I think most players in you you heard it late wrong. Who was it was an Antonio Brown was. Was would make it a big deal about it after the game because I think they did like the fact that he was punting all of that player. Because of the player was it was a guy in Infante is perfect coordinate how many times over the years countless countless times. Holding other players targeting other players and then when he game was overseas and they go yeah I wanted her to. Sit there like like Martin Zeno apologizing sorry nation and now sit idle a wish I didn't car I had time not karma was the work they've put that Antonia brownstone. That was pretty foolish. Yeah. And what it showed any emotion they have are against the law where the locals say is we'll policies as those today. That. The next head to head contact was not as violent. Wasn't agreed wasn't as egregious based on the circumstances it built breaking out in the cutting up animals by accident in the make it one real small little party does or focus on everybody you guys off your look and all these outside issues don't focus on right here so that's what we're right. There really is it's it it that whole job running has Ol and discretion is how he interprets the rules. He does and. Or the appeal somebody heard the appeal won't lose that that there are do you have grown compete let's find out who lets look at. I hear stricken with a Villanova. Correct. A door or what's that. So I'm black and I heard the other call say it bought him I'll I'll I'll are exposed to recently it's our feel that. Yes he had right now and talk about when you got to ought not to rate him pretty. It's true but I also feel that he's gotten out hijacked in the race issue to bring their ratings we expect. I don't think there's been opportunities and you're right about ESPN not only are they. Ratings down but do losing subscribers. Which is even worse it means people aren't plugging. ESP and they go into a different cable package at a moving away from cable and they're taking ESPN out of their lives entirely that's even worse. But I don't see that I think there have been opportunities ESP NS to jump ball all the especially on that SE 6 show with 6 o'clock Andy shy away from it. They go back to sports team even though you don't the cohost on that channel our argument saying and and and tweeting controversial things settle. Some come up with their opinions and tying race into their opinion. So I don't think they can say it's a ball rates which are gold on their publicly. On ESPN on at phone network in your opinion is that race was in play here. Saw it's you could say the subject. Is a decent one but it's only decent if your co host of the opinion. That it is indeed about race and they're the ones insane. There that producers alike and I'm saying it because it's causing controversy. Mr. responsible for the lord's. I sort of been hijacked vessel time because rather focus on what the real issues on the streets was talking about. Football is where the Greek redux except that you know what they don't see black or white I mean. I'm I'm not an expert about political bullet with you ought to make it all. Like legal and be written about particularly out of the round exit. Yeah of course with corporate excessive orchestrate our. Like wire hijacking. Low rates. Break it sort of full on track what's actually going on outside ball. Your. Great corporate thanks I. Are coming over the next hour not only will we get into the elected John Farrell stuff will get into some stuff with the outscored the Yankees. Are about to introduce Aaron Boone as their manager. No experience at all wouldn't that hurt Sox and yankees go wins. Experienced guys that in addition to get a ground. And had a negative issues you've got issues you know you have serious issues such search really charge up a now randomly just texting. They added I. Did it and he had a similar save to did you say that Lou screwed up again where is HR when you what you need to hear why all of that name your phone calls coming up next at six wants episodes of about seven 37 and boy that.