OMF - Lavar Ball is the worst sports parent in America, 12-6-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, December 6th

Hour 3: The guys go over the Aaron Boone introductory press conference and discuss the lack of experience Aaron has and how different it will be from Alex Cora who does have that one year of bench coach under his belt.  Bengals Safety George Iloka's suspension was reduced to a fine.  Lavar Ball was on CNN and Today and the guys break down his answers and try to figure out if the ultimate promoter has come off as an even worse parent than what people originally thought of him.  Evan Drellich released a story about an incident Alex Cora had and people are trying to compare it to the incident between Dennis Eckersly and David Price


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Are you ready. Fort Wayne and moaning and forty equate what I what do you think the bias in the buyers that want your patriots. To open up. You're white player. Three you have this laughable loveable image. There has not been dealt with this private she has committed in this moment because squat is likeable doesn't mean it that doesn't deserve a greater suspension with. Glenn Cohen Christians those awful whose cheap did you talk to Jerry was dirty I have Jason said a whole who warning the whole who want grounds for sure lemon at the exact day. The whole who want him I thought they shouldn't jump in. I would've thought about it and patting myself on the back you can send you understand you on this at all. Bait me aren't you. I apologize what do you handling it and believe it back I got beat everybody. On Sports Radio WEEI. Save one Paulson. Because she was supposed to get this JR Campbell from the shadow we ask website guess I'd stolen there he told us yesterday oh yeah got to 1130. Well because he shows up at 8:30 this morning with Kurt can kill him but the guy was such a don't. He made no sense from his mark a grandmother's basement having bacon and eggs. Ready to light up a big fatty that ball mouse laughing at her all the cameras get sought to put his dude on the air consume you understand. And so I called my Bateman. Like the way app to eat breakfast. I apologize. And believe it back. Sure alleged that genius as a shadow on the show badly out of that going. While we're assured. Fell out on are you beg act man and we're ready to kill pull out pretty accurate and I don't feel like you gotta he did you elect Kurds the illicit and etc. let's dialogue let's see this this is the stuff you guys don't seem like he was able to vet him out he'd realize you listen to the old he did the best you have found no idea but yeah if you win this one I talked to a at all you will the next morning. Good violent. All little thumbnail we'll see Minnesota lawyer today yeah that's who he looks much smarter and everywhere and it's that you get taken the clean it is like Curtis today you lucked out because that was a complete embarrassing. Hope you're aware that a blind squirrels and not a privilege all my jobs as guys fool one he'll Wear that suit next week what was what was it that way that's next week. We should we should we should mentions them. Ball's not happy that they I don't know about falls on his own next week next week coming in to sit in the no good work that well. Lucy's porch. Like. Listen you're going to do what else he's working and you guys rotational player you interact morality has to go to and Jessica loses you remember it's actually this is a great doesn't it we are the same way you show that we some sexual tension in the studio Athens thanks to bonus or trying to prove it or not. Whose excesses so often heard argument Lucy as well hello everybody else. We don't that's you know it's an let it go president of the united I showed you give you your balls you won't have to that the element here and chemical the new. So you might you know that's even coming to America like a gamer presented back as getting involved in its infancy and it and a Lumet says you know admirably in Iowa may. I he's had been very vs. We would you like it Jesus whatever you like yes. They ultimately. The dog that got to be me Ruth and I'm whatever whatever life. Well what you want with 20. With a dude loosen so whatever you want to Paul Weiss. Nervous that to bring Lucy and to help of the show I'm nervous Lucy I should go face. Wedding in July went you know. I don't like that I have that hell. A new person every week that's what the process is how to get this and I think you on this Wednesday she's adults she can handle the young adult she's just hasn't done any. She's not qualified she won't say who sings she just qualified she would suggest you watch all of but I learned juice Angel I want it straighter and joint it to others is that what you're negatively I'm not saying anything like hollow. Especially clear run to bring her in here. Joey okay so Joey is your boss right I am sorry I motivation is here and he's he's made that call on the phone I don't know who made that call this what about looking like out of the same quality of medical problems for a public area. The suit doesn't life decision doesn't hide or is there where are right now author's wife and I create these guys ridiculous. I think it's going to be great associate every week I heard you might be it's it's it's two Libyan every night that you guys noble ideal of an ocean and opponents couple times a week Bryant got a offensively Gaza and go to I got a book of main competitor. Ryan you are you O'Brien must be like it's a loosely off. IE I don't think where. We'd be good she's honestly that's at a loss of life. She's out of your. I don't I don't think you feel. Iron. And look at doing amounts based very nice girl like a lot but I don't think it would Houston volume he's yeah yeah don't. Pull any news you know he's. Yeah. Yeah yeah I don't know. She's also will figure that out to an extra yankees are introducing everybody's interest thing. That ESPN. Did not think that Aaron Boone knew enough about baseball to be like the lead analyst note to give it. To a former female softball player and get Aaron Boone's gonna take over. The most heralded legendary franchise in the newsroom where we break everything down and took a backseat to a now. And he stands out more than anything. You have this guy that can managing Major League team that you have to defer to somebody else. Anybody else manner whatever doesn't matter if it's whatever it's fine but it obviously is is so you have to former broadcasters and relief. Airborne has absolutely. None no. I think. This is after that to me is that to these early. At least Alex Cora was on it with a bench coach of of a championship and he dealt with music on the on the team but only as a. And charges go I don't buy it. I think it's I think it is smokers. Both apple does and no love bonuses and these guys say. Well knows it's like bush is great I'm so I think it's put him in a tough spot I don't know who isn't named it named as bench coach yet. But I'm guessing it's going to be somebody with experience like that you do with a rag to address them here because there are anymore well yeah like out there with with Radke so. But. Alice core people and Pope who defected World Baseball Classic in winter league and things like every helped coach. But one years of bench coach in Major League Baseball I can guarantee you any might not say it now. Tonight because their boots for the job a new York and it would viewed related rates Aaron Boone. But I guarantee before they hired their vote if you asked you know Alice score were you prepared to manage before that last year starting. You know or did one year via bench coach help prepare you you know. To do this using. But he couldn't imagine being a manager at big leagues without having one years of seeing an had seen the game from a manager's side. Dealing with players a regular basis in game decisions. Everything for eight months what a manager goes through the decisions that a manager estimate to be the right hand man. You're managing with that guy you have one year of experience it's only one I get it. But that is a very valuable year to learn the process and voting doesn't have Woolsey that. That's the first thing I answers because I'm looking at the men's guys that the seems crazy what little Little League what it would just a it's it doesn't seem like it's right. As a what's the first thing you do. He said higher bench coach iso AJ hints hires out score. So that's that's got that tells you that Alex Cora AJ had sought out score was. Was way. Just way beyond his years as far as his ability to manage so he was already one step ahead because basically you're on the on deck circle your bench coach. Next up OK I'll record keepers Cory you're next logical step if you wanna get ahead in the world is the hell out. She's got more experience obviously the army is doing does. But I I wouldn't get carried away with it you're talking about two of the biggest franchises in in Major League Baseball. Are pretty which really good teams. Pretty much ring again inexperienced guys say okay so big they lose Joseph Girardi do you think. Aaron Boone is a better manager right now in Georgia I I've done real hard time believing and then there's our clothing. Oh yeah did you know this is why they were second Girardi. And they kind of you do and in. Prove your status that you would think hey guys I know we you guys love this guy who allegedly did better but it doesn't mean that that this guy's not gonna be good manager doesn't mean that out scores going to be good manager. I think there are a lot of questions because of the lack of experience. Number we did that about Bret Stephens he was a different sport. He was a college coach but the college coaches have not had great success in the pros and yet he's one of the best coaches in the FBI. Yeah I think that'd that'd MLB right now you look at it and they're looking at today's players today's athletes are there street younger or not it's about communication. Combat vets sick and and and Bennett and Alex core and haven't Erin bone it's like Brad Stevens a young coach in NBA without professionally that's a difficult thing a coaching kids anymore and I go to stars. And here you don't make a lot more money than you are and any makes it work even though he's young but he maybe because he's younger he can relate to these guys but the respect is still there. That's our Alex comes in play and that's I think booty will be fine. Okay as far as dealing communicating with players that piece of missteps you'll wish he'd handle things differently dealing with the media. I doubled be able to deal with the media it's just that there's certain things on a job that you. Don't learn though and until you're there is the one thing I released Alex got one year that would bode Gaza. I would agree that he's got a little bit more under on that Reza here's what both guys I think they have to fear is having aegis and I agree with. It's all about the personality of the relationship that demand out there Joe's biggest not a but but this still your that is still a lot of people. All school people who believes you've got to be tough with these athletes when John Ferrell came in here. Remember Lou they thought it was John Wayne he thought he was mr. tough guy you can't beat that guy in 2017. Major League Baseball you cannot do that. Girardi was viewed as being too tough. On the players and yet look at the great success they had last year so it won't starts playing and becomes a player's manager. Which I think you've pretty much got to beat if days. It's gonna get criticized by an awful lot if you're not successful that's what they're gonna point it and the something's gonna happen a core year. If they struggle and the Red Sox are in third place in July instead but I I was yeah I don't look at the relationship I agree what is an economic but I think. Really younger guys I think these guys and maybe just out of the game or or you know a few years ten years how alarming is have been out of the game is still young enough. To where. I galaxy was in a press conference that I agree with the bony be the same way that will have a good relationship. So that we wanna do get on ya you respect a lot more. You don't you and I and I think I believe and that is as long as they both do you know hold their players accountable and get on I think both these types of guys will. That's the thing with John it's it's you'll very good the game. You know within game manager we all know that strategy wise in the Red Sox knew that nobody could say nobody nobody ever from day one Everett admitted that he was good. It would just deflect new talk will fix the problems including Honda you want a very good communicated read all that stuff there be wanna give credit for communicate with players when good that either. Annika again it was toy Lavelle owners David Ortiz and get their team together you saw last year and they were successful again but. It was it was it was chaos too I feel so these guys will handle that part. Right John Farrell goes on MLB network here today. And it's kind of it's off to interview him really get into a lot of difficult subject. Think we would probably if you were to do an interview locally here in Boston. To be a lot more around may be minutia legacy to somebody somebody right and soul but they did ask him about his experience here that I yeah. I think not many accomplish what you accomplished there in your five years in Boston. Terrific run that comes to an end in in you went out with a lot of you know lot class and dignity. Moving on to the next phase of your baseball life wherever that may be tied to be a difficult thing. Into it to accept though. In some ways yes because about Wii is really as a team as an organization as a coaching staff. We are proud of with a number of accomplish certain accomplishments that we had there. Including as you saw in 2000 their Tim back to back championships in the Al east. Last couple years but hey every situation has a shelf life and the change was made and do not respect the change that that did take place. I mean you. He did you topical plot here in you know a lot of credit for the way the way it went in your five year run well I think you and I would always point back to players that we have there's so many great players in 2013 and body David Ortiz said that they what he would do himself individually. Koji you hard get a final output. Got to some of the good guys don't understand is why is it. So first of offers a personal personal. Talk about B I mean they should have all just had a cigarette on the scent and when that was done GM's predicted that his humble week but the but the question after the first question. What they did is they applauded. Him supposed to talk about the situation they applauded a wig. Yeah I mean not many accomplish what you come here five years at a hospital. And you get asked that question leader and generally you don't you don't you don't throw a little bit more and it always attitude John John isn't about how did didn't I interviewed him out of the same thing. You won a World Series went back to back gain at least titles you'll compass an awful lot digital is hosting Boston again pretty. Wendy's Jack Ruby Tuesday was the difference now well you know it was kind of softball. When I'm glad you wanted to like Google atom heart and just be real aggressive and too pissed I said it they do it that much too bad yeah. And arts yes like jedi mind trick shortly my Internet human dismissed it categorically that you're best known no no no no you're you're happy you do have to educate you are wondering will he ever say a bad word about anything Willy will we ever find out. Any issues that happen and that's the only thing had debris had to be some situations that what's what I would worry about core I worry about the little Italy where Marist. You know taking a mosque that stolen something else. This idea I don't know we'll see how it plays out. You know we'll see number I told them that want to protect the ballots one night yes. He doesn't what is your World Series divided over BI sent the wrong text to the wrong guy descendant of my buddies have got some BO Comodo whatever which hang out you can throw to him. Yes so this morning he had holes on he happened to be coaching in the World Series yet he's in the sense that he could lift and that could make I can't make it talks soon. Thanks for the invite anyway as expected whatever. So this morning I was just garlic I looked out my phone and I saw this text I sent down and said. The word it was screw. It's stroked her casts. A I ally. What's that mean I don't know committed immediately compete again as we could. Start as I. And they realize is that at their bode well. Doesn't god Jesus doesn't excite his pocket text my bet that he was by the way it's Lou congratulations and good luck you just keep at it before when uploading music thanks Lou stuck with jets on just. Randomly now just texting. Manages of those two teams and a problem I. And I always going to go to get a man Bono and on the heels it's up to follow it's the phone operator. Scrub land. Well it probably some people say man don't I don't blame it. Apology okay you and Peter game's legends fights so quick update real quick yeah. I saw this you want take ago little guys just yeah it is the real shipped by the way is not the fiction to bagels safety George Loko won his appeal and will not. Be suspended. For Angeles. Canada 36000 dollar fine. 36 that followed orders before users I think I'm Shuster and his his his snow again as I already lost his appeal this he got her dead at a tape this might have that is what I got a boat you know it's in the shuffle you but talk about it. Put a finger in the air right bitumen just come their senses national we just I think resolution did I look we just suspended this guy for a hit with any game that we see. In Seoul regularly unfortunately. Was trying to get rid of it but it still happens week we suspended for a game. There's four games to go there's the post season when setting a precedent that this hit which happens. Get a suspend the player that's what's happening I just I think fixed that yeah. They should they should have the basis of reduced both of them I agree Shuster should not be suspended for the hit. So what it would I look at you a local probably centers says you know what is you know the ball's coming in fast. I try to make a play and the ball an immediate hit a you know the al-Qaeda did to question I don't know the only difference to. Right what was punting well as he had exploded. Your dad in his expert yet it's you know Taylor here on Lola or his agent you're preparing for an appeal you don't do. You put a string of fifteen or twenty hits very similar all yearlong. This year out and then you put the results find a fifteenth out 12000515. Here is an example of this same here. Twelve different times you don't stop the twelve because we thought that would get the point but there's probably 44 throughout the course of twelve games this year. Maybe more probably more. And this is the result of each one. You guys have find this individual 152025008. Sacks came it is my client you tell me why you suspend. And it probably security and the hugest and I think what they did is they. After the clock thing they said oh my god this was an ugly game the Cincinnati Pittsburgh and Ottawa citizen same thing if you're right it's happened to a three did for five games before with Cincinnati Pittsburgh we need to do something people are are writing they're talking about how ugly the NFL is. And and then parents are worried about the kids playing football we got to do so they do something low the next day people are going to got to wait while when it apparently. Read that they're back apparently there yet. Let's go the other lighten. Can't you can't operate a lead like that you can't sit here and I go with women at any point we've got to leave it right. They do have leadership problem but the gonna get to got what 45 million dollars a year now as an extension and that's the leadership. I. When people some people fought that will horrible was this wonderful great father read the year. It's a lot of sure sure it toward coming up this year we've got a genital levoir ball he speaks these kids speak and it gets oddly will do it next keep up with. Show on Twitter back a WiMax on WEEI she Ford touring and after this you know I always. Morals or waiver of loading and 48 right now. Fox Sports Radio. If we go one out one night and he can 12 malls one flu once salute with hostility. And these people sought to take his stuff and then. You know needs is not thinking and you would unlock consultants who Nutley Angelo Boller had a feeling the sunglasses he didn't pay for we're going to be a costly mistake. And we left thinking loses giveaways not his thing I realized thug of that milestone like that balance coupe Cuba. Other analysts who Lleyton and soon enough the next morning the police and got us you spend the night in jail. We're winds of oil a day and a half or something like that what was that like. Close load will they take you close to you. Like whatever they have put the moves on sort of tradition students. And the decision seeing it tilt toward a long zoom zoom in and all officer and they don't speaking was. Countries shuttle timely so far all goes seeking justice. I love it's gonna jello yeah hello lately you know. Yeah I saw them do audits of and we knocked it is you they are there or you're doing it's what do we do also that's. Those are quite a lot of wonderful otherwise it is today and it will be accountability issues you know it. I took a gap. What do I have the feeling that. The love Favre basically told them this is what you said. The two go out and you say that the other two guys when did it and you felt like peer pressure yet to go you did it as raucous that's pretty easily. When you got cancer the other two guys that seats are only of god I'm the boss David that. Right there's a golfer in the Boston they did coach absolutely it is no accountability and am Barr the coaches. And I saw that one of the week so it. How is that the coach's fault. Should aid to look at him any free analysts out of you seem to Steve Alford used by Leo talking about dependence on cynical to the point seven years and played before that. These guys the 1718 years old we. Is it we turn them loose to go around town there in ninety minute window or walk around outside the hotel. They're told to knuckle divisions that when as a group they're adults. How you carries up at 1718 I think they know what's right and wrong. Yeah I mean Lavar is a citizen and it's all it's all the office boss all faculty yeah they make all this money. They added they should be accountable. And offers a divot and nine minute window to the line by an ethical until 178 year old kid hey don't steal don't steal. Stuff which they don't get arrested but they did it come before they got there. So as a student athlete or as a student there is a certain code. For students at UCLA they violated the code and therefore. They were putting suspension so the kid by the way the stock and athletic program is probably tossed out of the university. On the other hand they're in a holding pattern of our couldn't wait for the holding back hurts sitting back I'm not waiting. He wasn't punished this bad in shine. That is she's line. Like this is worst punishment that he had just. Sure that's the case just listening to his son talk about what he had to deal with an end in a sell out there two different minds think suspended I was too long pre away. Yeah that's that's the whole season including us analysis along time ago enough and I rather be playing China already said okay. He made their mistake we're gonna front the charges just a punishment didn't. But in China for stealing a definite punishment than a year now we over here because we got sort of some more push the apologize. What is the long process war we went to UCLA. One and done play basketball. People know or so ago that kids are in the NFL he's simplicity and get punished for off the field continue given punished. On but here's the thing he's right he went out there as he he he not only the bridge to launch China. But he broke the UCLA rules yes it is so you missions punish you you don't just get punished by China. Update our China punished by the university. UCLA without you knowing you acted outs UK these conduct that two months ago immediately which have metadata is if you you you're an athlete of college. University. You get arrested. And in the universe is gonna punish isn't what I think he got a couple or single thing that's cool and it's just the way you do it seemed they would have happened because he's Shakira to think he should be should be punished twice a but they can't even punishment China will he doesn't look. An out they'd let him up because the president bill does that sound but this thing would have happened do you view where we live in thinking that they're out they're even if he did it at the Sherman Oaks mall. The same thing would have happened the university was out there and said hey you violated. The rules and regulations and mr. Sherman Oaks mall already are punishment they kept me Amal jail. I was there like two hours that old stale popcorn at the east I like better. Let's call for those asked yesterday when he learned the best golfer when he learned of the Angelo leading. In the you know plays three total of Barley and so is that why they need to talk to me in order fine. These these are not here to judge parenting. And not here to judge of people do things and cynical best. They didn't tell Alford Alford found out about it from the media blundered the so so it is packet third audit of storm yes I put that out of the dorm and rightly so tonight Salinas closed well he just lost the players college pulled money university to be contact the and you contact the player the follies are now. Why. Why do you tell me to keep gives a rats and oh my god it's the best that ever happened to go in his words so that is very natural here's are screwed up this are some question about the high school kid whether he's going to have legitimate eligibility. Because of the big Boller in fact that is a big ball shoe and it it depends on whether they're filtering kid money you whatever gets complicated. But UCLA. Insiders. Are not our record. But off the record says Angela packets UCL a into the always get a verbal commitment he will not be coming here to UCLA so what does Lavoy argue this is a guy. Who's got three sons who apparently fairly tale two of them look like the NBA players this is what he's talking about the for the future for the three kids. Going to did jell O in shape I'm going to work him out boom some of the things he's going to be interior and always boards and wounded on the lakers were talking to. People look up in his heart that all get on lakers. Thousands and unpleasant period and now what about money and play was so in the loft lumumba was in LA that's like. Pena right there really means is being able to play within. Kennedy Heidi I feel bad that streak you're never going you ready for this happen and I'll make a British amber make a prediction for you now a year from now. None of those kids will be on the Los Angeles Lakers I like that idea. I like none of them because he's already pissing them off. In the Laker organization the kids not good enough right now he can't develop a shot at all he can make free throws. He's shying away from driving in the paint right now because yes go to the free throw line and he's embarrassed at the free throw the kitchen is all messed up the father's not helping out. And on top of that they had to change the rules this past week with the lakers. That. Media rules most gains of peace activists in the family area yet they don't all they don't there's no media availability let it roll so I had a hardball let's try to end the named the national it okay so what's good what's of this rule they always have it now there for. So what the lakers looked at the lakers said will the media can't help themselves to Lavar is just the ratings machine. They put them on the air is so stupid things and it's perfect for us in the media right. And I I have no problem with anybody putting them on a year because we know what he does and how we generates an audience 'cause he's off the wall he's unpredictable. But the lakers this is killer having a guy he's already criticizing. Luke Walton he's criticizing the fact that his kids not play in these situations in the the saddle up and we're proud. But the fact is that yeah I mean in and if I have done if I'm match. I you know I get it I don't know could trade him this weekend of the ourselves if there's there's an autopsies but here's the thing now. You hit the bar like who wants them. I think underestimate what a pain in the ass you guys it with you I already are finally did and I got this guy is going to be I thought I don't know Diller for the opportunity and you lie lie of course these things as they out of diesel hike he's not and he and he's not they did it easily it's okay. And it cracked as even at the fans really know I guess I mean they know they've lost five straight now we're talking before you know they were eight and ten they saw it you talk about an aggregate to 25 a team would be decent at a well it must now five straight face I did now for eight and fifteen. Soul you know you don't the NBA's like it right now it's like it's all QB in the year twenty games in 45 games in little. Watch when it's sixty games it up 5560. Watts in February drove to tell when they lose fourteen of fifteen can't went through you know what that is I. The dog days of an NBA season. Yeah anyway and it is it's gonna miss one little bit of oh my goodness well city's biggest problem with the lakers. Is they might end up winning the the lottery in their number one that may be your biggest fear I think they're going to be two through finally is that maybe six. Well lighted tunnel of them I think he's going to be the other thing is that you know this it'll get exploit back that he's just you know birdies do you Sealy bridge as he leaves as he walks out the door for T for a four university completely stood up for and protected them. Given multiple opportunities he's got burned that bridge isn't there right. The fact that he assumes he's there ought to be lakers won that perhaps not unity entertainer. Or that they're even gonna be drafted them the Michelangelo the one they got arrested like he. He's not even on and a any scouts first two rounds high school kid is he OK but he's in high school up his base at school. 100 hit so hard and I'm out you. Yeah you know judge him how do you judge him don't if he's not easy Jonas if he's home schooled and he's coached by this bowl. You can't. And it doesn't hit like Michelangelo I thought a package deal like can you you're not gonna sit there and draft lemon cello and the green Michelangelo along with him they'll just because OK it's family it's not it's not a college trying to get into. But I candidate give up a scholarship usually should be happy as healthy as. So paso Christian warrior argued this point last year there were people were coming out saying he is a good father he's got those kids. You know that it wellbeing as it is a top priority that's all BS you know forty S is a top priority this is a frustrated father. Who is mine bought he was Michael Jordan he is trying to live his life now through his kids and you don't Stewart. Even those kids have got some talent and could be playing it should be playing an NBA he's destroying this can these kids but she. Oh what though the the other side of it is like the marketing of far all we don't I don't know what Theo outcomes going to be for Lee Angela Melo or anything else but. They're just saw someone who rumors that the agent Leigh Angela mellow. It reached out to teams and Lithuania Croatia France Japan but they haven't received any formal offers real they will. You're telling me some team over or does so it'll take them I want to all the Brothers yeah. And from the long haul Camilla should be there it is filled their stadium I mean. That's the saints the marketing side of it. Will lend them a job overseas we'll let us put. Another thing is that the marketing a big bulge might be in that helped by this he's getting tons of as inferior especially your social media now you can get attention for anything you want you can call somebody an. Average and suddenly because of social media it becomes a buzz word out there already is talking about a ton of engineers but but but you tell me. Is levoir are really doing good for those kids I think he's destroying those you know I totally agree LTL status. Com. I could see his brand being more marketable overseas. Where people don't get Woodruff Woodard. You bet he is as well it if he would be 500 or 600 and I know I think because it's it's removed from the State's 49 know what I yielded forty McNair arrived he can create his own air to be your right is all story. And if they think he want to listen to and Narnia a bunch of attention anywhere he goes but the one contributed to be careful though did you you don't want this off to media of China didn't mention China no one expected I don't know it's not just a natural connection out there like you know limit shall have to pay it borders on my dad he goes back to China. Did you see you all knew they had pop. Store leverage China while he was in jail while I was gonna go well. It is sailing you can you know breaking news Lavar takes his act overseas. Here you know we criticizes act we lack the exact. Some of these places overseas it might not laugh they may be. But suddenly I think I act and not left collarbone that it's a shell game it's it's it's. It's a total you know veteran rob Ashe that the kids were playing Croatia for the rest of their lives. I think the goal is he already sold about always probably not Melo played there and be that eighteen year old oversee guy from Croatia distracted top five. I'm and there's a lot again and good luck or money and let it happen people are. Those are aliens those not. Nine NBA prospect I'd say what his dream of those three kids points for the lakers when it's all said done there will be zero kids. Playing for the lakers and if LeBron decides he wants to go to the lakers next year. The first it'll be shipped out will be that gotten Alonso will be the first one they ship out to bring in veteran players are gonna play alongside hundreds. Like 61777979. 37. Credit card check my head I'm bringing him back in the lineup at some. Fox Sports Radio. No matter what happens to a bar ball and his family say they are only. Looking forward to fallback plan could get I don't fall back when it was about a couple veteran on the board 80% this late twenties into a fall back on the hundred you. One of good stuff. Houston's Mario always beautiful guy and fullbacks are always at our you don't have to have funny Croatian and good luck to you buddy. The U don't want people are gonna get sick and tired of the woman in a good start ignoring him and starts at New York. I don't know originally put him on it because he's crazy and we're crazy the only way. Any Iraqi citizen to Milwaukee but now. With the bureau which you know why is the worst the worst thing that could happen to everybody involved in acts at Eddie he's in LA. You're right but don't you think as we go anywhere don't you think it's affecting that the kid now I mean look who's talking about. You know what happens if they keep on losing and losing begets losing and then suddenly throw the towel in. You give up but this kid right now is afraid to take the Baltimore holds aborting any physical contact because guess what. The start and. Wrap your arms around and putting a smile you know I think is worse and I don't know Lou you've ever had to deal with this when. Family members get involved publicly criticizing. A teammate for any reason. There there comes in late it becomes that becomes the biggest issue because. Other team members get pissed off. That some outside force that is connected to the team is being critical getting all this attention for what are your buddies so. It's not like you know Jim Rome really dissing you you know it's not it's not that had to deal it's somebody's acted. Is saying that you guys sought an NA he's the only ones doing the right thing so his side. Is the only one who's who's who's playing hard giving given an audit and they suck because he's. Being screwed well I have always felt that and follow it that's. That's what's gonna come and deployment we lost a couple of games and and it's. And we you'd hear levoir Annika said during these tough times of the season you can hear the father c'mon say what's these agreements on you know he would had ten assists last night in British out Garrett. You know that is still Brook Lopez and sometimes yes typical opens up a little posted on that Johnson assistant so it's notable grown men. Ultra open has been a league a long time you know or even into museums don't player but still these these are run. Anita your dad Rick and my game. No because if he got up they you know perfect yeah we're all struggling right now. And again like I said that's when it hits when you lose fourteen out of 15 January back in February and you're an East Coast trip and you're traveling with the team in your pissed if you're not shoot well at any pick up the paper and she Lavar ball received text. From a friendly member of yours in the bars talking trash back in LAW on this West Coast trip because Ewing and shots and dishonesty knew or. That is when you just in a mood and you can't take anymore out and you take out on the side. Who might be a good kid who weights and anything. Is devastated from afar and now all of a sudden Lorenzo's got issues with his own teammates mad. Voice of god. These guys because those guys say listen you go to go to the bar go to the kid who's ninety torture illegal to add to show Jeff Allen's smile now overtaken around. I'll shut it or all the holes looks to be against hood hood gone now does it. Yes if you don't have as the kid that eventually starts losing confidence in his own game because he's got a Safina going let's go to shoot around within that because they'll line and doing them anymore he's all by himself and erode and he's it is over royalty trust and no nobody wants it you know there was a kid diesel Russell. Oh yeah LA and all that crap broke down there and oh yeah if you don't have gallon Friday trade possess. It'll bring that's what's gonna happen it's gonna be gonna put a divide between the lines a ball who might be a good kid. Who might not be seeing any of this stuff is dead days. Is Travis state between all of his teammates and apple wanna hang out with a knuckle talk we look at to see that just adds to the problem the kid already has CC does not happen in the shark. And he doesn't have an NBA shot from fifteen feet never. Minds and it was a little you know so also cop for him you know so cough him a career wise would be injured Jason Kate Gunderson it's our dignity security and we'll hear Rondo. I ain't exactly a thousand they've Rondo okay the reason rebounds. Great passer not a good shooter terrible shooter not forget about not a not a good go to the places on your furniture surely make you a reason to 50% of preterm. Understandable if you're gonna come what's the ceiling for him it's Rondo that's his ceiling yes minus the ignited this and you know and stop one missile on trip. But the problem I have with that is an overnight and I think yeah I think if you're playing with great players and Rondo was playing with great pleasure might be able to get away without in the league today if you don't have an outside shot. You can't really you you can't survive at that point guard spot you need to have. Because they don't leave you alone the gonna play you for the dribble driving and played for the penetration in the deja. You need to be able to do it it's amazing when you should watch him B games now and you watch at how easy. A three point shot is for any player forget about small players big players medium size and go watch what you OK it's like yes. Royalty due writers that's it. It's it's amazing that it took so long. To adapt to the old team was post back to the basket drive inside you know. And now the game is all it is way twenty or more people worst shot. In the game. Is afoot within the three point line. The two point shot like right in front of the three point that's the worse shot in the game right now. Take a step back and shoot through the tickets it'll it'll pull out or all the way to the whole Betsy appeared drive and kick to a guy with an open third that's the game. How much of a game the other night with my son and trying to explain to him that killed as they never did all of these three point and everybody's taking. Three pointers in the game and it and you could miss at a at a much higher clip and still win games by taken three. It's a we didn't get to we'll throw it out tyranny and on the table here and we're gonna get to to Mike Greece and the uncomfortable why Kris question. Of the week. Armed Buckley writes today the Red Sox should have known. About Alex core incident in Houston. Well Evans relic of NBC sports Boston wrote that piece we talked about it yesterday trying to draw a a parallel with the David Price Dennis Chris leak airplane incident which I didn't see a syndicate I understand what was on a bus what was on a plane at. But it seems to me that was a little bit different based on the history of core. With Geoff Baum and. What do The Herald and reached a police had glass on the front pages sports is Buckley's Sox dropped the ball on core research. And a buck as a way headlights you know but the headline for his arm over anyway I stocks mismanaged Cora higher. To have talks mismanaged. Core hire act Astros incident lack of info is concerning. I don't relate to at all. At all this. You know Alex being on a bet on a boss having it a burst with Geoff Blum whom might be the radio broadcasts on which which side he is TV signals to TV guide. These two guys played each other at the same career same length of conflict their their peers you know it wasn't over incidence of being too sensitive. It was just a regular argument on the boss. Should the Red Sox have known about it. We have to have changed anything but when his right well only if you process that gave an incident with David Price. Have you ever had an argument with anybody during your career Olivia and an argument with anybody and your version here. It's again yes there I would hosted everyone it's not so yeah I would say this to the debate heated yes it was easy I swore. I would say this book is but has worked as you probably know intelligent and always different locations they felt. Which you're never alone so I'm so Bok because of his history in his resonate in these different places. Has bounced around he's got history and working relationships. With a lot of people in different cities where the controller. Come from where was his last job used to. This taxes and interest that it doesn't connect then of course she doesn't know and so we know as the trainer and he knows the equipment guy and he knows people behind the scenes. And somebody obviously gave them the story because he has a relationship. In his last stop okay. And he's bright talk a normal day how scored down there well you get the idea that it one thing that let them go and make some of these people can't help themselves they loved to tell stories specially when core is gone. Coach knows that that's which relic of the start but how it was somebody in the Red Sox organization. Going to get a story like that from somebody out of Houston. Ordered it what does not tell the story. And certainly has not tolerance I'd say I'd want to I want a tip you off it does one little experience I had on Boston might be parallel to what you guys dealt with last year what good does paprika and John. Now this not parallel with our comparison. Not Unionists who have read the article just at the end and let it said that when he should've just ended it with was not talk amongst ourselves right. Because it's thought am I reading eagle what is this. We pitched trend are parallel to it yet and as well as articles to the look at the you know. Alice come in as a manager this team in the Red Sox and then you sit there and ask Alex I mean Evan rather. That article it's worth it. Is it wasn't newsworthy to me. It wasn't a big story. But wasn't worth it giveaways were salivating at the other guy who goes Joseph Nacchio knew managed gonna goes discourage relic you know it's just was it worth it but what. We do it as you know and drove it throws that out there he's obviously got the Houston connection. And I'll say this because color covers that beat. He he probably shot is what too early in all all of this I sent an end that thing is that he probably should wait. If he's gonna get stories up out of Houston somewhere down a wrote right because you're already starting if I'm Alex core of looking at can OK there's a guy got to watch. The seventh relic I got water he's out to get my ass is 'cause he's got a connection out of Houston I got a lot of Susie I'm sure it's not ideas from my standpoint not this. Toyota isn't without additional well I just thought it's lot like that sideline outburst sideline arguments you know guys who get in fights ever heard of energies. Really like to Wrigley Field islands of any player right right. Bus trips you know you name it. Arguments that fits so I'm not sure I disagree Eric Barkley peace and amateur. The Red Sox might have got an awful lot of information what does she thinks barked they might have looked at this and said it's not a big deal and it's got nothing to do. With the courage we deal with price that was much different than this or they might have not been able to get somebody to drop a dying. Like draw elected because he's got relationships like you had parked in previous stops. It's just it's such a non story that's why everybody's agreement story in the media is gonna make it up. Drug summit with Felger felt is obviously licking his chops this is something we work we all go to mumbling and we all do this. We're sitting there saying oh my god we get something here this will be good to have anything ever happens we can bring the story backwards or. This is very similar to what's going on here now but is it fair. And and should the Red Sox had noted in even if they did she did have prevented. Him from. Hi Donny Alice Dixon would live but I think that's a coherent and it would affected anything but. They should have known Alex should of offered by the auction off in the conversation Dombrowski with him twice in AG mention you know because. Well because it's it it's a heated disagreement. That. Happens all the time India and doesn't really kind of the red flag doesn't pop up on this one. At all in mind yeah but here's the media be if he'll play opportunities them through evaluate yourself. And illegal honorable dishonorable that but this isn't one of them. Lou charter planes and everything else it's very difficult now because you've got the exclusive company of the Red Sox or the Houston Astros. You don't have media on these flights anymore years ago that's what you had and they could see some of the she don't have that anymore boxes they're isolated. Nobody's in there are tons of stories like this probably when it comes to the trials and and tribulations of the team during the course of the season that nobody knows about. We all found out about the grizzly thing because obviously somebody wanted to get that word out. 'cause it was often there are we got Mike race coming up next according to Mike Greece uncomfortable. Question of the way.