OMF - Mike Reiss does everything he can to NOT say "dildo" on the radio, 12-6-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, December 6th

Mike Reiss joins Glenn, Lou, and Christian to discuss Tom Brady missing from practice today, but Chris Hogan's return just at the right time as the Patriots will be without Rob Gronkowski on Monday Night against the Dolphins.  They then discuss the Gronkowski suspension and Mike says he isn't a big "suspension guy".  Lastly, the guys close out their talk with Mike with the Uncomfortbale Question of the Week and Mike does his best to not say "dildo" on the radio.


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I'm back here and all and that's my final hour today the biggest out of the program as we get my Greece from ESP and joining us a lot couple of look comfortable questions. And then of course the thing that might give convoys the most during the course of the week he's secretly decrease uncomfortable personally I don't like it. Do it well and I just came out of the indoor practice bubble where the patriots attraction again. He turned way up as they prepare for the heat of the lord of seasons with some autonomy or no Tom Brady. Tom Brady today if practice let Chris opened it back and that's significant because we can't look gronkowski they're gonna leave it out of it helps get another guy back as soon he'll be ready to go Monday night. So they added Johnson Freeney onto the team is right now. I visit my key goal late like Peter you take a church sauce and narrower. Yeah a couple of theirs alone are gonna show like I definitely have begun so we'll Singtel have so I think you know you mentioned Chris hold. I think it's finally time. For my guy do when he and the main man Alan duke had the break out game no more flat route passes or stupid. I didn't screens to get him involved in the offense might. Newton what Christian he and or cut and play weak side again that can't. We don't click if you are so the most he's played a nickname all year and I talk to him left Texas writes he catches that's. Gonna have now split but but I think Christian around him just like. When he came here in the spring he said he did body. So best stuff he didn't feel good. I don't know what it was it was carrying too much weight or whatever it was when he talked in the last week in Atlanta you can have a little while. Finally yield good and and like if you notice a difference. In the second half but this season with him it's because at bat like he started if you'll. Better you know witness condition now with that you really classy to me you know I tell a different. Like ever since the second Abbas he looks like a little bit of the different. Every Selma and impact full player out there and I think that's what you worry about with the came on Monday now Stephon Gilmore looks like he totally. Different. Place right you see the same thing. Totally different player I agreement that but I also specifically on that impact well. And Allan just go back that up you certainly not a pass catcher like gronkowski but like kissed him in the blocking game like pretty big impact would. If you look at ethnic Ron I think it was that the unless run. Worries that I'm the guy in buffalo to a balanced locking down and likes the actual you can actually go back to Gilmore. No doubt and look I I told you what I look in his guys. I do remember that I had announced Amazon comes across. I don't. I don't you kill me and it's just a matter of comfort level for him and that's not a surprise I think to the guys in the room and on you know they got through that early season struggle and that it except for him. You know last week is with buffalo targeting him in bella checked out of you got on the sideline. He would smile and he thought it was you know solid effort by Gilmore to respond to that. He'll let you missing Hogan because it's kind of been a forgotten man I mean he's out there today but what do the weather real expectations. So when the starters back. So I. You know I don't know for sure Lou but I would say that this result been on schedule from what I understood when he went out against the chargers on October 29. The sense that that I or what I heard it was you know like between quarter six week. Sore right around that time you know my math is right and the idea of the year the concept would be okay even if you bring them back this week and it's not in regular workload which would normally be pretty much every snap. That you couldn't get his conditioning. Up you know a little bit to a level it would. Pittsburgh on the seventy. The December you can rely on him for what you would normally rely. Him and that would you would like he's heading whether that's exactly where gold I don't know about five cents up. So Mike what's changed with Miami since the last time a player so long ago I mean I. Dissimilar to another and reason you sit there and look at to Miami and the way back in the early days is to be an easier tough place for the patriots to play. You know you do the weather was to blame the team was to blame what ever. It just this one seems like your run of the mill cakewalk. Well so what would you say what's changing from two weeks ago does that help all that. Well obviously the quarterback Graham you really article into this this and you joked can't sell. You figure it out might. Consumers not obvious. That's for sure I'm serious I mean it's nothing adds nothing right it's just you're just it's just you're basically just did there in this game bye did his game waiting for Pittsburgh. I think that's fair I think that the same topic that talked about bill couple weeks ago with this team is that you play as Brady said. To echo of the whistle which is a little bit of a different styles so they're gonna toe the line. Took eight hits in that game. Against them a couple weeks ago so that's why I still think that's a valid topic of discussion let's say yet just when it get through it if the Pittsburgh by. You know get through it means not just win it but get through it healthy and I would say first apple backing against the bills Christian left side of the offensive line. Little bit of a concern right so coming into this game I think subsequent topic of discussion highlight got to protect. Rated better than they have. He'll Mike no Rob Gronkowski first off do you feel like the league got it right. Well they have to do something you know I just when you personally like a lot of huge suspension got adequate look at it. I think what I wanna see the players especially the Smart way echoes the like. You know that you'll Elliott like at rather see him on the field he then went without Brady gronkowski. So I I'm. I'm more about last you know left suspension the better. But that means like he can't condone actions. You know and they had to do something. And whether it was a big fine or suspension. On you know the committee whether you got it right or not but in consistency of how they sort of in these things out as makes it tough for me to say they got it right they've got armed because. Each one is so random. But clearly they had to do something because. You know you couldn't duplicate these are the hold myself accountable immediately after the game I thought was that the suspension with a little bit farfetched. In Ohio I would run around. So ought to be heard Ryan Clark and I think as he is the enemy and which when he's on but he's of a text he got from white sainthood is now after. Rob Gronkowski how much that concern you in three weeks. Well I got it and you know obviously something. I think you'd probably be a little bit concerned about it but I. My thought on that if I don't think Sean McDermott the bill coach we'll let that happen in May be done by you on that loop. I've got I've got a lot of respect. You know between Belichick and McDermott after the game. And I think he's got back that culture advocate place and I don't think he'll allow it to happen maybe I'm wrong and that will revisit it but certainly something to keep on the race. I've big picture because Miami can't get excited about I think most. Patriot fans are looking at each one of these games with the exception obviously of Pittsburgh and if you lose that game you still feel confident going to Pittsburgh and in the post season. So what weaknesses do you see where this team other than maybe the defense is vulnerable so boom run. And down the way download deep horizon here. You can look at a team like Philadelphia they could rush four point seven back in coverage that are called Bree. Some. What are the weaknesses can you see on the horizon. Well Glenn like when I go back to like sixteen to the patriots at La you know there are some of their costs or losses like this Super Bowl against the giants right. It's good note that while the offensive line especially you know seven you know in the Super Bowl like I. I thought there were some concerning signs of backing him against the bill that just shows you. But in one sense you credit the patriots are winning a game you know when they you have to run Liam looked at the running game because excelled in the red zone. But politics is a bad day excellent Serb offensive line and you know it could be over. One thing is that you will more consistency. Along the offensively and defensively I have to be honest I don't know how they're doing and you watched that game like that first drive. The buffalo hand I mean. That that was impressive and then. They get the red zone stop so I think a concern will be not took the brunt in the club but like if they get in the game and they all of a sudden can't. Get the red zone saw where they Kia. Get the turnovers you think about seasons where that happened you know when you're in that one game playoff format that you've been relying on all of you all of a sudden. Isn't there. Don't step up and then there were allowed six point three yards on first down at the worst. It is total in the league so I need older couple. Yeah but I think that gets covered up like because and they had trouble doing this in the first half of buffalo. But they've gotten because of Tom Brady big leads to score leads which they went out to an earlier in the season now they take the other team out of the running game the other team has to throw and that's playing to distract the defense. But you know. I just shift at a cover up for every weakness you have do they have enough cover up here to disguise and hide. You know these witnesses tea. I do like I think they do and sometimes until the other you know aren't just being so close to the team where you see that efficient use and you realize every. Hasn't deficiencies in your point's well taken. Sit there you know at the hole. Picture on the S three units. And they put so much pressure on the other team you know knowing that great either on the other side it's almost like these teens like the quick about that. Let the other interception what was he thinking. Our mark with a total put the pressure. These other teams. It is time right now full of them migraines. Constitutional question. For the moment. Hey what would you say that might disagree job writing. Yeah I let alone he describes the story arc he's trying to describe some that he sees on the heels argument on point or at least are always listen it is actually met right after he'd been feeling bad hair and write else you know you're at that game Sunday right one applicant gets both all right Mike. Yeah something was thrown on the field again. I miss that Christie once no use you saw you told me. Your way with words and figure that you could tell us exactly describe exactly what that was simply have a few things happen around him last year it's happening to their own minds and our way into work. I urge you hate Europe Europe Europe doctor guy cross the you're talking about the 00. No on the ball you know not attached to the bulls now note try again now. I missed it if you're Christian of last year of lunch there. Don't know Mike I know you know when I'm talking about Mike you can't be away from this one. You remember it ever okay Justin I know he sought. Last year in last year's game and something on the field they did this same. They did this they they did the same thing this year a case I need you described because we're not world suspects were all made with our we're not allowed to say it. And describe it so we need you to. I. Which he's eligible was thrown on the people say cylinders square help that thing on Angel boy glad Mike and go to court. There's global. They can tell you a little bit regularly at start you know he was and you watched you watch TV commercials. Mikey you watch him and I'd you idyllic way. And now he described it. The biggest way possible. I'm comfortable out. Hard to say. Please state how might I thought he declared this week. It's probably an oil well up there. Art you can do you have trouble since I thought exit hole of the final thought on make you happy I'm knowledge about this one. You have to say you want it to heart what type toy what from whom. How he would say this one I don't know Chris yeah. There are. Mikey. At night c'mon you can do is now he's used this usually welcomes the medical terminology. But yeah after that your doctor. Think what we're just trying to figure doctor and I check came in I said I need some air to help I need a miracle twice. Delicate things about five hours doctor yeah. Well enough that you know great. There and just their best of what won't Matlock or use. Already you know how to answer. I mean come on just what was what was thrown onto the field. Yeah I didn't get it your view Iraq. So yeah and I'll post a list is not this includes the of this leg my oh my god my good game is over my you know every player who played on yes we have played the game you'll less opposition by businesses. That I have this. This snap count break. Admit it. C'mon might want last year at the Q we have we have Big Apple lines are all encouraging their all the all once used to describe what it wants. It did it was exploring that. Well yeah. And you did you took a Tug of why am I think. It's a good solid hold on is off right now we'll we'll talk to assume like most violent. I'm Mike and Ike seriously as well element of the ESP.