OMF - Mike Reiss gets uncomfortable; Fauria thinks Dale is a sexual deviant, 12-6-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, December 6th

Hour 4: Glenn, Lou, and Christian are joined by Mike Reiss to discuss all things Patriots, especially the return of Chris Hogan, Rob Gronkowski's suspension, and Mike's unwillingness to say the word "dildo" on the radio.  Then the conversation takes a turn as the guys discuss some people they expect could be sexually experimental in the comfort of their own homes and end the show with a crossover with Michael Holley.


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On you read each. Fort Wayne and moaning and forty equate what I what do you think the bias in the buyer if you want your patriots. To open up. You're white player. Three you have this laughable loveable image. There has not been dealt with this private she has committed in this moment because what his likeable doesn't mean it that doesn't deserve a greater suspension with Glenn. When Christians those awful whose cheap did you talk to Jerry was dirty I have Jason said a whole who warning the whole who want grounds for sure I mean if the exact case. The whole who want him I thought they shouldn't jump them. I would have thought about it how patting myself on the back you'd lose them you understand you and so I'm at home. Statements that aren't you. I apologize what do you haven't played it and believe it back I don't read everybody's right now on Sports Radio WEEI. I'm back here and always end up my final. Our today the biggest hour of the program as we got my Greece from ESPN joining us so a lot couple of look comfortable questions. And then of course the thing that might give convoys the most during the course of the week he's secretly decrease uncomfortable fortunately got home I hate. Do it well. I I just came out of the indoor practice bubble where the patriots attraction again. He turned way out as they prepare for the heat of the board of his sons it was a it was hot in their note somber duty. Note Tom Brady today if practice let Chris opened it back and that's significant because a couple of gronkowski they're gonna be without them. It helps get another guy back as soon he'll be ready to go Monday. So they added Johnson Freeney onto the team is right now I visit my key goal late wife unity ticket Chertoff. Era war. Yeah. A couple of years alone are gonna show my gun definitely found the gun show will Singtel have so I think you know you mentioned Chris hold it. I think it's finally time. For my guy do believe that the main man Alan duke had the break out game no more flat route passes or stupid and screens. Did him involved in the offense might. Newton who Christian he and or cut and play weak side again that's Tampa. Rebound late fifty or so the most he's played and the team all year and I talk to him last pitches right catches that's. Gonna have that much but but but I think Christian around him just like. When he came here in the spring he said it body. So best stuff he didn't feel good I don't know what it was it with Kerry and too much weight or whatever it was when he talked in the last week in Atlanta it's taken him a little while. Finally yield good again and like if you've noticed. A difference in the second half but this season with him its because of that like you are and if you'll. Better you know with this condition. That you really classy to me I. You know I Ella efforts like ever since the second. It looked like a little bit of the different players. Every Selma and impact full player out there and I think that's what you worry about with the came on Monday now Stephon Gilmore looks like he totally. Different. Place right you see the same thing. Totally different player I agree with that but I also glad I disagree on that impact on Allen just go back that not you certainly not a pass catcher. Like gronkowski. But I kissed him in the blocking game like pretty big impact would. If you look at ethnic. Run I think it was that the unless round. Where he stepped on the gas and bustle to a balanced locking down and likes. Actual impact but go back to Gilmore. No doubt and look I told you when I looked at you guys. I do remember that I had announced Amazon comes across. Arm and. I know you're able to kill me and it's just a matter of comfort level for him and that's not a surprise I think to the guys in the room and you know they got through that early season struggle and that it except for him. You know last week to wood buffalo targeting him and Belichick. You got on the sideline he would smile and he thought it was you know solid effort by Gilmore to respond to that so. Yeah Mike you mentioned Hogan because it's kind of been a forgotten man I mean he's out there today but what the weather real expectations. So when the starters back. So I. You know I don't know for sure Lou but I would say that this is all being on schedule from what I understood what he went out against the chargers on October 29. The sense that that I or what I heard it was you know like between 46. Sore right around that time you know my math is right and the idea to me your concept would be okay that you bring them back this week and it's not its regular workload which would normally be pretty much every snap. Maybe you can get his conditioning. Up you know a little bit to a level where would you didn't Pittsburgh. On the seventy. The December you can rely on him for what you would normally via. And and that would you write heading whether that's exactly where cold I don't know about my sense. So Mike what's changed with Miami since the last time a player so long ago I mean I. Just seems like another I know you're using you sit there and look at to Miami and the way back in the early days is to be and he's been a tough place for the patriots to play. You know you do the weather was to blame the team was to blame what ever. It just this one seems like your run of the mill cakewalk. Well so what would you take what's changing from two weeks ago. Does that help the ultimate. For. Well obviously the quarterback Graham do you really want to go into this this and are you joking. It can't sell. You figure it out might cost consumers none obvious. That's for sure I'm serious I mean it's nothing adds nothing right it's just you're just it just your basically just did their of this game I entered this game waiting for Pittsburgh. I think that's fair I think that the same topic of talk about though couple weeks ago with this team is that you play as Brady said. To echo of the whistle which is a little bit of a different style so they're gonna toe the line. Took a hit connect gains against them a couple of weeks ago so that's why I still think that's a valid. Topic of discussion of say yet to sort of get through it if the Pittsburgh by. We'll get through it means not just win it but get through it healthy and I would say first apple back against the bills Christian left side of the offensive line. Little bit of a concern right so coming into this game I think subsequent topic discussion highlight got to protect Brady better than they have. He'll Mike and Rob Gronkowski first off do you feel like the league got it right. Well they have to do something. You know I just think personally that somebody huge suspension guy like I look at it. I think like I wanna see the players especially the start way echoes the like. You know you'll Elliot like at whether you're on the field Arctic and went without Brady gronkowski. So I I'm. I'm more about left and left suspension the better. But that means like he can't condone actions. You know and they had to do something and whether it was a big fine or suspension. On you know the committee whether you. You got it right or not that inconsistency. Of how they sort of in these things out as makes it tough for me to say they got it right and it got on because each one is so. Random but clearly they had to do something because. You know you couldn't duplicate these are the hold myself accountable immediately after the game I thought was that a suspension with a little bit. Far fetched in Ohio I was wrong on the. So ought to be heard Ryan Clark and I think easiest pin in it and we'll Tories on but he's of a text he got from white saying that's good is now after. Rob Gronkowski how much that concern you in three weeks. Well I got it and you know obviously something. I think you'd probably be a little bit concerned about it but I have my automatic I don't think Sean McDermott the bills coach. We'll let that happen in May be on the buy you about that loop. I saw a lot I saw a lot of respect. You know between Belichick and McDermott after the game. And I think he's got back that culture advocate place and I don't think he'll allow it to happen maybe I'm wrong and that will be there today. But certainly something to keep on the race. I'd big picture 'cause Miami can't get excited about I think most. Patriot fans are looking at each one of these games with the exception obviously of Pittsburgh but even if you lose that game you still feel confident going to Pittsburgh and in the post season. So what weaknesses do you see where this team other than maybe the defense is vulnerable so boom run. And down the way download deep horizon here. You can look at a team like Philadelphia they could rush four point seven back in coverage ever pair called Bree. Some. What are the weaknesses can you see on the horizon. Well Glenn like when I go back to like big gains at the patriots at La you know there are some of their costs or losses like the Super Bowl against the giants right. Don't think about offensive line especially you know seven you know in the Super Bowl like I. I thought it worsened concerning signs of Nike and against the bill and it just shows you. There in one sense you credit the patriots are winning a game you know when they you have to rely on the left it running game because they stalled in the red zone let politics in the the bad day excellence are the offensive line and it'll be over about one thing if they give more consistency. On the offensive line and defensively I have to be honest I don't know how they're doing and you watched that game like that first drive the buffalo head I mean. That that was impressive and then they get the red zone stops like take a concern will be not just the bunt in the club but like. If they get in the game and they all of a sudden can't. Get the red zone stop or they can't. Get the turnovers you think about seasons where that happened earlier in that one game playoff and that thing you've been reliant on all year all of a sudden. Isn't there. One step up and they're they're allowed six point three yards on first down at the worst. It is total in the lead so to me those are a couple. Yeah but I think that gets covered up my because and they had trouble doing this in the first half of buffalo. But they've gotten because of Tom Brady big leads to score leads which they went out to a earlier in the season now they take the other team out of the running game the other team has to throw and that's playing to distract the defense. But you know. I just shift at a cover up for every weakness you have do they have enough cover ups here to disguise and hide. You know these witnesses say yeah. I do like I think they do and sometimes some guilt the other you know just you're so close to the team where do you see that efficient use and you realize everything. Hasn't deficiencies in your point's well taken. Sit there you know the whole picture on the S three units and they put so much pressure on the other team. You know knowing that great either on the other side it's almost like these teams like the quick about that I looked the other interception what is he thinking. I'm mark with a total put the pressure. These other teams. It is time. I'm right down fool or the migraines. On constitutional question. For the moment. Hey what would you say that might disagree job writing. Yeah I let alone he describes the story are these trying to describe some that he sees on the heels legitimate on point or at least aren't always listen let's actually met right after he can steal a fair and right tells you know you're at that game Sunday right 1 o'clock in against buffalo right Mike. Yeah yeah something was throwing on the field again. I miss that Christie once that no use you saw you told me. Your way with words you figure that you could tell us exactly describe exactly what that was simply had a few things happen around him last year it's getting to their own minds are right into words. I urge you hate Europe Europe Europe doctor guy cross the you're talking about 00. No on the on the ball not at all not attached to the ball is now known try again else. I missed it if you're Christian of last year of lunch there. No no Mike I know you know when I'm talking about Mike you can't be away from this one. You remember it ever OK to say I know you sought. Last year in last year's game they do something on the field. They did this same. They did this they they did the same thing this year. A case I need you described because we're not where all the suspects were all based on an island say it and describe it to we need you to. Which he's eligible was thrown on the people say cylinders square help that thing on Angel boy glad Mike and go to court. It's called the I can tell you a little bit regularly at start you know he was so you watched you watch TV commercials. Making you watch him and I'd hear idyllic way. And now he described it. The biggest way possible. I'm comfortable out. Hard to say. Leave me now my. I thought he declared if it's private health they'll come art you can do it. They have trouble since I thought it was a hell of a bind live online make you happy. I mileage it's more. You have this thing you want to support what type toy for what from whom. How do you say this one I don't know Crist and they're very. Mikey. At night c'mon you can do is he's he's used this usually welcomes the medical terminology. It accurate to Durham provide that you're talk to her. I don't you think your doctor and like I came in I said I need some air to help Anita marital advice. Delicate things about five hours doctor yeah. Well Dawson yeah it's great. There just there this and what won't Matlock or use. Parity or not answer. I come off just what was what was thrown onto the field. I didn't get it your view Iraq. So yeah in I'll post a list is not this includes the when there's any mind oh my god might put the game is over my you know every player who played on yes we have played the game you'll listen position by position it's gotta have this. This snap count break. Admit it. C'mon might want last year at the Q we have we have Big Apple lines are all encouraging their all the all watches to describe what it wants. That period it was exploring that. Wherever it went yeah did you did you tell give them to know why I'm like okay. And it's a good solid I'm old I'm exhausted right now we'll we'll talk to assume like most violent. I'm Mike and I agree slaves well element of the ESP. I. Once again it's cool and blue and Christie important way Murr loading and Fauria on Sports Radio. He get one out John and a big market like the Boston area arkan and everybody wants an and act as they get into a planes and now they wanna. Ask you about it in all it can't get a day at least the talk radio all the Yankees saying same way. I made a kind of where it's so much media got to take care doesn't Wear out a matter journeys to location. You know you talk about people were referred to as every year like dog years you know for everyone to put and it's about seven of a normal job but. It's the same dynamic that attracts certain personalities to those markets if you don't want the scrutiny. These places aren't for you so it and I think both Alex case. And with arron. Just they need to understand it's the seat which they sit and it's not they individually and personally. Think they're gonna get thrown their way just because of the job that you have. Didn't take it that way and pick one who were others were critical but that's okay. At least that Doug asked question it was good question. As Boston is different Boston is unique. He brought a theatrically thing though really didn't get into the specifics of that's it's it's out of John Allegra now Sony's studio again and overseas Reynolds MLB network is. Put them through the ringer and to decide where to put him on or not you know while she's been beyond this year I think the audition sure auditioning him. Ask a motive for a that's all I want is somebody hasn't happened yet were asked from a bit of why he's it's time for for non answer. He's activities that nobody know wouldn't that but he still wants to manage those should that comes out and and then why don't want to be no that's usual trying. So and that's and that's why is that Alan that's Lago and will be and we'll be TV dislike you would that's illegal NFL teams because there you're not allowed to be critical. I don't want to time them Major League Baseball TV in especially in the offseason so obvious Bartz what do you. Was that they are very responsibly. Okay thank you very much since. He ever did I guess he's he's alienating got to live and how much anyway yeah did well you could find it very. Barely got a bit of they felt like you to bring in a guy who was his guy. As opposed to one was inherited and myself wrong. Canada and a couple times. Well I would say to prosecute gave them. A lot of time here a lot a long leash some of them might have been that would have been unfair. To move him out simply because he got sick right I mean that would have been probably unfair and not a real good peel are more. So. I think he's in his time had come and gone meet he's seven and one of the early reviews that there isn't you know jungle show slated for this stuff yeah. So there's there's no what you believe I know Amy I I just don't think you should know they announced they didn't put morally shows that in lieu. And it and MLB. Network probably purchase price the perfect thing for them. Because guess what I was gonna say it is an announcement and in the hole exactly what they want we think Dave Roberts uncle and so it's only net gain some of those decisions late will you done manager's gotta let things exploded as I've gotten any idea what I still don't I don't. Think he's gonna say at a total can take it away he would sit out a little out of Johns double switch from quick. Like I was gonna how you manage how to manage loads on how to manage that pitcher Hendrix yeah I. When he's and we won't lose from this guy to pitch and hit what looked. Well within. She said these closed for stresses on certain parts of the body different audio. Ta tees just to say that it on to something. I am I it's it's he could be and blues bench coach ego was their boot how does Aaron boon to about. The Ortiz don't Ferrell. Boone I have no idea of a whole bunch of games again I guess he's not recovered apparently curriculum that article send a couple times when I don't think they text. Dictate how do you really feel good about John Farrell this is not a but I'll use it for you. Isn't he but they'll seize is he never. Yeah. Now out of all these guys oh. Is wrong with I had problems approximate the way of looking at and social media here in part to excellent putter and everything else were getting one of two different responses. With Mike Greece we're we're really getting people are hysterical delete billions thrown everything out through the week we set or or the other how we do dare you guys through this flood of writers like they just don't ever to paradigm that's. I think they tuning up for the first time that we have Mike Reese on the go how dare you do this this is atrocious radio this Lazard one last year at the can get whipped big bull lines are all encouraging their all they all watch used to describe what it wants. It did it was a sex stolen that would. And all that effort they go at it affects us and other people is I don't use someone really cool pros you know really kind of make it flow and back in it at 1:45 PM. The sun is Saddam that there are. And I thought the left. Some people coming up with rates you know chance that we could have given him a quiet wanna pickle meat spread. Okay deal and dull but I. Don't eat bread and those aren't okay and other people who sit there like. Just blasting us like how dare you guys and so once feared putting on great football knowledge. And get back if you want to know what scare Emeka he tried to protect themselves. He tried to say out I didn't hear which was off I yes result undefeated season. Comedy how prescribed some ingenuity about why you film yet and I missed them I don't yell to a Natalia outline what that was. A balloon. He says that pollute he's season. Every ad relax he never misses the clock. So a guy that has the snap count. For every single player it is imminent field marked down at doing now he's got fifty snaps and repeatedly hit we didn't even older and ask them around the bat he's again I knew exactly how many snaps. Dwayne Allen had it in the game at ground in place since so for all those people that criticizing us or applauding us. Think about it Mike Reese has great football knowledge great knowledge inside patriots stuff he gave us all of that stuff and then on top of that. We got him to feel really on count at the goal so you got culprit in that you got great patriot knowledge and you get the uncomfortable question which Mikey was really yes it really comes out of Mae's is really bought us this will be easy but I did so. Chris. We are passionate as children nieces and nervous laughter. He's a roster isn't the nervous I don't know. What I don't ask him paint the picture from. Buying up and you but I look like total should act like you know I might we drooling that it's their. To order batsman and lives that's when a lot of other things Paterson to follow suit and have you ever so use this story. Mr. seem to have fallen finally got it finally got me a league I don't I don't I don't envision him using. You know always in the bedroom and a mrs. recent always whenever I want a good I want now followed that it was anyone's knowledge that's that Angel quiet ones eligible thanks one's a little and now I'm to take a leap right here and Satan and evolutionary all the way although she lied on battles. Paddles fall. I'm way that was the case it is but it's like when it's weird. That it. You can Google it I keep it locked out of his house and he's going to need help he has got a high body out of. I would like greens are cleared the cigar rebel. He wears her Marv Albert Mark Roman emperor are gonna obviously both incidentally politically. And I think I don't know I never thought of that I don't need another one map and I knew exactly and we have so yeah. Yeah but it's not. It doesn't mean your TV it yet sex toys in your bed. And it makes that very leader. Minutes and you can do what you can do what you want in the private counseling to you but like resumes seem like one that Netflix and you aboriginal those guys that don't seem like it look at the I think that he isn't as an artist Rick is the first class I didn't want to present course yes but if you were like some argued I don't it was browser history that. You were just the all sorts of like you know public or bars and you know you experiment package I agree eight it's like sorry Telus. Potent and beautiful if you follow some dark even death. I guarantee you get all the sub what I wrote she gives you what I wrote I. What I don't roses or more or a guy like late that Netflix movie problems he called mine honor. Easily beat dad and everybody's like you know try to sit down and talk to because he's like a serial killer. And like nobody knows why they're trying to keep down the bottom of it and he's action nice because he's. He's like covering something up which some pain this past spring and that shot I love someone solve them so we actually buddy the elf. I want what I did twit and if you guys have the same reaction following where. Unlike. Andy Andy was pissed off last there was an awful about it flood follow now. But it is you know I love you hello hello hello I sent them off to my burger count Brokaw. Watch it on our watch him I can important piece of us and Russia and following an argument you'll see me as a follow it really uninteresting fall and next to a TV is great for standing at WEE. But but wrote she went to tweet stuff around. And it's so innocent and so positive. Should they start laughing NC this joke. Is amiss rotate the first libido and press conference and train for sports. Trees to be. Last night let's close the like that you didn't have made this campaign and great let's watch he really see it it's great it's great. Here's an idiot did exactly the personally partners in the row he's an advantage of getting all the notes. And it's just like he's that he's buddy the news tonight if it I couldn't deal does but again I think he is editing equipment and if you play. Yeah. Yeah. Right okay. And yeah New Zealand on the cover struck him for a film and it abducted and you went right. To decree did doctor looked like. So you could both of these you work when Mike Reese. Did you work with Roche he did not want an eight time that you work right before Dale Arnold of the three of give us the the kink rating 12 entry. I think I think keep reading for dale case that it. Ten yeah and he and I only he is an undercover free nasty man I can hide that as well and I denied what would you locate the navel gazing is like some like sway your code for like where they'll feel like that night. Definitely might I don't see Nancy it at all now I don't at all rolled sheet I think he's more he I think he's in delight bondage. You know and like a real hard core war light we've been using his past Jason great yeah I yelled like yeah he's got like he's got a room. Right he's got elected go get the gam room like but at the basement which wanna see. He would be domino dominate Toro yeah he's a phenomenon he's a dominate core. Yet that's so crazy they don't want instead of battles between the whatever they ask you this hour that was you know they've all of this well is it because it is all about isn't that so it is that it okay and is quick pace that he's big guys just got. I probably push it like what's it been on the not so you come down the basement and get whacked in the back of the head next evaluate and gag out and your pet over backwards on them. We definitely have been Dale's house that it's your title in my son in the hole. You're I don't think dale dale pops up addresses a wrestler with a mask on. And you like what the hell I don't own act a guy could but I you know that you know that Roche a gaggle isn't Jim Rice autograph but he's exactly right yeah. Her pick up exactly UK and I would and it may take. This it's hit it. You know the switch in yeah I. Doubles yeah the doubles would go on national ignited now we get things. Parties being really ought to other liquid. My thoughts of TH of may be available for the who's that. The safe level 3000 nets who 500 home runs he's. They admitted at a power who backs who can make him cheap they do this editor measured over she feels are now would give it over reveal that next. Work in progress this and comfortable so. Dobbs gets inside jokes different idea let's get to the elementary children are freaking. On each other about what's your thinking it was you put any hints that we're seeking got anything additional from you right now is working now back to order waiver Loney and Fauria fox Sports Radio coming. I use the resources needed there's guys sky hit 569 home runs. And with 3000 hits you've got available for Liebman. League minimum we'll look me over its. Three F 500 while B sixteen and her so chooses them all homeless. Question so this is the perfect problem is that he's 53 years old were thrown at them according to Ken Rosenthal and Rafael Palmeiro. Obviously taking a vote we're trying to return to the majors. What majors this is part of Italy and a little later and in disgrace that the team shunned. Shutting him after suspended no five protesting steroids. Is it is no doubt in my mind I can do anything care myself well have been working on for years everything feels better than when I've played he's 53. Years old and thinks he's the Canadian invite to camp to make the team. He retired in 2005. When he was forty and he was asked was old then sent the he's actually been taken off the hall of fame ballot you already. A few years back and now at 53. We tested positive attorney yankees serious. Blow considering a retired he's. I does he may be so illness but he's not see the disease can you first baseman. He's got an option up pop get noticed just in passing this team. These filters the Major League Baseball today is different Soledad happy so we don't have it you. Viewed at exactly when you're 53 years old city on my body feels better now yes imparted B yeah like football you'd like right now for a better person to but it 53. It touched by your body feels about works. A there was one other thing ESPN's doing the poll. And they do it every week in this an update on the NFL MVP race. With their poll guess who's number one on the ball this way Tom Brady and that's really not. It. Because. Carson once to induce me and his reasoning is so stupid so many different things that Tom Britt just simply it's just that it doesn't it doesn't matter why it. That that Carson went can run fast and Tom grieve that doesn't matter is old and he's limited to what. And you know cars and what can do I think Tom Brady can do. But this Murray watched quite a hug and Ross Bruins was Russell Wilson's breathing down their neck yes. First of all wince can do things physically that Tom just can't Hollywood keep using his legs is a bigger armed. We'll all used to. Work with soon with the television channels to. As disorderly zone he's traveled on our you know he's trying too hard but for reasons don't even understand. That's your business this hollow. Is usually does get some background is agent is an Eagles fan that's that's effective agent is Ian is the agent. Is an Eagles was doing this is pleased to join that's where like well you know. Agent wants you to make your case. For Carson it's. And so and gives them a couple of talking points Eagles fans talking points because it gives them a couple percentage discount Joe's everything that they. Take as much money from you as I normally gets to. Some guys are tied to any well. We're trying to get to the bottom of the craziness today 230 we have Michael Wolf it's good good good. I'm on the mindedness that I am surprised you tonight under the blackness a couple of white men so. How do we explain partly explains it's that. How to explain juju and perfect perfect attacks on public is obviously Mike Evans what are we export how to explain perfect. On Ben Roethlisberger. Does it better not go of a white man in black and which happens a lot. In football so you tell me a lot of white quarterbacks and you talk a lot of auto white quarterbacks narrow lot of black. Corners so I want all of them why we try to fit like three pumped up when he that I love I mean Michael wise race coming up and every one of these came up on the wrong thing it's coming up on the reactionary radio on the sideline why is race coming into all I don't know I really don't know compliments and it. Under and it's euthanized and thirty. I do accidentally hit either got to mode in what Vijay deals he wasn't JBL have a lot of people out. Winners and vice city and users commercials. Are patriots did a better political strategist hundred politic our talent and ability. Good ball looks in his own. So does guy what's going on his run for us and let Michael next time you pop into the studio which we know will be probably Christmas Eve because we have seen here recent JPL's with. To bring any JB well. I don't under it a little influence on an island we had him about them. I talked a while bunt to third night is 31 morning than than what was it tomorrow morning ten. Here were out so yeah.