Not Sunday podcast, Ep. 13: The Barstool Sports editon

The Not Sunday Podcast
Wednesday, December 6th


Episode 13 of the Not Sunday podcast (The Barstool Sports edition) with Ryan Hannable features John Feitelberg and Henry Lockwood sharing their best Patriots stories, including going to jail for Tom Brady. Also, the two share what it is like working for Dave Portnoy and Barstool Sports.


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CNN failed. With the Bryan Hannibal per minute and Richie. Christian forty day. So let's get started with a man failed. It's on me now here's Brian Hanna. Special guests on the knot Sunday podcast this week John fight oberg bar stool sports John thanks for coming on. Is this the first time he's not a dummy I podcast do you remember the Kurt many hand vodcast. But I however very well I was very nervously in that currently the ball up and Bo I was here. That's right or you're not going your thoughts afterward is currently thought he was going to be. I guess I mean like he died eat. I really think you get it did get I had some some beer but not about me. Yeah you want went to get wanted to know he's good yeah I mean these Iraqi browse and Brad is around here but you know that that what keeps things that enter stinger out here and you know is always always on the talk about Kirk. Yeah you people like her keep it in the press. That's right all right so let's get tears stuff so how is some. Be in New York City been like for you as a patriots fan. Army is behind the it I feel like the Barbie doll that's here they'll very bought yeah yeah it's. Been ugly. It doesn't feel like. My god yeah that would put an enemy territory. Do you guys all get together for games you go to the office for the games Europe bar already get. Now all I always then I don't know what the law. I I had a lot in my apartment the but like I was big game I've always like no matter of our. On the although Arlen there in our are groomed in the public let. In the beginning in 68 season they're all important player you won't vote. I'm with humid day the bark steered to it's great for our firm right there again upper patriots game Butler before I started covering team I can do that 100 myself. Expression Twitter you'll have peace and he's like myself as we're at a party you know get the thoughtful really ill get you know it's don't know. Yeah he I think the last game I like Anbar. Was. The well that when he their inner rated game. Well. Yes well in. Don't have miserable and go. Oh. Yeah I tried to play the sound of your up pins tweet from after the Kansas City team didn't. It didn't work out like you're like you're looking pretty good idea pupils that right now. Got held great but I could feel great now than you did in fact I've actually had that at that he looked well like I was back. Equity is equity. Bidders could. It. Yeah but what year. Thousand reserve right Tom Brady mean everybody was giving Tom Brady should after that demon you know you said. He is gonna come back in and be at sombre. There's got to be some satisfaction with the. Terrible blow by eight Leo yeah that are. If all of a typical prediction that they've operated. Operated fine law after you arrived at. Paired off paired up when rolled up into we come down giving dates set that come down. Will likely. But people put it. Equality party guaranteeing a Super Bowl when the. It. I haven't seen anyone that it should be the other with a citizen's ability of these aren't going well above all legal eagle though. Well aren't yet. Some revenge her lap time but. Want to gain on the night he did he replied I appear like. Farmer in the military gonna be and you're Donovan McNabb and then they're going to be back Doug Peterson and. An. Outlet. I'm I'm with Seattle I think deals are good team but once once playoff time it's the Eagles are gonna you know beat the Eagles in Carson went spry in it's not so. So what are your best patriots stories from working with bar stool. Besides the jail partly to the guilt or actors to give any classical stories now for from the Pete from just being around bars to on the patriots. Are there you know really actually. I haven't heard what the Olympic. Nobody there. So. You know wrong that a couple like that here in the air. I could the blackout subordinated long long time ago. All the dark out he goes into the shadows and out honored there'd be fair. The drug company broke not rob here. Look to a bar. Where it would. There abide by these little mobile. And within an hour early in on the board are very very. Valid audit and great guys. Well mostly oddly on site yeah actually dumping the year by the office. Well I don't last year. Without a full return to the am but it look. It up to go on the field that it actually delicate so we're at the that game last year. And were telling me that they'll be so. Don't get drunk. I don't get tired and then late. When he hit or went into the game. We kind of combat that we're gonna get on the field and the Robert Kraft and all that and it wouldn't. Late scare up our act and there's apparently Robert crackers and for all game I would wish to Apple's O. So. That we get what you are walking logo peel them. We don't go in there elevator. Upload their sweep and one of the crap on the big leap so he was like you have got to watch the game will. And Robert Kraft I would that it would you like. Nat yeah I'm about to look at it and they're not in the bar. So I don't actually know very well. I didn't want to pretend to be sober for four hours and Robert. And probably get on TV on CBS that old crafts to suit you know high five touchdown you'll you don't wanna be gotten their shots. Doubted that the problem of it and Mark Wahlberg you gotta live it down. It doesn't Wahlberg a couple of run with Asian in the we track and he's been able. That's right that's right you guys feel like that the crafts like you guys like got to get that cents. Yeah the it back together like the walloped me here are revealed and Donovan Donovan saying he signed it and I believe the captain of the fact. Articles board the only media source that altitude on them. External leads me to my next point you guys do you guys consider ourselves you know working for bars all you. You guys consider ourselves like a legitimate media entity like what where do you guys compare yourself when you guys talk about sports like what's the vibe like in the office. Rob I I definitely don't I think there comes some guys who do and nobody that it right or the night. Yeah who that are now. The that he will be the only news that Everett tried to break would. You know I can I. The 8 o'clock. I had a buddy who is. Bobby coordinated and so he got to be you add up on that one and then. The greater Browner are. Yeah yeah. Yeah it was like I would keep it powered it perfectly and wait for me to break it where it like. Do we with the bartender. One of the hotels. I do remember this yes yes and I bet. And like you like me and I don't forget deserve credit for brick back for your portfolio you like political rope yeah it was like a joke. I paid a bartender that don't go to believe Robert is open he's right I don't actually is. Could put it the real Clinton deserve the credit. Danny on Friday when their stories. No no and Manhattan that are worthless you know you'd. Typically. Really great here yet the next day it was only opera ball do it all of that yeah kind of worked out better work that we do so without. Yep then back to the page it's one final question. How many players do you think they're still east energy bill that your candidate still it. Common. Elden and below. It'll probably. I've beaten. Her. I've stated views and that is exactly what he grabbed me and there are there is demand. That. It popped out. What was the party like for you got. Well you know I actually. You have. It is or what's your we hit me with a map though viewing of video. The day. It is an autograph but holiday would add it all our helicopters all of them are. Yes yes yes. We were lit medical we're good at video card check on in the apartment on our own act in Dedham high school and he did seem to help out. And we added that it was music world and it was very early adulthood. And that the support of the puzzle what about you relate. He went by about video I'm sure he did. That's does a very cool didn't know very very. What are your employer a takeaways in the bowl party afterwards what what what are you guys like you guys trying to keep your selves like what what was that are alike. The the part of the you know he's really hard to get invited first. Oh the or upload. Blood it slightly off topic will. Be up Italy and the market and have been about. Yeah did you guys know of at. At a time hearing at DO. Yeah we are pretty good pretty good idea. Who went from you guys from arsenal. It was the days. They'll guy saying. And Britain grown peppers grown detected yet but isn't so good I'm like yeah you know you have to have one of those in the future. None not a limit. Now not not any time soon not anytime there. Let's get to some some bars still stuff how is how is bar still with the company changed so overall it's been my life almost a year now store to New York City concluded there. But years of little over yeah. Yeah how how would you say it's different is it does a better for you like what's for you personally do you like it better. I got to like it better you know back involved in the orbit opposite close. Don't know it an update on get a little more freedom out. On that people are yet he doesn't know they'd do what the identity anymore. But you know for better work. My. It still kind of altered edited on corporately back. The how is living in New York City freak you missed Boston. I hit the you know I don't really. I don't have. And that was featured particular year I feel like I view obviously a little bit. I recently you know they have bars here of the year really military. Does that put me anywhere I love him or beat. Yeah and it must help that you guys have a bunch of Boston guys from Parcells never really disconnected from you know what's going on back home. I guess my I think it's questions like what's it like. Yup it goes the sports radio and offered it up for candlelight I mean you really can't watch you know Comcast or are necessary point that there is different you can't like consume the team throughout the week or do you not even care you never get that core. Are you know I I I I never really could review. I. The which talkers in the back. But yeah not likely. Beatles put them up. But even like our MLB package or your. Or what you're beauty all in broad. Goalie all year. He's going to look like. Active. O'Brien. And really you know. Double bogey is right what happened with the war the pack with Arafat but they're you know it's. Really a huge problem. Yet what's it like working. Preferred date how noisy as a boss. He's he's. Immediately you know created here on that. So you know if it you'll are. You really. You'll be fine if you're not you're gonna have marked as you ever been anything demanding he unity if do you think it is attitude their own. Please. What about and and public right now like what's here with survive from in the eighties changed at all since since Boston. Not really. Yeah if you don't know anybody. We've always got to are clearly circling me every at. Bat yet. So. I think he had a couple of days. It's right they got that out I'd be back with you and you renewable. What some. What are your favorite trips from from bar still you've been on. He had a problem the obviously people need to black out. When it is today that in rugby a little pfc. Last year so we get time. The doesn't it seems that it really does a couple of you don't call or on what order the big. All you got to spend their down. Yeah obviously be yet he can't get back in. Law that was. Walk into that it was one of the cool environment I'd better. It was like. After bull deal ultimately did bull crap yeah people probably will and that is right now Bob. But let me they were actual by partly. Technique in order to have twenty and thirty Auburn but it was. It was a it was a big eight mine wit like that game. And former gaga I got to ask you that going to jail for Tom Brady is here prop I'm not that is that your produce bulk moment arsenal. That was. We. The wire Wednesday. And the current law and obviously. And you're like pocket yeah Bill Clinton yet we usually got it all right away. I was going to solve. Google earth and what it is they're Canadian outdoors and make only eggs so all local lawyer Bob and I was like. They don't like to recognize. Actually become a practice. And he was like yeah you can't well you know I'd I'd be yeah not an era that. Yeah I hurt. You. Security guard the carrier hit it. It is definitely. Call popular police and she's. Gonna college yet that we. Did okay and really not. I thought we didn't really go out there and a bit of power revelation Doleac he got really lucky Luke walked in instantly. I. Want to honor that the brand. After doing what he thought you'd been killed and that we had happened that and that Jack see you back. Sleeping and they feel like it was like sitting on like the pop that he walked into yes it is Alou walked in east within an ounce. So they got the aircraft that you know you really shouldn't order in the real work wrap it is the playful with me. New York Greg did actually this book go away your trial. And didn't and that there could be that we are hot. We we are very very. They are from the patriots three judge you afterwards. Bomb. Not directly I think I appreciate. That age like little. That you know up in the air. I appreciate it some annoyed at you cracked up with something like that you know not not really. Boat support what is it any knowledge. Yeah is that all you got is that. It was enough for you just even just a Twitter reaction. Aren't that actually. Did. You're quote like wait outside the jail cell in the morning a group fought Indian communities. So are you lovable long we were there we didn't actually think you're gonna and he can be dominant. We did it still little publicity. Then I got to ask you about the salaries are for the boys I think when your own with Kirk he gave you some (%expletive) for not getting money from that. Have you received any money for starting that. Oh god will bonus here and there you know the but not as art. We'll be here but the. Todd how did this tell the story how did that come out and Alex just taken off to a home on their level. He uses the Bart people are gonna euphoria every summer about. And there are O'Brien and the like old. All that you cited two well. Welcome. We did it and you know I care and new years. But it's something that I guess people relate to in the days they have audio on the view that felt like it. Yeah. Let Farley ego what are you guys have coming up at bar still what's what's next to look for. I'll without proper route. That's right. A newly bought the company I think that I forget what it needed from her that he of my I think two weeks. And he played and the very much he. The if it doesn't bode well you guys are going in Minneapolis. Fire Allah emblem important there. A given that same type the deal. Is not Comedy Central doubt you guys up. Not not only got an apartment here on a little will be there slowly you know. We'll look it up there. Yet again. Who's your could you relate to most of bars that who's your favorite favorite got to work with. Bobby yeah. Were deeply in the pot the I've I've worked editor. I Carter reluctant to return a year ago. What blocking and then my appetite among the realized that I looked from off the map to move back home. And but I was I was at Wrigley evidently robbed on and then after that you're able. Even though it is that's where the same teams. Yeah I would that target or whatever under. Like. A slight green with a rather eloquently than I don't he's separated these in the the. Deathly deathly decided vehicle house to rob is doing down there. People they go well he's there it gave you the ball up you admire the Prada. I think it was a bit of a shock to him are he's not he deception. And get. Glad everything's going well things cover all of me and I'll probably probably see and in Minnesota the way things agog. And you're right excellent. Yeah. Closing out the bar still addition of the knots on the podcast is Hank from part might take Hank thinks around. Will probably permanent so you you had a busy weekend busy weekend actually it was a ball week on the podcast he clothes and no. The our view right overnight to buffalo from Indianapolis how is that right. Are you authorized it wasn't that he has some some dead in the back of the bus and unexpectedly political woods a couple of hours I ended up passing out onto and the wake up. In the heart of the mafia. So who's let's see her at all let's hear how was bills mafia. Built up it was as crazy as advertised it's not crazy here I've been to many tailgate in the past few years. And the only one that I can really compare to would be dot com Cleveland it was. It was rowdy but everyone does have a good time you know what you without you have no idea though where. Playing one of the most important games this season and probably about to lose a way to interact and error error rate apart. And I did give people a sense of what it's like to there's this there's three that runs you know next the stadium and across the street is just a whole point of RVs are. Yeah yeah so I woke up like at but I woke up. I think it will Gupta will not yet pounding on the RV I kind of walk out walk out of the order and has pure madness we were. Some call came over and they were they oh we're Communists starter I've taken over in Raleigh today. You know if anything happens but we're gonna blame you guys who were kicked you out we're not here to doing you know orchard. You know partake in the event we're not trying to do anything crazy but yeah there's there's people it is everywhere that you it's it's. There's argue all connect that audit where my potential wrong. Catch up thing happens and that's where a lot of people were. It was just there was still popular everywhere as all over the place there of what happens do consider. What was it like when you walked out of the box that you have patriots Jersey on. I didn't I was still in my out sweatshirt from from sleep and by. Give people there at a Barcelona Bartlett on people people there they're pretty nice date it burned at all breeders the report the until Ron ketchup showered and I was pretty I was I was posters. The union go the patriots canyon avenue featured jerseys there pats or anything. Are no we read left so we left it was on Monday that way. I would've had to who have had planned ahead like six days days. Aren't capable of doing that that yeah and also like Saturday night we're going to elect. Regarding the ought to go to problem mostly. Should probably have some some some of the pastors in part I didn't. What was the craziest thing and he's like your tailgate. People they just pick shocked out of like any. Like you walk around America I'll be accurate or able picture. Excuse trumpet it shot out there. Years had to borrow picture there's basically anything that you can drink out although still not be has somehow. Like for batted it in to the ability to shop. What time you think that they they got there. Like 8 am Lear and Alec Nigeria and authorities there. The board to vote. Yet today where they are they fans of the podcast today and dealing though you guys war. You'd have errors there was a lot of AW. A lot of more forceful and those. It was likely that I mean that their in the Cleveland because. There was a lot of people there and a lot of party but it was all would like there was a lot of hatred and there but there was no there wasn't there wasn't people talking trash early. Start well I mean anything mean yet there I mean we're talking trash hauling your own good on that one was there that could yes and I think everyone involved. Was aware of that school vote could Zia. Then hours you UN into the game or your thoughts of the stadium it's pretty cool stadium it's it's like a college feel in a way awards so small but still pose like 70000 people to get that same sense. Yeah outlook outlook current rate typically you know there's no it is going to cost him only to you levels. What it was I like the Lotto like. I like that he'll. Natalie high school day as school call it feel to it. As cool as good as a good state. Warriors though I'm sort of built fans during the game you see an increase in the stands. Knows it is pretty tame I mean it was. It was a classic picture. Rubbing of the bills. So pretty pain there was a lot of pages and which is cool like gorillas they're probably right. Now 6535. Probably. Yeah I I was there I kinda that same vibe and it was surprising to me a little bit I guess even you went through the security like at the upper deck was pretty much empty kick off but it still there and yeah towards the end of the first quarter. It. That was such as it was there's it was a security I guess you know heightened afterward after last year. Now on the night and I think some of crude and other still don't feel in the game. I did see I did see that that was Korea quickly kicked aside and got out and actually thought you know that as big of a national stories did last year for fair. Yeah but wrapped an apathetic about the yeah it was a it was not it was it was a pretty like pretty normal citizens as nothing nothing too out of the ordinary. Yep. All right it's good to hear the your experience app bar stool. Just I guess take it take take as people third I don't know you know where you worked beginning to you know where you are now producing department. So I started working it. Fireworks in a bar stool. For a happy years ago as an intern doing the option that was the only person in the country as do video production so. I kind after like five or six months ago probable confidence in them I started like doing videos and working with big cat. Back then it is kind of built a good working relationship and then about. I don't know. Whatever it was eighteen months ago he. Can and the efforts haven't signed podcasts via TV commentator. A bucket producers' side comes I was in the right place and very time that. Situation and since then I've been producing. And locking up reduce the apartment to part with those guys. Did you have any past experience with like producing stuff in the videos sufferers and all you learn on your round I think. I look at film school for a year or so and I Internet portal news. I want to go to school for one year to trying to get into Emerson or. Use delay and the summer intern apart so it was the summer between going to hammers and so I had an item very minor amount of experience enough to. Think that I knew talking about. But everything I've learned about learned. A room doing stuff. After Marshall kind of learn on the fly. What's it been like being around big cat and yet the counter all the time it's cool as they seem on the podcast. Yeah trim in the air there in there's no real deviation between Mike Duke after the show and like. And I realize that they're kind of always. There all is in the in their mode joke around each other like. Figuring oh they avenue that's that's why I think there's no there's no law has always. The group are always talking about stuff going on like. Just general things and and data show you know this and that a good amount of time propping them and everything ready. And they worked really really hard and it's it's on now it's like. You know that a lot of work but it also help pays off because it's cool to see. Putting a product that people like so much. Yet they give you a lot of shares will be at a patriots and to stand in Austin Boston sports do you enjoy that though because you've got to give a lot of stuff back you know to them with or whatever they bring up. Yeah I mean if you especially I thought I'm guilty to the pilot was there. So yeah I mean I can see why he's so much of a solely championships. In the last. Point four years we have bought them but not probably something that has been more successful. I don't Balkans or you know is purely out of jealousy. I enjoy it. What's your best patriots related story. Being with are still besides going to jail. Probably go to the Super Bowls. The first one. And the first one. Probably better to Soviet it was so unexpected but basically. The path on the super. Bowl and then it. Dave Portnoy owner forceful. At that time was Wheeling dealing what is Patriot Act after the game like nothing was planned before and and you basically. Gotta support ticket because after party and it was like. You know we this is I don't yeah hotel and it's. Phoenix like Leo like the fiasco like Victoria career far after the game they've. It's like. Getting it happily 45 minutes through desert. And that we showed up the nose guard he wasn't a lot of them and then one. One of the hottest security guard you recognize that.