DHK - Michael Wilbon on the Gronkowski hit/suspension: "Racial politics come into everything" 12-6-17

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, December 6th

If you somehow didn't know, Michael Wilbon is one half of ESPN's Pardon the Interruption and he joins the guys to elaborate on comments the show made on Rob Gronkowski's hit on Tre'Davious White.


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We've finally made are connections here without Michael Obama on the cohost of pardon the interruption. Michael is joining us right now as as we are looking to discuss this and we hope on it a real life can follow him on Twitter at real Mike will bond. Michael it's dale Michael and rich we appreciate being with a Soria. Good good I'm I'm good how are you guys doing today. We are you know the great Kim we can we just play something new and Tony said the other day and that was kind of the jumping off point for our discussion here. Let's play what you guys said the other day. This is lawlessness and this is not good and he should sit I think multiple games and here's another aspect of this there's racial politics of this and that is that you have a lead which is primarily black. And you are suspending black player of all console when a white player does something holy word you give them in the least. Pots are all so honestly I think Ford is writing did hit a big black player into your. Michael will bond I got to ask you guys why is the issue of race only come up when we're talking about the patriots. It does you guys only care about it when it. You'll debate. And did you see the gronkowski played the other day in in issues of black and white. Did you hear say that. Did you did say rolled out of the black players yeah the ball first of law. Tony brought topic up which I know it lulls to a lot of people. Up because they'd like the black guys Tony brought it up and I'd be damned sure greed. And racial politics and in every day. And I've been on this radio page rating number a year that you ask me the same question on that answered the same way. Twenty broadening of the gold did today and 25 years and now. Grace factor into everything I don't wanna be anybody say. I don't think color that the damn lot you can choose to deal with it some people better than not know me you. I mean people all off. Everybody sees call. Everybody's hypersensitive about in New England four million read that the we're not gonna get into historical discussion completely. You don't care about it good deals with the patriots. We deal with the in any number of situations which any number obtained and all leads in this week we deal with a cap that you would it would be at L and Jerry Jones. We look at everyday. Now you are one and I easily ended in junior Wesley reduce it to the patriot. You'll go ahead I'm not an LP today the matter that I'm gonna say just let sick it's disingenuous and get. Well I think obviously racetrack is and to many things in society it yet that goes without saying Michael. And I think we've had conversations about it before off the year is just about a number of racial issues in this case. With McGraw going after white. Did you see. Did you see race Baird in it. Not at all we talked about the racial politics. The people can hear what they want and the here in New England Patriots and race and people go great. We're talking about the reaction to it from other people many of only patriot yet. And the patriot automatically. Are involved in discussions like the perhaps more than other teams but not to the exclusion of everybody else. That is Mitch had a dog lovers which can looked out my head at our apartment including Jerry told all the salt. I think clocks operate now. Well I think as Tony. We're talking about. The politics of racial talk about what this looked like when you're looking in from the outside. Dealing with the patriot entire history the way people feel about eight people about the league and its punishment. Punishment which have nothing to do the patriot we're talking about the racial politics of B well. And the patriots are it sort of looked sub context. Would not lie it would be exactly the same now. What we'd be raising the issue if the white player involved was seen. Hack the punishment of two black players involved in the fight earlier in the week before yes we would be raising race. Yeah I would think it would racial dynamics. In the NFL and with the patriots. That's a complicated story because I think the patriots can look back. To the plate gate and say well how do we get over on this one. You lost their quarterback for four games the league ticker quarterback the court lots of first round pick we lost. A million dollars and a fourth round pick. What would what would it have been if Tom Brady had been black community to franchise away from them I mean that wasn't that with a pretty. That would be talked about Michael. That would be talked about that it is this sort of naive to date this hyper sensitivity every time somebody mentions late and people are balking you know to. The best of the discussion. That's from a new englanders respect. I think Boston later everybody. The problem of the that's part of part of it is baggage and part of it is. The way Boston is portrayed. Boston is portrayed as the capital city of of racism. And so when when there are top when these topics come out and people automatically look to Boston yes. People here of of all races get very defensive. They cut short because I believe that. It of we only once in the country dealing with this or is this a a nationally and in many cases an international. Issue. Absolutely. Michael put Boston didn't come by this completely eat. So don't. That was our. And even if it's not the plate today that it was 840 adult we know it is the place. But played the most segregated. Places you go for a lot here as well and you know what you have to do what our. And many times you I get this call and it's like you act if I read the bought you're damn right. That was going to be. Because the rest of us not tightly since it about editions you are. All but yet what you get let me make myself. So what you've got a one on the people didn't get right. They brought in any way shape or form. In that now. I hear I hear it said I don't peek yeah we're out aimerito. To get Tony and I raise. The discussion. Racial politics. For a white player. Received an eight punishing. That many are around the league you are all the people around the league would debate it rates or not we mentioned the yellow rope. Speaking. Punishment of two black players involved in something did you ever received all you're not ugly whatever it. The racial politics of that it's undeniable. And ignore. It people could be quite yet. But it sure about what do you talk to. She looked at patriot rate that we didn't get anything at duke rape and that. We talk about the racial politics is all I know. I know you've got to be Smart not to others aren't the end you do different in those two top. So you're making it very clear that you don't think wrong was racially motivated and what did I know I know you did and I'm curious why would you clean out the fat. I don't know I don't know I in town but I'm curious why you could point out why Michael why he's going out of whack that planner Michael why. You went right ahead right. No I know I've I I've taking let her work on your. Ask you a question Michael why did it. Single question yet let me ask you want. It okay those guys I'm asking you questions and you know why do you. You know what why did you point out that the wrong. Elbow a black player what what was the point that. Part of dynamic. Dynamic what how what do block the white. And white it was not how do you going to let me answer the question did you add just the the great. Right. Hi yes that would be great yes I'm getting it. The dynamic every bit is we talk about the politics operate you're talking about black and white white white not black and black. The most part you could be an exception of situations. Reception. Is among people not in a way. There's quite player again you guys and about newly reinstated about the Patriot League you'd. So don't worry you don't get. White player being suspended. You Jane and Bob and other field activity previously. And 80% black leaders seven it was whatever it is. And the light layer being alive left in this situation the politics of how do people birds they. I do understand that I don't know I don't know what it is what he'd say. Isn't what prompted more similar to what Mike Evans did them what do keeps leaving Michael Crabtree did might not gonna. Catalog on. You know every penalty the comparing it to happen in a short period to talk almost in a bad. And we're involved in something on the field. That was ugly that the leaked out objectionable. At a top in the league struggle with David and at an adult actually yeah. Mike Evans only got one game. Might get a good point because it doesn't simply talking about Mike and basically what prompted even worse it. You look at W called. The white and blue big. I made it well we're the ones who said that Rob Gronkowski the black players that we were into it how you on the show you said that even later authorities on another day. Correctly yeah argent it was my agenda is clear but what does that you're your your debate eight. Yards and a black person that you objects. Make that observation. Bet it's urgent that loud you can only do you saw installed runway use miles inland. I'll wait a Democrat yet accurate and do you box and it appears urgent. I'd I. At still white dot org yes well sure lots going on Derek did you do well I mean all you I'll call uncle told. I don't know call I don't know of course. Not you know yet I want why I wanted to. Do you want to beat the what you said even waited for youth could use at ten runner up there and only for the decision to tell me tell you what to say. It. Mark. I've not yet we. Michael EU. Because we're black and sorry that's not what we call him. You'd probably did. An. Hour. Yeah show all okay our so called we wanna talk to you because of what you said. No we didn't also. Op and so he brought Michael let you see it you did it make you sick what you did we. We. Had a car. It was very clearly. So you'll go you'll ever use what some are error what was I can figure out there you. Told you argue have an idea I don't. Doc. I don't think block or anybody new England and it is doing great. About the politics of the NFL and it's quite as it. Now you can't understand it dude you've got a jet. Decent one more time I think I think that there is a feeling here. Michael that that we are probably a bit sensitive about it. Because knock you down not Tony Kornheiser when I heard others in the media. Turn eight Tom Brady Josh McDaniels out on the sidelines into a racial issue as well. I mean I've I've actually heard people say well I think if Jim Newton had done that he would be portrayed one way but because it's Tom Brady he's portrayed another way. Gilbert state about what the patriots had the wind would not Juliet partly. We've talked steered clear. The original topic there's. Yet not to do with age. You. It was old I can on the lions with a beer in the same policy a couple of pretty damn certain way. You don't accidentally about patriot we take care. Michael were you when you talk about these topics in your Tony talk about these topics on the air. The racial dot were racial politics of the NFL. Do you hear anything from the NFL are are they sensitive about it have you heard from you don't have to name names but have you heard from league representatives who say. Take your ride on all our. You're way off on this you should go in another direction what kind of a feedback have you heard from the league. On the league all. Michael you well I don't I'm pumped about this. The league itself so much heat over the years Gary I don't. Players land. Maybe players and players' family. Her player or players and Ed Ed and coaches are welcome. And I would say Bob. It insults and read that out yet. Clear what I'm talk. About racial pot. About. I'm Chris was highly critical of Jerry Jones about a few weeks. It. What holiday would I don't have been. Designated spot. I don't but what what did you are what angers me it this notion that. You got it. You. Not not I don't think it now I don't think we're here Natalie Wood I don't think we hear that race doesn't exist. Or or or or racial racial politics don't exist we know for a fact. That they do I think that sensitivity that you mention. Are happening in new England and specifically Boston. Is for people feeling like. They are. They are being highlighted. Or are they are being. Seeing as they're being blamed for something that exist throughout the country yet. The night. When we added we. Had to get. And we. Know. I don't apologize on the sidelines and people. Do and that it would patriots again. How neat would make up call it that Barry why you brought that I didn't bring it up. I think on the considered re not a debate and well. All the hype and dictate. And you've been called. Ticking toward the debate. Why of great concern anyway. Usually. She. Showed a lot wider. And so back topic brought out once again. In the context of the end all and it is punished. I feel like I can be very real with you aren't. You know why I wanted to talk to you. More than Tony I know you. We'll talk don't don't. And the real answer. Did not get batted ball and now no I'm all about you that didn't. I can't do that he can't even Latin. And syndicate to U ticket you. Are so bad. You are right now not my hit. I don't want you here it is. You know meat fresh data means you've got. Emotional let me press you. Now I appreciate you call yet not one annual market yet know yet. Out of thirty didn't stop. Did it but yeah. Newly added a real good read into I. Understand that. To you about the dynamic is Bentley yeah disarm and I. You talk about the topic. I'd just that we saw it and there's like this sort of want to bring now. Forget about that you. Totally agree. That epic war. Our show. We'd block period. And does that it disaster quickly what we've got the clock we're all over the place now the clocks on my last one more question let you talk about their relatives and friends. In in New England in this area and you've been in this area several times. When you talk about sensitivity when you're here what look at what what kind of things did you hear what kind of things people say to you. You under and he could probably have an understanding from your own experience in Boston what is your sense. Boston sensitivity vs New York Chicago LA sensitive. I did. Actually appreciate. That sort hype back all the hype as it could be because issues. And neatly. He would not say my god. Would not have. I appreciate. Well you don't but he. Talked about our outlook oxygen leak as he leaked into its final. And I enjoyed quite a lot. Of but in this hour I love my visit. Yeah that was not always say. I am personally model that would. Yeah now. Hold it everybody now now. Absolutely not yet but I'm old now. All your title spot gold plate understand what it is what it. And I need treatment at all we all. You. And slow the ball over time. I. Don't like the box. Luck and shall. Be about my treatment didn't balk call. To action to. And you don't. It could mean big wake as angry and not sixteen all we don't want it. To. A mile down to the defense how bit. And they asked me do it again and again and again. Final question before we let you go isn't it possible. That Crabtree and lead got a two game suspension as opposed to one because it was the second time they'd done the same thing. All yeah yeah I'm sure. That it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that their blackened rock is white it's that they did the damn thing already. Because the NFL you wanna know I don't know that the idea that they got punished worse. I think has more to do with the fact that they've already done that same thing you want. We're talking about the Pollack. Politics to bring Whitney in Europe Craig Adam publication I hope I get a dog. The conversation if you raid the ability to decorate. I did not look happy look no distinction. To pigeon was crying or delete them and treachery. You could. Went out of politics. And the perception of accommodation bird at if you don't like it personally shouldn't have been damn check. We appreciate taken the time thank you. Are cycle. Michael Levine joining us from PTI. Him here so late now we don't care yes article Tony Kornheiser kinda we've done with and I have an agenda now and no I had an agenda before found that out now that's good 6177797937. I promise you guys get a chance to respond. Sports Radio WEEI.