DHK - The word of the day is "narrative"; Michael has a plan to monetize Patriots hate...and it's a big one 12-6-17

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, December 6th

HOUR 3 - We continue to discuss the racial narrative that has come up with NFL discipline over the last few days as well as your thoughts on our interview with Michael Wilbon. Should the people who actually determine the suspensions and fines have a response. Also, Michael's big plan for the Patriots haters may have reached critical mass. 


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Here's what's my guns out of quite it's quite what does that you your agenda you're out of the big eight yards and the black person did you objects. We're making that observation. Yet he. Base are condoning the other person. How do my instances that it no but it notable ones but he obviously was where it's let's do it. That was Michael bond he joined us at 230 today we understand that not everybody can be here for the entire show that part I understand completely so we're gonna bring it back for on no final drive and about 540. Someone that ballpark and got a little heated at times. That's sound like I had mentioned. Until he pointed it out to me yeah I had that I like about it all day pretty clear you know I I'd think I'd forgotten that. If anything what I was trying to do your double and later on but wells trying to do was clarify Brent that. I think he was taken that is if I was questioning and I'll just clarifying. That what rock did was not racially motivated to try to point that out only to ask him. Why he felt the necessary to point out that the defensive player is black. And he said but he wanted to get there they tea got very it clearly shaking and he said several times clearly not saying anything that ground did on Sunday was racial. So I do not think that it was racially motivated or crock did not practice what you said to very minor but. Then you massacre what why are we talking about though white player hitting a black guy. And that was that was not about so. If I can understand it. I think what he's things I don't think the this incident on the field. Is about Barack being a crock was not racially motivated. Guy to argue but it bitter it's. Bigger the Graf is bigger than the bills. It's bigger than the AFC east. This is about. Racial politics. Of the national football. So whether it's ground and somebody else on buffalo or whether it's Eric waddle and AJ green. This it it goes beyond. He's a huge play for that huge leap forward though it's one they had to say a white player doing the same act as a black player. That may be punished differently I don't agree with it and if that's your point fine but the fact that it happened to a black player to meet has. May doesn't have any factor in any. And I think we also have to. You know I thought I had a great at some great teachers growing up as some great map features. Ninth and they think they they did the best they could not great map but they did but thicker they always say. Show your work ranked. That map especially in half did you hear that in the answer and we had that you don't catchy and it got a how to calculate. Ed and you know when you're probably did OK I'm a couple months they've already so proud of that show you work. When it comes to this. We used what we keep hearing this overused word which is. Narrative there. You heard it over to the narrative the thinking. Oh. Narrative. Those narratives that got with a narrative is that to narratives that. It's all only narrative I've heard so far. Is Greg Robb is a piece of crap. And here is he has. Authored one of the worst hits in NFL history hammer that's what I hear especially in New England I hear hey 5050 and when most people know it's yes he should have been suspended all. Demo you know let's say it was a dirty play. So they know England narrative is that it was a dirty play and he deserved that game. The national narrative that not hearing so that does not narrative count as much as anybody else. No I'm definitely not enough Ohio area kind of event that narrative and I got one I don't I got a couple to couple American couple their stolen when I keep hearing is. Cancer is that nasty play. What are we talk about and I hope people are are looking at it differently now people are looking at crop like he's a jerk. Any did something. That that is just be Yond. What a a sensible NFL player would do you imagine if he didn't get suspended. But the outcry RT it or lose if your advisor in the same position that. Our guide George Lopez is in today. Is it just define you see that Georgia locus. Nasty hit. And nasty hit in the end zone on Antonio Brown I just don't understand. How you reduce. I was there is from a couple of days trying to make a play he he failed. Articles thanks Ed brown Carlyle unbelievable catch is it possible that they didn't reduce. The juju. Smith's Shuster play because of east Obermann taunted. And as you know why we might have considered it but forget is how do I start a half foot I don't I don't Antonio and you can. If you can't help but it is helmet but he was trying to break it out it wasn't late it wasn't like wrong wasn't it was and he after the whistle cheap place. Who's. A little I know I locus wasn't. Yeah but that was bank Rangel and then right. Yeah it was but it was it was it was still pocket make out the panel but it wasn't intended to be very ethical and what have got on nasty that was a nasty wasn't a minimal in the human being as though there. While they're both mammals trick question both mammals at OK and just just for example this why I think context matters in everything. In everything that's why it's hard to be a hot taker may get it is easy to be taker. But if you really wanna be thoughtful. And probably not going to be hot taker. That you don't think there's much overlap there don't they don't go hand in hand right. For example what sells for example these acts let's they'll have OK our extra. In the buffalo game. The next buffalo game. Patriots bills. In Foxborough so to reflect that it now if if it gras. Catches a pass just like Antonio Brown did in Cincinnati. And the bills defensive back hits him just like I know I woke I hit Antonio Brown it can't just say. That's a fine because it was a fine in the Cincinnati Pittsburgh game. It dominates. You've got to look at who's playing what the history is what situation if that happens to ground it means that there are. Harley in the hood once again I think kids should always pay back to the league can't do this. And we keep trying to do it like well this happened or what happened to Mike Evans who allowed and it happened here happened here happened here. It sounds like kids it felt like kids would think well why he kept a lollipop and adding get. One ticket to watch TV to watch TV it's all the signal would not all of this thing. You don't do your homework she is. Back. I got to worry about how worried are you you would swallow quarters. And I asked so I. Okay they can say that's a fine but that happens in the buffalo game it's intentional. And it probably deserves two games. The heat of the moment. Is there when he gets it way over the defensive back is who I'm gonna tell you mathematically chances are he's going to be black. Any gets two games on the circumstances you just described. Well Michael will one and say hey this is unfair the black guy got two games when the white guy chronicling got one. Not know this up really is either the mother of the Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Cincinnati none of its heat of the moment everything you've got to go in thinking that series they gotta go all right is this all it's all intentional all of I feel like bills. Arnie and if you can do this that's going to be late baseball they warned both benches before the game starts it's gonna be kept talking to captains being like RA might that it in my I don't know. How are you over officiate that are there should build a club more likely to call personal foul in the normally order there be quicker to reject the guy I don't know what it's going to be but. But they're going to be aware of Denny's in Bridgewater haven he had done. They guys that exit Michael you're doing a great job navigating this and and a very quote both boards just wanted to say that thank. I wanted to. And I try to make everyone feel better about how mr. Israeli get blown out of proportion. Tom Brady has been hit. After. The whistle late hits whatever. Dozens upon dozens. The times. If you don't believe me just look at social media. During the game everyone freaks out and worries that he twisted ankle again or whatever. I don't remember any of those players. Getting suspended for a late hit. And I don't remember any of the race ethnicity. Political affiliation. Of them either. Vinnie I gotta be honest I appreciate of the point trying to make but this was different. The man the man was laying on a stomach on the ground. When grow grow Lee's head and his helmet into the back of an idea and it's yet here's the other issue that we don't we don't know what happened here. I would think. That. He was out. I think he was I think he was about to be I don't know how we got. I don't hide it wouldn't seem like anything but I don't really did seem to be groggy I don't know what made it worse vulture that hit from groundout made it worse. But I was that it was gonna be down for a little bit. What are going to be as that as banged up was dropped made them. The up polar bears jumping on top of them the white there goes your mammal just I don't remember it being a point there. Oh by the way there's say a story from a year ago O'Dell Beckham. Member of the Kyoto Beckham Josh Norman feuds can liked yes for the if you like and anyway it really was so. Leading up to one of their games back in this last year. O'Dell Beckham was warned before the game and he and they said there he said the rescue my two room. And they said if you do anything were thrown out of game. It goes is the there was no you're gonna get a warning there was no one is that it's just that you better be your best behavior so they may Warren both wrong and and the bills' secondary or would I wouldn't be. And Ryan I don't know if you've seen this as an O'Dell Beckham of video he put out a believe and answer Graham today. Comparing himself to he's kept kind of merged it together is reactions as emotional reactions with Tom Brady's. Thank you find it and and in between out on the dale and Holley Twitter feed so. He's saying it because he's continuing his tweet from a couple of days ago. When I do this Ahmad I need I'm immature and I need help public Tom Brady hello from Tom Brady and he's done the same things we've. At a video what are poverty crime aside pretty much a month options got a month I bust out some of his emotional moment and Beckham's I like the fire along with Brady's. At times Tom Brady was trying to propose to the kicking net that was one might fail I was already had bought it at. By now it just like you know just kind of trying to motivate his teammates. They've really. You are flawed. Is comparing yourself to Tom Brady at that that's it that's a problem pick literally anybody else you probably got a how to act on anybody else Dick comparing yourself. A wide average is just doesn't work he never should talk about positional buys Clinton among Brady is one more super bulls then seasons back in this play right. Let's talk about oh maybe is positioned buys that B with a recorder is a bit of that and of course. But it should I mean let's face it the the wide receivers are our fans applicant and are important and a lot of love the quarterbacks but the more important to the most loved quarterbacks sather the warmth Tom Brady says that all BJ don't ask me bro. LBJ didn't need to get his Jersey you think is the right I'm one of those Jersey slots right so they've played so much time had to do it down underneath and you can't do it out on the field agent like that are not allowed to do it out on the most love to quarterbacks Lee's love to kickers and partners. Right and so especially from you that's right c'mon. Honor that vote if that dale was that you or keep it suggested that. In no way could have been Adam Vinatieri the Super Bowl MVP of Super Bowl 36 and Edmonds chatter there's a pretty important particularly here pretty important and I mattered it was not to document position now is producers earlier how many snaps you agree or you and on. Sevens short solemnity Sarah goes into the hall of Famer you gonna decried that fact maybe an odd stories going on holiday and there kicker. To watch that the snow and these guys that I saw that was pretty good intimate area about in his arsenal there. It's nice to be in that position of not nice suit Larry I was out that I don't that is nice guy I don't I get those good kicking conditions yeah great. I Steve's in Connecticut hasty NATO. Good guys I think on tour Q share. Florida. What outcome that I read earlier. You know Sean McDermott put it a piece about how he was proud of the poison is he showed and I think it's ironic that. The people who actually matter in this instance right now that are most closely involved in the situation. They're the ones doing it saying the right thing birds you know yell quietly on the big screen bladder out and about polar bears. Mammals in it it's just because he's got that stage to do it in front of people whereas you take McDermott saying the right thing like I'm proud of my team for. Showing a poison control that they did after after that it happened. Yeah I mean. A coach is always gonna defend his team and and media guys are always gonna say stuff that's gonna get him. Reach weeded them Ream re run and then we'll play and it cuts in the a's they're in their perilous and that. Marcellus Wiley is gonna say stuff that folks don't latch on to. We're gonna play it and they'll get their viewers up to a 162000. Humorous next time none are your son out of box trying to. Under sixteen under 61000. Was your what was first what dynamic in front of it's the gunners are nice number under 61000 sure fills us they have a couple times in an event. 6177797937. Is telephone number are we will replay the entire Michael will bon interview during final drive and before down here today we will giveaway pizza party for yourself and twentieth your friends and family with Donta hightower courtesy of Papa John's. That's still to come here on Sports Radio WEEI. Good work guys good. Really got you could tilt the guy could show a mammal. Don't I don't remember it being like this is a mammal of polar bear proof food. They get us some little got a 70 one lead in the red area could precedent in that moment all that fit this this movie highlights if this advice. Thank leads to what else he's trying to say is the quality build level. Wanna say it marks what I think you I think he did go I think it was hard to. Let me finish them on an even level of punishment. Safe or white players as opposed to black eye as a witness and. Is right but this is not a problem I would have pumps and then got to go to go to who was responsible for. The mope rock responsible for adorable Brady responsible for. Who's who works well I I reject affected didn't even exist well but it but if it does exist but it does exist. Why does it exist or is it because are you calling. Former players. Who who who happen to be African American are you calling them. Ponds of believe they do they not have thoughts of their own are they all sellouts. They sold out their their fellow players. Are are they not. They're not really black anymore that would mean what we're going. Because some of these guys Derrick Brooks a James thrash Troy Vincent they played the game and they're coming up with some of these. Some of these measures are coming up with some of these this. Pensions. So obviously there's the highest you'd think it bear lives. They're the ones who habit. You're your fellow player caught up on a show. Coached art are calling and Jon Runyan a racist. Are you calling on our Troy Vincent when what's his deal. How about Derrick Brooks called out. If you think the bias is real and that these guys are getting their suspensions. Don't want to put. But the suspension ends. Yeah or hi I I don't know how you prove it and you mentioned earlier you can go through every single time. A player's been suspended or not suspended on the on it borderline player times guys and find. I guess but just the recent won the popular nor heads the one that an opera the last few weeks. And later pretty tough case on their hands so it took thirty today we had Michael will be on from PTI on. A bomb and and will replay the whole thing for you on final drive and about 540 yourself but here's the particular part of of the discourse that we had. In which rich and Michael will Bonn seem to have a parts and get on the same pay. He mentioned that all of you were speaking. The punishment of two black players involved in something that you may or may not received all you're not ugly whatever it. But racial politics of that is undeniable. Ignore. It people could be quite yet. But. Sure about what they talked. She looked at patriot rate than we did it. Add anything at duke rape and that. We talk about the racial politics is thought yeah I know. I know you've got a Smart enough to all the art to see and hear the difference in the top. So you're making it very clear that you don't think wrong was racially motivated and what did you know I know I know good and I'm curious why would you clean out the fat. I don't know I don't know I in town but I'm curious why you can point out why Michael why do you point out active player Mike what did you. You land grant that art right now I know I've I I've taking let her work on your. Ask a question Michael. Why did it. Single question yet let me ask you one bit okay those guys I'm asking you questions are why do you. You know what why did you point out that wrong. Elbow a black player what what was the point that. Part of dynamic. That dynamic. What how what do block the white lilies and white. I don't know let me you'll going to let me answer the question did you add. Yes the the great. Right. I yes that would be great yet magnetic bit. The dynamic and did it and we brought about the politics of race you're talking about black and white white on white not black and black. The most part you could be an exception of situations. Reception. Is among people and not in a way to. There's quite player again you guys did about newly reinstated about the patriot but the technique you'd. So don't worry. White player being suspended. You Jane that black and Bob and other odd field activity in the previous week. In 80% black league a 71 ever. And the white player being brutalized left in this situation but politics but how do people speed. I do understand that. I don't know I don't know what it is what it is. You'll hear the whole thing coming up on an hour from now on in Atlanta. We have added an amendment was on the island that has not done. And I ain't got fed. I'm included in in the complete version of at that will play. I will point out that Michael won widely Crabtree to lead thing is not to say. It feels very different gas and totally it's totally gets very different anyway and am and what I did pointed out to them and you'll hear this and and our Google all well again it could pay. You haven't. I maybe let. I think what he's trying to do what he's trying to get into news. The possibility. You know if somebody has said it there's no there's no doubt in my mind somebody has said to him maybe several people have sent him players. Coaches in the league. I've said to him and others and I notice that all of this happens with a white players they get this type of suspension and and black players get something else. And he is representing that opinion. And OP believes it or not I don't know if he believes he's taking what's out the other he's bringing that hey do you terms he's bringing that as a conversational point. To the table they had been soaring in my head and and incidentally did you believe it or not now he's here he's saying maybe maybe it's racial maybe if. You guys are still left of some questions. He doesn't he does not ever explain why he references. YE. Our white is black the play hurt the player white is black doesn't doesn't explain that. He says that the racial issue okay for some of the league. Analyzing rock differently than Mike might penalize Mike Evans which didn't happen or another black player. Or maybe you have some sort of case I don't know what it is it may have something there but. For real and like this that was what we talked about from yesterday and we pulled the thirty seconds from PTI Tony did bring it up Torre brought up first which will one mentioned several times yeah Tony started it but okay let's great. But then will ball was the one that mentioned that detail I was curious as to why he felt that that specific deeds also important. Back to the call 6177797. ID 37 Tim's and indicate him. Those who Love Boat that's gonna. You know Michael you made a comment about Pittsburgh and Cincinnati that's how it though it is. The peak and it built her conduct before I haven't really crack that back yet. I mean if you even before the wrong thing the patriot they're nickel back when that Rex Ryan was there. The public last year at the beginning of the year when. The bill freight picnic and optical reader Aetna now from Mitchell added to a peaceful Olympia. Before the game when we're pretty technology called respect started where. Yeah Cologne with us right here and other pet coaches got elected an image dole was on yeah I fatal don't wait until we get well we'll wait to see in the next time this. Or did the pat. It's just an area and out I wasn't thinking about the percent playwright and that happen I guess I just don't think of buffalo. That way unit in the recent history of of Steelers bad angles and me had the situation in the playoffs where Antonio Brown. Gets hit. And now Pacman Jones said he was faking. Right Teradata he'll play the next game I guarantee you and if he does I'll apologize to them. Antonio Brown didn't clinic next game Pacman Jones did apologize to him and there's a lot of perfect in and Ben Roethlisberger. I think they're been more specific examples between high end talent on the Bengals our dealers and that compared to. That bill's going after Jacoby percent should've done it but you know two but the third string quarterback in and Malcolm Mitchell was rookie at the time packets to that move the needle like. The Steelers Bengals windows. 6177797937. You'll hear the whole Michael will Bana interview coming about an hour from now. Dale and Holley with keeps Sports Radio WEEI. Why you can point out why Michael why do you point out you whack the player Michael wanted to point out at the new layer right aren't I great. No I don't either I think I'd take even let her work I'm taking. Want to let me ask you a question. You Michael are red regret not raining you win. I don't. Like now reining him in beat tonight caller right now at 6179310937. You win a football pizza party for yourself. In nineteen your friends and family with Donta hightower on Monday December 11. Courtesy of Papa John's. Ninth callers 6179310937. With the football pizza party for twenty with Donta hightower. On Monday December a month. Final drive about 540 or thereabouts will have a whole Michael alarm interview for you and you know the whole thing is explanation some of which we agreed with some of which we didn't agree so much. I'm wildly and Chris. I am the only team ballot at. Reprimanded and employees with Miller and explanation and connecting him in the act that is something that are the field what do you think it's potentially set. He got blocked the field as a punishment or lack. I don't think he did do it to protect him but I think he might do. But the punishment. Being all week that can't. Votes. How to the punishment is already happened and I did he wasn't pleased you got to Monday asked do yeah now and then you go from there remains crazy anything else you're hurting yourself now if you do what you expected to after the patriots. Deadly buffalo game doesn't mean anything and you don't even have to played rock and another way if if they had done that for let's say if NFL had reduced the fine amid the suspension. To a fine then. Grunt plays on Monday in Miami. I don't think. Bill Belichick was say yeah I'd like which did so a lot of NFL reduced her suspension to find them and hold you out of this game I think that's a stupid or about the buffalo game though. Not that the patriots ever do the we play scared re we sit guys all that stuff and we've gotten into the open with. Your state radio blowouts so croc is going to play noticeably weak succeeding against the bills that have any kinda. Fear of the whole lives after them that sure I have the job that was. Yeah you know when you bring the brakes on at the hoods of buffalo gets in the playoffs. You know remember there everybody heard it below nastier rather than the real bills are out of there's more reason that they could be they are gonna be nastier as the knock on the playoffs where are -- -- yet Italian I think it's just the opposite I think I do and you're good at what they have to loses look I'm about being on vacation about two weeks here. I don't I don't know I don't wanna spend the first four weeks of it rehabbing. From a shoulder injury because I get a fight with this guy I don't winter like one on one fight but I think late helmet to helmet late hit. Or some sort of stock or in his or literally the same thing he did dual player are where act I'll admit he hurt his elbow that goes in the back of proxy helmet. But I wouldn't be shocked to see something like that and it's not like even if it's a starter you hey you can't play week seventeen and that meaningless game it or lose money bought. I'm sure the bills players might rally together just league we're talking about would you adjustments you better he's finally though what then there's think. If you do and the do you have that there that nick right here. Nick right for those who don't know nick right as a guy. With Telus about the Steelers or the usability and a patriot a bit of a lack job you majesty said Steelers countered it ten times since you 32 cut or better. In the steelers'. Star of Russia and apologize about weapons weren't at a better or example is doing a guy and more explosive. Faster without question that article put a bullet the litre Turbo. The guys that nobody's ever heard of and have these tactics already hot take him a big name to be named Lance got to take him. Now the hope nobody's I don't I guess yeah. What do you have to say about this suspension and he. In a vacuum. And even I woke if dean Reynolds won't say listen we're not calling you a dirty player rock singer bad guy. But we so badly want these tapes totally removed from workers are suspending guys even if it seems harsh. In a vacuum. I'd be OK with it. But it's what you mention it. It's that on this same NFL Sunday I guess this was a Monday night from the same NFL weekend. We saw what Rob Gronkowski did and he got one game. Rob Gronkowski is playing has no business in football it was not even a plight and it was after the fact dirty no forward. Premeditated. Act and I had by the way and and gained it didn't have the same type of intensity. Or I did I was did that the Cincinnati Pittsburgh and that this. That Joseph Jill was trying to make a play to spurring a teammate open yet I local was trying to save the game by breaking up a touchdown yes crux up by twenty. Angry he didn't get a call he didn't mean to get. And attacks again and I think attack is too strong so. Wind brought it to gain to leaving Crabtree get a game and in June July low could get one game that's what bothers me that they all got the same. It'll. So that bothers yet that we would really got to attack is not too strong a word yet from the penalty. Charts in a bad you don't vacuum. The Steelers. Are the better team. That Chris Carter jumping in there is of course here is I think they are it was attends a guy with so it's. The pages throughout my twenties abroad should take care of goals going on you know unless she needs all over the game that is Alter and Chris currency is a second then it's on that second. Yeah race on but he wanted to write about it dating before or after. This is what I look what I figured out is what a figured out and you guys. You guys to helping out here drugs what they're prime Michael yeah I promise I keep talking about this international patriots haters ball. And it gets in and it was well we'll start we'll start off national okay. Oh we'll take it international because I've been following the career of somebody and I think we need to model ourselves. After Vince beat me. Why hold events why have you borrowed man here habits did I already come out on I don't think. What we've been up all along I water you gotta Vince McMahon in the eighties it changes arts awards to agreed. Because the NFL says that we are all stolen his entire back another not not well it is the marble related wide knowledge that all of a sudden now two of seventeen and just got. Seventeen because of what he did with WW re creating these characters that make sure that the villains. The village have a place heels heels yes you know that's what we are. Where he'll do praise should embrace that everybody hates us. We need to monetize the hate. Wear heels bumper sticker monetize that hey let's he'll turn for ground Sunday at laws. Everybody hates to show on the road we'll start off the United States of America hasn't said he won the London. We're going to parents then we're going to roll or not or go to Pittsburgh were go to India slipped out of out now what do you think will be. The holiday you don't know they don't care they don't know yeah acts in Canada want now. I don't know now they'd now be able another vote this is this movement is gonna start the United States. Applied. One of the great the songs off its rate note chants. Which came from. Did you review was an excuse Risley his means. Ceases use yeah no it with a with an approach this thing all wrong I bet you I think it thinking to date and I don't got out of that thing because that's I think Britain and France doesn't care about the news or I don't care act yet you'll care receives is going to Belgium not not worried about it. And you know we all went to refuses to inhibit the adage you know the story that a few years ago. I heard on about it for three year about the the patriots in London practicing and an apartheid essentially central. Are dead they were out there bracket and Sheridan. Because you are Iranian build outs or rub their want to rob I don't play in an Arabic look at these guys and cares and went over here. Because NFL doesn't market like wheat market it's a marketing problem it's a packaging problem. Was that your guys they're busy with their soccer right now right now that's what we edited out for along time. I've been I've been look at it all wrong and I think you guys have to look at it you said. And why these people hate the patriots why is it okay now and don't worry about them. Played to their fears. Yes you are as disgusting as you think you got to shape yeah sure are awful. Yeah us yes spirits by all I had. Arnold earlier want to do that monetize. Day. Wilson and so you're right the patriots on the heels of the of the NFL absolutely but I brought this up before convincing kinetic when you're watching yes he has -- Stamford when you're watching Russia Iceland tower he's got a script our whole story for but listen we're watching wrestling you can pick and choose who you root for did you like the good guys maybe like the bad -- if you're going and you'd like the patriots but maybe there's somebody that always roots for the hero somebody always root for the face I. Have an option announces that it first Boston there's a regional movement Mostar region we're gonna change the way people think. Gonna start regionally and on the NW love that is gonna start is that is gonna go nationally Darth Vader our first international. That your local on the Canada you know camp haze and are small just across Canada are just that my client is Mexico and then at Mexico City. No we get North America on locked yeah North America and Mexico they swipe Brady's Jersey so we could that's aren't and then all instead of them I got it wrong I got ahead of myself yeah about Paris and London and on and out. South America's got to zero. So go to Brazil Brazil take over they know heard therefore they know Brady which means they love break we got it but we're gonna do and a half hour yeah the goodness what's this story I feel like it. And vets come up and script it for us to worry about like you know Suffolk county new your idea for Rivera is how we got him. Vince did so the relationship with Kraft as a hostess of the they actually cope promoted an event. Monday they Ernie didn't event together wrestling event in a very successful that big announcement than a bank and today it didn't have and have the right billionaire's club and having right get a hold of data and a whole of that downtown you know kind of promoting the event. And at the end of the whole thing Nate they Vince and a I think it was the pond. I forget which parliament and I got an anonymous industries administered man and Robert Kraft working together they get one of those guys know about making money. A month ago about human Robert Kraft are really about you know it's also good at Christmas. The rock Donald Trump. Donald Trump the president well Vince's wife isn't is one of Donald Trump's. Small business administration and I think you're gonna stirs me with that little detail. Who Eric Massa shaved her head match those two have trump for tweet about the ratings the ratings of the papers hated fat right now about very. Great days practice and play. Recommend them but multiple wounds in Boca Raton as well I am right and this incredible. That Clinton got all these grandiose plans Belinda going to Amherst. Everett and and maybe Cranston right I don't particularly on that road you can first shop Hamachi Minnesota's are going to be poster me is going to be national hate there you know actually they will aid they will alienate a very aggressive at all ought to expect because Minnesota is going to be represented in the NFC Minnesota is gonna play Oklahoma game if there's. Is that I would be unfair to be vikings patron I don't like that so that nation is going to be all rooting for divide those parity Brady vs Keith teen number eight these Super Bowl you know who are or grand marshals going to be in Minnesota. Of the for the patriots haters fall. The starter Chris Carter you know horse whisperer natural and a near Hebron mosque sort of mending fences already mosque is a Patriot Act. Oh yes right Abbas is on our side it's in good years in Minnesota feel Gavin loves Belichick. For a second time around Minnesota and act of first time out of Minnesota not good so the second I know you went back there and you. Yeah you know you were honored knowledge that they don't really love you like the patriots love you Bill Belichick lot of guys who are now very humid season none of that door on our side. Don't try to he's itself or try to pretend. But dale this is gonna work railing. Everybody everybody. Eden Prairie hates you saint cloud state hall different and Brussels and Paris yeah yeah let's just take over the united Mankato. Now let's just at another point c'mon now they don't care to neutralize. All tied up. There's not a well thought out or sort of places you were that. Saint Paul park islands in Saint Paul park to say I'll help golf I know there's a homeless Steve Nelson and Oka and oak hates you. These are still a little color all of the hall of Bob agility Kevin McHale water eight you got delegates she racquet past Hartford. Oh consortia rejected by the jets fans down there it's not gonna work rhetorical moments when I get past. We start up from Pittsburgh soft opening its purse soft open the patriots are real patriots are coming to town which burst while this is try to weaker team. Not to parole. Eden Prairie to Eden Prairie needed need Eden Prairie who has been in both your parents yet Pittsburgh radio not yet I think I should probably initiate this thing. Are your record tied to a nation hostage cell usually works I. I've got married aren't god calls here are Andy we got somebody I just got to play dumb but I. Our so called it what's up 1 o'clock and Kong head and it's by the Boston. And I don't. You guys you called me debate. Million I don't really call me it was not we specifically had a meeting where they interview about once you have and how we got about fifteen minutes let's get things stuff let's get this started all right. But to thank you. It's gonna work dale bluff your way through and dale. I'd listen that. The canopy is hoping to get along Vince. Man is doing what he's been doing is set out some years all that together jumped on board now that the man serving to you should really debate that Vincent and the late ninety's on center man. Mr. McMahon Dow's yeah quarter after rocket out of what the corporation are usually happy to Lotta reading today you would I've known for years after the learn and edited Vince Wikipedia page today at the runner up. Great great he. But the law boulevard Paul walk is is that a lot out from Athens. AAA teams is not a lot of to go back lost. All of that did you know that they're asking for international New Hampshire you know that yeah. All right with killer Kowalski did you know that I got a whole dossier right here is a quote China rest in peace on the nose and bring you down and others aren't. Brought the whole thing yeah I mean that the owner of a point. And now an exhibit the you know that the cult of personality which used Lucy upon it used to be. It political personality changed the where you think living color example when he is now. Now now thinking about CM punk in the here in the rough on Q&A. That's. As a wrestler my it was a big years this will result clear. Russ. I can still talk about it relative but as relevant here's what it's still here. A thing though if this ever plays. Sir raw. Oh my eye on it you lose that you'll go great depth in advance Vince might just to mess with yesterday did today after it left Robert Paul the which you guys don't know that once upon time at the great Point Park University yeah Delhi and bank. There was a lip syncing contest. In your boy was involved. That I did what. Call the person that you really now op with costing all of now. I. Typically that we are confident that that that I confide we'd all repeatedly has got to be able to Pittsburgh confided I was. I was Corey Glover the lead singer so I had on and I used to Wear like that any panic. Those of none out. Alia I played at a lunch short if you eat and combat boots and different colors and is here on the stage yet so obvious you on the stage acted that you all the words. Much closer much technically with syncing correctly if I did all right. Had a freak out at the and then. The dollar area of the dollar birthday instrumental part of lips and that. Did you lose up to parliament in. Over eight and you know as the number one major schools it. You know Shawn lets them you know dollars and dancers came inherited that she got the crowd. That it crowd underside here could dancer on. You don't even know words are just dancing everybody's into written yeah you win and you just because you got crowned sites. 6177797937. Is telephone number we will replay. Our I'd get together with Michael will one that's coming up by 540. Miles monetize. That he. Monetize it going national and international. I'd settle for Revere the way things ago.