DHK - Steelers safety Mike Mitchell blasts inconsistencies in NFL discipline 12-6-17

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, December 6th

HOUR 4 - Mike Mitchell was very open about how he feels the league has handled their disciplinary issues. Is he right? And what are the odds that other players feel exactly how he does?


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Fourth and final hour gala Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. We a couple of days here is that you know we talked a lot about the things going on in the National Football League and their folks out there have been trying to. Connect the dots to some of the things like. You know that the suspensions that came out of the Pittsburgh Cincinnati game in the Bronx suspension and on back today a key to leave open. And Crabtree suspensions and people have been have been trying to you know A plus B equals Q sometimes. The one thing I will give you some good news right in Shea easier has been moved back to Pittsburgh. As of today. He's now at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center facility. They say he'll continue to be tested and evaluated before his medical team provides any further updates on his condition. I guess the fact that that they can move him back to Pittsburgh as a positive but. When I'm hearing much about. Anything other than that the whole the whole Pittsburgh Cincinnati thing it went it went off the rails quickly. They always go off the rails and I saw where today Ben Roethlisberger says it's totally different when we played Baltimore only play the ravens. There's a respect. You know there's the gated you know it's good hard hitting clean football he said we play Cincinnati and everybody's more concerned about hit somebody than they are about. Make a player out there it says that punitive in more than thirty teams for a long time now and for some reason it feuded. More so against Pittsburgh and into the air plays back into it to a Pittsburgh a do you look at that normally make but the patriots. Top experts a dirty team. Wouldn't do it right out there that when they played Cincinnati it's like they they will get down and dirty to them as. You know what it shouldn't strike. We know that they juju play in that would have been fine and I can you know 2002 different kind of league right now. And say you know that was the NFL thought that was dirty but for the most part and and dangles. Bengals Steelers match ups the Bengals were being dirty. You have a bunch of birdies in your ticket or other a Pacman Oreo growth about a logo it's got his suspension reduced. To a fine. And you know of course I ordered the league they don't think that on his bad is Smits Shuster that's right. But can he wanted him to sell and then after the game the whole karma karma. Comments from I want to feel proud I was Antonio Reynolds and his all out but it just told you that there was no contrition what's where he had no contrition after they hit. He stood over army taught them the guys down than after the game his teammates are probably talking about me it can't use common sense sometimes you can't just say. Was a look at the information here. On a spreadsheet that are reached this conclusion no future hand. Clearly did on purpose he has no regrets. About hitting. Vontae is perfect. Who's been a thorn in the side of Pittsburgh for many years opposites in how do you go back hey you go back and say remember Carson Palmer. Remember Kimo von Oelhoffen Tivo bottle rolling on rolling in two and a playoff game this season ended their season ended our season. So it goes back a bit with Steelers angles anything that happens in those games you're the lead. Yet to look at it closely and are these people were talking about the bias that happens between this suspension vs that one. But it's hard work it really is takes hard work and take study. It takes critical thinking to kind of connect these things together and say well this is why this one is different than this. And don't wanna do that. It just wanna look at. The racial dynamics I would say it's a racial issue. And it could be I guess it could be put in the case of rockets now. Let's let's bring you some sound out of the Pittsburgh locker room we we told you this yesterday Mike Mitchell. Pittsburgh Steelers player was just going crazy. In the aftermath of the Steelers Cincinnati game of the punishments that were meted out. Well he didn't just doubled down today when the meeting was in the locker room he may have tripled down. The day this is football. You want the flag football then let's take our heads off they'll make it easier for me now got to Wear head. Give us flights for me to pull off that way I know what we'll plan. You know I find the plate full speed contact football we're not doing that I thought I gotta ask a guy hey are you ready for me to hit you right now before it's. That's crazy I'm gonna mess trying to get hurt trying to protect and I'll with the player because he's on and an overall then you'll quarterbacks in the food and almost them. That happened two years ago about not I'm I'm not open at all that any don't go volatile ride for two years ago however added I think we're out in the fourth gut. But if you don't Dodd he'll get that's fifty grand out of my pocket because any drove the dead ball. Make that makes sense and Edwards are taking our money but now you know I got and like Matt Hasselbeck calling me a dirty player and I tried my character we've never met before. I'd donate more money Justin and Adam. Underprivileged kids the public that people on the big. So don't give me that in mind that you go to school there and I take all that person you don't know me he never had a conversation don't be don't judge does. I was still hopeful for the football not competitive stuff. None of this though is just so he was going on in the game right now yes obviously I'm a little closer but. Mean he's gotten better we got to do better off that yesterday I've gotten better as players and Nissan and be right we got to get better leadership guys who have run in the league and obviously everybody from fans owners players all disappointed and Rodrigo. We just we just got to do better we can't have a guide where you just. Handout this went on how you see fit their needs to be if that guideline of how we do what we do. I like him death aren't you I I. I could I do I sort of Iran were restarts again in the ground but unfortunate the videos so once the once more comes out on those yet. Yeah I'm bad but he said there yeah. Yeah I'm probably better at all. It's not about you know we need better leadership that's my point you gotta if you got an issue with how this game. How hard discipline is being handed out in the league then you shouldn't be talking about. You know what people are saying on TV or it's my thing on Twitter you go to your your leadership and at that. I should have mentioned yesterday I forgot this point very important point the Steelers are the only team that didn't sign the currency via. Steelers inside it. Steelers are not on board with. Don't you know exactly what's gonna happen to as you get enough players that you get some guys say it might Mitchell's right here and get a whole bunch of guys together when the next deviate from southern noticeable ones who wanted to do but then they turtle. Yes because the lead at that apparently there were waiting out our analyst paychecks and they've got deeper pockets to assume that I got warned against our report they got more even if there's a few guys that are prepared to put money away and they say if we goals season without football let's see if they'll Blige. Won't be enough. Their revenue was fourteen billion dollars. Right now with a knee after fourteen. Billion so they can they can wait out Mike Mitchell and anybody else. In the league but you know it's interesting. I was I was going yeah yesterday we have with Steve Buckley. So Barkley is saying that Glock obviously. There's one game out were ridiculously easily and speaking of ten I finished about him that was the entire basis that our debts are. That's. There are a public art so adoptees. And he's on my you know this this deal you make with yourself to reconcile watching football on the necessary violence at football and unnecessary violence of football on and on and on. If we're pleased. Because that's you know a lot of a lot of players. Think just like Mitchell. Just like Mitchell there. Scale back in quick look at them it's either crazy and they should be in CT you and your. And you you're waking her life with what you're doing playing football do something else does not work about a character payment on and on and they don't think like us. They want it they want the full speed they want the hard hits that what they want. So he's our I think what his comic you've got to get favorite it. Liked that the applause the remote you applause whatever. Boy he'll probably also get fines. Probably could have thought and tried to make it up ordinary tweets one other quick note that it does involve the NFL earlier today time magazine. On named the silence breakers says the quote unquote person of the year. The women who have come forth and an expose the the sexual harassment and and and it's kind of a national movement. Well it came to the NFL today in a big way a California woman has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against hall of fame quarterback Warren Moon. I'd she alleges in the lawsuit. That moon required her to Wear Thong underwear and share his bed during business trips. Yeah sure she she works for the sports marketing firm. That he owns okay. She was hired in July okay she also alleges that he committed sexual battery by grabbing the woman's crotch during a trip to Seattle this year. The suit further accuses moan of pulling off the woman's bathing suit after slipping a drug into word rape trial separate all the way to Mexico way to manage that she was hired in July. She complained in October about these things that were happening she was then demoted. After she complained about his sexual advances. She filed a lawsuit Orange County California. A Warren Moon if you're wondering is 61. The plaintiff Wendy Haskell is 32 and he is currently well at least as far as I know still is a broadcaster for the Seattle Seahawks. Or start at University of Washington. You know does the Seahawks games out there. But she worked for this sports marketing firm. And apparently I she said. She was hired as wounds executive assistant in July traveled with a model weekly basis for speaking engagements charity events and personal appearances. Then she complained about the sexual advances in October and was demoted. So what your hearing. On your TV screen every single night has now come to the national. I only get accepted in some cases now this is and this comes back to. Know the people who have hired Warren Moon and people who have gone to Warren Moon as a source. With some of these some of these people this story has been we know about it internally. But it never got out in public Warren Moon is the opposite. Warren Moon has been that there have been battery charges against Warren Moon domestic violence charges against Warren Moon going back twist play in days. In these guys is 95 he was sued by a vikings cheerleader who accused him of sexual harassment liked it to two months after that he was arrested in Texas after his wife police should told police had slapped and choked her off. Morton told reporters that the couple had an argument that there that he made a tremendous mistake. I'm reconciled with his wife who declined to press charges is he doing any media stuff right now I think he was working for the Seahawks the AC BS radio Gary is doing radio or the Seattle and he still doing well. I don't know what day he has been this year yes I think. That OK this is this has been out there. After a while he just look at and say how do we keep hearing the same stories over and over. Sexual assault. You know old you know slapping somebody. You know. Holding somebody or are telling somebody to do something that they are comfortable with. Same stories. So what are you doing Seattle Seahawks. 'cause he was a great player for you know. The hall of Famer or just say that didn't happen while baby people won't be talking about it. And I guess it's a it was a calculated gamble and they were right unfortunately. Because we haven't been talking about Warren Moon and he's out there and is not a secret what he's done. According to lawsuit I'm reading from the have the peace in the Seattle newspaper. More required Haskell to stay in his hotel room during business trips sleep in the same bed and Wear skimpy Thong lingerie bottoms as night close. When she protested. He replied that she had to comply to keep her job well and said quote his Pryor assistant accepted the same arrangement has quote while. It's like the Hollywood stuff. All that and now it and now maybe the Pryor assistant comes out and tells her story. But I think if you're the Seattle Seahawks. Sunday's game does not matter for you. You've you have at the very least. You know put him insist that have put them aside put him on leave until you can find more information we're just clarify our. Got to move on. Now this is only allegations that it did at the mall and supporters are gonna say all these are only allegations about a little bit better track in 1995. As the track record on collapse of the folks on an Alabama sand. About a candidate for US senate I. It Ed today in what they're saying as well that was forty years ago lowers a long time ago we you know he gave you can't prove it now. They're stuck on the record. With Warren Moon with a multiple people. This is not hearsay. While some of the previous stuff I did this particular case. Unless she's got you know some evidence of some stuff and maybe she does. Are we get right back to the calls have you guys off final drive with Michael will one coming on just few minutes as well dale and Holley with teeth Sports Radio WEEI. And Edwards are taking our money but now you know you got and like Matt Hasselbeck called me a dirty player and I try my character we've never met before. I'd donate more money and how that. Underprivileged kids to public these people on the single. Don't give me that in mind that you go to schooled him and I think all that personally if you don't know if you never had a conversation will be held dug up. But we're still hopeful for the football my competitive stuff. Some things to say about missionary and about. The the adjudication of punishment the National Football League but. We'll probably have that for him on a madhouse but there aren't as great and the fact is that a whole god you have got to rest yeah I think at least that's. Would negatively against the descent Iraq I would've been nice. I don't think either. We're all we're all guilty of that no saying what a guy is anybody in the media is guilty of that everybody. Yeah I think is an annulment to yell out we don't know at most at Canada and so you we all based on what we see on the field and me. Determine who's the good guy or who's back to that aspect is that we want to Hantuchova Mitchell's certainly if they would ask us and that's our bias in the media but then. First for those especially. Of those in place that's our guys flip side is that you have the bias of guys like Chris Carter. And and Ryan Clark. You played fourteen and then everything you say or Bill Polian used view you have your enemies. From your days of being either the president of our organization. Wide receiver working safety forty arms fall and everything use today. Is kind of viewed through that prism so everybody's. I Darryl in Dartmouth hey Darryl I don't. Hey I thank you picnic and I culture. That's meant all day sitting in my head spinning. You know I only got two racism you know I'm a white woman. I get I really don't know what that is I mean logically I can figure that out. You know I believed that make of them but let's Colin out when it actually happened to have hypothetical. Racism. And putting it on things is it doesn't even exist then we're not going away and Jenna was doing them injustice. Even solving the problem. You know what crime did I believe was wrong. When yep I'm glad something you know we got reprimanded that. But I can totally understand why Egan. And we just not looking at the whole picture was just. Raping a ball around every single situation. And get in the in the white and the black continent Bob Burnett was slapping. Racism and I just think that. Racism as a serious subject and we darling at a mail in justice what was Scott calling you know 1000 exists. Well this is that dealing with it when it done. Thank you Carol I was while Cessna skirt by the way Bill Belichick today didn't mention drawn by name. But did address it however and he did he but he did say if you want to general point about you know well it's not all his fault well. Belichick said we've got to do a better job of coaching our players to hold their emotions in check. They didn't mention rocked by name but he was obviously talking pretty daughter gone just lost it here. He you know any was being held and end all about Tom Brady to maybe I have a possible yeah. It pretty far out. Because Brady you know I've I've thought what's mcdaniels. Just said something to him. May god Brady came over to a woman stone was screaming at means you notice that mcdaniels and mcdaniels can continue to engage heat turn. Where he is Earl Brian where Billy O'Brien was all under one dollar and wanna go Newsweek and outdoor chess. Game. The better fight to those roar of his breakfast for me what. California board. Michael ons for retreat there this right now Michael bunt from PTI joined us at 230 I got a little heated. Especially in a couple places you'll hear when we come back. On final drive Sports Radio WB.