The Hot Stove Show: Bradford vs Drellich 12-06-17

Mut at Night
Wednesday, December 6th

Mut, Bradford, and Evan Drellich are in on the show this week. Rob and Evan argue about Evan's report about two incidents involving newly hired Red Sox manager Alex Cora, one with an Astros broadcaster and one with manager A.J. Hinch. The debate gets heated, callers take sides. The stove is hot, tempers get hotter.


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Thanks to at least not hot Scopes show. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. I was your book is I'm making change welcome aboard. What a lot of ways and now. Told me it's not with complete coverage of the Red Sox socks. He had dot com mastermind rob Bradford grad Rhodes show that my open W. Com columnist John Tomas we'll keep. At all. Red Sox studio host Mike Mike Netscape. Not hot stove show was brought to you. Bradford clothing stores whose distinctive clothing food to re enact. It's time for the hawks do you know. On the whole bonus Sox. Sports Radio. Hot stove she always brought to you by tone for your time. For the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire no body. On the Red Sox have done nothing either hot stove outside of waving Henry Owens. Doesn't matter real life talk about tonight on the hot stove show night 37 WEEI rob Bradford this year. As is Evans relic NBC sports The archenemy of rob Bradford Evan how're you I'm doing good my Howard you I'm doing excellent is I'm gonna get to sit out and play a sensitivity Bobble on two morons yelling and you want your regular deductible I don't I'm. There's what happened today you get a little behind the chancellor in a way we go paddy so and so he hurt interviewed gave the browse the last night right. Do you see that are at the globe besides. That I think he's Newsom yes they want about reverend Storey Dave Dombrowski says. Well but he. I ask site doctor Ajay hinge and AJ told me that the reason he'd say because he thought it wasn't a big deal that's why you bring it up that was good enough for me. Bible blah so anyway so right or wrong whether he's truthful or not. That's. Turk did a good job of asking the question we put it up on the site so the headline was Dave Dombrowski downplays. Report our story about Alice core argument that. Are there with them and the running pool going rob with another beat writer as to how quick you were gonna try to downplay that and you'll literally putting her at. But but oh how did. So well how how good the head is that your headline. I try to downplay it didn't he downplay guys play yesterday a private text when he's on the story nonsense was right do you believe that. Although all of those ads I got it got to give me sixty seconds before you guys can often running we'll get some calls and as well 617779. 7937. I can't assume that everyone listening is read your story of an iPod yet that would could be enormous as I try to bring it up yesterday on the morning show trying to you know I want to talk about a Kirk was not a mood to do baseball's leading to a lot of it. And there's been a lot of football today so for those who did not see and I and you could add in anything you want your Evan but I am trying to. Condensed your story posted a couple days ago at 2 AM good job do you. Will Allen scores outburst of broadcaster be footnote or an omen UDT elements that back on August 31. Where Jeff Long was four player now broadcaster. Was on the team bus. Heading back to the stadium after road trip. He asked Allen scored a turndown some music on the team bus. Outscored or in along for five minutes the boss arrived back there was another ten minute episode between Alex Cora and Astros manager AG pinch. It was an expletive filled episode that also includes the footnote that Allen scored had been drinking during this trip and he contributed to his behavior. It is not uncommon place to drink on travel days. It was downplayed by many but it's the it's an EU DTL pretty. The sickly NBC sports Boston doc not missing any major parts of the details there all all the years the big one for me. When asked or not announced but sources confirm to avid relic. The Red Sox were not aware of this incidence of rescues on the records until you contacted them about the story and us there from major portion of. And it's from the story though there's there's a bit more detail background and it wasn't simply request turned on the music that. What core over the ocean with a strained relationship with. With blonde at that point there was some strain with pinch as well and all that boiled over in that night and the only thing that's kind of bothered me. But some people's reaction has been this well it happens everywhere. And and I feel like a guy into good enough job explain I thought the details would would would make it clear to people this was not atypical. Hey man screw you man at loft type of interaction. This is abnormal life I'd. Even had accounted for somebody again today. And that was reinforced how much to stood out and when I called one person to talk about it I said. We talk about the real story of August 31 August 31 is the day they traded for Justin Verlander thanks same day I signed and there in the air our history and an and they they go what I said the bus and immediately and that they knew would've talked about this wasn't. Astros management was aware of this this wasn't some little you know side of the ball are. I had one too many type thing that this boiled over in and sit out to a lot of people took a lot of people back in he flew off the hand. OK so I can only go by your story. And since you came in here and since you like you're talking about it was a bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and not trying to say OK so once again I am only going by what you wrote. Number one your very hardworking. You tried really hard on this. And I do think that the takeaways so if if there was meet. If from what you row if that was me what your take away from the stories. Is an eight like mutt said Red Sox crappy job of vetting should all pat absolutely everything and that's the story that it's a story in itself. He if you wanna do with story on how passionate Cory is in use this an example. The problem is well what can I. I don't know you'll complaining passion no doubt know with a well I'd say install on all day control so so what you don't do what you put the story haven't. Was that you said this is more than just about renowned music but that was in the story that was the story. So when it no such an angle tells the story yet behind the scene right motion okay boiled though so yours by little it was great Cairo was what if this was this. You'd already said if it was me from what you the facts that you put the story good for you fine job. Hard work and everything else those that do things from what I saw on the story that I would written story about. But the way that it was portrayed about this price acts thing about the next price tag thing which indicated they did not go well -- for nearly as journalists certainly certainly your organization was pushing out all day yesterday like that left at the typical legal bullet on what I rough left and right I think it's right to that I've got to stick to 12. So if you're gonna go the price acting and that's what. And that was mentioned in the story right. Priced at four echoes of that okay yes OK at goats we can nearly a similarity all right got it right right not what's been close because. You can say that this was more with him and Jeff won't all live one day but for what you put it was about the music. And and so when you're saying no problem I put it was about behind the scenes that tensions that boiled alert you when the music have written in the back to ever came every every accurately what you're an average you said that to jumping off point for this incident. Is OK okay so you're gonna say in that moment. All I'm saying Evan if I'm writing that story in New York with you for what the the fact that you presented in the way that you eroded. I just said what I would do I would start with a vetting thing that his battle on the Red Sox. And then I would buy it. But through telling not a great story so don't I go back and all of that still doesn't matter but the red suction known about it. No does against that matter I don't think it matters as much as you think it's what how much do you are you taking from that I the headline was literally question. The mile or half mile headlight courses Atlantic it's it's it's reported that the actual headline to have our top question marks the headlines are popular votes and so are much an idea what's stick your right to have the right predict the future and see this happening again now I have no idea that's now again neither do you yes or no yes or no destroyed the main focus on win this with being pushed out. For it by you by you organization everything it was on juxtaposed against the price act thank Jeff for now. Yes it was juxtaposed to that and now on the main thrust of David Price and similarity. Without court is it loss of self control its face setting. Boardwalk let's see why anger why does the wife doesn't matter. Guys are hilarity now around not an out if that doesn't end. Right and agree to disagree because that's a REIT because drought sports round and you know you're not really I think a lot human in you as one of the few you value whom baloney opinion also all exports Fred okay another lot of value everybody about that you know you want you around opinion. Share okay. Vertigo and what are not. Don't get defensive about this have been whatever are flying it was a funny story did David Price lose control while the team with traveling. That's what you get out. I morally look at all wanted to but nothing but mud into your leadership role in the Red Sox how you handle conflict are you how. How do you handle intense moment you put the nature of the conflict a little bit different yesterday and all the broadcaster guest with a drink you've got a do you think it did they both lose control if they gave him that he's John Farrell getting to it repeatedly in their office into uproar from him. Okay and all well I wasn't brought up ever got what do you think to the point that people. Every move you bought it every point the minute you can downplay. This whole idea that this doesn't happen all the time but. In a lot of world beat this losing control and getting upset over its little things that. Happy it would be appropriate so Alex core acted this way as them. If you got an argument my guess is he not get in war you don't equating all arguments in this so intellectually. Off it's not the way and right. Barry Scott. I bet I did like ten minutes of screening at the manager after five minutes of screaming at a broadcast are well. I don't know. You were in New York share for some reason you moved to without knowing any details or I do this yourself. I moved to defend. Alex core works for pick apartment well when the facts have not refuted anyway I'm happy to elaborate on any details available to everybody has said over and over. First of all first law are not trying to cherry are not true about trying to pick apart restored don't get defensive about it I said fine job. I said this is this is what I would have done for all the fact that your element how to write his stories running wild with the amount right at idle and of course it is OK I mean but in this owners don't but don't be sensitive also being condescending right here despite the shoe fits. OK so. If if that's the case they ought to go by is what I read an eye and I and I jedi you're saying you're in first what you're saying that I don't. I don't know like I've been asked around about the course and out. If you can you can say well we yeah aftermath core of course. I've had by asking other people about Jeff Russell. Rob let me summarize what you read yet has a lack of self control. For two separate episodes screaming and cursing in front players yeah. While coach you'd think we can't players had calmed him down. An annual brainy guy. This is normal this that this is no no well and edit away pick the way that's like LG I feel your pea brain. If that's if that's how you look at it fits in well I think that's apparently did little. Brains out their attitude that says they knew breaking flash for you this was not a run of the mill avenue boys will be boys. And everything the other reality he's not a player anymore if he was the number two on that team. Here's and now he's the manager of the Boston it's a problem that was the relevance here's the problem here's the problem there was no problem. Now the problem is is that when. You write the story and I'll say it again good job haven't you worked hard at it get it route we don't I don't know I have to say that I have you know lightly and any other person of action in a price to know if that's your problem now I have a when you write the story if you have to spend this much time. Trying to articulate president that if people who were friends with its quarterly like yourself might like movement Loni you what you thought. Yeah about an incident I don't know how it ever had any friends on Twitter I mean it's amazing life. I think there's an element of people war. Rooting for the guy. But it doesn't stop me from doing my job I I don't think one month that I think he should be fired I didn't say he shouldn't have been higher it's the biggest pro we know that Alex or outside if you've ever available in Vegas take away from nests. As what mark said from what you wrote on what I read in your story the biggest take away. If the Red Sox had a crappy job or pitcher I want people spots in the middle like he lost self control you don't think that's I don't based on the story he definitely did you tell us what you've got to relevant to you drop it and don't relish and no I don't actually is relevant elevated and I think happened in what are you not you want it's as though this does happen it does happen if things do happen Robin too soon to say that every curve thoughtful and scuffle with it like it right well it's like price and they're like Jennifer it's like present there are similarities. It was a complete loss of control. While trap literally involving a broadcaster all the Pentagon regarding fuel that not all the broadcasters that the big difference music was with as you said in the store you're ignoring part of the story every time you go back to the news. What's the beef between couple faults here we'll get your your reaction as well 6177797937. I thought was it a very interest in peace given your right. It feels like more than ever now the did the bag job was and I heard a year ago. A couple people around the organization they love down score from learn and SA from no I ended up from. Not much like Scotland should still love you should watch broadcast Booth was in the broadcast Booth who was not the broadcast but having whose loved outscored ever and it's not that that on the telling. Stories out of school Jokester of the attack the bag job was and wanna hire any evans' story gives you pretty good example of of of how much they want and that they really. They didn't dig out my job and a couple faults. What was the what was the crux of quorum being mad at a former players now broadcast. Morrow colorectal let's play word out quorum that the overarching theme here's a core was insecure. About his place on the Astros that. He felt that. Blah might have had hinge easier too much he felt that. Why did you put that story then. Rob perhaps made a mistake by not detailing everything about the all we have to go by additional personally no because if behind. It was my feeling and the hoopla I had different versions of the story written out is already getting on my feeling was that the nitty gritty details of what. This you know the various things that we're going around the Astros were not to be of interest Red Sox in what was going to be of interest to them is how he handled a bit at some level dropped. It doesn't matter what system. He'd either if you lost so much control. What that. As I don't matter and those are just all they all rob locked in huge yeah in Houston we're looking Boston now which we know he rightly the peak the opposite somebody who bothered by Boston I won't be. Evan Roni story that details a scenario where ego maybe does it on the Bible again that it is going to be days after that day Tuesday after the federal fired I wrote this other people wrote as well. And you talk to players which you don't seem an astronaut known this before. But one thing you hear from players a lot with that federal in the browse the had numerous numerous arguments in a lot of times it was in front of people. Okay week we said this. Like this happens. And so this whole idea and we'll all you do what you wrote a letter OJ and I are going back to the saudis at all do you think it federal possible losing control and to browse to eat. It's it's all my goodness this is why he was fired. It because you were on natural outs course should be fired I don't know but they are what you'd. What was close to being well I think relation between Debra did not then MLB network's day that the Brownstein one in his own god he did of course so do you think the relationship. You'll get those arguments right ticketed somewhat long behind so what's a this comes back this comeback than just one thing. As that you said it might ask the question so what is this what was the root of wages Kay Gibbs suggested he's over arching in I think I've more polyps of that hill and I hey I appreciate the didn't put every little details on why he. Because it's I don't that's like a this is why he beat him on here too deep because. I hear uncertainty here's your critical of the colleagues writing as he got a story you didn't off problems at us like well that's the beauty in in your head in the mock world yet solar. But we can't debate I write this as your honor it's like what's academic. Is it that I get a deal would. Win a great question all right so so but I Hewitt thought I don't wanna get to know about you brought up so I'm gonna addressed it. Yeah I have said how I would written the story toppled light. What was said. I appreciate have been hard work I appreciate everything that you said dog you heard we heard well because I have to keep saying that so you don't today idiotic things like you just. I'm tell a case that you you don't feel that way you're not mad European story by. And it's and you work I just articulated. Everything I liked about the story we can debate about the story which. We well a B average and it. We want will go on we will debate we've debated about different things before but this idea I mean you know here's the thing. If you if you mix for the little time reporting and talking with some of these sides Alex Cora you might actually understand. What the feeling around you can just hear me did I guess that I did. I think after that you brought stored it for you that you use on our research report on the snow I started asking around about so what did you what you want him. Hoarded and that's what did you that what you the whole thing stuff that came out this story what happened and everything and so were you asking people have a vested interest in downplaying. Some of them did and some of the day did you consider that and of course I did I could you talk to anybody who's there why did you talk to anybody who's there. If you just comment on the job at all Motorola lemmings as multiple. I don't. Want to. What is. Q what are you what you'll love nothing let me let me get my checklist of things I did by the way I put. I JV team to possibly win today that rock has anyone come out and said actually what I presented no not a single person but what you are trying to do is that's not the issue here is. Your reaction to this was automatically to down play with out doing any real reporting on some pictures I don't know. It's not a lot on death row the number two on true. I I asked around like you said I don't know how you want to document this. And number two I'm not Big Brother Nicholas and not downplaying this I'm not doubly I am saying for what you brought up the line down Burlington. Headline that none of the capital report like that that's showed your security. About the only other item we rent your editor Marty heralded with so it's as site at a. Again I am I question why be Warren and there's sup is underline thing there ball blogs talking aging hand scores pilot is the bench coach why not talk enemies on his broadcaster. He played the game so I sort of get that. I guess but the bigger question is that you reference it you're he'd been ended drinking during the day. Was it getting to a point and and the alcohol involved here and not. Do you believe there was any point with the Astros were debating whether or not. The fire accord during the year because of this. Was their pattern of this was going to be back next year without placing a pattern evident I was very clear that I had no evidence where it doesn't matter opening camera worms if you say that. I think it open well there is debate about this and I think it opens more can't warns that he was drinking then the Specter I don't want to even in bringing up the drinking. Like a felt as though is a lot of debate about this but in the actual retelling of the night he contributed to it he had been drinking. And I don't understand do that was the impetus for. I'm I thought I asked the four digit everybody know do you think that the drinking do you think that what he was tricked his estate of sobriety. Was a fat was the main factor or HE factor in what happened I it would yes or now from ever knew was there it was a fat achieve that. Because what's brought African what do I. Is BA's what is the difference between factory Jay in other. He's always because I utter out and it mattered if he and Patterson has a thing here's the thing. After win and we all know that could be you'll go to the clubhouse block model is why you created. By all accounts of people talked to who were there OK some weren't as well you know a direct file on my point is okay this is why cast. And that's another thing I would present that you may be say OK it was this way at eight A primary factor or eight main factory is because once you introduce that even though you follow up with the doesn't average American problem. That it opens up if you lost that they'll control that night. It would appear with drinking. As well as his reactions and you can tie them both together at the bottom line is he lost self control the tricky part was there ever a manager of the Red Sox so that's all coastal city bodyguards adult voters say that the storm did the drinking was a fat you never said that yes you say it's about as well rob you said you don't read the story that he was drinking. I don't insinuated my drinking was not a source has said it affects our gas sources said it contributed. There is that is that not a factor to you does that does that make clear to the drinking okay did you read the story ideas I. Wrong I with I I just Rory and I read it again and ActiveX a lot of that I made there could face a take I don't read again and again and again to make sure that. I had a different opinion but I didn't based on your reporting Evan did you get the impression. That and he said there was no pattern of this. Was there it was his job ever questioned during the year old with his return next year in. Question based on the sense that if the situation had not got resolved. I heard from a from multiple sources. That there was some thought that he was on his way to getting fire during the year. Yes because you could not continue in a situation where you have in bench coach screaming out of manager. In front of the teams elect coach tried but big result that they got through OK but it was bad. Okay I thought I think OK okay so would you say your multiple sources. And I don't have no no you say multiple sources who do you say that. At some people thought OK so why wasn't that the story. Because I just. Tipped your respondent must question I know Heidi I don't question I would've won Dave I'm telling you. In order in response to a question I did not have a definitive person. Who who would have. It wasn't firm enough to be. Corps wasn't I can't say that I can tell you the prophetic. I can tell you a couple people believed it I cannot tell you with a 100% certainty that there. And and how you lost the guys fired or visit so the Brothers that gigantic effort on my part to be fair in this story and to meet that was not there to include. Died let's I had I totally that he was about to be fired the next epic as I tell you in response to my. There there were sort of line them up but not like your readers there were rumblings. This is the drinking in there and oh no I was I was that was not so. I never said don't put your head out here at his sick don't put in there I was just asking you and an avid I didn't say that your story was inaccurate I never said that. I'm talking about. Like how it was positioned for what was then that's what I'm talking about that's all I ever at any time that I'd I'd you know I'd I believe. Composition classes with Brad murdered or something like it to work for those who sat down we're gonna do that after the show we will Lyle do this after the break we'll come back to your reaction to the issue read the story for these guys go back and forth holes will will get your thoughts on isn't a story or not robbed call that nonsense that is it fair to say you don't think it's a big deal. Yeah way it's presented yet I don't think it was a big I thought it was specifically does is that the Red Sox angle too little on the welcoming it was 610 I thought that vetting process was a big the pockets of the of the now part of it that's what you should one not priced like this it's just wanna bet it was a big. Not that thought Arkansas's press from the reds this what are you off the air during the break we've got to pay some bills 61777979837. Hot stove showed relic Bradford mullet and you Sports Radio W yeah. How much do. Life off. I was mistaken about the bully American Robby who you talk about the sweet spot of the life. That's that's true that your friend though board relic ballpark. I was here and how dare you ruin it hectares to the one broad statement here for our sport can be. You might end up being the greatest thing since slice rather than this on NBC Boston. Sports lost my prayer for our work. This is not meant to be is damning thing it's just meant to cash. Open up a question and we've we don't know how he's gonna react and intent on let all the stores and second question and answer I. I read how the Red Sox did not know on the net that to be. But. Listening to you talk about it in Gibson for the DTL I would admit I'm I'm more concerned now about the story that I was the first timer too erratic. I'm still out there still less concerned about the idea. That when contact the Red Sox had no idea they've date this big they've gone on the intro with Carl Crawford and David Price and players. And eight is kick calling up and John Ferrell who is rob mentioned earlier very correctly. Had our had his own issues away from the field idea has issued in Nebraska this past year. This Fella wanna add to your right to get a quiet offseason if we're gonna play this bridge Luke is due to year to get next year. They better get the manager right. And what they know about this. That brings up huge questions about the vetting and was the bag jetted to John Henry Linda does duty say that's our guy hiring in the and eyebrows he just said laboratory work because that's who John and wants of the manager. Abbas he still might be the yes it required into this bill Ali I want was no official party that thinks this would change anything. And if they'd known about before him but it may be that would give them more applause India it is I think it should be a little. Worrisome and I know that the Red Sox. Feel badly about the fact that they missed that now I have a little empathy for them in so much as they move incredibly quickly whether they should have moved so quickly is a different story but. To find out in that short period of time. It didn't take much longer if they are in to now add a package and. How big a part of it I think the part of it is in this whole my whole conversation about it wise. About oh how was present and and like you go by it was one means little earlier had this I don't know I don't know why can't you can't you can't do that similar and I saw I saw mark the headlines ahead it and I'm of course you saw the what is element. Abby is like me because like education what are some that I asked what let me ask you this with so I wanna have you had other. But talk to other people what's in reaction now. Yes or now I see in the twittering no no I've had have you all what are whom was sitting yesterday right wing view in the mornings. Goldman and didn't wanna talk about yesterday ash oh okay it's also haven't talked about we you let the segment rob yes I mean I try to bring it up because of the Red Sox angle. Any basic loss as mine shut down that wanted to show the show so yeah I've not talked to him. For more than two seconds since then after that will always like I know. And Alyssa and Eric and Evan and I just take our I didn't talk to I'm not gonna. Because we're gonna greeted ticket discreet because I'm talking about what was in the story out of position. What the lead of the story was in the price acting based off you've got an argument with Jeff blonde and he said there's more there was more to items underlying. That was not articulated. So what we had to go by. Was that so what got an argument got an argument about the music. And. And that's not rock this rock rock and that's not all that was said. Instead behind the scenes tensions boiled over right. But let's let let me get your life it was it broadcast what things they were set on the Bryant yeah okay so it's let me ask your question you know what CU was the crux of the David Price than secretaries or. What was the take what what was wrong about it. There was a lot how it all okay this is just give me about what we don't know what was yeah a lot of impetus for the yanks. Okay what I'm asking what was it his audience what. What was he even answered our question for doc can you answer that okay if I question what was wrong with the price Packers incident. Then he got upset that he get a cent over sound stupid if the in thing yak on the television. In OK and and you think he handled that anger properly now. But what was different answer and have been picked up on this applies to any other by just auditing in nondescript and. A guy into buddies write by has to do with Enron does your initiatives Europe Poulter broadcast your relating. It argument with a broadcaster. And the reason why. Price gotten the argument with a broadcaster because he was being people thought you'd be hypersensitive about what was said on the broadcast that's all we heard after the fact. Yes yes or now. Yes yes rock solid so when we're comparing it to this a beat me when you get an argument with a broadcaster. It's gonna say well wasn't about. Hyper sensitivity to be obvious in the broader guess it is as if that's if that was the case only read that's what probably read it and you'd be critical of NB. She sport possibly portrait at once you read the story. You knew that it wasn't exactly like so maybe was it was something that had to do with what he said on in spite of but yeah I think it has no similarity though but my problem with. Dennis Tankersley and David Price is loss of control if not yes it is an issue that these other by the media. Ya you can keep pounding this loss of control. But it will have to meet I object I was sorry I have friends that when I read a story three times. I didn't come away other than you trying to pound the whole act price thing of saying oh my goodness brother president know how. Stories Edgar or tackles all of that and the question that both globally right. I have a Twitter love. Just got out of control how they gap it lets you guys shut up for a second people to wait and hope for awhile 61777979. B 37 let's go to. Jimmy and I are going to be here next up here. On of the hot stove she'll Heidi Jimmy reed and. There so I gotta make a couple and yeah sure. So why mud on your disappointment will let you know I think you do. Good job by the Ulanova looks a lot yet to be little a lot of fans because. I think you work hard to put effort and and you try hard pill. Compared to whatever and not even. You know shown a strong showing up late. And showing up on Sunday is not known when I almost felt like things you radio icon that the comparison. The comparison. So that's what exactly is what you're mad at B side and that on the show nobody is police say global work ethic you have it doesn't supplement comes to report Evans got a Catholic not when it comes the radio. Yeah a couple a couple of phone call that a couple people on the international. Although actual hard always had it been difficult. But we'll play. It unless it's an excellent boy I'd call them out I that I grew but a hundred law. How to market can and haven't bought a little bit and come into the market he. It literally wrote commercials for eyeballs on what value now back. How do you know what it looked distorted the most out wide or because it showed an incident that could be. Relevant in his time as a manager how we handle an intense episode how does not registered you query desires. Hey Evan huge impact an attempt at about quickly homicide on thank you. It. Any time anybody yelled at each other it's just don't be deal b.s that we and it solves them. I know not been a better view argument in question. After I try to compare what the accurate what you're trying to. David. All the broadcaster with the confrontation in front of people little loss of self control to me that was enough to say. Act goes it was not this is an identical with Rick we got a bigger people if this is so basic. It sold off of self control it's unprofessional and unacceptable to stretch. You wrote a story that you don't they're trying to and the guys ought to talk about it more the other day. Becoming americanized. I was worried about Jimmy Jimmy was not upset about that Imus I was of sect is trying to you know I want to talk but Kirk the unity show he got upset you we move on. We invited in because it's an interesting story the Red Sox last I checked the soft in all I'm sorry they released Henry Owens tonight when you and our Henry Owens tonight. I don't that's of the girls do you like this this is the most interesting thing written about the Red Sox in a couple of months that's why Evan. Is here tonight in a good suggestion my patio or producer bring Amanda. And Evans vinegar it's for comedy your dealing with Bradford it's. Back in for this is a as so a New Yorkers support efforts have very good yes that's my college nickname was on the slowest sport Carlson a Capel also is sick of the drought what's going on Karl. Yeah. I can't stand are hard at IKEA and got our prove that it had not deal with crappy phones with two minutes left did you really hear anything. Nixon Westport high neck. Look hey Dylan than. I am and I adequately for. If you're always chirping behind your back your book right. Would you equipment and support mr. behind your back. If someone who is. Compare it to play an apartment all our calls an awful to my boss is gonna guarantee serve broken into by caller it's on the question. Yeah I think so I mean that's a pretty thing. Big on the deep electric inning like blonde had. Into the air right. What it is now. I told you those court the court had that perception that's it's an Italian. Figured that's it worked I told you insecure this position. OK I. So my question do you is it that. What we're doing a key talking behind your back your box you're good you're pregnant somebody's gotta set about that very day and it took an important job right. Oh my god you're relating those two things nick. Jesus Christ almighty god. I've got another isn't this the real life prior this time and you know and it and it added that all of my god didn't go find different shows that euros or about policy you Stevens announced Cuban and Jesus Christ we're gonna this is what we're gonna do we're gonna relate Alex Cora. To what happened on this show a that that's it. It's how they wanted to podcast whose coverage tomorrow of course. You'll agree with everything rob said is alert the light of that is yes allowed to aria is desperate yet we've got like a professional. We got to take a break we'll come back home like gases is easy they're getting it keeps he'd try to equitable connect. Whole got to connect with our guess it's. Mott and did not Monday night at the hot Joseph Joseph want to thank god they asked what good is the callers to suck tonight no more calls in the hot stove shows they're already good WE. Fans now are coming up. 10 o'clock here on WEEI Karl on the tape he says better phone reception Carl was it your call was the full and hopefully to better spot thank you for called back for a I'll hopefully you know at all excellent look at this beautiful coed car phones. But you don't want eye injury issue will only well union talking baseball. I'm gonna play this that the article really Bernie bad idea. Go to this so many different weeks. You could have approached. In major point but instead it basically come out as Alex being in a drunk. That as saying a minute ministers. That's the way I took the story. Well if you read historical Carle author of the story it hits it made very clear that that there was no indication of anything beyond the one night with the drinking. And it. Described one incident in one night that was really a couple of episodes inside the same night there were no other nice described so what are your brain since you he does this every night. We're just seals words Karl once you open that door it doesn't matter what you staff also should protect him no but at this time around. The whole purpose this story. Was to open pandora's box. Prep the purpose. The stories that got lost control to what the for a guy named manager and it's relevant to how we might handle situations as meandered its as simple as that. I don't have a problem with the guy have a few drinks and being. Somebody's emotional Eddie told that report out. The right and couldn't have been any commitments they the first place. I was a reporter. Right. OK right is right behind the ancient. They just land after working Harvey people want to call their families and there was an element of being respectful because they're busy hurricane Carla you're that was well evidence for Carl you read the story right turned Carly wrote a story right so this is how he fell after reading the story avid yes but. Okay fans can take and how they want to they will refuted that dollar in Carl thanks for call Baghdad vehicle that is being in. Actually 90%. Of the response on social media and that's not the best judgment that's why I was re I was reading all the responses to it. And the comments have been up for some reason people wanting you won't want accord to be yankees the next great and why he could tell that story and always them for some reason and I want to court to be manager and I I think we'd all be a good manager. That was interesting but you you you see sandy nice solid 90%. Am sure what it's about it's it it is standard and this is a guy who played here who is well liked by both. Off fans and the media who got to know when minutes' time here. A robber after the Maloney people like and on that and fans have heard from a lot of these people that you know he's he's pretty and he might be great. But this happened this is factual it happened it could be a footnote it could be an moment. I don't know I don't see the future of the most you see the future. Now my question marks of such an easy way now. Such and he and Sasha I would put the question mark is that X. It could be an old man who knows that I hear the music spend hours coming up thirty seconds here guys Henry Owens was released today the state of the day. Oh I wish I could Henry owns released. Is this a sign finally now there is a move coming we hearing rumblings that there is a move to follow on an open man opens on the forty man roster yet to free up a space for human animal it was kind of a matter of time. While. Could an awful lot on that tonight patio Jesus we have John nobody ever called it not you know what the prop the connections. There it is. Ellis hear anything to say you haven't. Yeah I would I mean. I get it. It. Driven. I'm sure the taxi was all you know what next will outs or we're -- at some point poorly it's as if it was so emotional emotional and Africa and ultimately some would say overly emotional and moving it up and it will thought he says but excellent story NBC's port our accident waiting to broadcast our shared a larger just getting near cap fund be in robs yes. I'll bet ballot next WEI.