Keefe's dismantling of Michael Wilbon, and how did Roger Goodell get a 5-year extension?

Mut at Night
Wednesday, December 6th

Mut and Bradford are talking about and playing some of the highlights of Michael Wilbon's appearance on Dale & Holley with Keefe, where Wilbon cited racial politics as the reason for the ire over Rob Gronkowski's 1-game suspension, and sometimes avoided giving an answer altogether. And, what did Roger Goodell do to deserve a 5-year contract extension?


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Monday night. Jason did a whole who wanted. No I mean people who want grounds for sure what exact Ali did you translate that. That they were putting the zone I thought they suited jumped him when. So you're making a. Very clear that you don't think wrong was racially motivated and what did I know I know I know he did but I'm curious why would you could point out that. I don't know I don't know how to count but I'm curious why you could point out why Michael why do you point out the fact that our players Michael what are doing. What about the US Britain aren't that hot spring that I play and I thought. Again it. Now here's my back nine. Talk Sports Radio tell you we. We'll get sued Michael will bonds appearance early afternoon showed dale Hollywood scene we'll get to the commissioners do extension you'll get to. This hour with rob Bradford people I call the first major. Sports names involved in the meat to movement. Who is so great being suggested no not you rob you or Greg's on both major names. In the world sports and sports media but a major NFL player. On effectively they hall of Famer. Who is being it's being suggested he's involved in a big sexual assault case and the details are. Pretty disgusting what that this hour on Monday night's Sports Radio WE yeah alongside rob Bradford of UB EI fresh off his. Trip that an etiquette for David Ortiz a loser down there with a golf tournament out around my glass is broke. And we raised over a million dollars so. He graduated replay of the Taj. You said last week in this spot the you'd be providing the station and the different shows we've. Tons and tons not it's a good contact as the hours get some I browsed everything you sent. Back and forth he did the what I am hoping you'll admit this and not fight me on this. This was not a great hall of info on content this time around for the David Ortiz that. For job now or you or does it wasn't number one paid for myself ago so the charitable than what what did you tell why it's a write off from first double what you care. Everything I give you a bonus it's not because because you make the claim that when you go down there a while it is actually last week on the show. The always provide content that we used shows no Michael Ward saps in a recent this time around. Just admit. It sucked it was a nice little vacation you move I'd never say that ice is that it helped my allies scented in no one uses it I can't help I'm always Geist sat down what did you simulation let me talk. Okay so do you has anyone talked to him Lieberman errors since he had surgery since the end of the season no I sat down and talked with him leader mare's. I sat down with the rookies this morning they're talking about Lenny Clarke ice and that's great bloody Clark sound about him saying that. Harvey Weinstein is a piece of bleak. And for a four understandable reasons this wanna get a lot was going on it'd user. Suggested Harvey Weinstein was not a good person and a whole well who is in the acting community and that in the acting too. It's what I beat you you're asking me and I'm telling you I'm asking you to be honest percent I just told you rob none of that stuff and I I. That I guess is on on a fringe word the type thing that you might play for one thing during headlines you were RB I've or Lenny Clarke said. But this is not some great hall of information and sound and you know either as I promised I'd do it first while I promise something always comes out of it once again it did. I paid for myself it was for good what came out of at this effort I just said. This start with Hanley Ramirez has anyone talked to him your manners that into you would've met my than him and you talk more rows in the in the hot stove he's sure will. In other mirrors may be the most important guy noticed Khartoum since the end of the year in VS season and it knows talked to him since he had surgery. So that start right there in you know whatever my IV I got to come away with nothing I don't care I thought we have been essentially are on. What you would Matt I'll go out code oh a week ago doubtless bouncing baby it's not where it's going as well please nodding off what are your huge Afro yeah it's outside right up. I'm throwing out out there it is bouncing right back your hair is never looked better. And it's just bouncing right now in the great okay about every terrible at odds say I don't have must be because odds are brought it your way to sponsor right now I don't. Whatever they indicated it was a great time had a great time that raised like set over a million dollars for this one event so. Get it was good time right Brooke my glasses or whatever. So as good as did was good for you announcing for the station and well again I could do nothing for the station and it wouldn't make a difference because I think that's a weakness station this note today for you to be there did you miss a brat for weekend no there's no. And it's going to miss a show you root filling in for trying to know also that no that is coming on Saturday. I see it's not I I take that back and I filly for training I game with trainee on Saturday a worst policy. Every every others well like once I went on their names on a show up if they could be a little payola. If you do this whole show we're gonna dwell on here in this nine seconds folks I promise I want your thoughts if you heard today. What you thought of Michael will bond 61777979837. Making a mockery of himself I thought with dale and Holley in key. You've had several critical of trying to you know others for not being part of their show not you we take the same tact with will on filling and I don't you that's up in an issue for us and other issues yeah. Like you programming the hot stove show but nothing else door. Ian critical tomorrow. On this order because he's your body. It's not the same vitriol you had Ford tried because there are things novel my friend for two things to Aussie dep doesn't take nearly as much time off or try any number to win Tomas he does take time off. He actually has good reasons for other than nephew's birthday parties or forty year old birthday parties at last a weeklong just took a week vacation what's the excuse this weekend. I don't know I have to ask him I think I think no I think that it's. It's the some momentous his status turn in light. Seven years some I don't know what it is but governor he I know I knew about the skull for a long long time this isn't like. Hey. My friends are in town and you know we and and we're gonna go out and ever and zealots who can't win this and it's going to be great let's have at it again do you rank why people on the shows me you missy Eunice and he wanna give your defense also Dottie tomorrow joint admit because you miss shows mutt and you have good excuses for it now all the time. Yeah most of time. Well now and full time yet you're you're on vacation you're working as one of those I'm giving you credit and I'm giving too bossy credit usually he has almost all the idea. It's out you can go to and you can say whatever you want my I'm throwing things your way in their bouncing off your Afro installed and hitting me in the head so I don't know the audience doesn't when you look at what you've got the tenets seriously seriously would you would you go. And that is it had Dudley and like that's is that I don't this has been but now this is the much this is the I am I am doing this and I'm gonna say I don't believe you so it can't be true when he. That's that's the mutt okay I'll be more eloquent and more used video to the point I don't believe you'd look at you give more leeway to your wanna read all of the mossy now and I doubt he was on this morning are you can sort out the specifics yeah that's like doing like three shadows. I wanna hear from this that these story today credit's due the and so he'd missed. This named ship. The rich keep show featuring Galen hall is the new name of the two to six show after today were rich keep went toe to toe with Michael will bond. And created some excellent content. For all of us here at the radio station up alleviate topic I would say locally regionally and nationally tomorrow. And Michael will launch I thought rob for a place on that just your reaction I thought he came across very poorly he came across very defensive. And it made very few points rice and okay that makes some sense I can see where he's coming well you heard that clip leading into the ice packs on our. You that that was who talked about towels which it Michael will bonds tell was easy. The fact that he was getting all riled up in trying to in Iraq Keefe and Getty image. And you're trying to basically articulate case what are you talking about what he talked about before it even through senate. He get more and more riled up you get louder and louder. That was the tell me this is. That in a few. What was he talking about starting wave starting with. Hey don't blame me for what I said because I didn't bring up the topic I remember that from 9 o'clock because I don't let me. Pro what I say when but brings up the topic that was so bizarre. It was unbelievable he try to put on Tony Kornheiser the idea bring up race and rog and cast we can't play the entire thing we urge you not now. But at 10 o'clock tonight go on demanded WEEI dot com. Eyes and listen to the entire inner will buy an interview with 25 minutes we can't play the entire thing I want to start with. The answer that really frustrated me specifically it's not really tied integral can keep although Brock keep with very entertaining. Michael Obama essentially saying the city of Boston is races you guys earned it deal with it this leads into. I'm Keith and will wobble stop and started throughout the way. It is this sort of not need to take this 5% particularly every time somebody mentions race of people Limbaugh to get to bat. We don't have the discussion we're trying to do this from a new englanders respect. They bought it everybody. The problem of the baggage. As part of democracy part of it is. Baggage and part of it is. The way Boston is portrayed. Boston is portrayed as the the capital city of of racism. And so I went when there are top when these topics come out and people automatically look to Boston. Yes people here of of all races get very defensive. Because short because I always meant. If I were probably the only ones in the country dealing with this or is this say a nationally and in many cases an international. Issue. Absolutely. Michael but often didn't buy this completely eat. I saw right there stop stop stop stop stop so. The irony of all ironies here is that he's suggesting Boston has been racist in the past and he's gonna get on a saying that it's different now only place or different. His network ESP and rob has been front and center campaigning this area the city of lost in the region into England. Is being racist from Gordon Hayward. To the Adam Jones incident we go on and on and on sketching suggesting Tyree Irving skewed media spin personality and former NBA product prop this guy. Suggested carrier ring would not be light in Boston because of the way he played they would hate how re Irving a Boston was the exact quote. They're the ones who have created this narrative and now will wanna sank. You know what live with a it's sort who cares while you wait to craze later in the interview he will one says the worst. I assume he's talking about race. Tommy's had to deal with racism happened in Boston he set up later in the in the late in the unity. And raise it by don't hold that I I all I live with that I don't forget it but I don't form my opinions off that wealth. That's hard to believe with the way that he was talking today that's hard a bullies and a couple things about the actual interviewed you city with a rich keep show it dale hollow out of dale credited the yen. It is if you're gonna do the power rankings output Keith number one detailed number to get stale at the end I'm with the they'll the end came back and says hey listen these guys actually are getting suspended two games. There's a reason to they've done stuff in the past and that's why the duck because they're black and he came back and holly like I. The whole heap just like killed when he's talking about in front of them. Like that killed it for me like you had all this momentum keep yellen them and you had a scar on the ropes and he was getting mad. Now nobody yet that this this. Let's like you are last year where friends so listen up like a great conversation but it wasn't. No it was admitted into the desert weighted device that olive way does being Dick OK I'm gonna let you get your narrative cross Michael will bought. Why in the whole interview leading up to that who are being called out for being nonsensical they saw panel that Michael did on the whale 'cause he's friends. Senate to keep eyes wide and and and if your listener. I most listeners heard that that might Michael Holley seem concerned. With. Patching it up by the end the interview not leave on a bad note because they're for by an eighty detailed credit again he'd finish up they were friends everything cool and everything else. Dale comes back you're way past the clock ball. He comes in and you can hear it Dale's voice that that is not dale usually gets super angry out on that. We anchor here if that what he thought he plays some more from Oz will Bonaventure will get to will barber ciskei. Don't. That was our. And even if it's not the same play today that it was 840 years ago and we know your. Place. Obama played the most segregated. Places city in America for a lot of years Chicago and you know what you have to get hurt. And so many times you I'd get this call and it's like oh you accept and read the bought and you are right. Should it be checked the direct it or not hypersensitive about why editions you. Oh but get what you get let me make myself clear. So when you got the one I'm a year people didn't get it right. They brought in any way shape or form. Our neck now. I yeah I hear it said that I don't beat ya anywhere else on the radio. To get Tony and I raised. A discussion. Of racial politics it is great white player. Received an eight punishment. Many around the league that you heard all these people around the league what it directly or not we mentioned the pink yellow rope. Even the punishment of two black players involved in something that you may or may not received all you're not ugly whatever it. But the racial politics the bat it's undeniable. Stop rip the racial politics of that and I again I dare anybody 6177797937. Is a phone number if you were able to. And he tries to come and apple place in orbit with keep after the break. Explain to me rob any rocket due to be dollar IT oh cool what racial politics. Or politics and race are one hot Powell that anyway shape or form. Ties into an issue where again. A white player after the play unnecessary roughness on a black player a month ago black player Mike Evans. Unnecessary roughness after a play against the defenseless Marcus Lattimore him in the back punched him he gets a game they get the same penalty. So where's that discussion of race there he wants to bring the fighting into the fight was completely different thing it's the second time like you said. When he's called on lady you know it's a four and dale nailed it. Second time those guys have fought. So when you're presented with. One scenario black guy gets a game same scenario white guy gets game and yet you still hammer politics and race how does that based. He says it's amazing view is that sound bite he basically says I'm not talking just make this clear I'm gonna be really upset if people saves. I am not talking about this being a racial this issue. But what it was was a racial issue. Meant that there isn't a nutshell that's exactly what does that and yes it's it's it's. He just it's. He just said the almost the exact same thing and he said okay well if you wanna say you don't wanna say names yet. Okay you yes you are not say robbery counts he is racist and race had to do without play but when you're having this conversation. You're are talking about black and white he set himself. So the white guy is robbing taos ski in the black guy as the guy getting it. And that it then NFL which he talked that is not yet but it's not believe that the team but if the NFL I heard that. Lot OK so what what par again and in the oil a couple things that are the guys missed that and got. I screw up a millionaire views and got the end of any reasons that I wish you would have asked a B and C happens every time. I would like to hear him defend ESPN on this and I would've loved loved. Somebody to say okay. It's the politics of race in the NFL he doesn't feel like movies are racist people in the NFL's front office or with a racist people. Making the decisions on these penalties that are racist because I'd about familiar with. The exact I don't how works everybody in this case white guy Jon Runyan suspended him for game. Black guy Derrick Brooks. Upheld a suspension. Who's racist. You just who are aware where's the political nature where is the racist politics political by of that well this guy like I suspends him black I upheld the. Yet edited by you said you I like him to defend ESPN part of it. He's not gonna take two seconds defend ESP and part of it and he said exactly why. Because they can hang their hat on a day history in Boston and that's what he does. And that's what they will do what you said he adds the NFL is the NFL decision and you just pointed out why that's stupid that is dom. And dale call now for a theater you in the end of the interview. He he says no this isn't a Boston thing and then he goes on to say how racist Boskin has been and you guys taken because guess what it's true. But that that's his and by the way guys are racist and I yet obviously he's been defending like if you wanna hear the funniest and he'll never he doesn't have to do I would like to see him try to do what you what you why ESPN's front separatists Russia but last year or so right but he doesn't have to because. He can do exactly what he did which is. ESPN in his size has every right to keep defaulting to this conversation because of like he said. Boston has earned the reputation. Okay I'd be at play just some sound there I have to place and will bond vs keep we've got really really Goebel do that with your phone calls we got a couple of lies for you guys. I want I'm looking forty your reactions are great reaction first couple hours in the show what you guys are will want and again if I'm wrong problem wrong if he makes some sense that day. Double take those fault calls perks on the media I think. Very few times here national guy won a local show. And be as bad as will Obama was today. That's how about I thought he was 617779. Seven ID 37 your phone number. Your phone calls and more of key verses will bon its money at night Sports Radio WE. Fourth Keith vs will block on a couple minutes money and night Sports Radio WEEI your calls 617779. 7937. Rob and I see you re not a good look for Michael will bunt most of the reaction from a the listeners what can they be able to only show or Iran. On the show so far here tonight. Avert some people defend we'll bond as they did a good job today with those guys with a couple close calls and I'm not not the majority of the calls so far. Or not that's on loan opinion out there. You say that one of the foundation. Points that he made waves. The whole thing or why did these two guys get suspended their two game suspensions and you have a guy like Ron kid. With a one game suspension. And you know saying oh this is where the political part of the NFL factors in. And then that's easily picked apart it's been looking at dale did at the end of the dale Barrett in their the buy it whether there was no response to it you respond and do it was undoubtedly agree with you. Was his response I do not agree to that. Works because he's wrong on the net I'm with I'm marks in Boston at 6177797937. Market evening. Good evening gentlemen. Hello I'm mark. Are you don't yeah. I'm certain number of African American owned American rock and listen to you guys all the time. What I wanted to say launch box and we got we got we became a long way we've still got a long way to go like this one district. Listen to the god today. Thanking me great story if when he stated that we did earns some of these. And I think there's. What we need to do what you always talking about like you don't believe this you don't put lead that putt and I think that's part of the problem. Yet the Sweeney wasn't what I believe me I don't believe giving examples something I don't believe. Adam Jones. It lighthearted but I also listen to commercial legal residents is African American in the Boston which doubled go to anywhere. Not a national thing a local. Which don't go to certain way. Okay. Okay. The national national. I heard you say when national. Why don't I am I saw this marquis Martin you have our grandmaster mark and and ask you this. Why don't know why don't African American people in your view go to Fenway. Not ideal because I don't know no causal OK why is this the case. The decay of the it's always been a very friendly. Invite mr. African American. Same reason why I did little gonna say. Why a lot of African American knowledge and why African American Vince get off to train and seven guilt stage in the ninety's and the mark makes a statement. On. I believe back. It's like a blatant statement. Because they saw the evidence while on a lesson in my art market not letting mark your are putting runs in my house you're just that you're saying the sort of flat and I didn't believe Adam Jones idling at. Mark. Unless you going to be an adult at the conversation and again I'm not okay. Adam Jones and in Toronto yet an incident there where he had other teammates he had other coaching staff and fans all agree. There were racial things said to him on the field in Toronto. I'm sure that happening given the evidence there in Boston. He's the only person at. He says he heard it there no fans heard it. Nobody else heard and a while one on this road again it. But that that's why I don't you can make your mark your rebate if you make it seem like monopoly every single African American who says that it's one instant. It's not a national then they don't panic and it African American bird walks in. Who felt this way groups feel this way just would not what do stress about it. Doesn't mean we've got to bulk challenge to. Doug let me and we got about seven guilt Broadway yourself blocked a one way they've already been much as you say. Things aren't going on in Boston and on. Women say it's not going on I had been. Don't mean this. Way he. Our market and second I said you didn't do what I say you don't feel that way you much are you. What a curtain and it says. Opponent ball who know what's said that remind you again mark you're putting weight you're putting words in my mound though once said there was not racism in Austin. And I don't call and you're you're clocking a lot out of you when you're talking over the weekend on the back and forth. I wrote. Can I say it's over a quick so you Markey called about them the will one interview right that's what's at the thing off. So I think that he will or is obsolete right in in Boston has earned a lot of this conversation that's a fact. But instead it by about 12 mark mark 12. The problem isn't what we've been doing is that what he did is we think is irresponsible because you can raise. The issue of death racism. And racism in Boston but when you go in and did surround this. Ron. This whole thing gras gets suspended last because well and let me just ask you this market this was at the heart of the will. What will will one thing. He said that. It was a travesty that these two guys. Talib and who wasn't much Crabtree Crabtree my group got suspended for two games when gras gets suspended for one. And when it was pointed out to him while both guys had done something before that's why they get the extra punishment don't you think that that was pretty big hole his argument. I thought I'd give you that one went out and given new outlook now let me ask you weren't okay. Now this is what I'm demonstrate you know. Went out what is curious and because you well and you'll talk radio. Let me let. Rocks and greed that no one Od shape you. We don't call the friendly pop because I met Bob Roberts shot and mid channel into that what you have a kid that's. Little bit much the same as you know and to. Al and seventeen. When you say no problem and lost. Certainly won't let it ice it it took a lot so you're saying I said what what I say doesn't happen in bulls could go on and walk and watch what doesn't want what mark mark what doesn't go. And I know what market you're putting words in my knowledge I don't mark and mark nobody said that. No one said it mark. I don't principle I'm gonna lead you what I appreciate god can you might call much you have children. I have a sudden after the colts are a Little League you've got to cut you off. He went to retaliate allowed us we're well. You work on a radio station yet do you think it is. I have a well that's your goal. Is normal well. Probably want to live in the army who come to make a choke Obama I'll go round that's an. Are taught architect mark EQ I was at work at the station when that comma was made called the show what that Connell was made. I don't know how that is relevant to we're talking about tonight and again you can. You it's easy mark I said a million dumb things on this radio station all the last seven rate years okay. I've never once said there's not racism in Boston mayor what do you bring or or something anything about black fans at games okay. That that Doug Vogt both things have not been said by knee. So you can you can you can make things up if you like which is I guess you're you're welcome to do it. It's a lot easier pick up things actually said that were down instead of putting words of a mile that I never said that I guess over the last seven rate year. And this is this is the problems that we use will want as a jumping off point. And mark Karr garlic mark calls up and he has a lot of points which we can't relate to the event this is is is. He knows better than we did. But is surfacing the bigger conversation and that's well bonded to a certain extent it's like okay. We are calling you to interview you about what you said we think what you did it said it's stupid does that whereas we're not saying there isn't racism in Boston there haven't been racism in Boston but this. Happens every single time but when this conversation. It doesn't become what's right in front of as yet Jones thing was another example is its vote. Picking that apart it's about all of now we're gonna get back in this avenue L and all these at which we got. That things. But can we can we please folk and I don't know. That's what I mean and I did not bring up Adam Jones there I know it's the stories is months old now we believe you everyone's entitled to believe. What they believe are Michael will on today and still. We we give mark a lot of time I would like to ask mark if you get explain to me what the poll the the political got to get this is set at two different ways here. The racial politics. And the politics of race mean when it comes to Rob Gronkowski. Instead it he wants to talk about a comment somebody else made on the station fifty. In years ago what what that. What what you can have a conversation this guy this is the rough talking over every single word you're saying and doing all purpose. The tribunal this is the price you do that well because the because his passion about this is a problem. That once this is brought up it becomes avenue to go down this list of things and a lot of it. It's part of it that's how is that relevant right exactly exactly so beat because this guy what we were talking about why this came up was because Michael will bond went on and week he is his whole argument with oak. Holes into that it's a fact. And it went up poking holes in the fact there was racism in Boston productive and that no I barely so there was never knew where you are racists and are able to. 61777979837. The phone humble Kurt Kelly would stop play neck cut. In the mornings and maybe now we got zapped with a by getting your played more now after tonight. Are your phone calls in this and a big NFL star former NFL stars in the cross hairs for sexual assault affected Hollywood it is affected. Washington and is now in the sports world. Front and sent only to back in your phone calls Max. I didn't falter a second it's much at night Sports Radio WEEI can always get involved on Twitter he did not give up text number on the show could. We love the listeners of the callers on the tweeters but not so much on the attacks potential to do that. But on Twitter at much and UT WEEI and have Brad follow. I haven't drilled his RD year showed up on time he shows up late and hung over for your shows on Saturday and Sunday but for this shows is the first he's I have factional ever ready to go my guy Avant he wants to step up and we'd always play with the big boys play with Brad folk yeah all weekend all sandbox show is the big ball really special a special guest on tap for him. I may be denounced human Hinske let's let us mentioned this mortgage backed your calls here because this'll be. We've away we've been waiting for this Hollywood Washington now the world of sports and front center is Warren Moon accused of sexual assault and the details are as you expect pretty disgusting California woman who worked for sports marketing firm. Led by hall of fame quarterback Warren Moon is probably sexual harassment lawsuit alleging the retired football star required her to Wear Thong underwear. And share his bed. During business trips the lawsuit was filed Monday. Alleges 61 year old mood committed sexual battery. By grabbing the woman's crotch during a trip to Seattle this year on the suit further accuses mood of pulling off the woman's bathing suit. After sip slipping a draw it into were drank during a separate trip to Mexico the plane up as windy ask school. Who rob isn't covered at one point was in the laundry football she wise basis extensive Internet research. I was hired as moons as executive assistant July travel that money weekly basis. For a different arrangements charity events personal appearances except trip she was alleged that she was demoted by the firm in October. After she complained. About moods sexual advances. She goes on a sand lawsuit the move required Haskell the state in his hotel room during business trips sleep in the same bed. And where quote skimpy Thong lingerie bottoms as night close. When she protested he replied that she had Dick had to comply to keep her job. And said that quote his viruses that except for the same arrangement. According to the losses this guy said here's say get your job. You sleep in my bed yeah where are sexy bottoms. And basically do whatever right tell you I grab your crotch when a drug you take your rigs in off. Warren Moon he had that's alleged that's that's a tough job to take yeah like I get a beyond Syria. Does this affect the that's the tough ones feds are not always offices terrible. I guess if I sit and Warren Moon the first time make this at your tease of events it was not about it was that. There's at a baseball he was the reds are splitting Houston he was there. And this is on my goodness now I wanna I wanna burn that interview I mean this is guy I just go if you go back in 95 someone else complain about right. Was gonna say this might not be that surprising given its history so in 1989 ironically. He was named the NFL's Walter Payton man of the year award winner. In 1995. So six years later he was sued by vikings cheerleader who accused of a sexual harassment. Alleging that he offered are sex for cash the case is settled out of court two months after that mood arrested in Texas. After the quarterback's wife police she told police that he slapped and choked her. They're mansion near Houston. Moon told reporters the couple had an argument that he had made a tremendous mistake. He reconciled his wife. Declined to press charges authorities in Texas charged with assault anyway but he was acquitted by jury. After his wife testified that she provoked the fight they divorced in 2000 once I don't think I ever go back not a great track record for the hall of Famer warm go back to the job description. But how does happen. Here you go okay this year paid this march. Oh and by the way you also have to do these things you go to Q a sleek you're gonna travel at me. You're gonna Wear what I want you to Wear. Sexy on on to figure out your Eric relief. You're gonna sleep in my bed there you go and I'm gonna drug you would Mexico animate take your beatings by. Yes you to submit not only sleep in his bed but it's not like he. Will they shared the same at a hotel and lady mr. doesn't lady can put like this flannel pajamas on they have to work sex yet on where are the deals well. In the controversies of the fancy there via one I'd suggest that your. Yuri it's it's not perfect yet this is not her fault but that's part of your job just quit. Net there is no job. Worth that and especially you'll jotted. At a sports marketing firm led by more moon get the hell out of that jobs lights and when he asked on good for her. Stepping forward a year and let anyone know what a creep Warren Moon is my guess is she's not the first assistant. The war mood is at tennis or at least one other assistant who evidently agreed to quarterly and accepted via the terms of this. It has brewer and the sloppy the first sports star. Or get allegations like this we should say it's alleged right now although here's the sidebar. Apparently he's asked the Seahawks the Seahawks radio voice of bomb thought he is ask for some time off the he's been granted it's it's not been fired yet that might assault station. I don't know quick check the Internet probably helped influence the lower the boom on Warren Moon icons in New Hampshire waiting patiently Tonya WEE. I don't let out while analysts appreciate your show thanks Thomas woods is anyone's. Paula on the back you on the whole racists and racial. Divide that's going on. When it comes to light. Rock I really dig the relish our best ideas that pat has anything to do it. I'm I don't speak players are out necessarily kill each other in fact that in major injury happened when it. But to make it to the only thing I think it's ridiculous. Just looking at. FBI statistics arm on bigger car and you know. I'm Tom usher your thought it's not you it's your phone cut out an attic where rob rob I definitely agree on. That's left in the ground case doesn't Nicholas well you saw you saw the play the juju Shuster Smith yes and also incurred a penalty at all of by Kenneth if you had a white. Person standing over a black person vice Versa. This will read we have doing the same thing at this is ridiculous. It's a game. Raucous more ironic he did a stupid thing that sits one more James and Milla sneak in James hi James. Company you don't see many guys. I thought yeah. I would welcome good all the political leadership and a look at global problem and he he says he says that in a while get a life. I'm only got political today. Doesn't this statement makes sense that because she is ready that he should look at all the slow white guys doing. Oh yeah at and the world. While the the issue James is that and you're right about that the issue is then we either pressed on but I would it what does answered and rob okay whose room. Whose the whose politically racially motivated. In the NFL's offices to wanna see white players spend less than a black player violent when that happened oh we can't find an instance Mike Evans got a game to. That's the if so why that's the I don't know Tony Kornheiser was the one brought it up that's pretty amazing so if you don't want it brought it up whatever is said. I don't have to make sense. I don't have to be right it doesn't make a difference because podium rotted. By Gannett I would my wife gonna see when you. This used to I did it help no you well tell that I've brought you run out of Pittsburgh point on top of the hour we will come back and switch gears because one's at 6 o'clock and by now. Everybody knows Wednesday at six you put on your baseball hat. You go to baseball reference dot com you get your popcorn your peanuts Cracker Jacks are you get sure. Moxie soda. And get ready to go that is the hot stove we talk baseball. And 9 o'clock so when 1 o'clock on Wednesday Evans relatives yours mean you really talk baseball tonight and wrote a piece that as. And all the Red Sox and this I'm nonsensical sort quote tweets on this all three they saw these artists JCL four out of town that beating the drums against relics for a Evans relic is pissed off Red Sox and Alex for peace we wanted to talk to those pissed off Red Sox fans 617. 7797937. Hot stove show a mutt Bradford and rally next.