NFL Players are fed up with officiating and punishment inconsistencies

Mut at Night
Wednesday, December 6th

Mut is talking more about Rob Gronkowski's suspension, and plays some sound from the Steelers Mike Mitchell, who is tired of refs deciding when to blow the whistle and what constitutes a hit worth penalizing.


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It's. Much tonight. Jason did a whole who wanted to know I mean the whole who will grow for sure what exact he did you translate out. That they were putting its own I thought they shouldn't jump in which. So you're making it. Very clear that you don't think wrong was racially motivated and what he did and I know I know you did and I'm curious why would you point out that. I don't know I don't know I think pound but I'm curious why you could point out why Michael why do you point out you back that our players. Michael wanted to point out that you land that aren't aren't hearing that I play and I thought. Again now here's my back nine. Talk Sports Radio W. Life is taken now. Take the losses this case like will sponsor PL. With the guys this afternoon dale Hollywood keeping with I thought pretty brutal in that spot you might disagree and have fun. We open the phones deal with 61777979. B 37 is the phone number will play a highlights of that throughout the course of the evening wager. Calls on here. And a couple minutes as well as you guys have lined up since we started the show last hour to react to the Michael will bon interviewed one of the big NFL story today. Is the extension for commissioner Roger Goodell it's a five year extension worth upwards of 200 million dollars takes him as the commissioner. Thirteen 1024. Arthur Blank who is the head of the compensation committee also the owner of the Atlanta Falcons said the following. I'm relieved and happy it's over was just telling Roger. In the history of the NFL not sure a big decision has been so transparent as this one. We got a lot of input from a lot of owners a lot of guidance from them feel very good at or developed out of that. Blank goes on in just glowing stuff understand the contract and blah blah blah. Peter King as the news today that deal got done the last six days. Each of the six members of a compensation committee divided up the owners men spoke to those guys. Like with wanna talk to Jerry Jones and I guess they convinced Jerry Jones that. In the long term this is in the best interest of the NFL. This seemed inevitable. Roger Goodell getting his deal last couple months seemed inevitable. I had my doubts throughout the entire process. That Roger Goodell would be back as commissioner of the NFL I don't think it's a hard job to be. The commissioner of the National Football League the league is immensely popular they got amazing TV rights. On the fans like the product for the most part. It should not be that hard and yet the last couple years. Roger Goodell is really stepped in whether it is in the players' safety whether Tim player punish or in the TV ratings recently. Revenue is not being where they want to be. A million different little PR gaffes year in year route my cabin the place sixty girl stepping in and ask Roger questions. At the Super Bowl is there in two hot and heavy over deflate gates or here comes the play sixty girl that little girl the question Roger Goodell. The courts any of these things which should not be a very difficult job. And sell for over a year. I thought they'd find a way to part ways with the dale but in the end. It's like a lot of other businesses. Let's do things this way let's keep Roger Goodell because. We've done things this way before and forget now what I think really saved him. Was the work he did the last time around on the CBA with the players. I don't those specific details of it at as to say exactly why. All the NFL guys say this. But they did the league Barry the players. In the last CBA they want across the board. I get the aftermath of it it was audited pretty good in the the second level of like a week later it was really echoed throughout the NFL media community. Boy the players got screwed. And the owners know when it comes down for the next negotiation. They had the chance to have that guy who beat the players so badly last time off the field in the CBA. In their corner again. And they took it. Because that's how they've done things before and so they'll deal with the bad PR for good bill. The bad answer the Super Bowl the aloof takes on all sorts of things that terrible. NFL PR tweets re signing autographs from patriot fans all that crap he'll deal with the because it ends up being in the bottom line. Money and power over the players. And rather than risk the next CBA. Negotiation with comes up in three or four years. The somebody's not done before and hope they do a good job. They have a guide to home who has done a good job before. And I would say it's not very forward thinking of the league it's not very creative. But it is the safe play. Because they know Goodell negotiated afforded the players and they know will take that beat the slings and arrows of idiots like me on the radio fans like you drive around. Because well once criticized you dealt we don't criticize the onerous enough and they love to get delegates basically. Takes it. Any guy and I don't find too many things he done really well league a look at the league now sits in a better place and wasn't. Four years ago eight years ago ten years ago I don't care about European expansion. Aha I thought apple care about games in Mexico. Or can't the international series who gives a crap. What game to be better on the officiating to be better on the product to be better. Worry about that stuff. But his concerns are on the in game experience and our NFL media and NFL mobile and our growth in Europe and Japan and blah blah blah blah blah I don't care. Make the game better. Giving all the games in high Def streaming at the same time iPhone on the way to make that happen. So that matters to a fan base. Get me out of room one faster. After a game. Data Gillette Stadium do some of those things. Senate worry about 9 o'clock kick off its dump Bucs rams in England. It's the jags and titans on Thursday night football. The color rushed Thursday. Epic all the commit the color rush commissioner. Oh boy there wearing uniforms and Thursday night the games Sox. What beauties are also. That's as commissioner and because the owners are scared to bigots negotiation and they wanna do what's safe they do things the way they've always been done which is what. Thousands of business owners do every single day. And those businesses usually dial off pretty quickly it's the ones who think boarded do differently but got a silver in the NBA. And I do find ironic the reports are they want an ounce silver ride the NFL look at Adam silver that the data gets it. Once the game that he better. Wants his fans to be invested so he's pumping up draft kings once gambling once that be front and center with the New Jersey vs Chris the case. Wants legalized gambling in this country. Has cut off the you know the back to back games. Write a slump led back to backs on Friday and Saturday. Watch the marquee games on Saturday is doing things that the fan sees a difference and that guy sport thinking. Is there any question why healed their ratings are up 15%. And the NFL's fell six because the leadership of the NBA. Is looking ahead. The ownership the NBA's looking ahead the notion of the NFL saying look as big CBA thing coming up we won away and got the players. Renault garage. Wrecked the color rush commission. Play sixty year old boy go out and exercise kids. So we consider bitch about it it's really that it's developed to the players. The players have a chance that gets in different things done in the CBA. And we'll see if they put their their. Actions of their mouth is going to be next couple years including about the one Mike Mitchell. Mike Mitchell is a safety for the Pittsburg Steelers now I don't bill he went off today. Before rafter the commissioner got his new deal. What Mike Mitchell went off today. In the Pittsburg Steelers. Locker room. And in fact brought up the commissioner. Brought up players' safety. And brought up in his mind sort of the was vacation of the NFL this has done a Dana commissioner gets that deal won his players ripping the leak and ripping. The disciplinary actions of the commissioners NFL. The day this is football. You want the flag football then let's take our heads off they'll make it easier for me now where at least. Give us flights for me to pull off that way I know what we're playing. Not on the plate full speed contact global we're not doing that. I thought I gotta ask a guy hey are you ready for meeting that you right now before it's. That's crazy I'm gonna mess gonna get hurt trying to protect them up with the player because he's on and an overall didn't kill quarterbacks in the food and on this them. That happened two years ago that I am I'm not so good at all and you don't go bought a highlight for two years ago however added I think we're out in the fourth gut. But these don't dodge you know didn't that's fifty bred out of my pocket because any drove the bad ball make that makes sense. And Edwards are taking our money but now you know I got and like Matt Hasselbeck call me a dirty player and I try my character we've never met before. I donate more money into and out and had a underprivileged kids the public that people on the bingo. So don't give me that in mind that you go to school there and I think all of them personally if you don't tell me he never had a conversation or B don't judge doesn't always feel bubble for the football my competitive stuff. None of this open is just so what was going on in the game and yes obviously I'm a little closer but. Mean he's got to do better we got to do better off than yesterday or gotten better as players and Nissan and be right we got to get better leadership guys who have won in the league. And obviously everybody from Spain as the owners players all disappointed in Rockville. We just we just got to do better we can't have a guy where you just. Paid out this went on how you see fit their needs to be a safe guideline of how we do what we do. So right there at the end is the big one and will see the players can say what they want and and talk a big game. They're gonna do wanna sit out game that they want what they want and we'll see with they they're in negotiation tactics are. They have to be willing to sit out games this where they lost it last that's org Adele won so big. Because he knew the players to not plan to sit out and and and every sort of strike. There was no slush fund built up I don't know all the NFL PA is done that this time around. If they're ready to really negotiate they have because that'll be the only way they get what they want. If they're willing to sit out gains in the league get to think about scrub players or replacement players eyebrow poorly replacement refs went. With that was it Monday night game in Seattle Seattle Green Bay one guys is touchdown the other guy says interception or touchdown in the plea. That was a disaster. Replacement refs on adults watched by the way. He couldn't get the contract on with the referees nice job Roger. To beat a and a hundred times worst of replacement players. So we'll see other players say tomorrow to be asked that there Thursday media what do you think of the commissioners. New deal. Mike Mitchell was pretty Johnson got to be better his players better leadership disappointing to Dell. We got to be ready next negotiation Woolsey ready means miss games lose money pass on game checks. And I wanna believe don't want to do it. What will see when it comes down to it if these players had the reserve. Have the wherewithal to sit out. Lose some money. But eventually get what they want whether it's better player safety woods getting rid of vol article I'm 46. Gently the wanna get the commission all the power they add that right. Old city. Mike Mitchell's comments to be a big deal tomorrow will play those up throughout the course the program as well see double the commissioner and is deal. Most of the talk tonight it's been able Michael well on his interview this afternoon. With dale Polley and keep it 617779. 7937. I'd James is in Melrose thought the James he's next up on mud at night Sports Radio. WEEI good evening games. Hey guys I you don't. Points about the whole racism thing that's going on and it could very complex issue but I think one of the things that makes it difficult. Work through it it. The races the mortgage is being thrown around every time you turn around. Which I think dilutes the meaning of the word. And it needs to be reserved for true racism. If you just throw it out there Willy Nilly start to lose its power and meaning but all so I wanted to point out that I think a lot of people mistake. Although the terms are very similar there's racism there's prejudice. And there's bigotry. And they're different yet similar. But a lot of times that the people use the term racism when they really mean prejudice or bigotry. So you know I did kind of wanted to throw that out there and I I did I think the media. Not you got that particular Agassi in the media as a whole is playing into it and feeding into it Nolan can tell me that. This is a more racist country. And it was. You know preached civil rights era when every kid was being raised in its image segregated society. And now we'd go to hold generations of enraged at world scene and we're all in this together. You can't tell me that things are worse but apple were being led to believe. I tell us being betrayed him very much in the idea and what you wanna say this but the the liberal media particular once portrayed like the worst time in the history. Other the world in this country specifically for. Mine or purchased people in general I just don't. I don't think it's true I think there have been far worse times in our country's history I think that. I it's an easy way to point to the leadership of this country and their politics. And be critical them without really dig into. Is what I would say as for the racism that part that he's at I I think he's also right. When you are claiming racism when it's not there I think it hurts because. Of those who are fighting against racism. When you say things like it says. The politics of race in a penalty for Rob Gronkowski in the year presented directly where they similar situation and involved an African American player Mike Evans. And and say we brought it up we know you bottom why did you bring up a people are talking about OK why are they talking about it. Do you think it's worth talking about it the comparison would be to. A similar incident were a guy hitting got a wig on getting got a game suited rock that's the comparison. Patrick is in Beverly on the ground can it Patrick. They analyze and look at Michael you got a man what do you. You know no one. Well obviously deserves respect and I think you need to have a little more and it was a cheap shot period and what what Bosnia where is Tom. He wanted to get a revelry before you play. He's got so frustrated were a career out of of ground in Poland all that and he was upset of the intersection happened you know Tom told transaction Annie get pole and he hit it guy in because the guy that an American. Also the Clinton administration I think that would legal penalties and I don't understand why people talking about. We're talking about it because it was brought up on ESPN as they are honest at the punishment being a race and again but that's I had to be fair and heads to Kabul times now. I don't think Michael will blog thinks that Rob Gronkowski hit a two various white because he's black player OK what are. Yeah I could see without without his explanation other Patrick thank you for your call. I'm Charlotte does come across like that I'd I'd go beyond I think even bring up the the politics of it. The the politics of race as will onset about a hundred times today with the guys this afternoon. OK so how does that work Michael will bond who is the races in the NFL's. Disciplinary committee. Or NFL offices handing out this will lured makes a call or guys make those calls who are the racist guys. Is Derrick Brooks racist as a a black man who upheld a one game penalty. How does that work you can't say the politics of race and then not give salsa or opinion on a hollered back those politics work other than people people are talking about a book. People are talking about it's the patriots and scrawled it suspensions in the NFL we're talking Judy Smith Shuster we're talking like Evans were talking all these guys. To say we brought up that way because people are talking about are on the league we were taught all these penalties. Because the NFL's been so wildly inconsistent in that he won against a discussion of how they hand these penalties out. And the different penalties and gains that we can do that but when you're presented with. The the push back on your race topic and say well. OK got someone to fight the fights not what prompted crawled it would the other player did a player is black. He's name is Mike Evans he plays wide receiver Michael will bod for the box he got a game. What say you I ends and it's it nick national response to that that's the frustration. Along with the frustration of him. Saying hey you're in Boston essentially saying you're in Boston you guys have earned your racist label you've got aware. And going back years and years and years didn't go this route polite many other people's yelled go on the Russell Bill Russell route. And god of the history of Boston racism. As in 2017. Something that we still. Paint that way. That was frustrates should give that ESPN has been front and center at this a shot up and take it Boston you guys are racist can deal with the old label is race as a city in large part recently because of Michael will bonds network. Which is pretty ironic given what he was saying today. We get all your phone calls were open line for you with 6177797937. Hear more of will on a vs Keefe. Specifically the will blot on the afternoon showed today. Bradford joins at studio 8 o'clock your calls until panic here on WB yeah. Veterans players are. We got to get better leadership as one of the league and obviously everybody's from Fay is owners' player of all the support of the rod. We just we've got to do better we can have on guys where you just. Handout this clinical Heidi sees fit their need to be effect guideline of how we do what we do. I was like specialty safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier today in the aftermath of the new contract for the commissioner not everyone is happy Mike Mitchell the top of that list who the players will see if they. Step up the next CPA and try to get what they want it's what it night's Sports Radio WEE I can jump in on Twitter read to me tweets. Every single light every single show and muck and UTW. Week Yahoo! take your calls as well on the be dealt contract attention John on the car. Had some thoughts I John. Luck but but but I. You'll lot segment talking about the dealt contract. And argued. You can't be dealt jobs that IP. You know comedy Montgomery you'll did you hammered out or much. They what sir John what do you think the commissioner has to do when a league that is that a great ratings great revenue. What what what was so hard it say you couldn't do or so ballots or forget you were high. Like somebody who's really a Smart businessman. Good communication skills how hard is that job really not personal like us but for somebody who knows business know sports is a real difficult job. Like Lebanon like that. And beauty networks you know. John it would take your it's your model as your it's your fault if you among sex comparing it to. You being a welder or BAA dumb sports talk show host I mean in the essence of the difficulty of you here commission in the NFL that wild a guy must be Smart. I don't think he's necessarily been all that smarter reform league. So I would say again TU do you think it's difficult a as opposed the other big jobs and sports. I nearly ended only behind. And a detailed audit and track. What you think about you into a very big big club all else. Most. Most executive. Remote you don't really Smart people who are are managing or running part. Okay based serve. Up this guy is serving you know it doesn't. In the heart you know you'd be published. Forget serving he does what they said it needs these the mouthpiece for and that's that the Miami and you're basically. They direct him he does as he's told at all yes you do is it is not be sensitive to the criticism of the of the media and fans and he collects. Still it forty million dollars a year the next five years let's say. Well they're very not all owners there are are crazy or not not all owners are all brought crap that picture chart try to think about you know appeasing. Him alone is soak up. Right I mean you have you know Robert crap on one end spectrum and yet you can name you call all the colts owner and daughter on the other end. Should act like a wonderfully catch or ownership before you're able owner in other than having the money I. Unfortunate money rules it's the UI is that we disagree on that part your youth youth do you think it's a difficult job due to commercially. That that I asked. Guess it every day think about it you know what you jumping around you now. European. Some kicker on the giant didn't like the beat down and out of the draft that want to pumped up here. What does this adult adult. A lot of it being in the moment. But don't we penalize him Johnson scored those things you know our water our broader picture of what the actual story. Don't you rank it may be you know decision in the mall. They split a re putting out fires John thanks your call yes do we we get that aspect of it but I'm in my arm pipeline would be one I don't think it's that. On my points one out they as difficult into how's he gonna. How's he done in that role like John John just mentioned a pretty good when the kicker for the giants. He oversaw a ruling and a penalty. And a discipline free kicker for the giants judge brown. A one game. It came out that the NFL security. At the Pro Bowl Hawaii the previous February before he got a brand new deal for the New York Giants isn't as much about the giants is about it. But he oversaw. An NFL security I guess the commissioners and should know what happens and at a security. That did move Josh Brown's wife at the global from one hotel room to another because you so belligerent so angry at her. He was bang on our door violently. They had to history there they had a history Washington State at least some of it. They claim they work a lot article the ex wife for a bit but which was not cooperative. So they gave him one game they know was there. They reset it came back in game six the next time around once they on fixed their policy. For domestic violence. They came back game six. There Roque would won the first time and they multiply that by six the next time around. Or how about ray were I mean we can we can do this all day with the commissioner. Where Johnson the the tough job okay fine. How's he done in that tough job. Posey handled the scrutiny of bad decisions. I would say pretty poorly. Specifically when it came to player discipline and putting it. The cares whose owners in care in front of the cares of what was right especially the case of Ray Rice who got a handful of games initially because. Give Dell's golfing buddies with the older Baltimore. And up here comes the DMZ video and announce spurred. Great job color rush Roger. Fills in new Hampshire at 6177797937. Ifill. The power to Olympia and tell yeah I I just about out of Libya and so I swear to god. It is light. Trauma after trauma. The drama in law and will want to encapsulated today are cheap yeah it would issue. Absent disciplinary action now were spinning the whole thing up and another race war. Over and over and over again and it's getting to the white or Arctic the problem. Let me go it just to eat you know Gary writes security gators. You know. Meaning that being a New England tickets being the expert in evident. Ideal cast are coming into its reach into it and it's having an impact because. And I have a ten year old son and is brilliant well actually placed oyster river and really into. The teacher can no longer appointment TV for the Celtics are. Will watch this topic will make sure that focused in what we won't watch you know not only worsens it is in. An infielder that that's our that's our you've this year just curious. Sorry this general you know we that we might actually governor again. Actually never missed again. As you work hand are you the ones saying oh let's do some other stuff during the past gamers need not have anymore. It's kept I think part of it is now part of that is. That that lousy product in general part of that is. The fact that watching peek its gains for him or not exploding into or get we beat the dolphins point streaks or ignore going to be is it. We will watch the Steelers game I mean he stayed up well late. Generally speaking but on the other hand. The Celtics are exciting there are rushed based their new team they're good narrative I mean you don't you know outlook changed your idol we. Also tonight an idea on dealing with these goods in the drama let's start the call billion ideal release right now on the NBA. Well not yet that part. Let me read what it does not Akira is gonna cost you log gronkowski and out of body here that into euros a race. Horry or negative ones cheapen it the worst it ever now come on you and I've been watching this came along I know she. And what it would just that but but it wasn't the worst anywhere endeavors. It'd just it's a constant Obama in the NFL and it in the NFL and I think. Will barred because he's achieved journalists out of Google market place are you know plays out on gasoline on our air. Please include but it just getting to the point where. I was great at it like cigarette and it was great for awhile but now being. They'd be. A lot of nice so far thank you Phil for the call yeah I can't. I can't speak to kids in the NFL but I have I have heard that recently a couple of adults. That what Phil just said it's the outside drama that is driven them to. Tune out I'm sure it's more here to win London it is across the country to an extent. On. At least the watch and greatest quarterback of all time and that that be my draw by we the father for ten year old I would things you know son. It's a blood Brady's gonna retire and be stuck in Matt Moore and you're gonna be wishing you had these games debris back. But that caller fill in New Hampshire is not the first adult I've heard recently said the drama of the NFL. Is too much. And I just sort of it's not appointment for me either gave it to borrow games. That the pats game Sunday if it did now the wrong play. And didn't have Brady on the side guy you guide yelling at John McCain was in the game was awful. There were four field goals in the forest apple was 233 was never in doubt in the second half. I wouldn't blame you fit over it what don't the watcher of fur for work you know invested again I would check out too well I we I I admit in the second half of that game. You DVR the pats as you wanna go back and watch keeps you miss inning for the show. I was in the reds almost the second half. Key was a snore. So I can see that part of it too am I against the price for a ten year old the drama the league is now affecting him. But I I get the pole for the NBA it's two hours it's in and out it's fast. It's I can see why. The way that popped the big the product is packaged about a lady NBA will have their drama at some point they don't have the same. NFL drama right now because they have better leadership. Adam silver is a better owner. So that's a big part of it on Michaels and a call on the will blunt interview today 617779797. Michael. And outlets or comment that the odds so I mean I get a couple points the other that the first one is let's not like. Take it all the way over the line that's real OZ all it take it all so our own mind you basically. Just the opposite side of the tax argument Michael will mark where it was being curricula were needed to keep me he basically. He acts Wal-Mart ninety. Leckey make a point this and keep it make a point eight in address each descriptive though keep in NER eight. In the argument because cookies. Armed but I don't think we shouldn't take it so far and somebody calmer urged insert. You know I don't like kids not mature student days and and this and that. Callers airlines cities of the callers calling in lying about how to feel about this. I'm actually keep I think it something you don't I mean and not I think people can go on the line I think it certainly you know you. Are just so old art. Ford says Michael Gary hey Jimmy give me example please give me example. Well a good example it's tonight Motley you're talking about oh. People all are shutting up the game. That idea I just I I had two seconds ago we talked about it for two seconds and the ratings are down by the way so they are shutting off the game. Not shot in the game the ratings are down 7% like 7%. On yes. Yeah. Tournament happen like that you are not and that's. Talking to you but do you think that the they think there's a portion of media that plays the race card more than meets he played Michael. I think that the right wing media played the race card and in April way Shia. Political need and I think that there and they. The left and the right wing media in this country right now aren't any different at each strain it's just. Currently lets you are my politics but I'm not making anything I'm at this thing taken to extremes to IP the ratings are down on the NFL that's the reality TV numbers. It now can they came on the field. So Sox right now to. Furry before you know you are saying that there at pioneer of stay out of studies that are giving. 45 other reasons and one of them being the politics illegal right now. Carrie. Lee parity that parity that now people want to watch as you can tell by the rating split. Just this whole narrative a left wing press writing and art and what's driving I think. Crazy sensitivities. And its chips in its chuck that bind them on the right it is on the left wing. And people like you challenge and you're in it seemed like. Jump on the panel. There's no there's no bail I decided to talk about it Michael because I I felt oddly for a long time mark at trump doesn't think Donald Trump right it double duty to act. You know that they're not just in Michael again you know if you don't like I politics think that that's fine Michael. Are you clearly you clear you clearly do I Fannie and I. Spending your sensitivity. As they as they as they able a liberal listener we thank you for the call Michael I offended you by being critical of the liberal media which is it the 81 and I annoy people all the time with that that's fine that's how I feel. We feel differently about a much like to feel differently about why people are turning up the games I don't think there is one. Specific reason why they are win one caller who said the drama the league. And I heard that just yesterday. Just yesterday. From somebody's all the than I am probably in there. Late forties early fifties. Too much for me is what the quote exact quote it's become too much for me. I don't enjoy the game is a much more I don't feel that way I was watching every week. A plane draftees every week upon pick a bulls ever week in reading or watching about the NFL every single week I would do so well there's on the radio or not. I like the NFL product. I like it too much Marty dreading the fact as a week fourteen. Or a month that I have to once away from no football. The Red Sox have done. Podcasts. Here the hot stove season so far. But to try to protect people are turning off the gains partially because of that I think is is is actually falls. And the feeling is I did not at me and does not we're bring up because we know people would turn games off because the players' reactions prior to the game we know that for a fact. 6177797937. The phone number is actually good out Michael it was a very good segue. Michael on the cart very critical of me. I think in this case very unfair. Very unfair. Last night on they show I was on here are filled in that in the morning yesterday Fareed jury duty pending Gerry Callahan. And so Alex streamer any heart. Filling in last night wanna tweet it we thought that show you can't have much and you TWA yet not to be here much of it. As I was watching the many hand takes on the globe b.'s FaceBook like a loser that I AM and deal with the couple sick kids at all. On the one clearly thought of eighty heart and now if you realize they can get mocked and UT WEEI. And they are very critical may. Patio that's confer rights at some shots at some point during the show I got some tweets saying there ripping me was the quote I got. You into workout routine oh boy. Will see if that was. That was justified the felons last night ripping me on my own show next. Record yanked her to tonight's shall we are correct and Eddie art to football. From football talk I Roemer and heart in tonight on mud yes they ought to be a monster number. Holds. Waiters. I don't take crap. From almost anybody at this radio station. I do take crap and you hide your return almost everybody at this radio station Andrea every listener to this radio station voice every color every text her every tweet voices cracking. But I will not sit here. And that might come at Ganske. Take a shot at me and that you. That'll be great numbers yes it will be great numbers must listen for expert says. Little bit fake outrage is only as as the president a fake outrage. But fake outrage their rebirth on your subordinates in the second. Any parties just you pour it. It there is some irony there any are calling me boring. Since he was ranked adding 25. Out of 26. At one point the curtain Callahan neck casting couch members. An opinion that was held not just by me who made the rankings but to everyone around that show. Senior agree but I'm sure he's doing a very well and did not hear last I'm hearing for the first time. Our Roemer and Andy hard that would be a good combination for a huge football week. Is there is nothing going on. With these out Red Sox in the offseason good Smart move I completely agree any heart Roemer on football last night I'm sure was that excellent. And Els and on demand later on today. I would say it was a big number was oh my god stepping and I am not being critical those guys and thank them for Philly and for me last night that they start getting personal. Patio is that's that's wasn't really a bad shot I get rickets or whatever you want to go back and forth. All the time many artists is Wheaties that did it get personal in all last night and should. 907 mud at night Trimmer or any heart. Holding down the Fortier mud is such talent and it takes two guys to take his job. Panel and as always you this I wanna I wanna the hottest I want mutt in the heart to do so together. Animal on the campaign were on show them I'm Kim you've got if you've got to go out of right away. I will but I don't back down we want them defending mime and model stand up Q Andy again right now he's a changed man now. Easy these teams nannies or exchanged working Jerry curry he's adopted not formulate a lot noticed. It's taken its knights won't stick it's almost as making changed is elected to the military to acquiesce to Jerry he votes for trump. Become this be considered now wearing gloves. C a yes that's a global seven you have to wearing gloves I don't know seven years already and let's wearing gloves. If you really work out you don't lift wearing the strange thing at the belt off. Get rid of the gloves. The stretching about months' work out routine. When I've heard about it is that he doesn't do any Carty. That is weird which to I'd never understood that pedantic I think. Did they think it's a feminine to do Carty out what's a feminine about running for. I won more at six. That's really hit dammit. Well good three Murray he led the thing and he's just he's. Indy satellite that porky was in the podcast at Bradford said yes to everything yes rob just rob rob just rob. This of nick friar. The Getty yes rob teacher for Christmas LBS one should get one. I have no idea what any arts talking about any art added to show we're for months ago he didn't say. Obama swore he didn't say Jack the entire show up yet any problem at all he could easily set differ four hours filling and I think it was for per gallon. He gonna set an eighty want it any time I zero issue in the and the art. He is an issue with me. I would say get in line. Would be my point to any art yeah I'm open any conversation you wanna have handy. I'll be your bunch Philly for the morning shorter in the Christmas break. So if we when I do a show together that he can explain whatever your issues are that my guess is you don't have any you would go along get along to sound. Mildly interesting agreement last night who is interest in and did have a couple good shots there so good for Roemer. I love Roemer policy. I said at a saying out loud and yes I do I am not jealous of her relationship with the account and but just we I am pointing out what. Everyone points out Jerry loves read that's fine. I liked Al Ali that podcast at what happened that idea. A podcast by the wayside Callahan and Reamer would have been picked. We can get back you know as for Carty oh yes I don't under why is that a big deal. If you have a good diet Alex and you maybe you don't but you have a good diet watch you eat you don't need to do Carty. Occasionally yes for heart. Health purposes go for goal four run jump on the elliptical. But I don't go in there every day it's not it's a Carty a date Carty you know and it's don't. I don't think you need you don't have that you don't have to do that I walked that's that's my party I walk and you're a five year old at home at two year old. That's why Carty of a zebra zebra. Bradford is doing Milwaukee which there in the back right then oh he said with a heavy hands I do I put. I put a little weight via awaits in the hands of walk around actually done I would bet I've done what. What dale is. Accused of doing which is getting up and doing laps. I used to in the past get up and try to guess or my steps during the show because I'm a loser I admit that. Yes I don't do guardian shame on me she adds shame on me I lol I aware that boy they got a vicious there dammit. That's that's guts hurtful. Still on my show because deep. National sleep tonight. Imminent. Let's do this we get a break we'll get Bradford and here I'll kill and rob I gotta get rob state if you're not hurting yet you are in a cave somewhere. We are gonna play for you some of the Michael will bond sound to day. With the guys on the DL holly keep show. I wanna get robs take on that the Goodell extension the Red Sox have made a roster move which might either make you another roster move a lot of stuff to go oh what an hour from now. The hot stove show. There's so what's going on tonight Henry Owens has been cut by the Red Sox. We got the hot stove show coming up with a special guests only Evans relic but also a special guest. Is it join us by phone as well it's our money at night more your calls Robin studio and the Michael will bond disaster on his part today with the afternoon shall we are WEE.