We get to the bottom of the Keefe Agenda in the Michael Wilbon interview

Mut at Night
Wednesday, December 6th

Mut and Keefe are talking about Michael Wilbon's interview on DHK today, where he attempted to defend bringing race into Rob Gronkowski's suspension, and Keefe held Wilbon's feet to the fire.


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CS Mott knot. Jason said a whole who warned. No I mean the whole who won't ground for sure what exact he could you translate that. Hey is that they were putting its own I thought they suited jumped him when. Well ratio ought. So you're making it very clear that you don't think wrong was racially motivated and what did you know I know I know you did and I'm curious why would you point out that. I don't know I don't know I in town but I'm curious why you could point out why Michael why do you point out you whack the player I don't want to do. It out of the Atlanta right iPod right that I got fed. Again that. Now here's my back nine. Talk Sports Radio tell you we. I would say very very rarely these Sports Radio. On a sore. It's almost a sport for you expert Richard your fans of polite but I mean you know you have to first round of expert got to prove you wrong you can't let go on the an expert listen clearly have you heard me on the air. I'm not to have behind them like a lot as a listener who listened to a a lot of radio thousands of hours of sports talk radio us and you don't hear national guys get. Rattled on like calling local spot the way Michael will line was rattled today on the Dale Hall the key program no scratch that. The key program featured on the dollar stopped that after what I heard today you fought for a reading in the show and I'm not yet you know I've got an onslaught on that. That was a great listened today and it was an in there resting spot I you eat my analyst's take you part of the interview. As a listener it was an embarrassing spot for Michael will launch in a lot of ways. Really was the perfect example. A light so when he people here Boston. That such a big issue with ESP NFC four letter brand of all the last 68 months from beginning to end it or race is an issue for Michael will line. What he wanted to be an issue bought when it did factor into the equation why Robert cows get a one game suspension. He'd want any part of it I thought a terrible job by will want to date on explain whatever his position is. And just really. Exciting this phrase politics of race over and over and over and over again and never defining exactly what the hell. Politics of race means that did not go the US dollars ago when we knew we found out yesterday were try to get a good he said it we said yesterday the day before either way were trying to get them on it we got him on. And I did not think that he was gonna go width. You know saying that I had an agenda which I was not aware of let it go into that interview with the agenda ouster to clarify. One of his statements that he had on PTI where he said. Or he made it clear he wanted to make sure it was important for him to point out that rock. Elbow out a black player that's alternatives that are why did you feel it was important to say that. You made it very clear on our interview that you'll think Ron was racially motivated to get the question how. When it but other audits that pointed out to just clarified for my question. Right that's all I was doing and he knew he was so defensive I was real surprised. And how defensive he was and also. Broad court as part of the Boss Bailey won't Alter brought it up. I'd run up to you on the we have you want it you'll. You talked about it you me and said earlier in the interview that Tony brought it up but you agree with them. So why can't we talk to you about well not that that's the point like he wants to blame Kornheiser for bringing it up or point two Tony for bringing an apple wants you say. I completely agree with him that within months ago relevant. Yeah let's get to that exact point and a one to a couple things. In this out and support people here. One section of the gadgets are the entire thing. But it does set up the rest of a lot of we're gonna do with the show tonight at 617779. 7937. Is the phone number and someone got a part 6 o'clock did not hear what I thought was. The most entertaining part of that which is right it's dead smack in the middle key first Michael will bond which goes down as. L an all timer on WEEI. For reference point patio can we just play before we get into will lawn. Sensitive sensitive les that that's who were right yeah. Defending his point moving the goal post and quoting the politics of race politics of race politics of race at all. I'm global please we have no idea what it means but it Saturday. At some political means something this is the original little snippet from PTI the that you were show initial one every other show Boston. Talking about ESPN and racing. I thought he would get two games for this I thought it would be an escalation this has started there is lawlessness in the NFL right now. This started with a AJ green gravity guy by the head and thrown down he got nothing. Then as you say a key to leave and Michael Crabtree who wanna know part of the game. This note that we out of luck that's this was about a drug they got to win that was reduced to one. Now you have this this is I'm telling this is lawlessness and this is not good and he should sit I think multiple games and here's another aspect of this there's a racial politics of this and that is that you have a league which is primarily black. And you're suspending black plague as old console when a white player does something hole. We weren't you give you the least pots all so honest I think Ford is riding a bit of a black player into it I wanted it. So he's echoing the statement Kornheiser makes it Kornheiser I guess of the originators and brings up short racial politics now will blog today called the politics of race and racial politics bowl feeds the freeze a million times and yes. But he agrees with them and says. It's the white player. How to game black players had into the ground rat so that's that's the campus is that right there yeah that is worthy of discussion right that's why carried out on that's that a part of it. Mike Evans. Yeah AJ green go down the list OK we got the powers that what you pretend. That that was brought up under a guise of something else. And you move the goalposts over and over again it is tough to take Michael will bond seriously sold that led to. Will bond today it started with is it that I thought was particularly offense is not the word. But flipped it towards Boston sports fans were basically says hey. You guys may have recorded fifty years ago but I deal with it now you're city is yeah I was all right lets you forever and you can't putted at all this was today. On this afternoon which leads into the B key and will on back and forth in the middle Ian. What would it then it Tom Brady and black community the franchise from them and that was it. With a pretty similar. That that would be talked about Michael. That would be talked about the book it is this sort of naive to take this hyper sensitivity. Becomes a mighty midget race and people ought to get to. The best of the discussion we're trying to it is from a new englanders respect. Stopping for 12. And this is that a big point from I have to get and I just heard it again the third however it. The reason we are hypersensitive. To this and I and I wish you guys never got to it that's it's you you got to mostly after the lock on on it as a listener I a when he said that I was in my car in the parking garage across street yelling. The reason hypersensitive. Is because the door network. It is front senator ESPN. ESPN for about a year now has pushed the agenda that Boston is still the most racist city in the world. And they say it like it's nothing Amir Al Hoss and says carrier ring would be like in Boston game Levitt hard. A million other people we get Armani Donna honestly I Gutierrez all these all okay. It's become commonplace CDS speed. That's why it is so just now will want on there I would love will once take a viewer realize your network. Is a major reason why he started so sensitive in Boston yeah if you guys say like it rains a lot of Seattle and Boston is really racists. He claimed at the beginning and wasn't specifically asked that way but it was I think garuda similar answer about how we. I think he thinks that we perk up in Boston when they talk about Boston and Edgar and racism but they'll talk about other issues and other places as well is it or you don't care about and if it's another player or another team. What I mean OK how about race every day I know we do and it sucks but we do and I'm wondering are what's the big racist. Incidence in Chicago or Detroit or New York there were talking about sports wise I mean and obviously all of the countries. Arms exports flies. How many times has there been an angle over the or the last calendar year. Where we've really looked at another city. And we had ESPN personalities saying that. Gordon Hayward was getting cheers because he was thinking well that's probably don't want him to an all star player rich who's gonna be a free agent and there were quite high you're trying to head coach and at the player himself in that all of us and the fans were cheering him. And black players felt slighted on the Celtics allegedly. Because he got yours just take router he's taking his new position and I'm gonna try to bust out. I'm gonna try to stop this every five seconds because I went on Pete you crazy and drop the audience crazy but I I had to get that out there because that was my big takeaways as he doesn't seem to get. The ESPN is the reason why we are very sensitive here in the city boss let's continue with the Wilpon and eventually will on V keep this afternoon dale. They bought the thing that everybody. The problem of the baggage. That's part of democracy part of it is. Baggage and part of it is. The way Boston is portrayed. Boston is portrayed as the capital city of of racism. And so when when there are top when these topics come up and people automatically look to Boston. Yes people here of of all races get very defensive. Because short because I always meant. If I were probably the only ones in the country dealing with this or is this a a nationally and in many cases an international. Issue. Absolutely. Michael put Boston didn't come by this completely eat. So don't. That was our. And even if it's not the plate today that it was 840 years ago and we know your. Place. Played the most segregated. Places city in America for a lot you're Chicago and you know what you have to do what hurt. And many times you I'd get this call and it's like you have to read the bought and you are right. It'd be at the the rest of not hypersensitive about blocked conditions you. So again what you get let me make myself. So when you got the one I thought yeah he did right. They brought in any way shape or form. Are in that. I hear you bet I bet on. Do get Tony and I really. Good discussion. Racial politics. For a white player. Received an eight punishing. That many around the league you are probably people around the league would debate at a raped or not we mentioned that all of the rope. Speaking at. Punishment of two black players involved in something that you may or received all you're not ugly whatever it. Racial politics the bat it's undeniable. Wanna ignore. It people had been quite yet. But. Sure about what they talked. She looked at patriot rate that we didn't think at any minute rate and that the we talk about the racial politics the spot and I know. I know you got Smart in the big alters our peace and you do different in those two top. So you're making it very clear that you don't think wrong was racially motivated and what did I know I know you did and I'm curious why would you point out that while. I don't know I don't know I in town but I'm curious why you could point out but might want to point out active player I don't want. You write I write but no I don't I'd I'd I'd take your word on what they ask a question Michael. Why did you. Single question yet let me ask water. OK let's those guys I'm asking what do you got him you know why do you know what why did you point out that the wrong. Elbow a black player what what was the point that. Part of dynamic. Dynamic what. What do block the white. And white it was not how do you going to let me answer the question did you add. Yeah the the great. Right. I yes that would be great yet magnetic bit. The dynamic every bit it was brought about the politics operate you're talking about black and white now why don't white not black and black. The most part you could be an exception or situation. Section is among people not getting away. It's quite player again you'll make it about newly reinstated about the Patriot League you'd. Senate seat so. You don't get. White player being suspended. You Jane and Bob and other field activity in the previous week. In the 80% black league assembly but still whatever it is and the light layered being well I left in this situation. The politics of how do people perceive. I do understand that I don't know I don't know what it is what he does. They're right there I'd I heard them justify it still though I admit I counted us out on the war on yeah I still don't yet. The politics of race mean addictive discussing race which we always do but the politics of it. When you talking about black white wrong. I think what he's trying to get too is that the NFL and he dinner every proof for this. But that these suspensions all are levied differently based off of your race OK so I think so who was the it was Derrick Brooks who heard Derrick Brooks heard the appeal Jon Runyan gave him a suspect that Jon Jon Runyan white guy white guy they've ground the Spansion. Derrick Brooks. Black guy heard the appeal the appeal and did what. Over upheld a suspension. Where where with the politics of race be there I am not sure he later on keeps mentioning the key to leave Michael Crabtree and that was that they've also are different example yes correct example is Mike Evans Mike Evans and people disagree Kirk did yesterday. Well Mike Evans did was worse than what prompted. With the hit to the back and that adults call the trap area and in the punch afterwards that I thought that was worse we can debate that a different John. And at very least there's that very similar that got a game different that it got a gain on and so. That's the comparison. And so when you bring up racial politics and you ignore the fact that a black player. Knocked down another black player and got one game wrong in a player did a very similar thing got a game. The stack the the bar was set at one game. White player commits penalty get to game. And when he's still say. We've got to discuss racial politics of it and ignore the fact. That the took game one you're talking about which by the way ended up still a game if you want to really get you certainly did it at the fight that was the second time those guys have fought about this. That got knocked out of game. You still use that. Then you are the one pushing race when it's not there that's that's my issue is that when your present with the facts. Right you you you want to talk about race and comedy called race a mechanical the politics of race or racial politics I'm just gonna call rate that's notable calls. And dress it up to pay drop all the race means nothing. If you wanna do that what presented facts at that's okay. And if you're if you're if you do and I represented facts that don't work in your favor and still try to hammer the race point home you are trying to put it there when it's not there. And I'll see how that's constructive but I'd I'd I'd still looked at it even after talking with him for over twenty minutes the last that's that'll really get. Why and it's a you know I had a lot more in our no I don't but I still. Think back I'm sure I'm missing some but the last three white players like to think of let's suspended by the league. Rock for game which you're libel things first some of the Mike Evans who also got a game Tom Brady who. Unless here at the the biggest patriot hater in the world got over punished for inflated footballs and Richie it cock ego who was bullying a black player. He got Popovic for the whole year that an indefinite suspension any to get reinstated. Look too good to very severe. Penalties and then one that seems to line up with anybody else that would do you know did he had a cheap shot. So I've not found an example of a guy that the only one you're missing an up and this I guess to be fair could be put in the did he get off because I was there like a guard Josh brown and got a game. Yes but I Josh Brown similar to but any later got three games they knew they screwed that up it was similar it was rated right or date yet that that I had I I got all right guys like you said white white I'm looking that would compete at right 2000 other job they're one of when he and actually at six games I was in its first. He came back nets 16 August that the analysts and they've been trying it out on a threat is screwed up idea had more to do him being a giants in the relationship there with the giants that that without the research Lisa Friel Tom currents favorite topic in his country. I. Doubt we ever expected he's white there Lisa racing Tommy current at the Y playing basketball pre at least for them the way you talk Europe so there's a war four will want to keep you guys waiting on hold. The entire half hour to talk about its own comeback gets reaction has made again. You took the calls I was a listener may go be that I'd articles appear to disagree. A lot of were talking about sold do that 6177797937. The phone number Roger Goodell has a new contract. Which everywhere furious super excited right now. I'm able we'll have rob Bradford here a couple of hours from now. I'm a lot to get you but your phone calls on will line next year lock and key Sports Radio to be we. It is this sort of naive to say that I was dead beneath. Everytime somebody mentions race. People who bought it comes to bat. The discussion we're trying to do this from a new englanders who sped. Not sums it up right there too bad New England too bad Boston you guys are racists here Rutherford Gordon Hayward. The Adam Jones incidentally over and over and over again too bad at doing well that's what will watch what ESP NS at a Boston fans for about a year that's it was. So ironic he didn't seem to get talking you guys today they ESPN is a big reason why. We are hypersensitive here in this area 6177797937. The phone number that was Michael will while with the Owhali Keefe. Will play portion that throughout the course up of the show tonight there's war with that the best part of which was Keefe verse will bond. There in the middle just there's so much to play there was the last five and everyone to your phone calls without we'll get Bradford take on this week joins us in studio. At 8 o'clock Scott is in Denham Scots and WEE I was wants got a. Thought it was shot this. I. I don't know where they assault start again it was ignorant of what I was jet black. I don't remember you are hearing stories well I'll or racism. But forty years ago. On pick out my quilt on. A guy National Guard who aren't like it was monsoon. In that whatsoever. Are. And finished one striving to equate what makes a statement like that o'clock. I know history here racism cool although he played again. Our guys. For the most part call. While all are up on our. Are. You that I can work on and I actually went. Sure. You much like an announcement we. I don't understand. Why you don't understand it and I think he knows he screwed up front and we bring. Wish. I looked so great but nothing to do about it I mean. You know what who want to open. You're talking about I don't know and check the guy that. It was marked outside technical. Stop. Pushing it up against no and wait at all over the last year because. The only way. While they're trying to get us get us Scott thanks for your call. I'm but it has been prevalent it ESP NN and ESPN executives is that essentially allowed it to happen. Under un tethered really I mean they get a better ratings for this or something I am a mother there to keep going to the well here. The biosphere reason for right I mean because it's lazy or is it more just because. They believe or not. People buy into this deal annoying when people watch it they handed in and everybody else looks and it is plays worse than that we're island for the rest of the country nods their head and that is part of it rich and so they get away with it and nobody calls them on and that's why. When he said sensitive. I mean even boss I feel like this are stations and a much better job and our counterparts across the street at and talking about the stop because. I people here are sick of hearing it but. I think you were on easy it's easy it's lazy. Not doesn't magazine gets ratings because we've seen ESPN Reagan upper TV and racism work. But date. They are able to say without being fought there used to be able say what they want Philadelphia they're the worst fans and oh it's real it's real tough that the play in new York and oh yeah Boston's racist may just. They thrown out there are bad that's why it's played that way as for the callers point again I don't wanna spend much time defending Michael will bond today. I don't think Michael will bond thinks that Rob Gronkowski hit two rate for Davies white because he's. Dynamic very clear and I carried out a very very very very clear so I a is that this guy I was trying to say there that he's making wrong part of it racial. I don't that you want to nobody by league artery by saying it it's almost like it it it would be it would be in on dad but I know that he's not again he said that three or four times he really wanted to hammer that home so we get it he was not saying croc is. But okay that why. Add that the tail wind is so important to say that and if you think it is a league thing. And 83 worded a little bit different at the time you could have been very clear about about it so the issue it's not a crock she taught patriots issue it really. In this case it's not a Boston would issue no it's not you're talking about if you think the National Football League. Did he's out suspensions and fines and all kinds of penalties based off of race. I just take on the league refrigerator out and again it it's excellent job separately. My guy rich keep during the interview today. But outside of the ESP question you on the question I was yelling at my radio was. OK who's racist legal who's making these racist right on us discern is it to Dell is it Jon Runyan. Is it James thrash is it to Derrick Brooks go back to Troy Vincent and out okay April at informants in three of those five guys are African American right so who are the guys making racist and a decisions about the penalties. In the National Football League and it that if he said that he he makes his big claim about happening across the country okay this poor people that it. Poor people mad at making the decisions at the only because I think is I don't know but who's the face of it who Derrick Mason now I don't. I don't like Roger Goodell decided extensions so you stick around beating Roger Ellis made. Racially motivated moves in his time as commissioner and I liken I don't but I don't think you know I don't have any proof of that so Michael will line who is the racist making these races decisions. With bringing up the politics of race when it comes to heading out to split the guy who decide on the appeal dark Brooks very good hall of fame linebacker Tampa Bay Bucs. African American and so who are the racists here and wider Mike Evans get a game and Kroll also get a game. Michaels and Carmichael ya on Monday night. OK I better speaker op sounds fine right now gone on the important to recognize the mud. It rich rich talent never prouder of you Andy Andy dale. Eight Donaldson had originally from thank you Michael. Now that they'll actually showed that could interview here and and I heard it. True full time with every player fortify our order that. And then what you that and I it ethical grounds from Martin's. Ahmad when you met him yet yet you know this is about struck out again that. And that real gentle as well armed by armed and yet I don't the last thing in my ridiculous. But it's so well agreement there. This thing with armed. Which well Bob I am. Caught out broccoli you've got about five minutes ago I had it in my except. You know you don't wanna. You call and got a rate that the fact of the matter is. It rich tried it yet they immediately set it in 95%. Error and our guys in debt as implying that he. He did say it means that. He backed panel and they eat out loud she incentives and it was I am not not a I then do an extra 25 year. That should have more understanding of language and what comes out is not what it actually means in that rock band. A lack and it kept me sane and and that it without white I. The whole different story with the rockets every packer rich can't. Hitting it out in America. Eight VH 75 in whatever and. The 80% aren't a match and again it defaults gotten an out their Michael thanks for the call. On marchers are very high percentage chance bathrooms and again that was your line of questioning trying to get him to say we will get we don't it's not in it then why why did you say and he never. What was so pour about that by will on. Is he never ends sort of he never answer other than it's hiding behind the politics of racing answer. Not you nobody no answer whether it's been Twitter or the calls so far on your show the calls on this show and I will I again I will bump you Frontline piece going to be what the politics of race means. As the way will one is talking about them you got everybody in lines are expected to be very busy phone call might but don't want to stab. Any good answer Jason is down on a case by Jason. Jason other degrade very very good listeners tonight Burton callers that should be illegal that the alleging it. I'm glad to be on the radio favorite out of all black and white witnesses I've worked seven years on the got us. And in Europe you know what we got a call anybody. We got the call anybody what. It was we were together as a team. And appointed. I really want to know that it no racism. In it and in Europe. Okay appointed. That's a whole lot monarch place and I thought I'd ever been to Europe I cannot imagine that's outlook but I I've seen plenty of racist football fans throw bananas on the field at black players if some of those big leagues minutes now it's common and it's been it and evidence. The right now about Greg and I and on the populace got say that is as a I was immortal one that is it racist at all and as a black. OK what what are you from Africa you would ever is don't strongly believes that he's under the plan the wedding my hands insulin bananas as black players don't even know what. Or eight years. Yeah eight racism I've never seen. In Europe OK IOK. Then the I believe in. Equality our respect him paid now. We're at war. Really hit me off. Because it was quite a bit. We do it every day. In light. Right. Thank you Jason thanks for the call. Case thanks. About a night cholera there. At shows up with the Iraqis on the route through deal that's without all of you there is available you don't yeah bishop and Democrat and I got India slimy screaming and it's not that I'd be can't prove it every night. One open line for you at 6177797937. Phone number he hates me I know that happened on the come back give. I'm Dale Arnold credit the call was right dale. Put Michael will bond in a box at the end the interview today and we'll lawn had the worst ones he's the answer. All of city tired of you but a maybe top three will woman dale and Holley today we'll give a credit to dale and take your phone calls next. Final question before we let you go isn't it possible. That Crabtree and lead got a two game suspension as opposed to one because it was the second time they done the same thing. Aum yeah I talked shot. That it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that there black and run his white it's that. They did the damn thing already. Because the NFL you wanna know I don't know that the idea that they got punished worse. I think has more to do with the fact that they've already done that same. Thing you want to write it. We're talking about the politics of race we need to Europe Craig as a politician I hope I get a golf. The conversation it raised the possibility that's great don't. I did the outlook that you would know suspension or two days that Beijing was fine. Boards Lee didn't and crab tree you'd want that you deal. But we're totally out of politics update and the perception of the probably assume we're gonna happen if you don't like it personally I don't dance now. We you don't like it when you're presented facts and then you go back to again. The politics of race I I think any other personal lines so out of their parents tell us astray he said twice in. In that same answer it's very strange because that's like. It seems to be. His whole argument. Right but he wouldn't and usually with the Mike Evans Tsotsi wanted to focus on to lead Crabtree OK fine so that dale brings up you know they fought twice and this is the real fights. They had two games were actually got reduced to one anyway but regardless they got to. Did you beat Becker played a factor in the community. Maybe if your whole argument that that's your whole point today and that event that probably made you I don't know nobody is afraid of where literally half Montgomery usually view had a month we have talked about raise the premiere at the end was disingenuous saved your freedom of the conversation get a dog I have a I love my office to do she comment now by will on anyway. But it that was the reason they brought him on the beat and beat. No longer an issue talking race it's when a guy like Michael will on it brings it up and when he's called on his defenses. My partner brought it up and I agree with the that was the main and then I the politics of race. It is like Tony brought about as irrelevant. Why does why did you call Tony. I don't know and then we have global we have your number you are well before it does present that we got on the show for college that he sees every job that it's we had John anti energy got the he did he did but he could have said we had because we know we've had you had trouble for. On I was actually more interested in your comment that I was. Like the specific comment about him pointing out the fact that wrong did woody did to a black player while I art ask about that we did I know at the end of the show today. Al when he guys broke him and you were dale said through a complex which by the way yes she should either and it's always done a lot of on and again yell Brady on the up it's odd how would you not land on but. Alec he's declining to be the morning show reached out to Tony the other day said thanks but no thanks. So I ever will ball racial politics I would love one of those guys come on and really explain it will on tried to today. And again I'm too dense that the under I do appreciate him coming Roger would it very easy to say hey there's less than on the show a Boston station wants me on the effects. Is that forget it and I don't wanna get in get bald that he did. That you came across great release he came on the air those guys on Scott's a wholly on Scott you're up a monkey fund have you yeah. All right guys did give me some time they have a number of issues yes. First of world Michael will bond. You know as a writer Chicago writer. If these for us giving him. You know these. This intellectuals. As soon lose the right. So right now and let's Boston Globe sports TV star announced. That Saber that respect retain a White House deputy. Did you step but during the TV show that's the way he said that. He's not a TV show. Okay ratings blah blah blah you heard you know you guys talk about ratings that's why we talk about these things would bring in these topics. He made the mistake. He he did air but not so much use and so. He made a point of saying. That rock is white and the the defender was last in all the right that's statement to begin a conversation about the whole thing. He had it didn't have anything to do is vote lead. Beliefs on the whole thing. If this television show was creating that scenario. For many people tune in and listen in on the discussion. And it's it's the basis the foundation for discussions. I had nothing to do. You know him making that there was something going on between. It's just about presenting an. A polarizing situation on the discuss have a discussion. It's far as when you guys called him on the phone. In his car. He decided to go totally off topic. And and and realize that he's speaking to an entire ought New England audience. And the whole thing of bringing up the politics of race heat. May have a point of at that tied a while I must but he the number one. In New England I would be speaking to all these Boston fans all these New England fans so I'm gonna go ahead and say major would I've always wanted to say. Well he's such a nice thing is that my beloved Boston Celtics. That was not what Scott that that was not the big take where those are nice these Michael Holly's big takeaways a guy's a racist you want it. Point that we did you get an via a little excited. And make him make statements about love blossom so I don't wanna I wanna have that would be dead but he picked them. The base but what is talking about it a politics of race in Boston and that he does. Not like the idea that when any. Whenever his race and in new England and Boston it it is always western mass but I bet most of my adult life. In. Blocked import a. Yellow and a and a couple seconds I've got to gaga. Yeah. That was all those alive and there I I he said he and and guys that need a lot of time. I at the hot start you say it was a bit irritated if that it's mentally a two minute limit to me that was over three minutes total while I don't and other guests I don't I don't. We talk to Jonathan Jones for less time on earlier in the week. If we want to Scott here's what was to say that will line nice things about ball Boston great he did it was at the end and it was I like Boston Celtic Celtic get on there at that also hey guys a racist then the city still races the of them issues and you burned it is what he said at the pink elephant in the room right and you got a sword you so. I think will will will pick this the next couple hours canady. Deal 6177797937. Is full of a full ball and he can't get through keep bag and what's your reaction to. I'm what you heard from will bunch today and the commissioner has an extension. Roger Goodell is going nowhere we'll get to that in your phone calls Monday night's Sports Radio WEE.