OMF - Is Alex Cora's Houston incident a concern for the Sox? Lou keeps shouting BRAD AUSMUS, 12-7-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, December 7th

Recapping Evan Drellich & Rob Bradford's tussle on last night's Hot Stove Show. Is Alex Cora's drinking/outburst a concern for the Red Sox, considering the Price/Eck fiasco? Also, Lou demolishes a caller who thinks Dombrowski previously didn't hire first year managers & Glenn accuses LaVar Ball of child abuse.


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Explored ways and moaning and 48 I've found a plate full speed contact football we're not doing that I'm gonna mess trying to get hurt trying to protect them up with the player because he's gone and an overall. Then I go quarterbacks in the food and almost that was a headline there was a bit ahead of running pool going rub with another beat writer as to how quick you were gonna try to downplay that. How can you literally putting your headline that doesn't end well. I can agree to disagree because that's a REIT because droughts forest Gump and you know you're not really I think a lot human and with gland Lou and Christian I did. It's single question yet let me ask what you did okay good for those guys wanted to point out that wrong elbow a black player what. What was the point that part of the dynamic of Mike Evans only got one game. I don't might get a bit but not because it doesn't fit what your talking about that it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that their blackened ground is white it's that they did. The damn thing already I don't know why aren't. And now. On Sports Radio WEEI. We'll be on the view beautiful it is faster. Nothing better especially around holiday season you know that we should just play it with a little bit jingle bells in the background something like that meant. We'll do it I won't think this whole staff on the table because we're been talking a lot of people still won't talk about but there are other things we wanna get to we've talked about Roger details. Extension somebody else to explain to me. Why you giving this type of guy this type of money. Going full based on all of the issues that you have congratulated for the past. Get get all that money to even say don't you know what you're in that 3540 million dollars a year in the in the past look forward united you know worried about it. So we talked about this incident with Alex core down in Houston Evans relic wrote about it I'm still confused. As to why you would throw this one out so early in the process. Alex Cora is not even on the ground here in the wind is and in Puerto Rico via yeah just because you you you will but texted him yesterday. So Aaron Boone L Aaron Boone that was elsewhere was couple weeks ago if you didn't do mutton. Everybody. So good but everyone was about text everybody so this was last night and it was our guy rob Bradford with the Evans relic. And they win addicts won't elect you listen to. A little bit of this animal we we got a lot more play. So the headline was if there browsed he downplays. Report our story about Alice core argument that headline there was an error has the running pool going rob with another beat writer and how would you were gonna try to downplay that and you'll literally putting your aunt. What you put in the story admin will once then you said this is more than just about turned on the music but that was in the story that was the story. So when it no. Second fiddle tells the story yet behind the scene right tension okay loyal though so yours by so don't quite what I thought was what if this was there is no way that it was portrayed about this price acts thing. About the next price tag thing which can you say then don't go well well for nearly as journalists certainly certainly your organization was pushing out all day yesterday like that left that you can illegal bullet on what I elastic and I think for the right to that I'm gonna stick to 12 so if you're gonna go the price act thing and that's what and that was mentioned in the story right. Price that is or echoes of that okay yes OK echo if we can nearly a similarity all right Ali tight right know what's really close because. You can say that this with more with him in Jeff won't all live one day but for what you put it was about the music rock the main thrust. Of David Price the similarity. Without court is a loss of self control and they Cephalon for six under at measures is true I disagree. That the crux of the matter David Price the act is a loss of self control. But what I don't broom you know he's been again in the later on it what exactly was going on on the boss but that was. Now it's probably had a few drinks there was disagreement. And emotions ran high okay that's a lack of self control you wanna call it product there but would David Price did was premeditated. That was control those on a lack of control that was control. He he he he looked at did Dennis circus when he heard a couple things played off click it was a common about yup we all know by more than that. Helix Olympics maybe said about him. And he said it up. He said he had conversations with players in the back of a boss on the way to the plea. Set the whole thing out. Are about as a minute to oppose the players got the airport near one bus got there before the oh everything else who's of the setup. It was premeditated. He knew exactly what he was doing it was not lack of control. Well even more so he admitted that he admitted that it was was that what. X says about other players he was coming to the defense of his teammates had to do with what exit about it it was not a spy on T now argue million I had control of social premeditated much and he was completely. Under control. When he aired out Dennis sector's growth was out of control and a game that and so lost the most that's yet you tossed out was not premeditated art look at. For why that's why anger why it's the why doesn't. It's clarity now the doubt if that does it right and agree to disagree because that's what she's a drought or it's done and you know I think a lot humans and humans on the list view you value me everybody's opinion bullet all exports are. I don't value everybody talks about you know your own opinion. Share okay I'm his friend ago I mean. I'm not. Don't get defensive about this happened it would. It was a fine fiddle it did price lose control while the team with traveling T got an argument my guess is he. I get you on the equating all arguments in this so intellectually. It's not the way it right. Perry's doctor. And I thought that I did like ten minutes screaming at the manager after five minutes of screaming at a broadcast are well. I don't know. You were. Did you move is funny hamburger don't know any details. On this herself. Defense Alex Cora works department well when that that's not reputed anyway I'm happy. Operate and each and every asset over and over first ball berth while I'm not hereditary and took care about it department store don't get the yes about it because. Because I'm. And you constantly here's your critical of the colleagues writing because he got a story you didn't off of one I don't like well let's beauty in in your head in the mock world yet Shuler. But we can't debate tonight I assure you it's like what effect that that I get a deal with. When I bring that. Bieber outward. I said I I I heard this whole conversation last night and I would say that there's some truth to that. That rob. You know Rick he kept talking about how hard Evan works and how. He worked really hard needed this story in any proceeded to tell them where he went wrong and how we wrote it wrong. And now and and how he would have voted differently and how Evan made mistakes left and right increased the displayed on the right Larry's. And Brooke that's Brooke the thing apart. So what did he do the whole process than that we did not play that you just talked about while I would much you work really hard at your job you did crappy job on this one. And then what Evan defenses article he says don't get defensive what you'd just shredded. The article like I didn't not want to get defensive he's defending his article on Visio shredding. Not just the article would. The work that he did or struggling writer Adam Allen basically said they had a pool of you know win when rob was gonna sit there and defend the right whenever events they go both these unprecedented as far as rob goes but I and the overall picture I'd agree with Oprah picked as much I don't think it's related. To do situation at all and I've always said the difference to me. Is that this is an argument of boss with two peers. And no one's a broadcaster went to coach but they played together. So. To ignore that the fact that there could be history. The two individuals is ridiculous. In other words if I'm the broadcast if I'm in that Booth. Doing the Red Sox games. And Alex corps announced that his bench coach Donnie Sadler. What did you let it drop. Do you think about it and opposition to do some underlying tensions. Before beat maybe just blonde in 2001. Slid hard into outscored put him on the DL maybe maybe Alex Cora. Slid hard to Jeff alone and needed likened they had words I don't noble when you play against children attend twelve years. Some might that might happen and it may be a certain things and something happened in their careers where there's there's tension. So I didn't know just from beyond Evans report. I thought there was more to largest competitors. Out of pocket a couple drinks stated this agreement new screaming match had got to control. And yes I do believe that happens. So we so what are we talking about here are we talking about an incident that as you just said happened so often and so on a big deal. War is a controller because there were a couple of lines in and you've said there are a couple more things he's getting into the story. We talking about should we be concerned now about your body blood relatives with the news he got that in New York. All exports and your friend that's you're friend. Should we be concerned that there's a pattern your behavior by Alex cork but should concern us is that the new manager of the Sox. What was the crux of or being mad at a former players now broadcast moral core crystal display order out corps that the overarching theme here's a core was insecure. About his place on the Castro stepped. He felt that blog might have had hinge easier too much he felt that why you put that story that which a good point good point. Which is a good point. Because very underlying tension. What is the underlying tension as if you want me to related to the act situation. Then did Jeff Long has he been critical of Alex Cora on the broadcast. In not being prepared to do his job or are you being critical about what is the underlying tension now we find out. This is where he had to. That may be you know Alex felt insecure that Jeff Long was talking to AJ hinge AJ was going to Geoff Blum. May be Geoff Blum was trying to get his job. So. Don't think don't you feeling that Evan trawler cool we know was fighting in. To the people and human part of the story that you should put and there are absolutely. Especially if you get it from somebody. And obviously he is you use you know what you want to salute the person's name and nobody can say the source who was fair says this or is there every single thing. Feel feeling that that truck is trying to set up here based on his experience and his conversations with people down there in Houston. Don't expect when you think you're gonna get the zealots do. I get that feeling he's setting something up. So he's insecure he goes and is loved as you guys are all make it out to be so distorting the Russa and got it in the background is that a problem is an insecure way. He's an over shoulder. It's gonna go to that that was the drinking stuff yet at a time you saw of drinking and it's dangerous the other or thought that was added to this that he didn't include news story. Woods bought added you know did it bother others show was his job in jeopardy if the situation had not got resolved. I her promote from multiple sources. That there was some thought that he was on his way to getting fire during the year. Just because you could not continue in a situation where you have in bench coach screaming out of manager. In front of the T so what coach tried but big result that they got through OK but it was bad. OK hold that that that can hold of them all my god pushed the vote push poll host that not in the story. That's not to be part of the story we brought him back what is it that if so I incident. Couldn't led to him being removed from his job but they resolved. A kid me well. Evans job. The meat in writing that story was to try to present this was. It wasn't just another argument I that's the feeling like right I mean and the second thing that was thrown out there trying to do. You know as evidence that this wasn't just another argument. According to my sources insist their opinion that maybe his job was in jeopardy. That would have sent their different message to people reading it's in world I think this was bigger than just. A little argument now the way it played out. Is you know yet blonde and Alec to get heated the boss. So now what happens later with with AJ. Is you know he's a you know. They got the Boston agency Alison what I was act enabling this guy and and they start getting into a heated argument which again I still don't have a problem. You know it's in front of the team sure yet to address a chore but these are. Once again he would AJ actually played against each other as well so these are these are guys that have relationships in the past that can speak like like this to one another have arguments at all. Legal bullet OK but is it an isolated incident goes to those two deet tails. I don't they should have been left out of that aren't they should not have been left out of the article. They should not and it almost seems to me like drew relic is trying to tell you this there and he's trying to tell you. At issue here with a scorer guy that tricky stuff is thrown in there this stuff is thrown in the air almost lost his job. But the white. During the course of the season just in ends up winning the whole thing. It had major problems during the season they lost their pitching staff to injuries they were on the cusp of kind of falling apart numerous times. And let's also remember that HA pinch had a problem and he bought during the playoffs if we remember who didn't want to fight and a ball our disagreement. It's equipment okay disagreement a verbal disagreement that was agreed I don't know if you want present with alcohol and the right. Yeah this is so worship controller going with the senate so should should not. Not really like you know picketed in the the whole. I'm really good friends and Alex Cora you yes. When Alex joined the media in ESPN. Is when we pretty much first started communicating. Miserable to the same thing in the field we talked detestable the team talk about the team. In coming to town he you know we we talk by some in the field. It would be texts back and forth what is going on with the team does he but call you the way you know him but I wouldn't say that we. The tight that I respect them and I think he knows the game so did you respect those are when he got the job. OK so cores and for actually did whores and for a Friday. We'll see that's good I guess it's got a good I did but it did I think I'd I'd no relationship really prior with John. You know he was a minor league guy coordinator Claiborne I was there kind of out of the scene our first madam that it really know him in dole. Site you know I didn't know him. Say so Alex. What comes of this is maybe a few drinks that emotional. And is that a problem. While it's if you really literally the Dennis sect asleep if Alex has the is that sensitive. That maybe Jeff sits up and about his coaching style. And any had words that's the probably the concern is he sensitive too sensitive for this market the fact that he's heeded. Because we when he was hired people praising him for a couple of stores that cut out there one of home. Shredding his team with the Mets after the loss to gain depth and playing music return to music off and aired everybody out from me. Of deposit. Lost control little bit with his own teammates. That are celebrating after a loss and that's a positive. I don't mind if he's emotion. Yeah I don't know we'll wait a minute this I don't I don't but I'm saying is that I don't mind it if he he you know. I'd David Price of all all Miley wade Miley comes out of the game scream and yell at regular Iverson draws on the fourth inning in the air it and he's aired out Ellis scored outscored looks and desire and get some in the locker room airs his ass out. That's. Problem of me. Notre well. Not at all all of Dustin Pedroia said it's not me it's them because of how are you talking about it's not me is them. Told me and that Abbas remain a part of this team or not I don't have a problem at all of that the emotion. That he shows that as a manager of the red except this one doesn't look good in that the emotion he showed. Was to put the music up okay after the music was put down because players wanted to contact their family during the time are concerned that he personally had awful working in aids is slanted. That is not a good look. I and I think the two things that ever drove it through in in this little debate he had with the with problems fine. I think those are both damaging how they were not in the story and I he had no wonder they're damaging or not I think it's information. You wanna hear late tension behind the scenes. Could be one of twenty things. What was it attention I don't know what was tension when they're both plane and they both look up at the same girl. He did do not like each other when they were playing. If you don't think citizen for the part of it is amen amen the Booth and Greg Greg Beck announced the hitting coach this attention may be. Because of maybe history all or did you and anybody name anybody. You know Chris Woodward who's now lake. Blowing around in coaching jobs right up against him for years now. I mean I happen to like him but maybe if I didn't like him to be tension this so what was the tension now we find out what the tension was okay that that that should have been included. So that the table and so that is fair to L a score. I mean it might trip. And it might be a lot draw might have a lot more stuff here is certainly seem to be leaking more stuff out last night. That he almost had flight and in general this is some some. In 08 interest thing stuff. Does it fit Alex core this is the first thing he's gonna have to answer as he comes back here to Boston he goes to spring training we open up. Up full month to 61777979370. And that's no Christian today. That's more. That gap. We're loaning and Fauria really fired his fat ass or wait four years ago when he crawled back. He stinks he's job Chris Seward terrific talent they're carrying him move Christian and end. V anchor on Sports Radio W. Because drought sports round and you know you're not really I think a lot human in you as one of the few good value when overload his opinion is also all exports friends OK another lot of value everybody about that you know you want you around opinion. Sure okay. They're ago I mean what are not don't get so defensive about this happened it would. It was a funny story of David Price lose control while the team with traveling if you got an argument my guess is that you are getting more fuel the sport waiting all arguments. And this is still intellectually. Off it's not the way it very stuff. Question when opportunities false edge in this election laid off from Italy and I'm rob does have the tendency. He may have his own. You know Pedroia defense fund I don't know he he does come to the simple. Applies he's got a reputation for that obviously journalists all the stories Washington is here and so Cilic said well you know would use that for my argument right now. But to setting you up right here. Because any positive things you say about Alex score you're going to be. The FO say. The the the the Faulk. Friend of core the blockers the fifth at new York and I was just doesn't. And I am one back to your wallet John Farrell. And people remember it wasn't much to really bitch about it. Pulling all the right strings. Goodyear Mullen agree here and nobody expected it and then of course two years after that the next two years he's he's in the basement but the trucks adding you right up there. Anything you say positive. Losers friends wooden flume of course that's what you gonna get. And you gonna. It's almost like he's forcing you to say something negative and you're right you want to give the guy honeymoon I think that's what most people willing to do right now but draw for some reason. And I look disputed. Maybe he's got even more evidence. A negative stuff about Alex core or. Why Alex core is not a good fit. Managing involved because he threw two more out of the table in that interview last that I still floored. That they weren't include the pace. Yeah India will will you know maybe you're right it he's got more it would an old. The reality is is that whether I think Alex knows the game. Again I think he can manage a game better than John Ferrell has never been a marriage. I just I just do. Whether he can handle it here is is an unknown nobody knows that he's never done it before so I think he's an emotional guy. Willie get it with the media. She'll probably. I think everybody does how far does he go Willie get it with a player short. You know can Bertini control does he do it it is you do in a way where you know he airs out of meant a player airs out. Immediate member on the side maybe in a press conference. How was handled how you know what's your reaction afterwards. All that stuff is unknown we don't know but I hope he's emotional pivot if he does that in his emotional and we feed off of that stuff. You need a little emotion he shows in the course of the game is going to be blown up just sort this past week. With the greatest football player of all time on the sideline with his offensive coordinator let me answer your kids so mean and intimates and it's a ball off the wall. They round second goes for third. Gasol a twenty feet. Would you be theirs to be Strauss glow walked down there and had not been a little bit like Bob the little bit like what the hell we don't know I do certainly smarter than that would just that there's a long that's a sign that he can't handle the market always statistic. I would let know right away I like it by how the players can react and the players respect him that we finally. There's an on the made a mistake look in the mirror a couple of times you know players are not willing to take accountability for their own actions out there. You know we saw that last year when they had the little dust up with Baltimore or whatever and Pedroia right there was little stuffed on back and forth. So I I would worry about that situation because week media people talk shows why we blow this stuff up. We do it on purpose it's our job what we'd sorry. Will take the blame. When I've given up the job oh yeah. Often all it he has yet in the dugout as a few blowouts in and afterwards it's at what happened between player and we you know we disagree we talked about everything's good professional. But you know we and being played in the right away. I like I said that's how how does he handle. You know let there's a blow up publicly that people see how does he handle of the media afterwards you know and that's gonna tell. You know the city's effort you know you grumpier you know what you start with with with Nomar and other players that you were you know in the in and with every single thing. And you you know it is much different yet so it'll be different and New York result Aaron Boone asked to do he has no experience but at the phone call just windows. She was beat analyst on the TV telecast all he has to do reject there are different at federal Odyssey Willis recently and yet. Leave this front shoulder you. Perfect she's getting easy out if I just thought they put Oregon though here's Tom in Springfield next appear in ONF I down. I can't tell. I take great cause to pick up and barrel of the great this is so you know preparation oil that are spent. Can use that word again will you be the same did you came forward with your point. He was in the I don't know he still thinks that coaches and in baseball. A bunch of great coaches. And click first Burton sooners coach there and it be great they're great team great coach great ownership as he wanted to ask this because it was opened the board apparently Alex you view screen and you wanted to talk about. Jason Varitek being in the head coach K said there wasn't much conversation about one alive there tech wasn't considered. That's Dave Dombrowski. I innocent technical manager someday I just I think that's next move together a staff of surprise that maybe you have been on this one. But I don't get on a staff does he wanna do this. You wanna man I think he does. So why wouldn't he be more. Aggressive about this more active about. Wild right then why isn't it gets more involved. The match instead and her and say yes I want to vote. The interview for a job as Seattle. Just kind of the process at one point. So I'd. I think he wants sustain the game. And you want to continue to help the organization. On what is rolls going to be if it's the same or it's going to be elevated at all this year but the key he wants to stay in the game. So why does neck that that side again so why wouldn't this organization. That he's got a long term ties to why wouldn't they remain in some capacity. Say that this than there. It doesn't make much either he doesn't wanna do it doesn't wanna put the hours of whatever it takes. To do at this could be something involved it just don't make any sense you're shot in Salem Sean. Lisa and ask them brought you really think this is that Brodsky got yeah sure it is who. Lately corner it's not wise words not citizens he wanted someone with experience a week eat for the hiring. Right and unions said they don't get it but with experiences obviously. Are these that experience of being in a dugout some answers submitted June experience or you know what. Don I just off what he said experience being in the dugout he and say managerial experience. Whether or not had anything to do with the fact that these minorities is another story but I have no doubt corps could be successful some aren't. It down a lot but it won't be with the Red Sox right this big analytic company that looked at numbers all the time in agony in the keys over to someone would know it's and shortly. Let's go to from an organization known that relied heavily on analytics are so he was dealing with the down there and use it is your son I. The analytics. I'll I'll first time managers do. And what she name's Bob Graham we you don't win a teacher at first yet the only person in the majors right now that won a championship with their first team. Is Mike Scioscia it doesn't work that first year they know that the mercy signing those things don't work out well in the long run on her. And steers who whose guy who hired them. Up above who blew it about him on Warner. Entering John Henry. Juicy thing John Henry said Dave the browns doing a higher outscored. Yes I think this would be really good for the I don't think he said it this way but I thought. Thought it would be good for race relations around here which which went well with everything that was going on. That's that's what they're so that's what you think that really happened when you think John Henry went to him it's of higher out score for race relations. No I don't think I think Dave Dombrowski. I think. What I think though I know. No it's not I think Dave Dombrowski absolutely hired Alex Cora and John Henry was. Ecstatic because he likes outscored. Because because of what he always goes to new guys write because that's an example. Rodents reptiles and instead. And Brad Ausmus. And I'll. Look on Brad awesome yes. Craft costs mess John it's that allows. Hired it out about where they've visited that's a relevant that's irrelevant you just made a statement saying he doesn't hire new guys. That last guy you hired was brought off. I'm not a player and coaching it but I oil. Yeah yeah. Why you and ran. Out wide. As well and art at odd. That's a relevant that's the last blood easily keep all of the shaggy toilet the last one it wasn't. It's such a lawyer John it's it's not deploy. Even better than Brad Ausmus. Yeah. This. Jim Leland is not gonna manage it in now Jim Walsh you can't keep hiring him. Plus then he went to Brad Ausmus Annapolis can't smoke and Doug anyway especially here in Massachusetts. That you can't get there. He's far outpaced though that you and John Henry said hey you're hiring now Alex how are ferraris really what I wouldn't be surprised if John Henry brought Alex score in to the conversation. I don't that you brought into debt that's how Alex was introduced into the major I think I'd I don't know I don't think any of us know they beat the rusty said out scores are new manager John Anderson on beyond this in my I've always liked I'm not sure about that. I would not be surprised at all if John Henry. Because he'd like to when he was here before. Probably injected some you know he really beat Ku plus he's got experience they'll maybe it's not is that is the manager. But he's the bench coach as amiga it would not surprise me at all. But it if Dombrowski didn't make the the decision on his older or at least he didn't go along with the under percent shame on racial profile chain that's my response that's. Because the city of Boston in Puerto Ricans who always had a history the history goes back 54 and fifty years. Look at the busing in Dorchester the hated Puerto Ricans we've always hated Puerto Ricans so Boston needs a Puerto Rican manager. The city's distance did they try to kick down the Puerto Ricans for years and I'm not gonna take any now. And so do we send down M for the hurricane takes a back aren't you don't we don't have what it Ricans. Another Iraq I would go and four at 6177797937. List to go and passed. That's what you think on your admirable I'll be the first one that there are times in the ovals do you Noble's at times like when you sit in the studio we're trying to support. Now all of our plans to take Lee Angela's future into his own hands I. I wondered you jell O in shape I'm going to work him out we're going to be some of the things he's going to be interior and always boards and wounded on the lakers were toddlers. Who look up his 200 owned a home makers. Or they followed kids so we took away yesterday father of the year and some people gave low for a ball here. A few months back I'm ready to slap them with emotional child abuse is this thing is getting ridiculous right now. So Lavar ball is breaking news right now the two kits Lee Angelo and we'll mellow ball. Are now. Professional. Basketball players they are no longer amateurs because they have siding with the agent Harrison gates to daddy wanted them. To sign with Harrison did want to. Launches into correct. So there's no college basketball near future is no high school basketball in the future for the for the the younger kid mellow. They're both going to play overseas now but this is even all of the horrible just said. I want them to go somewhere where they will play then to get there on the court at the same time. The priority is for the boy he's still play. On the same team Lou you tell me. How is this improving the chances other that it makes it easier once again. For Mimi Mimi Mimi Lavar. To be able to go to one location whether it's in Turkey Iran Pakistan Afghanistan. To watch the two kids play ball how is this going to help them go to a professional team because Mubarak next step is gonna sit and go. I want them to play the lakers one in a play for the warriors but I want my two boys to play together. How does this help these kids advance their professional career well first off it's it's geared to different. Now look Melo might be the better NBA prospect but he's easiest sophomore. Investors a freshman stuff I'm guessing he's a sophomore I know I take about a junior. He's a junior Chino Hills he's a junior okay but while blaze only plates of the sophomore in the insurance James writes he's. Going to be juniors insanely Angelo is gonna be a freshman so. I guess there are select few sophomores. A victim for Lee Angelo. The play professionally. You know in Europe you know you want about the caliber basketball so it's not going to be easy for Lee Angela was a freshman age in college. Junior high school. It's going to be able to get that kind of playing time and a professional team in Europe. Paralegal we going to let her pick up basketball you know declined to play in the Daniel prices of the world your point doesn't 252620. Years old Beagle metals rate of players do. Junior high schools that play with. Being a price. What's the game plan here other than you'd (%expletive) everybody off levoir. And you move when you kids further and further away. From that one goal you had were all three kids go play for the lakers a year from now none of will play for the lakers and ever play for the lakers. It that it really this is emotional child abuse what he's doing to these kids this is ridiculous is the absolute worst way to go with these winds. Yeah just I don't know stance now your team out there and you gotta have two spots so you bring Italy Angelo and get a spot below mellow knowing that he's sixteen years old. Seventeen years old whatever years and it's like playing Tampa and the game against these these these men so he's leaving high school loom so he's not. Going to have any. Academic studies. So therefore he only he leaves after his sophomore zoom home school mean. Wherever Turkey and nurture their whole school so it's. Is that. This kid suppose he doesn't make it and I'm telling you the father is only making it more more difficult for this kid to make it he's in the real world. And they eat the big borrowers is out of business because none of the kids are playing basketball so nobody wants to budget their merchandise. This kid that only went to one year of hour or two years of high school OPEC. Now get a makes a really difficult right because it's gonna be better teams gonna be better league so. He'll Melo might not be able to play at first year or two because he's just young and he's a child. But then at some point maybe a couple years you know Bibby team out there that wants low Melo to play with them because he's the jet. And you think the national can't play that level. You know so let's get at some point there's going to be a physically together this oh play again this league at a level that is fitfully Angelo and a league at a level that is fitful Mel. And you got the package these guys. Forever but it does it together forever yeah but it doesn't packaged properly from afar because it's all about Lavar extremely disgrace. And you go back into of people listen in on she's too good father he wants his kids to do well so putting now believe. That love for ball wants his kids too or is really putting them in a position to really do well in all of this and do real well in the world. He's putting boulevard. Into a position where Lavar can be that guy. Where you can pop on the CNN anytime he wants in the put them on. You know Chris Chris Cuomo that has no other understanding of of what Lavar is out there this is really get to the point now. Brits dangerous for the future those kids the sport kit is dropping out of high school. In the first month second month third month or whatever of his sophomore season. A junior season excuse. Gotta be kidding. Hello my Portland coach exactly who and who knows of Melo is gonna play any NBA you wouldn't be columns but. Talk about these guys that the surviving on supposedly the NBA right now doing his thing but let's say neither one of these guys make him make the leak. But I gonna be like a socially. In you know I mean I yeah get this going on at home and it's it's gonna work force and what it would. What's the what's the future for both these kids a more solely currently Angela because Lavelle left shot. His you don't loan. This is a Professional League you're talking about over there this is well like a college where there were able to keep. Hold a view won a regular basis make sure you do when you studied these kids are gonna be playing any Professional League. Where all it's about is the two and a half hours at night you play that freaking game the rest of the day you know what he's going to be don't. Into the mall rip off sunglasses or whatever. But he put that the temptation is there is not. That is bit of arson is going to be able to Malta. It's gonna be people with a volatile well he says there will be there we three people with them all the time RO. I'll go back and forth and probably stay out there the Eagles are going a lot of crew they thought colts go three and though. Also attends that conference over how. Since this is that it's crazy is global war ball story does uncles to release. Yeah yeah economy at stage area hospital tell. Listen I know he got a job right now but a loss of all we got so next year I need you to go to Turkey a for four months that you can hang with the Angelo and mellow. I okay you can't art uncle uncle Jim what do you got like his uncle pleased to locals just gonna get sick. That they're just gonna leave that they have families they have jobs. They're job is to now go in and cool parents supervise the kids emotional child that was that life on the attack him down emotional challenge uncles do sources tell ESP and have been several teams in Europe and Asia. Probably doesn't put him in China right partner and arms again for the crowd excited right like some league that's that's struggling or. Some some some big older relatives got a building a becomes do they gonna sign both balls. In at a packed the place may be a guess why don't the players that are to be played or not. The players they're gonna be playing every single mine with will force sitting in the front row watching these games or is the uncles and an affront to me you. Those players are going to sit here and go to Daytona. Pinpoint Lee Angela hall and we'll mellow and they're gonna sit there it's like what stuff that no good I'm gonna show that home and sit in the front and an even tell me they blew it will be packed the place. Local people Croatia I don't assistance they bought the comments this. Go to the game are people in Turkey and gonna sit there is that the boats. Yeah. The a lot of odd a couple of long. Many maybe the nice little more about what about the uncles and if you don't recognize. Me. A way to draw in Croatia. This is why we want more how to go 6177797937. Radio and women.