Bradfo Sho, Ep. 54: Holy crap, Giancarlo Stanton is a Yankee!

The Bradfo Sho
Saturday, December 9th

In a special emergency Bradfo Sho, Rob Bradford is joined by Kerosene Ken Laird to discuss the Yankees acquisition of Giancarlo Stanton. The two dive into what this might mean for the Red Sox, and the insanity that is Stanton in the middle of New York's lineup.


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At road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know why you're. Brad broad show. That's delicious. Special burdens and Brad vote show broadcast. John Carlos and has been traded in traded to none other than in the New York Yankees we talked a lot about mr. Stanton. For a long time in this podcast of the red sex trade for Mardy actually contrasted what it take to get him. All of that and so I felt like this this is sort of the biggest things certainly in this offseason and is probably Gannett. Kick start this off season five only on my god finally. We're going to be able to actually talked about things but this is a pretty big topic this is one of the biggest trades that you seem a long time in. And there's no other person I would rather have bombing kerosene can care and layered. To break this down because you know you've been on the podcast before I think you're you're making your way as as a separate voice you have your day job. Sure sure and senior producer of being an actor you used to do the farm report that was sort of the minor leagues for you. Now you're evolving you've been on the hot stove show you have a nickname. The Twitter account which I control. And you you have a voice you have an actual voice you have shown your prove that you know you're talking about so kerosene can I I. When you deal when you woke up this morning February 5. Says I can't sleep and be so wasn't done at 5 o'clock now that was that was something out there to be I was weightlifting to Sherman yeah but it was in it wasn't definitive plan came in I think was the first to be done and Rosenthal follow that up it's done. I'll what was your what was your tech. I mean it's not not like you are talking it would trader today it seemed like. Tipped the scales a done deal or at least there was enough smoke or better there better packaged bull same store since 99 in Saint Louis didn't seem like he it was like connect definitively that he wanted to do other midwest I was never sure thing obviously you want to dodgers'. That as you said also the Yankees supposedly in the weeds and they cancel the fall appears on August frankly stolen. There's not a if you're at sites Italy Deseret it would spin this the only negatives that he had we were discussing on previous cuts though shows were the injury history. Which I guess is sort of legitimate these these lists of sharks in game clear 157 games last right BA's development you're right while what is it. Maybe you can make the case they're buying that's as good seasons for themselves. It's analyses Etsy barrels I'll take my chances yet or that it's a three year deal he's going to be opting out but good who cares for the Yankees that's. And there they have a window to. It didn't feel like it a year ago. That they were in win now mode when you get to the precipice of the World Series is they did with a great young core of their content now it. Even though they have this luxury tax thing that was supposed to get in on this year there'll also win now mode and it feels like today. Are now all of the clear favorite. Winners we say win now mode but they haven't even done win now moves this isn't this isn't a win now moves because this is a move where. You're gonna sign a free agent this is the money would sign him for right there of this this caliber correct. The picture there all right the N are you gave up nothing. You gave up nothing you're actually for the cost for giving up Castro decent Ross are least c'mon those guys would it and second it is because of what is being dampers etc. yes you know it doesn't yet that risk it's not the other guy it would have been it would originally thought it would have basically so you wrestlers equivalent this day. Jackie Bradley right. Right it is traded broadly in the Michael you know. Know these guys know these guys are not Michael's idol yet the other guy would have been in his letter also there's personal their bowl like single day. The ball a little. This is not this was not Michael Hughes and Mike Davis is not a top guy. We don't know why but I he would he ought we're talking about value we're talking boy you have to give up that valued the franchise value or trade. These guys are not Michael team as these guys were. Tom these guys weren't even in the coal branding kid the the second round guy big guy. For last year I mean it was. You is not what they've Don can these prospects is what they were worth like Anderson Espinoza he was worth the law in dull lot but he was worth a lot. So anyway they gave him nothing he took on what to earn 64 million whatever it is. Of money. And but here they are here the Yankees are the still of Clint Frazier they still have clawed glider Taurus. The guys they got when they were selling off when the Andrew Miller and overall this Chapman. They sign the only free agent signings it really made what is Chapman which is the bad the bad thing. Beat traded for Robertson. They who in my missing but everybody else you look at it it's sunny great trade for him give up a lot Severino developed. Ten knockouts in decent enough as a free agent signing judge. Sanchez. You go down the list on and good glorious glorious may. We give coaching Greene for him. So Cashman has done an unbelievable job and they still haven't you said win now this still isn't sort of a win now thing because. They can still make. Mobile stores and they've got a longer window I mean. Derek Jeter was all fame player he's knowledgeable Phoenix a lot of but he can only get out of work a lot this week he's working for New York is unbelievable Elian's all over again their had to be some connection there's basically Jeter had no choice they had to dump this year they were so in debt. And at the barrel moving him. They were gonna vote whoever took the most money they were shipment you have by Steve within controlling look at his wanted to look at the giants and cardinals they had better deals they have the money in better players that the player panel with a player all the leverage in the Dodgers this word that charges was where -- month ago. Like so if if there was a deal on table for both the Dodgers and yankees he would have gone that doctors I've no doubt about that but this coach to lead the Red Sox point of view. If there's some things to pick through year how this is gonna effect the red sides Addison reed so why silently to operate with six strikeouts in new closer. I mean to pick up okay thank you so you'll laugh. And I said there's no way Campbell's up after this year you sued as in read your assign you to a three or four year deal. And you're in the closer after Kimbrel walks you're going to be a weapon against Stanton so world of two closures anyway. You're gonna allocate the money. There are making it happen but you get so Red Sox they are gonna do anything reaction that it does not date the browser know this isn't this isn't they're gonna do. I'll go by what I said. At the GA committee meetings earlier in the year they are going to make a big move I don't think it's going to be because Stanton I think they're always gonna make a big move because of your guys. Because of Dave the browse. That could be by the way to trade debt they even if they don't get a break you know now. I could still see a scenario whether one in demanding that all that dogs are brother making a big move like next week. They'll they'll get JD Martinez next week and then. They're gonna get a stop gap first baseman. Which fell on mix more which is about more icy. Well it depends if you get Jane Martina is in the thank okay he wants to play L field in the tree chief trade Jackie Bradley and you get a Mitch Moreland tight. Oral Lucas due to tie and then you have him because all this thing or USC Hanley Ramirez in the bad not as that's not happening it's just not happening Yi is going to place somewhere. So. So anyway with the stated I think one interesting aspect of this why were Red Sox knocked on his list. YE worth the Astros the cubs the Dodgers and yankees why did stay and save these of the teams are willing to go to you because they're all over the country. In the rats are sisters sitting there a lot of money via the can pay him a lot of money. They and they're probably gonna win so why didn't you wanna come to Boston what was your initial reaction that. While he seemed like a West Coast guy but knowledge is done yankees I think yeah Houston cubs or yankees. Eat I think. The in fighting or lack there of atmosphere of playing in Boston I think it's part I think you have to say. The price drop and terrorists are good when notre did you RBI and so I look at you look at the force sees the Dodgers aside he's hometown guy they went a lot of lot of money nice weathered no brainer. But the Astros cubs and yankees they win number one. They have the perception and perception in not perception from our perception but perception amongst the players in baseball. This is a good place to play because they're good teams that's not a lot of drama in the Yankees. They don't have a lot of drama other than manager. Like leaving now I have nothing to do with a player drama. When like here dramas it's apathy selling price seats and Angelina was well yours now Wednesday and everyone knows that the of the wicked future the only bit lot of money to spend yeah. Young good young players in and so we go back the Red Sox. They can talk about this tight clubhouse they can talk about you know they all got along. But still all that takes is someone saying yeah our team go along and we get a tight clubhouse but we did it despite everything else going on around and that's not an inviting thing because those other places that's not something that the have to deal right. Corrects. Com and I would say now. Let's see how this year goes with price but are the Sox back in play for somebody that you'd never thought they would be in Bryce Harper in the whole big class of next year I thought he was a done deal go to the Yankees. If maybe not anymore as you say and maybe the Yankees game plan is still attack they could still sign harper. I think it I think that that is so let's play is so they signed Judy Martinez. And then he says are the going to be in the market for one of those big guys thanks here I think that is solely dependent on David Price a price that your wall we know whether he picks up in his op what an opt out or not now is that is that thirty something million dollars. And if you keep that thirty something million dollars on the books you still have to re signed Chris Sale. You're gonna have the an extension for these other guys unless you deal him so. Judy Martinez is a pretty big nut here so you're you're already down that road you're not to me. I don't think you're gonna have the money and also heavily it was going to be on the books for assuming he has 500 plate appearances for 22 million dollars. Yes in in that is that is the most dangerous thing of this whole team that might be back to your theory that he's not sit. There isn't so different this. And I the men it's hard to do that through Trenton you can't you can't. He just he can't sale or opposite view. Public 350 played a pair I thought I. I could see it being the possibility seal the year that arts law. Via now because if because of what happened this year is that I'm healthy enough player healthy enough to play on now I have surgery. But if you if you'd if he does not produce. And you go through a year and of the year like that you get 500 plate appearances and he is a vesting option but how you view that point two million dollars on the books but you have that guy sitting at. Right then and there. I think if he does not produce it if he's like UVs this year I almost think that you say they listen. We get a move on real eat this 22 million dollars because we need something someone who's gonna produce in that he'd first base. But it. To go back to stay and you look at these teams. It's the Yankees I mean life and mentioned the unity Athlon yearbook that they've put out like August you know it's these. When people predicting the division I don't care for hours if they do it now or they do in March. The Yankees and miss the only thing close and I think create direct talks obligate team. But the Yankees is not even close. I would say it's not close because of the guillotine Martina as you matchup Martinez and that's fair look paper they're both they're compelling value there players affair. But I think. At the end of last year even with teams existing people given the Yankees that you could secede it once he was a rise in the it was yeah well I think it I think it makes it also makes. Getting that guy can hit home runs and getting that guy who's gonna make the pitchers who worked on the goal line so as to punch of geology and stand together it's its it policy there is something to it wrote about it and you know. People talked about it there is something to like citrus crop in their pants. Having knowing you have to get through our I felt that win in you were at the games you do the pregame show we sit up in that Booth. In new you have. You have George. And you have Sanchez and to get through those that bombing it is like for pitcher. We got to get through those there was nothing like that with a Red Sox last year and now you have three guys and back to the Sox unit core on this week it means a sneaky breaking news that he's going to be lead off to Paris a very important I thought so very important so he's it's at the top of the Euro order fine but what's the middle your order it's but that's the identity Martinez I guess he settled out of has its second. So I assume it like I think that he wants and he's back clean them and we admin and compare the Yankees as devers is to ever sign up ya know I mean that's that's not a bad older but. Now on his mantle Maris and the other way if anything it also with the way that the game baseball's going I mentioned the Red Sox and yankees. Games last year in the Yankees get the better of the Red Sox a lot why because that's how baseball is now. The Red Sox are game planning Chris Ellis fighting through and everything else in politics is a home run and that's the route yankees hit more home runs anywhere in baseball last year. And and we saw with the Astros what they did the rats like restaurants and it's archer trying to string together four singles and okay here's your home is a moment here's armor that's the way the game is going. It's on it it really does look like a lot card flight and not to mention of course like chips fall but the angels look better with an eagle there and the Trout so will the other part about the Yankees to is that. I think people have to understand is not to stand judgments incidents. It is several Reno was in the Cy Young conversation. Sonny gray who is actually pretty good for them. And it probably used good forums okay coast that's tricky stats mean do you accept stats. I watched him down the stretch and thinking that's the tech at least I'll think he's a number one by. Would you rather have him or parlance. OKMR. But if they get sabathia back there's probably will. Bring him down and out there tonight you have to knock you know you know at the Montgomery was he was he yeah he was good. So that you have you have become horrible starting rotation to the Red Sox and you have. The probably is a better bullpen but it does the right studied at a debate in a body no I know. No so it's so how the Red Sox are of the replacement I think this. They are Texas summoned today sensitive uses this make you guys. Really go hard after Judy Martinez are you guys now. And with the understanding the market is now set in motion if this were you make your best pitcher Judy Martinez in the in the answer was not yet. Not yet and which is understandable as Boris has pulled the strings here Boris all miked. A oh there although the fact that you get you guys Stanton. To a team that was gonna have no contrast in any of these guys. Holy oh. Yeah. It always makes you think. If the Sox were so invested in the short term that you would just ignore this and say let's get back to rebuilding the foundation let's step back here's the thing with watts. While I don't but a source saying you. The proper reaction would be not to overreact to this. And to take a step back and counting just rekindle for a couple years but they're so short term we sail Kimbrel pirates eccentric says they can't. He not only those guys Bogart's bets in a Bradley to a certain extent. So and in that's the thing the other thing that was surfaced here that we. That we say rule there was during the Yankees and Red Sox well the farm system mean the Yankees have Frazier in Taurus. Those if if the Red Sox have those guys they be pounding their chest and saying this is our future we don't need to go out and yet Stan. These guys are after thoughts and although torrid I would imagine is gonna play. Probably filmed for Castro but you have a guy like Clint Frazier who was one of the top prospects in baseball you got the Andrew Miller trade in knowledge. Where's he gonna play. Lot of pressure on Iverson and Anthony back to those those guys will be in the party ruler. And they better be every bit prospect I was covered in four years ago you know for the former. From the floor report we thought you know those guys are not isolated view full beautiful who we have tubby approach that Wendell Rico where is Wendell areas in the in the that's that we five minutes away in the Rio and aggregate back. Anyway I know you get stuff to do so anything else UNC rust and be remiss anything kerosene. We miss your great interview with them which probably is the real goal oh my goodness and doing that was a gas yes he'll split Philly park that was your big question I dislike the victim assistance for the with the that it is the F. Boyd I I thought it paved the way a but it paved the way you mention how many times exactly that pocket but in fairness. That podcast W on the name that was beef for the reap all that was the those 2014. Eyes Giancarlo Stanton. Apartments pronounces name. And yes oh yeah now they go it's good that we were talking and we're talking this morning on meet the mafia chose. You re filling in for for John the bossy stay in full lines it was you know what. In a way. The Red Sox in his last two years and nobody on your had much on all front runner this is good for the rent is better for the Indies the fuel just again Alex sneaky good you know evil suppliers battles in the back as you know Bach wrote a column that does rekindled rivalry did not really. And I repeat. Bullets. It's sort of this will sort of put the screws to wake everybody are absolutely it's best for business when the Yankees there. Are really really good and the Red Sox aren't number one right but number two the senior chasing me there's a book chasing Steinbrenner nets at the audience Islam. Five million. Anyway thank you so much cares allotments on I would imagine that the hot stove show was used your services idol so we'll see what happens you'll be I am going to the way it last few for the last show is that right. In muted the brows ski which I thought was valuable. A thought it was well worth the money that captain cal and the flight redone them private. So project with the mr. model dollar college tests are we allowed a little sensitive to that yet know what the big the court thing would have been interesting is mutt. Who doesn't want interviews. I think with all on board the backcourt and your tact he was the only one text me subdued job. And yet everybody else at the station says how did you have outscored. I cannot do what he's right and it's that business might take you way. I can't do anything right here so that being you and for the knew that this market thing I think you can.