#DORK 45: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Tuesday, December 19th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey are joined by Uncle Buck to talk Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  Where does it rank amongst all the Star Wars movies?  They run down the Pros and Cons of the film.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door. Mark it if the door to my pants which cheek is the door. Montana. My dorm blogs perished. Thanks for tune into another sort of hash tags or my name is rich keep join as always pyrite Davey Davey how we you know. Of no. While before we get going on now it's also introduced. Our co host today because this was such a highly anticipated movie. I thought we should do Weytman non job pod and bring in uncle buck AKA college mocked god by curry oh I kind of forced my way. Let's be honest that's hard pedestrian if you're gonna figure revealed at a layer that we wouldn't have before so that's are due date he's been steam and since he watched this movie. Maybe not the way that you think all outside to get us out that perhaps the twist. But let's assume it go really quickly through the news of the week I'm in XP ground version of the news of the week. Biggest news of the week is probably that we are on T public dot com we have all kinds emerged now we have teachers common out of our ass it is. But he what. Yeah we have Hummer to provide him that's for coming U eight as telling me that's right yes you know they're now there's a good sales we have the hash tag to work shirt. We have Davies that you gave minute shirt priority thing that's certain. It's great dividing the best part Leggett said when you're discussing it with through the back into black guests do their teachers as well other emerged. And the beta tickets sold media that it now bland shirt it's not the heavyweight cotton shirt did you Wear that evidence that yeah up anywhere. I like there was a one Z comment yesterday here again we don't want to get a shirt and baseball shirt the video game when's the last shirts and well you know data and I each have one affects everybody who bought that at the at the old website there but it's basically like wearing a TARP. Like that the good thing with a little bit. Let's get to victory it and uses the cutting board it do it every wallet but these shirts and our bad ass you can change no pressure want. We have I'll fix it and post shirt we have a epic of the pod. With the all right he went in his second dead guys respect model so it it's all good bears that she public dot com. We have a YouTube video for we also have a link are we to weeded out its wealth to check that out. Our rapid fire some shows that are getting multiple seasons the publisher. Got picked up for season 20 mister robot picked up for season four and Curb Your Enthusiasm. For season ten. Davey anything their jump out idea. I have not started mr. about these three get to that could punish your obviously that's right yeah no kidding news but I Twitter that would leave Madani at home yes I've. She can kind of sit this one out. Kirk that's great that's all good news. Doctor Arthur. I've knack and that all the way through yet yeah but I was at the curb its exciting only the fact that it took so long. Between the last the last that's true is that they've already said that's gonna come back this season was greatly never mr. via an I love season nine. A Curb Your Enthusiasm. The big news in this is I don't wanna spend a lot of time now because we have such a exciting topics are worth last year and I. But the Disney fox stuff that was rumored about for awhile. That deals that has gone through. We get ours to do a whole episode on what this may mean for the future of comic book movies and and everything else though just know that we are aware of and we will address that at a later date. Last thing here. The office apparently there are rumors that the office may come back. Our let's get everybody's one word response. To a potential office come back and we'll start with the buck. Come back that's what she said in a smaller work at Baltimore I was a path that Agassi. Is out there. That because it also says in the story it's like. Steve Carell who played Michael Scott will not be part about the last line of the president really good yeah okay that's the last couple of seasons for trash the last two awful without without him. But yes of the office nobody wants in office come back now did your chili is running so hot did you just tell us before we went on the air that you want to wave off the video game minute. We're gonna wave it off I can't I can't. I can't talk about something I love and and talk about something I ate in like back to back. Before Christmas. And snow to get my act I'm going as you know arm while Christmas is great in two days. In four days of to do what I believe if that's what a third is the celebration effectiveness and part of best of it as you know would be airing of him agreement that's right. Thought that's revenue that's what I'm doing right now the clear my head organized. They're also the challenge somebody in the room and you Russell and there was not a department. Strike if he has the fitness is strangling himself or Portland. Our little wave off the video game minute however uncle buck it's here or having very timely. Theme oriented. Version of the comic book minute. Us. I'm here to talk about Kyle. XP GE T. Even then yeah. Still. The first small markets from the boxers podcast thanks again here's one agreed that I don't know why he fell to make out on so long all of our searchers are really snapping at about ten seconds that on the is quite a bit a time but I think it make us. Did make blood that's gonna get immediately fired up. Gets my blood pump it. I blood pumping now block this one you're gonna tell us about the history of Star Wars in MacBooks which I don't think a lot of people necessarily. Relate Star Wars and comic books that I think of it as as the movies and then there's another a lot of the stories told the video games but that's quite a long history in Tom talks what's crazy to think about because it's an independent property it always has and get things like even like Star Trek had its own comic. In once I'd like crossover with the aids once had a crossover with the X-Men right. Star Wars is always been its own thing in fact for marvel was the biggest selling titles 1977 and 97 the epic about how many crazy that a without the celebrate classes at where we're going and then writers without the singers the movie. I guess I was a thing where their like I'll wait and see for its popular they're like let's get now this was actually in there's been rumors that they try to commit Stanley did start this comment before the movie certificate and a little room mom while momentum going into the wee. But this the first issue. Can every five literally days before the movie premiered. Comes out 1977. July 77 yeah. There's metres on the covered in green helmet rob Helm always odd. On its first parents Alou play as Vader the droids. But the big money maker for this one is at marvel was doing 35 centenarians trying to test the waters of a price increase in like five different markets. And those 35 cent Star Wars ones are like through the roof and about if you got when you're looking like it's governor on book pretty much any grain oats that's up by one there. They did their cars ever hits and 234. And five as well Sar was number two though which is really cool. As the first birds upon solo. First shoe refers Obi wan and first job at high if he does not affect out of no he doesn't exactly carry out I tweeted out on uncle buck WA AF. A picture of what he looks like one of the who's from who villain like the Jim Carrey to bow down terribly easily this yellow creature reference. In star were six Lou conveyed her haven't light Saber duel on the cover but never actually happens to campers or back. But then they start getting into their own stories as ours number eight Jackson agreed rabbit. And am as Al fox train meets all bikini wearing smuggler as a joint conference adventures. My W tastes are reprinting Star Wars stories. And Alan Moore actually got put on five different stories that's insane now or Alex or Star Wars conflicts and he evidently Marley UK and in never went back to marvel ever know. But and I guess downward adapt them back in the US by star was 44 you had the first ever prequel. Where bing can no Beatles like James Bond story they had in today. Like to drive us crazy that is the cover of the outlawed which you brought it is overlooked nobody has any red light Saber. Yet it's an atlas they'd need to get to some liberties of a lot of the stuff they didn't have. Equities tighter reins and outs in the storytelling was backed them on. And that but he SO this when it's weird because he goes back and it literally is James Bond it's a first. Really pretty cool in the history of Star Wars and ever istar was 37. Two issues before empire strikes back Luke and Vader actually go at it. And they battle which you can't believe it actually turns out that meters using force hologram. First Soviet forest hologram. And the history of start with universal circle back that but then to his she's later date they basically bring empire strikes back into the the comic universe. On first public Bedford Yoder first window. Is all in the Marvel Comics super special sixteen and they reprint them later in the actual comics are ice armour 68. They didn't Baxter is a bubble that's a really really popular issues are or sixty in February history. They bring return of the -- I went through foreign its own series in 83 is well on star wears 81. This follows up it's like the first comic c'mon after return that you and I and guess who escapes the pit of cartoon no way. Oh thing it's alive it's amazing so badly need to keep him down per common purpose they data. And MR's 107. In September of eighty six's the last issue. I'll probably the most valuable of the original non movie books is there was 17. And then they by that was an 86 they stopped printing them and marvel. By 91 dark corset picked up the property right they did to our course arms are dark empire went to six it's really good story. We're Luke. Goes evil he goes to the dark side and actually services basically clone of the pepper don't got a good story when you read there. Yep that rise in bank January. Generate wipe their team they re launch the series is our number one. Really good series that started right after the first film and included a lot of companies covered by Alex Ross not got to when he issues before Lucas film. Was sold the marble. I'm sorry Lucas on a film and are whistled at Disney which meant the rights reverted back to marble. On both coming at one of the neat things though they did eight acting ninety's easier to treat. Called does Star Wars but he took George Lucas's original screenplay draft that's for awhile and made a story out of that so it's like a nine issue series of what he originally intended. The main character looks startled looks just like to do it with a beard. And then in January 25 team Marmol starts around. Series civil of these now real pay via what's also big is the very encouraged by John Tyler Christopher price action figure variants are absolutely it's just like the when he took when your kids. And they that's been asked our theater whale and a high and sees the deal into real bad girl comics. But the most original new character that's kind of been a big hit is doctor asked for a and and Darth Vader three. And right now this is probably the most valuable the newer of addicts billiards on its it was before the episode five and episodes six came out. There were comics that had done titles in the empire strikes back in our tournament and I were in comics for northern Belize gas Star Wars that eighteen is called the empire strikes and then NASCAR allows an up or if not we'll Cyrus 49 it was funny I I met when I met Mark Campbell at your comment on. Somebody behind me at hand in this issue last year and it's not on the well I'm sorry I was fortunate that I was the last inning and that way way away before rights and so Hammel said laughing at that I loved it teased the standards a day yet can't read this all the spoilers are inside and I was like well if you have an. It puts an open it's that's good stuff the Star Wars in comics is definitely a lot to explore there. Whether steal stuff or the new stuff. I guess now ready for the topic did you war. Well of course the topic of the day in today is the most highly anticipated film of 2007 team that really says something would movies like. Guardians to and Spiderman. Four and Logan all these movies this is the one that people have circled. And Star Wars the last shed if almost two hours and 32 minutes the longest Star Wars movie of all time. How boat rotten to Matos 93%. Critics score. And by my last check 56%. By the audience which they believe was the lowest. Star Wars film. Incredible. Letting go more than phantom menace according to the audience. People were really. Kinda pissed about this but. What to do is Rangel spore are free to begin this and that will give you are fair warning will bowl sat on the spoiler alarm when it comes that that he still haven't seen it still hang with us. Spoiler free. How we start all these movie and TV show reviews the serve Ryan did you like it. And buck did you like it did. IE. Sudan. This city you need this hour ago that. Wasn't too long day because it's too arrogant met. Beckett got a announced a forget how many months ago neck okay or that's fine like I love Star Wars I'm in the eye could sit there for two and a half hours did it feel long at all to you. It did it felt really long in for one specific reason obligated to act to reach a deal. Took opposite too much. No in fact I'm. I'm so thirsty for more this stuff like economy it's three hours I don't operate there are. Ellison is bloodied it and we'll talk about it yeah at a cut out but now island arts again is the spoiler free reasons why you duplicate. So I liked the story and back in fact. And I'll say a little bit later with more reason I think it's a better movie than it is Asik. Prepared this I don't think could be a standalone. Open I think this the themes about how you have yet to the movie itself out there and there's things that needed to be addressed as a sequel. The there there's some luck of 1000 of analyst David. I think in a year of what we would consider weak villains this probably had the best villain. Of but I obviously democracy it is but the best villain. Of the year is in this. Yeah I think I figure rightly some of the marvel movies were were all of the bold sure it was good. Well Michael you Bulger was nearly forty solid. We're expecting. But don't ever ever die hard Spiderman fan like I wish like there's there's versions of bolstered that are just like super creepy yeah. You know I mean Mike like that to our culture and like that you know this security older. So I'd bet that was cool to know the vessel vessel twist there but I would say it in terms of like villains. And it also. Yes I think this is one of the better ability of of. So I think to me I thought I agree that the film are I the reason I say and honestly it's not that I that I don't Clinton not like and I walked out of the movie and I thought it was good in the the more I thought about it I kind of went down to more average credit I didn't think it added that it sucked but I thought it was more. Average about their story line maybe two but certainly one. That had no reason to be in the movie and it kind of fell prequel ish. Which we'll get Susan there there was that out of but there are some in our characters that I like to and perhaps wanted to see more of or wanted to see them do different things or big waste it. And I don't know like on the one hand they took some chances and it wasn't your typical Star Wars movie like they they play it safe and force awakened in people ate it up this one they sort of took some other chances. I think most of it missed at least in my view most of it missed. If you're gonna rank it there's been nine Star Wars movies now and did the best ones are unbelievable the worst ones are horrible. So it's really spectrum I gotta be an aids isn't it's I guess it's his stop and start yes like a black annoyed so. David where would you rank this there's been nine of home what spot would you put this. Well I think it's better than all the prequel. Yeah I think it's. Or Muslims and its arsenal is the bit about one. The best one is obviously empire yes I guess and MS empires about it and that you could flip flop I think you'd flip flop force awake in the new hope. And then I think it's right in there with secretary of agenda but he could you could make him do it I would say it's not the top. To. Yes I don't yet know why I hear you I have a sixth I I go. Empire new hope. Rogue one. Just a debater because of the got innovators the united one. And then I go forth the wake you and then Jett died in May be those could be flipped by a political force Reagan's been Jenna. Then this. Then says. And I'm a huge drop off in your you know clones horror. Feminist whatever that the two worst. Deep do you have a hard not bark yes or no I I put it I still go. New hope and empire empire or want a one B a Grammy yeah. Output generate three because if for tat legitimized the grade is there's sort out why all of that stuff yeah a lot of lay in a bikini stuff there's lot of good job of Java and India all his hawk eye is that it would also get yet invader vs Leah evens it out in India finding you know it's tough critic as Vader look with the helmet off. That's not a great look knock it nightmares that nightmares but it let roundly I would. I would've said this after is our rove want for the first time I would put 14. And and I look at this five. Then arid place. I spent a fourth way I did go to like force awakens just of these it was pretty safe Conner yeah it was very active plot was. Tags and it was the same it was movies so. A lot of them will be right at it and don't I enjoyed it but yet it's a much then it's like I I I just fell off the space shuttle and now I'm like George Clooney drifting off in the wilderness defined yet. Episode 12 entry. I just that would this one they had a couple of characters so they they took force awakens everybody likes to varying degrees others are better movie or you decided hey this is very good and it's at three settings Star Wars universe. It's of some of those characters they had something for them to do in this order for some of they did not. And then he hears it may be my biggest knock on this is spoiler free outs today. Am the what the papers like empire is my favorite one is because you took. Great characters. Eighty gave them more like you mob or background but then you add the some unbelievable care like yoga debuts in empire land though it debuts an empire. Darth serious debuts in vampire like hit the ball fat. But then you're leaving out the greatest twist in the history sent him while Andy and and that's. On top of that right so like that always hard to be and so I was thinking all along of the arts a force awakens. They did this right so by that metric the last yet I should be the best new movie it should be because as set up for. In the new characters to me and we'll get more into the second but felt. More to mess a couple of hated in a couple or discount incomplete but he got that and that's how I looked at anyway. Dork scores. Zero through six on the Infiniti stones debut work where do you put it. Oh. A hard for four. Buck yeah I've ordered a forum member ex editor of people with the pins don't. I wouldn't give it life jam or the free refills Jim but I will give Warren's. It's funny because it's soundly you guys like that more than I did but I probably also given before and Hillary's I say that is because when I compare to other movies like we I think I gave Justice League like before it is probably. Is probably slightly. Better than just as easily it's much better yet know if it is it is but it. To being part of it is expectation that you go in thinking it's an investment here it's gonna smash Justice League and the fact at the end you're like. So that's that's our time here that that there. The that would be the difference any final non spoiler things mean the guys. Yeah. Cards so there's a lot obviously to unpack it a two and a half hour movies everybody have a lot of feelings on it. It if you go on the interwebs it is very split like this is ripping apart style or stands. Plays or doesn't work that have seen it a couple of them beloved it couple Obama talked to almost hated it like it's just adding that three of us are more in the middle there. As I think the easiest way to do it and what each one that we do we get in the sort of plot points in how the movie went. But I think if we just kind of roe V pond. Like say something you'll like the proud that we can comment on that than the next person goes that's the thing is something they don't like oldest keep going to three man we've on this. So Davie pool will wanna start with you and you wanna give us something out pro or con you could start either way. Up our pro and I I without you have her on to the non spoiler thing I think. The best part of this movie and what works for me in this movie if you get a complete character deep dive with both. Ray and Tyler ran or pencil like this and that was the meat of the movie and Luke being kind of a glue between the two. So I thought that was like in terms of character development. I thought that those two obviously it's called the last Jett acted that's essential part of the movie and I thought that that work. Now am I doing micron. Who actually good question how should reduce that each person go pro con or should we do he Davey goes viral on the pros and the kinds. Of our product from a high like that are those of put a pin in your comment I have a bunch of bull by the way as though. Ray Kyle I'm with a on that ride that was definitely these sort of strength. Of the movie uncle buck pro. The boards did not drag me aside as nuts I thought they split in fact they look delicious up in have you ever seen at an animal that was cooked it looked better than that thing I was so hungry and how to remedy that needed needed now at the right now at the time when you're not here's. At that point you might as well he bellowed when I was that you born cook noted defense of the thing and cooked it. By the way we asked several more questions last week on the podcast. In the eighty we have a ton of answers one. Wanted to they fly. Soon there are certainly multiple of them they lay eggs they nest. I would say correctly from wrong. They probably read for life mate for life. They seem like they were they were very friendly. The when they took over the millennium falcon or nesting and already I love that lake. Do you think like a lot of people or were scared off -- included that this is going to be he walks 2.0 and is going to be so over the top. They actually found the balance where if you like morgues there was enough that you enjoyed it and if you hated them. They weren't like essential point at all rightly continue to pour army to stop anything like you didn't get it did you edit that so the works to me were. Whole area like that scene with chewy and like the just the look on their base like yours Nazis and eat when these guys are you. Like this in the build up to that dowdy picture we found the dead one or do you think he killed. That's an easy kill. And why don't you buck eighty musings raw like it basically. Exactly like what's it doesn't cost solar of spices and he's got a little rub he does that you pocket route and just wasting it dead or that they're gonna feel better about it than he's is like letting it go like. Don't eat you don't eat dead meat that's bad for that can upset it about. Well that's true road kill a couple of these depths along. Roadkill cafe is what happened those. Decks and preserve roadkill at times it's mostly men nor does that they get you know and when it was off route one out of pocket here have a have a bite. But I but the morgues were a absolute delight they do look sometimes a little weird that they'll want key. Just the first picture we saw members and liked Entertainment Weekly the photo of the Borg sitting in the falcon with Huey we only saw one. He's a handsome double like you know little would be sizable mouth bomb. But then when their flying around or screaming they look a little different but I also love how Luke goes to one of the like this this forbidden lake planet has lost planet he's on an island. It clearly ports are just native to that and I guess that's why we've never seen or does it looks forward to at some point. Barack it was probably I'd like that doctors whose character and you get the milk from but by the way this can. I love that thing because he get this he get a look to re yeah like yes it's like happenings like out. Flintstones when like they open up a dishwasher to deal like this billionaire indicate they would go it's a living like I felt like this thing was gonna turning their relatives living at it. He'd never but it was almost. And they zoomed in on the Naples who long for my taste out of my kid's pocket book you guys do that would have been too much harder to explain as John. If that's creatures to sit there to Milt is that it will melt though David we found our that was from. All it's funny we. So I went to see the movie with spread of the podcast. The bridge from the good Brothers podcast. And I IID. At first you see it you kind of view from decided ray can happen department thing. And I go to EMI lead overnight though I think content. And then the next shot is like this but tight shot of like before tip off. In his legs only anarchists nagged at mailed these villains straight from the net right into the blue milk. Which I guess who's doing well this by one of the questions with Lucas when you find him at the end of force awake instead. How does survive there what do they have them or which apparently to meet of the blue milk thing but not women what are women there. Did that feel like dark crystal like that does it happen sergeant Anthony Reyes. Yeah I'd but those guys were all pretty good so I'll pick the that they were just constant like what the hell I jest. We just try to do our job as Ernie nearly kills of that boulder they needed rag on his -- though nobody they had you know and it paid program I'll hoping to get lewd conduct should leave plays like he want from us we we deterrent but he had no I had the same experience but he went right. Was you know they've become a hand over easiest things to like four or six large. Alien breasts and I just started laughing I let him in the air and I was like. Guts the net some are now all right fine. But anyway I'm William buck the pork. Worth the light up my row would be. Almost all of the scenes in smokes chamber. Either though they really cool looking setting like with the red animal can read or used to seeing Darth city it's. On the death star in the Dow's equal image of him looking out this one's different guys are closed off room it's all red he has as weird guards around them. It's just sit on the throne. And whether or the first scene with a with Kyle Rand or obviously that the fight scene and and Kyle low. Killing smoke which by the way out half right my prediction I said like Vator. I thought Kyle though is gonna kill snow in episode 900. Episode eight summit half credit they have to credit for that. But I liked the scenes there everything like. With a everything that was going on now's the time where you were super focus like as soon as they went to that room you currently inched forward in your seat monitor what's gonna happen here. You try to figure out what. What's in oaks back story we're gonna learn about him there's like no distractions no I read write like I got its eloquence of these outdoor landscaping for your eyeballs on everywhere your focus on snow. And a real surprise. Like a real like those the biggest surprise to me was that smoke who they built and it really hyped up in this movie as well that. He is so powerful he is the dark side he's been set for the supreme leader. In and he dies what halfway through right the second movie. And it's the first movie you actually see him walking around as a hologram and he's dead so I like that with thousands of surprise. And no one of the things we talked about and are in our free our preview episode he was like what they election oaks just felt like he's not anybody. You know that would work for me yeah. That I wonder if we go back to that I assume he's definitely dead but I wonder. Are we gonna find out who he was like there's a lot of unanswered questions with snow. Yeah and I don't necessarily know what you said David has to be any. And I I didn't necessarily want to be any kind of Baxter was ray I. It felt like it was kind of cheap that the in the entire universe is like five people that are really given the force yet so I don't like to read your strategies nobody but here's the thing that real quick and I would say there's a chance Kyle is just lying there. Well India and it in honestly the way the fans reacted they made a lot trouble they've made to do something for the next movie but we brought David I talk about last week we definitely. Would think you'd be great but you say if she was nobody she was just nobody would be great but I would say maybe she's not only because. It force awakens there's that scene where she has that who's answered ever. And she's a little girl. And she's like reaching out and it looks at her parents who take you join a ship but that's but that's why I said this makes a better I think movie and it doesn't sequel because they eat you left you with that they said hey let's you know commits. Because this is going to be good when. And they just were based like man. We can do but Denny and Kyle could be lying tour and maybe not illegal what right she could still be it could no be because what if her parents were really just drunks that's sold her for like hit some white of the reasons or clue towards like you know to me like that and Arabs but what if they are nobody's they wouldn't get taken away and shipped with like I don't think I'd. Yeah a white they would stellar if they've they've they were nobody wanted him they gave parents were dropped. Its use could hang on to something similar membership I kept having to go back to her place. In the last movie because she was waiting for them to overturn that the big do was like drag her away he was like almost like watching over yet again this is the type of discussion all the online folks really about because there were those types of set ups. They just didn't deliver. Our let's go. It's cons are on the table Davey go first. OK so there's this. This theory if you read this beer Hampshire you've looked at the B movie raiders of the lost Starke where Indiana Jones is completely inconsequential to the plot since it's. Going to be like. But he didn't pull he looked up and bugbear. Yet if you hasn't there been about his daughter opening ark of the covenant but still all died in the you have to be there right Mirant. Did it roses inconsequential that this movie nothing they did mattered. They get that in like you could stated its character development you could say it all that great it's great for their character but in terms of plot for two and a half hour movie. You can take him completely out of the movie and it's still the same movie. There's nothing for them to do they got elected they go to the casino world demand that that chase scene would like those like horse type things. That was the biggest prequel tight deals ever endured and again. And pat they were riding in that stupid thing with the knows what you got that reminded me of at all like this is useless racing gambling stacks of chips in on thickness but now I have to figure out like momentarily what how does that. The system of that well is this money working this guy and this world like I've got roses they trash character I hated rose now's mullah again. You're bringing you order in Orlando and Darth cities and public that an empire and the sort of your bringing rose that I could be paralyzed. And she's a nobody like she's season and it like I. That says the chemistry between them to the two of them romantically he just didn't work but I that was nonsense and I guess that every bit the whole point. Of them going in getting missed it it was like an hour and a half of movie where they go they're going to get this code breaker who's Benicio del Toro who's like. Kind of cool Michael because that would quirky and excited by things but he does that I thought his character was kind of cool like this. Lovato. So yeah he wasn't the code breaker so he may end up with them in this is that it doesn't jump started Redgrave breaker my my by let me just died in a run out of order from my probe would be. Just in a row the guy from the left over at least interest husband he was actually the master code breaker here's the got to have that thing on his shirt. Here at the on those are recommended by mask product was greatly camino I like that's positive spot for her. But so behind what I biggest pros of the whole movie is just in a row is it for five seconds. And you can let your imagination run wild about how great he would've spent the speaker of the secret often and maybe we'll see in the next movie. I love the idea of him being in their they end up with the needs of the eternal as you say rise that's another. New character. Who had I think pretty big expectations he's he's a great actors weird though and he could fit in really well in this universe no payoff on that though. So what is the baby B and have to go to that planet. To get him they could have gone right to smoke ship and got caught in that would have this they think would happen. Yes. Right exactly heated he'd like. He gives you like a little bit of false hope that like a baby he will build out now or does it have to also the have a cooler character looked almost like a second generation console typewriter that's migrate your phone and not that. I understand but like bit maybe it would've liked it seemed very political to me that they were like talking about the arms dealers who deal like both sides and that's other you know that's not the apartment and at first but whoever makes their money in whatever. I got that they that's okay. I did it Morse Bennett meaning stated haven't I don't really you know talking about politics and things like that aren't but so yeah I would've been rose. Just the Matt and I thought there was a champ like that I can do this are they at the end when in that almost sacrificed themselves. I was like that actually really cool I would have been on board that and then it would've. The the relationship between him and rose even though it's socked. At least with a given. His character the more background like right Dick ideally it didn't work but I deal you're supposed to like him a little bit more than many dies and it's actually a real loss. It was partly yet. I'm hoping it's hard comedic get behind a guy who every time he's on but onscreen he's running away from somebody. Yeah I talk not any good fighting he's (%expletive) and run away or try to get out of something like in the party. And that's why I hope they'd gone like the the Han Solo type of route in the fact that this guy doesn't really wanna be here he's just trying to make the best you know wade and it is horrible universities and yet but. Just briefly getting back to the comic side of things. Comic readers have always wanted some sort of connection. Between the comic and the movies right right in so what he's licking his lips like India rabbit teeth of the outs and I immediately thought of the characters the green rabbit that particular day at a Jack's baton. Who who is just get ridiculous character but it was felt like it was a nod to like fans of like. Yeah refiners are for so long like here we gonna throw your character of human different you know whenever. But yet Easter character just turn out to be a low life and you just a simple form and ultimately what he did didn't matter at all. Now unless unless so what they're gonna it so JJ Abrams is back for episode nine and he has got mapped to. He's got some work to do he's gonna have to take the some of the very loose ends. And change things around maybe crystal's save pretty soon they'll turn roasters and as DJ. Maybe you can get something on him I don't know. Art so. Box for con that you want line winners at me. You can you can you can take it out of danger yet as. Yes so it's a slam as it turned out died while they're making this movie and they took an effort and I don't know you know they said it to get through all overseas and did. But they have an opportunity basically kill her off. Either by a couple of crimes having her son shooter down which he opted not to do you opted not to do that show owning a little side of maybe being a good guy or two is that ridiculous that those are coming out of that the biggest accident world went to moderately in the ridiculous money while the Menendez Brothers are saying hello well that's you got me there. Always always have one. But so it is that. But then so that the flats off base area is now suddenly seized a more turning into crystal cracked like where re watching a scene from guarding the galaxy. And it's like all of a sudden our hands moving and she's using the force power which he's used before our knowledge now to fly back to the ship. And because a lot of the push off in the space yes the whole means just the whole thing was this though you're too well Connecticut on since don't don't oh so I thought this through by myself now with a your full of people but nobody I knew and now's the one rom like I would look at from a. Are we kidding this is happening out what this is ever look at what this. But her hand comes the glass and I am literally go on like please be like pennies boat. Not pennies boat accident in your hand in just. Yes become this do instead they should basically knock that door that's what's up guys I seem to have been sucked out into the vapid. Vacuum of space so she can't and I shouldn't she be on the front lines fighting against somebody was invincible just go kick some ass yeah so she's a super great thanks -- out like Angry Birds and shooter at the end I hated that I absolutely hated that thing. To have enough so yeah princess left flying back to the ship. And start to jump in all these big debate that's been even worse they take a stand favorite character. And mention his debt in one line. They're like oh yeah admiral Akbar is dead. Little bit Dana. Right exactly Ilya act bursting at the side by Akbar. Effort yet to edit it. Mentioned it in passing as their passing the torch over to lower dirt characteristic well. You know most of the you know the opposite you're dead I including I had black bar Buick Open. So that actually news that's a perfect segue into my next con which is when lay dyes are almost dies then she's back which is kind of added she turns it over to lord turn. Who plays vice admiral Amylin hold though. So purple haired lady purple nice look like at the elegant like a human bow legged there's slightly different look that's fine. I don't understand what her deal was because. She wouldn't explain to Pau damn her what her plan laws. I should basically swerved him but for no reason like if there was. If you found out that you know the villains were spying on there or that there was like a mole what could incite like they're somebody. We have the armed resistance who was actually. One of the bad guys you can understand why she be so core with whatever or if member of the scene where like she's like watching them like drift away towards that planet yeah account other but to be fired on. If she just kind of like have again that the camera changes geez this fire and it turns out that she's been pulling the strings of this as all the time. But not only was it like that at the end of the Mike lay and and lord turner like going like that whatever our like you wherever Mike what do you do like what. Those just to swerve the audience I was just to be like hey maybe she's not a good guys just getting she's the best guy he's gonna stay on the ship she's ever doubt the chip and nearly. What is this like there's no reason. For her to be playing it the way that she did so that that drove me nuts. No way to collect their she had to have told somebody on the ship has never went like quote doesn't little beauty thing and then she has people next hurdle pulled guns do but she had to have told some. Right she told some people. We'll have to beat runner side half the people over or against her so that was insane. But let me just jump ahead and I'll do roads because it's the same thing. When she stays on board the ship. And then she decides to go light speed it through. The fleet. That was awesome and what a great idea thanks for all these ships that the capability of going light speed. I'm sure some of us ask the question what if you went through something or what do you went through another ship what would happen. We Soledad habit and now is awesome and it caught all the sound. I'd rather go and what's really created a rather go nuts like super loud they caught it all it knows way more impact bowl. So even I didn't like the lord turn character her final. Move. Was awesome. You riled up about not have a problem that no out of it dovetails with. Why did she wait for like thirty ships to go down before she turned did. Great question now it's maybe like leaving. See all of the Charlotte do you want to ship for a long time yes she's a figure right right I guess that your. I don't ground out to other issues are greatly it's like Mike Tomlin was late in the game to count panicked and delegates you know. She's up and calling time he's really not a spokesman didn't towards me. But the other thing that is Gupta is there like. They're ridiculous now all of a sudden spaceships have asked the united. And that is a really good way to look at. Brian it's like well we only have we only have one we only have enough gas for one more jump to light speed in attracting at light speed secondly why are they there. And yes a yet so like to hang on so so. We wait to work completely out of gas in the shielded down now we can jump like speed now got that matter. Company last. Gas the gas to do that part and death of GAAP less. Let me ask you this alike when when the gas is running alone you get the the thing where it's like five miles like I'm not to like it comes I like to have it every now as they tell you how many miles but then now he's got to zero in east but when he won the zone RE LE downhill. The other thing too is when when Pau does as beauty thing right. Feel like we're running out of gas run out of gas blah blah and many looks severity goes you're gassing up the escape pod but apart you can ask from. Yeah you tower how dare you is death of the escape pod actually guess my plan it's actually our work. Think that'll thing to do a little heavy handed at where they're like an Apollo. You learn a lesson that you might you might be a great pilot. You can't just go out their guns Blair all the time big guy. Though we're just gonna wait to get elected escape blocked exit. Out on people everyone. Let it out afterschool special modem at the c'mon yeah. I would've loved it don't they went down like let's go to the boiler room and it's guys that like to train ads on the throes of a part of my. Guys screaming horrible I looked into the eyes or Austrians. Arts and that was I a group or would they were cold low scores might beat the debut what do you for Perot. Our greatest one of the greatest light Saber fights. In these movies was aware is ray and Kyle ran with against the Pretoria guard. Yeah that was cool there is about gone back the smoke chamber seeing those were that was really where the money was that I thought in the. And it'd solve the mystery where they're like. You know went. It's sort of like shower thought things that people have or don't like white on this just happened like why don't other jet I'd like turn on. Like other their enemies like sabres well and are expecting it like you know editing. Yeah right if I right there like that that's the body you know it was funny. It is the two years now look like. And yes he will then activate the let's look closer to me that I would like you went but I Ike I would hope that it's pointedly directed bull. That you you use your hand I vetoed a puzzle here on a rotating my way evident lean this way you know voiced stop that just local. Thought that a great fight choreography and just I creative ways of showing. Like jet I'd get a light Saber battle but that was really good. Those dead. Balky. I'd visually it's a fantastic film. It does look really in the final scene and then assault planet with the Randall why I love that that the salt later though it of this mineral plan that they go to where they have like a little bit of a bunker type thing. But then it just. You don't look at that and we saw a little bit at the preview. But with like the the big dragging and then it turns the relative but painting the whole thing really OK he had a visually it's a stunning and like you said that seem like just goes quiet and she'd seen slams. I mean a school it it was like cinematic really it would really kind of bright back the summit via. The greats committees on the first two films so I really enjoyed dad as a state movie. But a quick Perot would be BB eight. But he came across really go that he saves them a one point. He for like a soccer ball with like a little head he shows a lot of personality and it did over apparently well like you were like I wasn't the BB eight show when he was on there used to and cool stuff siren I like what what he was doing. Let's go to. Khan's. Well actually this beat pro and a con let me ask you guys. What did you think of how they use Luke Skywalker. In this movie because this Joseph the hype it the way force awakens and then you combine that with the movie posters there's so much speculation about. Is he gonna be good guys are gonna be about guys you can be somewhere in between guy. What did you think of the decision. So Luke Skywalker is that the paint the picture. Was a guy that thought there were still good in Darth. Vader. The worst guy in the history of the galaxies in just destroyed people that we saw on rogue one and I wish you could see more of its abuse at the worst guy. He's that one of the great villains of all time Luke Skywalker saw good in him and wouldn't kill him. His nephew who he was training he sought equal evil he thought there was equal evil in this in front smoke got so he's like a teenager. Eighty sneaks up on any decides to almost storm in his sleep. Yeah I thought is that that's not the skywalker. Like dead in now at that point he should have been. Care to complain about Google you know will hunt right like I tell all night involved like you know the people is what the trust the most are standing over a little though he he feels like he can't or the dark side out of him he can't get the smoke out of it he goes into is usually it's a huge losses for your mind music at different character Alison. Well what I the only thing I didn't like about that is the you know he'd heard that old maxim like there's this priest. This priest is like your story my story and the truth. Right now it's cool how they should noted a couple of times all right suffer Luke kickass sabotage one of the great characters and cinematic history. But I like the idea that. The you know where you have looks version of the story was that you know he went and cared you know concede that he was going to confront him in any pull the roof down. And and you heard Kyle around version relate he was trying to kill me so I pull the roof down economy and it was somewhere in the middle. Yeah I think that that's the philosophical idea. Of this entire movie is that. The middle. You're gonna get like that the truth is in the middle right where where I I had that idea in my head first second I I don't I pushed it out it's gone but it was too late he saw me. You're just defending himself which uses decay independent. A whole the whole yin Yang yeah he's the tire and and so then he trains Ray Allen almost consider this a coupon. Like for ten seconds he didn't do ship to help ray and that's what I have my problems and maybe shouldn't be is that race is so much better at everything that you probably should be but she's. Almost like hello Rand date once there's insulates it before almost beat him then I know you purple whatever it still. Colorado is supposed to the next star theater that's should not be a fair fight. And then this one she's like chicken actually in the snow chamber and she's like will open ass and basically all looked older to do was likes it. Cross Larry and breed that was asked that she gets strong dark side which I like about that was that Neitzel to Wesley. Maybe who maybe should go there that was cool. And I just like ran degrades it really good character. But Luke didn't do ship the helper yeah I felt like if is while this is happening I'm thinking of that curbing enthusiasm episode where. Larry's nephew comes as there with them and he's a magician yes and he's like is stemming I don't I can't tell you and a united magician he's likely the one trick technically took an expeditionary nobody predicted dot you know how does you know he knew I was a magician Iraq. Like it's gotten so that whole time we just kind of going and then she ultimately just get so far at another what deems the film the idea that. Ultimately society progress the next generation really fast start out doing the previous generation. So you know this team Wear yellow today comes and I'm sure we'll get him but. The disease and we get to hammy it was also a pro and con go to quit when they get to him though and and go to Gaza Ali you really like those books and he's again that is the rate of taxes a got a real page turner is not it is as like virus have been. So yeah bill could go to was he with a lot more like he was in the original trilogy were kind of quirky and Kyle like oh whatever inning and had that look to a two wasn't CG I was older why is he older he's dead. I mean like an archive be younger. When they beat did they put today and you're there what his critics resentment that's true but the what did you think of yelled who is dead and being able to some enlightening and destroyed tree. Well this little back and I think I think a lot of people are pissed off about this and one of the things that. I was gonna break up toward the end with that. Route these movies to a hold so spectral yet I can just park and you don't turn in the board like you don't fire Mike. They've been introducing new powers every single movie. They paid do this all the time like. The first time the emperor like shot light like. Shot lightning out of it figured elect one of (%expletive) does he do that that's. Yeah I mean delivered the first time you know dark Gator pick someone up by the throat virtually electronic ultimately do that and they introduce new things all the time. You know these that I can you all sorts of things so it's got. Out of the realm of personal public possibility that you know. Other realms that I can polish it you're. Speaking of that so when Luke Skywalker like the the biggest part of the movie the climax of the movie when he is a or projects himself on the mineral planet when he first showed up he's walking in there he's at the stupid dice thing which have surely learn about more later on. Though he goes in there and sees lay. I'll submit it here and how little bit late to this because I see it like now when he dies you're. (%expletive) yeah here you got a haircut dyed his beard on the way over there I'm like this is pretty urgent and I'm thinking I'm like. So comport style beards and those not ladies dyed beard and I'm like now like it typically. A much that doesn't look like him at all they're housed in bad about it and that when he's like I'll go take on this whole crew of Michael and I thought Michael and I he's he's for does not I first things like how it held at there's a fast. I like late in life. But it's not like there's only one way to one way out in the book comes in the go back doormat how I held at Eden. Yeah and so. It got. First it was ice boxes for ice dogs those are bad ass Berry I like I like those creatures alive and we. Yeah I think lastly did he said there were certainly looked out in the kind of proved to be a bit in this guy they knew it was going on so they were really cool but. Whether or whatever it is and after natural disaster Rick Richard you know to do right. What would you be able to go. Yeah I know I mean I do anyway in my front I was says Edison serves in squirrels go for grab and that's an interest you know yeah it is their fault in the treasonous and attached is about to go down. Real quick look so that whole scene there and again by the way when rose just. Just tackles fit like that that she crashed her ship it to his ship what they should both be dead rat on the ice and Q anyway. So Luke Skywalker does that open now that was a pretty cool scene with the Palo would you say. That that took so much out of on the that kill them or why is Lou dead now okay it was so. Oh I think years. I think he's dead but it might wanna might this is kind of a con for me I guess would please just be that. Why I mean they are real audio visual problem in in this universe because. The emperor and sharper and Freddie when he looks like he's you like glue whatever. He's also zoomed in same thing with the you know smoke. But then with Luke wants uses force thing Natalie can he do it from different planets away. You but you can do crystal clear for K four put it where they're ready to attack him and he's like you ought to. 35 Darryl didn't get picked up fifteen pounds opt to either appeared free car accident yeah for empire but any look at what he's training Kyle's that's obviously why he wanted to go in that. Guys but still was like but it was at the bit of a stretch of problems like really that that's it that's an incredible force power Hewlett. Where early on you at all in the comics he can do that. Think that shows up in one of the comfortably. It that well area meter readers are able to do that and in the one. Her very early in the marbles or. Let's see what else we got here IE it was say. Now the kid at the ends. Who has Odyssey force powers. I thought that whole storyline again because we we stumble upon them because rose and Dan are there in Singapore Katy Neas. So he has some of the foursome on the and it like zooms in on him on the end Mike I don't care about this can't but I don't care at all late. We don't need to know. That anybody can be a jet out because your order sort of explain that with great day. So why don't I mean this kid that our interview the name McGregor to actually don't care. I thought the night I was really cool person well. Just just a nice little reference to break into elect people who load her bro is dancing with the broom no doubt John Mayer. Put it if you it's one of those things that I thought was really neat because like I support meet. The was Ryan Whitney what else feels like he would it was really subtle. Like he just cut it the broke want to like across the room it was like a foot from a and it just kind of floated on. It gonna mean so what it. No it was settled and that was five Belmont were and who the (%expletive) is this kid only we have enough characters going on right now I don't need to learn about him. Yet you wanted to give him stable Medina on the I wrote that goes Broderick yeah I know I get a. But I peacekeeping we got to the hospital lotteries are. An epic about the plotters of the guys out of authorized again so bold as kids there usually aisles are this guy won't die. Listen guys idea at this point be a pro or con men care. A pro or a coupon. Rusty I got a couple left the literacy goes. Took out some local first commitment and I go I have. Couple klock yes we're I didn't look at it like the ways the movie started with a dumb joke if it was okay. Rob Schneider type of as Chelsea joke like these the podium or don't yes so. I liked that joke I think that they didn't work three times in a row though but that security got it like he did is he took a short man right that. Does one of the problems I have with with. Natalie rogue one but the first horse wagons that it's we're suing is that you're again just when he that was a very inept built the empire your having to tackle here. Like ranch just regenerate like it last movie. And so it was kind of like that's right and dealing like The Three Stooges of empire but right before that comedy bit the vote to camera and showing off being the best fighter pilot I doubt he was sweet like thirty yards against the first or you can do is much of this movie. He was grow again I don't little heavy handed with the lesson that he had the learned. But the action scene at the beginning showing off vote parent I was deaf and other arm wireless is a Perot I don't know experts say this is my last thing and you guys can wrap up. Looks like Saber this was the biggest letdown for me because I was totally fine with snow being open source finally rate being nobody. Held the looks blue lights ever come from new attacks and last time I sides right back for equity and an address that I'll throw. It. A glass case in his does anybody in his bathroom doesn't wanna brag a integrated quarks and used it for sex. Cop at a acknowledges that. All guys right in there and that that is that we've had Barbara this for almost an hour that just goes to show you that what it useless character that is a nothing that nothing in 2000 I had did not think the actors though they meter that there and later it did all the talk show circuit every and a TARP yeah. They got her eye and a Wall Street actresses other school shoes didn't force awakens about the nearly as much out Carrie Fisher's real life daughter. Billy lord I think is her name she she actually a few lines in you saw her she was on the resistance. She actually had like a mini version of what the classic place here with the blues there so if short I think so I think we'll see her probably a little bit more. Are so deaths. AKA picks in the podcast. Luke Skywalker although to anything she's not dead buck communities that smoke and admiral Akbar anybody else. I was a lot of other people that like it's our main characters are flocking bread follow somatic rose wrote to make it. Unfortunately now Rosalyn what yup yup we didn't see enough of them together laden looked up. People of this yup yup. I don't clinic and a but nobody was it wasn't your first sector and realize them you know it was the other guy who's one of the fighter pilots from that option you market. Not enough she yoga point not a few Bachmann then from last week there goes out our shot note damage and yes and act I was back that is that. Our and so a year ago so episode nine is coming out a couple of years and it's going to be JJ Abrams. He's giving back goodness. Predict the title. What is going to be the title of episode nine I'm sure they'll they'll announce that. But it happy a year out of that I don't know I don't know when the last forget when we heard it was him who last genocide but that made people lose their forget mines. What dvd of a prediction. For episode nine title. I shot out of budget and keep it there there's the ego. I keep going back I saw about template via text but they were talking you'd do swearing. So the only thing you're office where the podcast that's why do you do you have one that you want a pin. Go with the make up for action now to them if you would look Bruce Bartlett Iran. Episode nine you suck it happy now. Okay. I have there's a Tug at our all right I I feel it's unlikely that the we'll go without that's apparent thought that's going to be along poster. Com. Why have one just like mine it's about jungle fever Richard document I feel like that is sneaky kind of line there as a little too little racy. Actually probably mean to be completely honest is a fan and probably something along lines like Janet rising. Or likes of Ganassi easy decision and surgeons of like totally new mutants races. On Jan guys starting to kind of just make themselves known it was like excellent here's my prediction in Davie I think you'll like this they know you've been upset at their lack of you know being in in in the spotlight. What about this Star Wars. The knights of ran. Law and do to help our order a dominate episode nine is on big because now is who's the supreme leader right now. I'll rudeness. And audio video problem why did it I have a DVR anywhere no it does have cameras in Gaza this start a business you know helmets aren't putting that those are hours nine the knights of ran. And I also think and maybe this is there have been told about services for not. Wouldn't you assume that the knights of ran it would be the other jet either or training with Luke that survive right. Tibet and of identity and in the attic he took a couple of the student toaster with it. But that it I'll get the that is specifically says they're the Nazis that's implied and responsible but I think there'd be a hole. Twisting story going on but that instead of any other predictions for episode nine that is the title played the house Shaughnessy. So who's gonna train needed it that's why I think look at the life that I'm an estimate predict is still alive because there was pushing me to. Well I don't think they have the out where they can be ghosts he can use the four yet we can show up even yelled at the both show up good they were dead or not inquire gone. In on. You know some of the but some of the got to be out there to you know maybe meat went to middle. Tibia it. Sorrell give it a four out of six but I wanted to be like rocky four. Or. The first one from from phantom menace comes back and sort of retrain Kyle yes. You know we don't. Just my licensees turning kind of parallel on his like that from Reich wrote things infamous bad apartment Darth. Mall as he is a handsome doubles so. You guys we've all seen it by now seeking emails actually got a bunch emails already to our podcast at gmail.com item per mountain this episode is going to be long anywhere without reading emails but. Seems pretty split we got a couple people that loved it couple people that hated it in a few that are counting in the middle. And I think like us where there's a lot of good and there's a lot of bad so you're kind of left feeling. Weird I think part of it again it's just the assumption was this moves in the awesome this would be the best movie of the year and it probably wasn't. I say we wave off the pick of the podcast. You got that any final thoughts on Star Wars the last genocide I'll start today. Bulger life. Now again I wanna speak to the people who like or written this movie apart on the Internet right now and you know I I think it's it's completely unjustified. And let me tell you why. Right. The empire strikes back came out like what 82. No. OEU. And OK and then generally 83 years yes. After that movie came out guess what kids. The empire strikes back in the first three movies they went out for cigarettes and scratchy they're never coming back. Cut this year right this is the movie about spaceships flying penguin. Hamsters and laser swords are stopping apple. Let go David spoiled it for in the trailer that only line nick I already have in the trailer of the movie is and I quote. Was like the past is dead. Let let let let it die or kill it if you have to. That's what this movie is doing it's it's basically moving on from the other pre. If you don't get that. Org you can't accept it. You need to shut the (%expletive) up and just move on. Find something else to bitch about it is it's the only thing in your life meaningful enough to bitch about it this movie like you need it finds something meaningful meaningful to complain about. That bit right Johnson did find out that the fight will be shut up. Watched it did you popcorn and regardless parity have your money to the gonna make an Ottawa get over the imovie. Chile trying to not put on start. Law allowed an up and go to allow me to report. I spoke out all right I and I admit Iraq I would just say this Ryan you're not wrong. But if you don't like them like for example. When they gave us the three schools are we to supposed to say hey look at them their due on pod racing and we. EU or or or or can we actually say hey don't he has this year where fans always we need we deserve better. Wiped I think defense has some Saber at the same time like there's people like reading these petitions. To like. This has been outed like well that's it will be picked it will be back economic reissued the witness stand what I don't know. I'll be there when I brought to never in doubt correctly as intended I quit that's opposite I would young men should get everything you like. No but I know the date guys Iverson your overall point but I also saw dialogue to what are people via bike. Daisy didn't like if you didn't like the movie stick in a pure passer ever elect okay publicity if you like the movie you're here are allowed to criticize it if you're gonna go to the level of that does petitions and all that stuff well then you're an idiot like that and that's stupidly do you duplicate other fine. Yet there's people like having like bought like spam. The other rotten tomatoes you'd score to bring it down. Yeah that's actually hazardous or a game and I can I don't think it deserves a 56. I think it's probably more in the sixties or seven. I get out of it was a great movie but it's it's not as bad as some people are making an out to be but I think. That I'm you know I'm a huge fan yeah you saw chocolate dipped again at the movie about like. Flying hamsters and laser sword and you know people with like three had like it just enjoy it. I drew the works very much it very much very much though. I vowed again you can email us out of pocket SG and other comic in hit us up on Twitter. At dork podcast let us know what you thought about the film of you can buy T shirts at T public dot com and whatever else the only one there's there's so much going on there. Uncle buck year podcast Boston sports when one has been moved. Yang what's the deal on it now that it's for the positive it's good it's as if there's Amaro I deposited his situation is out of narrative right is that I know the Albert or on over WA AF now. On it felt like since my cassis half. WA AF we might as well do that yet all of them let me daddy you know I had so many nick abbey over there and there's a there's a check us out Boston sports one on one. Our latest episode was the hundred. The ten greatest Christmas movies nice and as we touched little bit on that we've got some exciting new stuff coming up. So please check sent an iTunes. We are going to be off next week Ryan bought in two weeks we're gonna start 2018. Or they look back. At the best stuff of 2017. That means the best movies the best TV shows the best comic books mean I think power book I might help us over that. And the best video games so. It two weeks he apologized for not being out maybe I'll release a classic episode. Not sure I'll do that but anyway I'm probably I hear something three game you may god release at the end of the week out and I would let one know the outside the body of the pilot error that's Errol justified it's only twenty minutes though. Maybe maybe I'll I'll release our Christmas movie once a year ago what will come up with something but. That'll do it are at our Vaughn DR two border at uncle blocked WA AF and at dork podcast you can. Check us out there let us know what you thought of Star Wars the last genocide. And I overlooked and talk to you until events ever to have a very Merry Christmas a happy new year. And we will talk to you who was soon.